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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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alison: dozens of dogs rescued from the cold. >> it is sad that children cannot -- alison: a child attacked walking home from school. the alert for parents in northern virginia. nancy:
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rescue, the situation playing out in california as mudslides destroy home. alison: and a second chance at life. dogs rescued from the freezing cold and how you can give them a home, next. >> now, abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. alison: a younger on her way home from school attacked. in the middleened of the day along a popular walking trail in sterling and the man responsible is still out there. anna-lysa gayle has the urgent search before he can strike again. anna-lysa: just take a look at this area. protected byd, trees, and it is directly behind a row of houses. this is where the young girl was approached by the suspect, who officers are eagerly searching for tonight. >> i keep watching to make sure.
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the trail who should not be there. anna-lysa: she is keeping a on this trail, her vigilant increased after a middle school girl was touched inappropriately walking to school wednesday. >> we have not seen anything like that. anna-lysa: the loudoun county's sheriff's office has released but of the suspect they are looking for along with a sketch. >> they had a dark sweatshirt with the number 22 on the back. anna-lysa: the video was captured by a neighbor's surveillance camera. >> you cannot leave these children alone. they cannot walk to school by themselves. anna-lysa: more on the suspect. he is between 25 and 30 years old. if you spot him, give the loudoun county sheriff a call right away. alison: just into the nsr
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george's county. this was on branch avenue into trouble hills, just before st. barnabas road. a man was killed when he pulled out to cross branch avenue and was hit by an oncoming car. that road is closed right now. nancy: shocking details about a teenager who confessed away murder tied with ms-13, intimate into stabbing a person at a toingfield -- admitting stabbing a person at a springfield park last year. >> you are going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. and don't forget my name. i told that to her and i told her never to forget who i was. i told her someday we would see each other again. >> and then what did you do? >> i killed
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nancy: the group brought the victim to the park because they believed she had help set up the murder of a boyfriend. she faces life in prison when she is sentenced in may. the property that was the scene of the d.c. mansion murders is back on the market. somebody bought the home after the deaths and tour it down intending to rebuild but never did come and now the property is back on the market with a big change. while the address used to be on woodlawn street, the property is now listed as being on 42nd street. alison: a predawn immigration crackdown at convenience stores across the country. 100 stores swept, 21 people arrested. several 7-eleven stores in maryland and d.c. were among those targeted. ice cold at the first of many raids, targeting managers who make illegal hires.
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been up sharply under president trump, with a 40% increase in deportation arrests. nancy: a school has been shut down since tuesday when the pipe burst. contractors have fixed the pipe and water line, but there is no water or electricity. bill: we are not dealing with a hard freeze. some spots like winchester right at 30 degrees, but most of the area at or above freezing. the district will above freezing. 42 right now, just a few low-level clouds floating around. we go anywhere from 30 to 36 overnight, mostly cloudy skies. some fog, but otherwise dry. we are expecting rainfall. the timing of that, the warm weather, and another arctic blast coming up. people are dead after flooding and mudslides swept through southern california.
