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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, good morning washington, on your side. adrianna: this morning, flirting with a re-freeze. this, a blanket of fog to go with it. a dangerous morning on the close -- a dangerous morning on the roads. this is a live look outside. look at the fog. as we say good morning to you, we have school delays and closures to pass along. stafford county schools are closed and there are a lot of delays. all of this is scrolling on the bottom of the screen. larry: eileen
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whelan, warmer weather is coming. there are danger spots to be aware of. eileen: not only the ice but also the fog. later today, it will be fantastic. do not risk travel this morning. the national weather service around 4:00 this morning issued a dense weather advisory including much of the area. visibility is less then .25 miles and they are in so many areas. just above freezing at reagan national. a this burg, manassas, chantilly. that is why we have the risk for icy conditions in neighborhoods and sidewalks. we will see with sunshine, above freezing temperatures and improvement. germantown,z is in the good news today is tha
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in several days that we have been above 40 since christmas day. it will feel great. icm foggy this morning. let's check in with john gonzalez. montgomery county schools on a two-hour delay. john: schools are on a two-hour delay. everything is encased under ice this morning. folks in germantown say it does not feel as cold as it did yesterday but it is still below freezing. take a look at the abc 7 stormwatch mobile app. 22 degrees and not only are we dealing with cold temperatures in the air and on the surface but it is very foggy. this is julia's car. she works at the panera bread here in maryland. i told her i would scrape her car off. it will take a little bit more elbow grease. look at that.
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already moved this morning. they have actually closed the top level of the grocery store parking lot there. it is to icy. the wind is very icy. if you are walking, the d.c., iks northwest see. julie: i hope she didn't drive to work like that. john: i don't think so. it is since she has been parked here and has gone into work. that quickly, the car has ice over. julie: that is something to watch out for. if you don't have covered parking. not only on the roads but he elbow grease. the back end the front and cleaned it off so you can be seen and you can see others. traffic lights are on wilson bridge
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there is a water main break that is close the exit up to national airport at not to worry, the second exit is a quarter-mile south and it is open and so is the room one exit. here's another shot for those traveling in from 28. we do need you to allow extra time out there on the roads. anything that is wet will be ice. this will be tricky for you this morning. slow down out there. that is the traffic watch and we are back in 10 minutes for a look at the ride over the wilson bridge. fire to the end zone, touchdown. you stay up late to see the explosive win in atlanta? took it out in overtime. the national championship wasn't settled in four quarters. this was a gutsy move by nick sabin.
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leading the crimson tide have come back. the game-winner was in overtime. this is the fifth national championship. >> and even bigger moment. down on his need to propose. checking it out, the ring is real. that is great. wow. check this out. after the game, the center bradley bozeman dropped onto any and propose to his girlfriend right in front of the winner's podium. you couldn't ask for a better place to do it. and the good news is that there was a little nod and she did say yes. breaking overnight. larry: north korea and south korea are coming together? adrianna: one month until the olympic games. north korea agreed to send a delegation to compete.
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further. it wants both koreas to walk together in the parade. but the nuclear issue is not resolved. there is still the possibility resuming family visits and economic and military issues. larry: in bethesda, seven people are out of their homes after a car slammed into an apartment building. this is on clarendon road in bethesda. icy roads may be to blame. a woman inside at the time says she was feet away when the car hit. she was not hurt. the driver sustained nonlife threatening injuries. crews are making sure that this was cap stable. he rolled out. we can't ask him anything? at buare looking
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adrianna: frustrations boiling over for parents of students at an elementary school. -- walking out of the school a part-time eight has been accused of pornography. none of the images recovered featured any of the students. classes go on as normal today despite the ceiling looking like a waterfall. school officials tell us that this is because of a burst pipe. no classrooms were affected. maintenance crews got to work cleaning it up. arry: a d.c. school caught in grade fixing scandal. it will cost taxpayers nearly $400,000. auditdgeted cost for the -- they will review policies following the audit.
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happening today, tolls on i-66 are under the microscope. we are set to get an update on this, many have called it highway robbery. ride.g as much as $40 to the metro general will be at the meeting to update any issues the transit office is facing. now, the work around that you need to hear as you deal with fog and ice and a water main break.
