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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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61 degrees the official readings will be coming this hour, suffice to say that 61, 62 is . even at hopkins, you've got the cold air coming in even with bright sunshine, sunshine still feels good at 50 degrees that is above the normal high of today's
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to the east, they still have temperatures warmer than yesterday . and then a area where it has dropped off down to 30 degreesd for instance st. louis . the rainfall last night is pushing off east east we are in a dry slot, we do have wraparound clouds and snow showers awaiting us in some of us will get those tonight . today was a bit abnormal and we will put away abnormal for quite a number of days as we mentioned
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back to normal we would be there or below normal and then here comes the transition . new details from the investigation investigation of the house explosion and fire in whichnv four members of my family died. >> the medical examiner's office hasas released a prelim report as dave nethers joins us. >> skyhaven drive and northfield village the report reveals evidence but does not definitively conclude how or when cindy and jeff mather or either of their two daughters died in this fire last month it does raise more questions as he does answer . the home burst into flames after an explosion on january 11, it was ruled
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officially say who they believe seven days preliminary autopsy ut report reveals report reveals all of the family members suffered severe burnsr but there was little evidence of smoke inhalationh for cindy mather or the two girlsf while that was for jeffrey mather, the report shows that there was, no other obvious cause of death . the summit county medical examiner's office has more work to do before they release a final report they're still beingum cautious not to draw assumptions . the smoke inhalation evidence is interesting, it raises some possible scenarios for what happened . ai but the medical examiners office is being careful not to go there because they have moret testing to be completed and confer with other
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the issue their final report they say that coming to any conclusion before they get all the evidence is responsible . the water is safe as result of the latest latest test that chagrin falls mentor school after concern of high lead levels in the school water isft matt wright tells us what's next .w >> they took the test last week at gurney elementary school, the , tests indicate the water is okay if a school isic sticking to bottled water as they do more testingstst. >> good news that everything was acceptable. >> the gurney elementary school sc parents are breathing a sigh of relief, the district says the latest round of water testing shows the lead wasbric within acceptable levels but the
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>> everything that is to believe that that it is safe over going to take every precaution to ensure that is the >> concern in august when some supplies tested high for a lead they say the ohio epa blamed lack of use over the summer working with the epaof chagrin falls upgraded water treatment equipment to balance the ph levels.f >> the superintendent robert hunt says the district followed epa guidelines and thought it was in the clear until late late january with epa's request more testing posted an online children at the school to use bottled water.wo >> fuss going on in flint, michigan i think there is change going on with testing in public education i think that partially played into this. >> the district says it took 20 more waterok water samples and
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results next week.was >> was not that concerned because they've been good about keeping the parents informed.. >> now they're going to be using bottled water. >> the picture says it look into a long-term modifications once thelo testing is completed . raced out to the pa for discrepancies between what the school was told and the agency website advisory, we will keep you posted. another high school that i but i was close as they claim to the entire building and buses, on 5 percent of field high school students mogadore were out sick on monday and more on tuesdayol the portage county health
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clean the building.. >> to escape from a correctional facility in downtown building just played with problems as revealed in a recent investigation,e jennifer jordan joins us from outside the facility n. drug abuse to more than dozens of men on probation they simply walked out the front door and not returning to fulfillro privation requirement, that is the trend and the nancy mcdonald kennedy -based correctional facility in downtown cleveland, the most recent incident happening days ago,-bdo deshawn shepherd and they escaped through a broken window sunday morning officials with oriana housesend said that one of them was suspected of having synthetic marijuanaf together with any unauthorized cell phone . when
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they say tucker used adi billiard pool ball to break the window and escaped in december the 19 th reported random drug abuse at the facility revealing out than 60 clients who went a long 2015, 20 returned . the two escapees are not considered high risk criminals officials responded to questions if changes need to be made to prevent future incidents, the facility is not a present but an alternative to a prison sentence granted by a judge for some. >> anytime they are put into this facility to go to an appointment or a job that we verify that that if they did that and also what they did not show upa when they do not show up we will start looking looking for them looking for that we notify probation they call their family, whoever that we can to
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. >> officials say that as of right now there is no active searchchia for these two most recent escapees . while there are warrants out for their arrest, once they are captured, they will be charged with probation violations and even more jail time possibly . two students st overdosed on prescription drugs and a high school prompting to be two of the arrested three suspects on drug-related charges at >> the portage county sheriff's said they focused on who supplied the drugs and ended up in the schoololup. >> typically if we have overdosed me look into that were going to find out the names of thatw are under investigation currently and typically that
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and >> a cherry becher 15 police and ce prosecutors were called to rootstown high school after two students overdosed on xanaxax investigation led to the arrest monday of 19-year-old chernobyl before student during a search of his home they found an assault rifle, $50,000 cash and marijuana on tuesday they arrested to current students , they have been charged with two counts counts of corrupting another with drugs the school district is use use of their situation as a teaching moment for all students. they can learn from our staff that if you have an issue we do have resources available to provide you with assistance to get on the right track is a thought all three teenagers are
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face expulsion.u >> and few travel over the limit
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mild to wild ?. >> uber from the ground from the groundwork for now it's time to turn to the experts as recounted in theth fox 8 news weather team, prom night prom night fox 8 news s-6 via it . it is the forecast for the rest of winter, and early spring ? or is old man winter waking up ? with an exclusive tomorrow i'm fox 8 news and 6:00 p.m.. will put all the pieces of the puzzle together and it will be revealed barroom.t >> odd time?
