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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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kimberly: right now, the deep freeze postponing classes at a local college, sending crews into overdrive. when will we thought out th
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>> it can be rebuilt, but life cannot. kimberly: a reminder that could mean the difference between life and death. >> kind of blends in with everybody. people who knew him speaking out after a local coach was arrested. the charges he is now facing. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. the bitter cold triggering water main breaks, sinkholes from broken pipes, and bone chilling temperatures across the dmv, with the whipping wind making it feel worse. it is a tough start to january. meteorologist brian van de graaff, we will see warmer temperatures shortly, and that will be bad for the pipes, too, expanding and contracting? brian: right. bitterly cold tonight and tomorrow and then we transition to mild temperatures.
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when you factor in the wind, it is sigel digits. and this is one of the warmer spots. ,e have the windchill advisory 10-15 miles per hour, but not super intense. the bottom line, when the temperatures are already sigel digits, it mixes feel like -- when they are in the single digits, it makes it feel like 10 below. , sundayactivities services, walking the dog, bitterly cold tomorrow, still , bute digit wind chills after tomorrow the deep freeze will lose its grip. kimberly: breaking news, howard university forced to postpone classes because of ruptured pipes and electrical outa ges.
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social work, and graduate school will be postponed until tuesday the 16th. the classes at the professional school and college will start monday. dormitories will remain open. a number ono doing aging water lines. today, a sinkhole caused by water main break. crews are struggling to keep up with the repairs and requests for help in montgomery and prince george's counties. >> we are getting over 1000 calls per day. we are responding as fast as possible. >> about three tubs of water, just in case they have to turn off the water to fix the pipes. kimberly: d.c. water has fixed nearly 80 water main breaks since the new year. the bad news, the warmer
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shock water lines, causing more breaks. another big concern in the bitter cold come or frozen pipes at your house. fairfax water has received 1,500 calls during the cold snap from people without water because of burst pipes. 7 on your side with ways to prevent that. under yourbinet kitchen sink come in the bathroom to let the warm air in. you can also run the water at a trickle. if you are away, keep your thermostat above 55. the deep freeze taking hold of much of the country. some northern states are feeling like double digits below zero. many airports were ground to a halt, still recovering from a storm that brought blizzards and hurricane force winds. an airline was stuck on the tarmac at jfk airport in new york for. seven hours >>
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frustration many people feel after being told they will be sitting on the tarmac for three hours, what we were originally told. kimberly: in charleston, one of two runways were opened after a rare snowfall there. get the latest forecast at your fingertips by downloading the free stormwatch 7 app on your smart phone. a day after flames ripped through multiple townhomes in olney, maryland, fire crews went out to the area. amy aubert was with first responders going door to door to check smoke detectors. amy: one by one -- >> can i check your smoke detectors? amy: crews spent saturday afternoon checking on neighbors. >> every saturday we do our best to get out into the community to do our safety program. amy:
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this neighborhood is still processing what happened the night prior, a two alarm fire ripping through five townhomes, causing over $1 million of damage. >> this is materialistic stuff. it can be rebuilt. but lives cannot. i'm just glad my family members and neighbors are safe. amy: crews battling the fire in freezing temperatures, ice quickly forming. 20 people are now displaced. cleanup crews on site saturday as people carried boxes of belongings out of the affected townhomes. >> ok, and we are done. amy: meanwhile, first responders checking smoke detectors and making sure everyone knows to do in case of fire. >> i would rather them be protected. amy: making sure neighbors are prepared. >> the smoke detector gives an early warning.
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ice coats the charred remnants of a structure once called home. the red cross is assisting about 20 people who were displaced. one resident said he and his family are staying with friends. amy aubert, abc 7 news. kimberly: just astonishing damage. the search continues for a 65-year-old man, the brother of a retired prince george's county firefighter. he disappeared from a shopping center on baltimore avenue in beltsville tuesday. family members say he has dementia and is not really speak. they are very concerned because of the dangerous cold. if you see him, call the police. gymnasticscounty, a coach accused of sexually assaulting a young girl. q mccray spoke with people who knew him in ashburn. q: this is brian,
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of sexually abusing a child. his home in sterling, virginia, hoping to speak to family members. only to find out from a neighbor -- >> he does not usually bother anybody. alone.ty much lives q: she does not want her name or face on tv. detectives from the lot in county sheriff office arrested nguyen friday. investigators say that a young girl told her parents he had inappropriately touched her while he was coaching at a popular gymnastics studio in ashburn. are you surprised by these allegations? >> yes. like i said, he just kind of blends in. is being held
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bond, facing one count of aggravated sexual battery. q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: cleanup is underway after burglars did this at an alexandria gas station. they rammed into the speedway store on south patrick street before stealing the cash register. nobody was hurt and the police are still looking into who did this. president trump going on the attack today and can't david with top congressional leaders and cabinet members by his side. the president fighting back against the new book "fire and fury," raising questions about his mental stability. >> i think it is a disgrace that somebody is able to have something, do something like that, i did a quick interview with him a long time ago, but i don't know this man. kimberly: at the presidential retreat, he also laid out his agenda for the new year. president trump says he is open to a peaceful solution with north korea and would be will
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-un. potentialtions into white house and affairs into the white house pro. reports just that president lawyer tocted his tell jeff sessions not to recuse himself from the probe, but today the president emphatically said there was no collusion. >> you know, sort of like when you have done nothing wrong, let's get it over with. honestly it is very, very bad for a country. it is making our country look for list, and this is a country i do not want looking foolish. kimberly: meantime the trump administration is asking for $18 billion to build a border wall. it is a $33 billion price tag over 10 years. show $15ocuments billion will be needed for technology, personnel, and readiness. for this year, the request is $1.6 billion.
