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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a few snowflakes on stormfox about one hour or two ago but those have moved on to the eastx a weak system moving through not going to bother us today, and 34 degrees, sunset at 5:49 p.m. to pick up three more minutes of daylight tomorrow . right now it is 25 degrees, 26 wooster and 28 brunswick and everybody is still pretty chilly . the cloud cover is pretty
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skies today, the windchill is wind chill is a factor this morningth it feels like 15 . satellite/radar composite shows snowflakes around the great lakes into new york, vermont and new hampshire . the store will eventually clip us with some snowfall,al have a look at the forecast coming up.av on breaking news under the side side, one-person dad after an early-morning fire in cleveland. >> had far to fire broke out the home on east 130 3rd street in
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cleveland fire chief larry gray confirming one-person died. >> so far they're not releasing the identity of the victim, ah no word yet on the cause of the fire continue to follow this storyc both on-air and online at fox >> taking takes a disturbing turn for johnny manzielel lee jones police confirmed they have reopened their investigation. >> earlier this this week to send the case was closed after his ex-girlfriend colleen crowleyset was uncooperative but that changed when she met with w police, lou maglio has the latest.p >> bush received a 911 call from a neighbor over the weekend according to reportsn she told police that manziel hit her several times that she was worried about his welfare which prompted me helicopter searchth, manziel told tmz the accusations
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on thursday police and the case said the case was closed and no charges were filedaa tonight,, the case is open again, please explain it as -- this has been a stormy troubling day for manziel and those around him his father told the dallas newspaper the families trying tried to get him into aner addiction facility but he refusess, whose father also told the newspaper thath, if we cannot get him help than he won't live to see his 24th birthday in december. >> its future football, is in jeopardy his agentoo erik burkhardt says he is cutting ties with manziel this is the third agency to drop manziel int n
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>> nfl commissioner roger goodell was asked to comment on the >> i have said this many times over the last year, there is a tremendous amount of focus, ve from the public and the media of discipline .e in small part of our personnel conduct policy it is is to try to prevent these incidents from occurring. >> lou maglio fox 8 news. >> manziel's ex-girlfriend has a restraining order preventing him from being within 2 miles of here,pp browns owner jimmy haslam was asked about manziel saysro the browns have reached out to manziel but have not heard from him nearar three girls charged after eight massive fight at an akron girls high school desk looking. >> lacerate tells us the police
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responsible. >> increase security and 40 nights final set set of semiserious boys high school basketball games in akronf after a fight broke out after kenmore high school beat north high school, 64 -- 52 and the girls city series championship game thursday. >> should have been kenmore, they won the game everything i canceled, it was out of control. >> that all of the sporting eventsth to see go that far, it
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>> after reviewing footage, after police charged 17-year-old north high school basketball player with felony assaultlt and two counts of assault, two other girls,, were also charged with riot . >> please say more people could face >> it is really sad it should be kids,t parents come out to see them, they should be able to have a good time with out worrying about security or fights or anything. >> according to the school, the 17-year-old girl who plays for northa but goes to another charter school has been removed from the team in orderr to stay off akron public school property for the rest of the year. >> robyn hill local convenience store ass kevin freeman tells us the police have video that can
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the runtw and bear shows demand entering the gas we could express in cleveland just after 3:00 . the first suspect is holding a gun as he walksh into the store a second man, walks in . police said a second suspect stays in the door as a lookout, and anytime you're in a situation where someone is pointing a gun at youe than fear is going to come out of. >> the video shows after receiving the money that both menec run out of the store toward belaire road. >> fantasist happened twice in a matter of two or three weeks is a concern . >> he says because the suspect
