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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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still be on the show and then we have him on our show.sho. now we can.. what a great personality. no good for him and a lot of people a lot don't make itof p that far. ever. great job.reat still very very proud. thanks kristi. still on team tank.nk. thursday february 4 im todd meany. m and happy thursday happy friday eveland you could be with us. i'm stefani schaefer.ay following breaking news about tog news bout to ask and it's one turn deadly theeadly other please please are trying are to rescue a trapped driver right now we are live and just moments with patty harken with the verythe v latest developments on thosents o go back and forth.h. why the break could have been fended should people. be paid not too commit crimes find out how much. money theyt could get details on a new bill and your comments on this in this morning's download talkwnload about incentives shouldn't t we all justs behave.ave. isn't that how we're supposed to be.o be why would you get money.
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a look at the forecast on this thursday..thurs good morning. about 9:01 and cloud cover picki no breaks in the overcast afterft the temperatures felle shortlyhor after midnight yesterday.tery. brisk wind starting to shift west southwest storm fox radarfox rad showing a couple of these melting snow showerssh haven't hadn much't accumulation becausemu temperatures aus little too warmttl for that. know we are near the highe yesterday when we broke the record of 63. down into the lower 30sower currently that's where we will stay most of the afternooncu temperatures 25 degrees undergreesunder yesterday.esterday. temperature brunswick 32 mentorme 32. sandusky 35.ndusky 35. westlake at 34. not a whole lot in the way of of heavy snowfall in the upper midwest notice rotation out of the northwestvy snowfallr trigger it mightig snow and spots today andday and probably again over the upcomingupcomng weekend. temperatures are seaasonable.on now looking ata anything real big nothing that is going to inhibithiit
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the snow showers a couplek of them popping up here. temperatures steady all day long lon in the lower 30s.w we anticipating another wave of arctic aire we haven't really had many but i we anticipating a wave of arctic air will take aake a look at that coming up in just ajust a little bit. all right scott we thank you. now onto breaking news out of summit county this morning.g get to patty harken for the latest on this deadly trainra accident good morning.ccident good good mornin morning to you.i we had of this accident came in this morning before be 7:00 accident vehicle involvednvolved with a train on waterloo roade east of worcester road. road some of the area shut down we were out ons the scene we could show youu video from this morning unfortunately one person did pers died in the accident.t. once again a train and a carardied in the a that is what is left of the vehiclee horrific crash thisas morning and crews remain on thee scene they have waterloows reblmaockedo off down there just used ofe
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with this morning asas an accidentcc over and northridge bill.. it is just off of route 10 and our own jessica dilla is live on ive on the scene with more on this. good morning jessica.s good morning the good news here the man hasm been removed from the car he is now at the hospital take a lookhospitatake a loo behind me you can see the car c off route 10 the wooded area ar police and emergency workersy work just rescued the man trapped in in that vehicle for several hours.hou police tell fox a crash happened around to this morning when theng whethe driver drove off state route 10 into that wooded area. batman told officials he had been there since two but unable to get out of his life light was sent to the scenet around aid but police say he was talking his injuries are unknownu but got here my flight got here hr gote him out they have open one one lane right now in route 10. 10 that. is still one lane availablevaible
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of this they said there was awas truck driver thias morning that t was driving by and saw his and his vehicle off to the side of thede road as you can see in the daylight you can see the card badly damaged but at nightt n people drive by not knowing it was there.was the. he was less lighted to metrohte d we'll keep you updated on that. been in the car since 2:00 this0 this morning. there's no street streetlights on the road this is a straight up highway. there is not anytr streetlightsreetl near may.i out here definitely backed upup i don't know if you can see how is. you can see a lot of cars out here this may be take a different route. back to you.yo thanks so much. appreciate it. we'lla keep you posted. inmates escaped.mates es it happened at a low level lockup here in the city. that's right.right the fact these men got awayhe highlights issues the iteam uncovered last year.fact these m you might remember that story.emehat stor fox 8's stacey frey is live with what we know.. stacey. good morning. authorities say these two men
