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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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relationship with his adult daughter. >> guy team has shown i-team has shown that the police have increased training for officers dealing with the mentally troubled, with situations like this using patients and not force, . >> let me ask you this, if we brought her here,th that would not make her more scared?a >> she's it turns out that the fairview park police and rocky river police and dealt with the same man at leastd three other times for the exact same threat in the same place andover the holidayspl they got him into mental health treatment after another incident. >> that brought the man's daughter here and it worked he
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the feds also want to see more training for the police and crisis interventions, they handle around 2400 the year for mental health matters of the goal is to have more outcomes like that please want to get him some help with also charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct, the bridge is looking at putting offensive at the bridge is a popular spot for people threatening to take their lives.. >> that are accused of hitting a woman and leaving faces charges, the i-team learned skip tele faces several new charges includings driver under suspension for an unrelated traffic stopun march last yearar that in addition to the felony
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assault and leaving the scene of an accident that cases been sent to a grand jury, she is free on bond. >> major announcement from the browns themeded affecting where you will watch the team practiced during training campw for the upcoming season. >> also who will foot the bill for the> video training federal training camp out of town as p.j. zieglerm has this. >> good news, for the foreseeable future the browns training campodod in 2,016th of remains and bury a countdown that is it is unclear . the greater cleveland sports commission ask you asking the state for $5 million to build a practice training facility tmi, that the taxpayers would be paying for the browns facility in columbusrs, the capital request if approved, state representative mike dovilla is fighting the request which would move
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regards to this request?, >> never before have seen a economic development from what part of the state to benefit another part andom it is not meant to gerald ford a small katie lang . that is impacted the whole hope is that today it is . tomorrow might be your hometown if we allow this behavior >> bradjolie system that reads
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the, sports commission director the statement said that they remain excited and hopeful about the possibility of the the browns finding a location for training camp in columbus.cile >> will continue to follow story , the story, at least for now the browns are staying put. at exit victim went undetected as his car was not visible until a good samaritan just good samaritan just happened to spot it as jack shea joins us from metrohealth . n it is an incredible story of survival. >> no information is being released about the condition of the 25-year-old victim but he is alive thanks to a good samaritan
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>> north ridgeville police believe the driver lost control around 2:00 a.m. on on thursday and eastbound lanes of state route 10, they say the car went off the highway slamming into some treess are not visible to drivers and for hours for hours the badly injured driver was trapped in the wreckage ho at around 7:30 a.m. thursday morningng tow truck driver saw something and called authorities about the crash. >> this awesome tracks on this side of the road and i saw a pathway andawi said that does not look right and there was the car . >> matt smith, driver with don's autor and truck services elyria credits his experience were spotted the wreckage that hundredsie pass without loosing. >> i recover vehicles daily, due to accidents come the state
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think that justte looking for r things like that interest, i. >> victim identified as 25 -year-old moussa saliba of lakewood was life-flighted to d for injuries including broken leg and hypothermia. grateful that a good samaritan hell to save their son'. >> makes me feel real good to have someone in the family,el but i'm not a hero,, just happen to be the person that looked over and saw, that and just glad i could help. police are investigating the cause of that crash,, the victim is alive and good to know there are people like matt smith on
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the i-team learned a a teenager will be tried as an adult for a vicious crimeme, won the assault by a tracking system on a cell phone, she was raped beat and robbed of her phone on the west side but bellefonte had a tracking victim that was usedad to find the suspect, police arrested the suspect who had just turned 17 now a judge ruled that the teenager these two face1 tw charges in adult court. >> officials at the united way of greater cleveland confirming that their president and ceo has resigned, bill gibson will pursue other opportunitiesll, attempts to reach him for comment were unsuccessful he was named the president and ceo in april 2012e and had precise than seven years as the president and ceo of the toledo united way she's at shots fired after an
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county lake county is dragged by a car driven by a clean shoplifting suspect as roosevelt leftwich as the latest, how is that officer? >> officer timothy wolf, part-timee with the grand river department is expected to be be okay it happened about 10:00 a.m. outside of the dave's supermarket in ino in the barbara parker place shopping center , he was working as a guard at the supermarket and a manager in front of a shoplifting suspect attempted to flees the suspect tried to drive off was pregnant officer who fired at least four shots at the van, they don't think anybody was hit by the shots .yb he says he heard the shots anday the shots fired is an all to familiar sound in this area but. >> heard this, canalside and further said that must've
