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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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inspector general deemed a or the information.tleblor as wn thr t g otha e istleblorehef e thnatialonmoin >> somet thing he said in a cal with a esforeigt r itcaprte madasth>> a w newse t pelecl were lined up so that they could t seehis ar past wity have given up on the illcar g.ur completely sol out.
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the first lahady cisut the ow atmosphere like there now?poer: tes st iysal devgtelshopments now ign --sau t ou.exd th ci.hoping for a peaceful relumitisoster ttours, g lea claboser look amremiat the everyone else who comes today, this is what they are being tetogrureethhad vewi the y oohas bek. llinis hd >> actually, texas probably is en whladyt ha t med costume party ra n is tt aengallo redr amitae te a bluestate. demographics , ex tat whab p auronre india to be able to expenses right befoheret tre aea3:d un>>
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i have been stationed all over the world. as a cfitural affairs ofr, i have sent many students from othe acountries to amend to washington on tours. sier harry bafonte at tant show. of course, they visited the all of this is coming out as he seeks of texas monuments and everything and i have never .wad caowlued out st but there's a tropical es ng m blone pe hrcanent. >> wcahereen tugh hava lot of mada ue the that relentless rain. aook at . the westbound ri onfairfax. ceederhentunrerott aiest d of
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the beltway inner loopghwo e wa shington parkway is back i acda butf yond u are tolooking for the right lane. for the outer live in maryland, this is belover road at seven lakhs road. he see the left ocked so te ila neactually be 0 kerah r in rella because s,ouper n dilsffent ve because they were out there. it was a little bit cool bu no dog ee overlooking national harbodrd . ala ready at 70 degrees 7pual a9 tyirport. on tly minutes with the u.p wemi. anngatcoer and of coenurw have redskins football. this monday.s. aiort,arat ndseking forwarooy:californd ia the white s isusor it
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ounus.hank you steve. y tholks iscalis fornia'st rgin we hav 7e breaking news on on what caused wordrs piorwi athnd sedtain delegate twts are e argus th wo s emsionin t our ceus.tionve toi >> with the law, science and facts on our side. >> the presidentmes teash was orheonwo t m ned coe
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capitol hill.rning heron take a look at some of the video here. we found district residents early this morni ng llaryeh.r. 51, would make d.c. >>john: fis and also t m, nume. .brdlloa s ee only on abc7 news br binstructor about this memor they are ihe video, st y.daking at the heantla riou evacuated after reports of a stuck i that same tree. >> is asae notow tell the republicans have sponsored the re tn pie f ar atthcoea ntiniir bill esn even bigger hurdle, the senate. reporting live on capitol hill
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this afternoon johnlez abc7 g tale in his matter-of-factay about crashingand lpen hessly waiting for res> as the ane cr end up falling out of a tree. >>lindsey: john, thank you ntli [lr]ghte committebue t behind closed doo with theicopa s that is what i was thinking. >> youcan laugh about ittoday but he admits waiting for special team from howard county fire for nearly 2 hours was tough. >> it was scary to be up there. i had to trust that knew what they were doing and they did. >> the fire department losing hasce en the yiohiwm buserutt. these photos of his rescue. start in a harness and lower to the ground. >> i am probably out of sources have not slept for 30 hours. > but you okay? ka>> jim and i are othat is all that matters. >> ced riexenpe som ticaucing statewc.paniidsof
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an on wedsd, r cad. paul interti.poththremnants of
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m storcosponsor round gun ouin but areact thboate local overnight they have seen rainfall rates of up to six
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at e n sa he. tn rai spoteial for hlindsey: a world waero isfi hor of the lifetime. >>lindsey: thaays n as woke ve ts. gng tt bee the 96-year-old veteran t remained hero of cologne des e d arrlded thwar e ii memo. d caline years.>> 96-year-old thought to was going he pentagon for a book signing. rry at all. but whenar he d riveto the woul bronze star for his heroic
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actions that won him nickname, the hero of cologne. >> well overdue.veeceived it a grass and weeds in tmeblra time ago. >> a german panther tank ambushed an american purging tank killing the entire crew on phefa board. before clarence smoyer, who was e virgia a in e clds, and brsklt then the arondlyn and lincoln m. a gunner, answered the call and fought back.yo cologne. let's knock the hellut of it. y iut othe metrees are startin chgers a little int vels, he and we obliged. >> they defeated the panther. but stripped of his chances of winning an award for talkinchto german dren who asked him for a stick of bubblegum.> i tried to explain to them that i don't have anything.t tohow them that they were empty. t cloud ong ady opalpiwa mps pulled up beside me and, you are not supposed to be talking to the germans. ihinkha lose the bronze star. >> wednesday, 74 years later he and the entire crew from the
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but his fellow war buddies were doab solutely. you will need one with temperatures only th 40s but manassasleesburg, downtown present, too. >> i was surprised i was real surprised. dun55rees with highs that will make it into >> a day he never thought would > it is a great honor >> at the world war ii the lower 80s by afternoon. let's talk about the alexandria pmemorial. caroatrickis abc7 news. art fe this weekend. if you like art, it is a great time. king street from the river over toward washington street. >>lindsey: and if his name temperatures will be in the middle tupper 80s close to 90 degrees. dsofiaam newil york novel do not forget to download your storm watch 7 ather app. in they do not need for any storms, at least not anytime come wednesday of next week we could be looking at that is whjo started the understorms. authurney to ensure that only a slight chance, but until then looking at wmperatures ill be enclarmoce syer heheld chfor them as well. ulloo de wnaontional mallish rhtic now up doan . presently g goonint enont atho the world war ii memorial. this beautiful. >>steve: it is ande esskrab the sung as you t looks
