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tv   The Mc Laughlin Group  ABC  January 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[music] from washington the mclaughlin group the american original for over three decades. best sources, hardest talk. >> tom : thank you for tuning in. before we get to our issues, we want to share some thoughts on the main state of the show. pat when you start us off. >> pat: are white house colleague john mcglothlin watch this the second
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white house and it went all the way to the end of the obama administrator. i'm delighted that his legacy is on and he is down smiling. >> eleanor: he was considered part of the problem of the lack of civility in political conversations. i would like to think now that we are part of the solution. i always come to the show and learn something from pat.pat was something before trump and i am delighted to be back as well and share my reporting and views. >> clarence: i want to say that i have real respect in my house when mad magazine lampooned all of us. my son was in the fifth grade and suddenly he was the hit of the whole school. john's appeal across generations and across all kinds of people in this
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country. soon it's great to be here. i can only say that it's combative debate previously. that is the key for the show being on the air. >> tom : no one can replace john mclaughlin. the country at the moment where there's so much division to have the debate and viewpoints, at the same time having mutual respect, hopefully we can match that to the 21st century. for the rest of the century going forward. anyway, issue one. bannon's revenge. >> he's a friend of mine and he's committed. there are very few people who disappoint us. they really disappointed us. i can understand how steve bannon feels. >> tom : in washington, three months can change everything. last october, witnessing the failure of senate republicans to repeal and replace their affordable care act also known as
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trump took solace in his former advisor, steve bannon's, combinations of republicans in congress. that was before roy moore, tax reform and this week, after all this week. washington was rocks by experts from a new book, "fire and fury", inside trump's white house. the book suggests that he told them that donald trump's son was treasonous by meeting with russian lawyers at trump tower 2060. mr. wolf also claims that president trump told him that the fbi was going to crack like an egg on national tv. in response, president trump declared that steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was disbarred he lost his mind. the president is now threatening legal action against mr. bannon and mr. wolf. >> pat, do you think the challenge here to mr. trump fr
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upset the presidents base going forward? >> the base belongs to donald trump. i say that bannon is partly responsible for the economic nationalist aspect, for the american first aspect, for those issues. it added to the base and enabled trump to win. he did a great job during the campaign, but there is no doubt that when you mix statements like that, outside the church there is no salvation. right now, bannon is outside the church and i think he has to get back into it. but the base belongs to the donald. >> the stunning act of betrayal. the dream that bannon had a fielding the far right, all right, nationalist candidate across the country, challenging republicans at primaries, that dream died with this book. you see the candidates that he has been backing, separating himself from them. i think he is really toxic for the moment. he goes off into the
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irrelevant, joining sayer it palen, michelle bachmann in that world. >> i think one of the things that is interesting in the trump administration is the media analysis.we see someone who's been a media intellect for trump, do you think that will affect that side of things? >> i do think it may, but i think what is most interesting is that president trump has a cult of personality in the all white personality base. i think this belongs to him, not to bannon. i do think this will be demoralizing for the base in some respects and that can have an impact going forward. i don't think though, we have heard the last of steve bannon. especially since the investigation in the white house continues with more.
