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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 6, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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him we begin with more breaking news of another night of a twist in the johnny manzo case dallas police confirming that read open their investigation into joining us for the latest. and troubling day for making a disturbing turn tonight number last night das please told us that case was closed after his ex-girlfriend colleen proved to
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met with police again. thursday the 911 call from a neighbor of hers over the weekend according to reports she told police manzo hit her several times she told police she is worried about mademoiselle's welfare which prompted a helicopter search for him manzella told tmc the accusations we're false and that he was okay. on thursday please said the case was closed no charges we're filed against manzo but now the case is open again. please explain this but at a news release as there were many emotional factors involved it's not uncommon for a victim of domestic violence to question the delay release call this an ongoing investigation. friday was a stormy trebly day for manzella and those around him his father powell told the dallas news there for the families trying to get manzella and an addiction facility for manzella refuses to stay. 's father also told the newspaper biz are truly believe they can get them help you long-lived diseased 24th
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december is future and pope on now is in severe jeopardy his age and says he's cutting ties of the manzella this is the third agency to drop manzella and a year of the agent released a statement saying his family and i have gone to great lakes to outline the steps we feel we must take to get his life in order to foundation of any relationship and without at the function of my work is counterproductive meantime nfl commissioner roger caddell was asked to comment on the manzella situation. on tremendous amount of focus i understand it. from the public and media on discipline. that's a small part of our personal conduct policy. our personal conduct policy is you try to prevent these incidents from happening. his ex- governor reportedly has a restraining order preventing manzella from being within 2 miles of her a judge in the
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means they'll pay her legal fees browns owner was asked about manzella today he says the browns have reached out to manzella but not heard back from him new tonight the dallas police department confirms it is investigating a domestic assault accusation made by manzella's ex-girlfriend. three girls have been charged following a massive brawl and in akron girls high school basketball game those caught on tape melissa reid spent the night and akron is here now the latest on this case. ended with a ball. one that include the players coaches and spectators. please have narrowed down several girls they felt we're responsible they also increase security at tonight's game. there was increased security at friday night's final set a city series boards high school game
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this comes after a brawl broke out after kenmare high school be morris high school 64-52 and the girls series chamber chip game thursday night. they got to the point a doubt to the far. thomases out of plays basketball north. they won that game and they celebrated. we wanted to see the semi that should have been happening afterwards. everything i can do kids got maced. it was out of control jason son also plays basketball for north. like i said to see ago that far they we're out of hand. after reviewing the footage akron police charged a 17 -year-old north high school basketball player with felony assault and two counts of assault and riot.
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also charged with rights. in the meantime more people could face charges. people who love to see the kids play their hearts out should be able to have a good time. the 17 -year-old girl who plays for north by goes to another charter school has been removed from the team in order to stay off akron public school property for the rest of the year. they store men with guns and rob a local convenience store tonight cleveland please hope surveillance video can help them find too dangerous men still on the run heaven freeman is here with details and the video. no one was hurt but the clerks we're shake it up please hope
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bars surveillance video shows two men walking into the gas way food express just after 3:00 o'clock wednesday morning. covered with a black mast is artie holding a silver gun as he walks into the store moments later a second man his face also covered walks and once inside the first suspect points they gun at clerks behind the counter register police say the second suspect stays near the door. sam is a card file is not near the time of the robbery. the video shows after receiving the money they quickly run out of the store headed toward belair road. in the matter of two or three weeks is a concern a lot. sam says because the suspect
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to tell whether they committed the other robbery to. regular customers we spoke to save the robbery they put it won't stop them from coming here. shopping late at night or early morning. you have to have melt. juergen i come get what she want. on that doesn't scare me at all. i'm still going to come. even on the video does not show put his home someone like recognize something about the gunmen. if anyone knew or had information in regards to this fold up that would be great if they came forward. again if you do recognize the people in that video or if you have any information about this case please call the cleveland police. hopefully those people are
