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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> abc7 news at noon on your side. melanie: president trump under massive scrutiny after his about africans and haitian immigrants being allowed into the u.s. he said, "the language used in the meeting was tough, but not the language used." a senator says he used hate filled speech repetitively. suzanne:
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president's alleged comments coming on social media and also being played out in the headlines of news tapers across the country, some of those headlines tame, others more sensationalized. take a look at how the new york papers handled it. "the daily news" putting a poop emoji with orange hair on top of it on the cover. "the philadelphia daily news" as a headline showing the president and reading, "looking out for number two." some papers mention it, others did not cover it on the front page. people have mixed opinions about the coverage and what the president may have said. >> i suspect that he probably said what everyone says that he said. it is not a good look for us at all as a country. >> absolutely offensive. this is something that i thought we turned the page as a nation. it does not look good. suzanne:
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house did not deny the comments, but today the president says he did use harsh language, but he did not use that vulgar word. abc7 news. melanie: president trump canceling an upcoming visit to london out of anger. he did it on twitter. he was scheduled to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new u.s. embassy in britain next month. just before midnight, he posted a tweet blaming the obama administration's decision to sell the country's old embassy for "peanuts," calling it a bad deal. problem is, that decision was made in 2008 during the bush administration. secretary of state rex tillerson will now reportedly take trump's place at the opening next month. developing now, a ripple effect at airports due to bad weather heading to the east coast. transportation reporter sam sweeney is at reagan national with more on the headaches. sam:
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mel, you think with 60-degree temperatures everything would be ok at the airport, but it is not, there are already 45 cancellations at reagan. you can see the layer of fog. that was much worse earlier today. there was a groundstop and now the flights are backed up and a lot of cancellations coming in and going out. the boards are a mess. take a look at the terminal inside, the line for the helpdesk stretches all the way down the a concourse because of all the delays. dca tells us the average delay is over two hours right now. if you are headed to the airport today, you want to call ahead, check online to make sure your flight is on time or not canceled, because there are going to be problems all day long. i'm sam sweeney. the storm that caused the deadly mudslide in california continues to push east. that system will roll into the northeast coast later today
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eastern great lakes into new england. what wild weather around here, but it is a warm and wet friday and it really feels like spring out there, steve. steve: hard to believe almost the middle of january and it does feel very spring-like out there depending on your location. already get 71 degrees in culpeper, warrenton. 70 in manassas. 10 degrees colder over at reagan national. wind out of the south off the cool waters of the potomac. let me show you what is going on in terms of satellite and radar for you. widely scattered showers around the area right now. if you are out and about moving through the afternoon hours, grab your umbrella. capitol heights, hillcrest heights. for the district itself, it is dry, but another round of what weather off to the west of us -- wet weather off to the west of us. once the cold front moves on through, we are going to feel it big-time tomorrow morning. for today, feels-like temperature's in the middle
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60's. coming up, we going to track the cold front, the rain, and our next best chance for a few flakes of snow. melanie? melanie: thank you, steve. an update on the knife attack that left three students at central high school in capitol heights injured yesterday. police believe the whole incident was over a girl. john gonzalez is at central high school where police and school officials give an update on how this happened. john: 24 hours after two students at central high school were stabbed inside the school, the school is no longer on lockdown. take a look at the entrance, it looks much different today, no longer blocked, but the police chief and the superintendent paid visits today, walked the hallways, and spoke to students and staff in class, this sign hanging in the front lobby. now, 19-year-old edwin martinez is charged with weapons charges, attempted murder, and a salt. the other students are expec
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over a girl, police believe. things are calm and normal today, the suspect is latino, the victims are black. the school superintendent admits the school has had race problems in the past. the school does have metal detector wands, not walk-through machines. it is probably going to stay that way. >> her best resource when it comes to weapons and other kinds of issues are other kinds of students who come to us and give us information. that did not happen yesterday. >> there isn't and should not be a misperception that the weapon was brought with the intent to create this circumstance. john: the superintendent says he does not see security protocol changing because of the situation. the chief of police says he would like to continue talking to the students, including the three young men involved in this incident. capitol heights, john gonzalez. ,elanie: coming up next at noon a race against time. thousands more forced
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crews out west scramble to find survivors from deadly mudslides in southern california. also coming up, we are talking north korea and the long reign of kim jong-un's family. a preview of "20/20" is next. let's get a check of traffic with daniel. are seeing some really heavy delays on the southbound side of 95 in virginia making our way toward lorton, traffic coming toward you a bit jammed up. as you head over to 395, it looks like we will see slow traffic getting up to the inbound 14th street bridge, delays headed toward the freeway. 295 moving well at eastern avenue. southbound from burrows avenue, looks like you are going to be on the brakes. northbound delays just as heavy. like we have looks some construction over on the eastbound side of route 28. the right lane and right shoulder block
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between route 124 and edison park drive. reports of any slowdowns in this area inbound. traffic looks good over on 270 spur. traffic looking good on the beltway toward the merge with 270.
