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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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her. she says the victim admitted she slept with iraheta's boyfriend. iraheta saying she won't forgive her and told the teen, "you are going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. don't forget my name." take a listen. >> i killed her. >> how did you kill her? >> with a knife. >> what did you do with the knife? >> i don't remember how many times i stabbed her in the stomach. >> was it a lot? >> 13. >> why 13? >> i don't remember. 12 here and then the 13th was here. >> now the video paints a picture of a g
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according to court documents that group believed rivas helped set up the murder of iraheta's then boyfriend. for now we are live in fairfax, amy aubert, abc7 news. larry: shocking video to watch. thank you for that. new information tonight about a it shooing near germ washington university -- shooting near george washington university hospital that led to ak lodown. we brought you breaking news last night at 11:00. they need your help identifying and finding this man. he is accused of shooting a man in a fight. the victim is expected to be okay. police are offering a 10,000 reward for an arrest in the case. >> now to the wild scene overnight in southeast. kenneth davis accused of stealing a d.c. police cruiser and leading officers on a chase before crashing into another cruiser and a parked car injuring two officers. according to the court documents an officer left the keys in the ignition when he went into a 7-eleven. davis is now facing a list of
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both officers are expected to be okay. larry: right now rush hour is hitting full swing along i-95. there is hope on the horizon for those hitting the end of the express lane in virginia. today mcauliffe announcing the lanes are being extended ten miles across the rappahannock river to fredericksburg. transportation reporter sam sweeney is live along i-95. who paid for this? sam: larry, it sounds too good to be true. the state is not paying anything. taxpayers are not paying anything. the private company building the extension. the extension will go from stafford county to fredericksburg. and in addition, they are also putting a bridge over the rappahannock river. >> it's terrible. i would say it's a parking lot. >> always we have huge traffic. sam: anyone you ask in fredericksburg will tell you the same thing. 95 here is a computer's
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nightmare. >> we spent sometimes three hours to get 35 miles. sam: relief is coming. today governor terry mcauliffe announced a private company transurban will pay to extend the 95 express lanes ten miles south to route 17. >> we provide more reliable trip and when crews are in the main lane, the general purpose lanes for the interstate and those who travel in the express lanes. >> the two will be tolled 24 hours a day but will allow carpoolers with three or more to ride free. when finished the express lane total from fredericksburg to the pentagon. transurban is also going to give the state $277 million up front to provide funding for critical infrastructure products along the 95 corridor. construction begins in 2019 for the express lanes it will begin in 2018 for the new bridge across the rappahannock.
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virginia along 95, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. alison: sam, one more note. 8 1/2 miles of the hot lanes opened along i-64 today between interstate 564 and 264. the tolls there vary just like in our area along 66, 95 and the beltway. >> it's opening day of the virginia assembly. republicans have a 51-49 majority after losing 15 seats last november. one seat they didn't lose but newport news. today shelly simonds officially conceding to david yancey after losing the tie race in a random drawing and she says she will run again in 2019. before the session began a federal appeals court refused to stop robert thomas being sworn in. the republican represents the 28th district in fredericksburg and stafford county. four voters are challenging the results after hundreds were assigned to the wrong district. tonight terry mcauliffe will deliver his
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commonwealth address. you can watch it live starting at 7:00 on the sister station newschannel8. alison: today, new developments involving north korea. in a phone call with south korea president the white house says president trump signaled a willingness to talk with the north under the right circumstances. shortly after the call, the president addressed the current talks between the north and the south. president trump: who knows where it leads. hopefully it will lead to success for world. not just for our country but for the world. alison: president trump previously said the stand off with north korea over the nuclear weapons program could not be settled diplomatically. this week's talks between north and south are the first in more than two years. larry: now a stormwatch7 weather alert. torrential rains are cigering mudslides in southern california. 15 people are dead. crews spent the day searchal for the missing people feared trap under the mud. we have a closer look at the devastation.
