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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: now, good morning washington on your side. the bitter cold is here to stay. we are talking wind chills below zero. larry: frigid temperatures causing trouble on the road. the mess tying up your ride to work. autria: those roads and a bitter closing schools today. fairfax, loudon, prince william and frederick county schools closed today. arlington county schools are on a two hour delay. larry: montgomery and anne arundel county on a two hour delay. st. mary's and calvert county schools have closed. kids in d.c.,e schools are opening on time. get up and get going. list of closures and delays on the bottom of the screen.
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roadways. julie is tracking that. let's start with veronica johnson. veronica: if you have to go outside, make sure you are prepared, dress in layers. temperatures are below zero. this morning, even layered up, i have been shivering. mind, all the signs of hypothermia. you don't want to feel lightheaded or dizzy. we talk about heat stress, but there is a thing called cold stress. it is minus four in d.c.. minus six lovettsville into leesburg. traveling, the cold temperatures down to atlanta. freezing, atlanta, georgia, even around nashville.
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and the other thing we may have to worry about. julie: tell the truth, the reason everything hurts is because you are trying to dance like a new robot from the jay-z video. veronica: i thought you were going to say i am getting old. i see veronica trying to do the robot like this. we are dealing with a water main break 27th street south before you reach virginia avenue. southbound lanes are closed. this will be the scenario for the next 10 to 12 hours. rock creek parkway is being diverted at virginia avenue because the water trickled onto virginia avenue. this is the mess that will be with us. manassas trains out of broad run, behind schedule due to switch problems. 10 to 20 minutes worth of delays. window warnings --
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on the bay bridge. unbelievable video from the northeast. this is in massachusetts. waves slamming into homes as this bomb cyclone churns up the surf. jersey, a tragic situation, a girl dead because of carbon monoxide poisoning. people forced out into temperatures hovering around 10 degrees. 41 were sickened, including seven police officers. co detectors were in the building but not working. autria: one of the hardest hit areas, here in ocean city. it was an unbelievable site. they are digging out. heading that way. he is showing you the work that is being done, that is coming up later this hour. larry: of the storm is causing issues at dulles airport.
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to the storm. many were heading to jfk or new work. it left thousands stranded. many waited up to seven hours for luggage and customs. some stayed overnight in hotels. this morning, only two flights flying to jfk have been delayed. having arivers are hard time dealing with the cold. aaa is swamped with calls from people who need help. is live.zanne kennedy out, we we are heading are going to spend the morning on the road with fernando martinez. we did not know what cold was until this week. let's talk a little bit. you have had a crazy couple of days, talk to me about the call volume you guys ve
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the last two days since the cold snap has been in place. fernando: the call volume has been up to to three times -- two to three times what it normally is. dead batteries and flat tires. suzanne: talk about information to help out. let's get a couple of tips, let's talk about starting your car every day. car everystart your day. that will do multiple things for your vehicle. it will get the fuel running, you will be able to maintain your battery better when you started every day. battery replace your when it is five years old. fernando: it you want to check
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sure the battery still maintains a charge. tire pressure, make sure tires are inflated. get it to any of the aaa facilities. they will check your tire pressure for you. to fill up one likes their car when it is fuel, -- when it is cold, but it is important to keep gas in the tank. fernando: it is important to fromyour fuel lines freezing up. suzanne: we are anticipating this ipad will go off and we will get a call for a dead battery or a battery that needs replacement. we will see what happens. a local bookstore opened late thanks to an explosive book about trump. "fire and fury" when on
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last night. in about 15ld out minutes. john gonzalez is live, digging into this backlash from the white house and why the publisher fast tracked the book onto shelves. we will get with john in a bit. your dream of being a mega millionaire is alive. option, $277 million. the mega millions and the powerball jackpots are higher than 400 million dollars. you win both, $995 million. larry: serena williams will not defend her title in the australian open. she is close to being ready to compete, but she is not there yet.
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the aussie open begins on january 15. rest for the super bowl champs. the new england patriots practicing and wide-out conditions -- white out conditions. they have a first-round bye as playoffs kickoff this weekend. larry: find a gym somewhere. why you might want to consider skipping the salad. details on that. drivers on the hook for hundreds of dollars. how a gas station ruined their cars. veronica: after a weekend at half freezing air, just three more days with it. .oday, our coldest afternoon our coldest day in three years.
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts
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comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut. "what if" more of the came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy.
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>> yesterday this time, snow was falling across the area.
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look at our temperatures. they are in the single digits and teens across the area. we stay in the teens through the day. we will have sunshine, grab the sunglasses. and her grip on the steering wheel. it is blustery. out of the car, the wind will feel like five to 10 below. single digits this afternoon. seeing cancellations and delays with a handful of schools. plans to go out tonight, dress warm. a lot of layers. chill advisory for the area tomorrow. we talk about the cold air, the warm-up, a chance of seeing freezing rain monday afternoon. i will show you when, coming up. out ofsouthbound 270 clarksburg, a 19 minute ride.