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used a pool ball to smash out a window in one of the dormitories. they escaped on sunday after according to authorities theyities the were caught breaking the rules.y now looking for a 23 -year-old tyshawn shepherd and 31 year old lavelle tucker.phe tucker. one of them has been here in since december, on probation for a stolen vehicle the other since november on drug charges. the judge nancy mcdonnel community based correctional facility is a halfway house for house low level convicted felons. they generally serve anywhere from 90-120 days, getting treatment and employment and education services. after about 30 days the inmatesndd edu ca are allowed some freedom to cometithe inma and go but in december uncovereded some major issues here inmates who often choose not to do their not to doheir time and never return and rampant drug use. guards have tried to crack down on that. they check everything, i meanguardd to craown when i bring him shoes, pants,im shoes,ants
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he is expected of having some k2 that we found in his bunk area, and the other person was found to have a cell phone that he was h not permitted to have. to have a cell phone that he was not permitted to have. low-level lockup run by a by private organization.ization now promising to put more security measures into placelac something like this doesn't doesn't happen my goodness. thanks so much appreciate it.y meantime morning police expected to make a arrest soon in connection to what is going on on there. near death of two children whoo chil may have it in drugs.dre mother of a 21 -year-old girl gi and nine -month-old baby boyby rushedbo him to the hospitalospi tuesday night doctors say that children were near-death started to recover after being givenar narcan. used to come that heroinher overdoses. police believe the childrenld
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detectives calling their mothermo the main suspect at this new here at 9:00 a.m. we knowt 9:00 a the name of thee woman killed inin a one car crash early this morning.a one c it happened on superior avenue near east 71st street, around 2a.m.arly thiss mit happe patty harken 2a.m brought it to you on fox8 news at 4:00. officers say a witness told them the driver lost control and slammed into a pole.ay told them the driver and another passengerasseer rushed to the hospital their conditions unknown at this time. nearly all that water samplessa taken from dozens of homes in sebring are below the allowable levels for lead.bring the ohio epa says 53 of the 54 a leve 3 samplesof showed lead levels in the acceptable range. the 54d the village is still working tol adjust its water systemage is st chemistry, to keep lead from leaking into the water fromistry, residential pipes. water system operators have come under fire for not notifying theer public about the elevated lead fire for not summer.. l and, water tests at a chagrin the water there is safe.
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t samples last year tested above the epa's action levels. officials attributed the problem to the system's lack of use over the summer.. officials attributed the the school district is still waiting on the results from results additional testing that was done out of quote an abundance of caution. we're following some developing newstt of quote aabundada we' here's wayne with a look at what's just in. that's right. we learn the identity of the victim and suspect in a deadlydeadl shooting in the city of brooklyn. 21 -year-old michael lancasterchael le called 911 last night after he said he shot is remade in thein chest. at the ridge road apartment. responding officers found 21d 21 -year-old olivia stall of parmapar and they rushed her to theshed hospital where she was pronounced dead. manchester being held thiseld this morning on reckless homicide charges and is set to be arraigned in parma municipal court later on that is what is just an back to you guys. thanks.
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getting a little less crowded.r which candidates dropped out and what theyh plan to do instead of running for president. and getting paid is to not commit crimes.commiimes. lawmakers say it will help keepp eep communities a little more safe. do you think it's a good idea and find outt how much money theymon would get. would g plus we'll find oute if you thinkh it's a fair deal.e next in this morning's download. dolls going to the doctor weissei them of disney's most famouss mosamous characters heading to the
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[music playing] [music playing] fabulous or what. all month long, fox 8 celebratesx 8 celebres the sounds of black history darlene love inducted into the rock hall in 2011.du you may recognize her background band in this performance, fellow inductees bruce springsteen and the e street she is great when we do the rockr hall inductions in april and cleveland i got to meet her.he so sweet. swee is she. she really is.y is. she really comes across that wayhatay you can just tell she looks sohe looks so sweet. and friendly and beautifulful woman. that is great. what a voice. city leaders in washington, d.c. are looking to discourage peoplean. that is great.
