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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 10, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> right now at noon, a print a project search for survivors as deadly mudslides tear through southern california. i have this hour, 15 people have been killed. hundreds injured and more than two dozen are still missing. the picture coming in from areas around santa barbara county just unbelievable. abc's macy gonzales is in burbank with the very latest. macy:
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effort through thick mud to find the two dozen people still missing in southern california. >> my mom, and i am fighting with all my heart to find her. macy: an emotional and so far unsuccessful search for his who disappeared one heavy rain unleashed massive mudslides. >> senate like a hurricane or freight train coming through. macy: this is the same area still recovering from the thomas fire, the largest inferno in california history destroyed vegetation and anything that can stop the flow of the fast-moving mud and debris. it has now killed at least 15 people in santa barbara county. multimillion dollar mansions left buried so deep in places only chimneys are visible. homes ripped from their foundations. >> it looks like it will more one battlefield -- it looks like a world war i battlefield. macy: ellen
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this. opera sharing this video of her backyard. some signs of hope. the coast guard rescuing this family of five. a 14-year-old recovering in the hospital after being pulled from the rubble. crews still searching today for her father and brother. another look at the damage we are seeing in los angeles county. two vehicles like this destroyed by a powerful flow of mud. evacuation orders remain in place. the cleanup is just starting to begin. now to the weather here at home. it is the start of a warm-up. steve is here with a check of the forecast. steve: cloudy skies but it will stay dry for the lunch hour if you're going to be out and about. looking good out there. temperatures in the upper 30's to around 40 degrees over at reagan national airport. 38 in
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39 degrees. widen the view out a bit. you can see the clouds hanging tough around the metro area at least for right now. breaks in the clouds later in the afternoon. glimmers of sunshine and temperatures that will eventually make it into the middle 40's under partly sunny skies. coming up in just a bit, we will talk about a cold front that is going to put a dramatic end to a nice warm up on the way for the day tomorrow and into friday. how about temperatures in the 60's? i will tell you just for how long and when we will go back to the deep freeze in a few minutes. adrianna: all right, steve. now to a wild scene unfolding overnight. a man stole a cruiser before crashing. suzanne kennedy with more on what happened. suzanne: we still don't know why, but we know who stole a
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in the 300 block of g street southeast. police say they have arrested and charged 38-year-old kid edwards. -- keith edwards. he allegedly stole a car just after midnight from in front of his convenience store in the 600 block of pennsylvania avenue southeast. he ran several stoplights before hitting the second police car. two female officers were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the suspect was also taken to the hospital. he faces charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, felony assault on a police officer, and reckless driving. the question remains, how was that man able to steal the police car with the keys left inside of it while it was still running? suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. adrianna: take a look at this dump truck overturned right before kobe road. so far, no reports of
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unknown, but traffic is being decorative to the left lane -- diverted to the left lane. the sheriff's office is looking for this person. he is a suspect in an assault on right when place in sterling on january 3. manrity video caught the around the time a juvenile was assaulted. be sure to contact loudoun county police. this is why missing man takes a tragic turn. 65-year-old daniel haven was found dead last night in a wooded area near bwi airport. police believe he was picked up by a driver on route one and dropped off their. he suffered from dementia and was nonverbal. police do not suspect any foul play in his death, but because of his death has not yet been determined. developing right now, president trump's plan to end da
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has been put on hold for now. ryan hughes with the response to the ruling. >> this move projects so many young people fo from being deported at least for now. it is the subject of an intense political fight for months. a judge in california providing some relief to the nearly 700,000 dreamers. this nationwide preliminary injunction blocked president trump's plan to roll back daca and protect the young undocumented immigrants from deportation. the judge said the administration must continually saving renewal applications and daca must remain in place while legal challenges against it play out in court. this morning, president trump responding saying it shows everyone how broken and unfair our court system is when the opposing side in a case such as daca overlays runs to the ninth circuit and almost was wins before being reversed by higher courts.
