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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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closed all day. >> they said a severely low tide exacerbated by the icy conditions resulted in part of the marge filling with the water -- barge filling with water. >> they went to the fire department. they alerted the fire department and brawl the fire boat. >> we were going to bring it in to assist. but because of the ice we don't want to exacerbate the situation. >> the rest of the market operated normally. they are connected to the natural gas and electricity and they were able to past the crisis point. >> this is the worst i ever saw. >> the inspectors s
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were here and the health say there are food involved. >> they have past inspections and put everything in place and they plan to reopen here tomorrow morning. >> reporting live in southwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> good news out there. so now we have a bitter chill. larry: we could set records for how cold it will be. let's begin with bill kelly in the weather center. bill: we are watching the cold weather moving in the air. this is reagan. the record for
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the record in 1999. the records are in jeopardy tonight. now we have the temperatures that are widespread in teens. the winds are 20 to 30 miles per hour. this is knocking the numbers down. in another hour or two the numbers continue to drop to sub zero territory. this is 19 degrees but the wind chills are down. >> side-by-side at dulles airport this morning. look at the video. this is a mess. thousands of passengers tried to reach destinations after the weather diverted them from j.f.k. in new york. how does it look now?
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>> the nightmare is getting better but the planes began diverted yesterday morning. many don't have the service to d.c. so when they got here, they had no airline to meet them. thousands ended up in the terminal with no one to turn to. jumbo jets around the world stranded with airlines that never landed at dulles. >> inside the terminal chaos and confusion. this woman arrived from moscow. >> the representative called the police on out the airport. >> the staff disappeared. >> they did what they could do. >> sydney offered from paris. >> they offered us pretzel and biscuits. we want our luggage and i want to know how i'm going to get to
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>> they work to fill the void. a flight landed at 12:00 noon but the pilot refused to allow the passengers to deplane until 7:00. people began to beg to get off the plane. again they don't fly here so they had no staff. the passengers were on the plane for 17 hours and calling the tower begging to get off. they did and the airport authority gave them dinner and most of them are on their way to new york.
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>> check this out in new york. this is 60 miles north of manhattan. this is the world's largest passenger plane. it was able to make it down the runway. it wouldn't fit at any of the gates. >> goodness! the snow didn't cause problems itself. but the winter blast is a different story. >> brad knows all about the winter blast. you have been out in it. >> i'm taking a beating. yesterday was a blizzard in ocean city and this is cold! i'll admit it. it's really cold. this has an impact. this is the water main break along bladensburg. rushing northbound, gushing out. this is just one of the problem
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when it gets this cold it's busy. >> a lot of pipes split in the frozen weather. once it freezes it splits and the water continues to come out. >> he says leave a trickle of the water flowing from the at-risk faucets. on a larger scale -- utilities are dealing with the same problem. hachadaling a hundred water main breaks a day. if the water gets on the street, it freezes. tonight those working working ie frigid temperatures have a request for you. >> slow down. >> the crews are out there 24/7. it doesn't matter the condition. >> a lot of people were dealing with the cold. christine paused briefly for a selfie. and other worried about birds. on the anacostia the prince george's fire department technical rescue team managed to choose the coldest day of
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>> warmer inside the water than out in the air. >> silver spring, kraemer butler went with three pairs of socks and two hats to get through the day. >> this is real cold out here. >> it's very cold out here indeed. >> you heard say please watch out for the work crews. this is one of the reasons. look at the sidewalk. a sheet of ice. there are so many water main breaks they can't get to all of them quickly. they will ask for the patience in waiting. but some of these will run and there will be ice out and about in the community. in brentwood, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: be very careful out there. so slippery. larry: absolutely. alison: a storm surge caused this.
