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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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problems. the national weather service, i can't imagine they leave it up until 9:00 but that is where it is now. pink is where we look at the potential for the sleet, the ice coming down. the cutoff line is around basically charles county over to call university county. a little bit more of that up north. when you go farther south, it turns into rain. that is what we are watching. there is more rain to come. i'm not so worried about the roads. as i am giving you the information if you are walking, if you're out and about walking, and maybe you are going to a restaurant. somewhere there is not salt on the sidewalk. that is where you slick and hurt yourself. a lot of roads are treated. we want to send it to sam sweeney to baltimore where it's colder. how are the roads where you are? >> right now the roads are great. take a live look. you can see mobiletrak7 we have the windshield wipers are. there is rain falling. the roads are wet. salt and treatment trucks up
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ready to roll. they have been treated all day. evening is fine. we came up to the g.w. parkway over the beltway. people want to leave the office early. so you can expect that. road conditions with the weather system, all is good right now. live from mobiletrak7 i'm sam sweeney. back to you. larry: okay. sam, thanks. schools across the area are dismissing students early to beat the storm. those that didn't cancel the activities or never opened at all. maryland bureau chief brad bell picks up our coverage live. brad: we want to touch on the roads. this is a ramp from the beltway i-95 north. there are no problems. it's dry pavement. there was the precipitation earlier. but you heard bill and sam talk about salt. yeah, there is salt everywhere. piles of it. i was able to pick it up. the roads are well treated. we are not seeing ice out here. i want to pivot a lit
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cold snap. this morning we had an interesting experience. going aboard an ice breaker. required to clear a channel in annapolis. the harbor is frozen over. all is quiet except for aboard the state of maryland ice breaker john c. widener. the special boat and its clear were summoned to clear a channel. captain jeff lill got to work bright and early. >> we have had a hard freeze. i can feel the hardness of the ice. >> it's three to four inches thick. boats, including the police boat are frozen in place. he pushes through. >> you can feel this vibration through the boat. >> the more it shakes. at times you wonder how a boat stays together. >> the
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against the dock. believe it or not they try to sell fuel and gasoline in the winter. if you look here there is a work crew rebuilding the dock. they need to get around and they need the ice breaker as well. >> at the gas dock the operator wavings -- waves. he is expecting a vehicle later today. so they go on. the coast guard is helping out, too. their boat arrived last night. all will be battling the cold until the ice thaws. >> that thaw is beginning. it's 35 degrees where we are between college park and beltsville. there are three roads here. this is traffic, it 95 north going smoothly at this point. no need for an ice breaker out here. college park. brad bell, abc7 news. larry: it's so bad that there is an island that is c
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they had to fly in supplies over the weekend. the last time the national guard had to deliver supplies to the island was three years ago. alison: d.c. firefighters fought frigid temperatures to put out a fire that destroyed two boats. look at this. you can see the massive flames that are shooting in the sky. >> nobody wants to come home to a scene like this. not at all. but with the cold, the water companies are dealing with a huge number of the water main and the pipe breaks. "7 on your side" with richard reeve in fort washington where the clean-ups are underway. >> you can see that the water is flowing here. basement over the weekend filled with water. even raw sewage. this isn't the only area affected. >> the crews finished repairing the bus's line.
