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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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on abc7. amy: absolutely chilling to watch the video. venus iraheta admits to stabbing 15-year-old damaris rivas telling detectives, "i don't know how many times i stabbed her in the stomach." to give you a bit of background, rivas' body found in a park in springfield, virginia, last february. the video paints the picture of a group of people luring the victim to the park. according to counter documents that group believed rivas had helped set up the murder of iraheta's then boyfriend. take a listen to what she says she told rivas. >> you are going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. don't forget my name. i told her my full nam
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i told it to her and i told her to never forget who i was. i told her some day we'll see each other again. >> then what did you do? >> i killed her. amy: iraheta also admitting to stabbing the victim in the neck area and cutting off her tattoo. we'll have more chilling details into what happened coming up at 5:00. live in fairfax, abc7 abc7 news, amy aubert. michelle: disturbing. sweeping raids at 7-eleven performed by i.c.e. officers across the country including our area. several 7-eleven stores in maryland and d.c. were targeted. across the country, a hundred stores were swept and 21 people arrested. the apparent target is management. officials describe this as the biggest operation against a single employer since president trump took office. alison: well, developing across the country n
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rescue missions after deadly mudslides in california. as the death toll rises. the search for people trapped continues right now. a powerful storm drenched part of california sending an entire wall of mud and debris right into neighborhoods. abc7's marci gonzalez is live in burbank with more. adding insult to injury out there. maz absolutely. fortunately the rain has finally cleared which is a huge benefit to the crews busy cleaning up here from the mudslides in los angeles county and for those crews who are busy searching in santa barbara county in and around the 400 homes that were damaged or destroyed. now looking for survivors. a desperate, difficult mission. to find the two dozen people still missing in southern california. including these sisters and robin's mother after
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mudslides. >> my mom. i'm fighting with all my heart to find her. marci: dozens of people rescued by helicopter including a family of five. but 15 people were killed including the head master of a catholic school in ventura. he was found dead after he and his wife was swept from home. she was later rescued. >> sy'm stunned. absolutely stunned. marci: the ongoing disaster follows the state's largest wildfire in history that wiped out devastation that could have slowed the fast moving torrent of mud, boulders and debris. ripping the homes from the foundation and burying multimillion dollar mansions so deep in places only the chimneys are visible. >> my neighbor's house devastated. marci: oprah posting this video around the destruction around her home. hundreds of people still stranded. the mudslides taking out the town water main and d
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entire reservoir. the residents waiting for rescue with no drinking water and still no electricity. officials say that water service may not be restored for months. meaning the entire town may now have to be evacuated. live in burbank, california, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. michelle: the pictures coming out of there are truly incredible. extraordinary amount of rain in short amount of time. loose ground after wildfires created this devastating situation. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly is here to give us perspective on this. bill: this is incredible. the way i picture this, say you are washing the car. you have a five gallon bucket. you have your driveway and lawn. if you throw the five gallon bucket on the lawn it will run and have a puddle versus on the driveway where it will casscade to the curb -- cascade to the cush. that is the difference of a hill with
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scorched. the rainfall accumulating in the three rapid four inches. that is more than they would get in a month and it happened in two days. a day and a half or so. they are drying out now. thank goodness but the system is a strong one. it moved through there and now it is approaching part of the nation center. in the mid-section. ahead of it is the winter storm advisory. this does not include our area but we will be affected by the system. it will cross. we will talk about how it will affect us and the timing coming up in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. this is wild. someone stole a d.c. police car and tore down pennsylvania avenue this morning. the man now is in police custody but abc7 learned the officer left the keys in the car. stephen tschida with the incredible string of events this morning. stephen: nancy, the suspect in this case, 39-year-old kenneth davis appeared in court a short while ago. we finally have an answer to
