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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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anything set in the base would be left up to the attorney generalal process and take two months, it comes four months after he was investigated by avon police after a report altercation between him and a girlfriend and incident when she w was cleared by the police and the nfl, closely follows videos of them in texas party partying and reports he was wearing a disguise in las vegas but he was expected to be recapping this team in clevelandap at the end of the season browns have issued no statement about this incident but on social media and fans here join a growing boycott as a browns fan chris mcneil starts a johnny freewn february movement asking others not to mention him on social media through the month of february or until the browns get rid of them. >> unfettered use of the hash
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would commit to not talking about him him and i then i gathered a lot of followers and we are over a thousand have signed uph it continues to gain momentum. >> j. f. f. stands for johnny free february . fans to join the movement said that he is not worth the trouble .m they say there are better things to spend their time discussingng other than johnny football included the the cavaliers who are doing very well.he >> tonight is caucus night in iowa, on the campaign trail, the candidates working to take full advantage of the final hours beforeerk voters cast their ballots . >> the race is tight between the gop and democratic front runners ist joel waldman is in des moines, iowa. >> a final campaign push is
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caucusing statewide.o >> site is crunch time, it is all about this.l >> the campaigns are all working to mobilize voters.. >> were not really finding donald trump's troops on the ground they don't have ad forcer. >> there watching turnout they say that a big turnout could be good fors donald trump and bernie sanders. >> if the voter turnout is high but he did not struggle if it is a low >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck. she is dealing with distractions , headlines that
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government ... >> donald trump and ted cruz in a tight race with marco rubio in third place. >> we have been working real hard and. >> major snow storm is heading to iowa tonight and some worry it could affect turnout, joel waldmant fox news. >> and which will come out on top in the iowa caucuses have more coverage including a live reportere at 5:30 p.m. stay with us as the results come into my. >> lake county man arraigned on charges he caused the deaths of two pedestriansc in a drunk driving accident on saturday night isd jack shea joins this. >> they say the driver said the driver had been drinkingey for hours before the accident the amounte of alcohol in the system
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. >> it was shocking for my brothers and i., both of them never knew what hit them, they were hit from behind.w >> . willoughby police eight minus 6:30 p.m. saturday that they were hit from behind by a pickup truckh walking on the side of lost nation road .al jay perkins was pronounced dead at the scene, her boyfriend, was taken two metrohealth where he later died , the driver of the pickup truck, was arraigned this morning on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide grandfather in on those among those mourning the death of the couple arereh his 12-year-old daughter and 18 -month-old grandson. >> for this gentleman, he stripped her of her parents at a
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grandson of not knowing them,s all i can say to him is that you need to get helpa and i say this two everybody that the means are out there and i don't think that we should have to deal with this . >> if convicted he could face up to eight years in prison on each count using the lake county jail on bond of $50,000. the charges filed in an attack on rta bus driver as ed gallek has the latest. >> cuyahoga county grand jury indicted jared henderson on four charges, we have shown you the key evidence that was caught on video. >> in december, the writer
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set about to expire their card, aa help the driver and nobody immediately called the police the attacker pulls a knife after about 10 minutesr the police arrested jared henderson that he is indicted for assault, menacing and resisting arrest. >> driver said that that he thought for his life and try to protect passengers,t henderson, on probation population at that time is still in jail tonight. router rta talk about putting more officers on trains and buses and talk about the shields the compartments with the drivers and they do not really want that it ist an ongoing discussion. >> rank out of place trying to get to the bottom of a double homicide as lou maglio joins us.
