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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the team issued a statement that reads -- rtrt >> i guess they have had enough, have been there done that i think it's time for him to goe with hue jackson, i think it is time for a fresh start. >> the browns organization and many fansrg were supportive when he went into rehab year ago but then in october avon police investigated a domestic dispute between him and his girlfriend that began on i-90 no charges were filed in the nfl and the nfl cleared him of wrongdoing, a january report surfaced that he was c skipping the meeting with a team doctor wearing a disguise in las vegas, and last week
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with friends in a dallas bar. >> i think he still a chow basically he got his way and texas a&mca is used to that and now he cannot get his way and has been nothing but a headache if it was the order i would get rid of them of them in the long and move on time to cut the cord shoes andf espn said the browns would like to release manziel in march when the new nfl business year begins , in an effort to softenf the blow the team will take the salary cap, and fans say they took him to let the door hit you on the way out of towni. >> at this point it is a running joke if he wants to stay in the himself and good for him but it's not that good riddance, and thank you for nothing she sent some fans hope the browns can trade him to get another player or draft choice, manziel claims
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would like to sign him . >> will read some of your comments in the next half hour and john telich john telich will know more about what this means for the browns in sports. j >> city hall responding to nit report that exposed the video online video online to show how anybody could break into the policei third district headquarters district headquarters the city now blames human error said that someone had taken out the trash and had left the door unlockedi meantime problems in the city says that contractors are still working on the security issues . >> two people are dead after a wrong way crash on the west side and> video just released shows the moments leading up to the tragedy as jennifer jordan has more. >> she did not have time to
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head-on collision, 33-year-old mother of at least two children, killedwo after a wrong way driver crashed into her car at west 140 th st. street overpass on i-71,0 fox 8 has obtained video but out of respect to the victims families by showing the footage, police say alcohol was likely a factoric in. >> multiple 911 calls just minutes leading up to the fatal crash as please police say it was arounda 2:30 a.m. tuesday when 22-year-old kenneth urbanek of lakeland was driving a chevy cobalt traveling north in the
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dot released hwy camera footage of him nearly missing three other cars who all called 911. >> a guy driving on the highway the wrong way she's in is alleged careless careless driving would end in tragedy, collided head-on with a chevy driven by 33-year-old lakesha brown of cleveland, relatives at the same say that she was on the phone with her fiance at the time of the crash should send he heard a scream and then the phone went dead she saidm i would see her come out and with two kids i'm not sure if she had more i really do not did not get to know hery this world is just
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>> another angle of video, it appears that he drove at least 3 milesat in the wrong direction, both were pronounced dead on scene she is in the city was driving at a high rate of speed and alcohol factor, are currently awaiting toxicology reportsa, he was no stranger to along with several misdemeanor offenses in 2013 that none but none of them were alcohol related. >> i-team has learned of a try by critics to rip you off as a a high-tech device found found found at one of the most exclusive hotels is ed gallek reports is in the second skimmer device found to steal your bank account numbers was found
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. >> this device can reach into your bank account, the chances of police finding device like this is slim but now they've found tog g be the same way in the same placebe they were used by con men to swipe your credit card and bank account information shows that you can check on something at the renaissance public squarece. >> last week the police got a call downtown to the renaissance hotel, security found a skimming device on this atm . late last year hotels security found one on the same atm,c it was placed where your card into the atm as we found in december most people do not recognize it. >> the number of victims that
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least five people used the atm it had been placed in his scenes that had only been there for a short time she's athi another reason to take another look at this guy,, investigators believe that he put the first skimmer on the hotel atm and did not get caught now a second skimmera is on the same atm so theyon wonder about all of the connectionsab . these devices are more popular and there are hard to detect so the financial crimes unit working with the feds ish tracking leads. >> report shows that hotel security workers have been checking t the atm because they found one there before andu they believe that these devices are all over and businesses have gotten warnings.
