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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 6, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. deep freeze. killer cold. sweeping across the northeast. the windchills insane. record snowfall in charleston closing the airport all weekend. >> we expect this weather once every ten years. >> boston's charles river iced over. cars frozen over and a tidal surge flooding homes. our weather team here with what you need to know. caught on camera, planes collide. passengers terrified when their plane is struck by another on the ground. >> there's people running around and their aircraft on fire. >> passengers forced to evacuate
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down emergency chutes. >> wait, wait, wait. >> we'll tell you how it happened. "fire and fury." fallout. president trump and his team expressing outrage over the new, hot book. >> it's completely tabloid gossip. >> the author's reaction and the president's tweet overnight plus a case of arson, the home of an accuser of republican senate candidate roy moore burns down. and megawinner. one ticket sold overnight in the mega millions drawing. where it was as the powerball grows to 570 millions. >> something told me to go and buy a ticket. >> customers flocking to stores with winning track records hoping to get lucky. hey, good morning on this first saturday of 2018 and it is a dangerously cold one in the midwest and especially here in the northeast. >> we want you to look at this shot of frozen floodwaters in massachusetts, not far away,
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is frozen over as well and then to the south, the schuylkill river near philly iced over. >> in south carolina, check out this guy drinking beer on his above ground pool. this situation is not a joke although i love this picture. windchills could be negative 30 or 40 degrees which can produce frostbite in as little as ten minutes >> that's reason number 3 million and 1 to stay indoors. the 13th straight day below freezing. the longest stretch in nearly 57 years so the big question, when will we get relief? so let's start things off with rob. >> we'll hold off that answer for a bit. >> no. >> come on. it's the duration of this. the longevity of this cold that's been brutal. a top three as you mentioned since 1961 we haven't seen a stretch like this below freezing in new york and places like raleigh down to the south. similar stretches if not all-time record-breaking stretch there and the windchills from maine down in
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this polar air coming in reinforcing the coldest stuff right now. minus 8 in new york city for a windchill. minus 30 to minus 40 in saranac lake in upstate new york and tomorrow we don't warm up a whole lot. not till the end of this week so dangerous cold coming in and as you saw that one picture in through parts of boston and the south part frozen coastal flooding. i don't think i've ever seen that. eva pilgrim is up the road in boston proper. >> reporter: hey, rob, it is frigid. right now it feels like 15 below zero and this cold weather just adding up sult to injury. much of the east coast still recovering from that winter storm. many airports struggling to get back to normal. this morning, some calling it chaos, stranded on tarmacs and terminals. weary travelers waiting for hours to deplane. inside, huge crowds.
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struggling to recover from the east coast storm. >> it's got to be a lot of snow to close an airport down. >> reporter: in charleston, south carolina, the airport expects to re-open today. officials shutting it down for lack of snow removal equipment. >> we're not equipped say you would be like a boston. we expect this once every ten years. >> reporter: on the ground residents assessing the damage. >> that was the water line. >> reporter: the white. >> that's how high the water was back here. >> reporter: in massachusetts storm surge adding insult to injury. cascading on the streets and into basements. officials now saying this was the highest tide ever recorded in boston. >> if anyone wants to question global warming just see where the flood zones are. those zones didn't flood 30 years ago. >> reporter: the charles river now a frozen blanket of snow and ice. in winthrop, massachusetts, cars in driveways destroyed. >> it didn't get in the back. >> reporter: crews racing to clear roads, trying to figure out what to do
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snow. >> where do you put it? so we'll do removal operations with our snowblower. you can only plow so much. >> reporter: the storm taking at least eight lives. in long island, two dead after cleaning up snow. and these temperatures are not just cold but they are dangerous. as you guys were mentioning it doesn't take long to get frostbite in these temperatures. where i am right now, less than half an hour. guy gls owe cold outside. eva, thank you. as we mentioned earlier rob will have an update on when things might warm up. >> he didn't want to answer that. >> he was dodging it. breaking news, there was an extremely close call on the tarmac with passengers having to evacuate. >> harrowing video, two planes clipping wings on the runway. a fire breaking out. erielle reshef is here in studio with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. witnesses say the west jet flight had just landed from cancun taxiing to the gate when it suddenly was struck by another aircraft.