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here are two people are dead and i suspect behind bars after shooting inside a home happened about 230 this morning on babcock road please responding to a call for shots fired when officers arrived they found two people dead inside an arrest of a third person now identified as dean sams is now charged with two counts of aggravated murder in due in court early next week a warning about the graphic audio and is next door to a late county woman makes a desperate 911 call after being stabbed by her husband. that voice is lorie osborn she told police her husband thomas came home angry and stabbed her `- with a kitchen knife after she called 911 sheriff deputies confronted her outside a home he ignored their orders to drop the gun so they shot him twice he
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is in fair condition tonight. something tripped in his mind that said you can call other things whatever happened he had enough in his own mind anger and commitment that he savagely stabbed his wife more than once. toxicology quest are pending. we are learning new because about the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of a troubled county toddler two -year-old rain producing disappeared for two days back in october before she was found not far from her great-grandparents house investigators now tell us the running dna test on a cigarette and an apple those found in the same area their hoping the results will help them figure out where the little girl was for that 40 hour timestamp. richard manning is said to be
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surgery the 68 -year-old begin experiencing chest pains yesterday morning in his office was taken to st. vincent charity medical center we're doctors inserted a catheter into the stands. there were no complications and the bishop was talking to the staff after the procedure expected to remain in the hospital for a few days. still to come the hazard and hopkins airport laser strikes can spell disaster now the fbi wants to know who's beside and these disastrous. pint-size robbery suspect is troubling and eight -year-old armed with a gun. school principal won't let it go controversy over the decision to make a boy remove his also a costume. andre's here to break down the
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ototovp?0;^ it looks like a fairly quiet weekend and it began to date when we woke up some of us add up with an injured 20 snow. how she backyard webcam time lapse. that started up security you cannot see anything the snow melts it's pretty fast and pretty definitive. shea the numbers right now and we are hovering right around the 35 degrees mark at hopkins
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places like akron in youngstown upper 20s there. same thing as tribute to take a look at the radar and this is from hopkins airport we have this very light snow showers up in southern shoreline of ontario canada for our friends across the pond. they might not even be reaching the ground. here is the system its way to the west in fact it's falling apart while the east coast system holds away may no longer have any snow but they had quite a snowstorm today. temperatures did make it into the 30s. twenty-one is the low and a gentle warming to the west means will add a little bit to that number tomorrow. twenty-six partly cloudy a quiet night and we will add one to tomorrow how about 39th what's nine what's a degree between
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a mix of clouds and sun it super bowl sunday very quiet as well. weatherwise will have no problems getting around i have a look at that and a super extended look at the rest of the winter a little bit later on in this broadcast. what can we expect for the rest of the season will do snow kick into high gear. the brings us the outlook for the rest of the season brought go fans will have a tough time cheering on their quarterback why one school has banned paid manning jerseys. what the commissioners set about josh gordon.
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twenty people been pulled out of the 16 story residential high-rise that collapsed in the city of time and an unknown number are still trip right now close to two main people live in that city and a number of buildings have suffered significant damage the quake struck around 4:00 a.m. one person is dead after crane collapses in new york city the accident happened nearing morning rush hour the lone fatality was a man who was
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people we're hurt including a man inside his car in the collapsed happened the train came down as workers we're glowing a portion of it it was wendy at the time of the accident. from the so-called texas affluenza teen has been moved to an adult jail the judges not decided of the 18-yard will be prosecuted in a dalton rgb cord letting his parole to use into his probation from a drunk driving accident that killed four people during the trial a defense expert argued catches wealthy parents coddled him. twitter says is blocking counts is artie suspended more than a hundred and 25,000 users in the past eight months a did so after his fighting technology flight they counts related to the islamic state the us government as been pressuring social media companies to respond more aggressively to reports of abuse
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nation's economy today stocks fell sharply after seeing weakness in the new us job report labor department found job creation slow last month and companies let go of 84,000 workers present obama said the unemployment rate is now lower than any other point of his presidency. right now has the strongest most durable economy in the world. i know that still inconvenient for republican as the doom and display or plays in new hampshire. us experts file and 2015 for the first time since the recession. how governor john except the vp spot? should his bid for the white house fall short of the answer that tonight. on be worse than biden because i my man.
