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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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agency the third agency to drop them this year in a statement he wrote -- this coming after fort worth texas police released the 911 call by the neighbor made following an incident that happened in texas, according to the police report he struck his ex-girlfriendli colleen crowley several times including getting herev, and das police on thursday said that no charges would be filed in the case is considered closed, fox averaged out to his father on friday and he told us
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the browns have issued a statement that said his status with the team will be addressed when allowed by liberals just in it will continue to look into the lessons involving manziel and even though the das police to close the case and are not pursuing charges he could still facen discipline from the nfl even though the browns will cut him on march 9. local high school gym teacher championship -esque arguments in a fight, dave nethers with what happened. >> outside of east kennedy center in akron this is neutral ground for a high school girls championship gameir everything went well up until the final buzzer.w
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cardinals versus vikings. >> and exciting game, a very positive night, they had the early leadi, kenmore came back at the end and maintained their lead throughout the north can't compete in getting closer it was ahee big crowd with people into it. >> when the game ends it seems that the action is just getting started. >> the cameron kincaid cameron kincaid together and celebrated on court and during the process of the celebration celebration,n inadvertently let him out on the north players . once the fire started in the player started to jump on top of it,a spectator started to come come down and the next thing you know we have a floor full of folks fighting with another. >> please police car a mob mentality,> people and throwing punches. >> across a large of the decision was made to use pepper spray
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school again through the country , i am sure that there's talk from the stands, but we are are concerned about that the were yelling comments at either side. >> the brokaw on for cameras in the building as well as others, has learned that students i wonder the schools asked to provide written statements on fridayas police were reviewing videos of the incident to next.i >> something there was some cruel activity coming weekend identify who was is involved and ol was involved and then make arrests, our first priority is to develop them as people as mature adults who can handle adversityopop and the the selfless in a team environment but the opposite happened last night at the debate again. >> were told that nobody was
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night . it's not real clear what , the police and school district , said does not matter because this is not something that can be to do for dead after a shooting at a hinckley township home on personal is taken into custody but has not been charged, roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> ricin-laced little information about the case never said case never say there have been issues before it is home of this home, and it happened around 2:30 a.m. in the 600 block of anne cochrane in hinckley township, new brunswick police responded to a coalition inside two people dead the third was taken into custody but so farea what has been charged, the t police have identified the victims and neighbors say that
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that lived in the house,th and also say they did not know what to make of the same.h >> were flashing lights down the street, not sure what happened, that there was somee arguing,, we cannot did not hear anything and then they said this morning that two people are dead . >> at this point, the police have not released the names of the victims or the suspect in custodyn hope to have more about that later . >> lake county while recovering after deputies say her husband stabbed herlele in their home and perry township, deputies shot and killed a man, as matt wright is back with that woman's desperate call for help. >> that 911 call may be disturbing to some common 55 -year-oldld lori osborne cocos since her husband stabbed her and he said,
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die . this played out just after 10:00 p.m. thursday at their home on river road and perry township. she then sat down the phone and you can hear her explain thatn he e came home from church disturbed and stabbed her with a kitchen knife, the sheriff says that when deputy responded, he came outside with what appeared to be a gunun ignored orders to drop it o and when he raised the weapon, he was shot twiced, that gun turned outg to be in airsoft pistol, he does have a record of dwi andinav lesser violence arrest and thena 2,003 they said he was intoxicated when he barricaded himself in a house and threatened to kill himself.
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in his mind, that said comment eight whatever happened, he had enough in his own mind, anger and commitment that he stabbed his wife more than once. >> the deputies involved are all veterans,, they are on leave as the investigation continues, testing is being done to see if he was under the influence of fl drugs or alcohol when this happened last night. >> victim is in fair condition and expected to survive.m >> fbi in cleveland is asking for help to identify identify suspects who have been pointing lasers at jetliners approaching hopkins airport, jack shea joins usin a. >> federal investigators say the lasers create a dangerous
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land at hopkins airport,essd they have described to us that it can cause either a temporary flash blindness, when you shine a bright light into your eyeu can see spots, they can become disoriented, and distracted because it is coming out of nowhere and they're trying to land justdo showed this hand-held laser pointer is making for endless entertainment, testing how far it reaches into the night sky. >> the fbi created this video to call attention to the crime that is reported across the country, the use of laser pointersrs directed at jetliners, fbi says pilots approaching hopkins reported later strikes on tuesday and thursday night, coming fromet south of lorain
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later strikes5, investigators say thosees strikes came came from southwest of southwest of west 117th and clift and they're turning up the heat on the laser menace by offering a reward for information leading to the rest of those responsible, the fbi says of those using them are ignorant t about how it affects the pilot.a >> people think that a laser pointer, he played at the screen it is just a small ... father echoes the wider so it can blind the entire cockpit . that could crash a commercial airliner if the pilot is distracted so it is a very serious offense and we are asking for help. a >> those convicted could face up to 20 years in prison if you have information, call the fbi