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on camera. panelic as two planes collide turning this sun wing jet into a ball of flames. >> responding bravo 12. >> reporter: steven belford capturing this just after that empty aircraft clipped this west jet plane as it sat still minutes after touching down from cancun. >> there was fuel being vented on the wing and then a big fireball and it went from being very funny to very scary very fast. >> there's people running around and their aircraft is on fire. >> reporter: emergency crews flooding the scene evacuating the 168 passengers and six crew members on the coldest january 5th in toronto's history. >> you good? >> reporter: one passenger in flip-flops. the temperature plummeting to negative 21 degrees. >> everyone is panicking because you're not dressed for winter but dressed for being on the plane. >> reporter: westjet tweetin
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sunwing aircraft bushing back from the gate and sunwing saying its plane was being towed and came in contact with another aircraft. pearson international airport saying all passengers made it safely into the terminal. all passengers made it out safely but one first responder was injured and taken to the hospital. the transportation safety board is investigating how this could have happened. >> of course, they are. erielle, thank you very much. politics now and that bombshell book fire phi which paints a deeply unflattering portrait of the white house flying off the shelves. >> certainly is. democrats crying foul as news breaks that the fbi is now looking into the clinton administration and that senior republican senators are also asking the justice department to criminally investigate the man behind that infamous dossier about trump's alleged ties to russia and david wright is at the white house. >> reporter: this new book is the talk of the town here in
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for this white house. it's another big distraction from an administration that already seemed to struggle to stay focused. already this book is number one on the amazon best-seller list. this morning, "fire and fury" isn't just the title of the capitol's newest best-seller creating long lines at book stores. >> i heard it pissed the president off. >> reporter: that phrase neatly describes the reaction the book inspired here at the white house. >> it's completely tabloid gossip full of false and fraudulent claims. >> reporter: the president and his team are expressing outrage at the book's depiction of an administration adrift. ripe with in-fighting and constantly on the verge of chaos. overnight the president tweeted, michael wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really bore and untruthful book. some senior cabinet officials including the secretary of
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defense are politely dodging all questions. others like the secretary of state offer carefully worded rebuttals of the book's bleak depiction of the president. >> i've never questioned his mental fitness. i have no reason to. >> they all say he is like a child. >> reporter: but on friday's "today" show michael wolff insisted all of his inner circle have little respect for the man they serve regardless of what they may say publicly. >> my credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever walked on earth at this point. >> meanwhile, the trump justice department is now launching a new investigation into the clinton foundation and whether some donors expected political favors back when hillary clinton was secretary of state. the clinton team's response, let's call this what it is, a sham. is a philanthr
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life-changing work which republicans have tried to turn into a political football. it's disgraceful and should be concerning to all americans. the president is at camp david trying to focus on his legislative agenda and the upcoming midterm elections. it is an extremely cold weekend to be spending at camp david. the president is there with republican leaders as well as top members of his cabinet. however, some noteworthy exceptions. not on the invitation list attorney general jeff sessions. dan and paula. >> interesting omission. david wright, thanks for your reporting and want to bring in cokie roberts in d.c. for us this morning. good morning to you, cokie. >> good morning. luckily inside unlike poor david. >> we wouldn't put you outside. >> regarding the clinton foundation, the democrats say this is just the trump administration attempting to shift the focus. is that the case or do you think there's legitimately something there? >> well, obviously donald trump has said in an interview
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"the new york times" he can do anything he wants with the justice department. and the justice department is really just getting whipped -- whiplash from both sides, so the fbi is re-opened or apparently reupped an investigation into the clinton foundation and that investigation was legitimate. it was a question of whether there was pay for play of people donating to the foundation for favors from the state department, but whether that is -- whether they've learned anything new is the real question there, why would it continue now when they've already been investigating it for a good long time. so there is certainly at least a whiff of politics here. >> well, in the same vein, democrats are up in arms over the fact that trump's allies in congress, senior congressional republicans are calling for a criminal investigation into christopher steele who is the author of that infamous dossier looking into trump's alleged
