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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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really sad. saying goodbye. thanks. you're welcome. good morning on this friday february 5. happy friday i'm stefani schaefer grind you can join us and start your morning with us on fox8. we have to do this taking careca of a little business talkingi about problems again for johnnyhnn learning more about an allegedlege fight and some serious allegations from hiss fris ex-girlfriend all of that is coming up it wille x-tgialrlkfriend a aboutbo other stuff.s because we don't want to talkt to about him anymore than we have hav the movi e race coming up prettyy soon based on the incredibleble true story of jesse owens fromns from cleveland opens next week we'll get a sneak peek the actor who portrays him will be live in the studio talking about the film and a big honor happening in cleveland tonight. excited to meet him. if you're planning a trip to money if you go when its not h you so much more enjoyable. would it work with your scheduleh
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go will tell odyo u all about itl aboutit coming up and get your commentsr coents in this morning's download.s do a lot of people can't get off on certain times sometimes you're forced to go. the kids are in school andand that's what it all revolves around don'that's wwant them to takem to ake off school that will tell you about all ofhool tha that coming up.up check in with scott for a look at our forecast on this friday.a the conditions have improved it is still cold but look at this the sun is out temperatures trying to climb back out of it a little bit but for the most part we have been in the 20s lower middle 20s with sunshine cloud cover pretty thick and yada ashtabula county where we had some snow that all of the snow is gone. windchill values in the middle teens winds are relatively light out of the west five t o 10e msnowiles ise anmie 0 ms hour. couple local temperatures eastl lake 27 painesville 26 will be at 28. the forecast today highlightshl partly sunny skies some cloudsloud late high of around 36.d 36. tonight fall into the 20s and tomorrow those 2400 with anotheranother
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the weekend should be quiet nexte quiet xt week not so much talk about that th eight day coming up in a fewin minutes. thank newsckk th on this friday morning.iday wayne dawson joining us with mo a a look at what is just in. two people have been found dead in a home on babcock road inb higley township police and the city of brunswick called to a housen around 230 this morning30 for report of some typethis of shooting. shooti officers been foundng. that twoat bodies and they took a thirdthi person into custody for questioning.g. names of the victims and the the suspect not being released as of yet. beinf we have a crewwye heading to the scene right now and we'll updatewe the story as we get more newore new information to the newsroom.w will have the updates on fox8f and back to you guys. thank you.. we are following a developing news out of lake county. one person is dead and another in the hospital.s out ofof that's right.that's right jessica dill is live at the lake county sheriff's office with what we know about the deputy involved shooting... jes lake
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good morning. good morning.rni good morning everyone.ryone. we are waiting a pressg a ess conference news conference willce will be held here this morning theyhe were give us an update on the investigation but better but i can tell youuwere give us an u all of the deputiespu are safe no deputy was injuredurd in this police involved shooting.poposhoo here is what we know. it happened last night around 10:00 p.m.. the lake county sheriff's office got a 911 call from a woman who said her aunt had just beenke county got 911 c stabbed multiple times.imes. when deputies arrived they foundarrived ound 54 year old thomas hirko with a gun outside the home. investigators say one of the deputies repeatedly ordered hirko to drop the weapon which the won he did not do. when he raised the gun, a deputy shot him. hirko was taken to the er where was he was pronounced dead.tak deputies went inside and found the stabbing victims 55 year old lorrie osborney ear hirko, was taken to tri-point medical center. she was then life flighted to old loto tri-pnt metro for the stab wounds to her
