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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  February 5, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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(heavy beat music) - welcome to new day cleveland! i'm natalie herbick, and you know hey, it's winter time and sometimes we let all that pent up energy, we gotta get it out. and we are here at boston hills ski resort and it's just one of the many places we're
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for this next hour where you can of that cabin fever you've been feeling. you know this one of those things it's one of the extreme things we're doing, can ski, snowboard... what else can you do here? so if you don't like to ski or snowboard you can come out and go tubing. - [natalie] alright, so this is one of those places, not too many of, you don't find too many places like this throughout the area, and you have two places, brandywine and boston mills. - [steve] right. and also alpine valley now, up in chesterland. we purchased alpine last year. we did some renovations up there, about 2.5 million. so the whole area's redone. new snow making equipment, new lifts, lots of new stuff going on up there. so we actually have three areas now. - [natalie] so how many hills do you have here at boston mills? - [steve] well the areas vary. we have from anywhere from 12 spots or so that you can get on to... - [natalie] i'm laughing because you can tell i just called them hills. i don't ski much.
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- no trails, yeah... - trails, okay. - we consider them trails. so we have a handful here. we have terrain varying from beginner to intermediate, all the way to advanced. we have some trained parts which, if you watch the olympics you'll see that we have the jumps and the rails. so if you did watch the olympics you can come out and try some tricks here. - [natalie] well, and you know i think that's great, you said it is for beginners. me, i was always afraid of the lifts. that's my biggest... that is why i've never really gone skiing because i don't like the lifts. i'm afraid of heights. - [steve] well, what's nice about boston mills is that we have a... - [natalie] be careful. conveyer lift, and it's basically like a, we you kind of ride up to it, get your ski tips or your snowboard front onto it, and it pulls you up the hill. it's kind of like when you go to the airport and you see the long escalator type uh... - [natalie] sure. kinda like that. - [natalie] same type of thing. - [steve] yeah, exactly. that there's classes here so people can come here and... - [steve] yes. well what's nice about our area is we're such a convenience. from cleveland, to get from downtown.
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of people coming out learning with us. and we do have classes from beginners to advanced. we have classes for people that do want to learn tricks. like maybe they've watched on the x games or the olympics. - [natalie] alright and then obviously people can bring their skis and their boards. - [steve] yes. - [natalie] but you can also rent them here? - [steve] yes we have full rental equipment. anything you need to ski or snowboard. - [natalie] alright and then my other big question is i always feel like they're always fun activities at places like this. do you guys have a lot of stuff going on during the wintertime? - yep, we'll have events from competitions to some fun things. the tubing areas, some late night sessions we have on fridays and saturdays. we have extended hours so that we have something for everybody. - [natalie] okay and then throughout the probably different things, too, that you guys hold as well? - [steve] yeah exactly. some select saturdays we'll have a ladies night. - [natalie] oh, i like. - [steve] you can get in for a dollar. so it's a really, we try to find ways to get people to come, some new people to come out and enjoy the slopes and hopefully they turn into returning customers. toward the end of the
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is a big, fun event. we set up a slosh pit over here on tiger. it's a big long pit of water and we have people try to ski or snowboard down the hill and make it across the pond. - [natalie] that sounds like fun! - yeah, so it's definitely fun to watch even if you aren't a skier or snowboarder. and watch people wipe out. - [steve] it's popular. - you know what else, you mentioned the passes, ski passes. if you do that toward the end of the season say i heard there's something really great about that. - yeah so our season passes have gone on sale again. for next year we're going to have some new technology. it's called rfi e-chip, and those passes will now allow you to go straight to the lift. there will be no waiting in line for your day pass to pick up your ticket. so anybody with that pass, has that pass on them, and they can go directly to the lift. - [natalie] if you get your ski pass in for this season it will work for next season? - [steve] exactly yes, you purchase it now it's good for the rest of this season and all of next season. - alright. steve thank you.. - thank you. - normally i would say i'm going to hit the slopes, cuz normally i like to try to...
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that dirty work for me. - we'll get you out soon. - come check it out here at boston mills. (active music playing) - [natalie] alright if you thought this was fun, dan is up to something else. he's sliding stones.
