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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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there is no serious a threat to anyone in the situation is contained this is what we know happened according to brewster police as well as the fire department about 530 this evening there was a trailed arraignment in the area of first-rate in the village of brewster brewster now fox ate learned that the fire sparked between two train cars at the willing and lake erie will yard we do not know how fast the trains were going that officials say it was detained and won the cars one the cars started the burning the fire now because of the fumes from that end the threat of an explosion brewster police and fire evacuated people
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of the trail derailment that meant about three - -dash 500 people were sent out of their homes into fearless high school in the village of brewster as a precaution when we went on our street only seem like one ambulance see my one ambulance and one police cruiser and then within five minutes the whole street was lit up red and blue and they were asking us to be out within 20 or 30 minutes we were just sitting at home they had a police car go up and down the streets in their back evacuating the high school way to know give us further instructions at less than two blocks the mac if my house blows up i lose everything again because we've lost everything before and so we got the dog and here we are the red cross is also on scene at the hospital to assist to give you an idea of how scary the situation where there's at least 10 different fire departments here to
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as the state highway patrol to and of course the train company as well bill and tracy to reach of the evacuation order has been lifted we do not know what caused this train derailment the epa still on scene as well as the train company hopefully we'll have an update as well in the hours to come but the fire department i've seen here as well things are definitely contained as he mentioned a lot of cleanup but to do and factor they mentioned that they said it really was about making sure that both the train cars are completely clean. >> a little politics here the first test of the 2016 presidential race happening in iowa the iowa caucuses control candida is building momentum and they can and the campaign for people who fare poorly in iowa races on both sides are
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are tight tracy and bill donald trump and ted cruz are reaching a better site for the side bernie sanders has been closing the gap on the democratic side one poll released today shows him winning let's take a look at the numbers off we have them right now starting with the gop race right now i'd cruise it leading donald trump of 29 percent of the votes vote to transit 25 percent ago rubio with a strong showing tonight he is in third with 22 percent that's better than a lot of people expected doctor ben carson is the only other candidate double figures with 10 percent this is about 64 percent of precincts reporting cap and to this point on the democratic side hillary clinton bernie sanders by now cleanly done a very tight race with 51 percent of the vote about 74 percent of precincts have been counted the caucus is started at 7:00 o'clock iowa time that basically meetings as we know to pick candidates they take
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always the case sanders is a big turnout increases his chances of winning donald trump feels the same way and he tweeted tonight the turnout is high for the caucuses of this year iowa important but the state has had mixed results and rick santorum eventually faded the barack obama's win in iowa was key to him winning the nomination donald trump and marco rubio urging voters to get to this caucuses i don't see me i say we it's a movement is me i come here tonight and ask you to caucus for me because the united states in 2015 reached a turning point this is the greatest nation in the history of our mankind will not remain at their greatest nation the
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anything like the last seven and is worth noting ohio governor john kasich has been very little time in iowa and was not there today has focuses on new hampshire or his getting plenty of endorsements and hoping a strong showing their next week will give his 44 democratic map big numbers for certainly big impact from those iowa results tonight martin o'malley suspended headers in the polls his in the polls will be dicey this year because they were predicting trump one when and ted cruz is going to win and marco rubio has an extremely strong showing as everybody now has into new hampshire rubio may not win tonight but is showing was definitely worthy of a lot you wanted a strong serve third and he got it stay with us our coverage of the iowa caucuses will continue later in the show will go live with the morning with an update
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>> cleveland mayor frank jackson is asking to increase the city's income tax from 2 percent to 2.5 percent of the proposal will be put on the ballot for voters to decide the mayor says residents and those who work in cleveland will benefit directly from the services the city can no longer do more with less when just putting out there and saying to people were in a situation where we no longer can just cut or save money many city leaders are supporting the proposal once the police department to benefit from the increase as well lake county man arraigned on charges in the death of two pedestrians saturday night 57 -year-old kimberly perkins and her boyfriend 50 -year-old dean capasso were walking on the side of last nation world when they were hit from behind by a pickup police and the drivers 74 -year-old rudolph paid had been drinking hours
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amount of alcohol in the system was nearly twice the legal limit it as a father a grandfather and among those mourning the loss of the capasso and can perkins and capasso's 20 -year-old daughter and has 18 -month-old grandson we come out we take awan the pain and the heartache we want you to know our family is with you this gentleman stripped her of her parents at a young age and also stripped her son their grandson of never knowing them if convicted of vehicular homicide they could face up to eight years in prison on each count currently being held at lake county jail on a bond of $50,000 police are still trying to figure out who killed a husband and wife in elyria parking lot officers were called to fox hill lane around 10 last night for reports of shots fired that's when they found a 32 -year-old
