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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 19, 2019 11:35pm-11:44pm EDT

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"jmy kimmel live"! apa or c,nt n abbey"elyou for y , it's nothing to be proud the i have, think we're up to 5 it iinn evething, likede part
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of it is, i'm going to try slict season aid orsang hdyi towels a hhe. ie
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heris set and toretally new and unexpected g evehary day inknowshibo ut sit lrned y via ie community fniled a c tomplaint against the president last month thasat w dee credible and filedaierouse hntpe tndor of n intelligence decide noto t this blown whiitle h whe should have done that aur bitch..
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virtually ery time i speak to a l foreigneader i understand there may be various people listening from varus agencies, not to mention people from the other country it everems. is anybody dumb enough to elieve that i would re it, i leleaier?ve [cheers and applause] totally dumb. one of the reasons i'm dumb enough to believe it is because remember that time in muf 2017 when yo revealed classified iormation to a bunch of russians in you office? this was a big one. is is going to be a tough one for the president witch hunt his out of, because the inspector general who found this complaint to be credbling was nominated by president and he made a statement saying he disagrees with the whhold d .
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it suggested no onelo can b a i what w w d tido? at have mana aged touncover some exclusoolieev f o wtaasge the cn with ader. turns out it ascall, and let's take a look a that now. >> as you usknow, we thet fgr a. busi, ness great if y p autnythin you want comeil true.g >> jimmy: you c become reesid [ atse ]os bilities. deonike.herise and toe b anyims
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here in house. guillermo, pleas bring in the wheels of deals. now, as you can see - wheeels. le leaders trump was most likely speaking to, on the other wheel, promises he could have made. spin the fir one, guillermo, and the first one now. king, h promised kim . jong un tiffany's inheritance! ] wow. hemi prince mohammedin me,rmis lmhone number! [ applau u] something like that, right? but get s ibu
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on the other hand he never keeps his our ferceei thethuc tohare the whistle iormation or putin's intelligence service mo l track him down anderve sf n kids. whcthntedouow d cut tha ribbone that like, nhe fac her be.
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let's lookthat again. ift we a zoomu nn onee s votint be pight ben cha to >> ae mor >> jimmy: whods neepads?la
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glbo the eb,dy it's cel bytis e surryonee aake with matey. >> top o t ahoy matey. >> ahoy mey. battedown >> ahoy. go.hoy matey.
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>> >> aat >> sayin' ayho sver me timbers. >>n, ou a cseay, aoktcc silver. yo-ho-no to talk like a
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y. upitera know, wrapped up heer excitement abou show, a ridiculous show, but yol wh ich is a scary thing. so, in the meantime, we've taken matters into our own new datingp to help kids connect inhe most modern of ways. llo th♪ere. >> jimmy: what's your name? >> my name is liliana. our name? how old are you?d.>>iy >> >>mike. immy: o howld you? >> 4 years old. ?> jimmy: do >>my rlie hndavfre a boyfriend? >> yeah. his name is ggwily. wiggly, that
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tinder >> p ictus. at?nofles lk a se wch il> le ft what do you t snk the myeshooo.. whatut abosed tooo wet spiderma. my jime: hoe a little like spiderm, yeah. eva? >> jimmy >> yeids. with the bow
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tie?>>myet himatch. y too. he look a.t that. there you guys are wantmike? >> mm-hm. th c>>y is not patient.ngf cowse
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e camhake ki shke ce>> i acolotdh he hands, go right ahead. >> what did you have for breakfast today? >> is that real? jimmy: it sure isal. >> wrehoa! >> and yt' i to enjoyhe toget>> my jim you want to get up and, there
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you go. okay, this is veryoing to enjoy inharean ske remember, shake i> now.l >>nope. thatkft. ouingor br >> h>>ey, whatimouever, he fad k
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shoraninelit only onessng."it'sf lease the gla 250 the worl
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plus musle jam lake, and jreod dhingy, iofha
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olh, c ypo i justyikeck oh, read the p
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