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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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some of those involved, three are now facing charges policy there was fighting so there is criminal activity when we can identify who is involved and make arrests. >> our first priority, . but they can handle diversity in the selfless in a team environment that isis the opposite of what happened last night at the end of a gain. >> know that nobody was seriously injured because of this fightw there may have been some who were irritated because of the pepper spray used, learned that it included two basketball players from north high school, a 15-year-old student from kenmore high school , all three of them facing riot charges one of the most
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felony assault for punching a coach . and understand that the investigation is not over its possible that there could be other arrestsee . >> the fbi asking for help in identifying suspectsg who have been pointing lasers and jets approaching how can. >> jack shea joins us with more. >> holding a laser you can see they can be distracting . investigators say it is creating a dangerous situation for pilots landing at the airport. >> shine in shininess laser pointer is making for endless entertainment to see how far it reaches into the night sky. >> the fbi could this video to
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reported across the country, the use of laser pointers directed at jetliners fbi says thatt pilots landing at hopkins reported strikes tuesday and thursday h coming from an area south of lorain avenuen and 105 th december 16, 25 commercial jetliners reported laser strikes southwest of cleveland and west 117 .. >> it can cause temporary flash blindness . they can become disoriented and distracted because the light comes out of nowhere and they're trying to land in what was a small beam on ground is now a couple feet wide. >> the fbi says those using them are ignorant about the potential impact impact potential impact of pointing the answer plain. >> they think that a laser
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in of the further it goes wider that it gets so we can blind the entire cockpit causing damage. >> that can bring down a commercial airliner if he becomes distracted so it is a very serious offense and were asking for help. >> law enforcement across the country is pursuing laser suspects, and pointed displeasure at a police helicopter, the pilot use technology on board to direct officers on the ground to the location of the suspecthea . >> the fbi is now turning upe heat oni cleveland's laser menace .ac >> we're asking people in that area, if they know anything about any of these laser strikes to call the fbio there is reward money available, tests can be anonymous, we need assistance to find who is doing this, this is
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>> those convicted can face up to 20 years prison.. >> if you have information, call the cleveland fbi. the hits keep coming for browns quarterback johnny manziel . today his agent dropped him as a client and his father is about his sonis as p.j. ziegler joins us. >> a day after the fort worth police released this incident report involving johnny manziel and his ex-girlfriend colleen crowleyeyn, his agent erik burkhardt has terminated the services with a browns quarterback browns quarterback and manziel's father is speaking out.q >> paul manziel his father told thee dallas morning news that if he does not get help likely
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december.hd >> to try to check into addiction centers but he will not stay, erik burkhardt,he manziel former former agent ended ties with them on friday, mrs.o not the only ones ones who drop in common lebron james agency ended their agreement in january, airport card released a statement that reads in part -- >> will continue to look into into that latest incident involving manziel andi even though the police have closed the casee and are not pursuing charges, he could still face disciplinenn of the nfl . the
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looks like they will watch nine, any team that is interested in possibly picky about, is suspended he insisted he would not be eligible . according to jimmy haslam, he met with some media he says the a browns are bouncer tried to reach out to johnny manziel to get him help but he has not responded to.hi >> bishop richard lennon and remains hospitalized after
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sheil joins us. >> a spokesman says that the bishop is resting comfortably and was even speakingng to his staff after the operation, the 68-year-oldld vichy began experiencing chest pains yesterday he was takenh to st. vincent charity medical center where they inserted a heart catheter into since theyt does a spokesman says that there were no complications in the key t is expected to remain in hospital the hospital for at least a few days off he recovers .emem charges filed in a double murder in hinckley townshipd two people shot dead on babcock road r there they say that a brother is responsible is roosevelt leftwich as a religious.
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released the names of the victims, two counts of murder . they say he shot two people . it happened about 230 a.m. in hinckley township police responded binding two people dead . neighbors said they heard arguing before but never expected this. >> feel badly for her because she did not bother anybody . she would read her corner paper and have her dog with her. cannot believe it happened just a way would she do that for he
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county jail and arraigned on monday. lake county woman recovers after deputies say that her husband stabbed her in their perry township home the deputies shot and killed a man as matt wright is here with the wallings call for helplp. >> this call may be disturbing to some viewers, 55-year-old lori osborne . says after her husband stabbed her he said, i didn't want to die, and he is now now dead . she is in of her condition all of thisis 10:00 p.m. thursday night . you can hear her explaining that he came home from church disturbed stabbing her with a
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deputies respondedb orders to drop the gun, but he raised that weapon he was shot twice and he nd was killed and turned out to be an airsoft pistol, he was arrested three times for dwi and convicted of domestic violence in 89 and 2,003 the police say he was intoxicated when he are kitted itself and threatened to kill himself . something in his mind he could call it a psychological break, whatever happened,a had enough in his mind . that he stabbed his wife were
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tests are being done on him, but it evolved or on belief which is standard procedure, the victim is in fair condition and budget to cover, there have two adult children from previous marriages .