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larry: this is north of boston. one spot that is facing flooding with the flakes. "live desk" now with the national impact of that storm. >> this storm packed a punch. in massachusetts they got a look at the breach seaual. this is one of several communities that saw major flooding at the height of the storm. nooa saying it came at the high tide and it broke the flooding records set in the blizzard of 1978. a very famous blizzard there. the cold is not just the east coast. in texas, the hurdles move to kiddie pools to keep them warm. they were rescued from the padres island national sea shore. in south carolina, the flakes that fell gave way to fun on myrtle beach. instead of sand castles, they can build snow castles if they want to. millions will be seein
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in the next few days. now is the time to download the stormwatch7 app for the tablet or phone. you can track the temperatures whenever you want. at the "live desk," nancy chen. >> i'm kevin lewis. breaking news in la plata where a former charles county public school employee pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 42 boys. carlos bell hiv positive admitted to 27 counts today including sex abuse of a minor and child pornography. he now faces up to 190 years in prison. sentencing is scheduled for march. officials said they had two primary goals here. one to put bell away for his life and two keep victims from having to testify at a trial. the state's attorney in charles county calling this the most vile case he has ever handled. we are live in charles county, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. meanwhile in silver spring man
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from a minor. 56-year-old michel goldrosen is a director of hiv programs with the department of health and human services. police say he placed an ad on craigslist and they say he contacted an officer who he thought was a 15-year-old boy. they arrested him when he showed up to meet the boy at the twin brooks metro station. larry: new information tonight on a dramatic arrest in crystal city. arlington county s.w.a.t. team took jacob hill to custody thursday afternoon and he is charged with the multiple drug offenses including possession, selling a controlled substance. they were surrounded by the office and the residential building. >> death toll from the apartment fire in the bronx is up to 13. 27-year-old man died of the injuries last night. the man's wife, two daughters and a niece also died. the investigators say the fire started when a 3-year-old was playing with the burners on the stove. larry: only on 7, fire sweeps through a home
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barcraft area. this is not known what caused the fire. there were no injuries. >> for months "7 on your side" have been tracking the porch pirates. you know what they are. people are stealing packages off the front doorstep. now there is a break in 30 of the cases. two teens arrested in prince george's county thought to be connected to the dozens of the cases in largo and upper marlboro. we can't show you the video. police are not identifying the 17-year-olds. some of the packages included gifts for children but most have been returned to the home. >> this is just in. maryland congressman elijah cummings in the hospital after he has a bacterial infection in his knee. he is being treated after he is resting coming fortably after -- comfortably after having the knee
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ending the campaign for personal considerations. the withdrawal leads seven candidates vying for the democratic nomination to challenge hogan this november. >> coming up at 5:00. lining up for a page-turner. the latest on the one that is ripping the president and the closest adviser and the book about the first year in the white house hit shelves. >> if it's this cold, make sure the car heater is working right. i will tell you about the misconceptions about heating the car when it's this cold coming up in a live report. >> if you see someone in the district that looks like they don't have a place to go. give them a call at 202-399-7093 or dial the nonemergency number 311.
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larry: stop what you are doing and look. that is a ski lift dangling at a resort in australia this week. look at this thing. two skiers are on it when the winds picked up in the storm. the winds gusted to 86 miles per hour. som
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what a scary moment. alison: my goodness. that is terrifying. right now the northbound lanes of the rock creek parkway are blocked at virginia avenue in d.c. because of a water main break from this morning. this is one of 66 active breaks in the city. just tonight. if you want perspective on that. d.c. water says it normally only faces 300 to 500 breaks per year. we have 66 tonight. [engine starting] alison: there you go. that is the sound you want to hear if you try to go somewhere. but in this kind of cold you don't always hear it. larry: yeah. unfortunately. q mccray picks up the storm watch team coverage live from arlington. "7 on your side" can clear up the misperceptions when it comes to heating up your car. >> if you are like most people, when it is this cold outside. you get inside and get y
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your car on. right? then you put your heater on full blast. find out. that is the wrong thing to do. in the winter when it's cold it will divert some of that hot antifreeze through what we call the heater hoses back to the heater core. which sits behind the engine. q: the car heater. what would you do without it on a sub freezing day? chances are, though, you aren't using it right. >> heat the car. there are many misconceptions about heating the car on bone chilling days. >> heating to the max won't help. you are just pushing cold air through the vehicle. >> whether it's 70 or 90 the air heats at the same speed. turn off the air recirculation feature. >> until you have warm air, all it is doing is pushing the cold air around. wait until the air is warm. >>
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windows start to fog, turn on the a.c. button. even though it's cold as heck. the a.c. removes the moisture from the warm air. it won't cool the car down. >> don't forget about the passengers in the back. >> you may feel toasty warm. they need the fan to blow the air to the back. >> the biggest misconception at all. >> most of the warm vehicles warm up right away. you don't need to idle the car. it's illegal in certain circumstances to leave it idle. but now to bill with a look at the forecast. >> thank you. >> good evening. i'll start you out with the numbers. it's 18 degrees outside. i showed you the picture last time.
