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hisesu 24th birthday in december. >> he said that the film has been trying to get him into addiction facility in texas, according to paul he refuses to stay, fridaye its future in the nfl took another hit when his agent erik burkhardt says he was cutting ties with him . this is the third agency to dropping this yearh, in a statement erik burkhardt wrote -- >> this comes after fort worth texas police released the 911 call that a neighbor made after an incidentei happened over the weekend in texas, according to
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ex-girlfriend colleen crowley several times including hitting her in the last year, the gospel g he said no charges would be filed in the case is considered closed . we reached out to ou his father friday and he said that, it'll be like merrill hoge, a former running back turned analyst who has been critical of himself since he came into the league ... >> issued a statement said his status for the with the team would be addressed when allowed by league rules,t wi. >> italics into this latest incident even though the police have closed the case and are not pursuing charges he could still faceci ca discipline from the nfl,. >> jimmy haslam was asked about the situation he said set about to try to reach out to manziel
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he is 23, he he is an adult it is up to him, but clearly he has issues that need to be addressed is in t on this breaking news out of akron, whereng arrests made after a high school basketball championship game ends withsta police using pepper spray. >> dave nethers was that the host school tonight as he joins usho it was an ugly scene last nightan's. >> three teenagers are facing charges for their involvement in that fight after a basketball
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last night . two of them were basketball player's in and the third is a i kenmore student they were arrested for a post basketball game brawl that took place at the school 's. >> on thursday the cardinals versus the north high vikings. >> it was exciting game, very positivewa they had the lead early , kenmore maintains that link throughout the north can'ta getting closer it was all good. >> when the game ended, the action was just getting started. >> the kenmore team celebrated on court and during the process of the celebration, they inadvertently much above one of
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>> once the fight started, other started to jump on top of it, also spectators and then we've got a floor full of people >> please call a mob mentality, people came out of the stands. >> because the crowd was so large that was fighting the decision to use pepper spray to stop it served the purpose. >> at virtually every high school gameme through the country is goingh to be talk talking the stands are concerned if it was threateningc the people were yelling threatening comments at either side. >> it was caught on for cameras in the buildingau and learned that students were being asked to provide written statements on friday the asked police were hered reviewing videos determine what steps can be taken next. >> their last collectivity whether or not we can identify
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>> the first priority is to develop them as people as mature at adults who can handle adversity and be selfless in a team environment that was the opposite that happened last nightht after the game. >> the police the police emmanuel lewis tersely injured, they have been some people affected by the pepper spray the police used,itb all three teenagers who face charges will be charged with riotingng . the investigation continues and more arrests are possible. know the name of the man that he could police say shot and killed
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home, he said that he is charged with counts of aggravated murder ash roosevelt leftwich on so. >> have about it happened about 2:30 a.m. today on babcock road in hinckley township neighbors cannot believe that the crime happened on their quiet street . babcock road was closed friday morning as they piece togetherr details of the details of the double murder of. >> we got up aroundnd 230 with my dog going crazy from flashlights over the yard. >> should enough find out until later thatf two other people in the house across the street were dead . brunswick police came to the house and the and the twin 600 block of babcock road after call of the shooting, they found the body of the couple inside a
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sims who lived in the home . overall they say that the people were good neighbors . two months ago i heard them arguing . but you just never know . for what happened for whatever reason it is tragic for the neighborhood and especially those lost jason dean sims remains in jail in will be arraigned next week usingwi spending six days behind bars for a hit-skip crash of the summer, call 911 after hittingra