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tell faq or the other robbery, regular customers we spoke to say the robbery is disturbing but will stop them from coming here. >> i'm going to keep shopping to keep doing my thing not going to let anybody stopping late at night or early morning just to be safe. >> i will still come come out you got to have milk and smokes you got to have your the right you can get what you want not going to let that scare you off. >> even though the video does not showeo faces faces the place of someone might recognize somethingese. about this,, would be great if they would come forward.ou >> if you recognize anybody in the video, or have information call the cleveland police. >> two people are dead and i suspect behind bars after a
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2:30 a.m. friday on babcock road when officers arrived they found two people dead arrested dean sims now charged with two counts of murderer due in court next week. >> for flashlights down the street, not sure what happened, we do not hear anything then my parents called this morning said that two people were dead. >> dean sims is being held in the medina county jail, is due in court next week.ou >> warning about the graphic audioou audio and the next story, lake county woman makes a desperate 911 callke after being stabbed by her husband. >> that is lorrie osborne hirko, she told police that her husband thomas hirkoko stature thursday
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called 911, sheriff's deputies confrontedal him outside of the home, he ignored orders to drop the gun so they shot him twicerd he died from his injuries his wife is in fair >> something dripped in his mind , but said, could call that a psychological break for other things whatever happened he had had enough in his own mind, enough anger that he stabbed his wife more than once. a >> toxicology tests are pending, nd the deputies involved or on ed administrative leave. >> we are learning new details about the disappearancee and reappearance of a trumbull county toddler, ten-year-old rainn peterson went missing for two days in october, she was
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grandparents house, they say they're running dna tests on a s cigarette and apple that was found in the area, hope that results will help them figure out where she was for that 48 hour time. >> bishop richard lennon is resting countably after undergoing emergency heart surgeryun the 68-year-old began experiencing chest pains thursday taken to st. vincent charity medical center where they inserted a catheterer into stands a spokesman says there were no confrontations and that he was talking to his staff after the procedure io expected to remain in the hospital for at
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welcome back . the jew seal the traffic up
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dennis lynch as we show you the covers over four inches to arrowhead minnesota and pick up and down a half foot near boston they got the first snow out toward the cape but to new england, areas that have not not seen in this entire winter so far . today a high of 39 degrees with sunshine and decorative clouds . the wind is nd light between five and 10 out to the west,f currently 27 degrees akron-canton and the windchills are in the teens . tonight partly too mostly clear .
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sevenen cover tonight, no precipitation expected overnight into sunday morning . . lots of clear skies with upper 20s tomorrow, 43 degrees partly cloudy . increased winds could have a baby shower is high pressure pulls off to the east comes the clipper system that will bringe chances of rainfall tomorrow especially overnight into monday morning brangelina cold air to transition over to snowfall . on the outlook outlook, the temperatures are
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sunshine, is not prevalent next week . last year, around valentine's day we had a high of one of the nights down to seventeen below zero around that week she said she was
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two people dead after massive earthquake hit taiwan,i 120 people had have been pulled out of a, high-rise that collapsed that collapsed a unknown number are still trapped close toat 2 million people live in the city and a number of buildings have serious damage if struck around 4:00 a.m. friday. tl >> one person dead after a crane collapse in new york city on friday it heardr happened during morning rush hour one fatality was a man who was walking in the area, three people were injured, came down as they were lowering a portion,a it was windy at the time.t >> ethan couch the texas affluenza teenager has been moved to an adult jail, a judge has not decided at the 8 -year-old willid be prosecuted in
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he disappeared in december, two years into his probation for a drunk driving accident that killed four people, a defense expert argued that his wealthy parents coddled him.ns >> twitter says it is blocking accounts that might promote terrorism the company says it has already suspended more thanan 125,000 users in the last eight months after spam fighting fi technology flight accounts related to the islamic state us government has been pressuring social media companies to respond more aggressively to reports of abuse . >> mixed messages on the economy , stocks fell sharply friday aftero weakness of the new us job report the labor department found that job creation slowed last month, president obama says the unemployment rate is lower than any other point in his presidency.y.