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came out here. >> that's all that i really know . >> police are investigating and are looking for suspects, officer hall was holt was taken two metrohealth medical center andnde they say that he is in good condition.ay >> two ohio ep employees are on on leave in sebring during the investigation about lead in the water supply 53 a fit for samples shelby lin levels acceptable, they're still working to adjust the water system chemistry,st to keep that from leaking into the water from pipes that operators came under fire for not notifying the public about the elevated levels dating back to last summer's. >> part of challenge under a boil alert because they
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avenue even living south of challenge is askedh to boil their water before they use itt advisory remains in effect through noon tomorrow and. >> assist the cancer back off the street,. >> denotative and following this ever-changing use of the cameras and joins us u by this saga going on at the latest chapter tonight . >> it's hard to keep up with his speakers all of the state, in front of the summit county common pleas court this battle over the akron cameras back in the courtroom,, those cameras in storage is that the akron portable speed enforcement cameras reemerged august after a judge said state lawmakers in the have no right to impose regulations on the use.. >> though significant as the
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little speed cameras and he found that the unconstitutional. >> the ninth district of court of appeals declared that they h made a mistake in december, they reversed the judgment of the summit county court of common pleas and for a monthly cameras have camera send it back mothballs.av >> this in a decision when the the school he resumed last month and two suspend operations to reevaluate a decision on a weekly basis.a >> and the pastor for we had cameras to cars woulde drive past me at 30 -- 35 mph now we've got the cameras and people slow down . d >> if they use the cameras because lose state fundingng of about one . $6 million of the cameras are off the street and the ball is back in the judge's court some believe that they are worth the fight.s >> think of a school zone the
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. >> accused the comatose and i believe that they make a differenceie they will make of that ticketl. >> others believe that the time and money spentb is not worth but . >> you've got you got time wasted in court court costs and people don't pay the ticket anyway because it does not affect her license to wa the city says it is now a bigger than thatw. >> in the larger issue of of the home rule rule and if the have the legislature should be allowedee in assistance to enact rules and regulations that on the face by a lake city's home rule authority and hasc some s value for other situations down the road. >> the judge expected to issue his response to the appeals court ruling sometime next week that response could easily result in the cameras returningng to the streets again as soon as
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ask and you shall receive. >> that's what happened were planning walter robinson he lives at the senior centerr menorah park and beachwood, the staff has a dream team, the residents come up with a wish to try to make it happen, his dream was to watches every player lebron james play, so they made a few calls to the cavaliers, lebron james took it a step further andnd do not to send tickets butd his high promise
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he has been crying he has been cheerful he has the most priceless expression he has been extremely excitedel, his face says it all. >> lebron james signed a letter telling him to never give up on his dreams and to thank you for being a big fan, walter and his daughter can attend a game, because he has not been to him since they played played at richfield coliseuma so has certainly been a very long time so glad to hear that he got his wishhe. >> the last played in ritual
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take a look outside, through us north of the cityg crib-cam couple so they water department . in the pastw four hours on radar some flurries in snow showers . had a high of 37 and are low was 32, snowfall, below normal with almost 3 feet below normal for the season, sunset at 5:47 p.m. . i think that extra minute or two and longer daylight hours they should feel more energetic, it is 31 degrees in cleveland . with lots of
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with between 10 and 15 from the west, northwest1 and some 20s of strain, for 2 degrees st. louis, hopefully you are able to enjoyp yesterday . looking at the snow showers, so sorry for safari for almost everybody along 71 he go from cleveland on the shoreway east towards theon i-90 route 2 split the down to 71 some pretty decent snowfallo started print out the entire area of lake county in northern geauga countyir
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looking at the bigger picture, the national front front and nt then another front last night that of the door to this falling temperatures and then some upper-level energyes . were going to be on this train, most originating from the clippers . we're going to get on board of the clipper train that starts next weekp because of the upper-level wind flow .se for this weekend, high pressures the southth will stave off these for the weekend . we could get a flurry of late saturday night but most of the weekend will be quiet and a bit above normal, feature wise . will but i'd be surprised ifll stomach it's a half-inch or 1 inch of snow fall for this since tonight . on i'm saturday and sunday,