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would pay for it, but we have not heard that part of the plan. congress has not yet agreed. coming up next, an icy rescue. the creative way that a man rush to save his dog from frigid water. and the nashville skyline changed in seconds. the building that came crashing down tonight. and jackpot, where the lucky megamillion ticket
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kimberly: it is the fourth largest jackpot in megamillion's history and it looks like somebody won big. million ticket was sold in port richie, florida. the powerball jackpot is $570 million. that drawing just happened. >> lightning only strikes but once. but we are the lightning capital of the world. >> it could be a blessing. kimberly: most winners opt for the lump sum, which works out to about $281 million
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million for powerball. [explosions] kimberly: and with that, a prominent piece of nashville skyline is no more. withraper tower went down nearly 700 pounds of explosives. a hotel will be billed in its place as part of a new neighborhood being developed. a dog is recovering after falling into in icy pond in chesterfield, virginia, the daring rescue caught on camera. neighbors helped pull the dog to safety yesterday using a ladder, a kayak, then a harness. after several tries, atlas was out of the frigid water. >> i'm not a hero. anybody would have done that in that circumstance. just hope someone he would do that if my dog was stuck on the ice. kimberly:
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temperature was so low that it did not initially register on a thermometer, but atlas is expected to make a full recovery. let's check in with meteorologist brian van de graaff. it has been awfully chilly. today was sure, 21 the high, the second day in a row where the temperatures were rolling in the low 20's. the average high is 43. that means we were 22 degrees from where we should be. i think tonight could be the coldest night thus far. the wind will be light, yes, there is a windchill advisory. what is up with that? single digits in the western burbs, i think we could be below zero in some areas. even with a light wind, it makes it feel that much more cold. the wind-chill advisory for the metro area, feeling like -5 to
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feeling crisp. a warm-up on the way. monday, the ointment the wind right now 10 to 15. i think they will calm down. it feels like -1 manassas and downtown, zero leesburg. overnight, it will be nippy. even downtown will feel right around 0. through the day, with less wind and sunshine, it will get better. we have the very cold night ahead tonight. tomorrow we start to transition. the big picture, there is warmer air southwestern portions of the country, albuquerque, through texas. up andill bubble eventually the cold air will erode in the mild air will begin coming in tomorrow, 26 degrees tomorrow. early next week is when we transition. monday
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out, moisture late in the afternoon, early evening. marginal,emperatures we could see freezing rain, which is liquid that turns into ice on contact because the ground will be so cold. that depends on the timing and how much moisture. the biggest impact would be northwest of town. something we watch carefully. upper40's tuesday, mid to 40's wednesday. longer-term, 50's. could have rain thursday night. friday, showers, a rumble of thunder. highs friday near 60. another shot at showers sunday. the bottom line is we are heading in the right direction. mixture,ght, maybe a but seems like minimal impact. kimberly: wow, 40 degree temperatures spread. i like what you said, if it is
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scott: i'm so glad to see the 40's and 50's again. kimberly: i know that you are dying. scott: it's terrible! a busy day of basketball saturday, another jampacked slate. big east matchup between georgetown and creighton. plus the wizards back inside the friendly confines of capital one arena.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: just may be the washington wizards have learned their lesson. the players are not talking trash anymore. basically the wizards are letting their play do the talking, and it's working out pretty well with the team playing well. washington back home tonight facing milwaukee. fourth quarter, things get a little heated. bradley beal drives, close
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lined. beal does not like it. opponent received a fragrant -- flagrant two and was ejected. but that rattled the was her down the stretch. milwaukee with a four-point lead. the wizards lose, 110-103. thats been well documented georgetown has one of the worst nonconference schedules in the history of college basketball. the hoyas really did not play anybody in november and december. big east play now in full swing, georgetown getting a nice reality check. conference games are tough. today the hoyas battling creighton, and georgetown went down early and never recovered. to reachhoyas player double figures was mosley. georgetown down 45-27 at the break. hegn
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jays, finishing 7-12 from the field, leading all scorers with 19. georgetown falls, 90-66. head coach patrick ewing disappointed in his team's effort. coach ewing: games like this, you have to rise. you have to stand up to the occasion. if you want to be one of those teams that is considered up there in the big east, these are the games you have to step up and play better. scott: certainly growing pains for the hoyas. acc, virginia-north carolina. check out the hustle from hunter, drives and throws down the slam. the cavaliers up nine. then the dagger, wilkins with the past down low for the flush, putting virginia up 10. cavs take down unc. gw hosting rhode island.
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colonials, 17 points, including this four-point play. gw was playing from behind the entire game. check out this sweet drive and layout. gw falls, 81-60. blacksburg, virginia tech facing pittsburgh. the doubler will, threat junior getting it done from the inside and outside. a career-high 31 points. hokiesd s win 81-67, their first win in conference play. championship game, james madison against n.c. state. marcus marshall scores a touchdown. jmu dfown four. one minute to go in the game, fourth and 16, running for his life, needing a prayer.
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but the ball is batted down. winningdison's 26-game streak is over. wild weekend, the chiefs taking on the titans. third quarter, the turning point of the game. marcus mariota takes off towards the goal line, the throw deflected and he catches it for the touchdown. titans down 21-10. mariota to16 k.c., erik decker for the touchdown. the chiefs.tun and late in the fourth quarter, the falcons on the road lead the rams 26-13. played inber, atlanta the super bowl last year and the falcons are trying to make a run back. kimberly:
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scott: they are golfing come and join paradise. kimberly: still to come, a reminder if you ride metro.
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kimberly: if you ride metro, starting monday they will no
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on the smart trip. card if you don't have enough to finish the trip, you will not be able to get out of the gate without reloading the card. metro said that negative balances cost the agency $25 million over the last 17 years. a final check of the forecast coming up.
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