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how did he get in the cruiser and just drive away? early this morning, an officer left his police cruiser in the 600 block of pennsylvania avenue southeast. to walk in a convenience store. somehow a man on the street got in the cruiser and started it up and took off down pennsylvania. he drove at a slow rate of speed. other cruisers got the call and took off in pursuit. a few blocks away the man driving the stolen cruiser crashed into another police vehicle. the suspect hopped out and tried to get away on foot but he apparently suffered some injury and wasn't moving too swiftly. police nabbed him. one of the officers in the vehicle struck also got hurt. the suspect kenneth f. davis facing assaulting answer officer an
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charges. davis will be in court friday morning for the preliminary hearing but also this all happened because the officer left the keys in the ignition. we called m.p.d., the representative of the department and said this is a clear violation of protocol. and interim investigation into this incident is underway. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. crime alert from loudoun county where the sheriff office there is looking for the person you see in this security video. he is suspected of assaulting a girl on the way home from school. the universities say it happened january 3 on the wrightwood place in sterling. if you reck news the person, con -- recognize the person, contact the police. nancy: shooting in prince george's county. michelle: one person hurt and it's not clear how severely. skytrak7 over
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nancy: take a look at this also. overturned dump truck on branch avenue. a person was taken to the hospital. not clear how severe the injuries were. traffic, though, was backed up for a while as the you coos work to get the truck back up on the wheels. the road is reopened. the i-95 express lanes will extend another ten miles south and virginia will not pay for this. that is the news from terry mcauliffe who says transurban which operates the h.o.v. toll lanes will pony up for the extension. they will run to route 17 in fredericksburg and more good news, transurban paid for a new bridge and added lane over the rappahannock. alison: two recall alerts today. abc7 on your side with the ice cream you shouldn't let your kids eat. and the highchair that you need to stop using
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immediately. nancy: marky mark's big payday for a reshoot revealing how much more he made than the costars. your jaw will drop. >> plus -- >> ♪ singing] >> wow! >> okay, this ad sponsored by the d.c. department of health. raising eyebrows and awareness. >> the d.c. health and
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nancy: the national portrait valley be unveil barack obama and michelle obama next month. both will be on hand for the private cemetery -- private ceremony. alison: parents look up right now because you need to stop using the highchair you see on your screen. it's made by skip hop. there have been 13 reports now of the legs detaching and it leads to a collapse. two children were injured. we are only hearing about bruises from the injuries. the chairs were sold 2016 and last year as well. another "7 on your side" recall. check your freezer because giant is
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♪ nancy: the gas pump! alison, oh, boy. [laughter] nancy: the innuendos keep on going. you can imagine this is getting some mixed reaction on social media. go to the facebook page. tell us what you th
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you guys know the music, that really is the highlight. michelle: is that what got you? >> the crew is really enjoying this here. michelle: wow! nancy: it gets your attention. michelle: hopefully the message they are trying to drive home is what people will take away. nancy: moving on. michelle: all right. if you think that is weird, look at this. overseas ikea offering a discount but there is only one way to get the code. you have to treat the new maggie: ad -- new magazine ad like in-home pregnancy test. this is for real. expectant mothers have to pee on it. alison: stop it. michelle: so instead of screaming "we have a boy or we have a girl" it's "we have 30% off." nancy: i would love to be in the pitch meeting where someone brought this up. let's do it. alison: no discount is worth that. i'm sorry. you can
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michigan tonight, animal protection asking for help. nancy: they want to find the owner of a dog found amass -- amassateed. -- emaciated. lindsey: several people have shared our post on max. this is how he looked about a month ago. that is when he was found and hi weighed 23 pounds. the 1-year-old pup capturing people's hearts online. cynthia wrote -- and another writing -- take a look at this picture now. this was taken today. max is now up to 45 pounds. he is still recovering.
