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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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just had enough, have been there and done that, it is time for him to go .it with hue jackson i think it's time for a fresh start. >> the final straw was an incident last weekend in texas during which he had an altercation with altercation with an ex-girlfriend, allegedlyet threatened to harm himself, police in dallas and fort worth investigated but no charges have been filed, went into rehab a year ago has been involved in a number of incidents while field and avon police investigated a domestic dispute between him and his girlfriendoat that began as he was driving along i. 90 the nfl cleared him of wrongdoing, in january report surfaced that he skipped a meeting between doctorr and were disguised on a trip to
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drinking at a bar in dallasd espn says the browns would like to release manziel when the new nfl business year here begins a march and fans say good riddance . >> is a child basically he got his way at texas a&m is used to getting his way and now he can't get his way and d is nothing but a headache if i was the owner i would cut the cord. >> it is kind of a running joke . he wants to stay and say and behave himself, then good for him him, if not then good riddance . thank you for nothing . >> someo hope that he can be tradedh jorge draft choice but he is viewed as poison to any football team right now it's back was a certain amount of
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too far and this is the nfl and, and not for longwood u. play not as well as he has and continue off the field as he has. >> klimt city hall has an explanation for a video of a security breachklh at the police building, video revealed by the i-team, the city says that i-team reporter ed gallek your. >> the city blames human error, after after a few goes on youtube with a dispatcher demonstrating how anybody could break-in,em showed you the video of a dispatcher on monday but the video on the internet you do not need a key to get into the cleveland police 3rd district headquarters . video is meant to send a message to fix it now especially since have exposed other locks not working and
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's office says the latest problem happened after a worker took out trash and forgot to lock the door . butut obesity is at the same thing to happen again see that part of the story , that's five. >> jim jimison for something serious could happen, is a good thing. >> they say that they are working on it and we'll showhe you how they are fixing this probleml which back to people killed and a wrong way crash on the westside,g footages just released to show the moments leading up to the tragedy, jennifer jordanl islam i-71. >> do not have time to react, 33 -year-old mother of two, was killed after a while wrong way
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alonene i-70, we have obtained videoin of of the crash but out of respect for the victims families not broadcasting the footage, the police say that alcohol likely was a factorat. multiple 911 calls, leading him up to the fatal crash but it was still too late if we say that it was around 230 tuesday morningt wheel of a chevy cobalt north north in the southbound lane of i-71 in cleveland the dot releasing highly camera footage
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other drivers called >> guy driving the online. >> is alleged careless driving what ended in tragedy's car colliding with a chevy suburban driven byvy lakisha brown in cleveland who choose not to show the collision, wrote to say that she was on the phone with her fiance he apparently heard the phone going to. >> is no answer at her home, her neighbors are still in disbelief .. >> its ear with two kids, don't know if she had more than two,
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least 3 miles along 71 in the wrong direction of drivers were pronounced dead. >> back here live here we say that he was traveling at a high rate of speed and alcohol was a factor in the crash there waiting toxicology report the driver was no stranger to lomb with severalr misdemeanor traffic offenses that alcohol is is not a factor in those previous cases . a neighbor dispute over kansas turned into a nationwide search for adr 6-year-old woman six-year woman and her two neighbors as peggy gallek spent the morning in mansfield and has those
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>> obtained court records filed in mansfield municipal court appears that the city to your womant may be dead, patsy hudson has not been seen since july 4 today that she into her neighbors were arguing about her cancer neighborsogu not have not been seen since, search warrant filed withee the court say that money has been coming out of her bank account for several months, affidavit filed with the court says that he 18 transactions are being made all over the country, family says it would be unusual for her to be gone so long without telling anyone, they were still fox 8 that the police were at here last week searching to say that she was quite kept herself and always took care of animals.qhe >> i saw the place and wondered what was going on and to find out that this is what it is>. >> monday we saw them and do not