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be a flurry saturday night, then a very strong front monday with a mix of snow and falling temperatures . these a taillight joe snowfall for everybody and then also that lake enhancement . next week will be a busy
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situation regarding johnny manziel in his ex-girlfriend,d,on a police push report issued by the fort worth texas police department have ascertained some details of what happened this past weekend weekend, the browns have pretty much cut her ties with johnny manziel said that everything is doneitit off the field has undermined the progress of the brownsmi . i'm saturday, it was stated in this police report
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towards her several times including striking herthe . also, it says that. manziel got into the car with her began driving to fort worth where she resides in during the time he beganan to continue to his erratic behavior continues on they continues on, many of these details are just coming purchase come in said that hehe struck her several times while driving the car back to remains in fluxux in terms of field or contacting the police in texas to get more details but this is just a sliver of what happenedd off the football field this past weekend regarding johnny manziel andnd colleen crowley . continue, elsewhere in
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question is have you moved on ? the celtics kelly olynyk will be here for first time since he ended kevin love season common as, as they became entangled ands appear that he was trying to rip his arm out of the socket and he nearly succeeded, and the season for kevin love was over sos moving forward, do you forget ? in and most people say that he of action from the nba . he only got a one-game suspension they feel that much more should have happened, the cavaliers third quarter, they need to shore up moving forward, the hornets made their own kind of statement, the cavaliers cannot recover, both ofb the third quarters in indianapolis and in charlotte
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outscored 63 -- 32. after quarter was bad stuff we're all professionals for a reason, 15, who got to figure out how to win and on the road. >> the cavaliers have a week until the all-star break to get back on track, starting tomorrow with the celtics visitor q., boston has won seven of eight to move into a tie for third in the east, and also the first trip back for kelly olynyk says ending kevin love season. >> browns released a statement to ease fans concerned they will have training camp in 2016, the entire campo three weeks, but after 2016 nothing is certain, the team says it will incur all
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site,i reading columbus, the team said it would need a facility, columbus interest approachted the team regarding creating a site that foror 11 other months would be used for youth recreation need d help columbus folks are floating potentiallu tax to help me, browsing to say that you do what you have to do and we will evaluate all options back a crazy situation in texas with johnny manziel, it does confirm reports that stated thatm police ol helicopters were being used to search for johnny manziel. >> just obtained the 911 phone call from that incident he will hear that coming upom at 6:30
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breaking news, reports received from fort worth texas texas police stated that johnny manziel's girlfriend , said that he assaulted her several times t this past week in. >> peggy gallek as the latest, it is startling. >> reports just-released, they
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crowley said that he had her at a dallas hotel, she said it happened in a hotel room in dallas that he struck her several times .th said that they got into her car and drove back to her fort worth apartment . she told the police that during the car ride he had her several more times, please said that she becamee uncooperative once i got back to her apartment, a neighbor heard the argument called the police, this is part of that 911 tape cheesy or my neighbor screaming, and she said that her boyfriend,, that he was crying and. she did not want me to call you. >> is she in an ambulance? >> giza johnny manziel reached out to tmz sports he said that,
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concentrating on being in football and to do what he needs to do to get his body right, they said they were searching for him called his father who told him told him that he was fine and asked the police got a call back . so far, no criminal charges have been filed against him. >> thank you for that developing story, we'll have more of that 911 call coming up later. >> a brooklyn man facing felony charges after police say he shot and killed hise 18-year-old girlfriend.s >> he says he did not know that the gun was loaded asas matt wright has >> 21-year-old michael lancaster is on suicide watch his attorney saysys he is mortified that he killed his girlfriend the 911
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play it. >> a frantic 911 call from this apartmentc 730 p.m. wednesday 21 -year-old michael lancaster said he shot his girlfriendnd he said he tried to save 8-year-old olivia stull but it was too late . >> who saw the police lines, i saw them arrest him he was very calm to not look like he killed anybody. >> he appeared in court on a reckless homicide charges thursday morning . . >> there was was no flag was no fight was not an illegal activity to my understanding they were aboutm about to paint a room together, they were the close coupled,.too >> investigators say he pointed the 45 caliber after back and unaware it was floated.