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there was a lone track of somebody walking along the boardwalk. it feels like four. you want to lay year, layer, layer. even one of those things from the car to the restaurant. it's 6 degrees below zero. gusts to 30 and 35 miles per hour. elsewhere we are 5 degrees or lower when we look at the wind chill factor. the wind chill in effect tonight. the big story. look at the numbers. it's ridiculous around the area. minus 20 to 30 degree readings in new york.
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this is a pressure gradeient that is tight. it moves out and picture the counter clockwise in the atmosphere. that moved northeast and the winds wrapping counterclockwise. bringing in the northerly air in the region. and it enhances what was a cold pattern that we had. so it kind of just went on top of that. so now that is why it's colder than it was prethe system yesterday. all the shades in blue that you see, the light blue is a wind chill ald visery in effect tonight. it includes the d.c. metro. this shade is a wind chill warning. there is a wind chill advisory for florida and the temperatures are getting 30 to 35.
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how nice with the sunshine. in the car and workplace looking out. but then it hits you hard. now that the sun is down. the day is beautiful but it's cold. it's below zero easily. the air temperature is 3 to 9. tomorrow is up to 19 and that is it for the daytime high. i have relief to start on monday. next weather maker we are watching a wintery mix possibility. possibility. as the transition happens monday everything. the afternoon. notice the temperatures will go to the 40's. the nowhere hall high this time of year -- normal high this time of year is 43 specifically. we are there next week. next week. so that is good. beyond that, another shot but the plumbers are rocking
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when it all thaws. so if you need a plumber be patient. alison: at 4:00, you wouldn't say the temperature for next friday. starts with a 5. tell you that. pretty good. thank you very much. bill: you're welcome. jonathan: i'm jonathan elias at the "live desk." dash cam video we just got in the newsroom that shows a chase and the moment that a man wanted for murder crashed as the police were chasing him. watch this. that black -- this is video we just got in. you heard the officer say "i have been hit. shots fired." the black s.u.v. they
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they were looking for this guy for murder out of fredericksburg. this is a 10-15 mile chase up interstate 95 heading north. the driver slows down and leans out window with the gun to shoot at the officer's cars. he hit two of the officer's cars. and then he continued. the officers were not hit. they stayed in the chase and tracked him down. he pulled it on the interstate in the middle. the swat teams had pulled up. we are told at this point that is when the gunman inside the car took his own life with the gun. he is wanted for murdering a woman in fredericksburg. no officers were hurt but the dash cam give you a better perspective what police officers are up against. at the "live desk," i'm jonathan elias. back to you. larry: spectacular video. wow! a hundred cases known in the world.
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fight as her child faces a rare disease. larry: helping the teachers of tomorrow when it comes to science, engineering, math. alison: what is coming up tonight on abc7 -- locally-owned novec keeps the power delivery system in tip-top shape throughout the year. that ensures novec customers enjoy dependable power. novec holds the record for the most reliable electric service in the region...
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and has for almost two decades. novec also uses proven technology and round-the-clock response to maintain one of the highest utility customer satisfaction ratings in the nation. novec. keeping you connected.
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alison: in tonight's spotlight on education, a push to better educate
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teachers. kellye lynn takes to us a d.c. public school that is benefiting from a teacher training program out of george washington university. kellye: at coolidge senior high school in northwest college students play an important role in the classroom. >> i get to work in a couple different settings to try out different activities with the kids. using science articles. hopefully getting them interested in a couple of different areas of science. >> taylor is here because of the g.w. teach program. >> they have been encouraging the teacher preparation programs to bring in more students who actually have a degree in s.t.e.m. area. kellye: now the national science foundation is investing more than $1 million to help train future teachers in s.t.e.m. through initiative known as g.w. nois. it's expected to assist 25 g.w. students each of whom will receive education grant of
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>> 1.4 million for five years. mostly scholarships to help the students in the first of the year get involved in teaching them. there is a high need for s.t.e.m. teachers. >> the scholarship is open for juniors and seniors who major in science, technology, engineering and math. once they complete the program they will be qualified to apply for license to teach in the g.w. public school system. >> this is a very good idea. a lot of students need help. >> to prepare them for future careers in stem. >> in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. larry: still ahead at 5:00 -- >> i'm 104. still nothing happens. >> what this woman thinks is the key to her longevity. >> wow! and then a little bit later, if you have breast implants or are thinking about getting them critical new infoat
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on your side" team. >> we all know the frosty feelings being out in the frigid temperatures but what do you think is happening underground and behind the walls of the homes, to the pipes that run water in and out of your house? well, we have important information about
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bill: welcome back, everyone. give you a quick look at the temperatures. 18 in d.c., manassas is 16. quantico of 19. everybody has feels like temperatures that are colder than that. minus 6 right now in gaithersburg. it's probably a great night to spend time inside for right now in d.c. how cold we'll get coming up in a bit. larry: thank you for that. still when cold weather leaving schools of a debate they can never win. to close, delay or do nothing at all. richard reeve spoke to a person today to get perspective on the process. richard: jefferson county, west virginia, the temps in the single digits. >> it's 5 degrees this morning. way too cold for them to be out. richard: here at the elementary school, students find warm comfort in caring.