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zinn earth wind and fire founder maurice white, 74, passed away in his
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blue woke up with plenty of o bright sunshine look at this from the 5-mile crib, from the city of cleveland water division . we're going to have a very currently in the sweet spot betweenc two systems, the system to the east, talk about heavy snowfall this morning, watching alk fox affiliate in boston and they were justf slowly moving on the roadway south are, we are in a quiet spot, here is a weak system but there's not much underneath that cloud deck
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michigan . this we can kind of forget about, that is pulling away and it is quiet into the weekend . we are about normal for this time of year and thea low to mid 30s . some upper 30s with stronger sunshine and no snowpack, even that in the northeast is disappearing . just a nominal temperature increase that but we are getting rid of the chill, on the east coast . looking at the webcam, i believe it is showing the east coast from cape cod
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overnight 26 tomorrow, partly cloudy 39 degrees, the high pressure is just to ourselves with southwest winds, light and all of those systems as weak as they are will continue to remain to our north at least until monday when things will change . pattern , this is the first transition to a normal period of time the next cold front on monday and and tuesday falling temperatures that 33 on tuesday willd probably be falling during the day on tuesday . the jet stream is the diving down into florida .
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with nighttime lows baby into the single digits . thursday, friday and saturday night next week for aboutrsrs a seven -- 10 day goal down but this is this is after all february . . happy national weather person's day, bill has decided to take you out to dinner tonight. >> that's right.n >> he's going to take you out to dinnerg just to you can have a quick counter or a big mac with cheese . perhaps a burrito? >> baby.
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tonight just to fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. an appeal is made for clevelandersi to be the most generous generous to help the poor and and most of the. >> catholic charities and diocese of cleveland watching the annual appeal last year they raised a record $12 million,an the charities assessed nearly 40,000 people in need of health and human services. >> shouldn't we serve children and families older adults andwe chronic ill, persons with disabilities with disabilities the working poor hungry and
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virtually every age groupdngy and every part of society and the evolving needs of. >> they hope to raise 11 half-million dollars to campaign the campaign starts in all parishessll this weekend and runs through the end and runs for the end-of-the-year.w >> tickets for the st. jude dream home on sale thursday november 18 at 6:00 a.m.u the half-million dollar home and avon red tail golf community is built byhh a custom homes. >> tickets are $100 h. proceeds benefiting. the tickets also give abraham auto mall in hot tub from lite-house pools and spas for more information. m >> can you tell which direction
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pettitti garden has a new show called
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will do is figure out which direction the bus is moving, right or left? the bus on the screen is a move which would go, left or right? >> so which way is intended to going to say left. >> has been if you look closely, lo 80 percent of kids under the age
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immediately, 80 percent. you see that the door is on the other side . but you do not have the right reasoning. >> why do you my right answer for you also want, you cannot see the door on the outside of the bus . but you know that the buses on bus is on the right side of the road . if the bus was moving right . so clearly, if you also look at the road, a the buses on bus is on the right side of the road . therefore the
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kids got that. at a show on youtube called the food surgeon, he he pulls out the crazy stunts, he is anonymous, does not say a word in the video and hes is removing the centerpiece of the reese's peanut butter cup then you won't believe what he does next, with razor thin precision he slices, the holy grail, from an oreo cookie, the cream filling . then ,g with their extensive surgical kind of icy places the cream filling into the reese'se peanut butter cup, making a dream come true, a creamy chocolate and peanut butter . do not know who he is he made and
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oranges, and we have made some of these were used to try .v we have the oreo cookie cream filling and with the peanut butter filling . di'rico . the food surgeon on youtube channel . is it worth it's weight in gold? >> there's some peanut butter. >> i tase him to. >> was a life-changing? >> though it didn't.
