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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 10, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- chris hemsworth. from "the assassination of gianni versace, american crime story," darren criss. a visit from stewie and peter from "family guy." and music from elvis costello. and now, here we go again, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. thanks. hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.
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i'm glad you're here. i'm glad we're all here. very nice. you know, there are a lot of things to dislike about l.a. traffic, pollution, people. but it's important i think -- it's important sometimes to stop and appreciate the fact that, a, we don't have to scrape ice off our windshield every morning. and b, i can wear the same pair of teal-colored dolphin shorts to work every day since 1985. i appreciate it, and i like to think my coworkers appreciate it, i really do. [ cheers and applause ] by the way, i just swal heed a cough drop whole by accident. [ laughter ] what i'm saying is it's a heroic act, me beg here right now. this is from loudoun county, virginia. this is a cautionary tale. it reminds us the importance of always checking for black ice before you go outside.
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oooooh -- i have to say, i respect that he's able to laugh at himself enough to post that video. or more likely i respected his wife was able to laugh at himself enough to post the video. speaking of slippery places, at the white house the chief of staff, john kelley, is reportedly asking people who work at the white house whether or not they're planning to stay on the job through the end of the year. morale among staffers is reported to be low. why, i have no idea, seems like everything's going great. [ laughter ] a lot of trump staffers want out. in fact, this video captured outside the white house after an all-staff meeting. [ laughter ] seems to indicate there is some unrest. i think i saw melania in there. [ laughter ] president trump had his first cabinet meeting of the year today where, you're not going to believe this, he took time out to
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reaction to his bipartisan meeting yesterday with members of congress. >> got great reviews by everybody other than two networks who were phenomenal for about two hours. then after that, they were called by their bosses, oh, wait a minute. and unfortunately a lot of those anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest meetings they've ever witnessed. >> jimmy: really. a lot of those anchors sent you letters, saying it was one of the greatest meetings ever? i bet the handwriting on those letters looks a lot like kellyanne conway's. [ laughter ] trump also unveiled one of the bigly items of his agenda for the new year. something -- this is something every american's concerned about, and that is, strengthening libel laws to punish those who publish unflattering books about you. >> our current libel laws are a sham. and a disgrace. and do not represent american values or american fairness. so we're
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look at that. we want fairness. you can't say things that are false, knowingly false. and be able to smile as money pours into your bank account. >> jimmy: oh! [ laughter ] come on, now! saying knowingly false things while the money pours into your bank account? not only is that trump's business plan in its entirety -- [ laughter ] it's literally what they're going to write on his headstone. "he knowingly said false things while money poured into his bank accounts." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i really can't -- there are parakeets flying into mirrors that have more self-awareness than donald trump. [ laughter ] here's another one. trump tweeted this this morning. the single greatest witch hunt in american history continues. there was no committee lose, everybody including the dems knows there was no collusion, yet on and on it goes, russia and the world is laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing, republicans should final
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control." now first of all, republicans taking control, republicans have control of the senate, the house, and the white house. you can't give zero stars while you're driving the uber. [ laughter ] what more control can you take? [ applause ] secondly, i'm not a historian, but to me the greatest witch hunt in american history was the one where we were actually hunting witches. [ laughter ] it happened in salem in the 1600s. they executed 14 women, five men, and two dogs. even if you and everyone who work for you is innocent, which some of them have already admitted they're not that witch hunt was worse than this one. unless they're executing two of your dogs? for being witches? [ laughter ] yours isn't the greatest. even the bad things that happen to him are the greatest. and as for the part about russia and the world laughing at our stupidity, yeah, well. when you're right, you're right, that one. they definitely are laughing. [ laughter ] here's some of our stupidity. the t
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directed official government websites to cut any mention of climate change or renewable energy. those phrases are not permitted to appear on government websites. which is actually a great idea. instead of solving problems, we just stop talking about them. it could save a lot of money. for example, the national cancer institute spent about $5 billion a year on research. what if instead of spending that money we changed the name of the thing to the national institute? no more cancer. [ light laughter ] well then you're not going to like the rest of this. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] well, i'll give it a try. what about the bird flu? what about ebola? we don't need to worry about ebola, we just replace the centers for disease control, we call it the centers for ease on down the road. [ laughter ] right? last year we spent $300 billion on hurricanes? change the national weather service to the national nice weather service. [ laughter ] ten-day forecast, 7
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see, there's no problem that cannot be solved by sticking your head deeply enough in the sand. it's the trump way. the president, by the way, reached a major milestone yesterday. i don't feel like this has gotten enough attention. according to the "washington post," which has been keeping track i guess, yesterday trump told his 2,000th lie since taking office. [ laughter ] happy lie2k, everybody. [ laughter ] 2,000 lies in 11 months. he's averaging 5.6 false claims a day. which is impressive considering the fact he's only working about 2.6 hours a day. [ laughter ] and all the while that he's lying, he is continually imploring us to just believe him. >> we are just getting started, believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me. believe me.
