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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 10, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," swept away. >> the race is on to find people carried away by deadly mudslides that hit in the middle of the night nearly without warning. several people have been rescued covered in mud. we're on the scene. a federal judge issues a ruling impacting the nation's d.r.e.a.m.ers. those immigrants brought here illegally as kids. and an hour-long live meeting on immigration, the d.r.e.a.m.ers and the border wall. and a schoolteacher who argued that teachers, n
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the superintendent should get a raise ends up getting handcuffed and arrested. now we know what's next for her. you ever wonder the best way to prevent jet lag or not get sick when traveling abroad? we're talking to someone who's been everywhere. samantha brown joins us in studio on this wednesday, january 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning on this wednesday. we're going to start with that natural disaster in southern california. we're told at least 13 people are dead in santa barbara county alone after those mudslides swept through the area, devastated weeks ago by wildfires, the greatest damage is in montecito. but there is also damage in burbank and even in los angeles. >> the water swept away not only mud, but also other debris off those burned hillsides. montecito boulders as big as cement mixers were
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downstream, smashing right into multi-million dlaollar homes. >> reporter: rescuers troubling through chest-high mud in the frantic search for the missing. >> we have multiple reports of people trapped. >> reporter: up to five inches of rain surging through creek beds with titanic force. >> our worst fear coming alive for us now. people are out there trying to do the best work they can and perform as many rescues as they possibly can. >> reporter: the thomas fire, largest in california history, denuded the nearby hills of vegetation and anything that would absorb the water. the famed 101 freeway overrun. >> we're retreating and you can feel the debris hitting the car right now. >> reporter: closed for 30 miles in both directions. you can see how fast that water is moving here. that is a torrent of water. at least 13 have been killed and 20 have been injured. rescuers piling in,
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pulling out this 14 year old girl so mud spattered it's hard to pick her out. dogs padding through the eucalyptus and cars and chunks of homes. firefighters are telling us that foundation right there had a house on it. that house is now over there, smashed up against the trees. the crew on the rooftop searching for signs of life. do you think someone's in there? >> we have a strong sense someone nasa that house. >> reporter: some neighborhoods impassable. helicopters and high-water vehicles taking families to safety. >> i immediately ran and woke up jack and pushed him to the top of the bed. i was worried it was going to keep coming and coming. i woke up my wife, and we just did not know what to do. we surrounded by mud. >> reporter: the debris field was a mile long of mud and
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debris field were not under mandatory evacuation. this area had a voluntary evacuation order. and when you see the thickness, this concrete-like mud i'm standing in, you see were hy soy first responders fear the worst for those missing. montecito, california. >> and the search continues in the early morning hours for many of those people who may have been buried alive. but we should point out, about an hour and a half southeast of there, there's also extensive damage in burbank where a different wildfire struck. >> the surge of mud and debris sheared off several water hydrants, the slides caused a gas leak and cut power to homes. connie wentworth is there. >> reporter: look at this car, totally damaged, mud all the way to the windows. i'm at the bottom of a hill where there was a massive mudslide. and there's another vehicle t
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the water was so forceful. and you can see from above, there is flooded out streets and homes and overturned rv and a ruptured gas line that temporarily trapped firefighters trying to make rescues. firefighters don't want us to go any further because the fear of more flooding remains. >> thank you so much. it's tough to see, especially this those voluntary evacuation zones, you never know what's going to happen. >> many people were hoping there would have been mandatory evacuations, but it caught so many people by surprise. accuweather's paul williams did give us a little warning that this was going to be a danger zone. he gives us now the forecast for this. >> mo. good morning. >> good morning, kendis, maggie. what's happening now recovery. that's what we need after receiving such a tremendous amount of rain in a short period of time. and all the debris from the fire causing things to clog up more and not allowing things to go down quickly. now we're going to have a drying pattern. for the
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we will continue to rain out that southwest coast. >> paul, thanks so much. and breaking overnight, a federal judge in to has partially revived the obama era daca program for young immigrants that president trump is phasing out. the judge ordered the administration to resume accepting renewal applications for those already in the program. he said it was arbitrary around likely to cause irreparable harm. it is after negotiations were made today on live tv for nearly an hour. president trump led the pfree wheeling talks. >> reporter: from the capitol to the white house. negotiations under way to avert a government shutdown. >> so i'm appealing to everyone in the room to put the country bere
