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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> matt smith a driver with dawn 's auto don's auto and truck service in elyria credits his experience were spotted the wreckage that hundreds of drivers pass without notice. >> i recover vehicles daily, the think is looking for just looking for things like that it's, i.t >> victim identified as 25 taken to metro where he was treated for broken leg and hypothermia. >> his parents, are grateful that a good samaritan like matt smithg helped save him. >> it makes me feel good to know somebodye, and the family, but i'm not a hero, i just had to be the person that looked over andd saw that it just glad i could help.t >> somebody else would have had him to have in their hand, but i got the call and, get somebody
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the cause of the crash, the driver ise alive at metro and nutrition of the browns next camp location.he >> p.j. ziegler joins us.. >> goodness for northeast ohio is that the browns training camp or 2016 will remain in berea but >> the greater columbus sports commission is asking the state for $5 million to buildd practice and training facility, that the taxpayers would essentially pay fort . the brass facility in columbus, if they have a request
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mike dovilla of the seventh house districte from berea is fighting the request through training camp to columbus, i asked him what is the likelihood that the request is approved and the browns movedr training camp to columbus in the near future? >> this district, is represented by myself, center tom patton those are are good position should have on your side we are fightingyo for a situation like this when . release a statement in part that
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the browns have held training camp practice at their home site 111,000 fans have attended browns training camp over the past three years .00 this is a request that goes through the general assembly and then onto the governor, the fact that it is being put into place is interesting and the two representatives of berea are
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and the fact that they want berea and cleveland taxpayers to foot the billnd. >> broken man facing felony charges after police say he killed his 18-year-old girlfriend, and the 911 call who says that he did not know the gun was loaded as matt wright is here with what happened. >> 21 michael lancaster remains on suicide watch, his attorney says he is horrified after
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they were a close couple who were getting ready to paint a picture at the time .t was in court this morning on a reckless le homicide charge they say he pointed a 45 caliber handgun at her back,omd that he pulled the trigger to make a clicking sound in order unaware that it was loadeded when they fired inside of his apartment on ridge road in brooklyntm about 730 wednesday he call 911 to come quickly as he to try to save her life tock his own attorney was granted 20,000-dollar bond, enough to keep them locked up for his own well-beingng andth in my opinion,
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arkansas site is a third-degree felony punishable by a fine and five years in prison, we reached out to the victim's family in parma parma who were too distraught to comment. teenager facing adult charges were the sexual assault consult like, salt mine tracking a cell phone asas never showed you what what happened in the ed gallek has the latest.r >> a judge found that he has been in so much trouble, that he would be sent to adult court . we the show did the attack on the west side of cleveland,
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system on the phone and track down where he had been using it and the police made an arrest, the kid had just turned 17 after a series of hearings ? or the juvenile judge found the kid had been through the court system before and did not turn his life around and does latest crimere , and the judge found no factors using these the case is likely to review by an adult prosecutor thent taken to the grand jury and impossibly onto a trial. >> often police officer from lake county is in good condition after he was draggedu by a van will try to stop a shoplifter and may supermarket on the side and roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> officer timothy hall, a
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river police department can expect expected to be okay after confronting an alleged thiefef, about 10:00 a.m. outside of days super market in the in the corporate marketplace shopping center in east cleveland,or he was working at the occasion linda the suspect tried to drive off and drag the officer who fired at least four shots and playing van least beloved and nobody was hit hit by the sharks,t . >> you that around here quite often, i just heard in it in a cave outside and heard anybody say that it must've started in days thinking here today the officer did not suffered serious injuries, police are
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they're no joins us to try to explain where things are standing. >> it is hard to follow what is happening, all although the state with these important cameras in akron, the speed enforcement cameras are off the street . since the appeals ruling in december but could be back out again as soon as next week possibly, state lawmakers last spring sent new restrictions on how they can be used . and thenenin they were ruled unconstitutional so the start of the school year they were back on the street in akron but in
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and the city made a decision when the school year resumed last month to suspend operations of the cameras and to reevaluate a decision on a weekly basisev, as of right now, the system and the school zonem has been suspended. >> so now, with this latest ruling by the ninth district, the city could possibly lose some state-funded judge teodosio's office says that he could answer this by sometime next week depending on his answer, we expectde it will
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out on the street . concern over the zika virus has been spreading faster than the
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celebrate the sounds of black history,t darlene love was inducted into 11th may recognize her as bruce springsteen and the e. street
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divert from the groundhog fastened to the real experts cite 6:00 p.m. it
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winter and early spring ? or is old man winter lake anna ?