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believe me. believe. >> jimmy: you think abe lincoln ever said, believe me? believe me, he did not. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the volume of fiction that comes out of his orange mouth is staggering. it's so brazen i almost can't help but admire it. i watch it and i go, 2,000 lies is an unprecedented achievement. tonight we're going to look back at his many prevarications with the mini documentary that shows us how we got to this remarkable moment in misrepresentation. >> i would say without a doubt it was the greatest achievement in the history of lying. >> to be honest, i inherited a mess. it's a mess. >> he is quite simply the babe ruth of [ bleep ]. >> obamacare covers very few people. >> donald trump makes tricky dick look like honest abe. >> i never met putin, i don't know who putin is. he said one nice thing about me,
11:44 pm
>> he is the greatest liar of all-time. >> c-span presents, "pants of fire: the road to 2,000 lies." >> i, donald trump, do solemnly swear -- >> january 20th, 2017. donald trump puts his hand on the bible and begins a historic journey to 2,000 lies. >> god looked down and he said, we're not going to let it rain on your speech. >> and trump comes roaring out of the gate. he lies about the rain. the crowds. his "time" magazine covers. his victory marches. >> i guess it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> and this is week one. i said, he cannot sustain this pace. >> but trump was just getting started. by march he had amassed four times as many lies as any president had in two terms. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden! >> sweden, that was a classic.
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only trump could have lied that lie. >> you know, the cuba-americans, i have 84% of that vote. >> so many great lies. i mean, obama's wiretap? >> you saw what happened with surveillance. >> you stand by that claim? >> i don't stand by anything, i just -- you can take it the way you want. >> he even lied about lying. >> i think one of the greatest of all terms i've come up with is fake. i guess other people have used it perhaps over the years but i've never noticed it. >> then there was twitter. game-changer. >> twitter proved to be a critical platform as trump continued past 750 lies. finally hitting 1,000 lies in august of his first year. >> we've signed more bills, and i'm talking about through the legislature, than any president ever. for a while harry truman had us. >> his politifact numbers were off the charts. this is unheard of
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it was in the bag. but he didn't let up. if anything, he doubled down. >> he interviewed me for three hours in the white house, it didn't exist, okay, it's in his imagination. >> after a long, arduous road, trump achieved the impossible. his 2,000th lie in office. >> we can build the wall in one year, and we can build it for much less money than what they're talking about. >> usa, usa, usa! >> what can you compare it to? michael phelps in '08? roger bannister running the four-minute mile? a young tiger woods? it's unfathomable. >> he's got three more years. or maybe even seven. or maybe six months, who the hell knows? >> president trump's miraculous milestone in mendacity seems destined to stand the test of time. >> bing bing bing! bing bing bing! >> even if it should fall to some futur
11:47 pm
in the fake history books is forever secure thanks to his total lack of shame, unlimited capacity for [ bleep ], and his pants of fire. >> the american dream is dead. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, thank you, mr. president. on behalf of a grateful nation. we have to take a break. when we come back from the break, a special visit from peter and stewie from "family guy." stick around, we'll be right back! resolution #1: binge more. join the un-carrier, and get four unlimited lines for only rty bucks each. plus, netflix for the whole family. on us. so, they get their shows... let's go, girl! you're gonna love this bit! and you get yours. watch however you want. on your phone, tablet, or tv.
