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>>. some come back anyway. an inside look at the other competitions from cold. issues at new york's jfk airport. a water main break causing all of that indoor flooding. another big headache. passengers are facing
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there. d.c. woman sounding the alarm about a tree in her neighborhood. why the city says its hands are tied. at 6:30,bc seven news on your side. >> at 6:30, a stormwatch 7 winter weather alert. the bitter cold cleaning to our area. changes are on the way. brian van de graaff in the storm watch weather center. some of the changes could affect tomorrow's evening commute. brian: we are back on weather alert for tomorrow. the national weather service has put out a winter weather p.m..ry begin at 3:00 earlier to the north and west. as the colder air is retreating, a little bit of light precipitation moving in and could lead to slick spots. let's talk about what is happening. the biggest impact from midday through the evening tomorrow, the morning rush, not a problem at all. a look into the capital wheel, 21 degrees. temperatures,
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back to much. 15 degrees to 20 degrees. temperatures stay pretty steady. a cool evening with a partly cloudy sky. tomorrow morning's rush, ok, but in the middle of the northwest, and we will overspread our area into the evening. the afternoon rush will be impacted. here is what we are thinking. the but obsolete and freezing rain, which is liquid that comes down on contact. glaze of iceight across the area. even if the air is above freezing, if the ground is cold enough, have to watch for slick spot urine once that moves out of here, switch to rain by tomorrow evening. it could be tricky troubled by tomorrow afternoon for travel. kimberly: you bet. this just in, water gushing from a manhole in fort washington. that is because of a water main break again on vocke road. crews have been on that seed, working -- seen, working to fix the issue. damage a
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flooded with the dirty water. seat, tryinge up a to get answers from the utility company. we will have much more tonight at 11:00. the extreme cold causing problems at howard university. it is going to be another week before students can return to class after the holiday break. the university postponing undergraduate classes, set to start tomorrow because a broken broken pipes and electrical outages. melissa, it looks like a few people are showing up anyway. absolutely. we were just briefed about some of the issues facing howard's buildings. this is one of the buildings in question. this is amex one. this building, along with douglas hall, both house underground classrooms. they have the same problem. inside the building, the cold weather caused a steam pipe to burst. the steam moisture buildup and has caused md
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the cold causing other issues on campus as well. five of the nine residence halls are without heat. other buildings also without power. because of this, howard is asking undergraduates to stay home and to stay home until next week. they had postponed a undergraduate classes until the 16th, but a lot of these students have showed up and they are trying to figure out what to do with their extra time. >> at first, i was mad. i was trying to get classes done with. melissa: she says she was ready to kick off 2018 by getting back to her schoolwork. now that howard has pushed back date,dergrad start she has asked her time on her hands. >> i have to go to the registrar's office. i am going to practice cooking because we came from the grocery store, and then sleep. says she is glad he's not at home. >> i was
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home. and now, i'm going to be board for another week. i have her to keep me company. melissa: the camp is dealing with damages from busted pipes leaking into campus buildings as well as other issues brought on by the unusually long cold snap. >> my reaction was are you going to be of the get back into your dorm? founda: she says her son out last night class was postponed and they decided to come to campus anyway. >> i have to work. i do not have time to go back and forth. melissa: her son will have to wait another week to start his final semester, and eventually, his new life. >> school will be longer. people are trying to graduate and get started with their careers. and things like that. there is nothing you can do about it. this postponement affects only undergraduate classes. if you are part of the professional schools and colleges, you are expected to start attending class on the eighth. melissa dipane
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cold it is, d.c. firefighters fighting an earlier fire in locations. they were switching out to thaw out hands, feet, and equipment. this, while they were knocking down flames at a northwest house that left five people displaced. the cyclone may be over, but more than 20 million people are still under a winter weather advisory. if that was not bad enough, travelers at new york's jfk airport dealing with a flooded terminal. look at that river inside the terminal. this is because of a water main break there as well. the terminal had to be evacuated , but as chuck sivertsen shows us, they dealt with a big baggage claim headache. chuc t