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melanie: the search for survivors and victims of deadly inslides in california are their fourth day. five people remain unaccounted for after heavy rains caused fire scarred hills to give way. the mudslides killed at least 17 people ranging in age from 3 to
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89. caught on camera, a group of men caught stealing dozens of weapons from a gun store in kentucky. look at this. one by one, they smashed the glass using crowbars and took more than 40 guns before they took off. today expecting an update on the flu outbreak, it has already been an extreme and deadly season with a state of emergency now declared in alabama. in california, a family says their daughter died after being misdiagnosed with the flu. the 12-year-old's mom says doctors told them their daughter had the fluence of them home without a proven, but she did not get better -- with ibuprofen , but she did not get better and it turned out she had a viral infection, but it was too late. the family has no plans to sue, but they want to see better testing for children to prevent similar tragedies. a murder suspect is dead after a shootout with police. charlotte police say the man was want
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girlfriend. he shot at officers standing in the parking lot of police headquarters. officers returned fire, killing him. one officer was shot in the leg but is expected to be ok. now to the pay gap gripping hollywood. actor mark wahlberg reportedly refused to approve the casting of christopher plummer as kevin spacey's replacement in that film "all about the money," unless he was paid $1.5 million. here is reaction. >> we must have the money to spare. >> another scandal surrounding ridley scott's kidnapping drama "all the money in the world." usa today reports that mark wahlberg refused to approve christopher plummer as the last-minute replacement for kevin spacey unless mark wahlberg was paid $1.5 million to reshoot his scenes. his lawyer reportedly vetoed christopher plummer until the demand was met. that payment has become the source of controversy after it was reported that wahlberg was
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the reshoot than his female costar, michelle williams. williams, who is nominated for a golden globe for her role in the film, was paid just $80 per day. in order to be ready for awards show season, the reshoot had to start nine days after spacey was accused by several men of sexual misconduct, so williams said she did everything she could to make it happen. call fromved a phone a producer and he said, please don't talk to anybody about this, we will know in the next 24 hours if we can pull it off,. would you if we could? i said, not only would i, but i will give you back my salary if that would help and i will give you my thanksgiving break, if that would help. >> "usa today" was not told that wahlberg's team had negotiated a hefty reshoot fee, despite the fact that both stars share the same talent agent he. celebrities tweeted across the world sharing their discus -- discusd.
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melanie: singer seal is slamming oprah for her golden globe speech that shed light on the recent wave of sexual assault allegations hovering around hollywood. seal took to instagram claiming that oprah heard about the rumors of sexual misconduct involving harvey weinstein, but did nothing about it. the singer called the media mogul an example of "sanctimonious hollywood." unhappy with something on your next flight? american airlines has a new policy to help make it up to you. the airline is giving flight attendants the ability to compensate passengers with frequent flyer miles right on the spot. the airline has always given away miles to make up for any onboard issues, but until now, angry passengers had to file a complaint to get those miles. making it simpler, putting smiles on people's faces. they like that. steve: time is not on our side to keep the wa
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that we have out there right now. it is almost balmy and sort of sticky, a bit more humid. you can see the clouds are going to hang around with desperate much the entire afternoon along with scattered showers and, tonight, that is the main event with the colder air. 61 degrees at reagan national. that is going to be one of the cooler spots on the map. the toward the south and west of us, we have cracked the 70-degree mark in manassas. 71 in culpeper. annapolis, 54 degrees. the reason why they are cooler with quantico, wind off the cooler water. that is keeping temperatures down for them. 68, petersburg. unbelievable for this time of year. -4 in minneapolis. 21 in chicago. 5 in sault ste. marie.