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them personally. >> his attorney asking for a 25,000-dollar bond, high enough to keep them locked him locked up for his safety.h >> i believe it would be better if he is in custody so thati can watch it kid watching them take care of him. >> never say that he recently moved into the apartment and wondered why he would point the gun at her in the first placess. >> i don't know why he would habitit walk around the house and especially a loaded weapon that is scary. >> the case of go to a cuyahoga county grand jury, reckless reckless homicide is a third-degree felonyc punishable by fine and up to five years prison, meantimehay the victim's family was too distraught to comment. >> us marshals located two men wanted in the descriptively fancy woman said they took off after having a dispute with
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the fourth of july, she has not been seen since and no charges filed. >> retired marietta police officer gets to keep his k-9 partner, matt hickey purchaseage ajax for 1 dollar, the city said the docket to be sold at auction because he is city propertyai and could work another six years, but are offered him an unpaid job as an officer so he can keep ajax but he said he retired for health reasons and cannot accept the position so hes opted for for the option, the go-fund-me can raise thousands of dollars to help in a bid-fds for competition that that money willet be donated officers. looking outside, looking at the
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the midfield area . show you on radar for the snow is falling,da the clutch stretch continues tomorrow into super bowl weekend . the changes on monday with falling temperatures snow-mix and a lot of chances with snow next week with a the legislative villages that much colder, cleveland 31, get outside of the mason-dixon line there are some upper upper 40s & 50s, nyc is 51 degrees . let us but if some of these
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a bursts of snow for a couple of hours . so there's no will be in amount as flurries tonight the next week it will be about the upper level winds pattern steers these clipper-like systems and in several of the following in a train of alberta clippers next week,, until then, then, high
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tonight, low 20s few flurries which could put down a quick half inchh and up to 1 inch but in the snow belt . tomorrow morning, as we head into saturday and sunday, it'll be near 40 both days a slight chance of flurries saturday because of the clipper system to the north, otherwise,ec get ready for a mix, falling temperatures on monday . and then the series of clippers and chance ofpp lake enhanced no tuesday -- friday with high
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fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . . fox 8 news the morning is the only cleveland morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. . >> but new details about the johnny manziel,
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continue to follow long thin is, of your purchase receipt from fort worth texas plays, that johnny manziel's girlfriend said he assaulted her several times this past weekend she saida peggy gallek has been located over what can you tell us clamp reports just issued, his girlfriend colleen crowley said he had or have a dallas hotel he has not been charged he denies the allegations to tmz sports .
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a dallas hotel room, she said that that the browns quarterback struck her several times said that they got into her car journey back to her fort worth apartment .y during that time he had her several more times . the police said that during the interview she became uncooperative, once they got back to her apartment, a neighbor heard a loud argument to call the police, this is part of that 911 tape she said from my neighbors i heard her screaming she said that her boyfriend left and that he was cryingrht. >> police are were searching for him after this he called his father who said that he was fine and askedi police not to call them back he is not been charged with anything at this point she
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of all,
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about a year old massive lab . he is outgoing, friendly . lots of fun . he's great to the dogs closest size massive lab he will
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mrs. keller winter can mean anything from an info to storming, sometimes within a couple of days she's in at the end ofof winter season, here are the fox 8 newsreel just what the outlook for the entire rest of winter. lo >> at a place good place to
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>> we sought strong el nino and the fall which we thought meant mild and relatively dry start a winter in that's what happened it was warmer andt drier than normal. >> and do not stop there, but from thanksgiving to christmas there was little to no small. >> wants a once the warm dry pattern establishednc he carried the carriage into december which averaged 11 degrees above normal and received only three tenths inch of snow snowfall for the love she said the bank pattern shift in january but still dealing with el nino? >> we are, but not everyone is alike,, the last strong el nino, the warm water just set off the coast of south america, this yeartf it was here to start but
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westwa . then the cold air comes down out of canada ando he predicted that flipped in early november she sent to finally saw some ice on lake erie she's a the arctic has been very stable so there was noth that push of arctic air in decemberha like in years past so we do not have thato base ice cover after new year's day .ic we peaked at about bo 25 percent and headed into early february that much of the water were looking at possibility of sustained sustained lake effect within the push of arctic air in march she saidfe there have been few and far between, a modern pattern shift in some cooler air but still about 2 feet below normal snowfall is a just like
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what you are far behinde because of some tickets are donated. >> it looks like it, there's a big difference between five -- 10 inches of snowfall andover 2 feet . it is unlikely, we cannot totally shut the door on the comebacknlnl, just look at how much snow fell ink that blizzard a few weekends ago, some got over 30 inches tall at once . that would have wiped out our snowfall deficit in one weekend she saidw >> the real question is what is in store. >> andre here. >> we still have the jet stream in the same placeh we have that mild start in here is el nino for talked about the position of the water, it is in motion it is in motion and then things tends
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little closer to hawaii, has opened up the gateway resolve that flipped in january allowing some occasional cold . stop the jet stream is still here and with the cold air in place we had above normal snowfall to the southeast like boston, nyc, dc and raleigh-durham . it i haven't had that one weekend blizzard, were still running a 30-inch deficit that will grow, begin to see the systems shift the snowfall and it certainly
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witht excellent while putting 30- inch deficit so temperatures were the readers who the 30 year average snowfall is 66 inches can back in november, we have no had no more than 55 .e we're going to trim it back it looks looks like we will see much more than 30l and that is about half the amount that we normally seeu in any given winter . when you take all of that together, it'll be a mild winter nt but the big aspect will be that we saw so little snowfall in
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want to thank you for joining us .
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