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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  WJW  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and with the amount of moisture o we had a we haven't seen any snow. this is a nice that's going to happen. radar showing heaviest rain to the west and start to see the showers out. i would say it is noon today, this front has slowed down and keep the fans be stronger wind testing close to 40 in some areas. this is the -- twentieth this 30 degrees warmer than book we were yesterday morning. the local temperature still up 49. posted a 53. and dusky at 56. check it out. look to the west in chicago at
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fall. and they turn:us for some light snow overnight. traffic time with patty. >> output start and we have got up very wet and they appear on the belt. it is closedh is that you be forcedc exit. the bomber. the whole thing is they don't know about it till you get here. if you are traveling come may coming into the west side. pick for 90 over the 77 and take t that into town. otherwise you'll see once it up there and let's gett -- we have video of what is going on there. so a lot of water on the road and they are trying to push it
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needed a giant shop that fact. we will let you know the detailsta as to when it opens to keep right here on fox it all night long. >> water quality test results expected for one local elementary school. officials say thataten there may be levels of lead in the water prompting the latest round of testing. we're joined now the latest. >> school officials at gurney elementary say there is a discrepancy of the information posted at ohio epa website. w when they learned of this posth in the tells to representative from the organization. o be aware of what's going on. leaders are not taking any t
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to lets and the safety of students and staff as well. at the ohio epa's issuing the quality of water back in january 19. this concept agency declared safe for drinking last november the school district said were not going to close the school but we will breath ball drinking fountains and turn those often get bottled water. been for bathroom sinks you keep this in service for handwashing. superintendent robert hunter the district is being very cautious, especially for what happened in sebring, ally a more elevated levels of lead profound homes there. them but to water samples taken putting generically second and seven. the results from those tests are expected to be back today. please good news. so far no students or staff tested positive for lead. hoping for the test results come back and let you know. >> thank you. >> another news out of leaders will hold a meeting state of concerns for the cuyahoga river dredging project that us army corps of engineers stretches each year and dumps it at her disposal facility near an airport. it was to dump the settlement into lake erie. this is raised concerns about periods of water picked based
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>> the foxy eye team has learned of another bold attempt to rip you off. a high-tech device is found in one of the foods most exclusivengco motels.rp smps itspos rarapeinbe eds i tumor. at gaelic hasas more on the downtime discovery. >> this device reach into bank account with chance of policean finding a place like this slim. now they found two s in the execs in place made the same way. two skimmers used by con meant to try to sleep your credit card and bank account info without you knowing it.. >> they found a skimming device on the atm. >> last weekek cleveland police
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let's treat drivers are being cautioned to stay alert after local man was shot twice trying to deliver up in akron. fifty-nine -year-old mark murray called 911 himself after he was trying to make a pizza delivery. neighbors say there are two or three shots and ten summary laying on theho ground in the parking lot. mary told policece he had been shotol once in the back and
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it also who also took us money. new developments in the case of the zika virus. butv health officials have confirmed regarding contracting that disease. an policece officer takes over parenting duties. what was caught on camera well one waited for her daddy get out of o court. >> heavy rain.c look at the h temperatures, low and middle 50s to rewrite rise
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this afternoon. seeing the showers been out slowly . will we see any sun. talk about the pulldown for
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lady gaga gearing up for the super bowl applause that she
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anthem big game. hope live before the the kickoff. she didn't commodity eight. >> that was a long time ago. >> there's a lot of interesting things. a a >> it was. all right. we've got some rain this morning. >> temperatures are going pick yesterday was groundhog's..
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we have bucket trucks and one thing and then you had the bucket truck said we have six more weeks. he saw his shadow. and then he post pipe tell did not see his shadow. it is believed to back over thes past six years, buckeye chuck c was only right. the last year so phyllis prices accurate when we look back.e we will see what happens. the temperatures have been climbing. we've seen a pretty good wind out of the southwest and temperatures up the middle 50s. in cleveland we have a picket line of showers fromidid ashton ashtabula. we're starting see showers them out.