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terminate the obama era september, saying obama's actions were unconstitutional. daca protect young immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally from deportation. the ruling was issued hours after rare immigration talks inside the white house were president trump met with lawmakers in a televised meeting. this temporary block puts more pressure on the president and on congress for a solution. adrianna: calling it the greatest witchhunt in american history, president trump tweeted that republicans should take control of various russia investigations. diane feinstein released a transcript. that is from a firm that confirmed the dossier alleging ties between the cap campaign and russia -- trump campaign in
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in virginia, they are focused on equal pay and passing a budget. the democratic governor will be sworn in but republicans still hold a one seat majority. lawmakers will try to override the veto of the paid sick leave bill. they will focus on expanding medical marijuana licenses. for both, there is a big focus on transportation. stevemajority whip scalise going back under the knife today after last year's ballpark shooting in alexandria. he said today's surgery is a routine follow-up after he was shot and critically wounded back in june. steve scalise says he will continue to handle his leadership duties as he recovers. willht, virginia governor deliver his final state of the commonwealth address. that speech is set for 7:00 in richmond. ralph northam, the current lieutenant governor, becomes virginia's 70 the governor on saturday.
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this morning, he announced the i-95 express lanes will be extended to miles south to route 17 in fredericksburg. even better, he says it will be paid for without a single taxpayer dollar. next, franco under fire. the actor accused of central misconduct, and he says it is all untrue. find out who the claims are coming from. plus, mangled metal. a school bus colliding head-on with a pick up truck. the driver of the bus is a pregnant woman. an update on her condition along with more than a dozen injured. it is a story that will forever live in infamy. coming up, we will preview tomorrow night's abc exclusive interview with tonya harding nearly 25 years after the whack heard around the world. first, a check on traffic with eric. eric: good afternoon. it is going to be a busy my on the capital beltway. this is the inner loop heading past route 4.
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one lane blocked. not the best camera here, but you can see how jammed up the traffic is before route 4. you can see those delays are pretty solid. at least one lane will be blocked. traffic is looking good otherwise. looking wide-open with no backups.into downtown silver springs , cones on the right side of the roadway. the right side blocked here on dale drive. they switch to the left side for the midday. directionset, both lose the left side here. is another hassle for traffic going into silver spring. now, traffic is not too bad with one lane getting by. here is alsoa looking sm
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adrianna: back now at 12:13. another hollywood star accused of sexual harassment. it is james franco. he fired back, calling the claims against him inaccurate. diane now has more on his accusers. >> the week started with james franco wearing a times up pin, receiving a price for his film "the disaster artist" at the golden globes. >> a better director, more responsible person. thank you. >> he found himself in the hot seat facing questions about sexual misconduct
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>> i can't. the way i live my life, i can't live if there is restitution to be made. i will make it. so if i have done something wrong, i will fix it. i have to. i mean, i think that is how that works. i don't know what else to do. tweeted that the actor forced her into a sexual act and try to hit on her underage friend. she allegedly franco called her to apologize for his behavior. a series of tweets from an actress also raised eyebrows. she started a play with franco and 2014 and tweeted "why does he was franco allowed in?" she followed when our later with another tweet. she later deleted the tweets and has not released a comment, wawrinka responded to her last night on "the late show." >>
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her. i directed her in a playoff of broadway. i have nothing but a great time with her. total respect for her. i have no idea why she was upset. she took the tweet down. i don't know. i cannot speak for her. i don't know. >> in 2014, he was accused of trying to pick up a 17-year-old girl on instagram. he admitted he used bad judgment in contacting her and said he learned his lesson. a group of democratic women in congress plan to wear all black to president trump's first state of the union address. dozens of actors and actresses dressed in black for the golden globes sunday to support the movements to show solidarity with the victims of sexual misconduct. now to a pay gap firestorm. a new report claims mark wahlberg was paid way more, astronomically more, than his female costar. according to usa today, he got a $1.5 million paycheck for me shooting his scenes
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a movie while his costar michelle williams was paid less than $1000. that works out to williams being paid less than 1% of what mark wahlberg made. and, side note, they have the same reps and agents. one was working harder for mark wahlberg than williams. shameful. shameful. steve: interesting. adrianna: horrible. what is not horrible as the weather. also this cake you brought me. happy birthday to brian van de graaff. seasoned 25 years old. steve: seasoned. that is the key word. is a good? she likes it. outside right now, we're looking at temperatures at reagan national cracking the 40 degree mark. winds out of the south and southwest. a little bit of a chill in the air. temperatures less than town still in the uer
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little bit longer, but we will see glimmers of sunshine later on this afternoon. look at the warmth of all to the south and west of us. 60's inalking lower jackson, kentucky, bristol, tennessee. you get the point of what is on the way over the next 48 hours as warmer temperatures will overspread the mid-atlantic. rightre the conflict as now. we will stay dry for the afternoon into the evening hours. if you are going out to lunch, maybe a food truck they are finally out after the cold stretch, looking at temperatures in the low 40's by midafternoon. the drivetime home, no read the weather-related problems. upper 30's by 7:00. daytime hours continue to get longer with sunset at 5:05 p.m. cannot rule out a little bit patchy fog. temperatures around 30 degrees. winds out of the southeast at five miles per hour.