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to new day cleveland. it's our escape cabin fever show and it's sort of weird, you know, i was escaping cabin fever as i'm out here in the cold but i'm indoors because i'm at the mayfield curling club, and i'm with joel right now. - [joel] yes. - this is a very serious sport isn't it, sir? - it is a very serious sport. - serious sport, and it's a cool sport because i'm standing on ice trying not to fall down. and bob's down there. what's that thing he's going to throw at us? - [joel] he's going to throw a 42 and a half pound piece of granite we call a rock. - [dan] that's called a rock. and where's the word curling come in? - [joel] curling refers to the rotation of the rock as it travels down the sheet, creating an inward or an outward movement. - [dan] okay so bob's going to throw the rock, it's going to curl toward us. - right. - and where do we want to have this rock end up? - we're going to try and drag it 140 some feet down to that other set
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set of the ice. - [dan] so i'm going to be running on this ice, too? - you're gonna be running well. - hey joe, what do you say i get a head start right now? because i walk around like i'm wearing a diaper that's not too secure. - [bob] okay. here we go. - [joel] alright bob. - [dan] here it comes. - [joel] as he releases the rock we're going to follow it down and then we're gonna start sweeping. - [dan] okay. oh dude. this is... - [joel] come on up here. come on man, you've got to get with me. you've got to help me. sweep, sweep, sweep! - [dan] okay. - [joel] okay that wasn't too good. - [dan] okay. well i'm not too good at this. that was my maiden... - we're supposed to get it all the way down there. - that was my maiden voyage. okay so you wanna do one more? - try again. - okay. weight this time. i've been curling the curling club is in its 51st season. - [dan] 51 years. - [joel] 51 years we've been here. we celebrated our 50th big deal last year. - [dan] is this... guys that have been here for almost that whole length. - [dan] is this the same game that they play in the olympics? - [joel] it is. every curling sheet and every curling rock is identical throughout the world.
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the italians play? bocce ball, right? - [joel] bocce ball. - now they incorporate drinking with their game. do you guys incorporate drinking with yours? - oh absolutely not. - [dan] oh! that's what i want to hear. throw the rock. - [joel] throw the rock. - [dan] okay, so can i wait for you down here or do i have to start up there? - [joel] if you like. - [bob] here we go. - [dan] i'm gonna get a head start this time. okay here he comes. now i've got to get, i've got to get there.. (laughing) this is crazy good. - [joel] alright stop. that should be enough to get it through. little more, yep, go go, go! there you go. that's a good score. - [dan] so how the heck do you figure out what the score is and who wins? - well, the object of the game is to get your team's stones close to this black button which we call the pin. you score one point for every one of your stones that is closer than the first stone of your opponent. so let's say, at the end of all 16 stones you guys have got two, we come over to the board,
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placard that says, "in the first end", yellow team, scored two points. - [dan] there you go. - [joel] so that means two nothing yellow after the end of the first end. - you guys fall down doing this? - hopefully not. we have a saying that if you fight the ice the ice wins. rocks in each frame, which we call an end. eight ends for a game. and whoever scores the most points wins. - [dan] so who's the best at this? like, young guys, old guys, i saw ladies out there playing. - [joel] curling is a game of balance. it's not a game of power. - i could tell because i don't have any. - right, so, if you have good balance and you have good technique you can compete on any level. - [dan] i like bob's pants. i knew when i arrived at the mayfield curling club that perhaps i brought the wrong costume. (laughing) - i look great for this. i'll tell you what guys, this has been terrific. i'd like to really learn how to do this, it'd be so fun. - yep. - we have open houses scheduled throughout the year where we teach people to curl. it's on our website at and now we'd love to have you. - [dan] that sounds terrific.
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pretty cool, right? well natalie right now, she's into something even cooler and i think she gets to taste it, how about that? (happy music playing) - [natalie] such a cute little shop i love everything you have hanging on the walls. (happy music playing) - oh boy do i have a unique spot for you here. when you think about cabin fever and want to get out a little bit, you gotta come here to the churned ice cream shop. we're on kenilworth avenue, in tremont. - yes. - i have cindy with me and, cindy, this place is unique. - it is. try to strive here is to make everything as organic and i know it's kind of like that we really concentrate on finding and sourcing for fresh produce, fresh vegetables. and you know we have a spin on our ice cream we don't just do plain old moosetracks or...