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they want to pay people. and incentive program. proam. the d.c. council voted this week to approve a bill that includes a proposallt to pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. to arove a a a proposa a similar program in richmond,ar prog m in california has led to a steep rnia hasled reduc tion in crime there. with a payout of $9000. under the bill the city wouldhe identify 200 people who expertsy tify 20 believe are likely to commit orpeople w be a victim of violent crime.tim of viole crime the voluntary participants would to go behavioral therapy andal thepy and other programs and if theyams anif the fulfill the criteria of the program they would receive recei payment. that they have to go through some sort of counseling or a or a program like an anger managementge type thing or something. then you would get money if you pass. thing oror you apply for that are are youe just chosen.osen are you told we think it looks like based on your previousur prev behavior you're about to commitom another crime.ime. may be go through juvenile courtvenile records or traffic to pickc to p tickets you may have done. do the article doesn't say.
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crime. a full-time job forget that ifat if this passes i will be aill be criminal. that's what somebody said. motivation to get them to do the right thing i understand that.a money is a motivator.tor. you brought it up the breakbre talking about paying kids for grades andaa we talked about thatth some parents give you a $10 eacha basket you make in your game. something like that.keth that this is and i think what w you will hear a lot who pays for right. rht. exactly shouldn't you alreadyre shouldn't your reward being areg ae going to prison not getting ingtting in troubl that should be rewarded i would think so. s britney writes on our facebook pagege really who pays for this taxpayers. know you should not commit crimes in your reward is afraid
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lynn writes flavor in favor of the plan any of you actually read this article are you commenting on the headline. this ar i was going to call bs but afterf reading the article it could be good.di ernest harvey says okay i'm going to become a criminal.i so i can get paid to not commit crimes.. cris. and this is the stupidest trash i have ever read. ava has an interesting take whyy not we are already paying all ofying al thel politicians and they commitmi fraud every day. why not spread the wealth. and tim is happy his money isn't going into the pool. po grad ohio tax money isn't isn't involved with that ridiculousness.diculousss. we want to know what you thinkou thin should people be paid not to commit crimes.cri head over to we have a web pollhe see where this is going. i don't know we will see. know head back over to our facebookto page leave me a comment we willnt read some more coming up in justile com a little up i ia lile bi
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councilman says the cost to incarcerate somebody is huge.huge. and to pay them a stipend not to commit is cheaper than putting them in jail.s so essentially it would be a benefit to taxpayers you are not paying for the incarcerationrceration cost in the jail. j but you're an adult you should realize y ou shouldn't commit ao crime. they say theyy had a 54 percentercent increase in homicides in violent crimes in dc and if we can payca people so people don't get hurt or killed then maybe that's aat good. sounds crazy. soun c how arerazy. will we to be abnormalto be is so normal. ab but if you can prevent deatheath prevent people from beingb murdered.murdere of course..of cours there's some several different ways to loe.ok som at it. interesting. i will readd someone about thisth to i'm curious.ri more coming up. we will move along in check andc with scott sabol taking a look at the forecast and it is friday
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about the weekend.. still going to seem pretty cold co not looking at any big shots of f arctic air nor break any recordse like yesterday with a record high yesterday of cloud cover thick getting choppyco as we had lost a fair amount ofoun of ice cover the last week or so storm fox radar little spots of meat wet snow but nothing that's accumulated too much the too much temperatures have tn't continue toe to fall lower middle 30s a lot ofloof this melting as it reaches the ground. cloud cover pretty thick and advance all theov way back to central indiana lower middleid 30s should do it regionwideion most ofw the day today. eastlake 33 painesville pralineal 33 we are at bedford 32 will be 35. canton 32 aurora elyunswick temperatures are fairly uniform. arctic air behind the front istheront i trying to push into the midwest mi and trying to slide into indiana but again it's being held off byn
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so the bottom line for us as we look ahead temperatures willatur stayes seasonable lower middleble 30s nolow significant shots ofshots o arctic air with light snow.snow. hour forecast today trending aeni lot colder at least it has been b recently. couple of snow showers as thesers as th temperatures remain in the lower middle 30s and very little ine i the way of accumulation as snow showers will begin to die away later oni tonight.onigh mostly cloudy beginning to clear out 22 nicer day tomorrow middle upper 30s partly sunnysu saturday start to seen temperatures bumpd up a little a bit heading into next week and an when this happened shouldn't ben't e any big surprise here becauseere bcause again this has been on the table t for a while with cold air coming col ind a next weekend this will last a t little while nothing superup arctic lower middle 20s but bu enough of these clippers nice ie cl n ic still think we'll see a fair amount of moisture in the form of cloud cover which means snow covere we don't have any of itt now starts to extend further south by the tend of next week.ek. in other words in about a weekseks time will have at least a little