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oscar: rescue after rescue. deadly mudslide in southern california continue to affect hundreds. >> thank god they came to rescue us about 4:00 in the morning. reporter: at all hours of the night and day the search efforts continue. homes destroyed as the debris came crashing down the hillside. >> it sounded like a hurricane or a freight train coming through. reporter: even oprah's house affected but it pales in comparison to her neighbor's house. >> there used to be a fence here. my neighbor's house devastated. reporter: early tuesday morning when this all began. heavy rain creating rivers of mud. >> there was carers washing down, power lines washing down, huge boulders and trees coming down. reporter: blocking part of the highway. 101 expected to be closed for another day. all of this area coveraged by recent fires including the
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history. stripping the landscape of the veggation that would normally make it harder for the mudslides to happen. thousands were evacuated ahead of the storms but some stayed. some who were not in mandatory evacuation zones still had homes destroyed. >> i'm stunned. absolutely stunned. >> recovery efforts continue as the dam spans for miles along the coastline. larry: no rain for us today but tomorrow is another story. chief meteorologist bill kelly has your forecast in the stormwatch7 weather center. bill: good evening, everyone. we are talking about the rain and we are talking about very warm temperature. certainly compared to where we have been. good evening to all of you. 40 degrees in d.c. it's 42 for falls church. the general con sen us upper 40's to 30's. grab a light jacket. i don't think you need a parka. the temperatures are in the 40's. upper 30's to the low 40's.
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are not going to tanks tonight. we will bottom around 36 in d.c. some of the outlying spots in around the 30's or so. in terms of the clouds and the radar, or any bad weather to deem with, you don't have to worry about it. the umbrella, leave it at home. don't worry about slipping on ice. everything is mild. for the remainder of the night, 39 at 6:00. 37 at 9:00. midnight the temperatures shouldn't drop too much. but we are going in the 60's by friday. we mentioned the rain. that will be tomorrow in the primarily afternoon and the evening. much more on friday. i will break down that timing for you and show you another pretty large cooldown. that is around the corner. over to you. alison: thank you. crews just finished fixing a water main break that took place in arlington. it was this morning in the columbia pike, on columbia pike, rather. the street is now back open. larry: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert tonight. brace yourself. it chokes me up. before you open your next
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says the first week of january was the coldest on record and customers used more electricity than ever before. the price of natural gas spiked meaning higher bills. they offer payment plan if you need help. >> the trump administration is changing course on plans to drill for oil and gas. off the coast of florida. just days after announcing plans to expand the offshore drilling. interior secretary says the area off of florida will no longer be considered. florida governor rick scott was the first coastal governors to speak up against the plan. so this announce. prompted lawmakers from several other coastal states to respond. including virginia's senator tim kaine. he noted that virginia's governor and the gor-elect had made the same request. but we have not received the same commitment. i wonder why. larry: democrats say a key house seat is up for grabs after darrell issa announced his retirement. he is the former chair of the powerful house ad
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committee. 31 house republicans will not seek re-election this november, double the number of democrats. alison: coming up at 5:00, lashing out. the president reacts after another order is blocked by a federal court. larry: how the class president appealing to the nation's president to make it happen. alison: coming up later, why people can't stop talking about how you get a deep discount in the new ikea catalog. larry: oh, my. but first, getting out. the latest on the tourists trapped in the snow in switzerland. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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alison: they were snowbound for two days but now they are leaving a swiss ski town. 13,000 tourists stranded when 40 inches of snow fell. the officials were worried about the risk of avalanches and the cries were able to dig out the trains and they are working to reopen the road. bit that reminds me of my best ski day ever in northern
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they got 40 inches of snow overnight. i kid you not. i snowboarded that day all the way to -- this is a true story. i got stuck twice going perfectly straight down the mountain. then you are mad but you are going man this is awesome! >> imagine what would happen around here if we got 40 inches of snow. larry: 28 two years ago? that paralyzed. bill: yeah, it paralyzes a city. let me get you out the door tonight. we talk about the temperatures that are cooler than yesterday but it's not bad at all. 43 in d.c. at reagan national. the feels like temperatures are not the same. the winds are not strong. that is where everybody is. mid, low 40's. we got 41 in gaithersburg. good evening. 42 out at andrews. annapolis is cooler at 37 degrees. there are no weather related