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or section section but took off, tucker survived and in addition to the 60 day sentence he has to pay a 750-dollar fine for. >> learn details about mr.'s disappearance and reappearance of a trumbull county toddler 2 -year-old rainn peterson went missing for two days2 not far from her grandparents on down this essay that essay that they're using dna test to determine where she was was in was in a 48 hour time span. >> unaccountable and isn't because of her condition after deputies shot and killed heret husband, the call may be disturbing to some asba matt wright explains. >> a frantic plea for help from
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10:00 p.m. thursday . . says that don't circle center, and can still hear it recording it recording after she set down the telephone. >> she says that thomas circle came home from church, disturbed ands stabbed her with a kitchen knife .ta she explained that she kicked him to get away. >> the deputies arrived at the house moments later, and encountered him outside with a gun. the weapon at least three times, insteadimo he pointed toward the,. >> it was was an air soft toy pistol, but has all of the
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weapon the regular weapons for a at a later they're coming to grips with what will the couple apart, a recent cancer survivor and she immersed. >> they say that he had a dark past includingd dwi arrests, domestic violence conviction and a 2,003 suicide attemptc, the police report states he was intoxicated advice and that he would kill himself if they attempted entry common mistake, was taken to a mental health facility in. >> whatever happened, and he had andt commitment that he stabbed his wife more than once.t >> matt wright fox 8 news. >> they have two adult children, andnd three confederate deputies involved in the incident are on leave, pending the outcome of the
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local ems supervisor nearly doubled her salary in overtime.igl >> talking six figures, as ed gallek here with what he uncovered. >> the i-team is asking why a local ems boss to cholesterol and then a hundred thousand dollars am not running on 911 calls. >> the i-team, at the headquarters of the>> cleveland emsf looking for taxpayers, the questions question is especially now we possible tax increase looking for sergeant standard pay $22,000 last year she made more than00 101,000. >> wrote a story about her so that's why it's important for us to talk to herros. >> there looked over a years year's worth of time course>> showing her earning overtime on
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every weekend, they oversee ems recruitment and training, the mayor brought up a possible tax increase and texters responded him aboutte about that overtime. >> makes me upset because i work everyday i wish i could double my >> onto address administrators, we we found a request november by the city says the ems commissioner is unavailable until early next week and nobody else here at city hall could talk on camera 15 cleveland ems cadets actuated as a sergeant over recruitment and training the city says that she has these responsibilities, andgeec taxpayers want to be sure that every penny is justified in.s >> a lot to be informed, that is legit then i'm not here to judge to
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us and city hall is not answering questions, so we are answering es how was that overtime approved for a year later says that she is a hard worker puts in long hours but at a time of the city watches every penny, andwa the i-team has reviewed police memos-t limited overtime so we had to investigate this. >> so is there some oversight, so we had to sign off on this overtime scoring made that clear to city hall we want to know what was done during that overtime and who said that it was okay? >> bishop richard lennon is said to be resting comfortably afterer emergency heart surgery the 60 -year-oldld had chest pains yesterday he was taken to st.
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catheter into stance diocese spokesman says there were no complications that he was talkingss after that procedure used to be in the hospital for at least a few days.h >> test results are in and the water and gurney elementary in chagrin falls is safe to drink they have been putting out bottled waterb and not use using the fountains after samples tested aboveun epa lead levels but hasn't today at the school got
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a pair of bald eagles return returned to their nest in thehe cuyahoga valley national park, to protect them the area there is shut off until the end of july, the towpath trail will still be open to the public.he >> is official, she has a name, online contest to help name the popular bear cub and the winner
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from seven -- 83 days old . back to the eagle video, it is illegal to own eagle feather in ohio unless you are a native american . looking at some quiet weather .