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though from the warm 60s, 38 degrees at fort wayne, our weather comes from west to east and that is what is coming andnd before we put this away, let's talk aboute record high temperatures . until today, have only been three calendar dates on whichre the temperature has stayed under 6 degrees of record
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and now we have two left, this is a big deal because we knocked the '50s with a 61, and suffice to say, only two days remaining on the calendarsa with the record high under 60 . the clouds are on the increase, we are pretty much in the dry slot . snow showers moving in tonight could be some cosmetic coatings but not a big deal . when you wake up in the morning, some of you will not have any fairground , especially of the snowbelt . tomorrow, very little if any rise in the temperature, in the morning, the couple bands of lake effect are possible in
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maintain the status quo .po with the temperature very close to normalal and to a february mode . the first cool down, is pretty good, event by sunday if cocaine intensity coming in on tuesday -- thursday and not pay a lot of weather systems but some clippers and potential for lake effect snowow tuesday -- thursday next week, tonight, about 1 inch of snow in the snowbelt mainly. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. sign up for text alerts at fox
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one way to describe the next
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would not do so without the supremes palm off so with the sounds of black
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>> it almost are not afraid to show off her scars . >> voucher receiving a big nomination here is gabe spiegel withh trending online stories. >> ball drop is very much in the news every hour or so todayen he received a nomination for the nobel peace prize the only official vote came from, according to the french press came from vigorous peace through strength ideology, as a deterrence against isis and how is china, off-line nominators can be prizewinners festers or governments that are not made public, the nominees are supposed to be kept private for about 50 years that are often late, pope francis is a front runner, also fidel castro, vladimir putin and rush limbaugh
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past.lash officially, he has been nominated. >> ariel winter, and 18-year-old star from modern family is proud to show off her scarst . last summer she had breast reduction r surgery and this past weekend she attended the screen actors guild awards wearing this black dress and you can see her scars under her arm she downsized from a 32 f. two of 34 d. which helped alleviate back problems and she was tired of the
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getting . said -- a reason i do not make an effort to cover-up the scars, they're a part of of me and i'm not ashamed of them, then today, said that she was humbled by although the positive feedback about the scars,e embracing who you are, and love every love every bit of you because that
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lucky newbury high school students were picked to attend the caucus
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thomas lane talk to brittany harris about what that was likeke an sure that they've some great stories. >> this was a huge opportunity for the students to learn about thear politi meet some of the candidates. >> most of us watch the results of the caucus on tv these newbury high school students experienced it in person. >> but nothing was going to be that intense and so many people involved. >> hope lewandoski was one of the posters to attend the i'll caucus said they got back tuesdayans. >> cool to see donald trump on tr tv and bernie sanders but to be 10 feet away was awesome. >> they went to rallies, they have don't volunteer making phone calls passing out flyers they said it was quite the experience..
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campaigns to donald trump, bernie sanders and marco rubio, marco rubio, hitler was like to become a telemarketer which is
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today is about fulfilling the dream and not just their dreams come closer you got the parents, grandparentslo and coaches who put and although the powers to lead them them, and benedictine high school,m they had a strong contingent of athletes who will play,htr in the to the next level notches football, but from other sports, the bengals went deep into the playoffs this past season after winning the title in 2014 for him to have to contain the >> there thought that i would be in this position . feel like going in, filthy lot like so they won't michael bair at benedictine . at 6:00 p.m.