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these are not fun. - i have been trying to guess what all of these are. i don't think i've gotten any of them right so far. if you look at today's pints you'll see just some of the pints. beer and pretzel is one of them. - [syndee] you got it. and you know we make everything here, from scratch. we churn it here so that is some local beer from a couple of different breweries. - let's, let's taste as you talk. - yes, and we have combined it with a little bit of chocolate, and it's a fair trade chocolate that we get. and it's got just an after taste of some beer, right? - i got the beer flavor. - it's not strong, yeah, it's kind of mellow. - that is really neat. you can enjoy. - love it, okay. - now you want to go crazy? we got to go crazy. couple of savory ones. this one is called pineapple pink peppercorn. and it has a little bit of a carmel swirl with some pink peppercorn, and of course a little bit of an and undertone of pineapple. - mmmm! - so it's sweet, it's not overpowering. - i get the peppercorn, i get the carmel, i got it all. - alright! - you know we cater to some vegans, too. so we have fresh sorbets
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this one right here, guys. (laughing) is that captain crunch? - you've got it. - yes! - and next to that is our cocoa puffs, too, so we have two cereal ice creams. - can i try the captain crunch? - oh absolutely. i'll scoop it here. - [natalie] where do you get these things? this is so awesome. so did you come up with all the ideas yourself? - no, you know i have a business partner, wendy thompson. we actually own a place called a cookie and a cupcake. so we kind of play off of ideas for cupcakes and ice cream here. - my favorite. - and it's made with the cereal milk. you have a good time, and then you just make some ice cream out of it. now we always fold a little bit more in there, just for fun, but... - delicious. - some of our flavors really extend to some of the crazy ideas and some kind of keep it a little normal like captain crunch and cocoa puffs. - still great. now we're only halfway there with you, because i know people come in here for the churned ice cream but they also come in here for one of my other favorite treats. funnel cakes. - funnel cake friday. every friday we give it a little twist, cuz it's nice and cold outside. we like to have a little fun with some funnel cakes.
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(frying oil popping) - that looks delicious. she just made me a fresh funnel cake. that is a nice, big funnel cake, too. - you got it, just like one you get at the fair. we got to coat it really good with some powdered sugar. - oh yeah. - and then you know you can't go without any ice cream so today we're going to add some maple bacon ice cream and some carmel sauce right to the top of this. nice big scoop. - oh. oh my gosh that's heaven. - and then a good drizzle of some carmel sauce. - so, so every... what makes it... how did you come up with the idea of fridays? i mean what, i mean obviously funnel cake fridays. - so, do you make these everyday, though, or just fridays? - no, just fridays. and you know it's temporary. we will be only doing this during the cold months and then once we get into the summer months it will be back to ice cream. we're gonna add a good ten extra flavors, and they will rotate, but
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- so good. - feels like a fair? - so good! it's better than any funnel cake at any fair i've ever been to. - oh wonderful. - i mean it's so fresh. you're gonna come in here, funnel cake on fridays, so fresh. come and check this out and then throughout the summertime you'll also have so many other different flavors that you'll be pulling out, too. - absolutely, and you we have a little twist, yes. - as far as ice cream goes. - and it, local farms. we'll be definitely sourcing out those local farms to get new and unique flavors, for sure. - churned ice cream shop, kenilworth avenue in tremont. you've got to come check this place out. - alright let's go pig out. - alright bye. (laughing) (whimsical music) - new day cleveland continues, right after this. (crowd cheering) (whistle blowing) meet the moore's! you can see, more. we do more games,
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(cheering) (electronic music) - now here's some guys who know what to do with ice, it's the monsters. this is mike. we're at the cube. and you know, i drive by here a lot of times, i see all the cars out here and the sounds that come out of here during the monster's game, it's unbelievable isn't it? - yeah, there's a lot of sounds especially today with our school education day, but it's fun you know the monsters, it's obviously hard hitting hockey down here at the cube, but there's so much more than that. just a lot going on, and even if you're not a hockey fan, we
10:17 am
to see how much fun it is from a family atmosphere and just hanging out with your friends, things like that, so. - [dan] yeah you know what, a lot of my, my kids' friends play hockey, you know? - [mike] yeah. - [dan] so they're always and all that sort of thing. my kids play baseball and basketball so sometimes i forget about coming down here to see this, - [mike] yeah - [dan] and i come out here today and i'm missing something aren't i? - yeah, well it is. we think we have something for everyone, and obviously the hockey fans know about us, but it's a fun atmosphere. so, kinda the monsters hockey experience is something that, even if you don't know hockey, you'll come down and i promise you'll have a good time. from the concourse activities to the hair painting and face painting and a lot of stuff going on. making signs to the end game experience which is just fun, like, a lot of music, lot of dancing. our game and entertainment team is awesome at putting on a great event. and you'll see some hard hitting hockey on the ice as well, so we have a ton of stuff for everyone. a lot of promotions, we do a lot of giveaways. - [dan] a lot of great deals, huh? - [mike] great deals. we have, every friday's a dollar dog a dollar soda night, presented by pepsi and sugardale, it's a great market. - [dan] those are washman prices.