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through the debris, looking for more than a dozen people who are still missing. family and friends joining on the search for loved ones. one man was out all day looking for his mother, sister, and father-in-law. -- looking for his mother. his sister and father-in-law got out safely. oni cannot focus too much she is most likely dead out here. i just push through. michelle: a grim reality they are facing. officials say that most residents did not listen to the evacuation orders. more than 100 houses destroyed, 300 damaged, just weeks after wildfires burned vegetation that would have helped slow down the mudslide. the same storm system is moving across the u.s., causing winter weather alerts from new mexico to wisconsin. alison:
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in fort washington. a broken water main flooding basements with water, mud, and sewage over the weekend. crews are working to clear the debris and strip the walls. wssc said they would compensate the owners of the eight a fact at homes, but as residents get their first look at the damage, there are things like family heirlooms and photo albums that cannot be replaced. >> when you see all of these memories coming back, my husband is dead. i have to find that. i don't know where it is. alison: heartbreaking. she had her family salvaged a few items, but nearly everything else was lost. have dealt with more than 400 water main breaks in the past month. fory: relief on the horizon drivers were frustrated at the end of the i-95 express lanes. governor terry mcauliffe said the lanes will ex
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route 17. construction will not begin until 2019 and the lanes will not start seeing traffic until 2022. once complete, express lanes will total 15 miles from fredericksburg all the way to the pentagon. alison: that announcement one of the governor's final acts before leaving office. tonight he delivered his final address as governor. at times the state of the commonwealth became emotional. tom roussey with a closer look at terry mcauliffe's look back at the past four years. tonight,e nights from terry mcauliffe will no longer be the governor of virginia. he talked about the good times in virginia and one very bad time. thernor mcauliffe: opportunity to address you one final time. tom: this weekend, after four years, terry mcauliffe will no longer be governor of virginia. he will be replaced after winning in a democratic wave. >>
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that i gave a shout out is not back. governor's use the state of the commonwealth to tell the, schmitz, but mcauliffe also talked about work. >> witnessing the bigotry and violence we sell and sure sawsville whisk -- that we in charlottesville was clearly the worst. two officers died along with heather heyer. mcauliffe boasted of new toll lanes that will extend to haymarket. >> we are transforming i-66 using no state dollars. 66 inside in place on the beltway have angered many drivers and some of mcauliffe's fellow democrats. he also mentioned the extension of toll lanes on 95 to fredericksburg. alison: mcauliffe's successor ralph northam will be sworn
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saturday. tim barber will have the team coverage of the inauguration. nancy: maryland governor larry hogan wants to put new limits on lawmakers, proposing legislation to limit them to two consecutive four-year terms, the same time limit as the governor. forrnor hogan will be up election after his second term next year. right now there are seven democrats vying to challenge him. withn: 7 on your side health matters and a shortage of critical equipment and hospitals across america triggered by hurricane maria. a port royal-reagan -- a puerto rico-based company makes about 45% of iv bags and solution for the entire country. three plants went down after the storm and local hospitals are now scrambling in the midst of flu season. >> many organizations are running extremely low if not completely out. >> our t
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the community. inova's five hospitals use up to 3000 of these iv bags everything they. they are conserving bags by conserving fluids or directly injecting fluid. nancy: a power outage at one of the biggest electronics shows. we will show you the moment that c.e.s. went dark along with all of the new electronics. plus -- dogs kept inf horrible conditions in southern rigid and they are now in the d him v. and a $60 taco? that story next.
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299 prices that are company was built on. happen with never the go pro. nancy:
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happen, blowing a fuse at one of the largest electronic shows in the world. was in thego pro middle of an interview with cnn when the lights went out at the las vegas convention center. it took about a half-hour for the power to come back on. no word on the cause of the outage. alison: nothing best place for that to happen. new details on the ban on personal cell phones of the white house. memo from the chief of staff john kelly, the new rules will take effect asked week, and turns out is not just cell phones. ban covers all portable electronic devices including laptops and smart watches. anders have been installed staffers are being told to leave their devices there were in their car or at home. nancy: dozens of dogs in southern virginia tied up outside and left, and tonight they are
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thanked away rescue group. tim barber reports. tim: it is not always quiet inside of homeward trails animal rescue, but its newest guests are not making a lot of noise. hounduppies and seven dogs just arrived from rock ridge county, where they had been tied up outside in the freezing cold. >> any day that we save a dog is a good day, especially the situation they were coming from. tim: some of these hound dogs are pretty shy. is one of the things that homeward trails will be working on. the dogs will be treated for cold-related problems such as frostbite, then post it for adoption. >> it is really sad when they come in sick and are skinny. then they quickly gain weight and feel better and start to act like a dog or puppy again. tim: hoard
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had 60 dogs that were dispersed throughout the area. tonight the dogs are finally getting good food and warm beds. reporting in fairfax county, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: a lot of cuties. protectional officers in fairfax county are asking for your help finding the owner of a dog who was starved and left for dead. meet max. agoas found about a month extremely underweight, unable to stand or hold his head up. he still has a long road ahead but is getting better. if you know anything about him or who left in this way, please give the police a call. alison: american girl is out with a doll that boldly goes where no dog has gone before -- to space. oll, thethe new was dul 11-year-old that dreams of being the first person to walk on mars. she is the first american
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to encourage science, technology, engineering, and math, s.t.e.m. classic soda is getting a millennial makeover. nancy: diet coke has four new flavors. they have ginger lime, feisty chary, twisted mango, and orange. millennials who are choosing other drinks like sparkling water and low-calorie energy drinks. alison: think it will work? nancy: we will see. feisty chary, not just regular chary. alison: if you need something to go with the diet coke, how about this $60 taco. you heard me, $60. it is sold at a restaurant in michigan that is made with caviar and black truffles. the restaurant hopes to counter the stereotype that mexican food is always cheap.