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autria: just into the newsroom, fredericksburg city schools are now closed. you can see a lot of school districts are on a two-hour delay. you can see the closings and delays running at the bottom of the screen. watch out because the fog is very thick. we can hardly see anything outside the wi
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9:00 this morning which is when the sun gets higher. temperatures do climb above freezing but watch out this morning getting out the door and walking the dog. walk with caution. high temperatures this afternoon with abundant sunshine in the 40's. clear tonight and then waking up tomorrow morning, temperatures below freezing in the 20's. get ready, a warming trend to get out the work week. we will be well above the average of 43. and we will track more on that coming up at 6:20. julie: in some areas where the roads have been treated, you are dealing with wet pavement but getting to the major interstates will be tricky. that is where we will have problems. on top of that we have a water main break. locking the first exit up to national airport. you can go .25 miles up to the second exit.
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exit if you have a flight this morning. we do have a crash southbound 301 out of la plata. the road ise of blocked off at this time. and there is trouble with the signal light. that is the traffic watch and we are back within the next 10 minutes for the ride into d.c.. larry: breaking this morning, lost in space. what happened to the highly classified government satellite that didn't survive two days in orbit. plus, a reporter found a happy and to a story in texas.
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>> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. 3, 2, 1. liftoff. what went up didn't come down. we showed you this rocket launch yesterday morning.
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spacex lost the government satellite onboard board. the highly classified satellite appears to have burned up in the atmosphere after it didn't properly separate from the rocket. .arry: hoops autria: relief in texas. larry: a young reporter is found safe but there is a catch. larry: the problem as a work with the microphone is that the reporter was found two days ago but she had no idea where she had in. news of her disappearance went viral online. and she was retweeted thousands of times. and she may have had a bad reaction to medication she takes. there is
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awareness. and i don't think she was aware that she was being looked for as a missing person. larry: the social media campaign to bring her home was a huge help with her photo everywhere. passed by the overpass recognized her and called 911. brand-new video of a new year's shooting that left a deputy dead. body camera police showing a deputy trying to help each other after each of them was shot. we hear the moment when they were trying to figure out if the sheriff's deputy shot inside the apartment was ok. >> can you hear me? larry: zachery parrish was killed in the shooting along with the suspect. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters.
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we have new video of the discovery of a 10-year-old boy reported missing. fairfax county put a chopper in the sky to help search, using search body heat. the boy was found on the playground. he was reunited with parents after his disappearance. sending a package to the wrong address usually doesn't get you in trouble with the law unless your delivery has pot in it. this is what happened to one not so smart criminal in a d.c.. this is nine pounds of marijuana mailed to the wrong person. the man who got the drug called police immediately. then he set up a meeting to retrieve it. larry: a google engineer is fired for writing a memo that are less talented at tech because of their biology. the lusted
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accuses google of singling out and mistreating and terminating employees who believe anything other than the majority view. autria: the consumer electronic show kicks off today. there are hot gadgets on tap. tv's everywhere. this includes this prototype of up tv from lg. this one is in the planning phases. get ready for big car and announcements. toyota says it is sinking one million dollars into self driving technology. out plan to start rolling this with pizza deliveries. it could also be used for ride sharing. cbs has been making more room for health and fitness tech. from smart clothing and smart shoes and more. larry: january is national blood
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n is teaming with the red cross and there is a special event on jefferson davis highway. giving height of blood and you get a pound of coffee. autria: that sounds like a great deal. eileen: that are be great. and a great incentive for a great cause. at 8:30 and by 9:00-10:00, we will see improvements in the fog and ice. you will love this afternoon. it will feel great. 45 degrees. who would have thought? mid 40's. we cannot emphasize enough to watch out for icy spots. not only on the roads as you drive but also as you are walking as well. we told you earlier, scrape off your car and take the time to do it. we saw a dense fog or
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saw a dense fog advisory and we will start to see a warming trend. and tonight we do go below freezing again. the sunshine will help to dry a lot of us out. anything that is wet overnight will be free. need this week, you will your umbrella. late in the day on thursday, rain develops. friday, rain on and off all day long. saturday morning, scattered showers and then we dry out. saturday, 52 and enjoy it because the cold will make a comeback. and it will be windy on sunday so the wind chill goes back into the 20's. until then, 40's today with 50's on thursday and 60 degrees on friday. julie: right now we see problems but there is a lot of fog out there. this is the beltway at route
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we did have a crew working their way northbound on the beltway. and now we have a stalled vehicle that is in the process of making sure it is overturned on the right shoulder. fog it ish this difficult to see things with flashing lights out there. be careful. if you break down, turn on blinkers. here is where he have problems coming out of la plata. one car on the road. you will find activity on the south side of 301. and then up to the national airport. the ramp is blocked. the second ramp is blocked as well as root one out of crystal city. back in 10 minutes to update your ride on 270. trip to the dentist ends in bizarre tragedy. what happens after a four-year-old dies at a routine checkup. but first, what is that tonight on abc seven. >> good morning.
