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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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commercial and then we lost a lot of the ice. the lake effect snowe o the snow showers have completely disappearedhe right now most of the areas up and upper to middle 20s our forecast today again partly sunny temperatures in the middle to upper 30s saturday and sunday snowfall next week how does that quite a workout? we talkll about that in a day coming up in just a little bit. traffic time - -dash a whole a lot of traffic today-. >> we have my traffic in the studio them outside that is
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still a few delays and 71 we will tell you about if you do take the rta - - the 67 are buses have been replaced they are replacing the trains out there on the blue linee that is something to keep in mind if you do right rta. this is one so one of the bigger delayed areas traffic moving okay on the westbound side ten or 12 minutes ago not so much anymore. an definitely the rush-hour is i improvings as you go about your travels today in the second don't forget about this construction project have a safe weekend and a fun super bowl if you're going to be keep drinking, please don't try. >> thank you. our top story this morning we are followingg one person is it dead another iner the hospital after a deputy d
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>> we check in with jessica with live at the lake county sheriff's office with more good morning. >> good morning i can tell youto all deputies are safe after the situation a stabbing victim in the hospital s that metro we called for an update they are not releasing anything she was taken to metrot r last night about office got a 911 call from a woman sayingg she had just been stabbed multiple times and needed to be rescued when found 54 -year-oldb with the ground outside the home investigators say one of the deputies ut was ordered to drop the weapon which he did not do and he raised a gun and deputy shot him he was taken to the er where he was pronounced dead. deputies withd inside and foundf the stabbing victim the 55 -year-old he was taken to
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flighted to metro. her stab wounds to her back and chest. the deputies involved were removed from shift duty that is what happens when something like this happens. now the crime lab was out there they did clear cleared the scene but we will keep you updated i do see a lot of support coming out a lot of people around including one of the county commissioners on social media i think a lot of people are really open she pulls through. we will keep you updated. >> jessica is live in painesville thank you. >> other news - - behind bars this morning i your us marshalseh investigated them and arrested them at a college campground
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moved after having an argument with cats a the two of being questioned. >> facing reckless homicide charges after police say he shot and killed an 18 -year-old girlfriend investigators say the 21 -year-old michael lancaster pointed a gun at the 18 -year-oldicer they say he thought it was unloaded and pulled the trigger making a clicking sound had her and that hit her in the chest he called 911 for help in his attorney ha wants him to be placed on suicide watch. >> new information this morning about the fight johnny and his ex-girlfriend out in texas. it is said the browns quarterback hit her several times now it looks like you will not bet facing any criminal charges. stacy joins us live now with the. very latest. >> good morning. police in texas say they have no reason toso file a criminal complaint
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he had with his ex-girlfriendjo we have the report and a 911 call made fromo the ex-girlfriend neighbor. >> she did not want me to call you. >> according to the report, he and his ex- marine up with a group of friends in dallas after the front blast you became aggressive left he became aggressive towards colleen she described it asages if you are ona were on some kind of drugs she was adamant he was not track sheck said he was struck she was struck several timesi by him when officers responded to the 911 call they asked if she was also she was assaulted again insider apartment and she becamemeec irritated with the officers questioning they left a search for him by aaron on foot later locating him at home say that his father says he disputes thete report telling tmc it did not have beensrepor the browns released a
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they are very clear about the expectations of players both on and off the field and johnny his actions were's actions were contrary to thosese expectations they don't plan to make any decision on him they say until the league rules apply. >> i keep us posted. stacy live in>. >> the cleveland browns will hostd br the 2016 training camp in berea it is unclear tr if they will remain and the future the brand say they have no intentions ofnt moving camp this summer. columbus wants to holdng their training camp in the future the city askedt for $5 million for a facilityfo it will be used as a youth recreational area out when the when the browns are not there.. >> todd meaning is here with a look at what is justin. he >> this is underneath the
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way to spring training. crews are loading up the truck this morning. there they are getting ready with everything. pitchers and catchers report and then opening day is april 4 on monday. yes. in cleveland. as you see from the live pictures they are ready to roll.iv let us know when you get there too. free for all friday. we talk about today's plugged in. i feel warm all of us setting.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off in in the summer last night. >> caught on camera holding themdi off with up with a line