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welcome back to our show. chris hemsworth,ar
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music from the great alves costello is on the way. i have a halls right here. by the way, i want to mention this. those of you, anyone expecting a baby any time in the near future? okay, all right, congratulations to you. ikea has a special promotion you might be interested in. allow me to present what is either the most creative or repulsive ad for baby furniture of all-time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's right, you're not seeing things. if you're pregnant, you pee on the ad. [ laughter ]
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and they'll give you a deal on a crib. which if you're not pregnant, why would you even buy a crib, you weirdo? [ laughter ] [ applause ] it's only available in sweden but it's getting a lot of attention. a story here in los angeles is jumping on the bandwagon with the sale that isn't limited to women or cribs. >> ikea wants you to pee on an ad and get a discount on a crib? i say, eye sea yeah shmikea. murray's home furniture warehouse, you can pee on any piece of furniture in the store and get it 20% off, any piece of furnitu furniture! pee on a sofa, 20% off. pee on a rug, 20% off. bunk beds, sealy posture, pee on all of them, get 20% off. ask one of my satisfied customers. >> i came in and peed on an ottoman, got 20% off.
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>> easy as one, two, pee! come to murray's home furniture warehouse where our prices are guaranteed lowest or your purchase is pee! >> announcer: this offer is illegal. >> jimmy: oh, well, forget it, then. hey, we're only -- i don't know if you know this, if you keep track, we're days away from a major television milestone. one of america's most beloved and longest-running comedy shows is hitting a big number this week. in fact, it's celebrating its 300th episode on sunday. and tonight we're fortunate enough to be joined by two of the stars of the show. please say hello to peter griffin and his son stewie from "family guy." >> it's just family guy, yes. we're about to celebrate our 300th episode on another network. that's right, i'm not afraid to say it, another net. >> jimmy: it's okay to say fox. you're halfway to the simpsons now. how many episodes did the simpsons have? 40,000? >> listen, i'm sorry they
11:55 pm
again, that's just the way it goes. ask seth mcfarland, they almost never ask a host back a second time. >> jimmy: actually, they did ask me back a second time. >> oh, well, god bless you. >> yeah, we love jimmy kimmel. your initials are j.k.! i love you, j.k., you're my favorite late-night talk show host, j.k., i never miss an episode, j.k. >> jimmy: i get it. saying j.k. like "just kidding." >> i think you're hilarious, just kidding! i mean, j.k. did i do it? >> you did one. >> jimmy: i thought you didn't understand the baby. >> oh, look who saw the pilot. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i've actually been watching for a long time, thank you very much. >> we've been watching you a long time too. we loved your prem program "the man show." remember that? girls bouncing around on trampolines and you and some hairy guy saying things that might not play in this day and age. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't remember that at all, i think i was drunk during that period of my life. let's focus on
11:56 pm
for episode 300? >> that's what we call a pivot. >> it's something with a dog and a baby, i don't know. >> jimmy: it's going to be something with a dog and a baby, everybody, i like that. [ applause ] i want did say congratulations. peter griffin and stewie griffin from "the family guy." >> wait, i have a joke for when you host the oscars. harvey weinstein is watering his plants -- >> jimmy: you guys can probably keep that one for yourselves. thank you, stewie and peter. tonight on the show, music from elvis costello, darren criss is here, be right back with chris hemsworth so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by zip recruiter, the smartest way to hire. try it for free at with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the show, from "the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story," which starts on fx next wednesday, darren criss is here. [ cheers and applause ] then, one of the greats, and one of my favorites of all-time. with his song from the movie "film stars don't die in liverpool," elvis costello from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ]
12:02 am
you can see elvis in las vegas at the wynn's encore theater from february 28 to march 10. elvis is also going to do a performance of his great song "alison" that you can watch in its entirety on our youtube channel later on tonight. tomorrow night, annette bening will be here, director paul thomas anderson will join us, and we'll have music from sylvan esso. please join us for all that. our first guest tonight has given his heart, soul, and beautiful blonde hair to marvel comics as the mighty thor. next, he tackles a real-life hero, as a green beret in "12 strong." it opens in theaters january 19th. please welcome chris hemsworth. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: what's happening?