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people this is in the first time the governor said he would settle for the number two job the governor's hoping for a good showing's new hampshire primary he's devoted most of his time campaigning in the state. making things brighter for our brave young woman local teen battling a brain tumor now find out how you can help make her
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she is only 13 she's doing with a tough diagnosis of brain tumor in the stopping a county teen from holding out hope she needs your help making her birthday extra special bernie explains how you can help out. you are in many people's thoughts and prayers. to your family and friends for encouragement and strength. i'll always help you through this joe's diner can help but get emotional as he reads through all of these cards many of them are from family and friends a couple of them are from strangers age one shares a similar message wishing his daughter the best of luck and her recovery she would diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last month they're not giving as
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considered cancerous. they could be three years or eight years. we dealt now and that's what in my eyes i rather have that because that's all the time i have with her. them back she still allowed to play basketball at her middle school and matt her dad says it's a welcome relief from everything she gang with right now. she's such a fighter she so strong. she dries me to do better part is 14 birthday is coming up on february 24 to make it extra special he's hoping more people will send cards to their home he says the one she's gone so far have really made her feel better. i was a little overwhelmed. she was a bit camera shy but wants to thank everyone for their support. she wants to thank everyone to.
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have health i appreciate everything. brittney harris fox 8 news. we like to send a caught card or help out the family had over to safety concerns at hopkins airport police want to know who's been targeting planes with lasers now they're asking for your help. what's and stored for the rest
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who would not want to double their salary and employee minutes to do it with overtime and now see why the fox 8 i team is asking questions super bowl qb peyton manning's samosas fans can show their pride by colorado
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big changes on the rise and find out when the temperatures are expected to take a dive news at ten continues right now. nineteen investigation has found a local ems supervisor nearly doubling her salary and overtime we're talking about six figures the eye team is asking why at gallic as has more. the eye team going into the headquarters of the ems. were looking for sergeant gwendolyn mccue standard pay 52,000 the city says last year she made more than a hundred and 1,000. i want to be very clear about that. the eye team looked over a years worth of timecards they show me only overtime on most regular
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weekend day. just this week the mayor brought of a possible attacks increased taxpayers reacted hearing about that ot. the makes me upset because i work every day i wish i could that will my money like that. the eye team wanted to question city administrators about this on camera though see that we have been looking into it first request back in november the city says the ems ems commissioner unavailable until early next week and no one else here talking on camera either. fifteen cleveland ems cadets just graduated as the sergeant over recruitment and training the city says gwendolyn has all these responsibilities. taxpayers be met want to be sure every penny of overtime is justified. i want to be informed of her situation.
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mccue never came out to see us again city hall not answering questions yet so we're still asking how old a overtime got and and approved. fox 8 i team. looking at other stories making headlines tonight at 10:00 o'clock a county jury find the akron man guilty of a deadly stabbing outside chapel hill mark .9 -year-old deandre was convicted of murder and carrying a concealed weapon attack happened back in august they we're on the run for nearly a month before being captured by us marshals and west virginia he will be sentence later this month village truck driver was been 60 days behind bars for a hit and run crash james calls 911 after hitting brady tucker and auburn township intersection but then he didn't take off.
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sentence he also has to pay a $750.05 the test results are and in the water at any elementary in chagrin falls is safe to drink the school is been handing out bottled water in covering the fountains after samples tested above the epa lead levels as of today their school got the all clear from the state. preparing to land at hopkins airport the fbi is asking for your help to find the culprit several commercial airline pilots reported laser strikes tuesday night and then again on thursday night fbi says the lasers are coming from somewhere south of lorain avenue. this is the second time it's happened in six weeks back on december 1625 pilots reported seen lasers coming from an area near west a hundred and 17th in clifton the fbi's offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. people think a laser pointer when he pointed at the screen is
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further a goes the wider a gets. they can bind a whole cockpit and a lot of down. the pilot becomes too distracted it is a very serious defense and were asking for help. committed are shining a laser and aircraft could face up to 20 years in prison if you have information on the suspect called tech the fbi. a speeding ticket in northeast ohio sneakier speed traps next week on fox 8 news at six the local stretches of highway. i'm just waiting for you. we turn the cameras on the cops and go in search of answers, and a trap next week. including the weekend forecast. just a little taste but go deeper into that went through
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stages the first stage came a couple of days i got one we had that beautiful 63 degrees high now and that 30s for at least this guys are pretty quiet. partly cloudy right now. the cloud cover 24 hours ago that was still letting loose some snow and snow showers and it was enough to sugarcoat some backyard web cameras this one is morning. about 737 you can see they camera totally coated with snow exposed to the elements. this will put this in the motion watch what happens as the temperature goes up the snow just disappears very quickly. it's on the sky a lot longer. the late county disappeared fairly quickly.
