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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. the chargers will be dropping over the next several hours,h more than 10 degrees in one hour at some point .i today, that a great day to be playing golf or go jogging, these will be moving in tonight with snowfall . after midnight scattered snow showers . and then just a few here and there tomorrow . we do not expect any accumulationwe maybe half-inch in the snowbelt, tonight fault of the upper 20s and then tomorrow, mostly cloudy
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the questions about a family found dead after the house exploded last monthfa. >> palmtops reports pot shops reports out as dave nethers look at those today. >> the summit county medical examiner's office report does not include how or when either of the parents or their daughters died, said the report raises as many questions as it answers. >> their northfield home burst into flames after an explosion on january 11 the fire was ruled arson, investigators have yet to
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fire, today's preliminary autopsy report reveals that they all suffered severe burnsli it is puzzling that there was no evidence of smoke inhalation for cindy mather or the two girls while there was for jeffrey mather he report shows that there was no obvious cause of death summit county medical examiner's office has more work to do before they can release a final reporte still being very cautious not to draw assumptions. >> smoke inhalation evidence, part of that report is interesting raising interesting possibilities of what may have happened, but exactly what, the medical examiner's office says that they have a lot more work to do to compare notes with others they have some toxicology reports left and they say that
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responsible. now they have even more questions. >> they have to be patient because the investigators want the answers as well.. >> water saved his result of the latest test at asa chagrin falls elementary school, after concerns of high lead levels asaf matt wrightl is back and has what happens next . >> they got the results from tests taken at gurney elementary school last week show that the ow water is safe and safe and lead is that an acceptable level, but they're still keeping the waterfront is off and using bottled water is more testing is
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evaluated water at an entry point to the school into place inh the school, started in august and september when water samples tested above the epa action levels, the ohio epa attributed that to the system's lack of use over the summer . sy working with agency, the schools took steps to upgrade water treatment equipment and thought that was in the clear that in january the epa asked for more testing and postede an online advisory for children and pregnant women at the school and to use bottled water, the district is still waiting on results from additional testing it is doing out of caution. >> is of concern to parents in the community and i think that we put the safety of students and staff at the forefront and to ensure that whatever actionsta is to be taken that take it appropriatelyo. >> the district took 20 more samples at the school yesterday>> those results are expected back next week,ho asked me epa for a
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what the school is told and what was listed on the epa website and let you know coming to. it is a concern, when a printer or something like that, many people there and chagrin falls say that they feel that the school district is keeping them informeded and that's all i can ask. >> perry high school was closed as they work to clean the school buildingng and buses, 25 percent of the field high school students in mogadore were out sick on monday and 1 percent on tuesday because of an unknown intestinal illness they say that it has y not affected nearby middle school or the elementary school, the portage county health department said that the school closing was the schoolsp choice but they do make
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building,t remind parents of good hand washing etiquette and other measures to prevent the spread say what is making the student sick. >> jailbreak at a correctional facility in downtown cleveland has two men on the man on the run for three days from a physically played with existing problems as revealed in a recent jordan joins us from that facility. >> drug abuse -- two men on probation,, simply blocking up walking out the front door and not returning before fulfillingsi their sentences is is what has been happening at the nancy mcdonnell and debased correctional facility in downtown cleveland .d three days ago the most recent incident happening,s 24-year-old jean shepherd and third tier of lovell tucker escaped through a broken window sunday morning officials with the oriana house
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suspected of having synthetic marijuana and the other was caught with an unauthorized cell phone .w when they discovered the offensesnvy
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is no active search for these two escaped clients, there are wants out for arrest but once they are caught they will be charged with probation violation and possibly more jail time . if you are traveling on the ohio turnpike west of the lorain county want you to make that you are merelyly speed limit because it is a troll but the state patrol's top speed ticket writer a job that he says helps to keep people safe ash roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> were talking about more than 2,000 tickets every year for the past four years,r trooper williams says it's not about given tickets by keeping people safe he says he does not like the attention he gets just does whato he he is posted to keep to keep the roads safe he has averaged 2,000 tickets ae year since 2010 they can have the
