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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 19, 2019 6:30pm-6:56pm EDT

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hate-crime killer john earnest y athe btom youscs ireen, teruat yearst f i smergam. t o theth tt david? >> abc'sav did covers aviation, thank you. and next,ust he j asoren tntco in thehaemdangh aw oaypledace. ce tsave hundreds of reporter:s
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oingin ofdi and >> the people are straed in >>tre ote and so many of the hit ouapned because the gr
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r ins l fo tng10 ciinteigence comalec security is protected. >>nd r:teor strandivg droverni intell this as multiple tornadoeswere rbut sources say heom cmihe usg chg down iep rteorn te>> inoonl has done toon.s.adedtyn rescue? otstshorir f oerl ofce meeting, he was accusheed of sharing mbassified information with a amonerg the foreign leaders he p >> korea's kim jong-un, britain's bo ovl pimriiroan
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hous iheset2 tt the ghtonihill. tlteloepwe rracompirmaadmi tn thtahd heron a
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thursday night. thursday night. i'
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mb ritghe esur rais -8 sure to talk to yout or coe blackface scandal involving
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dicanaan trudeau. ne nw ise h waso geprete r: tht pr a hehe higschool, i t-yn 29 dressed aletaa
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trudeakfu comes from one of >> reporter: now hen's a single figheure single figheure fromis>>enst h's>
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