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penniless inside a rented chevy traverse with the new york plates if you know anything please call elyria police police arrested two men in connection with a robbery that happened outside the great northern mall 41 -year-old steve kitchens 25 -year-old montanari williams are accused of holding up a woman and taking her purse the surveillance video shows them a short time later walking out of a target store after trying to use the victims credit cards investigators believe the men are behind a number of armed robberies throughout northeast ohio hear a young woman says thank you to the officer who saved her life after she was attacked by a dog tonight for the first time since the attack the two were reunited kevin freeman was there for the very emotional meeting and that you may remember the aftermath of this attack was captured by the officer's body camera the victim of the dog attacks says that she could not allow the compassion the officers showed that day to go unrecognized 22
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her mother walking to the cleveland heights police department monday evening carrying gifts. >> i still can't walk my hands is still hurt my foot still >> january 24 she was attacked by a pit bull as she was leaving a home in cleveland heights. >> shortly after the attack officer edward hayworth arrived sure until the dog and try to comfort sean tape until ordeal was captured on the officers body camera sean taser is it she wanted to express her gratitude to him with balloons a stuffed animal and a box of chocolates upon a picture of me and my daughter so he could see that he put his life in danger for me but put in danger for my attack continues to haunt her
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walked by that was the first time i came in contact with the dogs' that's happened that's happened. >> you were there pretty much stroking her hair telling her everything was good to be okay you were there when i couldn't be at his belt that's what she needed she is just and do something pretty dramatic shot dead in her mother called him with a guardian angel he says he was simply keeping his oath to protect and serve there still are still some good officers out there that care they may seem like officers don't they really do care i think there's a million police officers doing the exact same thing i did sean tasers and she wanted to publicly thank officer hayworth or to counter a lot of neglect publicity police officers have been receiving recently he was very humble and said that it is an example of what officers due to keep the public safe everyday we did talk about that. >> great story kevin it's supposed to be a state of the
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apparently anyone can get inside the fox ai team revealing even more security gaps see the video meant to send a message to city hall during the heart beat a mother still in mourning gets to connect with her son in the wake of tragedy lebron isn't the only james who can put on a show see how the next generation is getting noticed whether changes expected in the forecast melissa mackey's
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p mac will come back to fox eight news at 10:00 o'clock is turning out to be a chilly evening so far we will fall into the 20s and other mild february we are nearing groundhog day for 2016 upper 20s to 30s is 31 hopkins a pair of threes for akron canton most of us from 28 ashtabula@233 bracken can't then everybody falls in between worcester down to 27 wins are nearly stagnant right now but with clear skies were in hong kong wins it's allowing the radiation all: to be more extreme 31 in cleveland that yes the coldest minneapolis at 28 miles a day to day was in kansas city st. louis paducah you're currently your currently in the middle and upper 40s had a beauty yesterday we had a high temperature of 60 some clear pockets right now: but there is a storm system berlin over the central plains eastern portions of the rocky mountain regions of business for many areas of north and west will have a swath of heavy snow winter storm
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are plastered across the central central plains and the western great lakes region back to our forecast we are looking at tonight's forecast of on the upper 20s variable clouds would with clear pockets occurring right now sunshine to kick off your groundhog day which means may be punxsutawney phil and buckeye chuck see the shadows will have to see clouds increasing showers moving and probably after 6:00 p.m. the earliest another mild day but winds pick up with a warm southwest winds gusting at times between 20 and 35 high tomorrow near 50 the rest a little bit later on the show still to come forgotten graduates there was no yearbook now that's finally changing for a local class a local ufo reports made in just the last few days setting up the super bowl but it's not just any super bowl super bowl
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for their fifth in a row caps
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there is growing concern over the spread of the zika virus the world health organization declaring a global emergency seeker is spread by mosquitoes and the most people causes little more than mild illness
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serious birth defects who director international efforts are needed to stop the outbreak however there's no reason to restrict travel right now at person the most important protective measures of the console mosquito populations and the prevention individuals especially organization's last public health emergency to virginia tech students appearing in the front of a judge today for their alleged roles in a 13 -year-old girl's death 18 -year-old david eisen has or is charged with first-degree murder and abduction nicole lavelle's body was found at this week and this week and there's a virginia north