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all the moisture suppressed in the eastern third of the united states. cold front right over here. on the edge of that is where the wintry weather is beginning to set up. winter storm warnings for tennessee, parts of kentucky, western indiana, ohio, pennsylvania moving through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. nothing for the immediate metro area. the closest we could get is a winter weather advisory for garrett county and extreme western maryland. the moisture continues to move off to the east northeast. we are going to keep it wet for the afternoon hours. driving around the capital beltway, it is mainly dry with clouds beginning to break up just a little bit, but the clouds are going to win out as we move through the afternoon hours. wet weather, college park. moving off for the annapolis area, beginning to dry out, a few breaks in the clouds. for this afternoon going out to lunch, we are going to skull for scattered -- we going to call for scattered showers. wet
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here is futurecast as we advance through the evening hours and into the overnight. the main event, the cold front arrives after midnight and that colder air comes funneling in from the north and west. temperatures tomorrow, not going to call them daytime highs because that is going to be her leg the morning, they are in the 30's with feels-like forerature's, middle 50's d.c. moving into tomorrow afternoon, feels-like temperature's, upper teens and lower 20's. i will take you to look at our seven-day. once we get through tomorrow, we will look for temperatures on the chilly side and we are going to look for temperatures to begin to rebound late, late next week. melanie: we will notice that difference. steve, thank you. amid nuclear threats, tonight, "20/20" reports on kim jong-un and his fractured family's 70-year rule. bob
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who knew him and his assassinated half-brother and he joins us with a preview. good morning to you. >> what can we expect to learn --u2, melanie. -- you too, melanie. melanie: what can we expect to learn tonight? is fascinating, when the half brother was killed by a type of chemical. the other thing, as you said is family.a very unknown nobody has real contact with them. they have remained behind the curtains for so long. we found some defectors who can tell us some facts about with this family tree is like. who took power and why was it and why was one ultimately killed? melanie: i understand that you talked with a japanese journalist the new kim jong-un jongashcam -- kim
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>> it is interesting, he was kim jong-un's half-brother. but many thought he was going to be the heir apparent. he was the oldest son of kim jong-il, the father, but he was put out partly because he was embarrassed, he embarrassed the country by illegally trying to get into tokyo disneyland. he faked his passport, got over there, got caught, the country was so embarrassed they decided he was not going to be the one to take over. it was the youngest brother, kim jong-un, who ultimately took over. this remarkably good reporter out of tokyo got a rare nam that with kim jong he told a story about wanting to change the country and this really angered kim jong-un when he came to power and that may or may not, we don't have proof of it, we know that north korea was involved in the killing, but we don't know if kim jong-un waor
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changed over time between those two brothers. very interesting. north korea so secretive, it must've of been quite challenging to get any information for your story. three big cities to try to find dictators that knew something about this. we got remarkable aerial shots of the resorts where the family got access to in a country they are able to go to these wonderful places with their own beaches, airports, football fields, where many others in the country were suffering starvation, many in these kind of slave camp's. we were able to get some information from various sources to tell this truth. if you've got somebody who wants to learn something about the family tree in north korea, this is a great one to watch in an hour. i don't think of ever seen a summary together so quickly. melanie:
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there any cracks showing in the family grip on power? >> well, that we don't know. there is every indication that kim jong-un is being widely accepted within the country. he was very successful in developing with technology to make nuclear weapons, at least possibly. it is going a lot faster than the u.s. thought. people are looking at him as kind of a hero within. very much like his grandfather. there are going to be meetings across the border, they did this week, between the north and the south, which has rarely happened. they will send representatives down to the olympics this year. forward-un is moving and, right now, he seems to be fairly successful. melanie: very interesting perspective on north korea and its leadership tonight, looking forward to watching a report. abc7." at 10:00 p.m. on thank you very much. much more had this noon, inclin
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melanie: david letterman back on tv with his new netflix series, "my next guest needs no introduction." it kicks off with a big get, former president barack obama. he says he is not quite as confident on the dance floor is in the oval office. >> i have dad moves. [laughter] >> i think the key is what we call staying in the pocket. [laughter] >> sure. >> right? you've got to stay in the pocket. [laughter] >> because i think everybody here knows dad to get
12:25 pm
they are trying stuff that they can't really pull off. melanie: oh yeah. the six-episode series will be spread out over six months. sounds like lots of laughs. it is a damp day out there today, at least it is nice and warm. how long will the milder temperatur
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melanie: considering what is in
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country, we are pretty lucky. steve: we are really, really lucky. we are not looking at any wintry weather, but temperatures are going to turn winter-like into the day tomorrow. highs in the mid and upper 60's. once you get away from the water, already in the lower 70's south and west of us. the average temperature tomorrow will be 37 degrees, even the wind chills will feel like the upper teens and lower 20's. a lot of folks of the day off on monday for martin luther king jr. day. near freezing and a chance for a few snowflakes tuesday of next week. we will be watching that closely.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at noon, on your side. melanie: out west, it is a desperate search for survivors after deadly mudslides devastated communities in southern california.