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every trooper in every patrol post in ohio,ve the turnpike is one of the busiest roads and dissector between cuyahoga county and ottawa county is one of the busiest travel's job is to make them safer just to get his changing drivers behavior we want to enforce, reduce accidents across the state and what are the causes of fatal accidents is speeding . we tried to create change drivers behaviors connected conscious of their speed she said less than five minutes after we finished the interviewh he went to the aid of water crashed in the parking lot of the turnpike commission officepa and show you you that coming up at 6:00 p.m. the fastest car was a mitsubishi clock at 127 mph that's the fastest in general was a motorcycle at 149 mphes the best
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distracted driving, they say that is the absolute worst and will guarantee you receiving a ticket if they catch you.te he has heard pretty much all the excuses and they just do not work anymore,es if you are speeding stating that you need to slow downe just a thank you roosevelt leftwich. >> are keeping tabs on developing stories pierced lou maglio. >> decision expected on whether sexual assault charges against bill cosby will be hostile or go to trial, prosecutors today argued he had no immunity deal with the former district attorneye who testified he okayed the deal and an oral agreement let her go has no credibility, his lawyers argue that prosecutors can and often do
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the defendants that the deal is binding on future prosecutors, did focus on the decision 11 years ago to not put any agreement betweent cosby and the former prosecutor in writing, his attorney says that he received verbal assurance that no charge charges had been filed without those assurances he would not have let cosby said for a deposition in a civil suitos cause is facing felony assault charges dating back to 2,004,se the accuser says that he drugged and raped her, he's facing dozens of allegations of the first time that charges have been brought against him. >> first test of the 2016 presidential race comes with two
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is that which was about to go from mild to wild sky you heard from the groundhog now it's time to turn to the real expert, but covered in in the fox 8 news i-team tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock, because the forecast for the rest of the winter, for an early
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waking up, tomorrow night fox 8 news at 6:00 o'clock. it is so beautiful that we pulled out the cedar point camera . fisherman's wharf we had temperatures above 64 degrees lakefront, currently , 43 . she wind shift and they strong front moving through . we have the winds gusting at 30 plus mph and sustained between
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tonight we will have temperatures in the 20s . in minneapolis it feels like 6 degrees we are in the process of droppingw by the time you go to bed tonight it's going to be called . the strong front that came through producinghe rain and lightning yesterday and overnight with about half-inch of rainfall and snow showers moving in overnight tonightnf . we'll have those upper-level flow, with of these clipper-like systems and minimal moisture,
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tomorrow mostly cloudy . it'll be the shock of going from record highs in the 60s to highs in the 30s tonight, upper 20s . highs tomorrow, low 30s of little below moral . surpassing snowfall tomorrow and tomorrow low 30s and then friday,3 saturday and sunday between 35 and 40 . abend a rain/snow mix monday, with
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digits >> fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.e. who is excited about super bowl 50 ? don't these people in the bay area who are protesting the gamepe
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super bowl 50 will be played in santa clara california, just outside of san francisco,. >> everybody in the the bay area is thrilled about close to the beginning and showing their displeasure in some creative ways as tracy mccoolt gives us a luck. >> while it is played in santa clara,hi the pregame festivities, the fan fest and media meet and greet are held in san francisco, they are actually 45 minutes apart, the fact that santa clara gets the game andh san francisco gets thefr headaches does not sit t with the people, so all over san francisco there are super bowl 50 statues and those upset with
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show their frustration atoa this phone has the letters changed . another one outside of being city courthouse was also hit but was altered . san francisco's alamo square may be saying that the big game is for the birds, >> then add to fisherman's wharf , and then someone posted a shot of instagram .te another sign at a san francisco park has a simple message . and a super bowl statute that is directed at san francisco where edley reading that, lee robs, at leastat
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a radio host in san francisco says that this is people behaving badly but also says it is typical san francisco that if they do not like something they'll let you know it.ik super bowl fans will be gearing up to root on their favorites on super bowl sunday. >> it also includes some four-legged friends, a colorado woman is busy makingng broncos gear for her goats, rebecca herberg raises goats perform and sheer dresses each one and broncos colors . the males get the blue sweaters and the females get the orange colors,sw she's expecting