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republican senators say they believe steele may have lied. do you think this one is politically motivated or is there possibly there there? there might be there there in that he might have said something that was not correct, but clearly this is something where the republicans in congress have been pressured to do something about this russian probe and what they've decided to do is go after the people who have revealed it as opposed to going after the probe itself -- after the russians themselves, so it is -- or the trump administration, which, of course, is accused by democrats of colluding with the russians. so it is very, very political at the moment in terms of what people are asking the justice department to do. and trying to maintain its independence as an important federal agency is going to be very tough for this justice department in this administration. >> these are interesting time, cokie roberts, we always appreciate your
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you. >> never. >> thank you. never. >> never. i promise. >> that's good. now to the new developments in the nuclear standoff involving north korea. >> north korea and south korea have now agreed to sit down and talk next week in advance of the upcoming olympic games which will take place in the south and abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is in south korea for thus morning. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. here in seoul, there is relief that the two sides will be talking again, but there remains deep concern about what happens next. the talks will happen here in the so-called truce village of panmunjom where soldiers stand feet awart on this heavily fortified border. the armistice that suspended the korean war was signed here in 1953. the topic this time, the north's participation in olympic games. it may sound unimportant but the talks come at a time of
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incredible tension. the north near perfecting a nuclear weapon that could potentially reach the u.s. kim jong-un claiming he has a nuclear button ready to go on his desk. president trump responding with a school yard taunt tweeting that his is bigger. >> i think the rhetoric that north korea understands is while it is our objective to achieve a denuclearization through diplomatic efforts, those diplomatic efforts are backed by a strong military option if necessary. >> reporter: and the show of u.s. military might on the peninsula has been nearly constant. but during the olympics, the u.s. has agreed to halt military exercises, but what comes after these talks between the north and south is still very much in question. the u.s. saying they will not sit down with the north unless it accepts denuclearization. and the north saying that will
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for now, all eyes are on tuesday. if there is progress made in the talks there is hope that they will expand, but either way, this nuclear crisis is far from over. dan and paula. >> all right, martha raddatz reporting from the region and we want to send things over to ron claiborne for a look at what else is going on in the news world. >> hi. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, paula and dan, adrienne, robert. good morning. good morning, everyone. we'll begin with new details about the las vegas mass shooter in the days leading up to that massacre. workers at the mandalay bay headline contact with him every say. on the day of the shooting there was a room service delivery and call to housekeeping. mgm resorts owner said the inactions were normal. pad dock killed 58 people before fatally shooting himself. u.s. navy announcing that they have located a missing aircraft that crashed back in november. it was located the remains in the south pacific. the wreckage of
7:16 am
greyhound aircraft was pinpointed last week in the philippines sea at a depth of more than 18,000 feet. experts say bringing up the wreckage will be one of the deepest recovery attempts made. three american service members died in the crash. their bodies were never found. breaking overnight hall of fame basketball star julius erving has an hospitalized after becoming ill at a 76ers game. the 76-year-old dr. j was honored at the game since that cradle dunk since repeated only by rob marciano according to erving's representative he's expected to be evaluated and should be okay there. new this morning a lawyer for o.j. simpson threatening a las vegas hotel with a $100 million lawsuit over an incident there back in november. simpson's lawyer accusing the cosmopolitan hotel of malice and racial prejudice claiming simpson was singled
7:17 am
thrown out. they banned him after that incident. he denies he was intoxicated or unruly at the time he was removed. in houston, texas, 6,000 people who lost their homes are waiting to move into fema trailers but can't because of a local law preventing those trailers to be used, thousands of them sitting unused, about 120 miles outside houston. a city law restricts manufactured housing units and rv tablers to mobile home parks. finally, one philadelphia father is taking a creative approach to tracking his infant son's growth. check this o he's doing it with a philly cheesesteak. >> oh, yes. >> brad williams have taken the photos alongside of sandwich when he was just two weeks old. after noticing how similar in size the son was to a philly cheesesteak he started doing it every month for the last year. by the way, those are new
7:18 am
cheesestakes, not the same rotting cheesesteak. >> it's never tee early to send your son positive messages about heart health. >> was that from geno's or pat's or -- >> with or without. >> with or without. >> wit. >> you're a geno's guy? >> i'll take any. >> i don't discriminate. >> do you think rob marciano will answer our question? >> will it warm up? >> when was the last time i did that cradle dunk. that was with an adjustable -- >> when is it going to warm up. >> a nerf in my dorm room. >> it will never warm up. the new ice age is coming. >> "game of thrones." >> all right, let's go to the west coast and blighten things up. it's been a quiet storm season out there. orange county, anaheim, public works, they're out there prepping for a storm coming towards california. so they're clearing the storm drains and putting out some of that mulch to suck up some water that comes down and worried about the burn scars they have.