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we contacted metro they're not releasing a condition updatecontacted for us but i was speaking to her her friday little bit ago and herhe friend says everybody is in complete shock right now they saidenn they seemed like a happily married couple and lori is the kindest person ever the entire e community is pulling for her her right now and hoping that sheat sh turns out okay from all of this.his. we'll keep you updated as we learned mored information.mation. we appreciate that. thanks.thanks two neighbors of a mansfieldghborsf a mansfi woman last seen back in julyeld following a dispute over herng a d cats are behind bars this morning. c u.s. marshals caught walter renz and linda buckner bleher at ackner bher a tennessee campground yesterday. he's being held on a stolen property warrant she's beingeing held for a parole violation. mansfield police say they moved after an argument with 62 year argumen th old patsy hudson. 62 y investigators say atm withdrawals have been made from her account, across the country. mansfield police say hudson's
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about her disappearance. a brooklyn man is facing reckless homicide charges after police say he shot and killed his 18 year old girlfriend. 21 year old michael lancasterr old faced a judge yesterday morning. mi c investigators say he pointed ahaeljudge yeserday handgun at 18 year old olivia stull. they say he pulled the triggerear old ia to make a clicking sound he pulld take believing it was unloaded whena clng sot was it fired inside his ridge road aded whe his apartment wednesday night. he called 911 for help.d 911 for . lancaster is being held on 25 thousand dollars bond. what would be my opinion first of all that he should be watchedund. on suicide watch and even if you set a bond low enough for the family to make it would be better if he was in custody so we can watch him and take care of watc reckless homicide is a thirdide is ahird degree felony that could carry acarry a five year prison sentence. new details about an allegedeged fight between johnny manziel andmanziel an his ex girlfriend in texas. the browns quarterback will notwill not
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police in texas say they have noe complaint right now for ann alleged argument that he had ha incidentnt to be closed.ed we have the report and the 911 t call made by a neighbor that night. take a listen. she said her boyfriend beat her up she didn't want me to call. according to the report, manzielo the rert, m and his ex, colleen crowley met up with a group of friends at the zaza hotel in dallas. after the friends left, manziel became aggressive towardsessive towa colleen.rd she described the incident as ifinciden as i he were on some kind of drugs, but was also adamant about johnathan not being intoxicated. being iox the report goes on to sayicated colleen was struck several times by johnny, including a strike to her left ear.ny, i when officers responded to that neighbor's 911 call, they asked colleen if she was assaulted
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she began to become irritatedme irriated with officer's questioning. colleen told police johnny left and she was concerned about his well being they searched for him by air and on foot, later, later finding him safe. he was okay. oka manziel disputes the police report, telling tmz sports it didn't happen. the browns released a statement earlier this week saying theyey are aware of the reports. thbrow the team said they've been clear about expectations for theiraying they players on and off the field and the johnny's actions have been tabout eectationff the fld a contrary to those expectations. the cleveland browns will hold their 2016 training camp in team will remain there in the future.ill remai the browns say they have no they ve no intention of moving camp this summer.tention to host their training camps in the future. host thei the city's sports commission asked the state for five million dollars, to build a facility at build facility a ohio state.t they say it would be used as a youth recreation area, when theea, whethe browns aren't there. it's a sure sign spring is a sure ign s almost here.pring ist here. the cleveland indians have just left for spring training this
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crews filled the trucks with all their needed baseball gear. filled the t up until about 45 minutes ago. andrews moving and storage will drive the team's gear tong goodyear. pitchers and catchers wills and catc report to camp on the 17th, and the rest of the squad is due on the 21st. repod preseason baseball and openingope day on april 4 almost time which is good. all right.ig sparks fly between two presidential candidates.s. sp here the strongarks presidtial words in then th most heated debate on thethe democratic side yet. and hearing more about the mene m en who fell out of a plane afterte the why he may not be so innocent after all investigators arear piecing together some critical information. heading to a theme park the summer for the pranks arepranks setting prices on demand. a cheaper in the off-season willson will this change the way that you buyu tickets. that's the dragon fromt harryr potter. i think that's that universal. talking about it this morning in
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good morning the great clipsi free a specter is pretty normalnormal although we had some snow this morning that is gone the conditions are brining up somere brinin reflection off of theso light snowg cover from late last night and an should be okay heading to the the upcoming weekend.. issues along to 71 upcomin inch of snowf on jon burkett and as we look at