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feel good and they want to learn and come to school. >> you see the main reason for the two-hour delay is to provide breakfast and lunch for nearly 3,400 students. 40 backpacks are sent home to families in need. >> housing a mother of four children. >> this helps. i know my child will be warm and well taken care of. >> thaw got to a bus stop. if the kids arrive without gloves they will hand it to them. >> the food program costs $2 million a year. >> this is more like a community. >> especially in this bitter season.
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pipes bursting. then look. freezing. >> horace holmes has a look at the chilling prop. >> we feel like we are freezing as we move about, imagine what is going on inside here. we are taking you inside the walls to the water pipe to see what goes on when they freeze. >> this is the owner of all plumbing. he helped us with the experiment to fill pipes identical to those found in yours and mine with water after a night of freezing temperature to show the water in the pipe has turned to ice. fern you turn off the source, it could be water track throughout the pipe water that is now
5:35 pm
>> you can see the copper burst. >> say this is your pipe hiding behind the walls. you can't see them and you have no idea they are frozen and cracked. once the temperatures warm and you turn the water back on -- all that water can be in the walls for hours before you notice and it can cause thousands of dollars of damage. so, here is what you do. you turn off the main, that feed the water outside the home and make sure that you have one of these. these value evers installed where -- value ever installed to shut it off with this. then here there is a little screw. unscrew that to let the air inside. this push it out of the pipe. then you are fine. if it states in the pipe, then this is what happens. you have had this
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didn't know where the shut off valve was. so i'm in basement trying to find it while water is gushing. it's in the garage. alison: have a shutoff valve and know where it is. >> and shut it off. alison: actually shut it off. larry: so find out today right now where it is. horace you don't want another hard freeze and you have a problem. so there is still time. do it. >> tonight the first chance of the chances to be a multimillionaire. the mega millions jackpot is up to $450 million. if you don't win that you have a shot in tomorrow night's power ball drawing. the odds of winning one let alone both is in the millions. >> did you play? larry: i'm playing tonight. alison: so how much would you pay for a piece
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how about a 900-pound piece of tuna? the owner of a sushi restaurant in tokyo shelled out $250,000 for a rare prime blue fin tuna. this was the final new year auction before it relocates ahead of the 2020 olympics. member you want something to wash down the tuna with. larry: a woman thinks choosing a diet coke will quench your thirst and lengthen your life. teresa is 104 years old. she thinks the diet coke played a role. >> when i was 100 i thought well, i'll never be 104. i thought i'd pass on by that time. it didn't happen. larry: what a cutie. she looks fantastic.