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>> reporter: immigration at the center of the debate. president trump flanked by congressional democrats and republicans. hark out immigration reform right in front of the cameras. in the balance, the fate of the undocumented immigrants known as d.r.e.a.m.ers brought to the country as children, a bill to address their fate expected this week. >> should be a bill of love, but it also has to be a bill where we're able to secure our border. >> reporter: the big battle likely to be over homeland security's $18 billion request for the president's southern border wall. >> we do not do something with the security, if we do not do something with the chain migration we are fooling each other that we solved the problem. >> i want to state that emphatically, there is not a democrat that is not for having secure borders. >> reporter: on capitol hill, a harder tone from democrats. >> president trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy. >> reporter: leaders are also trying to achieve a funding bill
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that sets caps. reauthorizes the children's health insurance program. >> we understand these deadlines and we're having good bipartisan conversations. >> reporter: lawmakers signaling as negotiations continue it's likely congress will once again pass a short-term funding measure to keep the government open past next friday. former white house chief strategist steve bannan on is o of another job after facing backlash. his departure from the conservative website is after he disparaged the president and his familiar any a new book. he backtracked a little bit on a comment about don jr. but stopped short of issuing a full-throated apology. joe arpaio says he's running for senate. the 85-year-old was pardoned by president trump last august after he was convicted of contempt of court. arpaio says that the one reason he's running is to
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president's agenda. he joins an already-crowded field of republicans who are seeking to replace senator jeff flake. south korea's president now says he's willing to meet with north korean dick territory kim jong un -- dictator kim jong un to resolve the nuclear standoff. this comes amid an agreement for the north to take part in the olympics. it was met by silence from north korea, but both sides agreed to more meetings to reduce tensions along their border. it is january now, that means one thing, cold weather but the end of winter break on college campuses >> there is one college president who went the extra mile. he got himself a golf cart and drove students around a gainesville campus on the first day of class. >> besides the hat, he came equipped with a
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surveillance cameras captured the frightening moment a pickup truck slammed into a school bus, the bus driver who was pregnant was also injured. thankfully everyone is expected to be okay. and a crazy scene in louisiana. a teacher there ended up in handcuffs at a school board meeting after she questioned why the superintendent was getting a raise when the teachers there were getting nothing. >> the school board president is calling the whole thing a setup. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: daysha hargrave was speaking her mind at a school board meeting in louisiana. they were giving this man a $30,000 raise while handing out nothing e
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>> the superintendent is in a position of leadership, i think it's a slap in the face to all the teachers, the cafeteria workers and any other support staff we have. >> reporter: the board was only trying to hear public comments and not a debate. >> is it against policy to stand? >> reporter: for some reason, the second she walked out of the room -- >> what are you doing? what are you doing? >> reporter: she was on the ground, put in handcuffs and charged with resisting an officer. >> the way that females are treated -- i've never seen a man removed from this room. i have never. >> reporter: the city attorney says no charges will be filed against the teacher, and the local police underlined that it was a school resource officer who made the arrest, and they say that any questions should be directed towards the school board. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> quite an interesting scene at a school board meeng
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president says he thinks the whole thing was a setup as we mentioned. we'll see hugh it aow it all pl. in the next half hour, oprah is reportedly intrigued by a possible run in 2020. but what does the current commander in chief think abou s his opponent? samantha brown discusses everything, including how to avoid mont summa's revenge on your next trip. that's next on "world news now." i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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for more than 15 years, she's had the most enviable job
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living in the lap of luxury and eat being a lot of funky stuff. now samantha brown is switching channels to pbs with a new show and new places to love. so of course our guest is samantha brown joining us from pbs. >> great to be with you, kendis. >> you've traveled to last count, 60? >> 64 different countries. >> all different. >> i like to travel, and i've always wanted to talk to you about different travel tips, first of all, i've been to mexico, some parts of other countries. how do you avoid getting food poisoning? >> well, i'll put my doctor cap on. you always want to stay away from things that have water in them. so fresh fruits and lettuces that maybe they use their local water, stay away from the drinking water, and if you're in any countries, you want to use