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desiccation continues into a crane collapse in at new york city here's lou maglio.u >> across killing one injuring three, the person killed was walking on the sidewalk when part of the crane fell on him, the mayor has said that the victim was in a parked car but it turnsp out that is not the case victim identified as 73 -year-old david wakes you work at a computerized trading firmer by the crane collapsed in lower manhattan was being lowered because of high winds when the accident happeneded the blow landed across several cars collapse led to several cass lakes andp that gas was shut off and buildings around that area were told that the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, one-person dead in a crane collapse of investigation is underway. >> case of life and death, literally hanging in the balance
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the weekend was fantastic, we don't have any snow in the forecast the beginning of three-day quiet stretch . on monday, it is a different story .it today we got some sunshine . temperatures are around
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will be a pretty sunset, and the ever charged a 36 where we are at . lynch it was not a major factor today,n many areas on the region wide map are slightly above normal . at the down six -- 12 inches of snowfall inwn new england, high pressure will keep some of the snowflakes away . it will keep these clipper systems away that we can enjoy sunshine and we also don't want to forget that on top of the high pressure we have super bowl sunday . we are
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should be around the mid- '60s for the game in santa clara california . what are storm warnings remain in portions of the england and some advisories that will begin to expire this eveningng astley low-pressure system takes off . high pressure earlier keeping h court avenue on monday, the changes that partly cloudy, with temperatures in the 20s,
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are not producing any precipitation and then talk about this . super bowl sunday looks to be great . and then on monday, started off as a mix than snowfall and then a series of clickers following with extremely cold airie , falling into the 20s so overnight lows in the single digits . chance of snow all week on and off and stay tuned because maybe, you may be a feature snowmobile or four wheeler . fox 8 the official school
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don't care much for the panthers the panthers were broncos, there is still some reason to watch the super bowl you can haveveti fun making friendly
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broncos panthers, what do you think i'm it's going i'm going to go with broncos jersey to think the you think the committee still has some gas left in theheo the tank when i hope so, i want them to win, i think that he is like a marcus benard, super bowl 50 is sunday in santa clara california.
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and lube hope that . you've got we've got plenty of options, the food there is in the beer no beer list is amazing . thank you quaker steak and lube, with five local locations, you can't watch the super bowl without chicken wings . we all know know that the bombs
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made at a small plant near lima, telephone calls are being showcased in san francisco,b but she was seated on the field, the council of fashion designers of america made their own,de high-fashion suppose, from glitzy and glamorous to czar, each is auctioned online for now until february 14 proceeds go to the nfl foundation, a charity
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these are surreal bets that people are placing for the super bowl 50. >> how many times will thebe announcer says danby . we're talking about a few announcers . this after takeoff for a national game. >> i will say three. >> what do you think is going i'm going to gohi way out there
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we have to nail this right on the number that you thinkr that's what which work i'm going to say six times . . >> every time the panthers scored a touchdown to give the touchdown ball to a boy or girl, what's you think skypen i'm going
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i will just do black. >> i want to say black . she's a punk cover of gatorade will be poured on the winning coach? >> i say orange. >> i say blue because it is the team cover, and the final question, though peyton manning retire and his postgame news conference ?. >> i say no .. >> i will say yes . i'm going to say yes . there you have a couple going to keep record of thele tally and the juneau the winners on monday
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a first-hand view of how an officer came to the rescueh of a man standing on the bridge to
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the snowflakes will be staying alive, high pressure is pushing in from the south it
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they will then circumvent us . tonight partly cloudy, tomorrow partly cloudy with highs around just above normal . tomorrow, about 40 degrees just a nice winter day continued until monday that after monday that major changes will be felt .at please put their lives on the line fighting crime shoes that also involves risking their own safety to say someonein is ed gallek has the video that shows ho what it takes to bring a person
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singer justin. a man is on the edge of the bridge threateningf to jump and will let the police get close enough to grab >> pamunkey took over her, and and go to the hospital>>. >> i'm going to go back to prison, i know i am. >> you're not going unit going back to prison. >> to watch in the body camera of cleveland police sergeant janelle rutherford, but sunday she led the negotiation on this bridge,e which is 130 feet high demand is distraught over a bad relationship with his young adult daughter. >> cattolica felice cohen that, i'm scared of you because
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screwdriver just to we have shown how please step up with training to use creativity in patients not force. >> it turns out that the fairview park police and and rocky river police have dealt with this same man again and again at least three times by the exact same threats and the exact same place andam over the holidays to place what this man into mental health treatment after an incident. >> the police brought his daughter and it worked he came off of the ledge . >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> clinton county bishop richard lennon is bishop richard lennon is said to be resting after undergoing heart surgery yesterday,y,clcl s the 68 europe -year-old began experiencing chest pains
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vincentnt charity medical charity medical center where they inserteded a heart catheter into stance a diocese spokesman says there were no publications and that he wasto talking to his staff after the procedure expected to be in the hospital for a few days.te >> records are working again is the message from president obama thatw deliberate detonation told a news briefing today that unemployment is the lowest since februarync 2008 in wages are rising again in 2,009 unemployment was 10 percent he says the progress is a testament to american workers and businesses andt people second. >> overpass at once wages have grown at the fastest rate since the the crisis in the policies that i will push this year are designed to get workers into more leverage to earn raises and