12:03 am
thank you very much. just wrapped "avengers" a couple of days ago. >> jimmy: which one? >> three and four. >> jimmy: that could be it, that could be all the "avengers"? >> yeah, we shot most of last year, back to back. it was a long, long shoot. >> jimmy: has it sunk in this could be the last time you ever see the hulk again? [ laughter ] >> stop looking at the green tennis ball that represents the hulk? [ laughter ] it's funny, we were -- the last couple of months had just felt like you wanted to get to the end. all of us were like, how many more days left? this last week i was sitting there and as they wrapped me, all of a sudden it hit me, wait a second, i didn't soak this up enough, i didn't maximize, i didn't say good-bye to everyone, whatever. we've been doing this seven years or something you. >> jimmy: yeah, and it's something that everybody will remember forever, really. >>
12:04 am
it feels like i'm a fan of that world and what we're a part of as much as everybody. >> jimmy: did you steal a hammer, at least? take a hammer home? >> a few. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a few. how many hammers do you have? >> about five. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: five hammers. >> one's in the toilet. at one house. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: in the toilet? >> next to the toilet, if you need some assistance. >> jimmy: it's like a toilet paper holder, a very expensive -- >> it is now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is it really -- really in your bathroom? >> yeah, one of them. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that means you have too many of them, i think. >> too many bathrooms or hammers? >> jimmy: too many hammers. you don't have enough bathrooms or too many hammers. fy went in your bathroom and saw the hammer, i don't think i'd ever come out. [ laughter ] i really don't. >> no, often people stay in there a little longer, i think because of the hammer. >> jimmy: yeah. >> or -- i don't know. [ laughter ] maybe the food was giving them problems or something. >> jimmy: your kids play with and it want to throw it
12:05 am
one of my sons in particular, he's a beefy little kid park pa, look, look, i can do it! the hammer's got a few dents in it, scratches. >> jimmy: is this your son -- you posted an instagram video of your son. >> yeah. it's that son. >> jimmy: do you mind if we show that video? >> sure, yeah. >> jimmy: so you shot this? >> my wife. >> jimmy: your wife shot this, okay. >> do you want me to describe it? >> jimmy: what's happening here? >> the lollies are kept above the fridge there. and he's 3 by the way. >> jimmy: uh-huh. wow. >> there he's like, oh-oh. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: more of a spider-man than a thor. >> yeah, we kept trying to move all the furniture away because he kept trying to push it next to the fridge and climb his way up. we'd turn around, he'd have a handful of locallies. >> jimmy: at this point you might as well give up. if the lollies are above the refrigerator, he can still get them, might as well give up. >> this is the realization.