7:19 am
coming in tonight across parts of the northwest. this one down here coming from the south so a warm one, that will be driving in during the day monday, significant rainfall with this, a little bit of wind but just enough rain maybe 3, 4 inches in spots to bring some debris down those burn areas so worried about that and high snow levels here. so it's not going to bring a whole lot in the way of snowpack but seeing a pattern change. >> the deep freeze continues for the d.c. metro under a wind chill advisory under new today which includes the entire viewing area. looking at temperatures, many of us starting in the single digits that it feels colder than that, below zero through 10:00 a.m. and into the afternoon, we still feel like single digits. another wind chill advisory tonight for the metro and temperatures tomorrow should be in the mid-20's with less wind.
7:20 am
we haven't answered the question when the cold is going to end. that is for the next half hour. >> he is stringing out so viewers stay with us to find out what the answer is. >> you know what, i want to change the subject completely. i'm over this cold. >> can you warm us up. >> what rhymes or what letter starts marciano and -- >> money. >> there you go. >> i didn't know where she was going with that. ♪ money money money someone's ticket is worth $450 million or $281 million in cash. if you're a betting man or lady, there's still another huge drawing on the table. watch this. overnight one of the largest jackpots in lottery history officially off the market. >> across america, with megajackpot. >> just one winning ticket now takes the whole $450 million mega millions jackpot. that lucky ticket sold in florida. but before you give up hope, remember, there's a massive powerball prize still available and tonight's drawing could
7:21 am
someone $570 million richer. though the odds of winning are nearly as high as the prize. 1 in 292 million. one tactic some players hope will help even their odds of hitting it big -- >> i'm feeling lucky. >> reporter: buy a ticket from a store with a lucky streak. >> lucky spot. >> reporter: customers from texas flocked to rudy's st stop & shop with evidence of their success tacked up on the walls. >> i felt it today. >> reporter: in ohio, the be-gee's mini market rack up the largest sales and ranks third in the state for winners. >> it's one of the best feelings. >> reporter: what to do with all that cash? >> i would travel around the world and i would share a good portion of it with all my family. >> reporter: that mega millions winner is saying, oh, thank heaven and found out it was sold at the 7-elevenn
7:22 am
florida. what would you do if you won that. >> if you won it at the 7-eleven, get a slurpee, a winning ticket. >> i would give half of it, 51% away and i'd buy a house in m i maui. >> i like your style. >> make it 40%. >> quite a story out of alabama. the home of a woman who accused roy moore of sexual misconduct burns down. was this a case of arson. some hospitals taking drastic action. the best ways to stay healthy. we're right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. h sur. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel.
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digits and it feels colder than that through 10:00 a.m. i'm not feeling much better this afternoon. under p.m., four degrees mostly sunny skies. another wind-chill advisory tonight for the metro and through the day tomorrow, temperatures in the mid-20's with less wind. i think it will feel a little warmer as we close out the weekend. that's the sign of change coming to the weekend. monday, athe 40's on chance for showers and possible freezing rain northwest of the metro late monday into early tuesday. the temperature on tuesday, upper 40's by the later half of the week, into the 50's. we are clearing out of the cold air but for now, bundle up.