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and i represented to the best of
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of that. i think it is timey, and that is in recent weeks and then let's talk about the issue. >> last west as quiet as we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and your medicine can be doubled tomorrow, and there is nothing the government can do to stop it >> all right. recent polls havee standards standards with a double-digit lead in new hampshire. you may have been a suicide bomber and then detonated a bomb that will doublea in that plane. no one else was hurt, and the plane managed to land safely. >> the wikileaks founder has been avoiding arrest by staying
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past three and half years but he says it is all in a chance where he could face the death penalty for government secrets he promises to surrender the un does not vote against him now it is rolled in his favorn but there is no word on if that will happen since the decision is not legally binding. >> six people including a taliban found dead in a home in chicago they are members of the same family officers were called to check up on a man who did not show up for work the past two two days investigators say he could be a murder suicide they do not think there was any threat to the community at thish
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all the family members died. >> the video from the florida grocery store shows a hold entering the grocery store wearing a motorcycle helmet hiding a gun and a baggy jacket the cashier says he walked up whipped out a gun and said give me the money the other and play and took the gun away then himm to police. mom says she now wishes she had walked up the gun for safety. >> a freak accident in utah. >> he opened the doors had without then he pushed any push forward on the gasw and get smashed between the door and the inside his head got got smashed in the car door. >> the 19 out the job to money on the ground bent over to try to get ith and accidentally hit
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inside the building is i got caught he was not breathing and rescue crews got there they were able to break into the car put it in neutral and roll it back the driver is now in stable condition.n. i truly believe. a chilly billy. are you listening? the former head of the pharmaceuticals invoked his fifth amendment in yesterday is that much of the hearing smiling and smirking and rolling his eyes playing with a pencil r he said the house oversight house
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dismissed himise hard to accept these imbeciles represent the people of our government he was arrested in december on fraud charges for how he handled some companies investment funds. >> okay. it is easy to not like that man. unbelievable. and what he already dead a with the medications that people desperately need another youu missed a that a an apathetic.
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to look at what you jackson can do we are very excited about hugh jackson my kids call me old dude. >> am so glad i said it did not might make sa kids that number two browns jersey it was tempting and before we go season says i'd say skype good riddance but i hope this is back he can become a decent player for the team. >> i would think that would bed hard to do for a lot of people considering what happens however waiting cares everything as we all know.nsns couldn't the browns practice in columbus. i can understandac where that's coming from his the way to get a hold of us space bar can tweetro take your text and voice mails to. >> happy friday. eighteen
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find out how much this retired k-9 officer paidi for his stock. >> also what is national weather system day longhorn steakhouse is here to help spread celebrate by showing uso how to grow the perfect steak outside t even in the winter weather. >> you still know the words 30 years later we're giving away a a pair of tickets to see rick springfield livep sometime during
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welcome back. wel it's a day to paint the town red. the terminal tower was lit up this morning, for national go red for women day.a day pai aup it's a way for the american the amn heart association to raise awareness about women and heart disease. heart disease and stroke cause one in three deaths among women each and h h hearus that is more than all cancerse eacyear combined.. cancer so wear red today to remind tooday to remind to all women to get checked out by a doctor on a regular basis..all wome
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today as well. absolutely. in other news this morning.g. cleveland police are searching ihe for a man accused of shoplifting at a local store, and thenr neeland poce are se dragging a security guard who tried to stop him. it happened around 10 o'clock ar yesterday morning at the dave'sdave's supermarket on east 40th street. lake county police officer timothy holt was working his side job as a security guard.icer he tried to stop the suspect'sop the spect van but the man kept going, and he dragged holt, who fired four shots at the van. fortunately no one was seriouslylt, wh o hurt but the suspect is still onfired four y no the loose. owas sect is sill on a retired marietta police officer will get to live out his golden years with his k9 partner.r. ceout his officials in marietta hadmarietta d created a social media stir, when they said matt hickey'ssaid mathickey's police dog ajax had to be sold at auction.. we've been following this story every step of the way. ajax is city property and he can still work. eve but the city's law directorajcan s discovered a little knownred statute. a litt