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looking ahead as we do . it was her watch northwest in the dakotas . in parts of minnesota into iowa and some heavy rainfall in the south . we did not go much above freezing . northern iowa the total snowfall amounts not
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sunrise at 7:35 a.m. and 34 hopkins, 66 miami . phoenix, 69 degrees . we have a high pressure area will be in control tomorrow to see you at the i. x. center and window nation with bobbleheads at 2:00 p.m. at the i. x. center, tonight partly cloudy with increasing clouds tomorrow partly cloudy, 39 degrees . on sunday, about 43 degrees . at the end of the 8 -day outlook it's going to be a chilly timeee . it appears next friday and saturday with highs
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the weekend next week senator turner nine in sunday morning >> on monday, get some rain and snowfall 39 degrees and then we go downhill as you can see . the cavaliers try to solve their
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first of all lebron james said the team has since moved past the kelly olynyk play that energy kevin love, but he will probably hear some boos in the arena, if the cavaliers want to hear cheers after the game will have w to solve their third-quarter was the pastor games have struggled he says they can get it done, jr smith was snubbed for the three-point shooter contest at nba all-star weekend he declined
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to get fined but lebron james did you cannot beat you guys who have more games . who are playing nowadays . it is what it is . >> before we get to the next are , matthew dellavedova is out with a hamstring situation.av >> talk about johnny manziel, things are escalatingng. >> today his agent dropped him and his father paul manziel expressed concern over his son's health,rn says that he that he will spend you not like merrill hoge refers to china joseph onto he said he felt entitled entitled, paul manziel was i hoping people would would be
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treatment twiceg but he refused he said that he was in a facility but he was allowed to walk out, and also, today erik burkhardt so his agent sever ties, paul manziel went so far is as to say that in the dallas morning news that he believes b that they don't get them help you will live to see his 24th birthday in december and the agent said that he can help them because of johnny manziel does not seem to be a candle for his >> patricia addressed a question aboutut johnny manziel and also talked ofj josh gordon. >> he spoke in generalities he says the league has programs in place through the conduct policy to prevent issues arising he also addresseded gordon who applied for reinstatement to the leg, andl the pressure knowledge in the lake is reviewing hisss application for reinstatement and are reviewing his conduct
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>> for these things happen it is about trying to avoid them in the future again,t no issues to prevent these things from happening, i'm hopeful that josh gordon understands you how to conduct himself differently going forward to be a member of the nfl, nfl, into representing the browns or anything in the nfl. >> trey lewis transfer to louisville and now they're in a postseason ban for one-year and johnny manziel's girlfriend got a two-year protective order and he has to also pay court costs and fees. >> a dangerous game with serious consequences, the fbi needs help to track down laser pointers at
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you say that for pilots
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hopkins. >> shannon davis hand-held laser pointerer makes for entertainment, testing how far it reaches into the night sky . >> fbi gratis video shown crying commute across the country as laser pointers are directed at airlinersasar. >> strikes were reported on tuesdayre and thursday nights from an area south of lorain avenue and west 105th on december 16, 25 just reporting strikes from southwest of cleveland and 117. >> describes us you can be a temporary flash blindness . they can be disoriented and distracted because this comes
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trying to land and nick wood was a pinhole sized being on the land is a couple feet wideng. >> they say that many of those who use these are ignorant about the potential impact of impact of pointed pointedness that an airplane. >> they think that it is just a small . but the further it gets wider became blind to the cockpit causing damage to the pilot. >> this could bring down a commercial airliner if the pilot iswnwn distracted it is a very serious offense and were asking >> law enforcement is aggressively pursuing laser laser at a police helicopter, and the pilot used technology to directog officers to the suspect location. >> the fbi is now turning up the heat on this laser man is.
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know anything about this laser strikes to call the fbi, there ise reward money available and you can remain anonymous, we need assistance ym to stop who is doing as it this it is very >> those convicted can face 20 yearss in federal prison, if you can identify these people call thec cleveland fbi. >> at a and a medical procedure being done here it allows people to kill themselves . he wanted to dance pain-free at his 50th wedding anniversary had a nonsurgical regenerative procedure involving using the patient's own stem cells in the area it is done in office under local anesthesia. >> be stem cells know what type
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their tissue .a it used to be 12 weeksi rehab now, this will make it, three to four days after that, i was cutting grass and one month back the therapy is empty improved but still in the investigative stage and not covered by insurance. >> she's 13 and deal with a tough diagnosis of a brain tumor that does not stop the stark county teamhe from hope, but she needs help to make her birthday special, ash her nearest explains .s you are in many peoples thoughts and prayers, dear family and friendso . >> using he cannot help i get
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all the cards, many from family and friends, the couple are a couple are from strangers, each shares a similar message to wish his daughter the best of luck in recovery, as diagnosed with them inoperableth brain terror last month's. >> document document document is a time frame because it is not considered cancerous so it could be three years or could be 10 years we don't know, i would rather have that because 't that's more time a half with >> just not let the diagnosis get her down, she still play basketball at her middle school in massillon,ab they say it's a welcome relief from everything that she's dealing with. >> she is such a fighter, she is so strong and she drives me to do better for her.s >> 40th birthday is on february 24 and to make it extra specialr he's hoping more people will send cards, he says once he stopped and have made her feel
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i have been overwhelmed. >> everybody who has children, the saint jude hospital, everybody my family and friends, we appreciate everything.a >> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> if you like to help out just go to fox 8.coml. we have a great weekend, and we do have the stone cold after that so today it was a really beautiful day with mid to upper
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super bowl weekend, is looking great . it will be called with highs near 40 degrees the big change starting on monday with the rain/snow mix, in the 30s and then a polar blast for the rest of the week, today 38 degrees we aree running a deficit of of the stoffel department, we had sunset at 5:48 p.m. i believe it is march 13 that we set the clocks ahead and then start to see
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the winds will be called tonight . high pressure from the south he sees clipper systems away for the weekend, then this low pressure world move in with about upper 30s than initially a rain/snow mix them change over
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clip fromom and then falling back into highs in the 20s . we'll have i have a mostly sunny sky andw overall a nice . on sunday, it'll be great to travel them than on monday, will have a mix to snow . cold air wednesday thursday friday will have a series of clipper systems the chance to snowfall foremost everybody thana some lake enhancement and then it will be in the 20s and overnight in the single digits .