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ice. 14 people displaced after a five-alarm fire. fires covered in ice. jfk airport, another travel might mayor on top of already long to lay spirit a water main break flooding one of the terminals, adding to the delays, which were as long as 12 hours. some passengers sleeping in the check in areas overnight. others whose flights had arrived, forced to wait hours on the tarmac. >> it was just really uncomfortable. attendants were getting angry. they are just really uncomfortable for everyone. chuck: the department of transportation says it will make a decision about what to do on monday. >> questions need to be asked about why did the contingency fail? why was jfk not able to deal with these cascading failures as the storm wonton? chuck: temperatures expected to climb between 10 degrees and 20 degrees, but there is more trouble lurking in a different part of the
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another storm system developing in the pacific and heading toward california, bringing with it lots of rain. up to five inches forecast in some spots. that could spell trouble for those areas outside los angeles hit hard by wildfires. a high probability of muds guides and flash flooding. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. kimberly: as for our area, the dot is warning drivers to prepare for tomorrow afternoon's commute. you want to mention for potential slick spots. vdot reminds us, if you have to be out on the roads, assume any wet pavement is ice. willes, ramps, overpasses, ice first. make sure you have enough gas and an emergency kit in your car in case you are trapped in traffic for hours. while the deep freeze is not over yet, we at least have warmer temperatures to look forward to. take your stormwatch 7 out with you wherever you go. download it for free on your phone or tablet
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for temperatures in the 60's later this week. new tonight, a d.c. woman is raising the alarm about a dangerous tree in her neighborhood. she says it could fall at any moment. lived in brown has northeast since 1962 and says many people and children walk on that sidewalk, right under the tree. you can see it is coming out of the ground and tilting. despite calling city officials, brown says nothing is being done. >> and i need some help. i want someone to come and see about these trees, because of that tree falls, it will cause a whole lot of problems. someone could get killed, hurt. i don't want this to happen. kimberly: the problem here, the city says the tree
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kimberly: trying to remember if it was just two years ago when we had a tiny bit of ice around 5:30 p.m., and it caused a nightmare. brian: tomorrow, we are going to have a little light precipitation coming through. right here, it is around .1 inches or less.
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11:00 or 12:00 and come through 4:00. even if we are freezing at the ground, the ground is so cold, there could be slickness if there is not treatment. you want to talk about cold this morning, we got down to one degree below. that was a new record. thurgood marshall was one this morning that got to a new record. downtown, not quite cool enough to break the record. the the afternoon, we did get to 23 degrees p it a bit of a breeze. three miles to 12 miles per hour. we have a bit of a wind chill. despite the fact we are in the teens, it feels like eight degrees in manassas, 18 degrees at anders. temperatures will not drop back as much pure clouds rolling in and the winds will be lighter. 15 degrees to 20 degrees per it it is bitterly cold, it is a little bit of a step in the right direction with the south wind at three to six. no issues as you are heading into tomorrow morning. 7:27, no big issues. i got a text from fairfax county
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, saying they are aware of the potential for icing tomorrow and will make their decision by 5:15 tomorrow morning. it is interesting because it is the back half of the day. our temperatures will be coming above freezing in some locations, but even if the air is up to 35 degrees, you can see some precipitation coming down in liquid form that could make it glaze on the ground. watch for that. could be ice pellets mixed in. the liquid precipitation could make some ice on untreated surfaces and it is no
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. hosted theapital blues today p washington entered this one with eight straight home winds. aiming for their third four-game winning streak. they have been hot. let's pick it up in the third period. fors up to one, but not long. alex gets the past. the one-timer like the lamp for the gametime goal. this one would go to overtime, tied at three. that is where he would emerge as the hero. he gets a pass and goes top shelf. that is your game-winner. they keep their home winning streak alive. >> i saw those guys coming, so i did not want to --
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to try to shoot it. my corner with open, so that was good. a nice way to finish. >> they see it combinations, so what if something happens? again, i think it was a good response. it was for everybody to take the next step. you know, get the win. erin: meanwhile, the nfl wild-card weekend continued today, and they hope to pull off the upset in jacksonville as buffalo looked to win its first playoff game since 1995. the third quarter. tied at 3-3. a 10-3acksonville takes lead. they hounded the bills all day. less than one minute to go in the fourth. nathan peterman pass tipped, picked off by ramsey. that is going to seal the deal. this one w
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so they will face pittsburgh. we will have much more on the nfl playoffs as well as kirk cousins and the redskins off-season
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