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disbands its k9 unit, the k9 handler in this case matt gets the first opportunity to buy hisopportto b dog.uyuy do. so matt got to buy ajax for just one dollar. a go fund me account set up to help him bid on the dog raisedm b 70 thousand dollars that money will now go to on the70 that's good. that is awesome.s all right. ask and you shall s that's what happened for a longtime cavs fan in beachwood. walter robinson lives at thehall r tha menorah park t'senior center.r. longtimenson livet theark the staff there has what they call a dream team. the residents come up with ace wish, and workers try to make it happen.ere what thee residts come and work walter's dream was to watch his favorite player, lebron james, in action his nurses made a few calls to the cavs... walter received tickets, alongong with a lebron i promise wristband and one of histband practice shoes. he's been she's been she has the most pricelessst pri expressions andce she has been ha
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his face says it all. how sweet. james also signed a letter,o signed a telling walter to never give upletter, on his dreams, and thanking him for being such a big fan.his dreams, a walter went to a game with his daughter, for the first timeh since the team played at the richfield there was a lot of years ago. that is fantastic.tast all right.rig very special day for a very special forecaster.. very appreciation for our weather folks today and they deserve it. that's great. you're always outside and all of that. andat. we messed around with youh but it's all in love. 8590 percent of time you're on on the money. that's a high percentage. absolutely.lutely. all right.t. national weather persons day today andd all it's interestingtere because look at the forecast andd we think of weather people weople we think of people on television
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meteorologist in the country notno on television they work for thet national weather service and the airlines and private weather companies. special thanks to all of themhem will bring outlooks and watchestches and warnings and very goodgoo forecast for many differenty sectors of the nation and the world. wor special day as weather affects all of us anday as aweffecting us right ri now because it's windy and it'sd it' colder than what we've been used to. east lake 27. 26 in painesville. middle 20s canton mostly clear at 21. clear we cleared out some clouds a fair amount of sun.n. high today around 36.6 . for tonight fall into the mid- 20s tomorrow back up to near 40. next wee kk watch what happens that northern jetstream will dive right out of canada it will w trigger some cold air.i really cold air meaning low low 20s for highs. frequent chances of snow several clippers i think it starts on monday and each one of these of t clippers will produce light snowlight
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air we will get as the snowe s coverage will start to extend not only from northern ohio south but beyond that. fox8 news your official school closing. fox8 station. national weather persons day but day bu it doesn't have to be nationaln weather persons day it could be any day for grilling outside joining me is matt of the t steakhouse and mentor. how are your last time we talkedal much warmer grilling it it was like 90 percent humidity. absolutely.tely. having me back national weather persons day. thank you to the weather personsther out there meteorologist out there bring us the weather on wea cold days like this.his . rain and snow whatever it is thanks for having me love grilling and the summer but you can still grill in thethe called and i know you have ave bunch of tips a dozen of them im i was looking at your sheet i violate about six of thoseix of tho cooking it may be dressing maybesing maybe not as warm as what i should.hou
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explain tips about knowing how to get this thing hot when it'st when 20 get a going early.arl 30 minutes at least earlier than you would normally do it in thein t summer you've got to get this thing hot. wanted to be around 500 degrees to make sure we getre a great and address one. dress warm when you're out heree an i have a sweatshirt under here you've gotatshir your code on. the grill putting out a little bit of heat but make sure youke sure y hence.nd we talked about spraying the grill.. normally don't think of that butn't th what do youin spray it with at the th and personally.e little bit of canola oil. andt this pan right here i've got a kitchenre towel soaked withsoak canola oil and you just kind ofed take some tongs in oil the the greats a little bit and you can can see that nice smoke coming offng of that will make sure your stakes don't stick and as well you can use some cooking spray somey canola and olive oil whatevertever
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spices we're looking at salt and and pepper. garlic powder and onion powder. a special blend at long wordsgord that say great seasoning for any i love the thermometer right here. a neat little.rmomet i had this on the grill earlierarl to make sure wei got hot enough. perfect stuff.t u want to thankf you for coming c appreciate it in we'll keep iteep going a bunch of other stakes we stake s will cook and will have them for you if you want some come onme on down i'm sure will be donell be before the end of the show.the great. looks good. still ahead this morning thethis m 52nd rule for real.orn we'll tell you just how long scientists say food can stay on the floor and still be safe to eat.a stay o [music playing] [music playing] haven't we all wanted to be jessie's girl?ven't we all we're giving away tickets to seeee rick springfield live in concert sometime this hour.pringfiel