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clouds around the region. widen this out over the mid-atlantic. if you have a drive tonight anywhere within hours you are good to go. notice the green. it's in the form of rain. this weather system from new mexico is bring us rain tomorrow night and the area of the low pressure winding up. this already caused problems. if you go to california, dry now but this color is the total preseen in last 48 hours. many spots picked up more rain than they would see this entire month. we are talking inches of rain on top of the fire-coverageed earth out there. it's caused unbelievable problems in california. go live out now. marci gonzalez in burr bank. this -- marci gonzalez is in bu
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this is incredible what is going on. marci: this is horrific for the communities. 15 people now confirmed dead. a dozen others still missing. the area that was hard hit by the thomas fire, the largest fire in california state history. so it tore away the vegetation. and everything that could have held the mud in place. when it started raining the mud instead flowed to the communities. burying multimillion dollar homes. sweeping people away. among the missing, a couple of sisters that are 12 to 25. friends and family are out searching for them. we have the new numbers in. 100 homes there in santa barbara county completely destroyed. 300 other homes are dame
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and there are also hundreds who are just stranded in the homes. they are surrounded by mud. we saw a family of five that were rescued after climbing to roof of their home to get to safety. there are people stranded in the homes. they are stuck with no electricity and no running water. bill: the pictures are remarkable. a sad situation. all of that stuff churned. things like the water line and the electricity. how long will it take to get it back up and running? the whole water system is down and the reservoir was empty. so they are saying that it could take months for water service to be restored in
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evacuate the entire town. bill: jeez. that is a story we'll be following. marcy, thank you for joining us in burbank. we appreciate that. our hearts go out to them. let's get back here. we not going to have to deal with any rainfall tonight. but what we'll be watching is the change in the overall weather pattern that has been mild. clouds are working there tonight. and tomorrow. the morning drive is dry. i don't expect anything heavy. tomorrow evening going out to the restaurant, taking the kids places. you might need an umbrella. but late tomorrow night and the early friday morning. start to see things increase. a lot of moisture to the west. look at the red and the oranges on the map. there could be flooding situations for ohio and west virginia. for us, picking up the moderate rainfall for friday and the early afternoon. i will point out
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the freezing line at that point in time going to be well back to the west. you don't have to worry about snow for the next few days but it will transition for us with the temperatures on saturday. the metro looking to 52 in the afternoon so temperatures will go up. out ahead of the front friday when we get the rainfall, we'll see the temperatures warm all the way to the mid-60's. we'll tap in the warm air. we will have a slight mix but it's nothing to be concerned about. the temperatures will drop. we have highs for sunday and monday and the martin luther king jr. day. on tuesday we will watch a slight chance of the snowshowers as we make our way there. but going beyond the abc7 seve
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so not a prolonged stretch. 15-day stretch below normal temperatures but going back to california. then you think about all the people. where are they going to go? it will be months to get water back to the places. and the people trapped how do you get to them. awful situation. alison: devastating. larry: those are already displaced and you are adding on top of that. alison: thank you, bill. still to come, maryland's general assembly is getting down to business in annapolis. larry: what is on the agenda. plus the highest ranked african-american woman to leave the corps of cadets has a local interview and the inspiring story you will see on 7. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in lanham where students turn laundry to loads of love. that is coming up in "spotlight on education." alison: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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larry: problems at home can make shows up for school difficult for some students. in tonight's "spotlight on education" kellye lynn tells us about a program in prince george's county that places washers and dryers in schools to keep kids in class. kellye: the laundry room is getting plenty
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>> my job is to help clean the clothes, put them many dryer, fold them. kellye: students and volunteers consider it a labor of love. laundry service for families in need. >> laundry is expensive. many of the families spend $10 to $15 per load. kellye: a program called loads of love is lightening the load. >> they drop the clothing off and pick it up at the end of the week. the redskins long snapper says his wife came up with the idea after learning similar program in moss and california -- missouri and california. helping students clean their clothes was improving attendance. >> the impact is to get kids to come to school more. the more kids come to school, the more they learn and the better grades they get. >> magnolia isn't the only school benefiting from the clothes cleaning program. it is in place at two other schools in the county and two homeless shelter