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death in a car in a parking lot, and what they were doing their something that the police are trying to determinee the gothic hall after 11:00 p.m. last night of shots fired on fox elaine, it is near the floridian apartment complex with a couple found dead inside of a rented suv identified asouou 30-year-old michael lewis and his 20 year life from elyria, they do not live there and not visiting relatives, when this tells us that she walked into a grocery store 10:00 p.m.i on way home she noticed two suvs in the parking lot that were not there when she laughed. at
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stacey frey spoke to people in the apartment complexes that they did not witness anything and right now nobody has been arrested .. >> is the the first vote for votes for president are cast in iowaa rushes on the rush is on to prepare for the rnc in in july for him or gwen moore restaurants that are beingu put down for the weekend .re matt wright is here with details. >> driftwood restaurant and and catering since four of the good restaurants are booked for the rnc said their approach byor organizations that wanted to walk the event they say that four of its restaurants are booked, the dc political website that he'll will be headquarters using the downtown restaurant the downtown restaurants reveals
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company managing partners as they been in talks with google facebook and the daily show and making deals with some state delegations, which are rented out greenhouse tavern on east fourth street they say it's a way toh guarantee revenue at a time wheng regular customers might steer clear. >> a mindset was to find an organization for the rnc to protect revenue to keep our employees happy and we make more than war that we would probably make him just being open. >> on the catering business is also booming during the rnc and hiring extra temp employees the downtown alliance says there should be plenty restaurants for the rest of us including people who live downtown, during the week of the rnc. >> we have been waiting so what
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but a lot weekend weather, '50s on saturday and about 60 yesterday. >> it was so warm you could open up the window.wa >> we have some colder temperatures but nothing extreme
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pelikan at a sunset about half an hour . january, looking at the record books when you average outre the highs and lows, it wash about 20 degrees in general, about normal . with currently a director of 41 in cleveland41 and the winds will remain home tonight .
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office with 31 and often they are at this time of year below zero .th yesterday we were at 60 today we were in the 40s . we are watching this systems that can bring us some heavy snowfall , moving through nebraska kansas iowa minnesota wisconsin . are going to be in the the warm sectors show for us it will be grateful, the snowfall is putting down some storm warnings in blizzard warnings that continues to canada . rain showers here family after 8:00 p.m. and the western counties and blizzard warnings in portions of iowa nebraska and some spots nebraska
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inches of snowfall . tonight, partly cloudy to mostly clear . groundhog day tomorrow about 50, and will he see his shadow ? stay tuned,e tomorrow increased demands and rainfall in having tuesday into wednesday . leslie talked about wednesday being a wacky one,ei so most of the day will be foggy initially and pretty mild than fall into the
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meeting . the . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.. sign up for text alerts at fox .or after two months of wandering the country wearingo nothing but a bathroom, sandals in his goldfish travel companion, gabe
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know no havoc is here for trending. >> but she she has the night off , how, we have an empty seat so. it's great to see you. tells about your journey? >> who took a job and then things changed in my personal life and things have more to know i can spend more time with
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realize that play, commuted and drew back drove back and forth and now,, thanks to fox 8 i am living in strongsville . people on facebook and twitter had been so warm and all the nice things. so glad that your back and able backend advocacy or daughter more and that's what matters the family. >> i had a discussion, my son will be that they special-needs camp this summer, i went to get my kids involved and invested in northeast ohio so they will be with me all summer long so it's a win-win.
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old .re it is nice to be back . fox 8 his family and preventive as it is family first. >> welcome back. >> use it for a while on december 2, 215 so fancy like that long ago but a lot has happened and we want to get you back up to speed.h >> we celebrated 7,000 like us on facebook . your return is good newsur for the hatcher industry who had a 75 percent plunge in the stock market . the report on the stock market crashing and part of that was
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>> east bank dick goddard left in 1965 and was gone for three months . the financial officer, cinderella said, you don't know don't know what you've got got until it's gone just a. >> a couple weeks ago on social media master returned to fox 8 . and since then we have a number of callst and e-mails about people who are anxious about your return here are just a couple of actual one-percenter e-mails from viewers.of >> thomas asking, what is the status of the news person newsperson who was on that noon and 4:00 p.m..