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sadly, there are fears it will grow as dozens are missing. a report from santa barbara with the latest. >> nearly the entire city of montecito now under a mandatory evacuation order, some 10,000 residents forced to leave their homes, allowing crews complete access to all areas strewn with debris competitor -- considered dangerous and hazardous. >> we just found this this morning. that is a gas main that has been spewing gas for four days. >> from montecito to burbank on a series of mudslides destroying or damaging 500 businesses and homes. >> you see this area with this home and this pool now absolutely nothing. >> i've been here 35-40 years and this is the worst thing i've ever seen. >> at least 17 people are dead, including rebecca rifkin, her son
12:32 pm
>> i hope that she knows that i was giving everything i could to find her. >> rescuers and canines are trudging through the sludge holding out hope they will find those missing still alive. >> you have heard stories from around the world where people have been missing eight or nine days and they were found alive and we are hoping we will find those people and those people are out here very hard to make that happened. >> those forced to flee their homes will not be allowed to return until evacuation orders are lifted. that might not happen for another two weeks. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. melanie: that storm system that caused those deadly mudslides in southern california continues to push east. states in the midwest and the planes hit with snow, ice, strong winds. the system will roll into the east coast later today with heavy snow likely from the great lakes to eastern new england. , warm temperatures today, but we have some big changes on the way. steve:
12:33 pm
absolutely. a few breaks in the clouds, but you will not need your sunglasses. keep the umbrella handy this afternoon. .ulpeper and warrenton heaviest.and radar another round is on the way later on today and into the evening hours. head over to the college park area, national harbor, alexandria. now beginning to dry out with brighter skies on the way. that is on the back edge of it. blue, 39 degrees in columbus, ohio. timing the cold and the wind chill factor for the day tomorrow and looking up to our updated forecast
12:34 pm
trump is nosident denying that he referred to haiti and african nations as expletive-hole countries. one senator says the president is now denying the truth. >> president trump reacting to his reported use of a vulgar slur during a meeting with lawmakers working on an immigration deal. multiple sources tell abc news that the president was angry when he learned the deal would include benefits to african countries and haiti. this morning, trump tweeted, "the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough, but not the language used." said anything negative about patients -- haitian
12:35 pm
>> it is not true, he said these hateful things that he said them repeatedly. it was a heartbreaking moment. >> thank you very much, great honor. >> days after the president welcomed the norwegian prime minister, those present said he suggested that the u.s. bring in more immigrants from norway. fallout overseas and at home. haitian-american and gop congresswoman mia love called the comments unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation's values. as thements come president works on a bipartisan with immigration. abc news, washington. melanie: president trump is heading to walter reed in
12:36 pm
physical exam since taking office. the white house has said it will give a public readout of the results, but it is still unclear how much information will be released. president trump is 71 years old, he has said he expects everything will go well. he would be surprised if it doesn't. in an overnight week, president trump announced the sudden cancellation of a planned trip ribbon onto cut the the new embassy. the sale of the old embassy actually began under the george w. bush administration. here is molly hunter in london. >> looking forward to welcoming the president when he comes over here. i think you will be very impressed with this building. >> today, a life-sized whacks model of president trump looks skeptical, at best, and the real president trump was not impressed. tweeting, "the reason i canceled my trip is that i'm not a big fan of the obama administration having
12:37 pm
london for peanuts only to build a new one in an off location for $1.2 billion." according to the state department, most of that is not true. it is the most expensive u.s. embassy building ever built, costing $1 billion, but it was actually a choice made by the bush administration and that old embassy was not sold for peanuts . the state department says the new building was entirely funded by the sale of u.s. government properties in london. >> this is not just a new office building, it signifies a new era of friendship twn ou cube. the u.s. ambassador woodie johnson told us that special relationship is about to get even stronger. in london, major protests were expected during the visit and mayor cindy khan said it appears -- sadiq
