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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jonathan: battling a raging fire in single digit wind chills. >> abc 7 news at 11:00 starts with breaking news. nancy: breaking news from olney townhomes were destroyed by a massive fire.
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temperatures are settling in for the weekend. nancy: chief meteorologist bill kelly, this is no joke. bill: it's not, these are actual air temperatures. 7 warrenton. this is down there. the wind gusts, the wind in many 25ts still gusting up to miles per hour, creating a windchill factor, the feels like ,actor, -5 gaithersburg, 3 d.c. fred right, hagerstown -5. the winter weather advisory extends all the way into new england, until noon tomorrow. from west to east, same thing, a huge area dealing with the bitter cold air mass. we will
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coming up. nancy: to the north, millions digging out from the record-breaking cold temperatures and the snow. beathan: people had to evacuated, flooding, all kinds of trouble. lindsey: incredible video. almost looks like from a hollywood movie. at least eight people are dead tonight from weather-related incidents. people all over were trying to do doubt. for others, flooding is an issue and some had to be rescued. >> there were cars outside almost completely underwater. there was water from the back door. lindsey: even the national guard is rescuing people. in boston, they recorded the highest tide ever. jonathan: tough to look at those pictures. for us it was not that bad, but what was bad was what happened at dulles airport.
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back where they belong but they were stranded from international flights bound from jfk, diverted as the east coast was pummeled and shut down by the snowstorm. most of the airlines do not normally land that dulles, so they do not have staff to help with luggage or help passengers find lodging. many slept on the floor of the terminal. >> we do not have anywhere to go. the airport offered us pretzels and biscuits. we want our luggage and i want to know how i'm getting to jfk. jonathan: this afternoon, they were all bussed to jfk and their luggage will catch up with them in a day or two. download the stormwatch 7 weather app t. nancy: in montgomery county, multiple townhomes were destroyed. we are hearing reports of people injured as well. tim barber joins us with the very latest.
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rushed to the scene, fire trucks lining the road. the best to look of the fire, just pass this fence, you can see where the fire tore through the back decks. the fire is still smoking. it started in the middle and spread to five townhomes. displaced, three people injured, one a firefighter, they are expected to be ok. the people who are displaced are with the red cross tonight. five townhomes caught fire here in the red cross is telling us they are homeless tonight. the good news, no major injuries. live in montgomery county, tim barber, abc 7 news. aide at: only on 7, an a montgomery county school arrested, the charges
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shawn kelley has been on the radar of the 7 on your side i-team. nathan has more the story. nathan: we first alerted montgomery county schools and maryland state police about a video that was posted on youtube, denying allegations he touched somebody inappropriately in october. tonight we have learned shawn kelley was arrested today. the school principal wrote to parents friday night saying that kelly is charged with possessing and distributing child pornography. he was a former day care employee at the elementary school. maryland state police do not believe any photographs are of montgomery county students. he reviewed children's television shows on youtube. here is his voice from a video on youtube. >> several weeks ago attacks were made on me and my character and people violated the safety of my home including my computer and my car in order
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hateful and harmful things towards me. a largeo a point where chunk of the rest of the world hates me right now. to be clear, this is not me talking about sensitive issues or whether i touch somebody or not or dealing with a sensitive thing. cloverly elementary school will have psychologists and counselors on hand. ye try to reach sean kelle after he posted his october video but the call went unanswered. jonathan: a former teacher from cloverly elementary serves say year sentence after teaching more than 20 years before the abuse came to light. a gymnasticsunty, coach accused of sexual assault. the victim was a juvenile and it happened during an open gym ev
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call the police. nancy: a substitute teacher and coach fired for being a white nationalist. we spoke with greg conte tonight, who was candid about his beliefs on diversity. anna-lysa gayle has the story. anna-lysa: nancy, tonight greg conte says he is standing by his many may sayh is racist and misguided. the school is standing by its position, which means he is not returning to these classrooms. >> diversity leads to social problems, leads to conflict, leads to war. anna-lysa: what you say to people who say social problems will arise regardless of diversity? >> that's true but it will be worse with diversity. anna-lysa: because of those no longerreg conte is a substitute teacher and coach at the academy of the holy cross in kensington. the school recently discovered he is a member o