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from 4656 over the next four hours in running 30 degrees warmer than what it was yesterday morning. that front is going to pass through through midafternoon so we have a little bit of time for the temperatures t begin to fall. chicago and 35, indianapolis at 50 so there is that line. starting to see the temperature drops indianapolis football another 15 degrees through 9:00 in the morning we see that the temperature drop until the winds began to shift to bring other out of the southwest and eventually out of the west/northwest. they will start to dry out slowly by mid to late morning and people see breaks and sunshine to the west and itst eventually as temperatures fall and that the 30sas and upper
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begin to see a touch ofh light snow. so highs will pretty much stay in the middle all morning and then watch the push cooler air this afternoon. by sundown we fall back in the 40s and 30s again, not much of thech play every development of any. place 90 couple of snow showers accumulations of snow.. passing showers and snow tomorrow and 7:33. no organized weather systems across the great lakes. more than likely we will get -- and we see temperatures falling and their falling through the 20s but the middle of next week. the arctic front and rain to the notebook go tuesday and keeping event --
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school closing station. >> patties got a pretty good week.k. >> gosh, i am. aren't art.. and he has been reopened and that is great news.o you are good to go and no longer have to take a detouro so that is great news pivotth stick at the other three place this morning t and this is 90 and 27.
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there was water there as well. that ramp is always been open, 77 north and 90s eastbound. 480, no issues their coming out of independence and talking with a lot of departments this morningd to check ifep they have issues with standing water andg so far so good. eighty-three over the turnpike. t that is now under construction over and north richfield so please plan accordingly. >> thank you very much. with eyewitness rearview mirror, them republican and democraticem candidates are now looking ahead to the next test in new hampshire. hillary clinton monday i will caucuses over her democratic challenger bernie sanders but only by a razor thin margin. he is well-positioned to winilimo the next contest given his popularity in neighboring vermont. ted cruz may have beaten donald trump marco rubio in monday's caucuses. new hampshire completes the's polls rubio is expected to be a
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>> i can do that better than anyone is resting -- running. need to grow that. we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders.t >> ted cruz is lashing out at marco rubio and donald trump and immigration. attack as he has referred to rubio as the republican obama. >> growing concerns as the zikaz virus continues to spread. health officialst are saying that a patient has contracted the virus through sexual transmission put the patient was effective every having sexual contact with an illy person who recently returned from a country where zika virus was present at thent zika virus is usually spread through mosquitoes for this that crime doesn't pay for thatto might be entirely true in the district of columbia washington dc city councilum unanimously approved the bill to pay residents a statement not to -- carl grimes. the goal is to discourage peoplerle from becoming offenders. o
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year while considering this a violent crime. c >> videos of utah police officer going viral now after he goes above and beyond thee call ofc duty. >> the officers caught in camera watching a busy toddler while her father. traffic court. the to match itff up to testify but couldn't bring his daughter into the courtroom and his officers volunteered to babysit while dad did hisce thing in court. he lithic a seasoned veteran working with kids and a first avenue he wouldn't sit still. he pulled down the storm so people could watchs videos pretty your display. even at his dad was impressed with the babysitting skills. >> weather and traffic every eight minutes juste ahead.
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time. how they're celebrating their marriage and whether overcome
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look at these lower middle 50s. 5 we still have a few spots now in eastern ohio in the 40s. out near ashtabula and we're still running the0o low 50s l people getting a temperature t jump after the rain moves out pistol think we stay up intoin the 50s to at least the lunch hour is the showers start to slowly thin out from west to east. e temperatures will start to fall back in the 40s by afternoon. for starting toby see some breaks and sunshine. will s stay. windy and then we shout with the dell of elements later today. not much going on is the temperatures fall to the 40ss and 30s this evening and the
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pnr belt e has reopened it is ninth. they have a shut down for a few hours as they have all lot n eastbound. they -- just inside no issues. i judging from the drivetime we note were doing europe for:56 on wednesday. eastbound no issues. northbound from route 82 into i town and 77 looks great turnpike and a 13 minute drive. when increased to come over todr you. >> three years ago a primer couple welcomed a son into the worlde and promised they would get marriedro for the second one was born. big succeeded that the got a littlet close. >> youlo guys have your marriage
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>> and i am like, wide. >> you're going to get married. the choppers on the way. >> monaco was very much on labor last wednesday when her stepmom ceremony. she and jamaal had planned to marry two days later aa the baby didn't want to wait. w it was neat than 20 minutes after the couple said i do that missouri was born. not ao cassette of hectic at the time but she wouldn't change a thing. >> how 4:57. weather and traffic justst ahead. >> lead concerns in chagrin foul. school districts releasing water test rolls to results day .5 result coming up with johnny d men cell madness. details on by theel contribution will keep he may have taken it
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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