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations.
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donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut. hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. rapping right now the brutal cold take over much of the united states. maybe rob will tell us when it's going to end. these windchills are happening in the northeast. brutal temperatures dominating the midwest. meanwhile, but a pattern change is in sight. some -- i'll tell you because rob won't -- some may see a change as early as tomorrow. >> really? >> are you adding meteorologist to your title? >> that's news to me. i better change the graphic. also happening now football funding. the nfl donating millions to concussion research. here's what they're doing.
7:31 am
to two recent studies tracking aging. the league's chief medical officer calling it vital to understanding brain-related diseases. figure skating fury. ashley wagner lashing out at judges overnight following her fourth place finish at the u.s. figure skating championships after her performance, she said that she was so furious with her scores and angry with the poor qualifying position it put her in the u.s. figure skating olympic team. she's supposed to be the face of the team in 2018 just around the corner so there's a lot of uncertainty. she was in a similar position in 2012. >> she'll pull it through. >> i hope so. >> i'm optimistic. i'm also optimistic it's going to get warm and rob tells me i'm wrong. this is not a reason for opt minimum. flu cases on the rise. the latest report. we'll tell you about that from dr. jen ashton as to whether it's more severe this season than last and what to do
7:32 am
propose text yourself. to the fire that destroyed a home of a whof a whom who accus roy moore of sexual misconduct. >> tina johnson is wondering if there is a connection of coming forward with claims and ron is here. >> she says her life was returning to normal and this fire that demolished her home and authorities say it was not an accident. this morning, the investigation into who may have burned down the gadsden alabama home of one of the women who accused roy moore of sexual misconduct. >> we have the clothes on our back. >> reporter: gina johnson's fire caught fire wednesday. investigators are speaking to a person of interest but they say they do not believe this was any sort of payback and is not kicked to roy moore or any of his followers. johnson says she isn't so sure. >> it's too coincidental to me but whatever they say i'll go with but right now i'm so
7:33 am
devastated. >> reporter: johnson spoke out during the senate race moore ran and lost as the republican nominee. claiming that moore groped her back in 1991 when she was 28 years old. >> he just grabbed me from behind. on my buttocks and he just squeezed it really hard and i remember thinking i was so ashamed. >> reporter: officials say no one was injured in the fire at johnson's home. neighbors did report seeing a drunk man walking around the house before the blaze broke out. >> things were getting back to normal. we were getting back to life being good and this happened and this has just been devastating. >> reporter: johnson and her husband were at work at the time that that fire broke out and apparently in the back of their home their son was at school. the family says they lost everything. everything in that blaze. >> whatever the cause you really do have to feel for them. this is devastating. >> our heart goes out to them. >> thank you very much. should we ask rob for the third time? >> why ask him. he'l d
7:34 am
>> even give him an opportunity. >> well, you know, dan said earlier tomorrow things are going to start to warm up. considering there are several cities that are having record lows today in those spots it hasn't been this cold in decades. it's not going out on much of a limb that it's going to warm up. >> i'll just read the teleprompter. >> minus 43. this is life-threatening cold across the northern tier but windchills in the single digits to teens. tomorrow not a whole lot. maybe tomorrow afternoon. the pattern is shifting. we saw that storm coming into california. that is a sign and we've had a weak system coming across the midwest here. some rain, snow, maybe some freezing rain across the south briefly on through monday morning and mix coming in towards the northeast monday afternoon and that will kind of kick this deep freeze out and really the long-term trend is a much warmer one as we get towards next weekend. that's t
7:35 am