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she's at it is hard to spot sometimes you can jiggle the area, that is loosely perhaps it ispe a skimmer but for the most part is tough for most people to find >> command is entered and after being shot twice for money he we have been delivering pizzas, ri please urge delivery drivers to be on highy alert as dave nethers has the story from fox 8 studio at the university of akron. usingth it seen these before in cleveland and akron, but makes what makes this more alarming is that the guy went shot this delivery driver twice a. >> 10:00 p.m. monday at the akron police get a 911 call fromh
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looks like a robbery gone bad is ite supposed to think about what's coming through the house and hid in hitting the kids will sleep. >> to like the idea somewhere on her with here with a gun and shooting enough that kids across the street just shows him just simple thing concerned about a first all you how theyhus gentleman who isma 59 years old just trying to make a living delivery pizza and somebody robs himdin at gunpoint code that is bad enough but thennt they shoot this poor guy who's just trying to make a living on top of that it is just lower than low. >> measure that papa john's did not return our calls please urge her traversed to use caution she
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moneyey on them at anyone time so it's not a lot of money that these individuals are robbing.. >> the place say he is in serious condition but expected to survive a health that somebody has information that can help to identify the gunmanan. >> because several train cars to jump the tracks last night in brewster, weldon caught fire because it contained butane police and fire crews of naked people want than a half-mile wide then went to the high
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clear .t the epa recalled the former the former manager's permit and put two of their own workers on leave for how they handled the >> fbi is involved in the event investigation, they switched the water source to the flint river intoe 14 to save money but the river water was not treated properly and let from pipes leaked into homes to they've not said ifto charges might be
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. >> punxsutawney phil, did not see his shadow, means that we are earned will have them early spring at the 18th time in history that he did not see his shadow is in just minutes later later, buckeye chuck told us that he saw his shadow, he said that it looks like winter will be staying around . he disagreed with punxsutawney phil's prediction to keep in mind, the elections have been less than accurate,, and hopefully, he is wrong and punxsutawney phil is right she said so who is more, thanks to scott sabol, he does have some extra time put together the the stats it turns out that bill is the better
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success rate. looking aside from earlier, but it has some sunshine and the temperatures have been extremely comfortable, we'll reach our high temperature later tonight and tomorrow morning before it starts to fall .
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. today a high temperature so far of 50 .. with sunset tonight at 544 p.m. . looking at some mixing rainfall . here the toledo area also some portions of wyandot, crawford and richland county . on the lightning tracker, the darker shades of red and orange are the e older strikes there's more coming in towards bowling green
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tonight . looking at some of the snowfall that has been heavy . then we have the scattered thunderstorms . just south and west including kentucky, tennessee alabama mississippi . to the north and northwest, some blizzard and winter storm warnings for some receiving up to 20 inches of snowfall . both of this it is cooler with 36 degrees toledo and then they tonight
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paducah and for us it is about some downpours tonight gone about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow . there will be some heavier downpours expected, for the morning commute to the east a few showers, between 10:00 a.m. and noon the winds and rain will be gone .an the charges will fall s to eventually buries about atm tomorrow and rainfall amounts will be heavy overnight tonight between half-inch -- 1
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falling temperatures thursday then fall back into the 30s on fridayen with mid- 30s . about slightly above normal as we head into saturday and sunday . for those ofo of you lots of snowfall and is forecast, tuesday wednesday next week,, will be just for you with temperatures in the 20s and chance of snowfall next tuesday wednesday ay . the cavaliers winning streak is at five, are they ready for
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it appears to be the end of the road for johnny
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for quite some timeth the team will likely wait until the new year begins on march 92 part with himch his cap number is about $4 million so they would be e better able to absorb that, it's possible he could be traded but i say i have a better chance of starting at quarterback than for something to trade train for johnny manziel, crediting sashi brown or say what we been thinking especially after another incident in texas,,. >> is continued involvement in incidents that run counter to the expectations undermines the organization,ier is at the cleveland sports awards, josh mccown was asked if he expressed to men's health how me himself how he can salvage his career in the new coachex.