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movement and current director of operations at the national policy institute. conte used an alias while working at a think tank led by white nationalist richard spencer. >> i was shocked. anna-lysa: students at the all-girls catholic high school said they noticed red flags before conte was let go. >> he would read russian books and stuff like that. anna-lysa: what you say to the parents who are upset you were teaching at their schools? >> you should have stood up for me. i expressed a slightly out of , andorm political opinion you are throwing me by the wayside for it. anna-lysa: leaders at the school say they spoke to students and do not believe that conte negatively impacted their philosophy. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: also tonight, video
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killer. tom roussey shows us the catastrophic crash on interstate 95. tom: the stafford county sheriff office made public this chase video from last thursday that includes the moment the suspect slows down his black suv and opens fire. >> shots fired, i'm hit! tom: the bullet went through the deputy's windshield and grazed his neck before landing in his head rest. >> shots fired, i'm hit, i'm hit! tom: they state trooper also took a bullet through his windshield. the suspect fired more than 10 shots. the officers were ok. near the garrisonville exit, lee crashed his suv. at some point he had shot himself in the head. he died the next day. the police chased him because he was wanted for murdering his wife melissa and fredericksburg that morning.
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officers were not hit as well before this was over. nancy: three murders in 24 hours, and the police say they may be connected. tim barber spoke with the family of one person killed. they say finding the person responsible is critical for everyone's safety. tim: december 28 was a deadly day with violence playing out in public. a 7-eleven along 295 and a southeast neighborhood. where william sharp's granddaughter was found shot to death and in the trunk of a burning car. >> it's terrible, tragic. tim: detectives are looking into the possibility all three deadly shootings are connected. >> that needs to be off our streets for everybody safety. tim: the first murder happened at about 11:30. a person was shot outside of this 7-eleven in northeast washington. later, a man was shot come his body
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maryland border on 295. then sharp's granddaughter was found inside of her burning car. >> 23 years, you don't expect that. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. een is accused of filming somebody in a bathroom at a restaurant. the police are concerned there could be more victims. the 17-year-old is charged. he was an employee of the red robin and was arrested after a boy reported being filmed. nancy: it was hard to miss the frenzy. jonathan: now an author is blasting critics. that is next. nancy: do you like the cold? the windchill that you need
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>> i can say something to you right now and you can weave it into a story. no?he context accurate, nancy:
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secretary shaun white said he is troubled by the account of the white house that it bookstores, already a bestseller. spicer said that several of the quotes were taken out of context. isathan: tonight, wolff firing back, saying he has proof. he said his sources in the white house spoke to the president on a daily basis, sometimes minute by minute area cnn reports there are copies of the book on the staffers are going through it page by page. nancy: the fbi is again investigating the clinton foundation. sources say the fbi is looking at whether the organization accepted donations in exchange for political favors while clinton was secretary of state. a similar probe would shut down in 2016 for lack of evidence. maryland congressman elijah cummings is in the hospital with a bacterial
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underwent a minor procedure to relieve the infection. he is being treated at johns say he ishere doctors resting comfortably at is expected to make a full recovery. he also spent time away from the hill this fall after undergoing a heart procedure. jonathan: literally taking on water and fast, the owner of a bar tells us this started flooding this morning. it took hours of pumping. every thing is back to normal tonight. the owner said the extremely low tide caused a hatched to open. you can opemn a hatch you win this. the powerball drawing tomorrow with the gigantic jackpot. nancy: i think i would go someplace tropical with the cash. jonathan: the mega millions is tonight,
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70 million i think. bill: not even worth my time. jonathan: these cold temperatures have gotten to you. bill: people asked me on facebook and twitter, i want to see your pets. a labthis shot from rescue of potomac. sitting by the fire, enjoying that. hates the coat, but puts it on anyway. jonathan: that is a very fashion forward jacket. bill: hank the tank, guarding the brew on the bottom right side. jonathan: looks like the hairless dog with the jacket. bill: and this is loving it, from teresa davis. , just hibernating until spring.