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closing station with closings
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steve goldurs has been a part of me fox 8 cam for about four years, today was the last day for him he works a morning shift, he was also part of shows like pm magazine,mo the mossman movie show and electric avenue,em we wish him good luck them good luck in his retirement ,
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what is i finally got some dogs up for adoption, butl in case numberse three, a seven -month-old female lab-mix, she is playful and ready to start a new life with your familyar than and to case number five . daisy is a duty and case number five . and then indicatea 16, this is funding a year old pit bull mix
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ponzi . then over to dixon . a hound mix, cannot wait to sniff out his new home . and there is the number to call at the bottom of the screen . in case number 58, delilah, a shepherd border collie mix, greg clement hellos belly rubs and a backyard to call her own, and era bell and cage 61, about nine months old, is eager to learn basic commands that his case number 61 . check out this weekend the animal shelter valley view from there
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i. x. center tomorrow, will be at the apl trailer and then from two until 5:00 at the i. x. center for window nation . receiving calendars and bobble head . also there on sunday . see you tomorrow and sunday at the i. x. center of the great big home and garden show . there is proof that the four-foots love dick goddard thanks to a fox 8 viewer who got this this video about watching the dick goddard friday doc segment . they give me an address to send in the calendar
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a nice night out it's going to be a nice weekend, if you want somee snow and cooler temperatures than stay tuned because you're going to get all that you want next week. mp >> campaign getting paid to let strangers want to sleepp and play truth or dare. >> this is played out live thousands of times a day, kids are flocking to > you now, a live streaming app and they say that
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trend. >> beauty secrets from missing . truth or dare on a friday night. >> and a teenager singing her way to start a. welcome to you now . they live streaming video website . here i am watching kids providing complete strangers into their roomschg , broadcasting live. >> hundred 50,000 broadcast each day worldwide and they can reach out to the broadcasters through written comments .. >> the ken kirk likes and
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levels. >> has been around more than four years. >> the vice president of public relations at you now says that it has been a live stream platform since 2011. >> budget people express their creativity in all different ways of.. >> classes to get noticed . get more viewers and some even get paid for the content of. >> to find out how much they made at the end of the broadcast , and a number of those but making a living by broadcastingiv your. >> they can browse through channels,, dancers musicians only down to people who are simply bored .op you could even check in on teenagers broadcasted themselves sleeping. >> hundreds of live video feeds to watch and it requires
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verification or identification, and they say that it is a nightmare for parents, to be a playground for pedophiles. >> you really want someone who wishes youso feel well or a propensity towards that to be watching at night so that they're not really thinking it through. >> internet safety expert says there are many risks with these live streaming apps on both sides of the screen se there are predators, bullies and thieves .t something that you cannot take back. streaming is that before you can think it is online.s >> to think about the breadcrumbs left behind. >> what they do, overtly, and
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such as the name of the school. sign up and you must apply to get paid for content they also have over seven live moderation. >> trust and safety of our core values of youth now we have a sophisticatedou multilayered monitoring system. >> they also encourage parents to go to the site to look at the parent's guide the best line of defense is knowledge . you need ee to know what they do behind closed doors using the encourage members to report inappropriate behavior other live streaming apps including periscope and facebook even has live capability live capability they say it is
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children's activity and to not give out personal information . want to thank you for joining us to bill martin has the day's top
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