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approach her job and make a good impression regardless of who the coach isis regardless if it is myself or manziel or anybody who does not matter we'll have to to picture best foot forward when you walk into that building is inui every looking forward to the big game so that you who do you give the edge to him super bowl 50's claimve went to go with carolina, the balance on both sides of the ball is scary thew tough defense in the offenses prolific led by cam newton, he is a superman in cleats, so it goes cement the big ice and make the big plays are not superstars likene ted ginn junior and the guys t are capable of make in the big plays as we saw in the nfc title game, and he loves the supporting castd. >> the layoff to dictate to us,
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it is a very close knit group . and we look out for each other. >> and what is this about kyrie irving imperfect? >> we know that he has been clutched in his young career in cleveland, last night he went wild in overtimela as dead lebron james, kyrie irving extended the streak, in his career his career he has attempted 32 free throws in overtimedeas and has not missed one of them, that is pretty impressive just in justin hansen poison that wartime, it is just two free throws just glad that i can make the free throws . cavaliers at charlotte last
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if kevin durant that oklahoma city was one team that is going after him is the one team that could get him him possibly as the golden state warriors . still ahead, breakdown mayor jackson proposal and what that could cost you for the income
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peggy gallek spent the morning in mansfieldld has the t latest information. >> court records filed in mansfieldou municipal court the fear that the safety gear woman may be dead to sin has been six-month since they have seen the safety gear patsy hudson. >> police say that she has not been seen since fourth of july, the day that she and two neighbors here were arguing about her cats and they have since moved out and have not seen sincec those lemon herb i say that hudson was quiet and kept herself they said that she would be seen on sitting on her porch feeding the cats.
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search warrant filed with mansfield municipal court, said that money has been coming out of her bank account for several monthso 18 transactions are made all over the country the search warrant warrant says that detectives were looking for the body of her andth evidence pertaining to a crime of kidnapping and abductionta family says it would be very unusual for her to be gone so long without telling anyone. embedded information on this case is urged to call the mansfield police. cleveland police ask for help to find a missing man, 54-year-old lawrence thomas was seen at his home on
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january 26 they say that it is unusual for him to not show up at work or return home he is - nine 10050 pounds black hair brown eyes if you see him call the police. >> mayor frank jackson . four eight sales tax increase of 7 percent via save sandy increase of david. >> 80 percent of people who work in cleveland and pay income tax are living in the suburbs only cleveland residents can vote to increase the taxax increase that the mayor says is much needed or the have to cut services choose a city services, the mayor says that they need to keep the
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>> who got a problem, a revenue issue shoes and the mayor is calling for an increase in that city income taxa at half a percent he said revenue from property tax and red light and speed cameras is down and lostst $30 million in annual state funding while how leaders are touting a balanced budget. >> are the ones who produce that really but we revenue but we do not see the benefitit as result of forcing the decision of tax increase on local communities should haveve costs are rising and 2016 bait car tracks require $20 million in salary increase and doj consent decree costing $11 million. >> but i want to imply we want to be able to do better. >> the income tax hike would cost someone making $50,000om in
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generate $83 million annually to maintain city services but said that drive away business. >> ellice cuts will occur e. is not specified where our city council must approve any tax hike his habit and i were going to have a reduction of services and possible layoffs.d >> will go before the voters and many say that they are taxed very.. >> elastic and tax increase was 35 years ago he says that the earliest that the tax increase a
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november . ted cruz and hillary clinton are the winners. >> today is a victory for conservatives just choose & her tonight,j breathing a big sigh of relief, thanks iowa gazetteth ted cruz won by a margin, but hillary clinton not so much was so close she was not declared the winner until today, donald trump came in second both say that they have not given up hopen g is that finished second place i tell you i'm just honored just
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for martin o'malley after getting just 1 percent and mike huckabeet also bowing out, the remaining candidates look ahead two new hampshire gazettete was a close democratic race but some say thehe clear winner was the sticker kid, a drake university student covered in hillary stickers gave many people of good laugh, during the clinton rally in iowa, the freshman first tried tried to sneak a saxophone into the rally but was turned awayik he then snagged a vip seat behind the stage, he made it on live tv over her right shoulder, he also tried to eat the stickers stuck to his
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this time tomorrow, the characters will be going south .ro it is groundhog day today, buckeye chuck, thinks that there will be six more weeks of winter and punxsutawney phil sayst that there will be an early spring . see what happens over the next six weeks but regardless it has been a fantastic winter overall, wither milder conditions and a lack of snowfall . getting colder starting tomorrow afternoon and eveningg, with the highest returning to the 30s and 20s at one ., .