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shows the snow cover off to the east. the for the most parteas those conditions are going to greatlyeatly improve watch out for sun glare over the next couple of hochurs. check it out temperatureso lowerowe 20s regionwide and again if weain i we can check that out the storm fox rain are showing no snow cloudloud cover thinning out lower middle 20s not much wind windchillindchill values still running in the th middle teens. 27 east lake strongsville 22ville 2 should be up close to 30 by theby the lunch hour here in bedford same insulin and canton well into theintoe middle and higher authorities this afternoon. overnight tonightr s we'll havehav some clearing although somehough so cloud cover streams back in frommeback inm the west tomorrow but lookingoki even better should be close tolose t 40 saturday and maybe a little a little higher than that on sunday. here's the polar vortex talkedx talked about that last year. not a made-up term it's alwaysl been around. always over the north pole and an every once in a while we get aget a piece of it that breaks off
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that has not happened this yearar the arctic has been very stabley stable not so much next week as we start to drop temperatures bringratures bring in a chance of snow on monday and a couple more of these clippers which is the t temperatures drop become much stronger. ten to 15 degrees bel owow average next week. that trend will continue through friday and right now given the overall movement and frequency and the duration of theset clippers along with like effect some snow cover around by thethe most of northern ohio will have at least a little bit of snowost of nor more than likely 50 percent of keep that in mind trending colder not have a stretch like this so farnding winter weather outlook the latter half of o winter weather outlook how we we will shape up for february and march and early aprilfe on the t website check that out at
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cooler and we'll see whatl see at happens whether or not we see se bigger snow is than just knows. were not going to go five above fox8 news your official school closing station. certainly 20 or 25 degrees aor 25 shock degre for the system consideringsg temperatures that will have ahat willa time. i think we're getting spoiled.d. remember last year what happened we went havest bet money on having a 25 we would have wanted would have been great. shorts and t-shirt weather.ath. that is true. get my gloves back on. scott enjoy your day.b happy weather person day thanks so much.h. so m the battle for the democratice for temocratic nomination got more heated than ever last, in a debate last night.nominaon got momoever l, and i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly.
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ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. and i have stood up and i have represented my constituents toituentto the best of my abilities, and i'm very proud of that. so i think it's time to end the hin your campaign have been carryingk it's time out in recent weeks, and let's talk about the issues. let's talk about why, in the 1990s, wall street gots, wall stree deregulated.t did it have anything to do with the fact that wall street provided spent billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions?vided spentt well, some people might think, yeah, that had some influence. let's ask why it is that we pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescriptionrescriptio drugs, and your medicine can beyour medine can doubled tomorrow, and there's be nothing that the government cannt can do to stop st it.
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with the huge amounts of campaign contributions and lobbying.ampai recent polls have sanders with double the numbers clinton has, in new hampshire.ouble the n that state's primary is this tuesday. in namps all right. six people, including a child p have been found dead, in a chicago home. police say it appears all of the victims are members of the sames are family. me they w were called to the home, tofamily.he home check up on a man who did not show up for work for the past two days.or work investigators think it could becould be a murder suicide saying theyide sayi they don't think there's any threat community. there's no word on how the victims died. un the person who died after being sucked out of a plane may have been a suicide bomber. that's according to the wall street journal.lave been t' a source says investigatorsrce sa think the man used a wheelchairys inveheelchair to get through intense screening in mogadishu and then detonatedn detd a bomb that ripped a hole in theipped a hole i plane.n no one else was hurt and the plane landed safely.