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others are temperatures on the tail end ofre temp the eight day day trending well below normal.l fox8 news your official school closing fne wsstation. that takes is almost through valentine's day. february. a little bit of cold air but ut nothing earth i'm okay with thank you. speaking of winter andd what willter be happening in the next six weeks. is our winter weather about to go from mild to wild?andppeninin the next weeks. you've heard from the groundhogs, now it's time tow it's ti to turn to the real experts, dick goddard and the fox eight news weather team. tonight on fox eight news at six, it's the forecast for the rest of the winter. a cleveland exclusive, tonightoddarght ne ws on fox eight news at six. eight ne at alevelan coming up. an unusual accident ends with anus car on top of a house.un you've got to see this.t we were all shocked when we saw it this morning. find out what caused the crash and how the woman inside describes what happened.d when we morning. what caused the a former prison inmate says he'ssays he' owed part of the winnings from that big powerball jackpot. a couple of weeks ago.ple of wago. find out why he says he should
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what a story. also a father shares a picturer shar ofes a p his baby's foot find out why it's serving as an importantim warning to parents after a major health scare.
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after a virtual tie in iowain iowa hillary clinton and bernie ar sanders tried to sway voters in new hampshire last night.y cli in my view we have a congress
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interested in doing the bidding of the wealthy and the powerful, wall street and the drug companies and the fossil fuel industries, rather than the needs of the american people. it's very hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable.i be so i don't want to't want to o we've had too much of it was not technically a debaterpromis wee had a townhall meeting they want on they w stage at the same but both candidates for the democratic nomination answered questions from people in the audience, as well as cnn's anderson cooper. polls have sanders ahead in newtion answetion s hampshire by double digits.from pdiens wel have srs ahe while the race between clinton and sanders is heating up, two republicans have ended their bid to become president.the race bebeandrs i irepublicans hav rand paul as we told you about breaking news yesterday andt rick santorum are throwing intorum are the towel on the 2016throwingthe towe presidential race.the 20 paul says he will turn his full attention to his senatention to reelection campaign in kentucky. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum says he is ending hisreelec bid for the white house, and he former will formally support republican orum s
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donald trump was two hours late to a campaign event yesterday after his plane made an emergency landing. trump's private jet was on itsevent yeafter h pla way from new york to littletle rock, arkansas when the pilotrkansas whe reported engine problems, ande pilod diverted to tennessee. the plane did land safely, and trump took a small, charter aircraft to his speech. speaking of. donald is in the race for more than just the white house.donald i he's alsos s been nominated for ath nobel peace st talso been nom the billionaire businessman was nominated for the 2016 prize by a mysterious patron according tous patron acco the nobel committee. past winners include martin luther king junior, andnd president barack obama. it sounded like a train coming sounded li that's how a woman inside aa california home described this i still am trying to figure outi how this a driver lost control of his car, and ended up on the roof of the woman's home.w this fire crews say the drivera driver lost of the suffered a medical emergency.a medical ergency he was taken to the hospital. his car hit two parked cars, and
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air.that of speed there is no question. hurt. a crane was used, to get the car off the roof.peioiothe woman in the h not incredible. what a site. all right. who can forget that record breaking powerball jackpot?t?. but now, a former prison inmatesit wh says some winners in tennesseereaking owerbalformer prison inm owe him his share. jonathan lee riches says he gave the winning couple's daughter 20 dollars to buy the powerball tickets, and that the familyckets, n couldn't have afforded them otherwise.d that the y ise. lisa and john robinson chose the lump sum worth more than 328 worth more million dollars. riches wants the lottery commission to either stop thetop the payout, or give him half the money.payout, o riches is known for filing thousands of frivolous lawsuits. from his jail cell.his jail ll. he reportedly spent time in jaile re for using email to obtainported spent people's credit card numbers.