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protection officer today who says that the hope is to eventually put him up for adoption but for now they are hoping for information about the owners. there is a phone number to call on the website nancy: thank you. you know, this is a rather interesting situation here talking about the weather. we have been seeing how warm it is. but this is a good way to break a good heatwave. a good thunderstorm. in the heart of summer in the southern hemisphere, in sydney record-breaking heat. beautiful and the strong storms. they roll through sydney harbor. bringing much needed relief across the city. this was yesterday evening. >> i remember that. if you get one, nice. the breeze. michelle: from extreme heat to this. look at this. a large chunk of ice. alison: goodness! michigan that crushed this s.u.v. this is in manhattan on tuesday afternoon. the s.u.v. was parked at the time. no one was inside. the ice fell 20 stories off the building. as the temperatures climbed above fr
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insured and happy no one including himself was hurt. bills that is not small piece of ice. >> a bigot meltdown yesterday. so we appreciate that. but for something like that to happen. bill: big time. so real quick before we get to the weather forecast. send a special shoutout. this is to courtney howard. courtney, i want to say hello to you. we get facebook posts and twitter posts, e-mails. i have been here for two months now. this is my first. courtney, you are my first actual mailed in letter. that is very positive. loves our station, loves our team. loves the energy we all have. she watched doug and nothing but respect and honored to have taken his role. he is doing great from what i unction. she is here. thank you for taking time to spend that in. let me get you 'sed to show what is happening.
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42 degrees. seasonable day. go figure. it feels like it should for this time of year. 42 in gaithersburg. 45 in frederick. to the west is 51 in petersburg. warmer the farther west you go. let me show you that right now. 44 in richmond. you go to huntington. huntington, west virginia, is almost 70 degrees in the beginning/middle of january. 63 in bristol. columbus at 57. you know something is going on when the temperatures are like this, especially after the big, big cooldown we have all had. temperatures are up a solid 20 to 25 degrees from where they were yesterday. outside of that it's quiet. around the region. a few clouds floating by. nice forecast. clouds streaming in from the south. relatively mild conditions. chilly in the morning. it's cool out there now. it's january. this is where we should be. not expecting rain. but what we are watching for tomorrow.
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up. mostly cloudy afternoon tomorrow. we have the potential by this time tomorrow for light rain showers in the area. it's all rain. the temperatures are going up. this is not an icing condition whatsoever. the evening drive tomorrow by 6:00. you may need to use the windshield wipers but you don't worry about the ice out there. with the chemical out on the road it has to get way down to get that. look at the rain west. dealing with that and potentially large snowstorm in the areas to the west. for us tonight, 30 to 36, mostly cloudy. a few areas of fog out there. tomorrow we go to the 50's with the increasing clouds and a chance of the late afternoon and the evening showers. that chance goes up tomorrow night and friday where we are saying 80 -- you know, we are going to get rain on friday for the most part. temperatures warming up all the way to the mid-60's. not records. records are in the mid-70's. but way above the normal of 43. a cold front so behind it the temperatures will tanks. so we have rain showers e
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temperatures are dropping and we will go 30-degree temperature spread from friday to sunday. it looks dry for more tin luther king jr. day and then cool. michelle: forget winter here. how about overseas? stranded in switzerland. we show you the only way out next. nancy: flu season coming early. just ahead how bad it has gotten and how
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michelle: helicopters are rescuing children in switzerland off the matador. we look at how the visitors are making the most of the situation. reporter: 13,000 tourists trapped in a swiss ski resort. it snowed in tuch. now people searching for fun on the slopes can't get out. >> helicopters spent hours air lifting people to the nearby villages amount others remain stuck for a second day. long lines on the tarmac, water bottles distributed and luggage to lower ground. is there we are happy to leave
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to get the train. >> the heavy snow blocked road and railings. the officials are now warning of dangerous avalanches. given the risk, stranded tourists are not allowed on the slopes. s are a spokesperson for -- as a spokesperson said it's not possible to go skiing but that's okay. it's a bit romantic and there is no panic. the tourists said everyone is relaxed and people are having fun. nancy: you wouldn't mind being stuck there. marky mark called back to reshoot a scene. he is paid more than her. how much less michelle williams got to do the same thing. the maryland legislative session is now underway. lawmakers will consider a thick book of bills and a long list of issues. alison: new at 5:00, students turning laundry to loads of love. "7 on your side" putting