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spiegel was coming back, this rod windsor ohio. is at a gas station with my brother-in-law and the clerk said, to my my brother-in-law that you're famous .my they said it is dave spiegel . not trending, the performance of grease live last night ? ratings
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three hour live broadcast had lovely weather to deal with, quick costume changes, perhaps theyk went to audio flub . pretty much electrifying, julianne hough stole the show playing sandy,t everybody had chills with vanessa hudgens blame pink lady rizzo who said said, there are worse things i can do, just hours earliere before they mike scioscia share the news that her father had passed away . and grammy nominated currently we junction, rocking the world as frenchy, recently musicals have done well, such as the sound of music and the wiz, both did good
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still ahead, the officer who lost a partner in in the line of duty is one step closer to going
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which candidates will get the personal part of jumping on the race for the white house.t >> tonight for the how caucuses get underway ish the woman joins us from des moines, iowa with w last-miwhc afr t0 me ot donald trump campaign as well as bernie sanders campaign are urging voters to come out to vote .
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depend on it, donald trump said it here at home and not do anything you have a fever, this cannot caucus, sanders has been going after the younger voters and here in iowa, 17 -year-olds who turned 18 by election day can actually caucus . he has been catering to that demographic hoping that they turn out this evening but there is a curveball,i a blizzard expected tonight across iowa enacted impeded the number of people caucusing . could be a surge in the number ofbe newcomers caucusing . if he does win in iowa goes into new hampshire and winds pictures that would say something interesting about theew campaign
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>> that would be a major problem for the hillary clinton campaign and that is why bernie sanders was hoping for he put out a soundbite that says it hinges on voter turnout, you have to come up if you want me to if there is a three-point differentialw with hillary clintonl retaining a slim lead he can get about 50,000 high school kids turn 18 before election day and these senior citizensnd to caucus that could turn the tables in his favor .o
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d inthshdatangi s et republican or democratic this evening. itar morning, iowans will experience the things i have not had in a year, peace and quiet respectct to media will be gone, the candidate will be goneed and life returns to normaln and many are thrilled to. >> i am excited i am tired of the traffic. >> it is getting old . could watch tv to see some different commercialss to get lots of mail from the candidate's. >> are you excited about this time tomorrow it could be over? >> yes>m. >> it would be nice to be back to normal. >> the lack of phone calls would be nice , they are knowing. >> it isn't ridiculous although
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much.ou >> is just a lot of phone calls in tv commercials. i was in the spotlight and after this they can all go home page backn this last month, when canton k-9 officer jethro was killed during a shootout to suspectt. >> today, a new lease k-9 officer begins his training and t and makes the future of the brighter for officer ryan davis as peggy gallek spent the day in canton and.s >> training camp for tuko this morning and now theyam will begin weeks of training. >> a few steps at a time, there are both limited trust each other.a
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k-9 partner tuko on monday began training with the canton's head k-9 trainer eric stanbro. >> birmingham bombing, is a little tough for austin davis who lost his former partner jethro last month who was killed during a shootoutne with a suspect . its new partner we move forward with the training . >> last week davis went to texas to meet his new partner, k-9s4cops in houston donated to come. >> he will then te spend the the next 12 -- 14 weeks training event when finish began his job as the newest k-9 officer. >> he will be a full k-9 officer , get a certificate in his badge number will be 62 i
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>> be said that jethro will have a special place in his >> hopefully in seven or eight years when he is ready to retire i can walkt out the door with him and say that we did just so proudy hvac plans are to have tuko complete his training in
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fickell luckier, and today it it was not too shabbyt . we have someha clouds with it was colder than yesterday . yesterday we we almost had the record, this was time-lapse from about 2:00 p.m. today . currently 41 degrees in cleveland . and even though cooler than yesterday if you still above normal . we'll have calm winds tonight, in the 20s , . minneapolis and i'll get it i
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system here, is moving into nebraska, kansas, iowain minnesota and wisconsin . for us, the precipitation will be all rainfall . cvs as warnings and winter storm warnings all the way through michigan and the bad time for the iowa caucus because some areas there could kid betweena six and 12 inches . in and kansas nebraska they could see up to 20 inches of snowfall . for us tonight it will be chilly
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. and then a shower mainly after sunset it could be heavy at times tuesdayc and then ending midday wednesday we will still be mild until wednesday evening . with falling temperatures, snow showers possible until thursday and with the coldest high and 32, that's not too far off from normal with mid- 30s .