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major interstates are looking good. on and off ramps are a little icy. a water main break on 27th street before virginia avenue. no access from rock creek parkway to virginia avenue. that is our traffic watch. 395.with an update on d.c.: "fire and fury" in john gonzalez following this for us. circlene store in dupont sold out of the book in minutes. the president is not happy. what his lawyer is doing to stop the sale of the book. larry: one marine, one football, the hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. knew this morning, firefighters blame an extension cord and power strip for causing a fire in a shed in aspen hill. putfighters
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this happened in the 4000 block of south -- wrote around 9:30 last night. damage done, around $5,000. copies of a bombshell book about trump, gone in minutes. this book hit shelves ahead of schedule. john: four days early. it has garnered so much attention. it is amazon's number one best seller. stores were supposed to sell it next tuesday. they opened it up today here at the cramerbooks -- kramerbooks. in 20 minutes. inside the trump white house," is
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book, blasting the trump administration and a family. inside the book have surfaced, including quotes from steve bannon, calling a meeting with a russian lawyer and trump treasonous and unpatriotic. trump dumbls ivanka as a brick. a lawyer sent wolf a cease and desist letter, saying bannon has a violated a nondisclosure. the president says this book is full of lies, accusing wolff of lies, saying he has had zero access inside the white house. he has been criticized for wrong facts and misquote in his books. regardless, it appears americans are intrigue, curious -- are intrigued, curious,
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and the books are flying off the shelves. dayy: today is the last people will be able to take cell phones into the west wing, including staffers and a guest. house denied it is meant to stop leaks. it says the policy has been in the works for more than six months. it is unclear if the policy applies to trump. autria: a massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a client could face more than 30 years in prison. room hed out of a rented. a woman claims he sexually assaulted her last march. in november, police charged him. his massage license is still active. his website -- his company's
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there could be other victims. officials believe an e. coli outbreak may be romaineo tainted lettuce. 17 people in 13 states have become sick. one person has died as a result. an outbreak in canada caused 41 people to get sick. health officials are working to track down where the lettuce came from. drivers in california are facing hundreds of dollars in car repairs because a fuel delivery driver put the diesel gas and premium gas in the wrong tanks. the engines sputtered out and died. it can cost about $800 to get it fixed. the gas station owner has reached out to the delivery company so drivers can get reimbursed. larry: meet the marine
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by a football. [cheers] wish come true. with the marines out of camp pendleton. congratulations to him and his growing family. autria: hopefully another marine in the works. 20 degrees, anchorage, alaska. it is just as cold here as it is in alaska. that, we probably already knew. you know it is cold when it is cold in your building. autria: i feel like someone forgot to pay the electric bill here. veronica: 28, still windy.
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gusts. near 30 miles per hour throughout the day today. prince george's county, northward towards baltimore, we hang on to strong wind. we will ease tomorrow. look at the locations i have tapped into. this is live information, , eight, -- mclean degrees below zero. high temperature today, 19 to 20 degrees. sunshine all the way through, but these are temperatures we have not seen in years. the last time we saw a high , threeture this low years ago. tomorrow, high temperatures get into the
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20's. another dry day and a sunny. change comes sunday into monday. early, maybe to midday, a chance for freezing rain. more weather to watch. on the roads, we are looking at what is happening northbound 395. suzanne kennedy is out with aaa, making their trip around town, going out on calls. abs brakes, press hard to stop if you are encountering ice. a number of tweets said four-wheel-drive is great until you have to stop and then it does not matter what you are driving in. a full tank of gas, plenty of wiper fluid. keys. people go out to the car to warm it up
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is called because you have to get back in the vehicle. commute between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. a water main break on 27th street before you reach virginia avenue. southbound lanes are closed. northbound rock creek parkway is being diverted at virginia avenue. i am back in 10 minutes to update the ride west on 66. good morning. she is searching for a cure for a rare disease. only 100 known cases. her child is one of them. 5:00, allyson introduces us to a mother fighting for her daughter's
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. >> our massive appetite for apps. customers spend close to $1 bi
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them on christmas eve to new year's eve. >> if you own and at go, you will be able to control your microwave with your voice. amazon plans to add other appliances later. if you are looking for love, try a dating app. >> if you want to be successful, you need a's all lid profile -- you smilingile with and no kids or pets.