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out how it's designed to get kids in class when larry and i join yo your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain th an ingredient iginally discovered... as you get older. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: this has been a bad flu season. one of the worst in years. nancy: if you are on
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at home or watching in home we all know how you feel. miserable. as richard reeve reports in the "7 on your side" health alert, one in ten americans have been diagnosed with the flu already. >> well, whether it's doctors or the local hospital like this one or the family, most of us realize the flu is pre-leapt out there. the center -- prevalent out there. the centers for disease control says one of the biggest issues is the flu vaccine is made a year ahead of time and it's not always effective. it appears that the flu is back with a vengeance. the c.d.c. says there could be 35 million cases by the time the season is over in april. the strain that is the most dominant calls the worst outbreaks. there have been 13 pediatric deaths. the strain is able to change quickly to attack the body's immune season. health officials have to formulate the vaccine in advance when it's difficult to know what strains are coming. but still, getting
4:29 pm
will reduce your symptom. hand washing and covering your mouth with your cough are also important. >> if you can avoid going to the emergency room unless you are sick because most of the recommendations are that you don't need antiviral unless you have a high viral or get very sick. richard: flu season officially began last october but it is still not too late to get yourself a flu shot. in fairfax, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: an infected person can spread it by talking. but talking and sneezing is more likely possibility to breathe it in. you can start spreading the flu a full day before you feel the effects so if you are sick, stay home. it's less likely to pick up the virus from surfaces but it doesn't hurt to wash your hands and use sanitizer. bill: i'm one of those guys when people show up to work.
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[coughing] michelle: they home! bill: they think they are being good employees by showing up but you are like please go. michelle: don't be a hero. we'll survive. bill: absolutely. let me show you what is going on weather wise. not super cold outside. that is good. 42 in d.c. 44 in manassas. the temperatures are going up. we are going into the 60s in the next couple of days. liked be my of you i'm sure. good afternoon. get you going. there are the temperatures. right now the wind gusts are light. southerly to southeasterly wind moving across the area. if you are heading out, you shouldn't deal with any weather related problems at all. we have a few clouds scooting on by the region. not as warm as yesterday in the low 50's. but we are normal. where we should be at the time of the year. temperatures in the mid-to-low 40's in some spots. widening this out and looking around the region if you have travel plans. you are hopping in the car or going to philly, new york, to north
4:31 pm
you are good to go in terms of the weather related problems. where we keep an eye on is in the plains. right now you can almost pick out the counterclockwise spin moving out of new mexico. it doesn't look like anything major now. but what it will do is work across the southern part of the country. similar to the event we have last week where we talk about the low pressure going over the ocean. getting strong is going to tap in to the moisture to the south. it will bring a lot of people a fair amount of snow. not us. it will affect us in the form of rain on friday. and then cold air beyond that. as we roll in to saturday and the weekend which we will discuss coming up. it's kelly for the next few hours but not bad. again, i bring up this is january. so we'll be where we should be for the time of year. the 60's to the 30's. we will break down timing and more in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. opening day of the virginia general assembly. republican kirk cox was el
4:32 pm
60-day session got underway. republicans have a 51-49 majority in the chamber after losing 15 seats last november. this morning democrat shelly simonds conceded to david yancey after losing their tied race in a random drawing. democrat ralph northam will be sworn in as governor on saturday. nancy: back to work for maryland lawmakers as well. delegates decrepitting on the state house in annapolis and special groups are trying to get time with their representatives. brad bell in annapolis with the big agenda for 2018. brad: hey, nancy, i want to show you something. this is a booklet distributed to the senators and the delegates today. this is a summary of each of the bills that have been introduced. >> the house is now in session. bill: this is the political equivalent of the baseball opening day. the state house crowded with 188 delegates and senators. in the lobby, an
4:33 pm
