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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. learning more about about the global solution in part and northfield center come and kill killed a family of four, last month dave nethers got a preview of the report and joins us. >> and reveal some reveals some interesting evidence that does not conclude how the family died in thisve fire last month on skyhaven drive in northfield center, it raises questions their home burst into flames after an explosion on january 11 the fire was ruled an arson,
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officially say what was the cause the autopsy report revealed all of them suffered severe burns, there was no evidence of smoke inhalation forth cindy mather or the two girls thought it was evident for jeffrey mather, and and said there was no obvious cause of deathth, they have more work to do for they released a report they're being cautious not to draw assumptions the smoke inhalation discovery raises some possible scenarios of what might have occurredme in that house good enough to be explosion and fire that is noto happen to explain it so there's more work to be donepe they will compare notes with other agencies and until then,
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draw conclusions . they say that water is nowth safe to drink after concerns off elevated lead levels . >> water supply at tc gurney elementary and they say it's safe last week it i took water samples from the entry point into other locations last fall they upgraded the water treatment equipment november ohio epa give the building of clear . in january that he asked for more testing due to concernsha for children and expectant mothers so tonight the district is still using bottled water while waiting on the final results . >> are concerned is of the safety and staff safety at the
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take appropriate actions. >> they took 20 more water sampless and those results should be back next weeka. >> illness forcing them to close field high school today in portage county,cl 25 percent were out monday and 31 percent yesterday and due to a o mysterious bug they claim to the school and buses with classes resuming tomorrow . men who escaped from the cre che facility in cleveland over the weekend are of the 19 uncovered a long list of problems that were patients at the nancy mcdonell correctional facility soon to a halfway house, they say that they escaped sunday and we have learned that they are just two of dozens of men on probation who have left without completing their sentences
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>> i don't think the comedians anymore risk because of the facility or how we operate echoes of these two individuals, they were not particularly high risk offenders . i think juan was receiving stolen goods and the other was a drug abuser or distribution. >> they have issued warrants for the arrest they could face more jail time for violating pearle. >> portage county police have arrested several teenagers in connection with two drug overdoses ato rootstown high school's. >> when we get an overdose with akin to, to find out the names of other players that we know are people under investigation currently inv typically that leads us to a search warrant and an arrest.t >> in january 15, tudor style students od'd on the prescription drug xanaxd this
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19 or terminal six searches homes seizing an assault rifle $50,000g cash and marijuana and yesterday they arrestedc to current students to 18 -year-olds, madison schlagel and jason sadler charged with corrupting another with drugs in the school hopes this will stop the troubling trend shows that he learn that consequences occur and to learn from our staff that if you have an issuear we have resources for you to get help to get you on the right track. >> fall prey held in the portage county jail, the two current students could face expulsion. >> was very windy today is that it was a good day to tee off earlier today .go official high temperature, shattering records, 63o at cleveland . shattered the
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. currently, 43 cleveland wagar 20 degrees colder than the high today .d the wind is working and swiftlyd as well as gusting at times up to 35 mph . the cold air is moving in from the north and west with snowflakes tonightn and clouds and it will continue tomorrow the media mostly cloudy with a few flurries especially
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tonight upper 20 s, string snow showers tomorrow high tomorrow low 30s . take a look at the at the 8 -day outlook, not. >> is our winter weather about to go from mild to wild ? you heard from the groundhogs enough time to turn to the experts, dick goddard and the fox 8 news weather team, tui tomorrow, at 6:00 p.m. at the rest of winter forecast, it is an exclusive tomorrow i'm fox 8 news at 6:00 o'clock .n the big day for or day for augustine athletes in the country it is national signing day as john telich is the latest from several schools.