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autria: this winter blast is making a mess. larry: deadly cold up and down the east coast. e. i see ride -- icy rid bitter cold
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closing schools today. virginia, fairfax, loudoun, arlington county. autria: montgomery and anne arundel county on a two hour delay. calvert county schools are closed. kids, schools are opening on time. list of thell closures and delays scrolling on the bottom of your screen. just how warm will he get today? it is about how extremely dangerous the cold is. record cold for two more days. early sunday morning, temperatures could be lower than they have been in many years across the area. by sunday afternoon, we will start warm
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wind chill advisory today, temperatures and a few clouds across the area. below zero.egrees single digit readings, part of the reason we are seeing the school closings. we drop again tonight. we talk about the warm-up, coming up. this morning, icy along comereported in our road near arizona avenue. heads up as you make your way down. gw parkway, no icy conditions reported along that spot. a water main break on 27th before you reach virginia avenue at eye street. -- i street.
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frederick spurred. autria: the monster winter storm making way for the bitter cold in the northeast. larry: temperatures in the single digit's and dropping. in some places, it will feel like 40 low zero. autria: in boston, they have gotten the snow and cold and unbelievable coastal flooding. it was going to be a one-two punch between the temperature and the slow. gotstreet behind me flooded. the harbor nearby, reaching the sincet market has reached 1978. between this, it will be a long slog over the next few days. >> the frigid temperature is an issue. officials warn even after the snow, the wind
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, and flooding that turns some streets and , it isinto rivers of ice going to get colder. will beweekend dangerously cold. other than going out to shovel, stay inside. if you go outside, dress for the weather. yon: the arctic air left behind after the storm is expected to lowg record-breaking temperatures through the northeast, with wind chills making it feel below zero. although the snow has stopped falling in most areas, officials are warning people to stay off the roads. andf the temperature drops we cannot clear the snow and it turns to black ice, that will be more dangerous. please use caution. if you do not have to be on the roads, you should not be on the roads. yon:
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to stay away from the coast and flooded areas. water may be slow to receipt and may freeze in place. a cold emergency is in effect in our area. more homeless people are in need of shelter. autria: kidd o'shea is live with what is being done to keep them warm and safe. hello, kidd. .idd: 13 degrees we are the central union mission. meals today. you are not turning anyone away. we feed close to 200 people at every meal. it is cold out, it is important to stay nervous.
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nourished. housing, food, and clothing and have rehabilitation programs and opportunities for men to get their lives together and get off drugs and alcohol and turn things around. kidd: this is privately funded. it is just private donations. kidd: we are serving up good food this morning. sausage, and some eggs and bagels, as well. there we go. thank you. if people are watching now, with these cold temperatures, what is your message to helping and volunteering? anyone shouldink live homeless or hungry in the district of columbia.
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neighbors to be suffering in need. one should die homeless on the streets of d.c. it takes partners to make a difference and turn people's lives around. throughoutll be here the morning. we will talk to some people who call this home. no matteray connected what the weather brings. download our stormwatch 7 weather app. larry: the news you did not want to hear. the big delay and how long you will have to wait to see the end of "game of thrones." we are
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want some inspirational stories for a change? you gotta check out the american dream. saturdays, 1pm, newschannel8
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veronica: record cold and harsh conditions expected today. d.c., forecasting record cold. high temperatures stay under 20 degrees. you could go through some signs of hypothermia if you are not prepared. thedon't want to get to point of being lightheaded, dizzy, low of en
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shivering, you burn a couple of extra calories on days like this. zero at leesburg. subzero readings north and east. georgia,nd atlanta, jacksonville, florida, under freezing. has turned into areas around maine. later today, it will feel like three degrees. we will talk about a warm-up. hold on for the warm-up after the weekend. julie: we have problems, gw parkway, the left side of the parkway is blocked now. icy conditions reported on canal road near arizona avenue.
