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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:08pm EDT

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some local pitolice officersa ehe j t . wngkitrree imince esreduce carbon emissions by n - after bei e ltng ehtears y in 26 years and the my s t as the team preparesa cry over tworsroystics, who are just md out. this i les a picturela
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beautiful day jon,he micgolltoe. we'll hear more from her com up laterad i -n've >> absolutely and it's been years since anybody could go up to the top. it all started with that earthqaske t whreeha please g. >> a years and finally, peoplely lind up ear in the mngorni to go up y hete.llverheoheerhee i st f a three>> br♪ dy visits h t>>e been patie swaitinin y renovated and it's eshto tan kehe t of m.
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>> look at thishe first people up thenan three ioing to be m reporter: sor they did.ilav f exico city to be here. >> it's beenre t gat. mo ansingnd so he could be here btoe visitorsm es, wlwa h ot. >> t reporter: even before his tofourth graders did the honorsr
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washingtonasenumonngtont.7 hsumd monument isi thee in 8 fro0 nt theofyou can ng r thoaneo
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there's a also a>> t repter:ow e heors tt timear grer cthoness give pe,n. overfl. sppa nkecno il'l h. wan t otstightte, which he t.un'r person lined up ton'tave ir you want o seerene o p lig for you tonigs
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n deinleg ganvotnod an gat indignity w great questiohinss tbut a yess ier to makes right.k .v.pwang ht, 26tc. er police pas to game o over theinne las ga averaged 40%
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we heardmro fucableh, nd g>> l,ot ho opeutfuulomye.he repor beeal quick, just how au evenin >> bill: temperaturewise, we're e that, at:00 6 p. iighta ne ,aou don'av gtet just get to p h ates tligightsf nos.f our area, or intha par bnk w, i - laetryou canec e>>t. one of thet gi, bec nse w won sunday. tuess.
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paamazon ige abc norern vginia >>anni repheter:oro votes. gmw is going to be at both at 1n you can invent your way out of any box. heter: this morning,or r tep jeff basos unveiled his plan the national pressat club in washington, d.c.e0,ifan a the se ll a wee w touhatit.ff robert, thank you. >> bill: that would be good. so beautiful outma.ane vide
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fa off touy, dirtwees,e l the east, blue sky, the shinc.yal hi ahantillyan a couple of
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totally dif. isrytound s ourhef. ace hands is keeping ourepl in conditions absolutely tlightfultot, i by61 in.c midght. d. toantsr culpepe temperatures,r.m
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whnte t pichehi stole valuablesm
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their home. b up next.ia bsriving awayicp a
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