12:06 am
>> jimmy: he's a twin. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is his brother like that? >> no, his brother's much smarter. [ laughter ] doesn't quite have the athletic ability. like his brother, when he runs, he looks like usain bolt. his brother runs, it's like he's got flippers on. [ laughter ] it's so cute. they'll be you know -- a pair? the wonder twins from down under or something like that. >> yeah. it's funny, when we were shooting "averchgers," that son in particular -- this is a funny story in the end. [ laughter ] he was in the golf cart. it's a neighborhood you drive golf carts around. son in the back seat, my other son and daughter and wife and they're driving. he started looking at the thing. all of a sudden driving along he's like, whoo, and leaps out the side. >> jimmy: while it's moving? oh, boy. >> my wife is like, what the hell are you doing? runs over. he's like kind of
12:07 am
sulking. more embarrassed that he didn't stick the landing. [ laughter ] she's like, are you all right? he won't talk. she comes into work. i'm on set. brings him in. she's like, i'm going to take him to the doctor. i'm like, he's fine, he's not even crying. i pick him up, are you all right? a little angry still. we get the set nurse to come over. it's not broken, he's fine, he's not even crying, but take him anyway. i'm like, oh, great. my wife takes him off to the doctor. and the doctor's like, it can't be broken, i'll get an x-ray. he gets the x-ray, oh my god, it's a really bad fracture through his femur and it's close to breaking all the way through, we have to rush him to hospital, put him in a cast, and the whole time he's just, as i said, more angry that he didn't land on his feet. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's a tough kid. >> four weeks go by -- >> jimmy: you should fire that set nurse, too. [ laughter ]
12:08 am
four week got by, he gets the cast off. i'm cooking dinner and he's on the bench like, papa, look, my leg's better. i went no! he leaps off the bench. perfect landing. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they have those bubbles. they're like a big plastic bubble. i think you can probably put a kid in there and keep him in it till high school. >> i think his siblingsny reserve need those as protection. >> jimmy: to be protected from him. that's unbelievable. yeah, we didn't have anything like that in our family, nobody was tough, no. [ laughter ] >> i don't know where it came from. >> jimmy: i'm sure you don't. were you like that when you were a kid, rough and tumble little boy? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: swim with the sharks and stuff like that, right? >> i mean, we surf. the sharks are there. >> jimmy: and there's shark in the water, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's called swimming with sharks. [ laughter ] >> we're not chumming the water with dead fish and then
12:09 am
us. >> jimmy: no, you're not welcoming them, but they are there. >> they are there. especially where we live. >> jimmy: do the kids go out in the water with the sharks? >> yeah, they -- they love swimming on the beach. >> jimmy: is that why you had twins, in case one of them does -- [ audience groaning ] >> it's the numbers. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> give you back? it's a great idea. >> the kids are like, papa, did you see the sharks? i'm like, sure did. what'd you do? punch them in the nose. grab them by the tail. chucked them out to sea. they're like, really? i'm like, yeah, i did! >> jimmy: this explains a lot. >> for a few more years. >> jimmy: chris hemsworth, his movie is called "12 strong." we'll be right back after this. the world is not flat. you can't just pinch it, swipe it, or scroll it. sure, you've seen the mediterranean. but have you?
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so kick means go. this is the steering wheel. that's to go left, right to go right, go back to start. >> he's not waiting for us, saddle up. >> i'll start the supply chain. schedule a drop. >> does he have a name? a name? does it have a name? >> check in every four
12:16 am
>> he's going to test you. >> i'll test him too. >> i'm not sure that's a good idea. >> about to find out. >> jimmy: that's chris hemsworth in "12 strong." [ cheers and applause ] it is a true story. >> true story, yeah. >> jimmy: tell us a little about the story. >> so basically, true story that was recently declassified. and after 9/11, the big concern obviously was that there was going to be another attack. so the government wanted boots on the ground in afghanistan. and didn't have time to launch a full-scale, 100,000-troop mission. they sent in 12 special forces guys and they had very little intel about what they were walking into, had no idea who they were meeting, just knew they had to link up with one of the local or a local warlord. and the other tribes in afghanistan, the afghan people. and assist and fight alongside them to remove the taliban from afghanistan, to take back the country. >> jimmy: 12 guys. >> 12 guys. and they had to do it all on horseback. >> jimmy: like if they sent the
12:17 am
>> that's right. >> jimmy: on horseback too. >> on horseback. if you had to pitch that to somebody, they'd say, ridiculous story, it would never happen. what they achieved in three weeks is one of the biggest military achievements in history. and nobody knew about it until very recently. and every day was, as much as the movie was us going, hang on, they did what? how did they pull it off? fascinating and an honor to play these guys. >> jimmy: did you enjoy being on the horse? >> yeah, i enjoyed getting off the horse too. [ laughter ] we had four months on the horse. i've rid ann little but, but movie riding, it's like one scene, not intensive riding. >> jimmy: this was serious riding you were doing. >> yeah. it was funny, we'd do these big charging into battle scenes, so on. then you have insurance and producers and stuff saying, whoa, we can't go above a trot, basically. we've got to be safe about this and that. >> jimmy: did the actual green berets have that also? [ laughter ]