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they information is asked to call the mansfield police . the police are actively investigating and trying to find these two neighborsd along with hudson so if you have information, call the >> vic snyder a man is shot twice while delivering pizza, he made a 911 call for help as the dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron. . u happened about 10:00 p.m. a few miles south of where we are . they say that 59 -year-old mark murray of
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from papa john's in acrimony as making was making a delivery to madras neighbors heard two or three shots and saw him on the ground in the parking lot he was able to callr for help told police he had been shot by a single male who took his money. >> the whole thing concerning money, you have a joe lynn who isj 59 years old trying to make a living delivering pizza and somebody robs them at gunpoint, that is bad enough, but then to shoot him best is trying just trying to make a living on top of that, that is just lower than low., >> the police collected several locations they don't have a great description of the suspect , ey he was wearing a gray hoodiee have been a number of these kinds of robberiesbe over the years here in akron and elsewhere, and it is rare for
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the gunhi, papa john's management did not return our call but police are urgingtu delivery drivers to be careful . he is then the akron hospital, they were not able to give us much more information than that. >> should the felony case against bill cosby be dropped here's lou maglio switchback his lawyer is asking a pennsylvania judge to throw out the felony assault case in some testimony in the case today, a former district attorney named newscaster testified he did not pursue charges against 10 years ago because of doubts about the
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nameded andrea constand, he she also testified that he hopes cosby fails in his effort to get the case tossed outut, told the judge there was insufficient evidence in 2,005 to show he had committed a crime crime without reasonable doubt and also said that she did not behave like a victim of sexual assault, bl and this could be significant, he told his attorney that he supports the prosecutionh team is sad that i'm not on your team i on what the prosecutors doing . accused him drugging them and dating back to the 1960s a new district attorney in the case says that he moved forward because of cosby's own words of deposition and because the state let statute of limitations was about to expire in pennsylvania.tu >> the city cannot balance the books,e someone has to make up
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we are happy to have you back . >> we did go all out when you left because we go bigger and fox 8 . we have a little cake and then we got the pizza . she
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>> we are broken so thing to all the people on facebook instagram twitter, and i'm humbled by the nice things were said. >> we're like family here in northeast ohio.'r >> we do thank you . and we love to have you back. as a kid kid, it was my favorite treat .id. >> let's not care, we had a swirl of clouds around . how they are flowing and different
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flaky biscuit, it is groundhog day, the past 10 years, punxsutawney phil has been right six out of 10, three out of 10, buckeye chuck . the predictions would you like this, punxsutawney phil says it's going to be in early spring and buckeye chuck says, six more weeks of winter . . in the forecast there is a large cold chill coming in the latter part of the forecast .o paducah is almost 70 degrees, minneapolis with 29, right now n we've got some showers getting
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and findlay a few showers in the western counties about 6:00 o'clock will have somers heavier showers overnight, this amanda snowfall, has put down with areas receiving the foot and a foot and a half and still blizzard and winter storm warnings and some tornado watch boxes have been posted in portions of kentucky tennessee and deep south . it's possible he could get some thunder hear them after tomorrow midday rainfall is gone and thenaf breaks in sunshine and that's when the chargers go downhill pretty quickly down into the 40s and upper 30s by tomorrow evening . we will hit about 54 late
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be gone in a day and that's when we we have the cold air invection with falling temperatures .co today, showers and gusty winds overnight, tomorrow mid-fifties and then they plunge in the late afternoon and early evening then back to a more realistic temperature . we'll be but beyond the 30s, for the weekend then on monday a rain snow mix of them tuesday next thursday temperatures falling into place for the highs and overnight lows back in the teams . and that is what we expect for february . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air,
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ia .
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a. school project plans 8-year-old pennsylvania girl and a police station.