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sunburg and the washington redskins foundation plan to expand it this year to reach more families. >> they don't have to waste money on washing the clothes and use it for more important things. >> it's important to help others if they can't help themselves. >> turning laundry to loads of love. in lanham, kellye lynn, abc7 news. when i was elected the boys in my class couldn't accept the fact that i had become president. alison: all right. so how this class president is appealing to a higher office in her quest to make the fifth grade great again. >> the lights are now on at the maryland statehouse as the legislators gather to consider a long list of issues many of which can hit you in the pocketbook. scott: the president loses a court battle and what it
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larry: top negotiators today try to hammer out long awaited bill on ill grass and what to do with the 800,000 people brought here illegally as children. scott thuman reports the talks about the so-called dreamers may have hit a snag after a controversial ruling by a federal
5:29 pm
president trump's border. scott: in a flash, it seems some common ground found between republicans and democrats may have been curbed a bit by a court. the decision by a federal court in california nullified president trump march 5 deadline to end protection for dreamerring. less than 24 hours after the rare remarkable bipartisan round table with the lawmakers optimistic they could find a solution. >> i think we can come together on that. i'm hopeful. >> it's great to see transparency for a change. secretary of state many including the president seemed the prospect for action are strong. trump trump it was a tremendous meet -- president trump: it was tremendous meeting. reported as incredibly good. secretary ofscott: some say thee for progress will overcome courts. >> he wants to find a way to do it. we have to get it done. secretary of state
5:30 pm
there is a chance that the court decision could slow the progress aimed to keep them in the country. >> we had an upcoming deadline. congress sadly works better with the deadline. with this decision i hope it doesn't drive people from the table. scott: it is unclear if the other big deadline next friday will be affected, too. since a spending bill is needed to avoid a government shutdown. many want a deal on daca as a tradeoff for the vote on spending. meaning the president's open table talks may get second feeding. >> 800,000 young people whose lives are at stake. scott: now just a couple of hours ago president trump was asked about where he kind of draws the line on the issue. how flexible he will be to get a deal done. would he agree to new terms without signing for a wall. his response, "no, no. without the wall it all doesn't work." live in
5:31 pm
thuman, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. meanwhile, vice president mike penced a his wife will lead the u.s. delegation at next month's winter olympics in south korea. the trip will have stops in alaska and a visit to japan. the winter olympics begin february 9. larry: a new poll will give rushern baker the edge of the democrats to be maryland next governor. it's him followed by the baltimore county executive and the former naacp president. about a third of those asked say they are still undecided. all seven candidatek looking to challenge larry hogan. he says he plans to propose term limits for state legislators to make it so they can't serve for more than two consecutive four-year terms. the maryland general assembly has priorities of its own. alison: lawmakers are getting back to business today. maryland bureau chief br
5:32 pm
opening day. brad? brad: well, you mentioned the term limits. the leadership in the house and the senate say it is not going anywhere. this is a booklet that explains all the bills submitted so far. 114 of them. we understand the first official action that they are really going to get, try to accomplish here is to override the for's veto of a paid sick leave -- override the governor's veto of a paid sick leave law. then they will start working on this book. as the maryland general assembly convened for the 906 day session of the law making and the budget balancing the first order of business was to elect officers. no surprise in the house. speaker mike bush is back after recoveringcovering from ar transplant last summer. >> thank you for your confidence. >> in the senate, mike miller is the longest serving president in state history and he is predicting a tough session. as the stat
5:33 pm
impact of the congressional action. >> a huge challenge. they didn't fund the children insurance and they gutted obamacare. >> tax reform must be dealt with. >> it will force increase in maryland taxes for middle class taxpayers and the lower income. nobody wants to see that happen. brad: the republican governor wants to somehow give money back to taxpayers and the democrats want to wait and see what additional needs there are. >> that will be a big fight but we will try to reach an agreement. brad: there is also the issue of the senator who showed up today to take his seat despite call for he is resignation and the ethics panel review that could lead to the ouster. we tried to speak to him. this is the response.