12:18 am
>> yeah, the exact same. so the first couple of days we were trotting into battle, you know. [ laughter ] charge! it's like, cut, cut, cut! the director's like, you can't go any faster? i'm like, winking. boys, this is silly, let's give the horse one and we'll move quicker and get to a gallop, you'll be comfortable. they're like, um, yeah, yeah, okay, cool. one of the actors is the producer of all people. so i kick the horse. we charge off, looking heroic. r after the h! this is great, this is a trailer moment, yeah! all of a sudden, a couple of horses start overtaking my horse. i'm like, this ain't good. [ laughter ] the guy next to me hasn't got his foot in the stirrups. [ laughter ] he's like this. got one hand i'm like, uh, no. pull up, pull up, pull up! and he just
12:19 am
cut, cut, whose idea was that, who did that? i'm like, yeah, whose idea was that? [ laughter ] the horse got spooked from the explosions or something, i don't know! >> jimmy: always blame the horse. that's a great lesson. chris hemsworth. always blame the horse. the movie is "12 strong" which opens january 19th. thank you, chris. be right back with darren criss! liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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12:25 am
what did you do before "glee"? were you on something? >> i did a few things. i was in school, i went to college, did that whole thing. i did this musical in college that kind of set off my career, at least in subcultural circles, a show called "a very potter musical." [ cheers and applause ] that kind of started things for me. >> jimmy: i wouldn't have guessed this many people in this room had even seen a musical, let alone that. [ laughter ] >> they turn out. that was the genesis. >> jimmy: harry potter? is this the musical you wrote? >> yeah, i wrote the music, i played harry. [ cheers and applause ] it's a whole thing, you can ask wikipedia. >> jimmy: does j.k. rowling know you did this, and has she sued you? >> i'm sure she's very upset. it's a fun thing in college, didn't make a dime off it, a fan thing. >> jimmy: where are you from originally? >> i'm from san francisco, the bay area. yeah, they're just wooing at anything at this point.
12:26 am
i'm from the bay area, and i moved to hawaii when i was very young because my dad had a job there. i joke that's where all the half-asian babies go. >> jimmy: are you a half-asian baby? >> i am, half filipino. another woo if you're half filipino. not as many people. [ laughter ] yeah, half filipino kid. >> jimmy: your mom is filipino? >> yes, from sebu, and my dad is a good old fashioned 18ly mutt guy, so i look italian. >> jimmy: did you grow up with filipino food and that sort of thing? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: restaurants here in town that you will go to? >> yes, funny story. just yesterday, we had the premiere for the show we'll talk about in a second. that was on monday night. so tuesday morning, i said to my mom, let's go get some really fatty, unhealthy filipino food. as you do when you want to celebrate and you're half filipino. [ laughter ] there's a restaurant that i love in l.a., shout-out to l.a. rose cafe. i go there all the time. >> jimmy: i've heard of that place. >> it's very, very
12:27 am
in that the guy who runs the place will give you a hard time if you don't finish your food. like a real filipino uncle. >> jimmy: he yells at you if you don't finish? >> doesn't yell, just gives you grief for it. >> jimmy: i wouldn't know, i've never actually not finished a meal. [ laughter ] i'll take your word for it. >> you'd fit right in. he continued to give me more grief. i had to shave my beard because we were still shooting this morning. made a beard and he was saying, you remind me of a guy who comes in here a lot, do you know this actor darren criss? he has a movie coming out. i'm like, oh, yeah, tell me about this guy. people try to take pictures of him, he's okay. [ laughter ] on the way out, i didn't want to be untruthful with the guy because i'm a fan of his work. i'm like, i am darren, and i really enjoy your restaurant. he goes, no, you're not darren. darren, you know, he's big. [ laughter ] so i guess -- at least it wasn't the other way ar
12:28 am
i wasn't the fat guy who looked like him. >> jimmy: he still doesn't know what happened. >> now he does. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: maybe he does now. you're playing a murderer. a serial killer. >> many things. a spree killer, a guy andrew, a very troubled young man who does not follow the typical prerequisites of a killer. he didn't kill small animals as a child or have a history of violence. >> jimmy: he just took to it naturally. >> i suppose so. well, such is the exploration of our show. how a kid with so much promise becomes somebody so destructive. i play him. >> jimmy: is that fun? that must be a lot of fun, to play a killer. >> i don't know if fun is the word. >> jimmy: really. >> it certainly goes to dark places. we see the good sides of him, the sad sides of him. the fun part truly if i have to be a big star gazer, i got to do the show with this insane-o cast. >> jimmy: who's in it? >> penelope cruz. >> jimmy: that's good, yeah. >> edgar ramirez.