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50 to 55 degrees. later in the afternoon, cannot rule out a chance for a few showers to develop, but the likelihood after the rush-hour commute and into tomorrow night and into friday. temperatures really begin to spike. 10:00 there's the evening, widely scattered showers -- 10:00 thursday evening, widely scattered showers. friday morning, temperatures in the 50's, maybe even close to 60 degrees. to the west of us, areas of heavy rain and cannot rule out a chance for a few rumbles of thunder, and in the corporate will arrive. that will push the temperatures down for the second half of the weekend. 55 degrees tomorrow. 63 on friday. you will need the umbrella. saturday, 10 degrees colder. sunday, oh boy. only a hig
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temperatures near freezing sunday and monday with nighttime lows in the upper teens to around 20. adrianna: it has been 25 years since the whack heard around the world. nancy kerrigan attacked during a practice during the 1994 u.s. figure skating championships, and a blame pointed on tonya harding, whose ex-husband hired an assailant to carry out the attack. now more than two decades later, tonya harding sat down for an exclusive interview with abc, and you and a preview of the two-hour special is abc's amy roebuck. thank you for your time. i want to start by saying he five years later and it is still such a fascinating tale. a lot of twists and turns. at this point, tonya harding, who maintained her innocence for a long time, says she may have known or heard something before? amy: this was a god dropping moment in the interview because you may remember she pleaded
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prosecution after the attack on into carrie gann. she never mentioned or said or acknowledged that she knew anything prior to the attack but usually when i sat down with her that she did remember overhearing her ex-husband and his friend talking about taking someone out so that she could make the olympic team. she said they did not name any names but when she heard him talking, xian at them and said "shut up, i can skate, i don't need your help." she thought they were joking. she did not think anything of it, but my follow-up was then, ok, you month later when you heard nancy kerrigan had been attacked, didn't that conversation popped right back into your head? she told me into a couple of days before she put the two together because she was so focused on skating and preparing for the olympics. adrianna: interesting. nancy kerrigan has for the most pa
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she has gotten interviews or talked about it. is this the last time we will hear from tonya harding regarding the infamous attack? amy: i can never say that because i would never be able to predict what tonya harding is going to do or say next. i think a lot of my interview with her, i had to work on keeping a straight face. she is unpredictable. saysays what she wants to what she wants to say it and who she wants to say it to. she is very authentic. she does not take any prisoners. she is very tough, i think she is protecting a lot of hurt on the inside. that is what you talked about with us. i don't and she is playing the victim. i know there has been a lot of criticism about that. i don't think she wants anybody's pity. i think you want a chance to explain herself. i think this opportunity arose with this movie "i, tonya" to have your voice heard because she kept saying over and over again "nobody believes
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nobody believes me." for her to get some sort of say and someone believes her is everything to her. adrianna: before we run out of time, you mentioned "i, tonya," i have seen that any portrayal of her mother, she denies the allegations, but what is their relationship now? amy: there is none. tonya speaks very harshly about her mother. she does not want her near her son. she never met her son. she does not intend on ever-changing that, but it's these to the level of hurt she feels. of herpeaks to the level she feels. adrianna: looking forward to this exclusive interview. you all caps that special right here on abc 7. thank you for your time. much more ahead on abc 7 news at noon. but first, a preview of what you'll see tonight at 5:00. >> good afternoon, everyone. tonight at
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women who broke racial and gender barriers and made history while doing it. the achievement she did not think she could accomplish and her words of wisdom to other young people. >> it was something i did nothing to be able to do. >> why not? >> i did nothing i was smart enough. >> don't miss the inspirational interview tonight on abc seven news at 5:00. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain th an ingredient iginally discovered... as you get older. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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adrianna: this is caught on camera, the moment a school bus collided with two other vehicles in california, a head-on collision. 15 people were injured yesterday morning, including a pregnant bus driver. the kids on the bus are ok but . the driver is fine.