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schools all over and you can see that at aboutca 625 tonight for >> it has already started getting colder, do not let the the sunshine this cd because it was out most of the day,, looked into them cedar point webcam, a not much activity there that is a great view of the sky and looking at the shadows becoming longer . cedar point at the far west end of the viewing area they still have sunshine but they're going to see clouds, as
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. currently at 50 degrees and talk about the recorden, looking first at the temperature plot . the a couple of 60 ones . who'll tell you in just a second if we went higher, this woman had paid eight hour head start, toledo had a cold front and with the cloud cover they did not not recover 30 are currently at 40 and we are at 50, the high of 63
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tonight's cloudy 29 degrees . could see a cosmetic coating may be one-inch and the high ground, the coverage will be spotty tomorrowow, but still may hang around for muchm of the the day then afterwards, it will be settling down friday -- sunday with weak system saturday . with intermittent cloud cover, the the next cold front arriving monday and tuesday with some snow showers and once we become established
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next week, with so lake effect . get ready for the 2016 fox 8 st jude ticket sell-a-thon. >> they're busy, working on the dream home,> except exiting the basement, with great weather, a blessing and place it has the word begins for the dream home,, it will be single level with a bonus feature on top and a partially finished basement is
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homes, valued at more than half a million dollars built with love and generosity. the generosity is hallmark of our company, we have been blown away by the people here in ohio the vendor suppliersn who have reached out to us and the relationship that they give away gi their labor, materials, time and talent. >> tickets on sale thursday from from 18 in 6:00 a.m. .. >> the tickets are $100 h. with proceeds benefiting st jude, the ticket gives you a chance to win a car also fromu nick abraham auto mall, hot tub from lite-house pools and spa and other prizesal just go to fox
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it is hard to believe that it is february ... one of the recaptured escapees from asc near present will spend more time in prison, and,se in an interesting side at an airport as natalie herbick joins us for today's edition of the update.
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shkreli faced security fraud charges in your courtroom today,ph 32-year-old accused of defrauding investors and misappropriated millions of dollars, the ceo denied the charges he was meant to last year after increase the price of a cancer and hiv drug by 5,000 percent he hired one of new york's highest profile attorneys to represent him. hn >> bill cosby is back in a a pennsylvania courtroom for a second straight day, charged withth aggravated indecent indecent assault his lawyer wants the 2,004 case dismissed .e a former district attorney district attorney says the decision not to prosecute cosby was not part oft the deal, it is unclear if the judge will return a decision todayi . >> one of the two convicted murderers who broke out out of a near present master apologize during his sentencingse, david sweat received an extra three
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and ordered to pay 70 . $80,000 restitution for damage caused and escaping, he already serving a life sentence. >> cargo shipe. off the coast of france has finally been towed back to the spanish coast and began listing over a week ago but severe weather made it impossible to tell it the crew had crew had rescued a french official says that it contains whatha in some vehicles nothing to pose an environmental hazardin. >> . doctor parts are nothing new at thisis but this is unusual, from a picture in california california, a man was walking through tsanian security in san francisco when the turkeyse was behind him turns out that it is an emotional support animal for a woman who lost her husband, you are allowed toto bring any comfort him on board with you as long as you have proper
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so the turkey gets to sit on the plane with her because it is a emotional support vehicle she said i think they should have dogs and cats and other than that, not other animals she is in what you do if you had to sit next to a turkeyh?
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. >> it is bad enough now, if such tight and now they bring in farm animals. i think it would be delicious with cranberry sauce and gravy. >> it is hip trendy and creative after the break see how a stylist breathes new life into
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this latest trend of ladies here creates creativity, a kansas stylist now works of
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vincent van gogh, even some waterlily based thanks to my main essay and is a great form people to discover classic paintings. >> said it just changed her currently wanted to see what she would look like as wannabes works of art . the weather outside setting record highs. >> the temperature temperatures
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this happened.ns up next find out when kristi capel her and her husband and little were doing the show
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this morning kristi capel her husband and daughter, shared some exciting news on the morning show.
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>> she is three half months along and wish them well and congratulations on their growing family. >> $250 an hour wages paid for by taxpayers the latest bill for the police reform. >> explosion kills entire family take a closer look at what happened moments before the firexpt . >> mosul iraq is tracking extreme change in the 8 -day forecast . there's something you don't see, on february 3,
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predict springtime this last. >> we broke records today but just a few hourse away away from huge changeless get it to melissa mack for the latest. >> we had record highs today, people were coughing, jogging andw anything outside . records for 63 . you can clear that 63 and has fallen 20
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it will remain breezy tonight
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