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for tuesday's attack. the music world is in mourninge responsle after news the founding member e music wod is in of the seventies disco funk group earth wind and fire has passed away. grammy winner maurice white, hadr mauriit e, a slew of hits including shining star boogie wonderland and september. white wednesday, after a long battle with parkinson's disease. the band was inducted into the rock hall in 2000.nd waa white was also inducted into theerk ha songwriters hall of fame. maurice white was 74 years old said to see so many musicians. so manyny in the past six weeks.t si some of the great arab bands. say goodbye to speed cameras at least for now.east forow. find out why they're off the off t road and one local city but why they could be armed and ready one schoolch oo district could start a program
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districhat coul guns in schools.chool nothing matters. not tolerant not moneyy. race. it's an incredible true story based on the life of cleveland's own, jesse up next, the actor that portrays him, stephan james, joins us live in studio with a look at the movie and a big celebration,
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[music playing] [music playing] all month long, fox 8 celebratestes the sounds of black historyck hist right now the spotlight shines on nwa who are being inducted induct into the rock hall in just a couple months. they paved the way for a lot offor a great artist other. for sure. tonight, the cavs will host a special black heritage celebration at the q. and, jesse owens, cleveland'ss cav own legendary athlete will bes will hostk herita jesse ows, cle honored along with actor stephanno james who plays him in the new movie race.d along with acr stephan ja stephan joins us now with more thank you so much for being withith this movie looks fantastic. it really do i'm surees it was an incredible experience for you as an actor. i mean,ee i can't begin to explain that first call when you hear yourat firs playing the fastest man on the it's like i was blown away by his story when i researched himearche and figured it all out i didn'tdn
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when ti hehe full ard about what he had had done and read about what he had done i was blown awayd read a. so honored to betray. him. you had contacted hisoo family.y. talk to his daughter.ghter. it was incredible because we see see so much online about jesse owens the athlete so m. the fastest man on the planetplan but very little about the man he he was the father he was.a just the husband he was. it was interesting to have them and sorta of get a personal perspective on jesse which washi sort of invaluable to me. are you a runner was this partpart of your audition. they did it make me run for thefor th audition but i knew right away iaway had to train. i had my work cut out for me. m never ran track before i alwayslw did like basketball and football andl volleyball.le you're an athlete. i'm an athlete but'r i wasn't unfamiliar with being agile and things of that nature butar wit running as a whole differents a whe dif f beast. is a whole another thing to be a track athlete in the fastest mante in the
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did you try to mimic his style. f i had to. to not enough to just the fastfast you've got to run exactly how hey how h ran and he had such a particulararticulr running style for me i've really had to pay attention to sort ofsort of the details and how he startedtar the race how his stride look howk ho his face looked while he ran.. acting while running. that is is a physical thing and a mentaln thing. you were telling us over commercial break some incredible experiences even flying over to berlin they brought in you filmed of there.. whatfilmed was that like. incredible.e. we saw a shootincr jesse walked intoe walked the istadium for the first time and for me walking up to thatthat stadium in berlin i got chillsl because i almost like i was walking in his footsteps and it it was incredible.incr 80 years afterwards of course and the littleedi80 bits of wasn't 150,000 people but incredible toredi bl experience a fraction of what ie of w washa like.i a full stadium or half with cgi. more than half. the roar of the
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absolutely.olute very intense. what is your 40 time.our doing it in like 1240 ti. something like that.hing li did it make youke t want to run ru more.more. of course. i mean, anytime you're in that, sort of shape you know you will be winning most of the races. anyy they have to hold back the others running with you.e to no. n. they didn't speed them up i made sure i was faster..they didn't tell us what's happening at the cute tonight. we will hang out celebratingl jesse. showing the trailer of the film f on the jumbotron.mbot we're very excited to not only t celebrate the film that jesse's havjee you seen thissse jumbotron. nothing like i'm i have heard good things aboutou it. we weitl.come you to cleveland theveland movie looks fantastic i'm sureth i'm sure your family has got to be so proud of you. you. totally elated. so happy to share with the rest of the world.rl great. good. it opens natio nwiide friday february 19 and a big thing atingt