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to do. this is the basement on sunday. many homes with the soaked belongings piled up in the backyard. a couple of miles away there is a different problem. the indoor pipe used for the kitchen and the bathroom water burst this morning. soaking the family room, the hallway with the water out the front door. her family left faucets dripping to prevent freezing but it didn't help. >> i got to the bottom level the water on the bottom. i had to wear special shoes. >> the plumber on the job said it is the third trip he made so far to a house with flooding issues. coming up at 6:00, why so many pipes are breaking. what you can do
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reeve, abc7 news. larry: the port authority says it is investigating the water pipe break that made a bad situation at j.f.k. worse. nancy is watching developments. >> the travelers are facing delays at the biggest airports. four days after the storm that started it all. thursday the flights were canceled and caused a backlog of the people and bags. >> the performance of getting the passengers to gates and get them unloaded in a timely fashion was unacceptable. >> they wanted to find out why it was not weather protected. we want to update you. all inbounds flights are held at the point of origin until
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5:30. the arrival delays one two hours and ten minutes. depaertures averaged 35 minutes. larry: a mess on i-75 in georgia. look at this. more than 30 cars involved in a crash after the freezing rain made for the slick roads. is a people were hurt. alison: look at this. fire escape in chicago covered in ice. it flooded from the top floor and it froze. the crews shut down the sidewalk to make sure no one was hurt by falling ice. larry: pretty. alison: it is. larry: give it that much. something you might not think of this time of year is donating blood. but many drives were canceled due to
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red cross. stay a step ahead of whatever the winter weather alert brings. the stormwatch7 app is free. alison: new information in the last hour of after the death of a montgomery county teenager. police say sephari had a bottle of vodka and two fake i.d.'s on him when he died. he drowned of alcohol poisoning, drowning and hypothermia and it was an accident after he fled a house party. larry: this just in. an arrest connected to a case where a man was found beaten and tied up in an apartment. they arrested sean parker and charged him with assault with intent to kill. the victim in the case did survive and is now out of the hospital. there is no word on a motive. breaking news as well. a huge fire in massachusetts. this is a live shot affiliate up there. this appears to be an apartment building. this is in the town of lynn which is near
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no word yet on the injuries. we will keep watch on this and bring you more news as it develops on abc7 news. alison: developing now. 200,000 people living in the country told they may have to leave. and the largest number of them live right here in our area. tom roussey is live outside the white house to explain why. tom? tom: well, alison, a lot of people from el salvador have been living in the u.s. under a temporary legal status for 17 years now. today the trump administration said it's long enough and things have changed in el salvador. but a lot of folks disagree. a large group gathered here today to protest. >> it's shameful. it's inhumane. 40,000 a salvadorans with temporary status live in d.c. alone. lived in d.c. with the legal status 17 years because of t.p.s. and she has an 8-year-old girl, a u.s. citizen s
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to be separated from. losing t.p.s. would mean losing her job. >> we are left with nothing. left without work. without a place to live. what is the president thinking. i have social security. i pay taxes. >> the reason she and several hundred thousand others receive temporary protected status was the earthquakes that hit elnel 2001. president bush and obama always renewed the status but critics say it made a mockery of the word "temporary." >> the presidents should only do it if at all for short period of time after which the congress is required to act one way or another. >> mark with the center or immigration study says it should only happen with the restrictions. >> we have to make sure we don't have people in the situation again and make sure that the people we might amnesty are not
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whole new immigration chain where they bring in the brother and sisters. >> the decision today by the trump administration gave folks december of next year to decide what they want to do. they can go back to el salvador and try to find a legal status or stay in the u.s. illegally and would potentially face deportation. reporting live outside the white house, tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you. mike pence will visit egypt, israel and jordan this month. his trip to the middle east was postponed so he could stay back for anate vote on the tax plan. this is set to begin next friday. larry: voters in virginia say they will appeal a federal judge decision against a new election in the 28th district. 147 people veeving the wrong