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again. >> i think he is humbled. he is not the center of traction. donald trump is. people in the base, a lot of them have been interviewed by reporters and they don't even know who steve bannon was or is. which is amazing to us, because we are political junkies following this everyday. but the base, they know donald, but steve bannon was the adversary behind the scenes. he has immersed himself in without them breitbart is in collapse. >> trump has 35 percent of the country and 80 percent of the republican party. you have a republican party and a populist conservatives and traditional conservatives and the real winning thing is to bring them together like in the tax bill. >> but bannon did a. >> he represents
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it's the populace right. >> bannon doesn't represent the entire republican base. he doesn't represent the entire trump base. his portion of the base is the populace base. i would say it includes the white nationalist. >> but the positive side, from my point of view in bannon's him, he wanted to reward the rich. he wanted to reach out to democrat people in those aspects, he takes with him and i don't know if trump can capture the globalists. >> less get an exit question. on a scale of one to 100, how likely is it that trump will forgive bannon? one
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>> i think it's a 50 percent chance that bannon will be back in the fold by 2018. >> if trump runs into political problems, he may pick up the phone. i would say 49 percent mac. >> i would say 50 percent he would be back in the fold to some degree. >> before with jeb sessions, and i think it will happen to him as well. >> i think with trump's brain, it could be 75%. >> the nuclear button? >> i think that people in this country should be concerned with the mental fitness of the leader of north korea. he has made repeated threats and tested missiles time and time again for years. this is a president who will not cower down. he will make sure he does what he has promised to do and that is stand
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american people. >> on tuesday, president trump responded to kim jong-un's threat that he controls his desks nuclear department from his desk. north korea leader kim jong-un gestated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted regime please inform him that i too have a nuclear button. it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his. and my button works. >> question, how close are we to nuclear war or conventional war for that matter? >> i don't think we are close to war. 200,000 american dependents are in south korea as well as 20,000 troops. no one is bringing them out. >> north korea wants them out? >> i don't think they will do it. and the united states isn't moving nuclear weapons. the talk may be toxic close to work the actions or not. i can't believe the war would be
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korea or japan. >> we were in the news this week because kim jong-un reached out to the south korean president who is the son of north korean refugees. that is an opening. you can say the trump is forced the situation to break apart in a positive way. he has gotten kim jong-un to step four. but then to put the tweets out there and taunt him and mock him, we are dealing with two personalities. neither of who are particular stable. i don't think either side wants war, but i think the possibility of stumbling into something simply because of these personal grievances and forth, president is playing with fire. >> you are a former employer. how do you see this playing out? what you think about president trump stretchy? >> i do think that kim jong-un is rational. because of that i think he will pursue
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weapons. he would not give up his nuclear prowess. he may end up in a compromising position or weak position with adversarial western forces. he will continue to pursue them. i don't think we are close to war however. but i think the key remains, china and russia continue to supply energy to north korea. if were not willing to get tough on china and russia, they will get tough on north korea. >> very quick, these two guys are like a couple of schoolyard testosterone fueled kids there playing. you notice how they quietly drift apart and kim jong-un went over and began to negotiate with the south and trump, mr. america first, is perfectly happy to sit over here. >> there is a redline here. he
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he is tested hundreds of bombs. he will keep it up, until he has the capacity to hit los angeles or seattle. there is a lot of american military men and others that say he is moving towards a redline. he hasn't crossed yet. i don't know szekely what we do. does the united states live with this? >> do you think this is the opportunity for national security hawks and individuals that have long pushed tariffs on trade to pressure china to pressure north korea more? are we at that point? >> i would agree with you. i think that kim jong-un is a smart guy. he is driving a wedge between south korea doesn't want a war in the united states who doesn't want those missiles armed with nuclear weapons that can hit us. >> right. i think it's like the double ma
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the two of them are acting like this. this is calculated. they're going to reach a point where, north korea doesn't want to cross that redline. >> i don't know if that calculation is right. i don't know about the cac elation on the president side. he is not acting in a strategic way. >> hypothetical scenario. nine months from now, the u.s. intelligence community tells north korea that they have a nuclear weapon capability. on one-10. how likely is trump to authorize military action? >> war against nuclear arms? north korea? they have a missile that could hit the nine states?