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police believe speed and wet roadways were a factor in the crash. coming up next, spring is headed our way. find out how warm it will get very soon. a check of the forecast, coming up next.
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enjoy dependable power. novec holds the record for the most reliable electric service in the region... and has for almost two decades. novec also uses proven technology and round-the-clock response to maintain one of the highest utility customer satisfaction ratings in the nation. novec. keeping you connected. steve:
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44, 45 degrees for the high today. showers arrive late tomorrow. 55 for the high. low 60's on friday. by saturday, cooler. cold on sunday.
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>> you're watching abc seven news at noon on your side. growing: right now, fallout over the release of congressional testimony related to the now infamous dossier alleging ties between the trump campaign and russia. why 18,moton explains ally is now suing =--- a key trump ally is now suing. cofounderny from the of the company. >> i think people are entitled to know what it said. and the lawyers also wanted it released. i see no problem with releasing it. >>
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calling the democrat "sneaky diane." trump: it is very sad what they have done with this fake dossier. >> republicans have dismissed the largely uncorroborated dossier. they allege it is what started the russian meddling probe. the prosecution so far has made no reference to the document. fusion gps was hired by republicans and later democrats to look into canada trump's possible ties to russia -- candidate trump's possible ties to russia. it is political rhetoric to call the dossier pony. there is nothing phony about it. it was written by a former british spy, who became alarmed about what he was uncovering and went to the fbi out of
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he could be blackmailed. a falling out before election day because he felt the fbi was not taking the findings seriously enough. president trump's longtime personal lawyer has filed a lawsuit against buzz feed and fusion gps for their role in publishing the dossier which names them,. adrianna: a federal judge in california block president 's order on daca. the administration must also resume receiving daca renewal applications. president trump tweeted a response to that decision this morning saying in part that shows everyone how broken and unfair our court system is. now to the letter. what a difference a few days make. we are finally thawing out after the deep freeze and soon can be seeing springlike temperatures. steve is here to dash your hope
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steve: anyone is better than no warm-up. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 30's to around 40 degrees. sunshine later this afternoon, but don't expect skies totally clear out as we move through the late afternoon hours. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar for you. sounds hanging out around the capital beltway up the montgomery county and frederick and fairfax. county skies for right now, but will stay dry for the afternoon. highs will make it to 44 to 45 degrees. winds out of the south at five miles per hour. could be looking up on later tonight. and then the warm-up tonight. not only in the 50's but also the 60's. the warmest since december 23. i will tell you exactly when, plus tracking a cold front. adrianna: a developing story out of the district. a man stole a cruiser and crashed into another police car.
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this morning in southeast. police say 38-year-old keith edwards stole the car on pennsylvania avenue. they say the led police on a chase before he crashed into a cruiser with two officers in it. they should be ok. he is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. right now, medical examiners are hard to figure out how a maryland man missing since last week die. last act or the body of the 65-year-old was found near bwi airport. john gonzalez has more on this. john: so many people have been talking about this story here in the area. it is a tragic mystery. we may never know exactly what happened to 6 65-year-old daniel dehaven. he was found last night in these woods across the street from the backside of bwi airport. a person walking in the area spotted the remains. for nearly two weeks, police, family, and friends conducted several such
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of the coldest spells we will experience this year. his picture plastered all over social media. he was last seen on the second by his wife. they had just gone to the costco near their home. she went to grab a cart. she turned around, and he was gone.prince george's county police received a tip he may have been picked up on route 1 and dropped off on annapolis road here. he suffered from dementia. he was described by family as nonverbal. investigators would love to talk to that motorist, but they tell us there are no signs of foul play. no facts in this case. the body was found about 10 miles from where he may have 20n dropped off, miles from the costco. adrianna: now to the devastation out west. the dick fuld from the mudslides in california cl
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and right now, rescue crews continue their search for anyone trapped. the scene looks much like a war zone with mud's dover road and homes in santa barbara county. the fourth of the mudslides so strong that some homes were ripped from their foundation. it is home to many o celebrities. right now, resuming helicopter flights to save stranded tourists from a ski resort. now they are concerned about a possible avalanche. molly hunter has more. >> 13,000 tourists have been trapped in a ski resort. it snowed too much. now people cannot get out. >> we are very well, very cold. looking forward to getting back down the mountain. >> helicopters and spent hours airlifting people to nearby
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day. long lines on the tarmac. water bottles was thin distribu. >> we are very happy to leave now. it was too unpredictable. >> the heavy snow blocked roads and railings.officials warning of dangerous avalanches . given the risk of a stranded tourists are not being allowed on the slope. it is not possible to go skiing, but it is ok because it is a bit romantic and it is no panic. everyone is pretty relaxed and people are having fun. having some fun eating some cheese and probably drinking some wine. later today, that main rail line is set to reopen. molly hunter, abc news. sheanna: coming up, has a massive following any money, but can oprah winfrey be considering a run for office in 2020?