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stay warm somehow. >> with airborne they typically y weigh about 8 pounds pounds and bitter cold, it is in april it looks like apr bunch of raucous fans running around. >> shaniya nesbitt recycle the sweaters, wants generation when they are too bigrs for the sweaters they put them on the next group of goats is in respect to find broncos fans in colorado and panthers and north carolina but one of thent tar heel state's most famous famous animals has people upset, graded the groundhog predicted the weather onon groundhog day and also predicted the super bowl winner, but he was flat-out t. picked a corn cob with a broncos logo, the panthers hope that his football picking skills will be as inaccurate as his weather
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the groundhog may still have h still have a home but there is a house where he better not show his broncos loving face shoes and it's easy to see see which team that he's rooting for in super bowl 50, and shows his panthers brought pride over the house, and there are signs showingnd even a stuffed panther on the front step he makes his is living working working with opal street and saw a perfect opportunity to put his creativity to good use.thy >> to be allowed to cut everything b out to make it and i had to make sure that the wind and waterat were not taken down a so happy that the team has done so well and people are really behind them. >> helps if you can make one more large sign that reads --
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it is a record-breaking day, thanks for staying with us . >> will do warm temperatures in february 2 last for long, what's
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it's going to be colder than our high temperature day when we get the 60s right now theig temperatures are tumbling, you can see just how laid great lakes looking angry, looking at the temperatures, and they have really fallen especially to the last,p 42 toledo and 60s to the southeast we have had some record highs for almost everybodyy . flint is still looking around between 20 and 30
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morrow, partly sunny and chance of flurries . tomorrow mostly cloudy with some sunshine high temperature in the low 30s .. lucky students were picked to attend the iowa caucuses.
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talked to brittany harris about that.nd >> it was a great opportunity for the students, who are> from newberry high school, they got back hereg on tuesday that its a lot of volunteering,th each working on different campaigns making calls anden passing out flyers also attended a couple of the rallies,o she said she did not realize how much was involved in the process that part of the reason she wanted to go on the trip was to learn more about politics . the others other students say now they feel more confident about who they will vote for. a lot of people jump to conclusion based on the party and don't know much aboutl do not know what each candidate stands
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is important for people to know who stand for nothing she said the principal says that he cannot be more proud of the students he saysof they were very mature on the trip,t a lot of interesting how much interest they took part in politics and such a young age shooting him. a day after the iowa caucuses a big name in the race for the white house is dropping out and he isd not alone, as bill martin joins us with more on the changess in the race for the gop presidential nomination. >> kentucky senator rand paul announcing he iske suspending his campaign and dropping out of the
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candidate is following suit,dra former pennsylvania senator rick cintron is ending his bid, sources told crn that rick cintron expected to make the announcement official tonight he barely registered in the polls in fact he is dead last among the gopp and finished last in the iowa caucuses, rand paul recent statement that reads -- he finished in fifth place in the caucus with just four half percent according to clear politics he is seventh in the overall pulse tied with john kasich other candidates wishing him well and hope to court some of his supporters.
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support, i know that he is probably focusing on his senate reelection in kentucky and we have to make sure that he is reelected.. >> will continue to fight for criminal justice reform, for privacy privacy and for your fourth amendment rights i will continue to champion due process over indefinite detentionur and continue to be a voice against the out-of-control regulation, spending and debt that is crippling our countryry economy in the and the future of our children.. >> he did not address the media today, a spokesman said that at this point he he is not planning to endorse another candidate for the gop nomination,t see how this has an impact when voters go to the polls in new hampshire on
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man seen on hbo documentary confessing to murder is not going to prison, robert durst agreed to a plea deal on weapons charges, a new orleans judge sentenced him seven years,, the deal must still be approved afterhe a presentence report is received . the charge stems from his arrest last month after a rollover was discovered in hisem new orleans hotel room a day before a documentary about his lifeela was shown on hbo and she is heard to say that he killed his wife and two other people but has not been charged in those cases. >> want to matter broke out of a prison in new york has been sentenced,so david sweat received
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prison last june, he is already serving h a life sentence for murder the judge order him to pay $70,000 restitution for damages thatti they did to the present during the breakout, the other escapee richard matt was killed in a shootout shootout with the police two days before smugglers captured. >> president obama calling for religious tolerance during a the first time that hec visited a mosque in his presidency, is looking to temper anti- muslim prejudice in the wake of recent terror attacks began the day with a roundtable discussion with leaders of the islamic society of ultima, the president has visited a mosque in the in the past but never in the us. >> epa margie says the water crisis in flint, michigan could have been avoided said officials urged the state to treat the water for corrosion causing elements last year but were met