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delegates race. a judge ruled it was a garden variety irregularity and the vote will stand. alison: this is just in. aides say former presidential candidate and utah governor mitt romney fought prostate cancer last year. the aide tells the "associated press" romney was diagnosed last year and had surgery to remove the cancer. it had not spread. romneyed had been rumored to think of running for orrin hatch's senate seat when hatch does not run again next fall. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- >> i'm grateful. she is a real leader and i think her voice is powerful and important. and whatever she wants to do she should do. larry: the speech everyone is talking about. reaction and speculation after oprah's big night at the golden globes. alison: later how the metro ride others could get the refunds
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for. larry: first, fighting the flu. what we are all up against to stay healthy in the face of one of the worst flu seasons in years. >> we are tracking wintery mix. i'm meteorologist josh knight. we are heading down i-70. we have ♪ it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit
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larry: the national park service is going to start replacing the roof of the lincoln memorial. it will stay open but you won't get to certain areas in certain times. the upper and the lower portion of the flat roof were last repaired 20 years ago. repairs of the marble damaged in the 2011 earthquake. well, that will also be part of the project. alison: "7 on your side" with health matters. the flu season got off to an early start and it isn't showing signs of letting up. danya bacchus explains the disease has been deadly. danya: widespread flu activity reported in every state. this season the c.d.c. says the number of the confirmed cases in the u.s. is nearly 42,000. >> i have been sick for seven days now. >> in california people like
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fighting for their lives suffering with the deadly flu crisis. >> he was severely, critically ill. basically knocking on death's door. >> last week, 7-year-old cisco galvez died from complications from the virus. >> i never expected he was healthy. the e.r. at the medical center bringing in extra staff to help handle influx of the sick patients. the usual 140 patients a day is up to 200. some hospitals in southern california are using the triage tents for flu patients. >> it's severe. we need to do whatever we can to prevent it. >> some pharmacies are running out of tamiflu, precipitation medication to lesson symptoms. when it comes to the vaccine, the officials estimate this year's vaccine is only 32% effective ag
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h2n3 strain. they still recommend you get one because it reduces severe symptoms. >> we are still not in a flu epidemic. >> danya bacchus, abc7 news. larry: a year of hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and drought led up to a number of weather issues and it added up to $306 billion in 2017. in all, there were 16 disasters that cost $1 billion. hurricane harvey was at the top of the list at $125 billion. hurricane maria $90 billion. hurricane irma at $50 billion. if you add in the western wildfires that caused another $18 billion in damage. bill: hurricane harvey and all that rain. 50 inches of rain in texas. alison: hard to believe it was all this year. larry: back-to-back. we talked so many times we couldn't get a brea
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>> this week, overall, i think we will get a weather. alison: nice. bill: we are not in a hard freeze. it's the opposite. if you have frozen pipes, your house is going to let you know. this week as it thaws out. you will discover that plumbers will be swamped this week. i would plan on 15 to 18-hour days. no doubt about it. this is what we are looking at. cold scene in cumberland. looking out over the clouds. you have the snow. this shot, in arlington. looking over highway 50. tysons is over 123. the traffic is moving okay. this is a big focus here. looking to the northeast. i'm not that concerned about the roads. most if not all the roads are fine. more concerned about the sidewalks and things that may not have the salt. we saw brad bell's report earlier on. but with that said check on
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roads in stormwatch7. still looking good where you are? >> yeah. it is looking good. i'll flip you around so you can see. we drive down the road heading south on 27. we are up near mount erie and got off 70. working our way south. we are in montgomery county. the roads are wet. you see rain drops are showing up on the windshield. that is it. if you keep checking the sensor on the truck and the air temperature is 30 degrees. because there is so much left over salt and brine the roads are still doing well. keeping an eye out here, i look at the radar. it's showing that it's snow but in this area all rain drops for us. that is the latest from northern montgomery county. back to you. bill: thank you. that is what i'm talking about. if you get to the areas that may not be treated. if you are walking around and you are out and about you could deal with the problems. surfac