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nancy: and guac will be extra. bill: i was taken to a fancy restaurant by a weather company, a fancy restaurant. i was asking and the waiter said it was a mix of the yada, yada, yada, and the cu of the company told me it is liver lard. we are talking about a mild night, not quite as warm as yesterday. the temperatures will go up and back down again and we will get fairly warm. in terms of the numbers, at the mall, a beautiful evening, 42 degrees, the wind fairly light. warm for this time of night. the temperature today did not move much, mid 40's. .3 is the normal high gaithersburg 39, 40 chantilly and martinsburg.
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freezing tonight. we range from about 29 to about 37. we are very quiet in our region. up to the north, rain and a winter mix. the next weather system is really taking shape to the west. this is the one that brought the mudslides in southern california, pushing through the southwest. now that it is pushing into the southern plains, it is starting to draw moisture from the south and this low pressure is something we will watch. behind it, very cold air, plunging down. there is a line of snow through nebraska and north dakota that will continue to work off to the east. widespread winter weather advisory's, winter storm warnings. there is also a winter storm watch for parts of tennessee, kentucky, and indiana. i don't expect that to reach our area.
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charlottesville 43, 55 columbus at 11:00 in january. a few clouds on the increase tonight. tomorrow we are dry at least the first half of the day. 3:00,ow night, about potentially a few light showers late afternoon, early evening. the next weather maker comes in tomorrow night and friday. 6, upy cloudy, 30 to 3 until the 50's tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies, the potential of a few showers during the evening. much greater chances friday and a bulk of that looks to be in the morning. the wind will kick up, mid 60's friday. saturday the temperature drops all day long. much warmer in the morning. mid-30's in the afternoon. then we get another cold shot of they are working through
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monday. nancy: two big star is back to reshoot some movie. scenes alison: why did one make millions and the other less than a thousand dollars?
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alison: an uproar over unequal pay, a big compensation back between mark wahlberg and michelle williams. nancy: they were called back to reshoot scenes in a movie, and mark wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for the re-shoots while williams was paid less than $1000. both actors are represented by the same agency, but williams was not told she would be making a fraction of her male costar. alison: not great. robert: the wizards trying to get a little get-back
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tonight, getting a blast from the not so distant past.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the last time the wizards played the utah jazz, complete embarrassment. tonight, a different story. that does not mean a happy ending, though. wall
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off. don't know how this happens, somehow gets it to drop after all that mess, beating the buzzer to boot. the turnovers were the big story of the game, 23 wizards p novers led to 27 jazz oints,. wiz lose. utah's rodney hood was ejected in the third because he knocked the cell phone out of a fan's hands on his way to the locker room. something tells me we have not heard the last of this. george mason hosting st. joseph, down one in the final seconds. nails the three at the buzzer. eyes, sending everyone home happy. and former
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redskins, raiders, and chargers head coach norv turner is expected to take over as the offensive coordinator of the panthers. a lot of stuff. alison: you don't knock away somebody's phone. don't mess with nancy's phone.
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alison: warm weather and rain. bill: friday we are dealing with the rain. 40's friday in the morning. then way cool down, and arctic blast sunday and monday. should not be too out of control. we are rebounding next week. maybe a little snow tuesday. at is what we are watching. nancy: that 19 hurts. can we do something about that? bill:
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- chris hemsworth. from "the assassination of gianni versace, american crime story," darren criss. a visit from stewie and peter from "family guy." and music from elvis costello. and now, here we go again, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. thanks. hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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