12:29 am
was on our show once. i did not think, yes, penelope cruz. [ laughter ] >> well, she'll prove you wrong. of course we have international pop superstar ricky martin as well. you have latin royalty, then the half filipino dude. >> jimmy: did you hang out with these people? >> i made sure that that was going to happen. >> jimmy: i see. >> for plot reasons, you can do the math, i don't spend a lot of time with their characters at all on screen. >> jimmy: right, right. >> so i -- actually, with all due credit to ricky martin, he was very kind. he had us come over to his house several times. i'm sort of the pied piper of karaoke and sing-along situations because i usually don't bring booze, food, but i'll bring a guitar and have sing-along. that was my contribution. one of my favorite medical ease of the show, at ricky martin's house which is a place setter of, whoa, this is wacky. and i'm sitting there next to
12:30 am
grammys. what ricky thought would be nice as a host was he got pedicures for people. >> jimmy: what? >> so there's this -- it gets better. [ laughter ] so i'm prlaying guitar, playing "let it go." penelope is singing. i start playing one of ricky martin's songs and edgar ramirez is singing it to ricky, next to his grammys, all the while they're getting pedicures. [ laughter ] i'm like, this all comes from having done a harry potter musical? how did this all happen? >> jimmy: you're now both living la vida loca, in a way. [ laughter ] >> truly the loco-ist possible. >> jimmy: that's some life you're having. >> it's been fun, here we are now. >> jimmy: it's great to meet you. >> likewise, man. >> jimmy: "the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story" premieres one week from tonight, 10:00 on fx. it's a miniseries. be right back with elvis costello!
12:31 am
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>> jimmy: i'd like to thank chris hemsworth, darren criss, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first this is the soundtrack "film stars don't die in liverpool." here with the song "you shouldn't look at me that way," elvis costello! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ am i fine am i pleasing are you pitying are you teasing ♪ ♪ you shouldn't look at me you shouldn't look at me that way ♪
12:34 am
shoot a glance from you ♪ ♪ just shoot through me if a glimpse of you couldn't do me you shouldn't look at me ♪ ♪ you shouldn't look at me that way time among all of your enemies ♪ ♪ leaves you nothing but bitter memories from the first splash of affection ♪ ♪ to avoiding your own reflection you shouldn't look at me you shouldn't look ♪ ♪ at me that way
12:35 am
♪ ♪ now the flashbulbs bedazzle while you're figuring out the spasm ♪ ♪ you shouldn't look at me you shouldn't look at me that way don't take more ♪ ♪ than i offer all my love or i'll make you suffer you shouldn't look a
12:36 am
♪ you shouldn't look at me that way time among all of your enemies ♪ ♪ makes disguises from drastic melodies from the first brush with perfection ♪ to avoiding your own reflection you shouldn't look at me you shouldn't look ♪ ♪ at me that way you shouldn't look at me that way ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, paradise lost. >> oh my god! mom! >> the devastating mudslides in california dropping boulders, engulfing homes, killing at least 17. the search for survivors and rescues still under way. >> fighting with all my heart to find her, but she's most likely dead. >> how this idyllic town was flattened, seemingly in an instant. plus confessions of a cartel killer. a former hitman for a rival of the notorious el chapo coming clean about decades of brutal murder. >> he's


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