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how about kenny's girl. i'll take that. mainstage at the i ask center. the hottest couple on hg tv. two chicks and a hammer.mme when we come back we'll show youe'll s really cool fun stuffh and talk about how their awesome sauce
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all right. you are listening to music and motion lis. go to you'll getu'll get information on checking out is awesome kids thank them for coming in.coming i speaking of show choir.n. mean i was in show choir. through middle school.n i was i thought it was high school. high school i guess. freshman year.ig very small high school.l high sc you are cool.h coo now you have your own show.n s l
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two chicks and a hammer karen and me not good morning. good morning then you have a go newne show on htv which is good bones.n what is it about.ut. our business we rehabbed housesbbed ho in indianapolis rehabilitating ailitating neighborhood one house at aod one hse time. itat airs march 22 at 11:00 p.m.00 stay up for dvr.p. speaking of rehabbed you took this ordinary diy chandelier.lier. it's a lamp you might find in ain house and if you're not a shiny or antique brass person you might not want it to look like this. tell them what we did. so we just got two of the same i personally feelju tragic lamps and up cycled it.ed it we had two different versions ofions the exact same one. one. this is the one that i mademde spray painted at first and thennd i took the globes off which left a ceramic housing so i found a a plumbing part that fit over it it wrapped it in twine with some
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spray paint and this covers theers t housing. glue it in there so it's nice and snug and just h open then th lightbulb. what did you do with yours.ur mine is a very budget friendlyeny one.. budget friiendly. i need d some help from you i see you havem your tool belt. will you screw that inform a. doesn't even have dust on it. not too tight you don't want to break w it. it. there you go. perfect. what i did as i kept the original globe and i spray-painted the awhole thing and a flat gray i will give this this back to you. yo because i want people to thinke to think about sheen.ut sh this gene that you spray paintt with.h. not charlie sheen. that would bebe tiger blood ord or something. makes a s difference in how your lamp looks. look at the sheen of hers it ist shiny and mine is flat it makes a f hers plugs
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look how pretty that is.s.look ho it looks better. hers is the winner. show times when you guys are ar doing your one and four today and 12 andd three tomorrow. tom just come too the show it isw it awesome here it is huge a wholewh another building. everybody should two chicks and a hammer it is hammer time. check them out a lot of fun and i pity the fool. back to you guys. thank you. breaking news to tell you aboutout at this hour to people have been found dead in a home ono babelab cook road in hinckley township. police i were called to the houseu of around 2:30 this morning foring a report of a shooting officersfic found two bodies and took a third person into custody forst questioning. the names of the victims and thee suspect are not being releasedlea we'll update the story as we getget new information of course both
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in other headlines today. today. lots of people don't watch the don'tat super bowl for the game they tune in just to check out thee just to c this year, spots cost a record breaking five million dollars, for 30 seconds.0 second companies digging that deep have to decide if they'll get as. return on such a big investment. company leaders say it's more than just the 30 second spot on the air.e air. we'll have 75 thousand displays in every one of our retailers across the country. two weeks leading up to the super bowl is the biggestl havand displayy acrohe cou purchase on snack and beverages. so for sure if you look at the entirety of it, it definitely pays off. fritolay says it's dorito brand is targeted to 19 year old consumers so they look for ways to be creative and entertaining without being too offensive.o branrgeted to 199conse the companrs y says a lot of itsso t t wit beinf its ads feature kids and animals rather than celebrities. snoop dog is taking on the roleking the of journalist for super bowl 50. check it out. first of allk can i get a a
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john's pizzas when i and the th absolutely. absolutely.ra is the kid in you outweighingtwe the man in you in this a bigi game that you are about to play. that was a a ga that good question. the act like he was surprised. the rapper asked bothper ask entertaining and serious questions to the super bowl quarterbacks.ed serious he's serving as a correspondent for the nfl network this week. snoop is a big football fan, and he even coaches a youth leaguethe nfl netet snoop team in los angeles. fantastic. his son was a big time player in high school and a little bit ofttle college. still ahead this morning. morning. an uber driver gets a big surprise when he picks up four men left behind by another driver.ber driri ic [music playing] they ended up being members of naughty by nature.nded up be wait until you hear how the band good morning todd. plugged inod on free for all al
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student with leukemia super bowlsuper bowl ticket something he didn't havehave to . a nice gesture talked about it earlier.