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the michigan director of environmental quality said that war could have beenal done but the epa did not display a sense of urgencyb . they switch from the detroit water system to the flint river into 14 to save money but the river water was not treated properlyly and lead from pipes leak into homes. >> in boston they say that former nfl quarterback ken stabler head had to the brain disease ct he died of colon cancer in july they say that he hadd stage three cd east cleveland police department which is linked toehr brain trauma, the disease can only be confirmed after death he can cause on memory loss depression and dementia. >> make big money while sleeping ?? tomorrow night on fox 8 news at 10:00 o'clock high-tech way people are getting paid to let
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night, you can become the worldwide star of your own reality show in the morning that internet safety experts give about this new trend,rn moneymaking sleepers tomorrow
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welcome back is the get ready for the 2016 fox 8 st judee ticket sell-a-thon, they're busy working on the dream homeel. >> excavation the basement is underway, as the work begins for the dream home, this year it will be a single level home with a bonus feature on top and a partially finished basement is being made byhe cleveland custom homes value that half a million dollars belt thanks to the generosity of the community. >> generosity is the hallmark of our company we have been blown away by the generosity of people the vendors and suppliers who have reached out to us and
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their labor and talent it is wonderful. >> tickets go on sale february 18 at 6:00 a.m. tickets are $100 h. with proceeds benefiting saint jude also give you a chance to get a car from nick abrahame along hot tub from white house pools and spas and others just go to fox
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take a look outside, record high temperatures for almost everybodyco . it is turning out to be a lovely evening . next week, it it'll be much colder so we'll have increased
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the first front came through with rain and lightning strikes last night but now, it is snow showers the upper level wind flow will have these come in from the north and west with some snowfall that will eventually add up but nothing major . a few snow showers after midnight and tomorrow, partly
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tonight, the upper 20s . the passing snow shower tomorrow, the wayans brothers gusty and cold air around till friday it will be a good weekend overall . as you head into monday -- thursday, the chargers falling started tuesday with overnight lows in the single digits .. is this the day that many high
4:38 pm >> it is national signing day as john telich joins us. >> it is the national letter of intent day, the student athletes have to send their letters of intent into their schools todayle ending with a time of jews which is the best, at the cleveland metropolitan school district ceremonyc he saw proud families, today ted ginn senior spoke during the ceremony as his glenville tarblooders were represented as for athletes from many other schools and other sports besides football were represented, for two drummers today is special as they come .
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working so long for this i am writing is only the beginning. >> in best wishes to everybody, coming up at 5:00 o'clock go to benedictine high school, will we'll have a report from fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m. . . during the 2016 presidential campaignri by sanders has been asking his
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>> in this case, it also stains stains, or you can wear your politics on their sleeves or
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can you could you attach a cover when it is great art or to show the world your favorite team or a loved one. >> in vermont it is about politics a tattoo shop is offering tattoos for the 2016 presidential race, and since vermont is the home ofe bernie sanders they will offer to put his tattoo image on your body,r this is for free, he says that he does this because any new hampshire tattoo parlor offers free donald trump tattoos she's in i'm insulted by the freight donald trump tattoos and don't want people to get the wrong followers who are that
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>> i just want to do one nice bernie sanders portrait that will probably take about five days six hours. >> i prefer to keep him in my heart that onto my skin. >> the owner of the tattoo shop is offering free coverups for anybody who regrets getting a donald trump had to.
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. would have record high temperatures today across northeast ohio we had 64 degrees .. hopefully hope you had a chance to get out to get the sunshine today . people were out walking, running washing the car or playing golf. >> i saw some people writing theirir bicycles and motorcycles today . i left my house at 3:00 o'clock in the 61 and by the time i got here it was about 40 degrees.s >> that's because of the wind shift i got here today at about noon, i went out to the roof to check on the skyline and then it was 41 degrees that was a wind shift on the lake, then 64 was burke lakefront, the records are
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