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chief was all smiles, the police in in the eastern celina eastern celina town were surprised by a handwritten thank you letter from the girl, the idea of a teacher, to pick a hero inside a letter, the second-grader thanked her local police officers for keeping the country safe from bad people and she pointed out that people don't normallyp thank the police for their protection andth says he was floored after reading that. >> is was humbling to read this is showing schlichtmann is showing much out and mean so much to want to see something like this i think that this is not just foro our department is for every department just to the police, don't get a thank you note each day from people that they do stuff form. >> she says he plans to frame e the letter and displayed at the police station . ensure that she had a few of the police patches
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.. >> clever about his return to its home inv down but new jersey 71 years after the due date, it is finally back on the shelves, frank ryan borrowed that back in 1944 and turned up a few days ago when hisys daughter was helping him sort through, his keepsake she suggested he call the librarys and return it but he was apprehensive. >> said, don't tell anybody because i don't want to go to jail . the good news is that he will not go to jail and be library system camps of the fine on overdue library books at just
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woman come out of her coma after a traffic accident now she's meeting him, she was unconscious for nearly two months, she is a diehard david cassidy fan so he played music for her, they share the story on social media wants hisis managers heard about it they made her dream of making them come true. >> what you differ was incredible, you can't play music over andoverou. it. >> . come and of stuff, you have not heard me yet.o >> she has made a lot of progress since the accident that she still has a long recovery>> ahead and bet that his music
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punxsutawney phil representatives don't recognize any otherne weather a predicting rodent like buckeye chuck. >> someone would care what he has to say ? our weather information comes from melissa mack . >> buckeye chuck so that that we will have six more weeks of winter shoes and going to give
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you the general just, the clouds are moving in and will be productive with some heavy rainfall tonight, . there is a front on the way, a strong front, much like in the spring season . lots of moisture for this time of year,l the rainfall that moves in, will allow for some thunder tonight and talk about severe weather for portions of kentucky and tennesseeea . downpours will transition to the east tomorrow
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after noontime . rainfall amounts could be half-inch to 1 inch, gusting at times 35 mph . the temperatures fall into the 40s . cleveland mayor frank jackson is calling for an increase in the city's income tax by half a percent she is in effect everybody who lives or works in the city has matt wright says my mayor jackson says the increase is neededm for to their sales revenue was flat about two
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the city income taxuds, he is calling for an increase by half percent to two . 5 percent, the bear sighting loss of revenue from the state property tax from foreclosure and court fines including fromro red light and speed cameras and the costs are up for 2016, city salaries are nearly $30 million maintenance of the justice center costing $6 million theth doj consent decree houston $11 million the proposed half percent tax increase would cost someone who makes $50,000 a year in extra to $50 that it would generate $83 million to maintain and expand the city service will go to their snow removal and public safety otherwise cuts will be needed in 2017.
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potholes, i cannot cobble together the money needed to do thatr in 2016 and 2017 . just can't do it. >> 80 percent of people 8 percent of people who work in cleveland and pay income tax live in the suburbs but only those who live in the city would be able to go on a tax increase, it first must go before city council before itf goes to the voters the earliest that would be likely in november .s she said thank you matt wright. >> the police asking for your help to find a missing person,, 50 for lawrence thomas was last seen at his homece on stock bridge avenue january 26 they say it is unusual for him to not show up at work or return home .it he is 5- foot nine, 150 pounds black hair brown eyes if you have seen them called the cleveland police
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>> we are onto new hampshire . but not before a surprise hit last night at last night's iowa caucuses as bill martin joins us a.hia >> in last night caucus, donald trump and hillary clinton held firm leads in the polls but in iowa they don't count the caucuses do,nt ted cruz came out on top in iowa with 28 percent,m front runner donald trump finishing in second place about four points behind cruise ahead of marco rubio, ted cruz says the victory is a clear sign that voters know he is the most qualified, history may not be on the side last two republican winners in iowa, rick santora and mike huckabee did not not go on to secure the nomination, trump does not coalesce nice to feed a setback should simply l look at the past few iowa caucus
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principle but when they came out of iowa they were broke not have the national infrastructure t to benf able to compete effectively to win the nomination, we are in a very different position. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and to easilyr beat hillary or bernie their , we love you iowa, we might come back here to buy a farm, i love it.b >> at the on the democratic side ,, hillary clinton barely edging out bernie sanders they split the vote 50/50 with her getting a slight edge says that she is focusing on hampshire while he says his campaign is just getting >> new hampshire, come with me this week, make this journey with me, stand up with me fight for me and when we went, i will stand up and fight for you every