12:38 pm
khan said it appears the president finally got the news from the people. melanie: new developments from that bombshell sex scandal swirling around missouri governor. he admits to cheating on his wife, but denies he blackmailed the woman involved to keep her quiet. now at least two democratic lawmakers have called for him to resign. others say they want to see the facts first. he denies allegations that he took nude photos of the woman and threatens to leave them if she went public with information on their extramarital affair. coming up on the news at noon, eating tide pods
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to a health alert that has so many parents petrified. teenagers taking tied laundry detergent pods and putting them in their mouths. the danger this could cause your child. >> tide pods clean great. >> the laundry detergent pods. they are now the focus of a dangerous new online challenge. >> teenagers trying to be funny are now putting themselves in danger by ingesting this poisonous substance. >> teenagers are putting laundry pods into their mouths and posting the videos online. the videos are so alarming, we are just showing freeze frames. this comes as the american association of poison control centers says there has been a steep spike in the number of
12:42 pm
laundry pods. there are 40 cases so far into 2018 and counting. >> it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. >> this is not the first time tide pods have come under fire. they have been a major source of concern for small children, who mistake them for candy. in 2017, the american association of poison control centers says there were reports of more than 10,000 exposures to highly concentrated packets of laundry detergent to children five and under. >> they would get very sick, they get very drowsy, significant loss of consciousness. >> consuming these pods can be lethal. >> we are aware of about 10 deaths since laundry pods came into the market many years ago. >> procter and gamble news nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people who use our products, they should not be played with whatever the circumstance is, even if meant as a joke. melanie:
12:43 pm
something like that in your mouth. steve: it is a little bit soupy out there. some airports delaying three hours because of the weather to the west of us. if you have a flight at noon or this evening, check with your airport. a couple people enjoying the boardwalk. it is all going to disappear in less than 18 hours. temperatures, almost 12:45 and it is 71 degrees in warrenton, 71 in culpeper, 66, leesburg, 65, gaithersburg. if you are looking for that pool of much colder air, here it is just off to the north and west. 21, chicago. -4 in minneapolis. this is the cold front off to the west of us that arrives here late tonight, early tomorrow
12:44 pm
front. that is where they have a lot of wintry weather at this time. i will sure you the latest in terms of the winter storm warnings. if you do have travel plans that take you over to memphis, nashville, into parts of ohio, into the pittsburgh area, western pennsylvania, these are the areas that are going to a find the most extreme wintry weather and the highest likelihood for air travel delays moving through the afternoon. show you stormwatch7 satellite and radar to read a little bit of a break in the action right now. the heaviest of the moisture just off to the west of us. thisarise later on afternoon and into the evening hours. and a fewit of a lull breaks in the clouds, but it will stay mostly cloudy moving through the rest of the afternoon. grab an umbrella as you head outdoors. for this afternoon, temperatures middle and upper 60's, even lower 70's south and west of town. temperatures in the lower to middle 60's. here is our freshly updated futurecast. widely scattered showers. 2:00 i
12:45 pm
see that rush-hour weather? once the cold front moves away, then the colder air is going to funnel on in. can't rule out a chance for flakes of snow western maryland. not looking at any advisories right now. highs for tomorrow, if you want to make the average temperatures for tomorrow, the highs are going to happen early in the morning, only in the lower 30's with feels like temperatures in the upper teens and lower 20's. this is our futurecast and what it is going to feel like. 12 midnight tonight around 60 degrees. ,otice what you are happening the cold wind chills happening funneling over the area. tomorrow morning, the wind chills continued to fall. this is what the computer is forecasting for what it is going to feel like in the beltway at around 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, only in the lower 20's. 66, today. only into the 30's tomorrow.