10:18 am
everyone loves cheap food. we do a thirsty thursday two dollar beer nights. come down and you can check that out. you know, just a number of great things. we just got a joe haden bobblehead night here. - oh really? - we had our fourth highest crowd ever in the history of the franchise in seven years so we think we have something for everyone and even if you're not a hockey fan, - yeah. - it's a fun time. - i got to watch it on the olympics a little bit, you know, and you see the game on tv, it was excited about it how is it different in person than watching it on tv? - [mike] yeah everyone says that (mumbles) like it's just fun, like the game of hockey live. - [dan] physical. - [mike] oh it's physical. these guys are tough. but they're tough, and they play the game fast. ice here a little bit ago, i don't play but, just even standing around to me is scary, but these guys are just getting out there and having a great time. but to see that live, to hear it, to see it. - [dan] the kids must go crazy. - [mike] kids love it. have their shirts off. my boys have their shirts off the second they - [dan] really? - [mike] but, it's just fun. the atmosphere.
10:19 am
it's a great way to unwind. today's a great... we're teaching something in the curriculum for our school day game, but any game is just a great, great time to come down for kids, for families, for clients, whoever. it's a fun atmosphere. - so would you say from your point of view that the monsters would be a good cure for cabin fever? - i would absolutely agree with that statement. i mean this, uh, today we were a little worried with the weather. i mean we've been getting hit out in some of these games - cleveland weather, what do you want baby? - but that's what we get here and, uh, but if you're looking for something to do from that cabin fever standpoint come on down we will welcome you in with open arms. - [dan] excellent then. down at the cube. thanks man. - [mike] absolutely, thank you man. - [dan] and uh, talk about a cure for cabin fever, we've got another one coming up after the break. natalie's gonna be hanging out at the zoo! (buzzer sounding) - water watch? - throw it in the water, let's watch them do it (mumbles). - look at that, wooo!
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- [natalie] welcome back to new day cleveland. if you have cabin fever, this is one activity that just might get you out of the house. we are at the akron zoo and they have over 700 animals here. a lot of different activities for you to do even in the wintertime, including hanging out with
10:21 am
so i'm going to go back there and interact with them just a little bit more. let's go. (whimsical music playing) alright the way to my heart is always food, so i want to know what makes these little guys happy. we're at penguin point kitchen. mark here is going to show me, uh, what they feed these guys and then i'm going to get to go out and help you, right? - yep! we'll uh, take a look here, i'll grab the fish out of the cooler. - so mark works with the penguins, what, every day? - uh, a couple times a week. we have a few keepers who rotate out. that just kinda keeps our staffing, you know, everybody can get a chance seven days a week. but um, today we feed two kinds of fish. these are capelin. - okay. - and then lake smelt, which... - smells so good here. - what you're going to be feeding. so this is like candy to them. it's real high in fat and they love them, so... - that's what i think of as candy, when i look at that. - yeah, right? my grandmother actually cooks these
10:22 am
wouldn't mind... - this is smelt? - yeah, lake smelt, so... okay i've got them. - so um, this is what you'll be feeding the, uh high in fat so it's a candy bar so we like to have the visitors feed these guys. so, um, you'll have go ahead and feed you those, so... - so you're the expert on these guys. now, what kind of penguins are they again? - these are humboldt penguins from the coast of chili and peru, so, they are warm weather penguins but they do go in some cold water. so they can handle our temperatures but they actually don't like the snow. most people finds that's funny. penguins don't like snow, but these guys will walk around huge piles of snow to avoid it, so... - alright so, i know this is something that people get to do in the wintertime. you can come here and do this just like i'm going to do it. i want to get out there and start feeding them. can we do it? - yep. we can go out there and feed them. - alright. (dramatic music) - [mark] so. - [natalie] hi little guys. - [mark] these are humboldt penguins. - [natalie] do they each have a name? - [mark] they all have a name and they are all color coded to identify them.