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like this in stevensville, maryland looking toward bay bridw . for this viemaybe going to skieand lls otel. searchable in midmorning there with us right now but still plenty of sunshine to enjoy. see the iats comingand out hotel rgetown harbor but ran on roslyn.king toward a beautiful,beautiful afternoon. 79 degrees at big national and upper marble at 67 and leonard town looking at 60 near 70 in 6philipsburg and middle in winchester and autumn is just ouaround the corner. rse, this weekend it is going to be our last full weekend of summer. even though we will make that m
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on monday, still plenty of warm weather to enjoy for the mntth of september ao october. the dew point what the level of moisture in the air, only the mid-40s to lower 50s but that is why fl so great also. attic calls off toward the west of us. once again, we do stay dry for the remainder of the afternoon. in the evening hours if you have outdoor dinner plans with talking about outdoor plants and afterschool sports for the middle 70s but lots of sunshine and it is going to be a coar t tomorrow. even cold for some considering how warm past summer and the district rs le that it not dastytlaonghe lg himaaboute thtown monday night. alfow.t inhae s lud in a you can watch the game right stnce td ygrolaseonunowin are temperatures pretty fantastic. 9:00 p.m. in the upper 70s and middle 70s by the time the game wraps up. hopefullat with a win. aters friday 82 degrees.ey n store before s
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iofinishomg fray agr ound. her family just feet awayauor th.lung the a warm weekend ahead and thdriv one. once we get through monday we do welcome autumn and then the fbi. chance for wet weather will come wednesday of next week. maybe a fethunderstorms. anen ngou >>lindsey: all right steve, thank you. mpinstagram says it wiose tighter restrictions on post el scng. that aated to diet products and cosmetic surgery. concerns have been raised about the impact that they can have on young people's mental health and body image. some of these posts will be hidden from users known to be under 18 years old.ontent with a meritle claim about a weight loss product link to coa from instagram>> there's a whol hing ana thd in build,fangciffal them. chilwhchithe johnson reportindreng is dilid i >>lindsey: that is that he was navy in their so baffled by this video which show ufos hurtling through the airport the footage is from thenpret stued tseit say lla
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th>>eve: ng.wera tpp e w ey it was by far the sc iest above the desert outsidof t r thblowveing they were riding in plummeted out of the sky. >> it felt like a car crash ea h ad it was just as ground. hit.he >> the initial impact ejecting the lot and for other passengers out of the basket. >> was the te
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th is en wstarto lt stofagain. then we realized where is everybody? >> you just need the all of a sudden the pilott s no reof the balloon and that lets air out. ht the hot air out. ave like 15 seconds from wh poud ulletsaclydr dragginglo a the desert sand for nearly half a mile.first sean and then tom both thrown to the ground anytunhing to thl. >> shouwhtiy name after we were out of the balloon. i remembnk thi inthg,ate h >> her leg was broken and her both of them trapped in the hou.
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th sti on there with atvs.recalo >> wg started drivind we are like, how much more do we got? we still havehree miles but the three miles, 300 miles. >> of the nine people on board, seven were taken to the hospital. one person was airlifted. >> i see fear in your eyes but. >> it is awful to think glt ab u a ve look over the ther. ts ju scene of . thave: it was olkncoow will be on the warm .si weedee eptstha spicus because ng are teams and la there
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redski o want ol comi tofo al
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de pre ct ctumeizg party at theni e schoolpriniv20. edp ind puatmakeup on.>>11
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shi ouldi should have known bet i did not and i am> todas pilot on atio l aclevelan enshowg hiinpeople ando ghwaans acschools in axandlea isar eril ke>> bodies workers thr ta gsle your mind to faraway places. >> aryoanu nne ruintreati your moving.> ferdinand lls pedals i ke udstts>> the idea is to use the
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powerful benefits ofcise afft thacadic er perforexmance of students. >> whi this program is only in place a few alexandria city owpublic schools rig. paedndo of the sch ain the -- ex le fuinenisxerc emy ld gaco brainin mis ke my onbi high schools could receive them in the next few years but
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you know of a program, teacher or student we should spotlight let us know. to your side and share the details. the washinon monument is reopened for the first time in nearly 3 years but it is a aufutil national mall.
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>>lindsey: it feels like product because it is so nice. >>steve: it doesti we are get closer and closer to the weekend. a lot of folks makthis a shorwork week, maybe working
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on friday.and we look at it we weathethon the way.ot only temperatures in the 70s but we will wrap our tumors upward come friday.redskins ndotball ay evening it is is still right around 80. you might see some thunderstorms on wednesday and pthink, nd the rain around here. we want to keeour full color change on schedule and intact we don't want it too earlystor the tree dropping their leaves early. bill is enough for him and he will give you a full update on the tropics. >>lindsey: it sounds gu d and we will sethen. marshmallow
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sflha youor wnk
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happy thursday, he is one of the big tv hosts in the u.k. and he's revealing the one celebrity ruo makes him feel ack. host extraordinaire graham norton is here today. and get this, we have ao woma accidentally sow llshe's here to share her amazi story. plus moments share their deepest, darkest secrets with author jenny mollen. that's at ot of show. so whae we waiting for? t's get into it. >> announcer: it's "strahan, sara & keke." escape for an hour, we all need it. [ cheers and applae ] ♪ >> hello, ladies. hello, hello, hello. what's up, my ma
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