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north are in that freezing rain. he was talking about theory dar picking up snow. this is the color enhanced doppler. you get blue. the radar that goes out away goes higher up because of the tilt of the earth. so as this looks up in the sky this is indicating the wet snow flakes. they are melting by the time we reach the ground. we have rain. it's a mixed precipitation. that is the pink we are seeing. montgomery county area farther north. once you get to the southern county. that is where it is switching to the rainfall. winter weather advisory in effect around the region with the temperatures. hanging around the freezing mark. from the district south. everybody is at or above freezing. if you to north and maryland, you are still in a 30, 32 range. in the next couple of hours that's what we are waiting for. rainfall it's falling in frozen
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tomorrow we will have a nice sunny day. it's warmer than out there. or has been. we have been essentially below freezing since wednesday. we got above today. it's essentially five straight days. 24 to 30. gradual clearing. slick roads. slick sidewalks. 45 is a high tomorrow. there is widespread thawing around the area. then we go above freezing and considerably above freezing. the weather maker once this passes tonight is thursday night to friday. 60 degrees that comes with rain ahead of another weather system dropping us down below freezing. looking beyond the seven-day forecast. unlike the past couple blasts, the temperatures are likely going to bounce back up by midweek. so yeah we are going back down low. morning lows in the 20's and the teens for next sunday and monday. but maybe two or three days after what we dealt with. that is nothing. alison: no! bill: ke can get through it no problem. alison: thank you, bill. still to come, tonight we know
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anthem and what justin timber lake will l do after his halftime performance. larry: and the change for the smart trip card. >> a solution to one of d.c. pollution problems tomorrow. i'm kellye lynn with that story coming up in "spotlight on education." alison: a look at what is
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alison: local high school students are a step closer to winning a national contest that challenges them to find a solution to a community problem. in tonight's "spotlight on education," kellye lynn shows us the idea to help reduce pollution in d.c. kellye: the stench of the anacostia river triggered the idea. >> does anybody else know that? >> they are like it's the anacostia. i'm like really? kellye: he and his classmates at the mathics, science, technology public charter high got together to create a possible solution. >> reduce the trash in the river. also we are trying to pull this up. is there we are trying to eliminate the raw sewage from going in the anacostia river. what we hope to do is take
5:27 pm
raw sewage, the undesirable material we flush down the it to and trying to make ethanol out of it. >> an idea that helped the teen secure the state title in the competition that encourages young people to solve real world problems. the next step to create a video showcasing the ethanol production and the benefit. already the teen won $25,000 for the state win and now to the national stage for a chance to win a $150,000 technology package. >> it will benefit the community in the whole. you will hear the stuff about the pollution and the anacostia. >> using science technology, meanerring, ard and math -- engineering, and math to clean up the community. in northeast, kellye lynn, abc7 news. larry: still ahead at 5:00 -- >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is
5:28 pm
horizon. larry: oprah's impact. what her speech to the golden globes has people saying about a possible presidential run. >> weather issue plague howard university. i'm sam ford. and that story is next on abc7 news. is there we are keeping an eye on damascus. we want to give you a look at this. we are watching as the salt trucks get filled up in town and found icy spots.
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larry: breaking news out of massachusetts. the crews are fighting a massive fire in the city of lynn north of boston. the 18-unit building was built in 1860. we know at least one person was taken to the hospital for burns. we will keep watching this and get you more informations a it comes in the newsroom. alison: but first, we are all here in the weather center. as we come to talk about the chilly er. it sounds like things will start to turn our way. bill: that is a big story. we are going five days below freezing up to 60 degrees. if not higher by friday. larry: we will take that. alison: i love it. bill: we won't know what to do with ourselves. get the shorts out. the whole deal. good evening. this is what it looks like