10:23 am
- [mark] yes they... - [natalie] should i go up here? - [mark] yeah if you want to stand up there that's a little bit... - [natalie] so they're interested in the fish and not me, right? - [mark] yes. they love, like i said earlier they love these fish so that's what they're coming up to me, and also... - [natalie] they're getting excited. he just, he just had a little accident (mumbles). - [mark] yeah they do that, they do that quite frequently, so um.. - so i've always been told that penguins can get a little, uh, um, they can nip a little bit here and there. is that? they seem friendly though, these guys seem friendly. - [mark] yeah they're pretty friendly, they're really excited over the fish so you just kinda feed them the fish. - [natalie] i'm going to watch you feed them a couple, a couple fi... oh no, i don't have one. here, go to him real quick. there we go. so, how often do you feed these guys? - [mark] we feed these guys twice a day. they get their capelin, that first fish i showed you, first. and we keep track of those because they're wheaties, basically. - [natalie] wheaties. breakfast of champions. - [mark] yeah, so we want to make sure that they are eating plenty of those before they get the candy, basically. so the smelts are very much loved by these guys, so that's why we do
10:24 am
- [natalie] there we go. - [mark] the males all have a black face band. - [natalie] uh-huh. - [mark] and they have their individual colors on top of that. the females, like this one, have a white faceband. so that's how we can tell them apart and we can also tell quickly male from female. they have no other way of us knowing we have to, um, blood sex them to find out if they're male or female when they're young. - [natalie] interesting. - [mark] so, they have no distinguishing characteristics between male and female just by looking at them. - [natalie] and so they'll live in this, they'll jump in though the water's cold but they jump right in because they like that. - [mark] yep. and normally we feed the smelt in the water, but because you're here i was feeding them by hand. but i can throw some smelt in the water... - oh throw in the water, let's watch them do it (mumbles). look at that. wooo! - [mark] so... - [natalie] they're just so cute. they're such cute creatures, and so much fun to be around, i feel like. i'm sure that when people are seeing them when they're walking up here they just love watching them interact. - [mark] yeah, and actually during the winter we can, we sell the smelt that the public
10:25 am
public side of the glass. - [natalie] perfect. - [mark] they can throw the smelt in the water and do this right here. - [natalie] so come on, this is a great time to get involved with the penguins. do it in the wintertime. this is the only time you can really come and get the fish involved. i'm going to feed you a couple more. hen we're gonna have more cabin fever (laughing) things after this. here you go little one. there you go. woo! (energetic music playing) (dramatic music playing) - [david] okay let's get out of town let's get out of the cabin let's go to europa. it sounds like europe but russian than that. and rusty's here and we're talking about some russian stuff here. look right here at this. russian standard vodka. aren't so standard. what do you got going here? - [rusty] these are all infused vodkas, infused with stoli vodka. we do random flavors. we have a cranberry pomegranate,
10:26 am
we did a almond, a coconut, and a banana done with extraction oils. more popular is the ginger and the horseradish, or even the lemon. - and you know, what i heard about this place is that you get all these great vodka's, right? it's like the sam of our new york city, i've been there a whole bunch and had a great time. but here it is right in cleveland. we're on landers circle, on pinetree is it? - pinetree road. - yeah, so it's pepper pike, easy to find. and the russian food here gets great reviews. all the critics that have been here rave about the food. these are just some appetizers. tell me about these, rusty. - [rusty] here we have a red pearl cavier, salmon cavier. the olivier, or russian salad, mayonnaise based potato salad. - [mark] mm-hmm. - [rusty] red captain's salad, a mayonnaise based beet salad kind. here we have a smoked chilean sea bass. - [mark] alex was just telling me, alex the owner here was just telling me that nobody gets this stuff, it comes straight from new york, never frozen. - [rusty] correct, correct. and uh, smoked salmon. - [mark] beautiful stuff. - [rusty] all shaved fresh from fillet per order. - [mark] okay so we're not even talking about,
10:27 am
that were just outta sight. one looked that little dish, schnitzel kind of thing, what was that? like a veal (mumbles)? - [rusty] that's a pork tenderloin. (dramatic music) - [mark] i also have to show you here, tonight, the folks have some kind of like a tango dancing kind of thing. - [rusty] yeah, tango dancing every wednesday night, salsa every friday. - [mark] i understand a couple days a week you were downstairs at the... there's a place underneath this believe it or not. - uh, we do salsa there every friday. we have classes there 8:15 till 9:00. beginner and advanced. - people come? - lots of people. we have at least 150 to 200 people here every friday. - [mark] ak, here's what i heard about, this is what brought me here. you know, i'm discovering all the stuff here. look at the fur coats here. uh-oh, the ladies are in a cooler. - yeah we're in a cooler. - oh look at that, huh? so what are the fur coats about? - uh, it's minus 10 degrees in the lockeroom, the fur coats add ambiance and russian simulator where sub zero temperatures and strange vodka wearing fur coats. - like siberia. come on let's go.