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pennsylvania lawmaker is p demanding an apology from the weather channel. it's because one of the network's meteorologists called anne punxatawney phil just a rodent.l. iinetwork meteorol state representative peter daleyer daley wrote a letter saying phil is just a rodent as much as the grand canyon is just a ditch,ust a rod the pierogi is just a snack, andogi is a sn the pittsburgh steelers are just another football team.ack, th on and on. he added disparaging a legendary weather prognosticator for 130 years on groundhog day is prognosticat unacceptable. i agree the pittsburgh steelers just another football team. mark your calendars for march 15th that's when apple will unveil its new gadgets.ttsbh h
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company is expected to unveil a new iphone 5se. it will be the same size and price as the iphone 5s but with a better camera, and curvedwie and edges. apple will also introduce the ipad air 3 the first update to the ipad air in two years. the move comes as ipad sales, are on the decline.e ar all right. more than 70 buffet restaurants across the country are set to close.. clo the restaurants include hometown buffet, old country buffet and ryan's.sede ovation brands, who manage the sites say the restaurants are closing because of poor performance.esan the company says the number of com affected employees is large, but would not release a number. no word if any ohio restaurants are closing.pany says t numbers , do you remember the five second rule for food hitting the floor, when you were a kid? well, a new study says the rule is real it just depends on a remember couple of factors. scientists say when food drops say whe
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the five secondn food rule it will pickup tiny amounts of bacteria. but when the food is moist, and it's on the ground for more than 30 seconds it collects ten times more bacteria than dry food. so we should add if it's dry give it a try to the five second rule.groune e there you go. now we acive seco ruru all right. the know. an uber driver comes to the rescue, after another driver refuses to take four black menvhe to a concert. he never realized those men are members of the rap group naughty by nature. p na [music playing]ught dale latino says the men told him about being left behind byg lefbehind the first driver so he told them to hop next.ected wha the band gave him tickets toppeneded their new orleans show and even pulled him on stage to thank him.nd even they're with everybody else and and they just signaled and pulled mele out of the crowd and thanked meked me in front of hundreds of people. gave him some beer.
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enjoy yourself.m let's have some fun. big shout out to our home he.he that. is awesome.some. the interview with the band came from them.from the they heard a m.reporter was doings d a story so they had the tour busur bu pull over they shot the videoie and sent it to the reporter. that's really cool. i love that.t. free for all friday talkingday ta about a lot of things a couple of comments came inin god thethe family of murray's white said tod cure as well.. comments came in if you can pullpul those up that would be great.ea browns practice in cleveland eight times a year during thee season and eight times and otherd o cities i heard they might play a game next year. t i got it. spring training in columbus yes yes oh ohio state can teach them howho to win. and other text real news davedave bmx freestyle pro that is true. go broncos get over it cleveland.
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you up. be wearing my new shirt on sunday said to me for denver. from denver.en a good one music and motion rocking it out.on yes they are. thanks have a great weekend onend on this free for all friday. dynamite.s i love the outfit''s. very nice.e. thank you todd. thank yo coming up on fox8 news in the morningu todd. cleveland on jesse o and a in a new movie about his life lif will talk to the actor stephen st james coming up in our 9:00 hour andj rick springfield. [music playing] almost time to pick up the phone and dial. we're giving away tickets to see rick springfield live before the end of the hour. time tok up the pone ickets to he is not retiring. take a moment and say congratulations to steve goldurs.goldurs steve is retiring after nearly
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right now in the audio this getting ready to mix his final f band. we love you congratulations and you deserve it. it. he has been working in the business over 50 years. fourth-year 40 years. 40 years traveled all over the world.wor he has had quite a career. so nice.c been with us on the morning showhow for so many years mixing of the th music. musi we are going to miss you. you. good luck and we love you. by steve. we heard that. we'd like to thank solon high school's music in motion show choir for being here today. their winter concert takes place you can find more information on our website, just click heir wine m one more time steve it's your's last mix.t mix take it away. aa and you guys to.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way,
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expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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[music playing] [music playing] welcome back.elcome springfield, live in concert? how ould yve in conert? just be the 8th caller to 216-578-0888 to win two tickets to his sunday, february 14th, valentine's day show at the harday show the ha rock rocksino.rd good luck. the founding member of theember of seventies disco funk group earth wind and fire has passed away. grammy winner maurice white diedner maure whi in his home in la wednesday,te die after a long battle with parkinson's home warkinson the band had a slew of hitsdisef hits including shining star. boogie wonderland and september. one of my favorites.avor. the band was inducted into the t rock and roll hall of fame, in 2000.he banwas indu white was also in thethe songwriters hall of fame. maurice white was 74 years old. tough day. and a lot of seniors and groups.
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really sad.
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