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cloud deck, pretty substantial and it is glaring to the west, indiana, illinois and for the time being, the cloud deck shakes loose enough snowfall reduced visibility and on radar it shows the peppery we noticed yesterday on our computer models . it is not widespread, but there are some local hotspots of snowfall developing near chesterland, bainbridge towards kirtland and painesville . we're not looking for much more m than 1 inch in most cases even in the snowbelt and outside the
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time to time, in the meantime, this is racing up the coast as the cold air comes it looks likeas cape cod is going to get three -- 6 inches of snowfall while the rest of the england is snowless . yesterday 62 and currently 32, a loss of 30 degrees and the wind makes it feel like 22 at hopkins . flurries will come to an end, snowfall on the side could bring half-inch, 1 inch at most and a that will be spotty at best tomorrow, 36 into the clouds
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,i no big storms stars on the horizon, with temperatures maintain a near normal posture until we get to the end of the five days as we add on three more in a second , this is a big hole this will be moving in on wednesday and thursday and friday .m with nighttime lows in the teens and maybe single digits outside of city locations . fox 8 the official school
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and delays on-air, online. . sign up for text alerts that fox >> tickets for the st. jude dream home go on sale thursday or 18 at 6:00 a.m., the half-million dollar home0 in avon red tail golf community is billed by cleveland custom homes , tickets are $100 age with proceeds benefiting st jude children's research hospital. e >> ticket also gives you a chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall, hot tub from lite-house pools and spas lite-house pools and spas and other prizes, just go to fox o >> has just celebrated its
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to have a grumpy looking face ? and what did we do before facebook ?. >> those heartrending online topics tonight with gabe spiegel . they talk about facebook, it is
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untrendy, before facebook, what were we doing before that ? basically were on twitter and they said that need binoculars to stock your ex, and some said, i got more sleepai. >> to see what you have to say . he says that i feel that before facebook there was more interaction and education . before facebook, i never had to
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my school ever again . before facebook, i had a much tougher time to find out what my ex was up with . i was unaware of my dog groomers political views . but facebook i assumed everybody knew the difference between a bear, blair, they're in there .
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before myspace we would do blogs justld there was some micro-blogging just a fantasy football wasin big before facebook . you know anybody with a rpf, f they have that angry what such as kanye west . it stands for the resting the face . scientists discovered that people with these solid faces like kanye west or the claim, that their emotions of content was significantly higher, does not mean that theyd feel more ticked off just that they look that way, some people just look like that but do they seriously
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. spreading across the americas, up nextad local medical expert gives us the facts about zika
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the zika virus has become become a growing concern for doctors ir seem to want to make sure the travelers get what they need to dov has been her joins us this seems like prevention is pretty basic. >> we talked with dr. frank esper from university hospitals today about the zika virusus he says that it is a big concern for travelers going to warmer
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south america and caribbean . he says those areas are dealing with the zika virus ran out it is transmitted transmitted through through biscuit abides, sexual contact and blood transfusions transfusions, symptoms often include fever fresh andsfsf joint pain he says the best way to avoid it is to wear insect repellent and cover-up if you are iner an area with i mosquitoes he says pregnant women need to be cautious because of the unborn baby to develop serious health problems have contracted.uu >> to the unborn child that will have problems, we have h identified the men in man in brazil that has been microcephaly, in itselflf another problem but suggest that suggests that the brain is not growing with the head does not not grow them the brain does not grow and that is a big >> he says insect repellent is important to protect against zika virus and other viruses that mosquitoes may carry, so it
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travel overseas to a warmer climate. >> brass delivered a super surprise for a local fan with leukemia and. >> with three has more. >> surprise lifetime for 20 -year-old man barrio chagrin falls. >> what started as a surprise trip to the browns training facilityee and a surprise visit with owners dee haslam and jimmy haslam.d >> turned into a special wish come trueue in berea tuesday afternoon. >> someday want to take you to the super bowl with the browns, but until we gett there, which would help the centerc than later , we thought that you would enjoy going to the game this week.g >> he is going to super bowl 50 in santa clara, thanks to the browns and special wish
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base wish granting organization. >> i was very shocked, and more shockedan to see they had the tickets. >> it is a wish fulfilled, a denison university sophomore battling leukemia for years. >> i am in the maintenance phase which is not technically remission but it is where i go back to uh each month. >> according to a special wish cofounder jason beudert, fulfilling the wish will help himim defeat his pediatric cancer once and for all. >> to see his face into the browns come together to make this happen in such a short amount of time it is a testament to the city. >> thank you the browns and thank you special wish you guys
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>> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> he will will be leaving for super bowl 50 tomorrow morning. our winter so far has been very quiet and mild, talk a little bit more about that on the part two of the wintry weather outlook . w where snowfall has been very