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you hundreds every hour of doing it. that is the reality right now. >> no family should go into probate court and lose what they have worked hard for. >> 7 on your side gives you a glimpse of this legal nightmare. that is happening tonight
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>> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. autria: back here. an arizona family has filed a lawsuit saying the 4-year-old died from an injection after a visit from the dentist. and this morning's gma first look, an arizona family filed a wrongful death over the death of their four-year-old daughter. the parents say they took their daughter to the dentist in arizona for a routine tooth extraction. the family says they took a back the next day because of a fever and were sent home. the dentist told them the child would be fine. days letter -- days later, she
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spokesperson for the dentist strongly denied the allegation claiming there was no relationship tween the dental care and the child's death. >> i want them to pay attention to what they are doing. >> we will tell you more about this story coming up.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. autria: your morning commute is a mess. larry: dealing with ice and fog and it wouldn't be a
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autria: eileen whelan and julie are busy and we are also receiving school closures. closed alongty is with fredericksburg city schools and we see delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we have a lot going on. a coin flip. eileen: -- julie: it is because of her that i have a lot going on. beeen: hopefully you will singing my praises later today with sunshine and the mid 40's but this is serious fog. reagan national at the airport, visibility down to 1/10 of a mile. so thick fog coupled with ice and it really is just a nasty combination. most areas waking up to temperatures below freezing. and with the fog we could have a little bit of freezing. so that is a big thing you will notice as you get ou
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sunshine today. and fog may get a little bit worse before it gets better. 8:00 is when the dense fog advisory will be canceled. so we will see dense fog advisories but after that, looking good. we have not reached 40 degrees since christmas day so this will be nice. to 39skies by 6:00 down degrees with warmer days ahead. much more of this coming up in 10 minutes. and with the cold and the warmth, we are dealing with water main breaks for several weeks. reagando have one by national. ryan hughes has the latest. it has been a shock to the system with the deep freeze that we did have to see so many water main breaks over the past two weeks and now we have another one right here. workers are on the scene. this is in the ut
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lane of the gw parkway. the main airport entrance ramp is closed this morning. we can see the aero there with the cones set up. drivers are being told to use the second parkway ramp as a detour. we have the backup see her but we are not sharks ackley were the break is but we believe it is further down the ramp. the runways and airport roads ice.treated to prevent any the gw parkway, the right lane is closed. julie: no problem with crystal city. unfortunately the fog is causing problems here with patchy ice we are dealing with.
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make sure you turn on your lights and flashes out there so we can see you. 210, the signals are on a flash. the beltway itself is slowing as you travel up to the bridge. and again, south on gw parkway, the southbound ramp to national airport remains closed because of the water main break. that is the traffic watch and back in 10 minutes for look at the ride on to 70. larry: happening today, ralph northam will outline his legislative priorities ahead of a new session. he will work with a dramatically we shaped legislature. in a shaken up the balance of the power in the house. set forrtham speech is this morning in richmond. he will take office on
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richmond, tomorrow's legislative open will be one to watch. lawmakers will consider hundreds of hills. but first, a new budget. the first includes spending for medicaid expansion and tax increases. larry: trump is back in d.c.. and he is getting ready for a meeting on capitol hill. this will be the inflection point where we get to make some. >> we are going to end migration. we are going to end the lottery system. and we are going to build the wall. larry: a bipartisan group is scheduled to meet with the president today and talk immigration but the daca program -- the white house is ending the temporary protection status for all solid
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salvadorr -- for el residents. long -- the time is up. a new day is on the horizon. winfrey's speech at the golden globes is gaining so much momentum that some are calling it presidential. say she is actively thinking about running in 2020. trump posted this message on twitter, saying in part, let's come together, women and men and say, time is up. and meghance harry markle will attend their second official event as a
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engaged couple. they will learn more about how to make social change. -- and station represent they can be confident and creative. we have been following the ride into work. live look outside, you can see that it is not going anywhere right now. julie wright is tracking
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autria: we are giving away four tickets to monster jam roaring into capital one arena on january 27 and january 28.