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big premiere excited for that.ha red carpet.t thered cwhole nine. congratulations. scarlet and gray carpet public.ub that's the colors.lo i appreciate it.iate it. congratulations.congratulaons. awesome. still to come on fox8aw news at at 9:00 a.m. well-known restaurantst will close their doors.s. what some people no longer be long able to fill up at the should theme parks charge forge for tickets based on demand more andre more places adopting the newopting t policy and wondering if youhe nd think it'sering i a good idea. i your commdeents on this our next. the temperatures are raising raising messed me in the 20s a coupleuple of 40s before we start tort to trend back down again next week w e we'll talk more about that snow
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how about that sunshine. how about that.. absolutely a great way to start a friday morning at 9:28. so we welcome you back to fox8 newsnews in the morning thanks for joining us today we ar eare following some developing news thisd
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look at what's just in. i busy morning want to take you to new yorkg one person dead thisis morning after a crane collapsecollapse onto two cars it happened in lower manhattans about 45 minutest ago in front of a building inng in tribeca. you're looking at live pictures right now from one of our sistersister stations in new york city to other people were hurt severalveral cars were simply crush. we don't kmnow thatp you know why wh the crane collapsed of course will bring you any new developments onr our web wisite andll ring ur on fox8 news ats at noon. back to you guys. thanks. during theeduring the akron is suspending the use of portable speed enforcement cameras, during the ongoing legal battle over them. state lawmakers set new restrictions last spring, on how the cameras can be used. during the al battle over them. ak but a summit county judge ruled the restrictionsm unconstitutional.utional. so, at the start of the newof the n school year, the cameras were back out on the street. then in december, an appeals court reversed that decision, insisting the judge give ad the jud giv better reae son for his ruling.aer r the cameras are off the streets, and the ball is back in the
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thoff the st a retired marietta police eti officer will get to live out his golden years with his k 9 offic officials in marietta had in maria had created a social media stir, when they said matt hickey'sy sai dt police dog ajax had to be sold at auction, because it was city property and he could still work.ction, becauwork. the city's law director discovered a little known statute.iscov when a police departmentstatute disbands it's k 9 unit, the k 9.pol hicandler in this case matt getse departs it's u the first opportunity to buy his dog.irst opportu all of that money raised $70,000ed on the go fund me account on me accoun on facebook will now be donated toted to charity. what a grreatcha ending to thatng to story.y. st we've been following it since monday every single day developments. hoping he'd besi able to dodo something in the dollar thing is really cool.ething great. more than 70 buffet restaurants across the country are set tocountr close.y are setoto the restaurants include hometown buffet, old country buffet andclose. ryan's.
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sites say the restaurants are closing because of poor performance. sites say the res the company says the number of affected employees is large, but would not release a number. no word if any ohio restaurants are closing.mpany y la some people say they're aware ofare o some but we are waiting for for official clarification. the bread is so good. ead is good. a popular amusement park will start using demand pricing ahead of opening its latest attraction. universal studios hollywood willfning its offer variable pricing for the harry potter world of wizardingr attraction which opens in april. the system works like airline tickets, the higher the demand the more you pay for tickets.ry potter wong park organizers say the newewthe system for tiets.w pricing will help visitors plan their visit in advance whichisit in will help the operations staff. harry potter world will feature two new rides, restaurants and shops in the theme of the books and rideants and it's amazing.azi. and such an amazing experienceeri but i also think this mightmi