contingent of lobbyists, each with an agenda to accomplish. clean energy advocates hold a rally. the legislative black caucus lists the priority at the press conference and the county executives are here with their wish lists. >> getting funding. also this year is sport for prince george's county school construction. >> we need more resources relating to the transportation. and education in montgomery county. we need a funding source for metro. >> upstairs in the state house, governor hogan facing an election year has what he calls the most ambitious agenda yet. >> my main goal for the session is to get things done for people of maryland. it's an election year. there is a lot of politics but we are hoping to get people to put aside the partisanship and the politics for 90 days to focus on important things. nancy: that was brad bell reporting there. u.s. visitors are not spending like they used to. $4.6 billion less through
4:34 pm
to the same period in 2016. that is according to the u.s. travel association which says international visitors support more than 15 million jobs in this country. the drop in spending could have cost up to 40,000 jobs. michelle: now a pay gap fire storm. a new report claims mark wahlberg was paid way more than his female costar. according to "usa today" he got $1.5 million for reshooting his scenes in "all the money in the world." while michelle williams was paid less than $1,000. do the math, folks. that is not even 1% of what wahlberg made. nancy: actor james franco denying sexual allegations against him. it started when he wore a pin on sunday that called for ending abuse against women. according to the "new york times," text messages appeared online in 2014 to suggest
4:35 pm
17-year-old girl. he called that false. michelle: the me too movement on display in the "state of the union." women of the house working group invite the colleagues to dress in black and protest. this following a similar display in hollywood in the golden globes. this is to show support for the antisexual harassment movement. michelle: congressman darrell issa will not seek re-election this year. the republican from california who once led the house oversight committee will finish his ninth term. democrats are making a serious run at the seat in hopes of flipping the house. issa you might remember led the information of the treatment of the conservative group and benghazi probe on the hill. michelle: president trump lashing out against a federal court ruling that could block deer ration for the end of dak -- deportation for the end of daca. he says it will be overturned eventually like the travel ban rulings. but the white house still has time to act. >> the fight for the dreamers. >> we need to make
4:36 pm
they are protected and included and welcomed now. >> democrats standing at the capitol with the young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children. now at risk of deportation. president trump: we want to see something happen with daca. >> his plan to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca in march temporarily blocked by a california federal judge. trump tweeted it shows everyone how unfair and broken the court system is when the case like daca always runs to the ninth circuit and almost always wins before being reversed by the higher court. hours before the court decision, trump with us negotiating with democrats on immigration in front of the camera. >> what about a clean daca bill now? with the commitment that we go in to a comprehensive immigrant reform procedure. >> we will come up with daca. we'll do daca. we can start immediately on
4:37 pm
phase two. >> but he later corrected the state. >> would you sign an immigration deal that does not include funding for border wall? >> no. no. we need the wall. >> late this afternoon g.o.p. congressional leaders introducing a bill to address the border security and the fate of dreamers. right now we still don't know how much support the legislation will have from democrats and the hardline conservatives. kenilworth, abc news -- kenneth moton, abc news, washington. nancy: for the first time, the kennel club are introducing new breeds. a private tech firm in the united states beginning a new essential for mh-370. if it finds nothing it won
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michelle: the american kennel club added two new dogs to the pack. nancy: they have so good. now on the roster, the spirited dug, the mound. these names are impossible to pronounce. i'll try. nederlandse kooikerhondje. michelle: round of applause for nancy. and the grand basset griffon vendeen. mine was easier. the dogs can compete in many shows this year but can't strut their stuff at the
4:41 pm
2019. so that big show. nancy: an interesting thing about the nederlandse kooikerhondje is it uses its tail to lure ducks in. i know this because we were youtubeing the dogs. michelle: it's beautiful. look how long the title is. the name. it takes up the banner at the bottom. but they are sweet dogs and we look forward to seeing them in the show in 2019. nancy: we do. check out the bird. an owl rescued from the side of the road. michelle: anne arundel county detective helped it to safety in the middle of rush hour on the route to 100. it has been taken to veterinarian for treatment and rehab. microsoft temporarily suspend the fix for a worldwide security chip security flaw. we will tell you next. "7 on your side" with the secret to look for on your computer to see if it's effective.