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bottled water to brush your teeth, but i will say i've never gotten food poisoning in 15, 18 years of. tr travel. it should never be a fear factor. >> should it be a fear factor in whether you get that margarita with ice or not? >> i think liquor kills anything. the tequila's going to do well. >> what would be your tip on avoiding jet lag? >> my jet lag approach is two days before i go somewhere where there's going to be a big time change, i abstain from all caffeine, when i get to the place and i feel so tired i don't have a kip cup of coffee,s only when i feel like i'm going to fall asleep on the sidewalk and i don't care who walks over me, i hit a double shot, and it takes you for the rest of the day. the worst thing you can possibly do is when you get to a destination is go to sleep. you have to s
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do. i try to work out immediately to get acclimated. >> who does that? what do you mean you work out? >> the gadget that you can't do without? >> oh, my smartphone, but the one thing that i always travel with are these two rubber balls called pinky balls. you get them in any toy store. i stand on them, they get my joins, roll down on my back so it's totally, no batteries included. but it makes you feel so much better, like a $200 massage. >> you mentioned the place that you've been to that you liked the least is belize. >> yeah. and i didn't go to the islands. i was in, i was in belize city. it was a little rough. but plenty of people have had wonderful experiences there. >> so as a native belizean, what
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>> somebody who was born and raised. >> i can't believe, kendis, i can't believe. >> what can i do to make up for our people. >> i'm sorry. i was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> see what happened was. >> people have had the exact same experience that i've had in brooklyn. so that's why i say, listen, i would never not go to a destination. >> it's awesome, you know, people think travel shows and they think it's going to be these amazing, exotic locations and in part they are. but the first episode being houston. >> houston, texas. >> it's not necessarily about the place but the people. >> i want to change your idea of what travel destination is, because a lot people, houston, texas is the most diverse place. there is no majority there. you feel that in the food, the art, the architecture. it is the number one refugee city in the united states and plays out in wonderful ways that as a
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part of. it's not just that i got access to it. you will get there and have the same access. >> we'll put it on our travel map for 2018. >> please do. >> check out places to love on your pbs station. you're watching "world news now." >> and go to belize. >> it's okay.
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(laughing) (colonial penn jingle) okay, time for your wednesday mix, and -- >> the mix! >> police in houston are looking for a crook, and they're not going to have a hard time. this guy's wanted for aggravated assault and generally being an idiot. so they put out this mug shot of him, and it got reproduced by so many different outlets, including "the miami herald." on his face is tattooed his social security number. on his forehead. his name is charles wooten. >> that's an excellent idea. >> no. but to narrow it down is the
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area code. >> just in case the social security number didn't give it away. the area code and address of where to find me, what i enjoy doing if my fr doing in my free time. >> he has a long criminal history. you'd think he would be better at it. >> i wonder what motivated him, first, why a face tattoo, why numbers and why your social security number. >> it's tough to remember numbers. >> like credit card number, all your personal information that you forget. >> have it all out there. >> here's something personal about me, i love chocolate, which is why this next gift would be something that i would want pretty much for any occasion in my life. just, you know, if it's wednesday, you could give me this gift. it is a 22-pound bag of chocolate. it is the size of well, like a large child, small toddler. >> for a small human. >> the bag is three feet tall, contains 2,000 chocolates, and it
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it's organic. it's practically like eating a large salad. i'm 100% on board. >> it's got to be at costco, right? >> shockingly, funny you should ask. the family in this photo got it at tj max. who knew. >> here's something that i guess you do when you're bored and snowy outside. erie, pennsylvania, just your average t-rex in the snow. >> got good control over that atv. >> kind of does. the good thing is, the dinosaurs were extinct by a meteor and by an asteroid. i'm thinking i'm okay in the ice. >> it's hard to do a lot of things with those dinosaur outfits. i've tried it. >> speaking of the snow, we're going from a
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beautiful shot of the snow. if you're sick and tired of being cold, look at this scene in the sahara
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this morning on "world news now." the search for survivors in the overnight hours right now in california, as devastating rains triggered flooding and massive mudslides. houses and cars swept away, mud and debris rushing down onto hills from hills onto major highways. team coverage ahead. president trump is fighting back, making a rare public move just days after a controversial book asking questions about his mental state. he opened up a live white house meeting to live tv cameras. a new bombshell sparking debate about pay in hollywood. >> new reports out that mark wahlberg made 1500 times what


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