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every day. ja i hope they are calling her for the next ad campaign. larry: that's great. the key may be one, not five. alison: still to come at 5:00 -- >> falling down at birthday parties. i notice she wasn't doing things for the peers were doing. alison: we'll tell you about a mother's fight for her daughter's life. >> later, lining up and selling out. what was gone in 15
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alison: tonight's working woman is in the fight of her life to get a better life for her daughter. 9-year-old ellie mcgin has a rare brain condition. so rare that there are only 100 known cases worldwide. so this family fighting for research, money and ultimately a cure for ellie. this is 9-year-old ellie mcgin. she loves to play, go to school and be with her family but she is battling a rare degenerative brain and spinal cord disease. with a very long name. >> so she gave it a simpler name to make her and others with lbsl fee
5:42 pm
>> awesome disease. >> her mom beth mcgin noticed the problems when ellie had trouble with her balance around age 3. >> she was falling down at the park. falling down at birthday parties. i notice she wasn't doing the things her peers were doing. >> it took nine months to get a diagnosis. when mcgin learned children with lbsl eventually use a walker, then a wheelchair and have a life expectancy of early adulthood it was devastating news. >> we realized that this was a genetic disorder and i think the hardest part was realizing it's progressive and it would get worse over time. it change what is you thought the future would be. everything you hoped for her. you kind of have to re-calibrate. alison: but the mcgins are not giving up. not at all. they started a non-profit foundation called "a cure for ellie." it supports cutting-edge research. there are only about 100 known cases in the world, they have connected with other families
5:43 pm
ellie who her mother calls a ray of sunshine continues to cherish the joys of being a child. like horseback riding. >> my mom decided i should do it because of my coordination. but i actually just like to be around horses. alison: she is such a special little girl. now the family organized the first ever conference for lbsl this april in baltimore. also a 5k race coming up in the fairlington neighborhood april 28. if you'd like to help there is a link with the story on the abc7 app. they found some really hopeful research going on. they also found medication to help her. they are hoping to get this off the ground. larry: we talk before, and a disease like that, not a lot of research money goes to it and that
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alison: a special family. larry: breast implants and cancer. today an important update from "7 on your side." kimberly? kimberly: that is right. we will show you the important study just released that confirms certain breast implants can cause a certain kind of cancer. >> a local vet tells me if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your animals. i'm amy aubert with tips on how
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larry: "7 on your side" in health matters. if you have breast implants and 600,000 got them in 2017. consumer investigator kimberly suiters broke the story last february that there appeared to be a link between implants and cancer. now a big study says it's more than a connection. kimberly: the implant cause the cancer. in certain patients. according to the ground-breaking study published by the journal of the american medical association oncology. essentially it eliminates the need for that question mark. this is the largest study of its kind evaluating the entire population of the netherlands where medical reporting is mandatory. it confirmed 100% that te
5:48 pm
implant caused lymphoma to develop. if you have textured breast implant you have a 420 fold risk to develop alcl. out of 7,000 women who will get implants one will develop this lymphoma. this is still a rare cancer and a highly treatable cancer and these are with the textured, teardrop implants less common in the u.s. the theory is in some patients there is an allergic reaction to surface of the implants. the take away here in the country is plastic surgeons must talk it over with the patients who have the implants and want them about the risks. doctors and the patients must do a better job reporting the problems. now back to you. larry: thank you. well, for many animals the bitter temperatures are too much. alison: amy aubert spent the day saying the community is coming together to bring in dogs and cats from the
5:49 pm
the workers at the animal rescue in waldorf are opening their doors to the 8-year-old fawn. a pup they call a stray. >> she was scared to death. >> scared and rescued from wednesday's frigid temperatures. >> it breaks my heart. it's too cold for anything out there. >> unless you are a polar bear, go and hide. >> they call the recent freeze deadly. i would discourage playing for long period of time. the body temperatures will drop quickly. >> another concern for the dogs with the long hair is the snow getting caught in the fur in between the pads and freezing. >> this is probably the worst thing i have been through. amy: bitter temperatures are a concern all too real for torrey who is searching for her 5-year-old huskies akira. >> the wind is blowing and the snow is blowing in our face and falling off the trees. it's cold. it's all i can think about.