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>> you don't know exactly what was going on but it was scary. >> caught on camera. a teen chased in a parking lot and stuffed in the trunk of a car but a a teen chased in a parking lot before we start, i just want to say but a if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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nancy: surveillance video shows a teen put into a car. this is in houston. you see him going. the police are trying to figure out if this is a joke or if there is something criminal to this. there are no reports of the missing teens matching his description in the area. police say it appears in the video the teen could have escaped if he wanted to. michelle: 240 pounds of the heroin you are looking at seized by the australia navy. the bus happened in the arabian sea. the drug is worth $26 million. nancy: there is a search for the malaysian airlines flight that went
4:46 pm
been seen since. if the company ocean infinity doesn't find anything they will not get paid at all. it's no find, no fee contract. but based on what it finds if anything at all the government could be on the hook for $70 million. that is if they find something. michelle: we'll monitor that. now to an update to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. last week we told you about a computer update that was meant to protect the password being hacked. nancy: here is the thing. now microsoft is saying the fix is breaking computers. "7 on your side" says the vulnerable computer and the fix. nathan: if you look for the sticker amd 64. that shows it's an amd computer chip. you will see it on a desk top or the laptop. the chip itself is found in the less expensive computers. since the chips are price less than the intel chips. microsoft now says it's patched the stop to
4:47 pm
and the hacks that we told you about las week. they can break computers with the a.m.d. chips. so until a.m.d. has a fix on their end, microsoft is not patching these computers. the max exclusively use -- mac exclusively uses intel is it doesn't affect them. we have the information that you need online. the original report is posted online at you can access that through the abc7 news app. tap "7 on your side." nancy: thank you. business news now. sears wants $100 million. it is looking to raise that much in the new financing and hopes to make up another $200 million in the cost cuts this year. the struggling retailer still has plans to close more than 100 stores. it saw holiday numbers drop 15%. michelle: toyota and mazda are moving to alabama. they will work together on a $1.6 billion plan to increase the output in the u.s. bringing more than 4,000 jobs to huntsville. the companies had been considering the sites the
4:48 pm
the plan is to roll out 300,000 new vehicles per your. nancy: hulu subscriber base is growing. it's 17 million strong according to the streaming service. that is 40% increase in less than two years. dozens include the 54 million people logging on to the unlimited free service. they stream exclusive shows and believes that helped boost the numbers. michelle: the latest labor department report found the unemployment rate for the veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan is falling. the national correspondent michelle macaluso explain why it may be important to find jobs. >> veterans are leaving the military and looking for civilian jobs at home. the secretary says his agency is helping the veterans transfer their military skills to the workforce. >> i think the secret is out
4:49 pm
of the best employees you can hire. >> the labor department is finding the lowest unemployment rates in years for those sevenning in iraq and afghanistan. dropping from 5.7% from december of 2016 to 3.3% in december last year. house veterans affairs committee chairman explains why. >> they have a job to do. they complete the mission. >> congressman rowe himself a military service believes the economy, the strong economy contributing to the low jobless rate. >> we had a post 9/11 g.i. bill to educate the folks. then you have an economy getting better. it will get a lot better. >> the california congressman welcomes the good numbers. wants to make sure that the improvement is not temporary. >> i want to make sure those are the long-term career o
4:50 pm
i don't want them to have a job for six months one year. i don't want it to be a minimum wage job. i want it to be livable wage job with healthcare. >> this comes as president trump expanded mental health access for those leaving military. most veterans two return home are mentally fit and ready for a job. con capitol hill, michelle macaluso. live i -- larry: i'm larry smith. how a class president turning to trump to make fifth grade great again. the highest ranking african-american woman is giving her first interview. nancy: recording of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu eldest son getting attention
4:51 pm