5:34 pm
talk about it. the president of the senate said the ethics panel may decide to remove the indicted senator from the deliberative body but he is there for now. but 90 days, 89 left to get working on all of this legislation. we will keep up with it and let you know what passes and what fails. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: we know you will. thank you. this is just in. maryland governor larry hogan says he will join the u.s. climate alliance. that is a group of governors committed to meeting the paris climate agreement, even though president trump of course said the u.s. would withdrawal last year. several groups are calling for an expense to the maryland clean energy program. one plan is a magnetic levitating train between d.c. and baltimore. weigh in tonight at 7:00 at a city council meeting in laurel. larry: no one likes to blow a fuse. but imagine having it happen at the largest electronic shows in the world. >> 299.
5:35 pm
was built on. >> that will never happen to you ever. larry: that is the c.e.o. of go-pro in an interview with cnn when the lights went out at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. i took a half an hour for lights to come back on. no word what caused the outage. alison: of all places. wait until you hear this story. we are all talking about this today. developing now, a company's offer of a discount that we just can't stopping about here in the newsroom. ikea newest catalog will reveal special discount on baby furniture if you pee on the pages. you heard me right. they are printed with special ink that respond to women's pregnancy hormone. so when a pregnant woman pees on the page, the discount is revealed. before you get ideas the specific catalogs will only be distributed in
5:36 pm
larry: that is one good thing. alison: no discount is worth it. larry: it's not. alison: weird. larry: who their it was a good idea? alison: right. larry: here is an idea. alison: we are talking about it so it worked in that way. larry: here you go. okay. tomorrow, they will pull up after they get two days of talking about it. alison: attention. larry: all right. >> anyway. larry: move on. coming up at 5:00 -- >> be that person in someone else's life that encourages them. even if they don't believe they can. larry: words of inspiration from a woman breaking barriers as the nation's top military academies. the clean-up is underway in fort washington after a water main break destroyed several basements here with flooding and raw sewage. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up, a commitment from
5:37 pm
alison: tonight at 6:00, an update to this. a teacher arrested after speaking out at a school board meeting. who is now joining her cause
5:38 pm
bill: all right. get to the weekend weather forecast. out the door we are in low 30's and the upper 40's. no problems for you. passing clouds in the everything hours. looking ahead. let's jump to weekend. saturday. the daytime temps will be falling. much warmer if you head out at 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning as many of you do on saturday. then at 4:00 in the afternoon the front will come through. early morning showers. otherwise sunday we are dry with a high of 33. we are talking 60's
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michelle: making history and breaking barriers. simone askew of fairfax county has done. in the first african-american to lead west point as first captain and a rhode scholar. she sat down with one local station to talk about the prestigious honor and who inspires her. does
5:41 pm
lot of weight? >> for me the focus is being a good first captain period. and making sure that i serve and earn the position i was looking for every single day. michelle: first captain at the u.s. military academy at west point, simone askew says perhaps she will feel the significance of her title once she graduates in the spring. right now she is laser focused on her duties. leading the member corps of cadetses. adding to the resume she was named a rhode scholar. an achievement she didn't think was possible. >> i knew it depended on the academic performance. and something for first two years of college i didn't think i'd be able to do. michelle: why not? >> i didn't think i was smart enough. >> when did you realize becoming a rhode scholar was a possibility? >> one of my good friends and mentors who was selected as a
5:42 pm
achieved that goal. >> christian was the first african-american rhode scholar in west point history. >> there is something to be said to see someone we had interest in myself. achieve something. seeing him accomplish it gave me encouragement. as i know there are a lot of women and african-americans and african-american women who connect with me. solely based off of those things. >> for those who may have moments of self-doubt like askew and now look to her for inspiration, she has this message. >> be that person someone -- in someone else's life to tell them they can achieve things even if they don't believe they can. those people made the biggest impact in my life. michelle: she urges us to look for connection beyond race and
5:43 pm
she names her mom behind me has one of her big inspirations. she will study global governance and diplomacy at oxford in the fall and she is interested in genocide prevention. that is her concentration. alison: what an impressive young woman. michelle: she just turned 21 in december. all of this under her belt and she is looking forward to concurring so much more. larry: she will. and the poise. not that we're surprised. michelle: right. larry: great things to come. alison: a great story. thanks. larry: this just in. george washington middle school in alexandria closed again tomorrow for third day in a row. it's been closed since pipes burst on tuesday. george washington middle school in alexandria closed again tomorrow. alison: still ahead here, the payoff for hundreds of families after a big push by d.c. to get them a home for the holidays. >> how does the hurricane trigger a massive sho
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before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely?