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>> the jobs report was not all good news, and the latest figures show hiring was down by more than 1,000 jobs from december to januaryry see the. >> on to recognize technician steve goldberg's he's been at wjw for has for years before he came to us before he can to assist ahe dedicated radio to work the morning shift and often do they sell for bands playing on the show is also part of programs like pia magazine, and electric avenue we wish him good luck in his retirement, he
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kidnapped movie star, a man looking for love and jane austen takes on the undead . >> inside a theater near you this weekend, here's a look at
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started in the george clooney in josh brolin start in the coen brothers comedy hail caesar, he has a kidnapped movie star and josh brolin is the producer tried to get him back, but given back, while dealing with a disgruntled director,, singing cowboy and movie studio, it is rated pg-13.o jane austen means bloody violence in pride and prejudice and zombies, after the plague ravages the english countryside,
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the undead,fi pride and prejudice and zombies and rated pg-13.nd for romance, there's a choice, it is the 11thth nicholas sparks novel to hit the big screen, a medical studentb strikes up a friendship with a neighbor, when the blossoms into something more she must decide how far she's willing to go for lovet, the choice is rated pg-13. info to release his race, tells the story of the world's fastest
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portrays jesse owens as he rises through the ranks of track and fielder on the way to defeating hitler's athletesay at the 1936 berlin olympics, and he'd stop by the morning show today to tell us what it was like to play such an important historical figure. >> i was blown away by the story , that research and because i do not know the full story by heard and read about what he had done i was blown away . >> he will will be at the q. tonight to celebrate the film and jesse owens life as part of black history monthif it opens everywhere in two weeks. stated his national weather persons day . happy national
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>> thank you. today we had sunshine, a perfect way to celebrate national weather person's day and thank you to fox 8 news . we have super bowl weekend coming up, with highs near 40 only can the change beginning monday we have temperature a snow-mix snow mix -- over to snowfall . it'll be cold blast
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even if you 40s, while they are cloudy sky talk about san francisco, levi's stadium in san francisco with the temperature around middle 60sis . it will be a great day for football, super bowl 50 .g high pressure will stave off these clipper systems for the weekend eventually there will be driving south sunday into monday thursday next and then cooler temperatures switching over to snowfall and then several chances for snowfalle . mid waist mid- 20s tonight,
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looking to tomorrow near 40 . but to get sharon food ready to go so that by by midday the community for those super bowl parties . the transitional day on monday then counter these clipper systems typically clipper systems typically get the link you sent . pi warming temperatures in the 20s and the highs and overnight loan m.d. single digits of two low to mid teens .
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we have the real proof that winter is coming to an end to. >> the indians are on the way to spring training common to get ready for the april 4 home openerer they're going to goodyear arizona in a shipment is 11 pounds of water left over from the end of last year, they said that it will take about four days to get therew they will unload on the tenth andth get ready for the pitchers and catchers to arrive on the 17th the rest will arrive on the 21 st.y >> how the guys in town for two days for tribefest and around the ballpark, hindustan. >> one item missing from the outgoing trunks on empty boxes, he says that they sent them then fill them up with pottery they bought when they trained in tucson last season and set everything back on the tracks.
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their third quarter rose rose to the at the q. the at the q.. >> that's when the sun does come two town his john telich previews again.ten >> the last against the cavaliers have had subpar third quarter .. on wednesday it was attributed to the winning streak snapped by the hornets in charlotteap giving up over 30 points in each of those third quarters as the defense was unproductive . they expected a clincher to win coach tyronn lue took over, but overall that they have played well,b lebron james says they have identified the problem and the steps necessary
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>> jeri smith would not be invited to the three-point shootinglbe coat it said he would not comment that i want to get fined by the league i. you can see almost anything on the internet these days these days thing that includes a man in a a man and a dinosaur suit riding a horse .
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mrs. i-90 eastbound, near bratenahlne you can see an accident on the left side,c bratenahl, i-90 eastbound there is an accident backed up quite a
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street . if you are downtown heading eastbound don't on take i-90 .d what if a a meteor in overhead and the dinosaurs were still the thomas species.ur >> a minnesota man gives us a preview of whatat horse running would have been mmi, genting horseback rider michael gascon became an online sensation for riding a horse horse, in a dinosaur suit . but for sexual makes it is like this with his horse tito who saysh you want to create the first viral video riding the horses breed and a succeeded to combine his goofy personality and lifetime of show horse pressure . i have more
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he is a diva and movie star in a knows he is a star and acts like it's. >> they perform all around the country showing off the tracks he says at the end of day it is
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some breaking news, arrests made after a a high school basketball championship ends with police breaking up a fight.
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fans as dave nethersrs joins us from akron. >> outside of the east kennedy learning center, neutral ground that was a closea area for the school which came between the cardinals and vikings,ee three teenagers including two basketball players from north high are facing charges for their involvement int a post again brawl . it was won that was described as very competitive killer winning by a score of 64 -- 52 . review what happened was involved because it happened after the game was over
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