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>> with this shows is that this campaign has started>> in a very forceful way, starting way back in coming to a virtual tie, and we are going to find here in new hampshireg . we look forward to winning and doing well around the rest of the country. >> new hampshire primary will be held a week from today on february 92 have a and have a chance to hear from the candidates before that that with a debate the debate on saturday night,e hillary clinton and bernie sanders will not debate until two days after the new hampshire primary that debate will be in wisconsin shooting see what happens with john kasich,, he put all his eggs in new hampshire if he does not fare well in what he continued, that remains to be seen. >> you will see at least two or three candidateswi who do not do well will be bowing out she's
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money to fight the spread of the zika virus and the americans asking for a $9 million two stop the virus m and lessen the impact on babies and families, unicef will focus on educating duties in brazil on to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes andb to wipe out breeding sites about 20 percent of people infectedo with a become ill with fever rash and red eyes,w the deaths are rare but the big worry is is what he canr do to pregnant women and unborn babies there is no immunity orn faxing. >> congress releasing more information about a drug company ceo plannededre increase the cost of a cancer drug, releasedse 3,000 documents detailing the pharmaceutical company strategy the ceo wrote that we raise the price from $700 per bottle to sendle 5,000 that should should be
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>> the documents that they also ha plan to raise up to hard drugs is that warm january warms up sale numbers at chrysler fiat the automaker says that january sales are up 7 percent from a year ago they sold more than 155,000y vehicles last month, the jeep cherokee and ram pickup up recorded modest increases, the company sales were hurt last year because of a snowy january she saideec found a way to take out drones, and the netherlands the police are using them to target the target the device is what trained to be the dispose of any unwanted dronesh a company called low-tech solution for a
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after losing the first game with their new coach the cavaliers
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we'll take a son and
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and in the 50s she saidis it cannot last long, but we have had so far amazing winter, if you are not a snow lover and you like temperatures likeot 50s with we had 60 on sunday, but if you are a snow lover then you you just just wanted the snowfall, we have temperatures mild day but it was short-lived . groundhog day, punxsutawney phil says it will be in early spring and buckeye chuck says will be six more weeks of winter . and or six weeks like this would not be so bad, florida avenue chapters will be quickly tumbling .il looks to be colder
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snowflakes . raindrops from away , the winds will be picking
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because of the of the ones ahead of it and pretty juicy for february for this complex term system behind it then movies out and then temperatures beginning to drop looking at some of these showers . tomorrow, they lose out, it didn't winds will be looking around .dn then some wraparound snow showers b. negative beasely tomorrow morning, morning showers department quickly scattered
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authorities have been with all again into snowfall with highs returning to the 20s . the cavaliers winning streak is now atve john telich here with the good fortunes just in good to have you aboard here again the fox 8er. >> the cavaliers pacers monday night, the cavaliers lost their freest flowing offense of ways in the second halff and but in the end some tough defense and periurban lebron james made a huge difference, the cavaliers were in a pickle abouth the coach made it incumbent upon them to
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up to pay 111 -- 106 victory, kevin love, if he had postponed it would have been three games with all three and 20 or more. >> told them that we got to continue to play the same way andd said you dug this hole so you got to get out of it continue to fight over time and we won the game is to i can make a comment on the grounds it and parted ways with john manziel and hope he gets his act together and the team does not need that circusgehe going forward and kudosrw to sashi brown for saying what everybody thought that his actions were
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said . laugh at helps to have a ball watching the super bowl on sunday. >> 95-year-old your reward may be one of the oldest carolina panthers fans love affair started years ago when her great grandson asked her to watch the game she's been a fan ever since her favorite panther is cam newton who is famous for celebrating a big plane she said what i like about all of them is thatw they play like it is supposed to be playedpla she says that she's she's never missed a panthers game except when she had to work she will most likely watch the super bowl with family
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i have no words, it is just super awesome . just to say thank you does not seem enough for what all of you have done for me .. >> so far, the go-fund-me account has collected more than $20,000, they say that is the least they could do to help a teacherl who has helped so many people. >> check it out with bill martin and tracy mccool to see what is coming up at 5:00 o'clock . what is the most annoying post to see from other people, food,t somebody else's kids, break out
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everybody rolled her eyes. >> person has still thursday no thursday to cash in on a 63 million-dollar lottery ticket ay
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a mother to death and anotherr driver killed after a runway collision on 71 percent gerron jordan joins us with more. >> do not have time to react, 33 -year-old mother of two children killed after a wrong way driver crashed into her car at thed last 140th street the crash but out of respect for the family not going to show the footage . they say i'll call more than likely played a factor in the tragedy about 2:30 a.m. to concede 22-year-old kenneth urbanek of lakewood drive in his car and a at a high rate of speed northbound in the southbound lane nearly missing
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the car driven driven by the
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