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couldn't even read half of it. of what he wrote. his lawsuit.ohis lawst. he filed thousands. thousands. that is a loott.s a lo t really truly. hopefully they don't go through with it. re now. here is wayne with a look at what's just inin for as.or the poster boy for bad behavior.beha jason williams just been charged with drunk driving after he h crashed his vehicle in new yorkyor hit a utility pole in delaware. 100 miles northwest of new york city 45 -year-old told police he swerved tod avoid hitting a deer.dee he served more than a year inin prison for a 2002 accidentalidal shooting death of a limo driver.iv and then back in 2010 flames f convicted of driving while drunki after he drove his car to a tree. he retired from the new jerseyer
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to be in the news. for all of the wrong reasons. such a great player. that.lle s.t aboutut all right.hci up next, preying on the targeting seniors here in up next, preying oy. f and what do you do when you'reyou're put on hold find out what most people do in ohio. you think we are inpatient.e in the buckeye state. in scott. 9:30 not much has changed at h least right will we see additional snow we'll check it out eight day
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white house to response if
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here in the golden ticket to hollywood we talked to made it through couple rounds of cuthbert last night we learned he's not going to a dance to the top 24. he did the voice and asked factor is the first time he advanced to the next phase and got the hollywood thirdac f researchers are busy x-rays basement of the state jude dream. it would be a single of a home with a bonus feature on topp in a partially finished basement of theed house was built by cleveland custom homes is valued at more than a half million dollars.
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research hospital.l. head over to and you'll find all the information you need to know.ll they do a great job there city leaders are discourage people to commit crimes by paying the minimum forom paying the money brain not commit crimes. c a similar program and chopper here which is led to a steep reduction in crimemer is gone down 75 percent they pay people up to
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military participants will get to some comments of the private
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nick writes ridiculous. they're just going to can keepe committing crime and collective stipend when they don't get caught. that is interesting. first of all did you people read the article second it's dc city d dedicate government not the fence. we got 7 percent saying yes. it's a great idea. pay the criminals.. if you're going to do that yet theto do that to everybody. you can't just single out people you have such a history here's where you need to be paid. it almostst makes it feel like that people will strive to become that personke so that they can get paid. wouldn't you do it may be as an
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commit a crime. here's a discount. i'll take that. maybe a need site. the program to identify entry is almost $59 and it's another half million to pay people for not committing the crimes.ll you could save lives. you could have people do not fear living in the city and down to people into dc. that increases the tax overall. still sounds like a crazy idea. were trying to play devil's
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we don't have to make the decision.. make thank you for your comments. coming up fired disney princesses going to the doctor. everyone knows someone who battles cancer up nextt here about a worldwide push to help raise awareness and remember victims.
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make money while you sleep.ou people apparently are doing it everywhere. tonight on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. the high tech way people are getting paid to let
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even all night. w making money's and sleepers and creepers only on fox 8 newso at 10:00 p.m. especially if you haveyo teenagers. those are the ones that are targeted in o all of this. t an artist is read/write some of disney's most famous characters hopes of raising awareness for cervical cancer the artist says she likesh to convey how important it is for women to be informed when it comes to their bodies. discussing family planning options with their doctor. pocahontas. all the disney princesses. very interesting.
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to do that. the goal is to start a dialogue about the disease in hopes of raising awareness. currently more than 89 people died more than can'ts. -- worldwide every year. they are preventable. aar new survey says that ohioans are the most vision people on the phone. i'm sure i grief with that. they did a study to see how long they were great length on hold.e colorado and florida who spent about 13 hours each year on hold. they did this on purpose.on they wasted our time that's aggravating.
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the last place is sorrento valley california their bumping the price of today. they've been a mainstay since 2007 rising costs are causingg the price hike. it won't have the same ring. keeping up at the time offering
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it's a nondairy product. you get the chocolate fudge brownie. to come up with your particular flavors. really neat were going to try to get did you know that one point will be on super bowl sunday if you're looking to kick this up a notch we are here from andrea's pizza to kick it up a notch. >> who knew. all these things. this is just as popular as the pizzas on super bowl sunday.