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dogs using that was pretty good. >> on all i would say that this thing was a bomb is a the peanut butter consent of the consented to talk about this is just too much. >> and we get paid to do this folks is and how long did it take us to do this? >> how long ?, maybe a one-hour. not every segment can be good . next month, for the ratings numbers it's going to be a bob. >> from new york city, the mayor changes his story about what happened during ahe crane
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the investigation continues into a a crane collapse in new york city collapsing on a person jimmy malone from majic 105.7. man killed was was walking along the sidewalk when part of the toppled on mayor deblasio has said the victim was in a parked car turns out that wasa not the case a collapse in lower manhattan .. it was lower because of high winds,as the boom landed across several cars to collapse
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resulting in buildings gas was shut off nearby the injuries of the three do not appear to be life-threatening.pp >> if you have the old iphone, apple allows you to trade him for an upgrade until now they only offered credit to the iphone owners if it was intact, but now you can trade in the old one-two for the price they hope hope that the more lenient policy will keepep people coming back to get the new one credit for all the ones starting at $50 you can get can get as much as $350 depending on the condition
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forget about punxsutawney philil we have no proof that winter comes to an end, add the onions on the way to spring spring training all the equipment needed to get them ready for the april 4 home opener is going to goodyear arizonanantne the big shipment is also water left over from the end of last year clubhouse manager say it will take about four days to get thereo then unload on the tenth and then get ready for the the 17th the rest d of the team arriving on the 21st . t and the guys in town for for tribefest, reallyt, gets you excited for the season and goofing around and around the ballpark is fun. >> and i to missing is empty
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thems boxes then filled them with pottery they bought when they wh trade in tucson arizona last season and then set everything back on the tracks . two have you here hear a twizzler for national weather person's day . i want my favorite to be yours, a twizzler. >> tell him where it really came from. >> thank you aaron . save that for later. it was nice and quiet but it had been blizzard buddies then you
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>> would not have been. >> looking at the satellite we are between two systems, we have thatt from the cape cod coast guard stationro, and there is this system, but this is nothing to ride home about most of the snow showers are ignored and should stay there for at least a couple days . he can see not much other than some snowfall in iowa and that should fade away in the meantime it was a busy morning in the northeast . that's the the same cold front that came through with rainfall changing over to snowfall . it was a snowy morning for much of the northeast and is stills snowing in cape cod . we have this from cape cod looking southwest a-rod
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seehe the beach and some trees covered with snowfall sunbear got between six and 12 inches of snowfall today . n but we have escaped as temperatures were into the low 20sat that rose into the 30s, about normal, just a trace of snowfall at hopkinsal and 2 inches in the snowbelt . tomorrow partly cloudy most of
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stay there out there is a buzzer watch foro western minnesota and winterstorm watch is in northern ireland to the north . show you the 8 -day outlook, there are some changesyo . 20s, and especially next saturday and nighttime lows in the single digits . and that's not out of the ordinary because it is february and some occasional clipper and lake-effect .
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calledd. >> 12 recognize what our own and say thank you, was the last day here ats fox 8 rejuvenation steve goldurs he has been at btw the dw for the last four years before that he spent a decade in radio he worked the you work the morning shift where he also was a part of shows likewo people magazine and electric avenue, and we want to wish him good
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lucy ball site based on the failed these fashion faux pas were dreamed up by the council of fashion designers of america part of the super bowl 50 the anniversary they had some glitzy and glamorous of the typical leather ball each is auctioned onlineat from now until every 14
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coming up, tonight at eighth grade student thought that his performance in the school play would be the highlight of the night thanks to a surprise guest
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. >> michelle knight for eighth grade student hits all-time high . >> after the school play he was asked to grab a microphone for me to the name of the director but do not know what was waiting in the wings . he was shocked when he saw his dad was waiting on the back of
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away, in afghanistan, nobody in the family including his mother or sister i knew that he was there .th. >> i still cannot. believe it, i'm excited because we just just got through throughout the premiere'mec and this just made a thousand times better.s >> you tell me that he would be here in spirit, i wore this to remind me of him and now i have the better thing in person. >> he has spent the last several months working in afghanistan for the state department, t the family says they do not expect himt back home until summer. >> hotel technology is getting an upgrade pack everything from robots to wireless rookies as rich demuro explains in today's tech report.
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too up thend hotel technology. >> is concierge at the linq hotel in las vegas and. >> right now his functionality is limited with future software updates he could walk into the you to the restroom or deliver room service. >> i thought it was great, it wasit helpful and fun to see a robot talking to men back if i think that cell service check-in is a step back that many especially millennials referred. >> on some occasions they will choose the self-service kiosk .. >> so two airlines it will find reservation, scan the identification and swipe your credit card.
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, they've got the photos and the key you have. >> you can use your iphone to open thehe door with your phone . you push the button to allow you to unlock the door. elected technology on my phone. >> puppies but these kittens and hamsters.. >> but do you see the halftime
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sunday is the everybody knows about the puppy bowl and kitten bowl, the sheer k going tor make way for the hamster bowl, the group that mashable set up this gridiron,ou they squared off with dwarf versus golden hamsters, just like the real super bowl this version also has a halftime show
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although the players and halftime entertainment were from the westchester rescued y hamster haven in new york . breaking news in the case against johnny manziel, but a judge ordered for him. >> so is pointing lasers at planes at hopkins and the fbi needs help to find them. >> the ugliness of the live streaming before you have time to think it is going online. >> children broadcasting live from from inside a home for the world to see,f some are earning cash even as they put themselves
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beginning with breaking news about johnny manziel,h texas judge issued a protection order against p him. >> his agent dropped him as a client and his dad says the family fears for his life.d >> p.j. ziegler joins us with the detailsls. >> endows the report that a judge assigned a protective order keepingtt johnny manziel away from his girlfriend for two years and ordered him to pay $12,000 in legal fees, all of this on the same day that his agent in this matter agreement. >> has been a rough 2164 browns quarterback johnny manziel and has not taken what's that once back on the field,w his father, toldld the dallas morning news that i believe that does if i
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