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good luck. let's get a check of the forecast with eileen whelan. eileen: a weather alert morning for us. temperatures are at or below freezing. we do have patchy, dense fog. by 9:00 this morning we will see temperatures above freezing. ice is melting but don't leave home without sunglasses. we will have bright sunshine later on today. today's the first day temperatures will be above average for 15 days. 45 will feel nice. tonight, everyone will drop below freezing. cold getting out the door for your wednesday morning and if there is liquid on the road, it will re-freeze tonight at i am looking forward to this warm up. we are tracking rain. so i will time that out for you. and we will look ahead to the weekend
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in 10 minutes. julie: let's take a look at the conditions out here for those driving this morning. catchy ice on secondary roads with visibility in some areas is definitely foggy. this is what we are waking up to, a 19 minute ride getting across the wilson bridge. this is coming from camp springs. all lanes are open but the fog is settling into the area. a stalled vehicle on the antelope and traffic lights are on flash at 210. this is a four-way stop. this is how things are looking on the south side of the beltway. and john gonzalez is live in germantown. how are you doing? john: i've got an update this morning. this is the car and we will come back after the break and schools are on a two-hour delay. everything is under ice. more is coming
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>> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. larry: right now you're waking up to a re-freeze.
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again overnight and we see school closings. stafford and spotsylvania county schools are closed. larry: dozens of delays at the bottom of your screen. also, john gonzalez is live in germantown. john: everything is under ice. are northwest of d.c. than you are dealing with cold temperatures in the air and on the services and you are also dealing with a good amount of fog. take a look at the stormwatch mobile app. storms with wintry fog. this is far northwest and you will need a scraper this morning and in the last hour, about half an hour ago, we showed you this. julia's she works at the panera bread. and i did start scraping the car. an
6:47 am
are now. so this is coming up a little bit but we did have a debate with julie wright who believes that she didn't clean the back of her car. it is there is no way she went to work with her car looking like this and she did admit to us that she did not clean the back of her vehicle. she said she didn't realize her whole car was going to be icy. she forgot about the back window. she said, hey. she had to bake the bread to make the bread. icy conditions in the parking the we have seen salt on sidewalk. take it easy. and look at the top level of the parking garage there, it is icedd because that ramp is over. schools near montgomery county on a two-hour delay.
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hattie like that? you have to bake the bread to make the bread? larry: but you have to get there safely before you can make the bread. julie: i just have to keep bread. larry: by the way, bring some bread back if you will. last night, a car crash into an apartment building. this happened in bethesda. the woman who live there said she was feet away when the car hit and she wasn't head but the driver could have had a situation with ice there and was injured but is expected to survive. the building has now been deemed unsafe to live in. >> he just rolls out? we can't ask him anything? >> we have all of these things and we can't even keep them safe?
6:49 am
superintendent got up and walked out of a meeting. this is live at a meeting where staffer is facing charges. the superintendent said he had to leave the meeting last night because of family matters but parents here at the elementary school are very concerned about their children's safety, and on friday.rrest made shawn kelley is charged with possession of child pornography. a letter did go out to parents on friday to alert them that he was arrested. sound, parentsou gave their concerns at that meeting. none of these photos of students are believed to be of montgomery county students.