10:28 am
hey! - cheers! - [mark] this is where you say nostrovia and all that. - nostrovia! cheers! - great, so why don't we pour a couple drinks in here. i see the ladies got some coats on, you guys don't have microphones on so i'm gonna get a little close to ya. is this your first time in here? - in here, yes. - okay like i heard when you're in russia you go in the cooler, that's like going to the pokey. - yes. - but here it's like going to the cocktail lounge. - yeah, i think i would like it as long as they served (background noise drowns out voice). - [mark] okay, here we go. (laughing) okay so here we go. we're going to give it a little shot here. so the place is called europa, they've got great russian food, - absolutely. - we've got some great people having a great time here. - cheers! - we've got dances going on, we've got classes going on, and we've got vodka going on and it feels like we're in siberia. are you gonna have one with me? - yes sir. nostrovia. - nostrovia. - nostrovia! - more new day cleveland, after the break. (big band music) - [voiceover] the fire and ice is one of my favorite things, and then there's a
10:29 am
the fire and the ice. (big band music)
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- welcome back to
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cabin fever? i have the answer for it. melora here is with the cleveland metroparks chalet in strongsville, and for whatever reason i don't think i understood really what i was getting myself into. (laughing) tell me about these toboggan chutes that i'm eventually going to go down. - [melora] well, they're two refrigerated ice chutes, they're about 700 feet long, a 70 foot vertical drop from the top. - [natalie] that's great. - [melora] they go about 35 miles an hour and it is quite a thrill. - i think the most thrilling part is, you know, they said to me before well you've been on a rollarcoaster, but what i don't like in this is that there's nothing keeping you harnessed in. - nope you're just holding on. - it's like just holding on to a sled, but going on a 70 foot drop. so, you do this in the wintertime, but you do this snow or no snow, right? - [melora] correct, yeah we don't need weather to cooperate with us really to operate. we can operate about into the 50 degree weathers. rain, we can still operate with rain,
10:33 am
not so great but... - [natalie] okay she's going. i don't know if i should be watching her or not before she, oh my god... (girl screams) oh! (laughing) you have got to be kidding me. she's still going!
10:34 am
, any impurities that are in there will work their way up to the top and that will get sliced off and recycled. this is a polar bear. and again it's a 300 pound block of ice. i've got it just kind of started here. and then there's a television over there. you'll be able to go to the ice festival and stand behind it and have your picture taken like you're on tv. i had to do it as part of a culinary program. i went to university of akron, where i thought i was going to be a professional chef, and found ice carving and kind of went off on my own direction. i learned under chef richard alfred, and that was 24 years ago. so at elegant ice, we provide ice sculptures for all sorts of parties. weddings, birthday parties, we do them for ice festivals, corporate logos, things like that. that's only 40 percent of our business. the other 60 percent is selling tools to ice carvers all over the world. we usually draw them onto a piece of paper. it's life size, the same size as the sculpture. well normally we start with a chain saw, and that's certainly the heaviest material. and then once we move the heavy material
10:35 am
different tools like sanders, grinders, chisels, and we even use a blow torch and a household iron sometimes. we punch out the silhouette, so we cut out the outside shape, and the second step is going to be to block it in. blocking in is the hardest step in ice carving. you've got to be able to visualize things in the third dimension. what's going to be pushed back, what's going to be left out in front. so blocking in you use reference lines, and the chainsaw, you go back and forth leaving areas thick and pushing areas back in further. (sawing noise) then i'm gonna round it. and in rounding we're going to use a variety of tools including die grinders with special bits on them, and chisels. and then i'll sand it. i've got a couple of different sanders available for that. and then we'll clean it, and get it ready for our transport. to me ice carvings create that wow factor. well it is a cold
10:36 am
great things about it, it doesn't have any grain. so for instance if you were sculpting wood, it's really hard because you have to take into consideration which direction the grain is going. you don't have to do that in ice at all. it carves really easily compared to other things like marble or granite or wood. and so your tools cut through it a lot easier, you can get a lot more done in a short period of time. also when you're done carving for the day it cleans itself up. i'm going to start rounding it. i'm going to use this die grinder. it's got a really aggressive burr on it. the burr has got a lot of little sharp teeth on there and it's just gonna make this snow, this ice turn into snow and rounds really quick. you see you've got harsh lines on here, and most animals don't have harsh lines on them so we're gonna soften all that up and make it look like a bear. (sawing noise) designing, design time, the parts that were done before you got here, the punching it out, making the block of ice and everything else but transport is usually
10:37 am
it's gratifying to see the finished sculpture starting to lend itself, kind of show you where its going to be at inside the block of ice. to me the real magic in ice carving is that you can start with something and just, an hour or two later it can be finished and you have this amazing sculpture. light can pass through, it gets caught in the refractive angles, and then you set it up at the party. and our part is done but it continues to change slightly throughout the evening, and that really is a magical thing, that change. - [dan] new day cleveland continues right after this.