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: the political world is still buzzing about the prospect of oprah for president. oprah 2020 to on twitter after her golden globes president trump is weighing in on this possible challenge . cecilia vega has the story. >> oprah winfrey versus president trump? he has a prediction. >> oprah would be a lot of fun. i don't think she is going to run. i know her very well. >> they can go way back. in 1988, oprah asked if he would ever run for president. >>
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have the inclination to do it. i love what i am doing. i really like it. it does not pay as well. >> about a decade later, he named his possible by presidential pick. >> oprah. i love oprah. she would be my first choice. >> white house aides seem less excited about the prospect. having been on the campaign of a political outsider, what advice would you give a political outsider like oprah who seems intrigue about the idea of running? >> i am not going to focus on anyone's campaign other than president trump's reelection. >> is she qualified? >> look, i disagree very much on her policy. is she a successful individual? absolutely, but in terms of where she stands on a number of positions, i would find a lot of problems with that. >> press secretary sarah sanders did not specify which policies, supportedhas background checks. >> it is possible to enforce our laws and at the same
12:43 pm
embrace the words on the statue of liberty that have welcomed generations to our shores. >> she donated more than $100,000 to democratic causes and candidates. >> barack obama! >> and endorsed barack obama and hillary clinton. >> do you like democracy, or do you want a demagogue? >> as for her own foray into politics, just a few months ago, she made it clear. >> there will be no running for office of any kind for me. adrianna: and that was her last word. she is not running despite what everyone said. >> when was that? adrianna: that was last year. steve: ok. adrianna: i don't know. we will see what happens. i like what we are seeing with the weather. steve: my goodness. it feels like it has been so long with the exception of yesterday, even though it was still chilly out there. what is on the way friday, we have not gotten since december 23. adrianna:
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adrianna: forever ago. steve: outside we go. this is belle haven country club. the greens not so green but at least we are not dealing with a lot of snow out there. we are not dealing with supercold temperatures. looking to national harbor, temperature at reagan national at 40 degrees. the feels-like temperature now at 37. temperatures mainly in the upper 30's and low 40's. leonardtown road 41. petersburg at 40. as we show you the wider you in terms of the temperatures, an indication of what is on the way as we move through the next 24 to 40 hours. look to the west of us. that is on the way. high pressure will slip off the shore. winds change direction more out of the south and southwest. that will warm us up as we move into later tomorrow and friday. clouds will hang around at least for the time being. glimmers of sunshine later this afternoon. not going to be a super bright
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your sunglasses as you head out the door. of course, the warm jacket because temperatures will make it to the mid 40's. later lunchtime hour if you will be out and about, temperatures around 43 degrees by 2:00 p.m. we will see sunshine later in the day. by 5:00, temperatures hovering around the 40 to 43 degree mark. when the sun goes down at 5:05, things get darker and that is when our temperatures fall. upper 30's by 7:00.nighttime lows into the 30 to 36 degrees range. 35 to 36 inside the beltway. mostly cloudy skies. nothing going to cause any air travel delays later tonight and definitely not tomorrow early early tomorrow morning. highs will eventually make it to the 50 to 5 degree range5.
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showers arrive later in the day. see what it looks like in our futurecast that just updated. tomorrow night, widely scattered showers around the metro area. moving into the day on friday, a very mild start early in the morning. temperatures 7:00 in the morning on friday will likely be in the upper 50's to around 60 in many areas taliban notice what is going on to the west of us. -- 60 in many areas to the west o, but notice what is goinn to the rest of us. 53 on saturday. 20 degrees colder on sunday. we will be around freezing on monday. that is a day off for a lot of folks for martin luther king, junior, day. back in the upper 30's by tuesday of next week. adrianna: now a health alert. more on the new concerns about the flu, which can soon reached epidemic proportions.