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chargers but most likely after a tree fell on her the victim was driving the woman was reportedly seen the ache immunization dance instructor is now wrapped up an initial outbreak in october sickened more than 50 people in 11 states and in the second outbreak in december affecting about five people in three states and they still aren't sure exactly what caused the outbreak's aaa says it's putting new food safety standards in place to reduce the risk of any future problems instead of pouring drinks and they were throwing punches midflight incidents between two flight attendants the pilot could make a big
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at the votes are counted in iowa republicans are hoping to end the and the journey on stage in cleveland as the presidential nominee is sure to be a packed house when the convention comes to town matt
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restaurants are cashing in the table as are set for big business of doing the republican national convention the driftwood group says its downtown restaurant hodges has been booked by dc political websites that help the organization using it for meals at work space and entertaining and so our mindset was fined an organization bucket full hole and see that the way we protect the revenue we keep our employees happy and we are making more than what would normally make him on being on being open for that week driftwood been to one and vibrio impelling kitchen restaurants and playhouse square also booked the group's leaders say they've talked with google facebook in the daily show and are finalizing deals with state delegations partner and consulting chef kit hodgkinson says they've learned from restaurants in previous host cities there's really not a lot of foot traffic wandering around just saying today let's go have a dinner for 10 people hodges said this was a way to protect that last week twitter
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greenhouse tavern on east fourth but was so many restaurants been privately booked we wanted to know what that means for the rest of us who work with the downtown we know that a substantial amount will be available to the general public the downtown cleveland alliance has a downtown has the capacity to support 125,000 workers commuting in daily so there should still be available options during the rnc we wanted to be a good experience for clevelanders who want them to feel free to come downtown to fill the bus to feel the energy to go to restaurants to enjoy themselves at least $250 million probably closer to half a billion more security problems at a brand-new police building just how easy is it to walk right inside the it and exposing new
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surfaced online and apparently
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. >> all eyes on iowa after months of campaigning and what seems like countless debates it all comes down to tonight we are alive with an update on the iowa caucuses fed up with johnny football the browns of standard living in a charge what he wants people to stop talking about the controversial quarterback. >> tunics punxsutawney unix punxsutawney phil we have buckeye chuck allison mack will let you know how long winter will last and will spring come early to visit and continues right now. >> good evening everyone
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news is reporting that huckabee is suspending in a has been an incredible night's caucus night in iowa and there have been so many surprises everybody protecting ted cruz is the one of the caucuses in iowa we are joined by fox news correspondent joe waldron nice to see you here tonight from cleveland a big night for marco rubio not good night for donald trump and very interesting to watch the democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton a virtual deadlock is really amazing to think how fast they called it the only started caucusing about two hours 26 minutes prior to calling the caucus but as you mentioned fox news calling it for ted cruz will break them in numbers cruz coming in at 28 percent four points ahead of donald trump at 24 percent of very interestingly marco will be out just a hair behind trump at 23 percent and when you
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tomorrow marco rubio may very well be the one who comes out of it looking the best we heard donald trumps say i don't mind coming in second place obviously i want to win it we know donald trump deep down is upset that he did not win iowa but he does hold a double-digit lead going into new hampshire on february 9 for the next primary for ted cruz it wasn't a must win but if you lost your to donald trump and sort of an upset and then went on to lose new hampshire he could've been in a lot of trouble clearly tonight the winners ted cruz and certainly marco rubio and looking at the democrats as bill mentioned that no one ever predicted that race would be so tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders you guys have better access into the numbers of life than i do right now i been trying to keep tabs on my ipad but it
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are interested last time i checked it was a one percentage point lead for hillary clinton keep in mind that at one point if hillary clinton was up 30 points in some polls in the hawkeye state bernie sanders wasn't being laughed at it. just wasn't being taken too seriously polls leading up to the scene there is a cap 23 points to make use about one point down from helical and that's a big victory for him he was counting on huge voter turnout we know that happened several lines to get in some places even ran out of registration forms less than 1 percent right now they're still counting it will be a late night is an interesting to as we look at all this pulling point and i think this year donald trump is supposed to win and win big marco rubio almost beat him and donald trump could drop in at their
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interesting note from tonight i'm a big fight fan and as always prognosticators and analysis about who will win the fight but everyone is got a puncher's chance same deal talk that's their business they get paid to talk is really the voters that count and we see this caucus goers going out it did not turn out the exact way the polls had predicted it some incidences are not very far off but certainly wouldn't expect marco rubio to perform quite as well as he did keep in mind marco rubio has been here for 10 days straight his carport more ads than anyone else he kind of quietly built up the big round game should be interesting to see what happens in new hampshire.