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facebook and twitter today. i appreciate you doing that. if you have more that you want to send or if you want to look, find us on twitter or facebook. right now, the temperatures are the weather story. don't need to worry about snow or ice falling from the sky tonight. currently the windchill, the feels like temperatures 0 or below almost everywhere. reagan national about 3, but that is about it area just a few clouds floating by, beautiful day with sunshine. tomorrow will be another, but the air temperatures will be the issue. tomorrow, i show the feels-like temperature, some of you deem and say, wait, that does not have an impact on the pipes, but reason we show the feels-like temperature is it has a serious effect on humans. exposed areas can cause frostbite, and windchill plays a
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morning, 10 below winchester. at noon, we are barely at or above 0. the peak heating of the day come afternoon, early evening, still sitting in the 0 to 5 degree range with the feels like temperature. the actual air temperature, morning,degrees in the 19 degrees 5:00. by -- 19 degrees by 5:00. you will need these sunglasses tomorrow. the next change comes monday. finally warming above freezing. a little bit of a winter transition monday afternoon, evening, but should be rain. we have 40's tuesday through thursday. by friday, slight chance of showers, rain, but that is rain, not snow, 54 d
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believe it or not, some people love these screaming cold temperatures, and tom roussey was in northwest where some athletes were taking full advantage. tom: when the forecast calls for a long blast of arctic air, some are terrified, but these guys get very excited. >> this is the best thing in the world. i have not been able to feel my toes for an hour, but i cannot be happier. tom: the d.c. winters can be a consistent, so skating on the c and o canal is not something you can do every year. but when it is possible, many jump at the chance. it is coldwhat enough that we cannot feel our faces the canal will be frozen. tom: although ice-skating is banned in many places, it is allowed on the c&o can now, but you should use extreme caution and never skate a loan.
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these guys will tell you even though it is very cold, it's magic. >> it is very easy to get here and about the only place you could do this, so it is a great treat for us. canal inhe c&o northwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy: cold, but seen it. jonathan: and it was so much fun. a lot of us love coffee, but are you willing to pay extra?
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jonathan: a tax for a latte? pere talking about $.34 nonrecyclable cup of coffee in britain. they are hoping that it will encourage people to switch to a recyclable or reusable option. nancy:
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back to the host chair. will beresident obama the first guest. it is a six-episode series. the first episode will hit netflix a week from today. jonathan: you wonder if he is staying with the team, franchise, what is happening? scott: say what you want about kirk cousins, but he is polished on the microphone. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: it was a special day for redskins fans. although the team finished 7-9 on the season, that did not stop them from wanting to meet their quarterback at jammin' java. it was hosted by 106.7 the fan for charity. there were plenty of great questions, about head coach jay gruden and what kind of coffee you drink. as for his future in washington? kirk: it was a privilege to play here. i have felt that all six seasons. i would be full if to
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don't want to be here. it is truly a dream come true to be here. obviously come it is not that simple, not that easy, and we have time to figure it out. redskins head coach jay gruden will be making a lot of money very soon. the oakland raiders will sign jon gruden to a 10 year contract, likely approaching $100 million. the official announcement will be made tuesday when gruden is introduced as the new head coach. he coached the raiders from 1998 until 2001 before being traded to tampa bay. it will be a busy saturday of college basketball, georgetown, virginia, virginia tech, and g.w. in action. the terps will play sunday in iowa. will be a very rich man. -- jon
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man. he won the super bowl with tampa bay after being traded from oakland.
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nancy: it is cold enough that you just want to cancel plans for the weekend. bill: you have big plans that you're going to cancel? nancy: i watch netflix. bill: it is a good weekend to spend inside, maybe binge watching if you had outdoor plants. i did a few things outside today and i was wearing my filull gea. bank, butwalk into a i walked up to my 17 month old baby, and they do not recognize me. shockingly. lay
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up next weekend. jonathan: the best part, it is friday and it is quitting time.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- armie hammer -- from "mudbound," jason clarke -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from they. and now, take it easy -- there's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi. thanks a lot, i appreciate it. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching, thanks for


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