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webcam time-lapse . this is not ohio because of that giant mountain but you can see lots of happy skiers they've got snowfall their aunt big sky montana they had a surplus of over 5 inches. they had a great start to the ski season,t while we wow were very mild, in the northern rockies, they got hammered with snowfall . then things settle down and they are running a surplus between five and 10 inches .aa a ribbon of moisture you can say it is mostly rain as the cold air comes in so this will be clipping cape cod with snowfall tomorrow we are on the backside of the system and the h
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couple hours may be a quick inch especially in the traditional snowbelts .. he can say, this blue area would be chesterland almost into chardon and kirtlandla . and some light to moderate, but the temperature, since yesterday, has been falling and then it hit rocksteady since earlier post up tonight in the 6:00 o'clock 'c
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our end of winter forecast, tomorrow, partly cloudy, and 36 . here is the turning point, we go from normal to below normal, wednesday next weekend it'll
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belle harbor joins us for today's edition of the update and. >> i came here fromte steubenville ohio . >> smug arrogant, are some of the wordsds describing martin shkreli in front of congress the ceo is getting a grilling today onon pharmaceutical pricing, he
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fifth amendment, but it was not too shy to make his feelings known on twitter he said that it is hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. >> suge knight will have to do without several privileges and shield, a judge restricted his access to phone calls and visitors he is charged with running over to a the master killing one of them he has pled not guilty and remains jailed on $10 million bail . payday for a company that accuse apple of stealing its patentsa, a jury ordered apple to pay six and $26 million to the company, the smaller company claiming that apple stole absent features like i my message and face time, apple initially appealed and one on a technicality but in when the case was retriedca the jury
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companyo even more money to. >> in california the rightful winner of a 63 million-dollaria lottery ticket has less than three hours to claim the prize, it wasas drawn in august and i would have stepped forward, despite several lawsuits of people claiming that it was them ,fo if nobody claims the money it is handed over to the california education system so thatt super bowl 50 on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in us history, ticket tracking site seeing geek says that the average ticket price iser nearly $5,000, that's hundreds more than the record-setting ticket price for last year's may weatherr peggy
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mayweather versus pacquiao still ahead, it is the reason why and in many says a sense he is entitled to half of a couple 'sh billion-dollar
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while month-long, are celebrating the sounds of rock history, celebrating black history month, as bill withersle, was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame last year. >> is hundreds that's hundreds of reporters and media converge upon san francisco for the the
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>> snoop dogg, is acting as a special correspondent for a satellite tv show. >> first question is, is the kid and you outweigh the menu in this thinking that you became that you are about to play? i don't know . half of me, would try try to be as professional as possible but the humidity just wants to take it all in. >> smith made his way around today's press conference asking some tough questions to players on both teams,thises not everyone of his questions was hard-hittingn. >> first of all, can i get a 50 percent discount on papa john's pizzasan in the state of colorado?in >> absolutely. >> stupid is reporting for the
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african answer answers to the questions hehe took time to take plenty of photos with both teams back who can forget the record-breaking powerball jackpot now a former prison inmate says some winnersck to seal him a share, he says he gave the winning couple's daughter $20 to buy the powerball tickets in the familyy could not have afforded them otherwise,ot robinsons chose the love song worth three and $28 million he wants the lottery commission to stop theo payout or give him half the money, is known for filing thousands of frivolous lawsuits he spent time in jail for using e-mail to obtain peoples credit card numbers.t >> finding your dad's old playboys will have the same need for future generations as the magazine has gone through a rebranding the first everen non- nude issue hits newsstands next week along with photos and
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dropping the dirty jobs page anda the tagline of entertainment for man they have been struggling with internet porn so readily available and the move opens the door to new >> he is not losing his mind he is leaving theno creative repositioning the playboy to make it as relevant today for the money all males as when it was launched in the 50s we have transcended beyond the need for nudity.ns >> the photography leaves a little more to the imagination magazine is now bigger with
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fit for a king but how he ended up with lots of lebron james back issues she said the forecast for the rest of winter, the fox 8 weather to lets us know what's in store for the rest of. began with exclusive video of police say they know i've. >> command on the edge of the
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drama that was caught on camera.h >> will see what it takes to save a life,e what worked was a delicate touch.w command on the outside edge of this bridge threatening to jump, he will let the police get close enough to grab you. >> the body camera of sergeant janelle rutherford . they were negotiating on the bridge connecting cleveland and n fairview park the bridge is among about 35 feet high the man
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relationship with his adult
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