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surfaces and rooftops. a few snow showers here out to our north that's not a big deal but was a bigger deal the snowstorm in the northeast boston and providence and even near new york city picking up 6 inches of snow now that it's off the coast everyone is quieting down we're at 35 right now. thirty-one at akron. temperatures will decline a couple degrees will end up with 26 but it's a quiet night partly cloudy 26 overnight low. marble at a degree to the forecast high 39. there's the high pressure system the very same one that cleared is out it still there it's elongating. i will keep us out of trouble from that couple intel monday and then you will see thing starting to happen in canada this system right in here is
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i'm calling it an arctic drool because it's going to like morass a stick around for a little while. see it coming and in the a day here's the front and once we get into that notice that wednesday thursday friday and saturday everything is in the 20s nighttime lows teens may go into the single digits thursday night and friday night periodically will see clippers and lake affect snow. this will be our first chance of snow to add to the seasonal total. we are way behind. fox 8 your official school closing nonetheless get all your school closing in delays online. was in your typical convenience store robbery still to come what it took to arrest and eight -year-old armed with our field gun. a school principal facing backlash for making a student
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investigating after two being in stores held up by gunpoint by an eight -year-old boy whole thing captured on the store surveillance camera the boy wearing a motorcycle helmet walking up to the cashier porting and done yet hidden underneath us what are you at
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over the money as one to employees take action. the other coworker of mine grabbed him. investigators said the boy still a gun from his mother reportedly been hospitalized for his own well-being she became a viral video sensation when she pulled over speeding police officer but it seems a officers have been investigating of their own claudia made headlines when she stopped the police officer in miami last week she comes the officer was throwing food traffic she filed in an aside to let him know how he was driving the officer did apologize in the miami day please department promised to investigate. in the meantime the head of the police union is calling her out for her own behavior he posted pictures on twitter showing a
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hand the also post information about her previous traffic citations. after principal ordered her son to remove his disney princess cost you 13 your austin lacy dressed up at alsup in the movie frozen part a spirit day where students we're encouraged to her disney costumes eighth-grader says his classmates lovehe principle felt it was inappropriate forced him to change. my son person is not a transgender student but through this the is taking a stand on just the rights that all people have equal rights. school district issue statement saying the principles following district policy the action was taken to stop disruption in the school what's and stored for the rest of the winter. ground hunt had is saying now
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team forecasting for the
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winter to show up. what's next was winter stay quiet or will the snow arrives late. have more on the meteorologist of the season so far in the outlook for the rest of winter. good place to start is november it did a live up to expectations. remember we saw a strong running a develop in the fog which we thought met mild and relatively dry start to winter. that's just what happened it was warmer and definitely dryer. warm and dry conditions didn't stop there. they move them thanksgiving to christmas there was little to no snow. 11 degrees above normal and not only that we only received 3107 inches for the entire month obviously does a big shift in the pattern in january but aren't we still dealing with an
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yes we are however not every el nio is a like a matter fact the last strong el nio all of the warm water just set off the coast of south america this year it's different we had a year to start but now all of that warm water is migrating to the west when that happens there colder air starts coming down out of canada and if you remember we predicted that slip back in early november. that january flip to colder air we are finally seeing ice developed on lake erie was seem vaguely to arrive this year. we didn't have those pushes of arctic air in december like we did in years past especially last winter and the winter before we didn't have the ice cover after new year's day and