12:46 pm
martin luther king jr. day, just near freezing. a bit of a bump in temperatures with snow flurries. colder after that. thank you, steve. now to a challenge that will make you cringe, the iphone x is apple's most of vincennes expensive phone, but just how tough is it? testing it out in the newest dropped challenge. >> that sickening sound, a shattered screen. some tech bloggers worried about the new iphone x. and both1000 a pop sides made of glass. how will it withstand the drops we have come to dread? apple advertises that all three of its new phones are built with the most durable glass ever in a smartphone front and back. we set up our own drop challenge with the iphone x. three iphones worth $3000 dropping from three different
12:47 pm
a pocket-height drop, a selfie drop and a three-story drop. from the roof of this event venue, the terrace in new jersey. eightink from the waist hie drop it probably won't cramp. i'm expecting them to break higher than that. >> we are dropping all three facedown. first up, the pocket drop. you'll your phone out of your pocket and -- a couple of little dings, but this looks fine on the whole. next, our selfie drop. here goes. not shattered. i'm actually surprised. our last one, and extreme drop from this rooftop. three stories up, dropping the phone into a parking lot. here goes.
12:48 pm
the back looks perfect. the front! [laughter] >> wow. that is completely shattered to shreds. >> i expected the three-foot to be what we got. i thought we would see more damage at the five-foot. that turned out just fine. the three-story drop, i think that's what i expected. [laughter] >> it is not invincible. to check of interior components were damaged, the phones are pulled apart. >> the cameras are well secured. >> and puts them through a function test. >> loudspeaker seems to be working. the phones dropped from three feet and five feet seem ok. >> it looks good. >> the phone dropped from the roof has a trashed screen and is making some rather odd noises. >> i'm pretty sure that is the sound of the iphone cryi
12:49 pm
ok, when we put an undamaged screen on it, the cameras no longer function. >> this seems to have survived a pretty monumental drop with fairly minor damage. >> she says even after the three , there is still one more challenge. >> i'm going to reserve judgment until it withstand the test of time. >> why? did you cringe when you saw that phone drop like i did? probably so. coming up, tonya harding's mother
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
award-winning performance, allison janney portrays tonya harding's mother as an eccentric woman who wore a bird on her shoulder. and both physically and mentally abused her daughter. >> you are a monster. >> it is a resemblance tonya harding describes as uncanny. >> she was fabulous. >> for years, she has alleged that abuse, as seen in the 1986 documentary "sharp edges." >> my relationship with my mom is really bad. she'not a good mother. she hits me and she beats me. >> she did it on a regular basis. >> harding tells amy roebuck about a time when she says her mother through a steak night at her. >> i was about 10 feet from
12:53 pm
>> right here. >> what is going through your mind at that moment? >> that she is freaking nuts. crazy. >> in her first interview since the film premiere, she denies the abuse ever happened. >> no. why would i throw a steak knife that anybody? she wouldn't know what beating was. i did not abuse any of my children. >> throughout tonya harding's childhood, her mother says she worked two to three jobs to get by. >> tonya herself called this trailer trash. we were never trailer trash. we had a beautiful, new trailer. >> how would you describe your mom is a mother? >> not a good one. i knew that she was drinking a was like half of a thermos brandy and the rt
12:54 pm
>> i would have coffee and sometimes i would put brandy flavoring and it. i love randy flavoring. you cannot get drunk on flavoring. sorry to disappoint you. >> now happily married with a young son, tonya harding says she does not want her mother anywhere near her family. >> your mom has never met your son? >> no. she wants forgiveness, she wants to see me, she wants to make amends, she wants to meet and be part of the family. hell no. and golden says she does not care about the film or how it portrays her, saying she cares less about the movie then she does about the dirt outside.
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melanie: hard to figure out how to dress for this weather. steve: my dog was so ready to go and he loved every second of it. tomorrow, he is going to be like, note, like what happened? [laughter] steve: daytime highs well into the middle and upper 60's. much colder tomorrow. , windy atmperature times, freezing on sunday. it is going to be drive for any celebrations on martin luther king jr. day. melanie: winter coming back with a vengeance for sure.
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