12:47 pm
concerned this strain of the virus spreading this year can be more dangerous and deadly. >> the emergency rooms across the nation filling up. the rate of flu hospitalizations doubling in one week according to the cdc in one of the worst seasons in recent history, sending americans to the doctor with symptoms like high fever, severe chills, and muscle aches. >> i felt so incredibly cold, like to my boat. gio: the cdc says this year's dominant strain is known to be especially dangerous, making his victims much sicker much more quickly than other types of flu. >> historically, it has been associated with a higher incidence of mortality, both in the elderly population and the very young population. >> some public health officials fear this is just the beginning. california already hit especially hard with 124 deaths across san diego and los angeles counties alone.
12:48 pm
here, there is a little bit of unpredictability to flu activity. gio: we are here in new york and one of the things they are doing here for very sick patients already admitted to the hospital is they may want to do a dna test to see what kind of flu they have. this is one of those dna tests. it will tell them what they have in just about one hour. a press kit and treatment at the university of maryland medical center has just been approved by the fda. doctors say the machine will lower the amount of radiation treatments patients need to receive, making treatment safer and possibly cheaper. >> treatments will be delivered in one to five treatments for women, which is very different than what is done with conventional radiation therapy. we believe this will provide a lot more convenience for women undergoing this type of treatment as well as potentially less side effects. adrianna:
12:49 pm
the breast during treatment, so that means less radiation to the lungs, heart, and normal tissue. treatment is expected to be too early stage patients by the spring. a 7 on your side consumer alert this morning about an app meant to keep your pets safe. it is called wag, and it matches dogs with dockworkers. this week, they are accused of making it possible for the use to connect to customers -- for thieves to connect to customers. >> your data is everywhere. in today's age, it is hard to do anything without having to put your information somewhere. which data the company to find out how many customers were affected. so far, we haven't heard about. the wall street journal it was a technical glitch fixed hours later and they have no reason to believe anyone' information was misuseds. the olympics's high-tech makeover is on display at
12:50 pm
consumer electronics show in las vegas. the winter games start in four weeks. now place to new technology, you can watch the games like never before. new vr tech will allow those with headsets to see whether payment athletes see as they compete. >> opportunity for people around the world to have a sense of being present in the largest sports event in the world. adrianna: for athletes, this is an opportunity for them to connect with fans directly on the world's biggest stage. the games begin february 9. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, an age-old parenting debate brought to life by a celebrity. kelly clarkson thinks spanking is ok.
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adrianna: now to a parenting debate making headlines. kelly clarkson says she finds nothing wrong with a spanking to discipline her children. this has sparked quite a reaction online. >> fresh off of her appearance at the golden globes, kelly clarkson is still delighting her fans with stories of who she met that night. >> this cheek has become asked by meryl streep. another amazing moment tonight was that i got to meet steve carell. ♪ >> but this morning, the singer is making headlines for her not so soft stance when it comes to spanking. >> i am not about a spanking, which people are not necessarily into. i don't mean hitting her hard. i just mean a spanking. induring an interview rochester, she spoke candidly about how she disciplines her kids and that she is not about spanking when dealing with temperature in
12:54 pm
by her daughter. >> i want her i will spank her on her bottom if she does not stop. honestly, it has helped. she does not do that stuff. >> a gallup poll shows over half of american parents approve of spanking. the american academy of pediatrics does not recommend any physical punishment, saying it teaches aggressive behavior and can become ineffective if done often. for younger children, aap advises appropriate timeouts. clarkson says she is well aware of the line. >> a well-rounded individual with a lot of character should think there is a fine line obviously.
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adrianna: we have another reason to look forward to friday. steve: absolutely and thursday. our seven day outlook. 55 degrees tomorrow. lower 60's and wet weather on friday. 10 degrees colder on saturday. back to winter like temperatures below average on sunday. a lot of people have a long weekend ahead. martin luther king, junior, day on monday. 32 degrees. look at the nighttime lows. they go from the 50's to the teens. we will get through it. working our way through january. before you know it, it will be february. adrianna: there you go.
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