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been hereouff and they are so good. we have the teriyaki garlic parmesan buffalo hot boneless wings famous barbecue sauce. what else do we have supreme pizza all meats and a pepperoni. a special running for the super bowl too large to topping 1 pound of t happy wings are boneless wings for $24.99. that will run for the rest of the that's a great deal. d you guys are all over cleveland in northeast ohio.s my location as west 25th dennison .-period-paragraph tourney road garfield heights a hundred and 50th in puritan.rf and lorraine, ohio. most popular. i ltke that you have that y threaded rings with the sauce.
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kenny crumpton just showed up. so you guys are on the site openhe super bowl sunday. s you people need to call ahead as the command of the something that. within the hour we will get to them.. thank you. find out them on our website. there are we'll havee the link to our place. good to see if it i have been troubling filing your taxes. it may not be you. find out why the irs has shot downoud the e file system. a warning for parents. this little girls foot see there's kind of a ring around one k of the toasted will talk about w what happened next in the warning signsin that could help to save your child. also her dog sneaks out of the caddell at night. by her motherly instincts kicked
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whether the front. they have stopped accepting a file tax returns. a hardware failure is disrupting the file system. they do not expect any major disruptions if you're planning to do this you can continue to send electronic returns that serviceman on that's between taxpayers and the irs 90 percentse after finding something strange on his infant daughter's but he shared this photo on facebook to warn other parent his daughter was cranky and she was beginning to overheat so his wife took herfe socks off.f. that's when they saw the hair had been wrapped tightly around
9:40 am
the skin and cut off the blood flow. this picture was taken 45 minutes after they had already removes a little hair. a doctor told them that parents should always check their toes harris can tangled around the toes inside their socks especially if the right sleepers withht the futty you not seen their feet all the time. every time you change the kind of thing cradling their feet are going to be near your hair.ra could get caught. nono wonder why she was fussing crying she was was in pain. the dog breaks all the rules when her motherly instincts kicked in at a pet motel.u and in canada.c maggie, the big light brown dog was theregh for the night after recently been adopted to puppies in the pictureso just arrived and they couldn't stop crying. maggie escapes her cattle c crawled up next to one of the puppies in the cage they rent
9:41 am
ahead and they let her spend thepe night before the owners picked her up in the morning.or video of reporter going viral check out what happened was shoes reporting on a storm south wales. she got smacked in the face with a w fish. it apparently came flying out of o the sea issues reporting at a local beach. some say was stage she says it was not. those a lesson if you're going to be reporting i do see you once where is the protectivee gear or just bright at that and you've brought home dinner. she was okay shoes five she was embarrassed. she got knocked a home her. that just after the food she got
9:42 am
she's okay.he i was have that concert with scott blake is so close you never know what type of debrist you'll have and you're done. you thought the michael heads of her pad to goic to watch out for flying fish. the northward will kill you. y we don't have a northland we have a west wind is driving some snow showers but as we look at storm fox radar is been really light and almost imperceptible on the radarli some light accumulation out east. the more organized snow has been up overe the northern portion of lake erie. in fact temperatures have been pretty steady in the lower and middle 30s.ur cloud cover will send out but not until sometimeme later on tonight is your west when w starting to die down as a look at some local temperatures.
9:43 am
notice was happening were getting these little pushes of arctic air in the northern two thirds of the country.i we won't see any of that right now. next week could be different. still seasonable giving way to decent day tomorrowgi a little more sun on friday and there's saturday the climb into the high 30s.m here's was going to happen next week. we unload the old polar vortex from last week you might shoot out next week although will be nearly as strongng it will be cold enough for several chances of seeing snow accumulation as it starts to extend further south amongc the two thirds of the country. will probably have snow the ground by thursday. not that not today.
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fox 8 newsx is your officials school closing station.o the specifics on that next weekth i have no idea. its way to early. it will be cold enough and chances for at least light snowl let's check in with natalie whoa is over in the new day cleveland studio.o. we do have a great show for you today. were talking about a great coming sunday. a friendd to be exciting. studio. we're also joined by one of my most favorite people and world.
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and were talking about some great shoes w the spring season coming up from dfw.
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