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>> okay. >> i would hope that general mattis has safeguards in place so that president trump could not give rain. i would say to with general mattis holding the leash. >> i am also hopeful for madison's influence. i think it's probably a five. >> and we come back, protestant iran. also, we get some unique content. make sure to follow us on twitter. and visit our website. [music]
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[music] >> tom : issue three. donald, daca, deal. >> every senator and congressman will have to make a choice. do they want to protect the american citizens or protect criminal aliens. >> pt said he is open to a deal on the daca
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established by president barack obama in 2012, daca has allowed illegal immigrants to enter the united states as minors to avoid deep poor tatian. last year the administration announced in into daca. it will come this year. and it will become subject to deportation. in return for funding to establish his wall on the u.s.-mexico border, he said that he will allow daca recipients to remain in the united states. >> pat, should he make a deal on daca? >> 90my answer is no. i think he will get a security fence on the border and other protections like that. i think the pressure from the public and elsewhere on the
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daca is popular. he will concede on that and be charged with amnesty. >> the altar right or the banded base, won't like it. but, the blood base of americans will. the democrats are under a lot of pressure to get this done because they walked away from attaching it to the end of year budget proposals and they are getting a lot of grief from their base that they weren't tough enough. i think it is a reasonable deal. he will get money for security and the democrats will give money for that and have been for years. >> i think there will be a deal but i think the question is, how hard and how long will the fight be? the reality is that president trump and the republicans are in a position of weakness on this. two thirds of americans support let's daca people stay in the united states. only 1/3 of people want the wall. nancy
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democrats understand that the president is in a weak position. they are going to want this fight and wanted to last a while. >> don't you think the president needs some money for the wall though? for his base? >> he needs, first of all, the democrats don't want a wall that is called a wall. if we just don't tell anybody, we'll just call it a security fence. [laughter] the democrats will buy it because they have that support in the past. trump based does not want daca folks to get what they call amnesty. but the president is seeing that this is a fairness issue. these folks arrived as children and they were too young to know what was going on. as they are productive citizens, they shouldn't be forced out. >> the rights to be in the country expires in march. democrats can't string that out until november.
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going to deport these people. we will go after the criminals and felons and others. >> are you and mc manna? >> no but in terms of deportation for people that are relatively harmless in society, you go for the worst first. >> according to the trump administration, they are going after people. >> issue four. >> the iranian government mass a rough dictatorship. it has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violent, but let's shed in chaos. the longest suffering victims of aransas leaders. are in fact its own people. >> protest erupted in iran this
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week as thousands of citizens gave voice to their anger of the economic stagnation of opportunity. when it comes to us policy debates on how to respond to protest, attitudes ours lit. at heart is the question of how radians would get offers from us support. the americans, even those bearing gifts, some like president trump will proclaim sympathy and solidarity with protesters. others worried good sentiments will render bad effects. take former obama security advisory, susan rice who wrote an arm stomach article that said how can trump help around protesters quiet? rice and company fear that long-standing mistrust between america and iran means that any perceived us involvement in the protest will d legitimize those on the
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>> is a team trump or team obama? >> plenty liberal that are saying that they support the people. you can't take it too far. you can't just give the irradiance an opportunity to blame the great state for what is happening there. when he is done so far is okay, but please, no more tweets. >> we are going to come in and give military support to the rebels, that is a kind of trap that trump could talk himself into. >> they will rise up against saddam and were slaughtered. we have to go back to 1956 in europe where the hungarians rose up and the push themselves into tanks and we did nothing. refugees are pouring out. i think we ought to stand up
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which was nothing. speak out and speak to the right values. >> they were quiet and they did it anyway. we were going to send in military support . >> what you think? >> we cannot fail to stand up for our core values around the world. that means speaking on behalf of them. people around the world need to secure their freedom and we can't intervene, or should we in every case or many cases? we cannot fail to speak about our values. lastly, i would say that we do need to be prepared, however, to draw a line around the defense of basic human rights. we need to let the iranian regime know that if they are going to slaughter a bunch of people . >> do not cancel the nuclear deal. i don't think you impose sanctions on people who are rising up for thei
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freedoms. >> sanctions on the regime, not the people. >> the people are complaining. >> one of the potential things we might see is a kind of reform. the president of france has said that he might want to work with president trump. i wonder whether we might see some sort of crackdown in terms of a lot of these economic deals in europe. one of the gripes that seems to be dealing with the people. anyway, we will be right back with predictions. [music]
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[music] >> tom
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>> we still see the manner to the way that it was put together. it may contaminate as the miller investigation. >> the russian investigation will be revelations from the bank records. the intermingling of trump loans and russian money laundering. >> there will be further indictments from the investigation as there will be an additional antagonism from trump loyalists against the department of justice. >> i predict great success for tom logan as the host of the the mclaughlin group. congratulations! >> thank you my friend that is a kind of you. >> for me i'm going to give you random fact. 408 years ago today, galileo discovered the three man's of jupiter. in 2015, nasa announced that it
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anyway, thank you panelists very much for a civil and stimulating discussion with art and passion. and thank you for watching. we'll be back next week and we hope you will join us then but until then, make sure to follow us on twitter and visit our website. thank you. [music] real-timeclosed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company
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