10:38 am
welcome back to new day cleveland and of course we're battling cabin fever and we've had some pretty cool things to do so now it's time to warm up a little bit so that's why we're at the root cafe. it's on detroit right near warren, and i'm here with julie, and julie i gotta tell you something, i'm glad i came in here because this is a sweet spot isn't it? - yeah, it looks really beautiful doesn't it? - yeah it is. you know, one of the girls had me try this vegan, gluten free, pear and ginger fruit bar. i'm going like, "gee, i don't know if i want to try that." man i'm so glad she made me taste that. it's delicious. - [julie] yeah, we're really excited to be able to offer so many gluten-free and vegan items here at the root cafe, we're a vegan and vegetarian restaurant
10:39 am
- [dan] oh i'll tell you what, it's a beautiful bakery down here. is this sort of a place where people just hang out and be social, too. - [julie] absolutely. - [david] so they get the good stuff, get the coffee. - [julie] yes. - [david] we're talking about warming up a little bit. we're talking about mexican chocolate, right? - [julie] yes, mexican chocolate. it's everyone's favorite now. we just add a little bit of cayenne, cinnamon, and vanilla and it's a completely new drink and it's it just hits the spot. - [david] that's great. - [julie] it's really wonderful. - [david] nobody knew we were coming but guess what, you look around, the - [julie] yep. - [david] what are these guys doing in the back here? - [julie] they're playing dominoes. - [david] really? come every morning and play dominoes together. real community clubhouse. just a restaurants. - i know usually when we come into a place everyone looks up and goes, "oh, there's her or there's the camera," but these guys, they're into the game. - they're focused. - [david] they're focused. - [julie] they're serious, about dominoes. - [david] hey, so you're talking about bakeries, on with this here? - this is some samples from our vegetarian food menu. produce so we have a special salad of the day here. and there's our balsamic reduced trifecta mushrooms. and then this is our pizza here. it's a mexi-cali pizza, so instead of tomato,
10:40 am
marinara tomato sauce we do an enchilada sauce, and it has some cilantro, some fresh cilantro, and all organic mixed veggies. - i've got a question, what's this guy's name? - brandon. b-love. - brandon, brandon... b-love, i like it. how about one of those mexican chocolates they're talking about? put one of those babies together. so what goes into this, you said? - [julie] it's our hot cocoa that we make from scratch. we make our chocolate syrup from scratch. - really? - yes, we like to have control over our ingrediants and we like to put a lot of love in everything we do so we make everything from scratch here. and then we add just a little bit of cinnamon and cayenne, and our own homemade vanilla syrup. - [david] so it's gonna have a little spark to it, huh? - [julie] it has just the right amount of kick so it adds that extra element of heat and it's just a really beautiful drink especially during this time of year when everybody is trying to get cozy. - [david] okay, so i come in here in the morning for coffee, i could come in here for lunch and have some of this beautiful food. - [julie] yes. - [david] and pastries and like coffee in the morning, are people here in the evening also?
10:41 am
have entertainment at night. we have an art gallery, so we change our art every six weeks, local artists. - [david] i love the art in here. - [julie] it's really beautiful. and then, at night we have music. every monday night mark and jack play folk music, tuesday nights we have open mic night, and then on the weekends we have special events also. - [david] and do people have to pay to come to see that? - no, it's always free and on friday nights we offer special menus. on thursday nights we have a raw food menu, and that's a really popular night. so yeah, morning, noon, and night you can come hang out at the root cafe and there's something going on. - [david] okay, so b-love is cooking it up there, man. so this is gonna have a little bit of heat, a little bit of creaminess. - [julie] yes. - [david] all the ingredients are homemade. - [julie] and it just, it's so well balanced. yeah, so it's just really a great... drink. - [david] what's that? - [julie] that's our chocolate syrup, doing a little bit of extra love for you. - [david] b-love, that's what they say, huh? i like that. - [julie] yeah. - [david] so check it out, folks. there it is. it's good. really good. - [julie] yes. yeah. and it's, the aftertaste there. - oh yeah! - [julie] very kicks. - it's alive!