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southbound on 27. we have a portion of rock creek parkway blocked off. diverted ateing virginia avenue. that is our traffic watch. ryan hughes, what are you working on? julie, if you are driving east, roads on the eastern shore are dicey and a lot of spots. down with snow and ice.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: this weather is leaving thousands of people iced over. autria: people in ocean city getting slammed with blizzard conditions, and the roads are still treacherous. larry: closing schools today. frederick county schools are closed today. arlington county and alexandria city schools
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delay. larry: anne arundel county on a two-hour delay. george's, st. mary's, calvert county schools are closed. d.c., schools are opening on time. we have a full list of the closures and delays on the bottom of your screen. larry: the storm is causing major issues at dulles air work. more than 30 flights redirected the storm.ue to many were headed to jfk or new work. hours toed up to seven get their luggage. some people going to new jersey took a shuttle bus. others stayed overnight in hotels. only two flights in jfk today has been delayed. autria: virginia avenue turned into an icy mess. repairs are expected to take up to 12 hours. julie wright
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workarounds. there are over two foot drifts. >> when walmart is closed, that is when you know it is bad. larry: ocean city maryland, battle -- battered by a lizard. ryan hughes has been trying to get to ocean city. it has been slow go. taking a little longer than usual to get to the beach town. we are making our way to the get closer to 50. we are in salisbury. we have been doing slipping and the sliding. with snows are packed and ice. we saw one car spun out and stuck
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making their way, trying to get as much of this up as possible. they are dealing with subzero temperatures not making their jobs easier. the beach town, going to be waking up to a resort buried with snow. this city got pounded by storm. this was something else. they were dealing with hurricane force wind gusts, driving snow whipping all over the place and frigid temperatures as well. many of the roads were not passable. cars were getting stuck and covered in snow banks. there is a lot of the same this morning, treacherous conditions throughout ocean city. public works will be trying to do the best they can to clear
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they are going to continue to battle wind and drifting snow. wee we get to ocean city, will show you the conditions. we are in storm trak 7. when severe weather hits, abc 7 is on your side. larry: our team was spread out all the way to ocean city, bringing you school closings, up-to-the-minute forecast, and troubles on the roads and rails. you cangrab our app and get complete coverage to keep you safe. feeding frenzy at a bookstore in d.c. packing in,e grabbing copies of a bombshell book about trump. john: in
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this book has garnered so much numberon, it is amazon's one best seller. stores were supposed to start selling it next tuesday. most are selling it today. books in dupont circle started selling at midnight. minutes, all of the books were sold. "fire and fury: inside the trump white house" is a tell-all book, blasting the trump administration and family. excerpts have surfaced, including apparent quotes from steve bannon, calling a meeting with trump and a russian lawyer treasonous and unpatriotic. another quote calls ivanka trump dumb as a brick. a lawyer sent
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a cease and desist, saying bannon has violated a nondisclosure contract. the president says the book is full of lies, accusing wolff of malice. the former press secretary named in the book is speaking out. here sean spicer's story starting at 7:00. larry: your dream of being a mega millionaire is still alive. option is $277 million. the mega millions and powerball thanots are each higher $400 million. worth 550 jackpot million dollars. almost a combined $1 billion from the two. autria: this is tom. he thought he won
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$600 on a $1ket, but he actually won million. it matched the first five numbers on the drawing -- in the itwing on september night -- matched the first five numbers in the drawing. day.ica: our coldest the cold continues, a fresh blast of arctic air moved in behind the nor'easter. a hard freeze overnight. we have winds coming our way through the day to day. speed today. when you're out on the open road, you might have to grip harder on the steering wheel. gusts around 30 to 35 miles per hour will be coming through. you can
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the ground around the eastern coastal areas, virginia, north carolina, all the way up. the gulf of maine, the storm has charged up the coast. it is windy and blustery. the coldest day in about three years as we max out at 19. tomorrow, dry, sunday as well. system, next temperatures on monday, 40 degrees. timing on monday to mid day, where there could be freezing rain. next friday, we will do it again. next week, temperatures stay in the lower to mid 40's for each afternoon. are looking at problems around the capital beltway. 95, lanes are open leaving .redericksburg better than
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tying up the left lane. can our road near arizona, icy conditions. a water main break along 27th street before virginia avenue. it should take 10 to 12 hours to repair. northbound rock creek parkway is diverted on eastbound virginia avenue. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes with an update on 270. autria: as the clock hit midnight, justin timberlake dropped his first new single titled "filthy." >> ♪ put your filthy hands all over me ♪ autria: he is channeling his inner steve jobs here. albumoff and upcoming
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you will have to wait a little longer for winter. is taking aones" year off. it will not be back until 2019. make thecers plan to final hours as spectacular and satisfying as possible. autria: winter is definitely here. it might not be coming in eros, but it is here. larry: it is about time for our express. nope, don't have it. news about alex trebek. he is recovering from surgery after being injured in a fall. >> surgery was performed
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-- and after two days in the hospital, i came home to recover. he is expected to make a full recovery. tapings of "jeopardy" will continue as scheduled. autria: it is cold. on the lot. we want to take you out to ryan hughes as we leave you this morning. this is the commute. he tries to make his way to ocean city, maryland. we will check in with him to see what conditions are like there, after they got pummeled during the winter storm.
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good morning, america. digging out from the deadly storm. more than a foot of snow slamming the east coast. ferocious waves flooding cities trapping drivers. entire streets of cars stuck in freezing water. a family scooped from the roof of their home. now a dangerous antarctic blast moving in. windchills plunging to 50 below zero. all that snow and water turning into treacherous ice. a new storm brewing in the white house over the russia investigation. reports president trump tried to stop jeff sessions from recusing himself as special counsel robert mueller investigates obstruction of justice. this as fallout grows over that bombshell book. the president calls his former


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