>> still on went her weather to extreme cold with a wind chill advisory in effect until noon today. these are our current temperatures and it feels much colder >> this weather report is brought to you by dove. and it's a sad state of affairs when we're celebrating the fact it's getting above freezing. >> yay. >> but the deep freeze is ending in the next few days. i saw the graphic. >> there you go. print it. >> and actually balmy at this point. >> you start to think rob wants it to stay cold. >> i do like me some winter. >> he looks too happy. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," a big winter story. flu cases on the rise. is it too late to get your flu vaccine? dr. y is here with the answer. david letterman's new talk show. who will be the first person on his touch ahead in "pop news." h i use this every day
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a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. hey, welcome back. flu cases on the rise sadly according to the cdc. well, we haven't officially reached epidemic level 26 states are experiencing high flu activity in california, health officials say 27 people have died of the
7:40 am
compared with three at the same time last year. some hospitals in the state are rerouting patients to other hospitals because they're getting so many cases and in chicago the flu season appears to be peaking early. the fire department says they've added more ambulances to respond to cases so abc's chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> can we say this year is worse than years past? >> it appears that way now. we get weekly numbers from the cdc and, remember, that a lot of our assessments come in retrospect so come when we have a lot of data then look back to compare to last year and so we don't know whether we've peaked yet. as you mentioned it hasn't yet been determined that we're at epidemic levels but to be honest, the last couple of reports and the last couple of weeks the activity does look like that may be coming and if you look at the map you can see widespread activity in almost every state. and hospitalization rates have approximately doubled. if you look at the trends this year compared to last
7:41 am
are seeing well above the numbers we saw at this time last year. so, again, does it look worse? yes and that's because the numbers support that. >> yeah, it's jarring. you mentioned hospitalizations. i talked earlier about the fact that hospitals in southern california that are turpining people away and rerouting them. you say this is not unusual. >> yeah, well, that's called going on diversion a decision made between emergency medical services and emergency departments at various hospitals. if they are filled to capacity and cannot accommodate any more patients safely they will go on temporarily diversion and send them to other close by hospitals. usually the reason that occurs patients in the e.d. are waiting for beds and been admitted and beds are being held up to those waiting to be discharged. if you having a heart attack you will be brought to the nearest hospital. >> we only have like five seconds. important to point out it's not too late to get the flu shot and wash your
7:42 am
>> the flu vaccine is still around. if you are sick antiviral medications that come in oral, nasal and intravenous can be effective and if you do feel and can stay home stay away from others because you can be contagious up to seven days afterwards. coming up on "gma" our nfl playoff preview. espn's tony reali sizing up the competition so keep it right rear. for you, it's always leap over look. now over later. and pause. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes you act on it. only abreva can heal a cold sore in as little as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. nothing heals a cold sore faster. and because abreva acts on it... you can too. act on it, with abreva.
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7:46 am
every time i'm on the show. >> okay, we don't like you. do you want us to say that. dan is going to love what you have to say. i know he's smirking being a bost bostonian. i know there is trouble in paradise. the patriots, are they the favorite. >> they are the favorite but if we were dan writing a book for fidgety skeptics in professional football the story in the last week about a relationship rift between tom brady, head coach bill belichick and owner robert kraft, there is smoke there and the team released a statement from all three saying we don't have a problem. when you have to release a statement saying you don't have a problem you might have a problem. they are off that week and earned this bye and setting up for a scenario reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated. do you understand. that's what it is. >> i do think if anybody can tune it out it's the patriots. this amp, what's on the docket.