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killing and ohio police officer says his son was loving and kind it was not using drugs 32 -year-old herschel ray jones indicted today from the dead the dental officer thomas kittrell the murder weapon was a gun stolen in a home burglary two months earlier charges are filed in connection with an attack on an rta bus driver he is accused of flying into a rage last december over an expired fare card even pulling a knife henderson was on probation at the time of the incident and is in jail tonight still cleveland heights has a new police chief tonight and at medical board was sworn in as the city seven she joined the force back in 1990 as a patrol officer in advanced to the ranks berg says that she is honored to have been offered this opportunity and i team has exclusive video exposing even more security problems at a brand-new police building with sharing your problems
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video ended up on the internet is a video posted on youtube the cleveland police union says a dispatcher found an unlocked door the latest in a series of security problems uncovered at the new third district headquarters a building district headquarters a building that just opened in august i want everybody in the world to know that all you need to do is go to third district and pop that lock open a walk-in get on a secured elevator walking to the unsecured radio room explosive words from the police union president he also startling video pushes the city to fix all of the
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the building home to officers and dispatchers weeks ago they say a stranger wandered up to the radio room in the eye team is showing you that even officer stationed to protect the back door with a broken lock this is nothing short of derelicts of their duty to keep us safe and keep that building safe this comes up one day after a break and in the back parking lot we've learned that someone smashed a window of an officer's personal vehicle of the stolen officers badge idaho and more with going on with the security up there and would like to fixed immediately working on all of the issues i would wish that when they find something they would pointed out this before they put on the internet the city says it is working on a security issue
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problems fixed we are talking about the iowa caucuses in the people were worried that a snowstorm coming in but i think coming later on so that's all wrapping up it doesn't look like we'll get it we are definitely not we will get some rain from it we won't get that snow but i was in for it it'll be because of the -dash 36 hours to mourn will get nailed with snow a good six - -dash 12 inches but there are spots in nebraska we will talk about getting a simmering for it but right now things are so quiet kid told my here here but if you ever notice good luck trying to find a lot of ice on lake erie because there's barely any about 12 percent and it's barely a little bit on top of it a little tiny bit of ice january 2016 goes down like this when you take the highs and lows and you put them all together you average them out about 28 degrees and that's pretty much par for the course snowfall 7.6 inches way
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below normal the return of rain comes in tomorrow evening after 6:00 p.m. and then mid february snow lovers want her weather sports you like please bring me some snow maybe you'll have better chances i'll have better chances at mid to late february high temp today 53 the low 48 with current temperature than the temperature but 543 as days get longer and tomorrow morning make sure you get up with boxing is in the morning but we will find that will buckeye chuck says and punxsutawney phil whoever you want to believe gives you the prognostication you want to hear 31 in cleveland 28 in ashtabula right now mainly clear wins are calm windsor: all across the board and temperatures in the upper 20s it to low 30s right now we have a lot of clearing right now it's got to get colder 28 or so minneapolis were 31 now it was a very warm day in singh was today in paducah and kansas city omaha
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last night early this morning don't have this tunnel of clear a break between the system that huge system were talking about heading for iowa pushing in it rain across the southern tier here's the heart of that storm and you can see the dark banding of blue of heavy snow extreme winds at reducing disability which is why there are some areas under blizzard warnings if you are in with a northwest of the actual center of circulation driven some kind of winter storm warning for us we will be in the one sector we are very warm conditions and that of that will leave us with precipitation but in the form of rain fall mainly after 6:00 p.m. again tomorrow evening blizzard warning winter storm warnings here you go against nebraska and iowa you are part of that again think dennis will be there just in time after the caucuses near 20 inches and spots possible nebraska is in line all the way through six -
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you go through 8:00 a.m. wednesday morning maybe six - -dash 10 maybe that means buckeye chuck sees his shadow the rain tapers off by midday wednesday the temperatures don't fall into the evening hours from a ball back and forth in the 30s to near 40 the remaining part of the eight-day a few areas of snow showers still in the major no major snowstorms that first week of february had a nice quiet winter i like the snow but i don't mind is either still to come here breaking and a rookie cop this officer will go to a different kind of police academy what it takes to treatment of canine better late than never where a local high local high school class is finally getting a yearbook more than 25 years after
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>> the journeyman selling era in cleveland could be coming to an end after an incident in texas over the weekend police were called to an apartment early saturday were a woman told them she was worried about her ex-boyfriend journeyman cell after the two of them had an altercation police are not releasing any records or information about the incident until the