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haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. larry: well, a broken main and wastewater, a real mess in fort washington where the crews are
5:47 pm
alison: that is awful. as mike carter-conneen reports, it's just one of 400 water main wssc dealt with in the last month. >> i was doing fine until i came out here. mike: 92-year-old selma getting the first look at the damage. since the water main break on sunday caused hours of underground leaking that flooded her basement with water, mud and sewage. >> you see all of this to come back. >> she and her late husband moved in the home in 1973. 45 years of memory. now in trash bags in her backyard. >> i have had the house since i've been here. >> in all wssc says eight homes impacted by flooding. contractors are clearing the debris and stripping walls. >> start until sunday evening until now. working nonstop. >> wssc has promised to take care of the families and
5:48 pm
customers in general working with them to compensate for any flood damage caused by the water or seer main breaks. most can be replaced. the loss of the personal items that are devastating. >> she still can't find her cherished painting but is hopeful it's here. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: heartbreaking thing there. this story is next. an indiana fifth grader and the letter to president trump getting national attention. >> dear president trump. this is joy wolf of and i'm 11 years old and the president of the fifth grade class. >> joy was elected class president.
5:49 pm
it. a group of boys formed an opposition group. popularity problem she thought someone else could relate to. >> a lot of people are unhappy with me being president and a lot of people are unhappy with you being president. that's okay. the boys were mad at me and all i was trying to do was make fifth grade great again. [laughter] alison: joy says the advice to the president for handling criticism is not to make a big deal out of it. a white house official told joy's mother that they plan to mention that letter in tomorrow's press briefing. which they will do from time to time, of course. so we'll have to be listening for that. larry: make fifth grade great again. alison: clever. larry: special hats for the boys to wear. alison: exactly. larry: muriel bowser calling the home for the holidays campaign a success. 422 families signed leases for families and some received the key to the
5:50 pm
>> helping us out. we have been waiting for this for a long time. >> more being done than used to be done. mayor bowser: we mention a lot of numbers but numbers represent real people. they need a place to live. larry: they all have jobs and the city paying part of the respect. alison: that is great. a wonderful program. weather wise it will be warmer and wetter. bill: yes. a beautiful shot of the capital wheel in national harbor. lit up and the temperature wise we are looking okay. 43 degrees. light jacket. be good to go. winds are not strong. out of the southwest at 3 mile
5:51 pm
back west. it's warm. 61 around louisville. 65 in nashville right now. 55 in columbus. i will tell you all the numbers including ours will change considerably again. a we roll in. you will notice it saturday but mainly sunday and mon. we are quiet with the weather conditions. there are no active watches for us. back west a winter storm watch through kentucky, tennessee, and up to indiana. but a lot of winter weather back well weeing. central plains and the west there are avalanche warnings in utah and montana as well. for us it's quiet as mentioned. over the past three hours the few clouds floating by with the mild temperature. remainder of the everything mostly cloudy skies. fog by tomorrow morning. i wouldn't expect it to be widespread. spotty areas 30 to 36. some of you won't get above freezing. tomorrow a high around 55.