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plan because when you go there we were just there again over christmas over new year's and it'sn over hours and hours long waitsai for the is right and especiallyight and eec iallthe big ones in they harry potter the demand is so high so they probably hoping with the pricesce it's an incentive for people toopl plan a different time so it's not so many people.ple. like airline tickets.ket higher the demand.ema worndk schedules and school schedules.s.wor people getting off at that timeme that's why you're going. cheaper. less expensive.en i don't know you want to go over spring break or you want to go overgogo a week at christmas the skye rocket. it's a shame even disney worldd you can't get in under $100 a person. i don't know. it's expensive. it's tough. and we tried i think we went to disney about six or seven yearsr weseven went in june and it wasa 99 degrees with 99 percent humidity. i was like we'vee got to staytay
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everybody is crabby their hota and hungry and tired and. standing in line. this is magical everyone isone is fighting you see parents arguing. ts myargui goodness that's a peak time. i don't want that if it's a peak time.. you have seniority at youryor workplace you only get certain time when you're allowed to taketak vacation if you're out of the th first round or the second round of the list and you have octoberrs 17 through 24. you can't take them out of school.l. and a lot of pepeople just do.op theyle go to listen that's the only time i's can get we have toave go and they're going to do that.t. if they have their prices andnd they drop them at better times that is good if they're waving themts it's already so expensive.ensive and with the two new vibe thanvibe the other fun new t stuff it isit is like we've got to go. we bite the bullet and spend thehe money.y. money pressure. couple of.. you are like no way we had a web poll and 91 percent of
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should theme parks charge foure four tickets based on demand.e 91 percent said they're probably going to.. exactly. just like every otherxa park has.rk and less they bring the prices down on the time of year to encourage people to come outsidetsid of those peak times i think that's a good idea.e but don't raise them. can't do it.d that's it. there you go..that no souvenirs. nappreciate the comments coming up on fox8 newss how do you get a baby to stop from a daycare worker is actually fired after what she didwo thenhe she showed the evidence off to the parents. showed th was you pierce your baby's ears.ea this is apparently the child of child f a model who is coming under fireunder fire many people say the child is toot young they consider it child abuse. do you agree.hild super bowl pregame fun up nexte
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where oura good buddy has beens b mingling with celebrities and
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welcome back everyone. nfl commissioner roger goodellissioner will implement a rooney rule requiring that women be will iwomen be interviewed for executiveve positions with teams around theio league and in his own office, too.ns with teams the move comes after jan welter coach the cardinals inside linebackers during arizona's training camp last summer and sarah thomas became the links first c official of this past season. speaking of football the super bowl is two days away.g of fo super bowl al as i like to calll it. if you aren't able to make it i for california for the big game that's okay.r we're living through chef rocco he goes every year he makes all of every y the good food and minglingd and ming with all of the celebrities.lin what's up how are you. hi guys good morning how are
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wonderful how are thingso in sanin sa francisco or santa clara. in san francisco i met the beautiful ren francisco or santa clara. in san francisco i met the beautiful restaurant called brick and being gave me the room for the morning about 6:15 or 620.eautiful restaurantth living the dream the city city doesn't sleep.eep. things are good last night jim brown celebrated his 80th birthday they threw a big birthday bash for him last nightt invitation only absolutelyl wonderful.l. what kind of legend he is in the city ass w far as the cleveland clevend browns are concerned and it wass are a great little birthday celebration. concerned as fan and fireworks. isn't a great. you know how it is.i a great fun evening talkingalk aboinut browns football and the th future which is going to be to be good. how about you got it with thee milano signing at there. a little tasting yesterday with melissa a l milano and i shared the the stage.e. ste. a wonderful clothing line itine i ladies apparel for the nfl in nfl in the nfl is a big partner at
9:32 am
talked about who isut who the boss a little bit. my early years and the reasonason i'm here is taste the nfl this weekend. the party with a purpose pose saturday night the best food event of they year.yea my friend and fellow chef of thellow cef city bobby o from lago will bof teg o doing it with me. the best party before the super bowl. saturday night taste of thebest pa's looking to go there areki a few tickets that remainain but it is one chef when cityn each nfl city and we bring backb a big check for all of the localocal food banks. bank cleveland foods. bank will get aget a check for 120 or 140,000 mealseal to feed back to my community.muniy. looking at a picture of you and an five you're right now yought noyou collaborate on a a lot of great things together and do great things for our city.ttogethe we try to. to my wife alexis. and nicole hiscole wife the sous chefs of the evening. san f rran cisco gg oing into thishis year super bowl city is a behemoth of a project.f