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blade green and findlay somet heavy downpours and an area rainfall in wyandot crawford and ashland county . looking a little more closely . talk about thunderstorms just west of toledo and west of 75, tonight you may hear some thunder . we had some heavy snow with just north of the storm system with extremely heavy blizzard-like conditions and a strong front .
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consideredi warm air this for this time of year and the clashing allowing for this lift in the upper levels producing thunder . there are tomato watch boxes and tornado warning sneer kentucky tennessee . right now we warmfront pushing through cincinnati at 60 and paducah 70 . this is a huge area of low
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midsection the front is heading off east tomorrow,ro when the missile drive more afternoon . tonight some heavier downpours and rainfall amounts have vanished -- 1 inch tomorrow mornings tonight upper 40s tomorrow mid-fifties with temperatures plummeting and then talk about snow showers and some 30s for the highs . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.e. and we are the only cleveland morning show starting at 4:00 >> cdc added for countries to the zika virus travel list
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bill cosby back in court asking a judge to toss out charges tied to a 2,004 incidentc is charged with felony aggravated indecent assault and accused of drugging and sexually assaulting the woman at his home , he denies it and says that it was consensual sex, he wants the judge to dismiss the charge based on an agreementl h that he says he made with ah former district attorney 10 years ago, kit kat without the crunch ? boston was to cash in on a defective candy bar claimed claim that she suffered
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after buyingn and a pack of eight pack of kit kats missing wafer, she says a lifetime supply would make it better,f that she would t be a quality control by eating them to check for defects so far no response from nestle k . jetblue to celebrate leap year by helping you take an affordable trip is offering to mend to mend honor flights one why do places like boston las for some it is harder to find a connectiond she said would hesitate to get a second date to mark put out its annual annual singles in america study, that ordering sushi on the first day increases your chances of a second date by 107
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are adventurous also founds it's okay to talk politics money and religion on the first date that don't talk about sportsat or your ex that's a good way to make your first date the last eight . >> could this be the final straw for johnny manziel
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looks like an like an enclosed within the end of the line for johnny manziel,ks the
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his statusat will be addressed when permitted by liberals, that means that he could be cut when the new info your start on march 9, you'll have plenty to say about this andu anything related to johnny manziel. >> gabe spiegel answer was is here with some of your comments is that i do not have a scientific poll but if you read on social media thatat 9 percent of the audience as it is time for him to go he's been given chance after chance .' remember the old times, rehab and domestic issues and promising to not embarrass himself or the tape again and again and here is what people say, this was from facebook, he says -- he's guilty of nothing given the chance
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hear. >> says to dump him for the team will once again be the laughingstock of the novell. >> michael says -- he is a loser , sent him packing already .t here's an john manziel is 23, they owe him $8 million guaranteed for a four-year deal, this was just two years ago, retracted them about number 23 with high hopes lot of people but people were still optimistic about him .e i think some more overly excited, but the thing is hi that he is 23 and he does have a canon of art and some talk that he might get traded to the ramsm maybe he will be picked up in dallas,, but at this stage i think most of people here say thatbag it has been fun but we wish
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better but.hw >> just to many distractions. >> and brett moore on facebook instagram twitter. >> reduction production was amazing but. that you have no idea what wentt making grease
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. while most complex life to the events of the year, you have any idea what it took to pull off grease liveouit mr. to get some perspective, there are poor people in our control room, producer director, auto technician and prompter operator . >> grease live required at least 40 people at all times every
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director,r, the associate director executed a plan the plan by calling outx shot number and camera move in sync with the musicic. one at the associate the associate director is also the
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had cemented to tomorrow morning been falling afterwards, rainfall with thunder, then back to the 30s snow on thursday and friday saturday sunday nothing too shabby and then they chant your tumble with chance of snow next week is an three years ago a power couple welcomed a son and promised to be married before the second was born . >> they did cut it just ain't that close his or she was already very much a labor last wednesday when her stepmother brought a chaplain in for the ceremony,, they had planned to marry two days later but the baby did not want to wait . it was not even 20 minutes after the couple said their i do's that the baby was born, she says it was hectic at the time but
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not only only is there anniversary his birthday but also inth she's going to be the
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