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a very rare looking ravishing is caught on video and one of the most recommends models in the world is calling it quits.. >> that and more anti- sedition of the update, the world health organization wrapped up a meeting about the zika virus that is spreading across the americas, the mosquito borne viruses virus is linked to an increase ino birth defects in brazil prompting travel warning for pregnant women or those who plan to become pregnant, w who estimates there could be up to 4 million cases of zika in the americas in the next year. >> cdc says it is done looking into e. coli outbreaks linked to chipotle restaurants initial outbreak in october 2 more than 50 in 11 states a second outbreakmomo of a different strain of e. coli in december affected five people in three states they
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caused the outbreakseot chipotle is putting new food safety standards in place to reduce the risk of future >> fire crews are still attending to a massive fire that erupted at a commercial building in los angeles this morning they say that propane cylinders and combustible materials helped to fuel the fire not clearu what because that is the cost of that is still under investigation.s >> scientists on a research vesselr in the southern indian ocean and witnessing a rare sub-antarctic volcano eruption, according to them it has erupted at least three times since 2,000 . >> supermodels mcroberts says that she plans to retire when she celebrates her 50th birthdayayob on february 20 2 cents after more than 30 years she cannotre keep reinventing yourself , she is married and the mother of two childrene her 4 -year-old daughter is following
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>> you thought that you had a tough, bill gates admitted to doing what he was a boss at
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all month long summer at of like history month . al green was inducted inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 95 . ifif you think that your boss runs a tight ship try working for delegate.e >> the microsoft founder mess that he was fanatical about working when he was younger that he worked weekends have been our belief ugly for vacations and memorized employee license plates to keep tabs on them that he would looko at the parking lot to say when people came and went and said that he eventually mellowed thinking is this weekend. >> that means lots of last-minute shopping for tvs and
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guide in today's tech report. hdr, ultra hd, whole led, 4-k, terminology has changed but the bottom line has not.. >> feature, people just keep coming in to buy a large tve. >> the super bowl is one of the most popular times to upgrade the number onebb factor is price according to a study from fatwallet .com, featuresto are second and then namebrand. >> people are curious about the 4-k they want to see that experience to know what is four times the resolution of currentto , most of their tvs are going to be 4-k and not necessarily because of the resolutionec but because the manufacturers put their better quality electronics into the car into higher end to these which are 4-k.a >> be 4-k content is still scarce but if you buy tv today you want to make sure that it can handle the future.
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hdmi 2.0 -- a. and hdcp 2.2 compatible input if you have that then you're probably good to go . >> the auto mall 4-k tv might not be fully compatible with upcoming accessories although it generates breathtaking pictures, you should skip the ach whole led screen for narrow. >> price point on the od still fairly high compared to ocd,. >> s. dynamic range simple simple terms quite white and black or blackte going to have more range of colored. >> ashgabat, but sony is tops withas samsung analogy our greatness insa the land of israel for great l domination of quality
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if you have that lucking out to see the great pyramids o in person know what amazing sidedness, an 18-year-old had an expensive perfume and he got it on camera, thiso german tourist start to climb the oldest of the egyptian parents whileof recording on his go pro camera, was not long before he made to the top of the 4500-year-old structure, it is illegal to climb the pyramids. security concerns at a new
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asking tough questions aboutin tax dollars and the safety of people handling your 911 calls. >> resolution for an an ohio officer, fighting to retire with his k-9 officer partner, and madison a place to auction the dog instead of letting them adopted. >> she gave sickened by it to the warm weather as february started off with a major plunge, and for tracking the changes in the forecast respect i-team has video exposing more security problems at a new police building. >> we expose problems before and this time the video ended up on the internet as ed gallek has the latest. >> late show so anyone can get in, and found outn, it was located on located on youtube as to send message to city hall
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security gaps at this video posted on youtube, depletion and says it is better found an unlocked door to the latest, latest in a series ofke problems uncovered at the new 3rd district headquarters, building that opened in august. >> letter but it do know that we need to do isdo go to 3rd district and pop that lock open and going , get on that unsecured unsecured elevator and get into that unsecured radio room.e >> word from the police union president helps that the video will push the city to fix all the problems quickly come the
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