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dream and not just the athletes it is about the proud parents, grandparents and coachesa who put him in the hours to lead the young people . at benedictine high school today they had a strong contingent of athletesat play at the next level, not just football,t . athletes from other sports as well, but bengals went deep into the playoffs this past season after winning the title the year before, it is a tough time to continuations. >> i feel great, kind of surreal , this is a true blessing .ue i think michigan's date is a good fit, it felt a lot like
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coach urban meyer they signed 25 recruits including four from northeast ohio . the bucs also added luke ferrell from . along with offensive line-man from walsh jesuit . most analysts rank the buckeyes class second or third in the country . visited several schools today including division i football state champion saint edward . hear about that at fox >> and report tonight at 10:00
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zika virus continues to spread in the the us tonight the good of florida, rick scott hasi declared a health emergency in four counties, he says at least nine cases of illness and the statecycy this editor is although the patient contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries, tonight edw us health officials say ao person in texas got infected with the zika virus from sexual contact making it the first case of illness transmitted within the united states. >> epa ward she says that the water crisis in flint michigan could have been avoided, during a hearing todayayan said that officials urgedth the state to treat floodwater for corrosion causing elements last year they were met with resistance from
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directorm of environmental quality agreed that more could a been done but he says the epal did not display a sense of urgency,, they switch from the detroit water system to the flint flint flint river and wooster to save money by the river water was not treated properlyy and lead from pipes pe leak into harm's. >> a man seen on hbo documentary confessing to a murder is going to prison, > robert durst agreed to a plea deal this morning on weapons charges, a new orleans judge sentenced him to seven years in prison that must still be approved after a presentence reportnl, the charge stemming from his arrest last march after a gun was discovered in hisea hotel room to happen the day before a documentary about his wife was shown on hbo when she hears her to say he killed hisw wife and two others but has not been charged in those cases.. >> pharmaceutical ceo ceo martin
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today therk 3rd-year-old accused of defrauding investors andhe misappropriated millions of dollars, he denied the charges c he was ridiculed last year after increased the price price of the cancer and hiv drug by 5,000 percent he hirede a high-profile attorney to defend himen. >> bill cosby would step closer to facing sexual assault chargeses , a judge rejected his appeal to have the case thrown out of court is charged with aggravated indecent assault is his lawyers wanted the 2,004 case dismissed a former da saysys the decision not to prosecute him was not part of a deal, now the case goes to a preliminary hearing to see if they have enough evidence to prove that he assaulted the woman at his home home.h >> or islamic history the first sitting us president to visit a mosqueesi calling for religious gi tolerance to a berlin mosque he said americans need to tone down
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recent terror attacks he began the day with a roundtable discussion with leaders of the islamic society of baltimore he has visited them inor the past but never in the us. >> two republican presidential candidate candidates out of the race for the white house today after poor roads and akaka's. >> will continue to fight on for a liberty and the constitution, justice and the us . >> kentucky senator rand paul says he's ending his run for presidency to put focus on his reelection campaign in kentucky,o he has not endorsed another candidate, florida senator marco rubio who finished third said that he will try to recruit some of his supporters. he >> beck center also ending his presidential bid, he went back andckti 2012 in iowa but fairly earned 1 percent of the vote monday he plans to make an
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endorse another candidate.akou >> six years after taking a government bailout gm just posted its best profit margin evervet the largest automaker now sells moren cars in china than in the us, the profit profit margin profit margin to 15 hit seven . 1 percent almostst 3 percent from 2014 it is the highest and gmm 107 year history, toyota announcing it will stop producingot the sign-on line of cars this as a falloff in the past five years andis they will be merged with toyota models beginning with the 2017 model year . what is around the corner? >> today we had record high temperatures and low '60s
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about 20 degrees since then,to sunset at about 5:45 p.m. . as the days get longer, fifty-seven was the previous record and 1890, the winds are sustained windsor sustained between 15 and 25 and gusting up to 35 den . in minneapolis windchill at 6, became with a strong brand of showers and some thunder
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wraparound cloud cover including some snow showers . they will there will be occurring tonight and tomorrow and then we have a upper level flow allow these blister star systems to continue especially next week . tonight's partly too mostly cloudy and then remained with somee no issue for the morning commute . tomorrow, mostly cloudy . some snow showers during the day but
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if the bbc tonight and then fall t to the upper 20s . we will be is both artists were from the high and then as we head into friday,e a slight climb in the center department than monday, the chance of rain with upper 30 s and then the highs in the mid 20s next week and several chances of snowa and
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high-tech way that people are getting paid paid to watch them all day and night you can become a worldwide star of your reality show and the warning that they give out about the new trend, the moneymaking sleepers tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m.. >> charges made a surprising
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the but crews are busy building the new dream home, basso has been a big help, the single story home with a bonus
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basement, built by cleveland custom homes belly dead half a million dollarsly. >> generosity is the hallmark of our company we have been blown away by amazing people here, the vendors and suppliers have reached out . they give away their labor, materials and l talent just a. >> tickets go on sale thursday u for 18 at 6:00 a.m. in the red tail golf community tickets are $100 benefiting saint jude the prizes including are car from nick abraham auto mall the hot tub for lite-house pools and spas the prizes for more info fox >> nasa satellites reveal more about the rings of saturn the
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decade they say that thecree most brightest are made of ice and not as dense as thought it is an optical optical illusion they say it is important to study determine the age. >> getting a completely differentstst look of mars thanks to stunning high-resolution images, show the pictures that show the rocky surfacect, it says that it proves just how big it is and it has varied terrain including mountains, volcanoes and the blue edge caused by the thin
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