5:50 pm
since her companion dog to her 27-year-old autistic son went missing. >> the first night he said mom, my sleeping buddy is gone. >> an extreme temperatures like this rescue says the entire community comes together to help. >> looking out and helping to monitor the trapping stations. >> for now why the team searches high and lawn to see fawn who isn't microchipped is out of the cold. >> i don't think she would have made it in the weather. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. good evening. get to the numbers. out the door we are 18 degrees. weeing weeing -- reagan national. winds are blowing to make the feels like at 4. widespread. talk about cold. it's 31 below zero. we get to charlotte. 29. no place on this map when it comes to feels like temperature above freezing. everybody is cold. a few lake effect snow
5:51 pm
otherwise the low pressure out of here. high pressure in place. gorgeous day today if you are outside or even inside. you saw the sunshine. nice from the inside looking out. it's zero in d.c. minus 3. feels like at andrews is around 4. looking ahead to tomorrow morning we at 7:00 in the morning, we are widespread. minus 5 to minus 15. with the wind chill factor. 12:00 noon up to zero. peak heating of the day we are a 5 above zero. there is a wintery mix. there are widespread 40's. the plumbers will be busy in the upcoming week. robert: they will. it is freezing outside but it didn't stop fans seeing the quarter
5:52 pm
his schedule and gave it to those who cheer him on and see if he will be here for the long run. >> the fan live from jamming java. >> flooded with the kirk cousins jerseys. and there was this t-shirt. >> he leapt his time today as he salt down with -- he lent his time today and sat down with grant and sammy of the fan. his future was the topic. >> do you want to be a washington redskins? >> that has been the question. that's what we talked about last july. the short answer is question. [applause] >> he addressed jay gruden not so endorsing quarterback assessment after a 7-9 season. >> i was surprised by the direct causation between this is our record, this
5:53 pm
it is what it is. i'm paraphrasing but i was surprised. robert: it was also a time for fans to ask questions. nothing was off limits. >> what coffee do you like? >> another great question. >> yeah. >> a little easier to answer than some of these. >> he is a such a hero. a great player and person. to see the person he is. that is my favorite part. >> he is appreciated. look at all the people that came out. >> they love you. by the way, that with us for charity. >> good. >> even better. alison: yes! fantastic. larry: thank you. alison: robert, thank you. still to come, new details in the russia investigation. >> new white house reaction to the book tha
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all k
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alison: new fallout from "fire and fury," the bombshell book. larry: it sold out 15 minutes after midnight. then it's reported that this morning the president was back on twitter. about how steve bannon criticized the president and his family. >> on the way to camp david -- >> we are making america great again. >> president trump ignored questions about the explosive book "fire and fury." but on twitter, the president is tweeting saying it's full of lies, misrepresentation and sources the don't exist. and giving a new nickname to former chief strategist tweeting he is the leaker known as "sloppy steve bannon." the behind the scenes look at the white house flying off the shelves. the book author said those around the president has concerns about the mental state. >> let me
5:58 pm
sand. 100% of the people around him. >> the press secretary disputed the suggestion. >> it's absolutely outrageous to make the types of accusations. it is simply untrue. >> the pushback comes with another twist emerges in the russia investigation. the "new york times" reports the president asked the top white house lawyer to try to stop attorney general jeff sessions from recusing himself. the paper reports the white house counsel did lobby sessions but the attorney general stepped aside from the probe. the "new york times" reports days before james comey was fired sessions wanted to find political dirt on the f.b.i. director. the justice department disputes that reporting saying that it did not happen and it would not happen plane and simple -- plain and simple. the top democrat on the house committee wants him to explain the role in the lobbying sessions and is encouraging mcgan to voluntarily testify before they mp
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so. >> okay. thank you for joining us. >> "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. michelle: chaotic moments caught on camera. shots fired at police as a high-speed chase races down i-95 toward a catastrophic end. jonathan: thousands are stranded at dulles international airport as flight after flight piles up on a runway all because of weather happening somewhere else. michelle: bailing water from a popular d.c. fish market. how it happened and what saved the day. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: as we come on the air at 6:00, we are tracking an east coast disaster. images like these coming from the northeast, communities that have been hit hard. some actually evacuated after record flooding in the winter bomb cyclone. word tonight of mark deaths now from
6:00 pm
michelle: that as our area deals with the dozen of water main breaks leaving the crews racing to repair the damage to keep water flowing into homings. all -- flowing into homes from the dangerous cold snap. chief meteorologist bill kelly is following the winter records. bill: some areas could tie or break the record tomorrow morning and sunday morning as well. good evening. let me get you going with the current advisory. wind chill advisory in effect. already went into effect in the last ten seconds. officially at 6:00, moving on in until 12:00 noon tomorrow. the entire region is under the wind chill advisory. out the door right now it feels like 4 in d.c. manassas is 4:00. dropping to minus 2 live on frederick. it's minus 3 in gaithersburg. the winds blowing between 15 to 25 with the gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour still. the good news we are not dealing with the snow on top of it. the skies were clear. a lot of sunshine out there today as you know if you were out and about. the temperatures will tank.


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