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general has a chance to review it meantime here in cleveland there is a growing movement to boycott any talk of me and manzella and social media while johnny february on twitter using a #j ff and it really took off from there i said i would commit to not talking about him on their and they gathered a lot of followers and it continues to gain momentum browns have not commented on this recent incident a new partnership is getting underway for a can police officer and his k-9 officer brian davis lost his former partner jethro last month jethro was killed after he was shot several times during a shootout with the suspect last week davis went to texas to meet his new partner the pair began their training today it's a bittersweet moment for officer davis who says jethro will never be forgotten the word replacement is not fitting in
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replacement is a new partner we are moving forward with the training. >> plans are to have two go in completely trained to and be on the streets working in april it took more than two decades but the last class of an all boys catholic high school finally has its yearbook now the students volunteered to help make one back in 1990 that classic cleveland st. joseph high school never got one in the widow of the yearbook advisor this time danielle volunteered saying he regrets not taking on the task of 25 years ago was the chimps and rustling wire up some basketball that was also the year that three of her classmates died on the day we graduated there was a
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together the good which is says the proceeds from the sale as of the your books will the school still to come at 10 to families brought together by heart be a mother gets to connect with a piece of her son for the very first time since his tragic death this flying at 30,000 people i delta now apologizing for what happened on a recent flight
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the tragic death of an infant boy from california is saving the life of a young emotional moment when heather clark got the chance to hear her son's heartbeat for the first time since his death she made the decision to donate the seven -month-old's organs after he passed away saving
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-year-old jordan drakez?q4];6= object with flashing lights of those cited were reported to the national ufo reporting center experts there believe both witnesses saw a star and the brightest one and a nice guy if you would like to follow the latest ufo reports we have a link to the reporting center on
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minute or two like father like son's lebron james was more happy to sit on the sidelines as his sons put on a show city video getting plenty to the video getting plenty of notice all in line up next in sports and looking ahead super bowl
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lebron james it may be the king but there are errors to the throne of ron brunch sounds and bryce maximus put on quite a show over the weekend and the the brothers represented the north coast blue chips in the ohio short case held in akron and impressive highlight reel has been making the rounds on
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a proud lebron cheering the boys on from the bleachers and we we will be seeing much more of the james gang in the years to come lebron junior is only 11 years old and bryce's eight lebron posted a photo on insta graham the pair showing off their championship hardware hi every body for the first time since january of 2010 the cavaliers have won a game in indianapolis impressive job came back to force entity and they pull off the victory by five watch code blue looking for his fifth straight victory pacers is still the basketball and they come up with that bucket right there but the cavaliers were hustling look at them work the ball and there is currently finishing things off cavaliers up by eight and as the cavaliers continue leading in this game
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to take an unintended see on the court and then at the end of the half and lebron james led 23 taken up 60 - -dash 49 indiana scored led by five with about six minutes to go with the cavaliers force ot entirely was a pacer killer he had five straight points lebron was limitless as well cavaliers would seal it at the line cavaliers 1111 - -dash 106 being up 11 and a half give up 30 points in the third quarter down five great and the game and then to be able to make a run and stay with that execute down the stretch it's a huge here we go again to huge one for us in the nfl has rebranded media day to something called opening night which meant primetime spectacle and still before so
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newton and the panthers came into the gathering with thousands of media types then also tonight the broncos were heard from as well that would be peyton manning the veteran who was keeping praise he sounds like he's a huge fan he's been awesome is the best word i can think of is been a great pastor been a great runner been a great leader you don't go 17 and one as a starting quarterback without being awesome thus what is been this year without a doubt he certainly has been and for the first time in more than eight years duke is not on the ap top 25 they have lost four of five including two home games they've been in every men's basketball poll since
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and 20081 must look to the eight day forecast will show you high temps tomorrow near 50 so good luck to punxsutawney phil and buckeye chuck tomorrow morning we'll have a chance will have a chance of rain heavy at times for midday wednesday temperatures fall starting late day when state's authorities and that has returned to the 40s by thursday morning show cruel
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