9:33 am
super bowl city kind of doingd their thing and they've taken over the city again family andhe ci friends you've got the goldenl gate state park pacific palisades the game played in ga santa clara an hour south of hour here so but it's just a wonderful multitude of festivities if you have an opportunity very fortunate and blessed to raiseessed money for the city that i loveto get to a super bowl it's absolutely fun and absolutelybso wonderful even if you don't golu don to the game there' is parties is p things to do there's people watching and th one of america's past times is truly on show this weekend in san francisco. charlotte of course i imagine that makes you. yo i'm talking about cleveland right now.u. gets you a little bit of biasias during the production of thiss year's game. g i like the panthers 4117 no-brainer i know the panthers fairly well they're comingr they're hungry they're foaming at them out and i think peyton peyton manning had a really great runt in his career but i thinkink tempers will knock him down this t weekend because, i mean, i've
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charlotte but again it's thet's the super bowl we are hoping the t browns get there one day becauseca we're excited if the browns get to a super bowl look out. you and i are smoking someoki cigars having some fun in a parade routete. we are there. that is true.e. we we know your loyalty is towards cleveland we appreciate that.h in general the city of clevelandf clevel the check i bring back to thek food bank been doing it on myn my ninth year. a greatt thing to do for the city ct becayuse a lot of people in need and the fact his citiescause prospersper through culture and people i'm here to help as bestculture anid can.a you do that all the time and an everything that you do that's you the mo tivation behind it. thanks for representingor repre cleveland so well as you dosentinas yodo every year at the super bowl and wherever you go.y great to talk to you this to yo morningu tthis early and your beautiful todd you are beautiful.b go browns. tomorrow night saturday night g party with a purpose taste of
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awesome. live in san francisco thanks. and joy. tell alexis we set high. be good.ood. love him. such great stuff. an ambasstador for our city andr city he makes good food.and food. he does. he we just get so excited when hehen comes here it's fantastic.ast all right. thanks again and you'll bell sending temperatures to thrownding em the next couple of days and willpera have those on our website.turext co let's talk about kfc. a new face to colonel sandersn and his coming to the super bowlowl during the commercials. big question is who will bee filling those white shoes.hes. rotating people in and out first in and oufirs we had a darrell hammond who was for a little bit and norm mcdonaldt a for a popped up to saturday night live alum played the colonel. will a thirdgh be wrapping kfc. kfc. gases including dana carvey steve martin or are they going to go for somebody who is less is
9:36 am
associated with saturday night live and comedy. they go with like i don'tet knowd one of those classically trainedsicay tr ai actor's.ned ct what would itor's. one company isn't spendingspending millions of dollars on a super bowl commercial.wl com they want to spend some of their moneymercrc on eu. eu. is a local company which is s great. progress of havinggr fun with wi bingo and giving you the chance to have your home and auto m insurance paid for the year. download what is called the super super bingo appd grandma'sand m bingo. you get a board filled with commercial themes like talking animals adorable babies.ble b diet beer. here is like one of those things that they haveik. here's one of the game boards you want to play.e's one of t there is flow on their there isi r th animals political campaigns. food.
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and then you playl the game got a little bingo marker.rker. you get one of these cards when you sign up and you be able toyou keep track and if you win some they will win free insurance.urance there's year that all player.. thank you. look like you're playing all right. there you go.ho. pretty cute. i like that.p. interested in playing along wete posted a link on our websiterested in playing websie check it out and it says thishi ain'st your grandma's bingo. it's nice because they are offering something to the t customers. can't take you seriously with that. t free auto insurance free home ho me insurance it's cute. way to go.o go. thinking out-of-the-box.-box. very fun.n. up next should teachers be armed in the coming up a new program couldra o open up all sorts of new options when it comes to keepinges to studentskeepi and their staff safe. in schools.