7:47 am
orleans. >> kansas city, roller coaster of a season with alex smith. they're at home and good home field advantage. new orleans and carolina. intriguing match-up. new orleans has beaten the panthers twice this year by double bij dits. now they play for a third time. historically if you lost two games by a double digits that's not a great story and cam newton has to play better. >> then tomorrow what do we have. >> first playoff game in los angeles in a generation. they're excited about that. the atlanta falcons went to the super bowl and have experience, the l.a. rams have a 23-year-old quarterback, jared goff. >> i'm feeling very old right now. >> get ready for this. their head coach is 31. sean mcveigh, 31 years of age, nothing would surprise me with this. >> my favorite story line of the nfl playoffs, the buffalo bills. >> how could it not be? >> the videos of the fans. >> still watching videos of the
7:48 am
first playoff game in almost 20 years. they take on jacksonville. just look at this. that's realizing that another team lost which means your team is going to the playoffs. and they take on jacksonville. could be a wild, wild card game. jacksonville hasn't been there a while. look at how they're celebrating. teal flavored beal and teal flavored ice cream. >> teal flavored beer. >> yes, it is going to look teal and flavored teal so you go home with a colored tongue. win or lose so it's good. >> all right, tony reali, there's a little buffalo bills in all of us and can't help but pull for them. we do love you. i know you don't like to hear it. >> i feel loved. >> catch the titan lacaden playing the chiefs at 4:20 here on abc. we'll be right back with "pop news." dad promised he would teach me how to surf on our trip. when you book a flight then add a hotel you can save.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by lyrica. >> yesterday adrienne bankert was on an iceea
7:53 am
which river. >> the hudson river. >> now doing "pop news." >> we do it all. >> versatility. >> we do it all here at abc news, david letterman and new talk show starting with heavy star power. no, not dan harris, but close, the show on netflix is called my guest needs no introduction. >> i turned him down. >> he wanted to talk about your book, though. the big names david letterman is getting is proving that point. episodes released each month starting january 12th. first chat with former president barack obama. obama's first talk show host since leaving office. george clooney, tina fey and howard stern are others. he will interview jay-z as well. quite the eclectic mix. >> we miss him. >> i think he misses being out there on tv. he'll be on netflix. perfect time to curl up on the coup and do some binge-watching. one survey is
7:54 am
about the most bingeable. tops, "game of thrones." >> of course. >> we just learned hbo's epic fantasy series won't be out with its episodes for the final series until 2019. >> what? >> insane. number two on the list, yeah, "breaking bad." a lot of folks love "breaking bad," 2008 to 2013 and number three, "downton abbey." >> you like it. >> i like it. "game of thrones" is so intense, i can't do two or three at a time. >> until 2019. >> i like "downton abbey" but i didn't think it was in your wheelhouse. no, i just don't know. >> "breaking bad" kind of guy. >> marciano. lady gaga is giving us a million reasons to call her fearless, applause, please, leaving us all speechless with her zip-lining style upside down through the trees on instagram
7:55 am
with her agent boyfriend rumored fiancee christian carreino. he captioned simply a warm-up. who can forget that super bowl appearance. >> there it is. >> "gma" has our own st. george account. follow it. speaking of commercial, here's one for target. kak tar-jay. a lot smile when they go into the store. what about doggies. check out zira, i'll go with zira, total target glee. the owner posting my dog went to target and look how happy she is. >> looks like -- yeah, like a -- >> like a mad dog. >> look at those eyes. >> well, no, look at how creep i pi. >> look at the resemblance to -- >> the target dog. >> i don't see much of a
7:56 am
a bull's-eye around it. >> kind of like red around it. >> both dogs. >> definitely both cute. they're both dogs. >> another tip to go shopping, i guess. we all need to go shopping. we all need to stay inside. >> and watch "downton abbey". >> we learned so much. rob likes "downton abbey." who knew? >> the deep freeze continues for the d.c. area. reagan national sitting at 11 degrees this morning.
7:57 am
a live look in ocean city. the beach is still covered in snow. we did not break any records this morning in terms of temperature, but tomorrow there is a chance of breaking records. afternoon,hrough the feel like temperatures not very warm today. by 4:00 it will still be feeling like single digits under mostly sunny skies. overnight tonight temperatures in the single digits. another wind chill advisory in effect starting at 6:00. as you close-out the weekend we have blessed wind coming our way tomorrow. temperature will be in the low 20's for daytime high. we are under this brutal cold now, but as we head into next week some pretty nice changes going to be arriving. by tuesday we will have warmer air
7:58 am
temperatures. take a look at our extended forecast. slight chance for freezing rain late monday night. asdesperately need the rain we are in a moderate drought. tuesday looking at a daytime high of 48 degrees, but we are not stopping there. by thursday and friday we could see temperatures breaking into the 50's, and perhaps closing in on the 60 mark on friday. with that a chance of rain. make sure you bundle up this weekend.
7:59 am
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