10:42 am
i could carry this around with me a little bit. this is terrific. well i'll tell you what, this is one way to beat cabin fever. - absolutely. yeah come get cozy at the root cafe. - b-love give me a little shake there, man, give me some love. (laughter) julie, thank you very much. the root cafe. - [julie] yes, thanks for coming. (rock music playing) - i'm fortified by some great hot chocolate. i'm thinking about, how about exploring university circle? a lot of great stuff there, like behind the tree there there's severance hall, you've got the botanical gardens right down the street a little bit. the crawford aviation and auto museum, and how about this, this is the greatest gem of university circle, the cleveland museum of art. (easy going music playing) - well it's a wonderful end of a very, very long journey. i mean this is, when
10:43 am
this renovation and restoration has totally rebuilt the cleveland museum of art. it's a 350 million dollar project, fundraising project that touched every square inch. - [david] and this is not the museum of art you remember from just a few years ago because it's changed a lot. 350 million dollar expansion, a whole bunch of great stuff. i mean, the beautiful atrium, that's easy to see with the restaurant inside, that's fantastic. well how about the technology? the technology plays part in its innovative galleries. they go in the art, technology, interpretation to help explore the museum. there's ipads, there's screens. it is really cool. i mean 350 million dollars, you can see it. it is beautiful. (easy going music playing) and i've gotta tell you, this is the cornerstone to me, of university circle. the most beautiful building in the area. - [gary] i think it is the most beautiful building and we are in the most beautiful space in the most beautiful building. the is the grand foyer of severance hall. the building was built in 1931. and this space is
10:44 am
egyptian revival. the interior of the hall is art deco. this is egyptian revival. and you see images of musical instruments of ancient times on the freeze around here. but the building, which is named for elizabeth severance, severance hall, it was dedicated by her husband after her death. features the lotus blossom throughout. images of the lotus blossom are all around you. on the floor, on the ceiling, and in particular these fabulous lamps. - [david] they're incredible. closed lotus blossoms. - [david] that is great. you know, everywhere you walk, i was looking at just the ironwork here. or it's brasswork isn't it, or bronze. - [gary] bronze. every little piece here in this building is a piece of art, isn't it? - [gary] everything in the building is a piece of art. especially the music. (classical music playing) (easy-going music playing)
10:45 am
down mayfield hill, right, this is like little italy, you get to the base of the hill at euclid avenue. - [nicole] that's where we are. - [david] there's this crazy looking building on the corner, what is it? - [nicole] i think it's fabulous. - it is beautiful - it is the new museum of contemporary art. - i call it moca, i thought i was going to get a cup of coffee, i didn't know. - you can also get a cup of coffee here, at our moca cafe. but it is the museum of contemporary art, or moca, you can say either. - [david] i had so much fun when i walked in here because you don't know what to expect. and then when you see things, you sort of have to decipher them a little bit, huh. - [nicole] yeah, absolutely. this is a museum, we don't have a collection and so we really encourage coming in and taking a look around, asking questions, having an exciting conversation with someone that you're with. - [nicole] and being excited by the awesome space. you know, it really gives you a lot of differnt sensations as you move through it. - [david] it's stimulating. (easy-going music playing) - [david] well, read
10:46 am
at a restaurant. walk around wade oval and all the fantastic museums, the botanical garden, the art museum. and a lot of these things are free so just call ahead and check it out, you might not have to bring any money. and i'll tell ya, plenty of things to do. and look at this, this is one of my favorite things, severance hall. the home of the cleveland orchestra. world famous cleveland orchestra. and that is just a great place to tour. you can tour that also, even when the orchestra's not here. so we talked about a lot of great things, didn't we? we were out on the ice with the monsters, we went tobogganing, we did a little curling, i didn't look so good at that but it was fun. i had a lot of fun doing this show, i hope you had a lot of fun watching it. i'm david moss, and i'll see you on the next new day cleveland. - [gary] i travel around the country, and, i mention i'm from cleveland and you know people talk about maybe once in a while they talk about the cavaliers or somebody will talk about the cleveland browns or something like that. but everybody, everybody it seems knows about the cleveland orchestra. - [david] absolutely. around the country, and around the world. - [gary] around the world.
10:47 am
- [man] you're gonna reach, grab the rope with your palms facing up, pull up and in the whole way, hang on tight the whole way down, don't let go until you get to the very bottom and make a complete stop. are you ready to go? - um, melora... (laughing) will you come on this with me? i need someone in front of me, will you do this? - yeah i will. - are you sure? - yep. (screaming) - oh my god! (screaming) - often i bring my kids out sledding out in bay village in lakewood. - i dress up real good and i start doubling up, i put on two pair of pants, two shirts, two jackets, two hats. i wish i could put on two pair of shoes. - i mean you know what i'm saying, it's part of the season, i've been in cleveland all my life, so... we've got winter, spring, summer, and fall. summer is hot as heck, too, so, you know what i'm saying? - usually hanging out with friends, if anything. no specific location or place.
10:48 am
and it feels like we're siberia. are you gonna have one with me? - yes sir. nostrovia. - nostrovia! - nostrovia! - [natalie] here you go, little one! there you go. wooo! (rock music playing) - it's good, really good. - [julie] yeah, and it's a... the aftertaste there. - oh yeah! - [julie] very kicks. - yeah, it's alive! i'll tell you what if i still had my mustache i could carry this around with me a little bit.
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