5:32 pm
color enhanced doppler. the green is where the rain is reported. the pink is where there is a wintery mix and welt snowflakes. the radar is looking higher in the atmosphere. picking up the wet snowflakes in the northern zone. most is falling to the ground as rain or a slush type of sleet. the radar picks up rainfall to the southern county as everything starts to warm up. the temperatures at or above freezing for many locations. however, we are still in the middle weather advisory until 9:00. i doubt that they will leave it up for the entire time. it's up now. we will watch for slippery sidewalks and decks. the roads all night long as expected seem to be okay. let's send it out to the josh in the storm track. there was notice on this. so they treated the roads. that helped out tremendously. josh: absolutely. th
5:33 pm
it. i want to show you that i was outside the truck to check out the road temperatures. some of them are at 25, 28 degrees. so they are certainly cold. but all of those chemicals are working the magic here. just like you have been saying. walking around the sidewalk in damascus. a lot of those are really slick. i don't want anybody to be alone in a false sense of security. things are fine. treated. really good. but as soon as you get to the surface that hasn't been, there is a chance it got sleet and freezing rain and ice to top it off. be careful out there. with that, i'll send it back to you. alison: thank you very much. water pouring down like rain. right inside the building at howard university. after delaying start of the classes for a week, today the school closed early. sam ford picks up the stormwatch7 team coverage and he has a look another the weather problem plaguing the university. sam: n
5:34 pm
remain closed in seems after the waterpipes burst inside due to cold weather. clean-up crews busy themselves they postponed the university and the graduate and the undergraduate classes until tuesday next week. >> i don't mind. >> it's another week. >> the university announced that the faculty and the staff that used the buildings could telework from home or take liberal leave. classes did began today like law, medicine and pharmacy but dismissed early because of the bad weather. >> though the university insists it fixed the key issue in the dorms. some return students say they wandered about. >> you're not in your room? >> it's almost colder in the room than out here. >> we don't have hot water. we have to go to
5:35 pm
>> i teal like a refugee right now. i feel like don't have a home. we are near homeless now. >> depending on the weather. it may be a long week until opening school. >> don't forget "7 on your side" when schools decide to close or delay. that is happening already this year. you can get notifications on your phone by signing up for alerts or checking the free news app. >> for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. larry: that powerful speech from oprah at the golden globes trending on social media. specifically a hashtag that has her running for president in 2020. alison: lindsey mastis has reaction tonight. lindsey: oprah's speech at the golden globes stole the show while
5:36 pm
#metoo movement. look at the comments. a woman writing -- and well, she knows words with more than two syllables. but others don't like the idea. no, just because a person gives them a good speech doesn't make a good candidate to run the country. we have had enough of a reality show in the white house. many people are pointing to experience. look at this -- everyone is pretty split on the issue. back to you. alison: so they hav their list of who they don't want. larry: forget who is running. this is who i don't want. girl power to kick things off at the super bowl. pink will sing the national anthem before the big game on summed. at -- big game on sunday and at halftime is justin
5:37 pm
lake. alison: once he wraps up the performance, timberlake is hitting the road to promote the new album. "filthy" is the first single of "man of the woods." the tour begins march 13 in toronto. presale tickets go on sale wednesday. get ready for that. larry: get my tickets. larry: get a glimpse of the future. the consumer electronic show in las vegas kicks off tomorrow. it's showcasing the latest innovation that could make your life easier from the virtual reality to robotics. new futuristic earbud to bridge language barriers to translate conversations simultaneously. alison: very cool. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. we have a look at a big fine for maker of popular toys. scott: this is huge money.
5:38 pm
for not protecting the kid's privacy. the data base was hacked in 2015 that exposed the names of 6 million children. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- don't give up yet. one thing that might help you stick to new year's resolutions. q: have you seen the men? they are robbers with guns terrorizing the capital. the "7 on your side" wall of justice is next. alison: at 6:00, traffic watch alert.