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around 15 percent. especially in november and december the modern pattern shift in cooler air running about 2 feet before normal. this like the arizona cardinals in the chamber chip game a few weekends ago once your far behind a comes nearly impossible to catch up and go again isn't the same was snow far. it certainly looks like it. is a big difference between five to 10 inches of snow in over 2 feet that's unlikely we can't totally shut the door on the come back. just look at how much snow fell in that blizzard a few weekends ago some places picked up 30 inches all at once. that would wipe out his deficit and one weekend. and that's the setup of the real question is what's and stored for the rest of winter were going to get caught up a lot of
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andre is here with a look ahead for us tonight. a lot of people asking if we have that big storm to the south could it happen here. they could always happen. the probabilities come into play. let's talk about this mild start and it was a huge mild start the storm track was well to the south that was back in november. again the position of el nio assisted in that whole process. as i mentioned earlier the el nio is on the move is actually going to migrate to the west and its fading a little bit closer to the shoreline for the south america the result is that the jet stream is finally buckled. we didn't see that in november we didn't see that in december all the sun january 1 we started seeing these occasional cooler periods but the storm track remains basically up and down
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had that huge snowfall just about a week and a half ago. all that when we have a deficit of 30 inches below normal now approaching 31. can any of the storms for instant poll up closer to ohio. the answer is yes it might happen to your probability is probably half and half between now and the end of winter. can a wipeout 30 probably not. let's put it all together what are we looking at for the rest of the winter temperatures are near normal the jet stream can buckle and give us the cold spells. thirty-year snowfall average is 66 inches be rigid and went for 65 are under. to go way under that new projection is 30 inches give our take five.
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about half. even if we do get one storm. that's always a possibility. to throw the applied for the private to be we're limited colorado school been paid
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the not be allowed to celebrate in a pit main jerseys as soldiers are banning mannings number 18 from the classroom administrators say the number 18 could be used to show loyalty local 18th street gang's one of six different numbers identified by the district as having potential gang associations district serves more than 21,000 students in readily holds broncos spirit day they say they haven't had to field any major complaints over the paid manning ban by the way students are allowed to sport the number one or by carolinas cam newton. con cavaliers had a four-point lead with eight seconds to go the celtics told us one of the three-pointer at the buzzer. watch here this shot the bronze coming to sit.
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they get the basket there now up by 9283. carly fritos make it 10196 with eight seconds to go travel is allowed turner the layup 103101 he's followed by jr miss the free-throw got the ball and shut up that play right there. that's avery bradley in your game-winning three-pointer 104103. we we're out five. take a three-point shot. that was a big playoff. it was a perfect storm. that it was cavaliers back tomorrow night at the q dallas please confirm a criminal investigation underway involving johnny manzella this time it comes on the heels of a judge issuing a protective order keeping manzella away from his ex-girlfriend colleen. also today manzella's agent dropped manzella the browns jimmy said the teams tried to
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the families try to get johnny into remount unsuccessfully two different times as we his father was quoted today by the dallas morning news i truly believe they can get him help he won't live to see is 24th birthday. we all know is applied for reinstatement with the national football league so far he's been incident free the commission was asked about josh as he met with the media prior to super bowl 50. i'm hopeful josh understand his unit conduct himself differently. to be a member of the nfl. and to be representing the cleveland browns or any team in the nfl. let's go college basketball keith and akron hosting central michigan at the jar tonight. four-point game. late in the first half josh williams for three have a one more time. they would lead by 12 of the
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third-quarter they had a three right there 221 run. winning 92-87 glenn window taking on east tec and the city. markel johnson breathing to the basket what a basque law player he is how about jerome right. he would get it to go then they would answer this time it's day allen uploaded and the city of basketball. this is johnson had 50 points. tough day for trey lewis. of course the louisville cardinals number three he is the former garfield heights bulldog and csu viking he transferred to louisville for the final year today louisville self-imposed one year postseason ban because
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2010 the 2014 they going to miss out on a chance to play in the ncaa tournament. appreciate your time here fox 8 news at 10:00 o'clock the morning show will be here at
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