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this is pending charges of alleged inappropriate conduct of students. counselors are being made available to students to help them deal with these developments and to help them report whether or not they were victimized. autria: breaking overnight, the first high-stakes meeting over north and south korea in two years. and out of that, a major discussion over the upcoming winter games. north korea agreed to send a delegation to the games including officials and athletes. they are discussing ways to cooperate for the olympics and to improve their ties. into the end zone. touchdown. alabama wins. larry: what an explosive win. alabama and georgia duking it out. trailing 13-02e the rival at halftime but a gutsy move by the head coach took out a sophomore
6:51 am
brought in a true freshman. an amazing comeback. they finally came back for the fifth national championship. autria: and check this out after the game. proposed tocenter his girlfriend in front of the winner's podium. and you couldn't ask for it place to do it. the good news is that she did say yes. larry: happening today, the high school football team will be honored. they completed their third straight 14-0 season.
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the three local blind triplets. they visited us here on good morning washington. and they became the first blind triplets ever to become a girl scouts. they will be presented with scholarships. such great guys. truly incredible and inspiring. larry: we all enjoyed talking to them here in the studio. good for them. and good for us to get out of the deep freeze. would have thought that 45 degrees would feel so good? either way, let me show you the 10 day temperature trend. like an overnight infomercial. 60 degree is by friday and if you call in and i will give you one more 60 degree day for the price of one. sorry, no. we do get another surge of arctic
6:53 am
the second half of the weekend and the first part of next week but it won't stick around for all that long. temperatures are below freezing in many locations. by the way, john gonzalez was talking earlier about julius car and i was going to give her credit because we do have fog with temperatures below freezing, we could have ice from the water droplets in the fog and it could cause a layer of ice so anyway, maybe i could have helped you out. but anyway, ice is starting to melt by 9:00. and we will also see improvements with the fog by midmorning. sunshine with lunchtime temperatures into the 40's. driving home this evening, no weather worries. umbrella latethe thursday. friday with rain chances all day long. weekend will be split. saturday,
6:54 am
blustery feeling more like the 20's. and then getting back to work and school with a three-day weekend for a lot of people. mlk holiday. julie: not for us. eileen: we will be here. wake up with us. capitalw around the beltway, what you will find is that lanes are open both ways at the wilson bridge. and now trouble northwest with a crash tying up the far right lane. heads up making the rain northeast frew -- northeast through northwest. a ramp is closed because of the water main break so use the second ramp a quarter of a mile tonight, rock the bread against vancouver. up at 6:00. that is the traffic watch. and now it is my favorite time of the day, our pet of the day. this is sadie and she
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is indoors, keeping warm. check out the pajamas. thank you so much for sending in this picture. look. she is a cutie. if you want your pet to be our pet of the day, i do to. all you have to do is download be movable at and we could talking about your pup tomorrow. back to you. i hope you're ready. unveiling the newest black panther trailer. it happened last night -- it happened last night during halftime. it featured a performance from kendrick lamar. black panther comes out favor a 16th. as you go super bowl 52 is around the corner and the national anthem will be sung by pink.
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artist will open the big game on february 4 in minneapolis. this is the first time she has performed at a super bowl. bigger tv tot a watch the big game on? lg has a solution. they unveiled -- or rather unrolled -- a solution. it can roll up like a roll of wrapping paper if you are not using it. right now it is just a prototype. autria: 65 inches. larry: that is really cool. autria: -- adrianna: north korea agreed to send a delegation to pyeongchang to compete. parents are concerned about their children's safety here at clover lee elementary school after an incident with a part-time hr -- with a part-time aide. distribu
6:57 am
safe. adrianna: pressure to keep schools closed. john: this is julius car in germantown, maryland. >> so many water main breaks. another one here at reagan airport. >> touchdown, alabama wins. adrianna: a texas school had concerns that not everyone would have a dad so 600 men volunteered to be a stand-in. larry: that does it for us here on abc seven. andery co eileen whelan julie wright will have more on
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♪ sweet home alabama good morning, america. sweet victory. >> fires in the end zone. touchdown, alabama wins! >> the alabama crimson tide rolling over georgia in an overtime thriller, reclaiming the college football throne. now the freshman hero quarterback who jumped in at halftime and took his team to that nail-biting win is here live on "gma." president trump takes the field at the big game last night and now tracking that high-stakes meeting between north and south korea. the north just announced this morning they're sending athletes to the olympics. what will this mean for the nuclear showdown with the


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