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bill: all right, guys. get you out the door. temperature wise mid-30's. rain in most of the area. some is refreezing along untreated areas. all the treated areas are fine. but looking ahead, let's talk about the weekend outlook. falling daytime temperatures on saturday. we have 52. but that occurs early. sunday is dry in the 30's. take a lo before we start, i just want to saye a lo if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network
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q: hello. welcome to this week's edition of "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have a special alert from the d.c. police department. they want the robbers off the street before they strike again. they barge in to ace hardware store on upshire street in northwest. during store hours. in no time, they have guns on the back and bullied to the back office. a crook plays lookout and the other steals the money from the crash drawers. by the end of the heist four workers are on the floor scared for their lives. the police are offering a $10,000 reward if you can
5:43 pm
if you have any information about the men contact the d.c. police department. now let's take a look at the wall joff us the wis the two newest addition. hubbard on the run in anne arundel county facing robbery and theft charges. michelle is wanted for burglary and destruction of property there. prince george's county detectives search for john williams who say he tried to kill someone. they are on the lookout for chitman wanted for burglary. they are still looking for tips about anthony. don't hesitate to call police. michael wood and william morris who we have featured in the past were arrested thanks to your tips. we'll see you next week for a "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. alison: coming up at 5:00, a refund for riders. why metro is considering a proposal af
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5:46 pm
larry: covers metro and a plan to try to lure customers back to the rails with a new promise. if your train is late, you get your money back. abc7 transportation reporter sam swene
5:47 pm
sam: for 2018, metroee new slogan could be "on time or on us." >> i would get a lot of money. a lot of money. it would be good. >> since safetrack finished nine out of ten rush hour trips have arrived on time. but ridership is down. 30% of the riders say they are riding less because of reliability concerns. >> nothing is ever on time. what are we going to do? >> they are introducing the 2018 consumer confidence program. if your trip is delayed by more than 15 minutes in rush hour, you will get money back. for riders using store credit on the smart trip cards. your whole trip will be refunded. for past riders $3 will go back to rail users and $1 for bus riders. >> that will be awesome. i use it regularly. it would be free trips for me. sam: if this proposal is passed it will cost between $2 million to $3 million.
5:48 pm
it is extended. metro's board will vote on it this thursday. reporting rosslyn, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. larry: reminder today, you can't carry a negative balance on the smart trip card. so if you don't have enough to finish a trip you won't be able to leave a metro station without reloading the card. keep that in mind. negative balances cost the system $25 million since they started. alison: take a look at this. a rare snowfall blankets southwest china and the giants were loving it. the breeders say snowy days are good for the panda because it helps them get used to a wild environment so they get extra time to play outdoors and they seem to be loving every minute. larry: absolutely. i'm envious. alison: that is not how i feel when it snows out. larry: look at i
5:49 pm
alison: just like little kids. let's talk about the weather. it's changing and it will be 60 degrees by the end of the week. larry: 60 never sounded so good. alison: i i know! bills what are we going to do with yourselves. it will be crazy. before we get to the forecast. some of you ask on facebook and twitter, what is the difference between snow. we know what snow is. but freezing rain, sleet, that type of thing. we have seen it all around the region. start with snow. for the snow to fall, if you look at the layer. this is the surface up to the clouds. temperatures are below freezing from the surface all the way up. when it happens you get snow. it starts out as snow and ends up as snow. let's talk about the next kind. sleet. sleet is different. that is what we had here today. this is what the atmosphere looks like at the surface to cloud. so first, from the cloud, this is below 32 in the sky. and the precip starts out as snow. here is what happens. a l
5:50 pm
is warm. the snow will fall through it and then it melts. it's a rain drop. with the sleet at the bottom layer of the atmosphere. you have a thick layer of cold air again and the little rain drops refreeze again and they will fall as ice bell lets. if you put your hand out and you have pellets of ice hitting your hand, that is sleet. it's the same thing. that is what happens. so what is freezing rain? freezing rain is the worst. that is what causing a ton of problems. precip, the same thing. it starts out as snow from the cloud. you have a thick warm layer of air that the snow goes into it. it melts and it turns into a raindrop. opposed to sleet. what happens is you have a shower layer of cold air. it's so shallow it does not enough as it is falling to refreeze to sleet. if it did, it would be sleet. if the surface is freezing. your car, power lines, if
5:51 pm
you have rain that lands on that and it's liquid, it will freeze on contact. that is what freezing rain. is sleet is ice pellet. freezing rain is liquid water that freezes when it hits the ground. that is what we talk about. i thought you'd find it interesting. robert, we send it to you. robert: bill, thank you. wizards are on a roll. they have gone 7-3 in the last ten. wednesday they host the jazz. but before that people are talking about the flagrant two on dellavadova on bradley beal. no word on fine or suspension. otto porter sat out from practice today. they are optimistic for his return for wednesday. they will be complete when he comes back. >> there is no question. we are working for the flexibility 57 the core so he can play. last year he played most of the season. hopefully this season he does the same. he has missed a couple of
5:52 pm
nothing to be overly concerned but we would like to have as much as we can. if he does make a difference. >> everyone knew when it would happen but a matter of when. frank beamer has been selected to the college football hall of fame. he spent 29 years as a hokies' head coach and racked up 280 career wins. six best in f.b.s. history. for some, watching ball is a guilty pleasure. but for the mavericks head coach, he is not having any of it. he gave the two cents about saying espn giving him a platform. here is carlo. >> to deal with the ignorant distractions, you know, is deplorable. >> they should look at the sources.