5:52 pm
it's seasonable again. we will watch the rain chances work on in for tomorrow afternoon and in to tomorrow evening. but mainly friday. a wave in the morning so even the commute on friday there could be rain. highs in the 60's and breezy. in the day on saturday, 40-degree high occurs early and it will cool all day long. next week, sunday and monday, robert in the 30s. good to be indoors on those days. robert: yeah. i will stay indoors. thanks. volleyball has come a long way. in 2012, they only won one game and couldn't get in the meac tournament. that's how bad it was. now they run the meac. give credit to next guy. he is spiking things up and he is our coach of the week. >> a three-peat for howard. >> once it happened the howard volleyball coach doesn't like to d
5:53 pm
>> once the new year hits i'm on to 2018 to look for next year's team. robert: for the past three season the conference title is almost automatic. coming off the third straight and watching another banner fly. >> seems like a small thing hanging from the rafters but for a lot of the young women it's four years of hard work. robert: you will never guess what his first passion was. >> i thought i'd coach football. i was a football guy. that was what i loved to do when i was younger. i sort of stumbled on volleyball when i hit high school and i did it at a side thing and i happened to be good at it. robert: this year they lost to penn state in the first round of the ncaa's but they gave nittany lions a loss in the first round. >> they take the second set shocking the world. >> a national title is not that far off in distance. >> that shows our team that we cantic take another step forward to play at that level, with the number one team in country. the question is now can we take another step forward and beat the
5:54 pm
country? i don't think it's impossible but it will take more of the hard work we talk about. robert: but he would trade the banners in for the bright future. >> when i see them have great jobs and success there and great families and the success there, that is what i take pride in more than the banners. robert: awesome. check out this game at the oklahoma state game last night. the half court shot. just bad. no rim. then this happened. off goes the shirt and bears it all. maybe shooting shirtless will help. check it out. no. it's worse. so for that, i award you no points and please put the shirt back on. larry: flexing. robert: flexing what? alison: g z2offz zi0z
5:55 pm
y2offy yi0y
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
alison: "7 on your side" with health matters now and a shortage of critical equipment in hospitals across the country. larry: richard reeve show us how hurricanes could be to blame for a look of i.v. bags. ricrd
5:58 pm
shortage triggered by this. hurricane 1,500 miles away. >> to say we are in a crisis right now. riches hurricane maria slammed to puerto rico last september and knocked out electricity for the entire island including baxter international that makes i.v.'s. the problem is they supply 43% of the i.v.'s and the i.v. solutions for the entire country. when the three plants in puerto rico went down that triggered a massive shortage. >> there are exact numbers but the company makes tens of millions of i.v. bags every year. >> there are many organizations running low if not out of the i.v. solution at this time. >> in the midst of the flu season, hospitals are scrambling. >> we started to react actively when we heard of the shortage. richard: many use 2,000 to 3,000 every day so the shortage meant conserving bag, directly injecting the fluid with the sir ri
5:59 pm
the i.v. push. >> how are we going to take care of the patients? >> they hope to be back to the manufacturerring speed in february. in fairfax, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you for joining us today at 5:00. larry: "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. nancy: at 6:00, a plan to fix one of the worst bottlenecks in the country. michelle: it won't cost taxpayers a single cent. >> i killed her. >> how did you kill her? >> with a knife. nancy: a chilling confession in the brutal ms-13 killing of a 15-year-old girl. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? michelle: a set-up. the odd defense of the decision to arrest a school teacher after she asked her school board a question.
6:00 pm
6:00". on your side. nancy: first tonight a quarter billion upgrade on the way for one of the most congested highways in the nation. michelle: it includes a new bridge for i-95. first comes a ten-mile extension to the i-95 express lane from the current end in stafford all the way to lout 17 in fredericksburg. >> then new toll-free lanes will be added over a new bridge over the rappahannock river to spotsylvania county. abc7 transportation reporter sam sweeney joins us live with how it will work and how it's being paid for. sam? sam: nancy, the governor calls it a win-win. taxpayers don't pay a dime. the country building express lanes will have to pay the state $277 million up front. then there is relief for drivers here on 95. one of the most congested roads in the nation.


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