he can be heard drunkenly bragging about prostitutes in the reporting from 2015. telling the son of a gas tycoon "my father did a great deal for you as he demanded money." the prime minister under investigation for bribery, fraud and breach of the public trust. michelle: serena williams now speaking out about the medical issues she dealt with after the birth of her daughter. the tennis star says she had an emergency c-section because her heart rate was dangerously low. then the 36-year-old had a pulmonary embolism, blood clot and hematoma. she had three surgeries and couldn't get out of bed for six weeks. she is still considering more children. she is so strong. bill: absolutely. michelle: on the cover of "vogue" looking fantastic. nancy: she looks so good. i love that. bill: awesome. hello. michelle: outside we are warmer. but it will get even better. nancy: is it? michelle:
4:52 pm
call. nancy: -- skeptical. nancy: i've been lied to. i've been trickled. bill: how do i day say no. it's getting warmer. 42 degrees. making your way out the door. that is d.c., reagan national. gaithersburg, georgetown is 42. it's warmer at martinsburg. that is 48. look at the numbers to the west. 62 in louisville. 66 in charleston. the overall big picture. the set-up. our own weather. tomorrow and friday. the overall set up now things are quiet. i want to advance to sy
4:53 pm
tomorrow night. i wouldn't cancel plans. get to overnight to friday morning and there is a wave of moisture. friday morning commute. morning hours on friday. that could be if not likely wet. maybe a lull here and there. but at nan we'll watch more rain move in for the evening. notice back in part of ohio, kentucky, moving to western section of p.a. ice storm potentially. or sleet. and freezing rain followed by a fair amount of snowfall back there. temperatures, man, that is a big story, too. here we are back to tonight. 37 degrees at 11:00. out the door tomorrow. many of you will not be below freezing. 37. then we rebound. by 12:00 noon, we are at 47. i'll stop this tomorrow afternoon. we are in the mid-60's. but the mid-60 to the west before it dramatically cool down. check out the very, ve
4:54 pm
beyond that. here is what it look like for us. friday we are in the 60's as well with the rain. saturday the temperatures decrease all day long. much cooler than 4:00 in the afternoon than 4:00 in the morning. you arech watching sunday and monday. both days are dry but struggle to get above freezing again. michelle: thank you, bill. the time to book for spring break is now. especially after seeing the forecast. "7 on your side" with where to find the best air fares and how long the cheap seats will last and th
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michelle: low air fares are out there. but as the cheapest seats disappear, costs will go up. consumer reporter john matarese shows us where and when you can find a reasonably priced flight so you don't waste your money. john: january is travel booking season. bad news planes are more crowded than ever in 2018. but the good news is more discount airlines means you have a good chance of finding a cheap flight despite the craft. need a vacation after christmas vacation? you are not alone. many of us want to book a getaway. if you act fast you can get a good fare. fare says january is a slow season for airlines so you will find bargains through early march. you can find the lowest fare on kayak, google flights. check out the fare sales at
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allegiant, southwest, jetblue. they are offering flights for $at or less if you -- $59 or less if you book in january. from the doesn't that stink file how the discounsels disappear for spring break. $100 fares can soar to $600 or more if you want to fly late march to april because it's high demand. doesn't that stink? fare compare says book spring break flights midweek and stay away from easter weekend if you can. with the number expected to travel, flights, hotel and resorts fill up fast. if you are traveling in the popular times so you don't u.s. with your money -- waste your money. i'm john matarese. larry: up next at 5:00, an interrogation after a is a advantage attack. the money this teenage murder confessed. the governor goes the extra mile. how the express lanes w
4:59 pm
speaking of going. what a pregnant woman must do to reveal secret savings. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> police say she helped lure a 15-year-old to a park where the teen was held against her will. tortured and killed. larry: now for the first time we are hearing venus iraheta in her own words admit to the brutal ms-13 murder. amy aubert broke the story on twitter and is live on fairfax after you saw it first on 7. amy? amy: >> go right to the video. you can see iraheta in a small room at times putting her feet up on the chair. and her head down. in this video, she admits to killing 15-year-old damaris rivas. she stabbed the victim and she says she
5:00 pm
her. she says the victim admitted she slept with iraheta's boyfriend. iraheta saying she won't forgive her and told the teen, "you are going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. don't forget my name." take a listen. >> i killed her. >> how did you kill her? >> with a knife. >> what did you do with the knife? >> i don't remember how many times i stabbed her in the stomach. >> was it a lot? >> 13. >> why 13? >> i don't remember. 12 here and then the 13th was here. >> now the video paints a picture of a g


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