5:53 pm
determining whether they have any merit or any validity. or are they just blow-hard loud mouths? that is what i'm saying. you got that? robert: wow! alison: we got that. robert: no comment from me. larry: hey. he has a ring. robert: he does. larry: rick carlisle coached a team to an nba championship and lavar has not. larry: rick is also 6'4". robert: exactly. alison: still to come, staying fit in the new year could boil down to being a family affair. larry: well, what could be the key to keeping the resolutions?
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
alison: well, it's a new year. many people have sights set on getting healthy and in shape for 2018. but statistics show only 30% of people follow through with
5:57 pm
12-month period. michelle: hard to do. easy to get distracted. larry: in park partnership we want to keep you informed about important health matters. we have one factor help you beat odds in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. >> pushing yourself to start workout program and stick with it can seem overwhelming for americans. but connie tells us the key for her was making it not a personal priority. but a family one. >> we had different things that we did. but nothing together. this is something we can do together. my son comes now and my husband's aunt joined us as well. >> excellent. >> at least four days a week you can find three generations of the wilkerson family working out together. >> probably wouldn't have kept coming if it hadn't been for the two of us doing it g
5:58 pm
that. >> if you see results and you feel better, it gets fun. you have something to talk about at fun. >> lost weight and got in shape quick. got me involved naturally. >> i am 71. i have never done exercise at all. but i started to come to the gym. the weight started to come off and i started getting stronger. i can do things that i haven't been able to do for years. >> anytime you do it as a group, you have some accountability. >> gym owner and the personal trainer says every year he sees people join his gym in january and disappear by march. >> when families join together he says the membership are renewed year after year. connie started her fitness journey in 2015. >> she has taught him how to eat. she got him involved and coming to the gym. once you see results it makes you want to do more.
5:59 pm
it kept them motivated. >> when everybody is on the same diet plan it works. so yeah. i would encourage people to think about enjoying it together. >> i probably wouldn't do it otherwise. it's so much fun. i enjoy being here with them. >> for inclaire cares i'm -- sinclair cares i'm alison courtney. alison: it does help to push each other on. thank you for joining us at 5:00. michelle: "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. breaking right now fire ripping through homes as firefighters from other towns race to help. nancy: i-95 shut down in virginia. michelle: accused of sexually abusing clients but free to work as a massage therapist. the i-team gets answers. announcer: this is a stormwatch7 winter weather alert. nancy: first at 6:00, a winter weather alert. the schools dismissed
6:00 pm
flooding homes. schools and businesses. and the point of an icy night for the entire area. at this hour so far the roadways are wet but not iced over. michelle: with the sun setting, it could change in an instant. we have team coverage for you and the broad effect the cold snap is having. we will begin with the chief meteorologist bill kelly in the stormwatch7 weather center. a lot to get to, bill. bill: good evening. let me get to the advisory that we have in effect. the winter weather advisory for the shades you see in the purple, including the d.c. metro until 9:00. i doubt they will keep it up that long. that is where it is currently. what we're watching is where the tran cig continues -- transition continues to occur. a lot of places have rain. the roads by and large have been treated. if you have a treated road on salt on a sidewalk you will be fine. we will get massive icing on interstate 95 for examp


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