9:38 am
does that mean you flip them off to cry the story behind this photohisoto coming up. how young is too young for little ones to get that yearst years pierced some say one celebrity celebrity is being selfish by making her er young daughter go through the
9:39 am
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i like this shot already. who doesn't. a little chocolate.iss a litl sounds good.e ch san francisco.ancis. somewhere in there.ere in he tihs.ere is. he welcome back to fox8 news in the morning on this friday morning. community leaders in a connecticut town are considering a program that could lead to morning. conne teachers being armed in schools. the board voted 2 to 1 this week to bring faster saves lives a free gun training program offered by an ohio baseded
9:41 am
education. the program is designed to traino school staff in the event of an active shooter. faster stands for faculty/administrator safety training and emergency response, the school board is expected tof an faster ssafety review the idea next month. meantime in texas parents arein texaparents asking is it abuse or a good form of punishment?are is it wrong use pushups, lapsng use ps, lap and crawls as a form ofcra punishment?wls as it happened at gregory lunaened at g middle school in san antonio,a a student brought a bb gun to school.enb gun to as punishment all of the 7th and 8th graders were told to do bear crawls and run laps. snishment d school officials confirm that one girl suffered a panic attackir and had trouble breathing duringl suffered a p the exercise.ise. some parents are outraged saying it's physical abuse. the unnamed 19 -year-old workerld wo show this picture to parents asparents as they picked up their kids wereds we that day. the caption in the photo says ioto say swear i love kids.s. sw
9:42 am
with kids anytime soon. she thought it was funny at thet time not appropriate for thete for e parents for sure.ure what do you think it's all rightit' for you to pierced your baby's ears this photo has a lot ofas a lot folks talking katie price in english tv host and a model posted this picture of her 18er -month-old daughter bunny. comments on the photos ranget sho from praise to calling price a child her nmments the o the american academy of pediatrics suggests parents waitts wait to do it until the child canl the ccan take care of the piercings themselves, but also says ear piercing is safe at any age when themselves, but also says ear piercing is safe at any age when cared for correctly. prcing em all right. remember the address the goldeno white versus black and blue.k here's a new kind of dress thing. ki a photo online is getting a lot of attention because people can't figure out which one is the mom. of dss of atntiononcan' my gosh. kaylan mahomes posted this selfie with her twin sister and their mother social media lit up in mother they look like triplets.
9:43 am
posted last night retreatedt take a close look we are trying to out. who do you think is the mom? close look we are tr she's the one. are you going to tell us. mouse right now.mou three ri which one is mom. that is unbelievable. welcome back. they are all gorgeous.el gorgeo. well. very cool.l. move over kardashian family.ian famil that's eight young lookingkin family.. ly. beautiful. check in with scott for a look at her our forecast on this friday.ior a loo what's going on. o you tell us not a whole lot this morning. after the snow moved out somesom slow thise morning's candy coating we have in the frontron yard but right now this guys have cleared outar a good signgood sign temperatures struggling just aa little bit here.
9:44 am
five to 10 miles an hour. now up to 28 should be up about 30.. 30. the updates now. will be 32 bedford 27. medina 25. 25. can't and must make clear 23. 23 the forecast .today snow to the sw to the east's history. we'll go mostly sunny eventuallynny evey clouds and rain temperatures middle and upperppe 30s. cloudsds 30 tonight 26. 2 the weekend forecast as we take a look we should be tclose to 40se to tomorrow. will have a series of systemsst over the great lakes over the weekend might trigger a fewgger a f flurries take a look at what's happening here.e the jet stream position is a position we have not seen had this winter. a little spurts we have had that polar vortex break off looks like next week will be the week that we start to see this developedthe week again a pattern like l this typically means a lot of cold air relative to normal. that's alwaysat the operative phrase. relative to normal normal height will be 36.
9:45 am
pne 15 under that firstt front late sunday night into monday at rain to wet snow andan the wave of cold air.r temperatures running about 10 toout 10 15 degrees below normal through friday. snow cover haven't had much of it.ow cove work the numbers up and postpost this weekend or early next week comparing some w oef ektheen metrics we used to describe winter. average temperatured how manyman ydays we have of snow on the ground howw many days we havewe ha below zero how many days we have above 50. those extremesh we are probablyrobaly going to see more days of snow cover next weekgo the extent goesnt goes further south but certainly nothing anywhere close to what we had last winter. only a little over 8 inches ofn seasonal snow at hopkins and addad to it next week still a lot ofer left although middle end of februaryywinter le you start running r cold. chances of seeing below normal or below zero temperatures right nowow are very very small.
9:46 am
single digits most of next week. fox8 news your official school closing station we will come back.chool the cabin fever we are here on detroit and liquid. my mexican spicy with cayenne pepper hot chocolate but s we'llw' cool places. we will aot rise the dogsled. a whole lot of cool stuff youuff yo can get out to escape cabin fever that is coming upo on new day cleveland. what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal. actually, you're not. it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. why? game changin' innovation. like f-150's high-strength,
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