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durable economy in the world, i know that is still inconvenient for republican stump speeches as their doom and despair to her place in new hampshire. >> us exports also fell in 2015 for the first time since the recession.el >> would ohio governor john kasich except the vice president should hiss w white house bid for short, short, the answer that question last night on cnn's., >> i would be the worst worst vice president i could imagine because i am my own man, i don't take orde >> is not the first time he has said that he would not settle for the number two job , is , hoping for a good showing and next week's new hampshire primary is devoting most of his time time to campaign in that
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. what a remarkable number, 31 . 3 inches below average at hopkins airport, sunset at 5:51 p.m. tomorrow looking at radar, a couple of snow showers to the east .da currently 31 degrees lakefront andre 25 hopkins and the windchills are in the teens . clouds are more expensive to the east, snowfall across the great lakes, it looks as if high pressure will stay in control this weekend, maybe some
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night and aso cold flow, and it will bed in the 30s today, mr. carter will be at the i. x. center day at the garden show with woollybear stickers and calendars and the whole 9 yards to help the animals. >> i-team investigation has found, ems supervisor nearly doubled hersu salary in overtime. >> talking about six figures, as ed gallek as latest. >> the i-team going into the headquarters of the cleveland ems, looking for taxpayers questions. >> especially now with talk of a possible tax increase .o looking for sergeant gwendolyn mccue, standard they pitched $2,000 the
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more than $101,000. >> were doing a story about her that's what you want to be clear and talk to hert. >> we looked over eight years worth of timecards, she time cards, she earned overtime on mostrd regular workdays and on nearly everyr weekend day, she oversees recruitment and training, this week they're brought up a possible tax increase ande taxpayers reacted hearing about that overtime.t >> makes me upset because i go to work everyday and i wish i could double my money like that. >> 19 want to question city leaders on camera, the question that we have been looking into it . >> who who filed the request november the cityed says the ems commissioner was unavailable until next week and nobody else heret at city hall was talking on camera. >> 15 cleveland cleveland ems contest is graduated,, as the sergeant over recruitment and training the city says that she
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taxpayers want to make sure thatinc the overtime was justified back i want to be informed, if it is legit that it is legitimate, i'm not here to judge, i don't have enough information. >> but she never came out to speak to us and against city hall is not answering questions so were asking how thateaa overtime to earth and approved. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> someone on cleveland's westside is pointing lasers at airplanes landing at hopkins, the fbi is asking for help to find out who is doing it, several commercial airline pilots reported a laser strikes thursday nights, p the fbi says they came somewhere south of lorain avenue near west 105th the second time this happened it has happened six weeks on decemberen 1625 pilots reported laser is coming from west 117
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offering a reward for for information leading to an arrest . >> people think that a laser pointer is just a small top of the further it goesp it goes the wider it gets so they can find the entire cockpit and cause a lot of damage to the pilot when they try to land that could bring down a commercial airlinerot if the pilot is distracted so it is a very serious offense and were asking for help. >> and i convicted of shining a laser at aircraft could face up to 20 years present, you have information contact fbi. >> have you gotten a speeding ticket in want of northeast ohio's stinkiest speed traps ? ? next week, the local stretches of highway where police arel waiting, are they trying to enforce the law or is it just a money grab ? we turned the cameras on the cops in search of
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at 6ne. >> cavaliers take on the celtics and what is the latest word johnny manziel and the cleveland browns hearsy john telich with a look at your saturday morning sports report.e >> cavaliers had a four-point lead with eight seconds to go, the celticsrso stole this with a three pointer at the buzzer at the q.,e kevin love, falls down, he was out the rest of the night , the cavaliers were up 73 -- 63, the celtics the lead 90 -- 83, the cavaliers allowed this layup ,li so this the service got the ball and set this the
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-- 103 . it was just the perfect storm. >> the cavaliers back in action tonightht at the q., das police conference a criminal investigation underway involving johnny manziel after a judge issuing a protective order on friday keeping them so away from his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley, his age newsagent lorain, jimmy haslam said they have tried to contactim them so but to no avail his families try to get him into rehabt twice this week in his father was quoted by the dallas morning news as saying that he says if they cannot get him healthy and he won't live to see his 24th birthdayey ve. >> josh gordon has applied for
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has been incident free and yesterday the commissioner when asked about gordondd and meant to the media prior to super bowl 50. >> that he understands he has to conduct himself differently going forward to be a member of the nflor and to be representing the cleveland browns or anything in the nfl. ev >> in college basketball, akin hosting central michigan a four-point game, late in the first to have josh half josh williams with rate and then keeps it going .. they were up by 12 and a half and then in the second halfh got even hotter . a a big lead and then he scores
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87 . skipped answer and see scores east tech winning and johnson, head 50 points . and the scare girls won the girls basketball championship for troutgi tough day for trey lewis of the louisville cards . he transferred to louisville for his final year in yesterday the self-imposed they want your postseason ban because of the escort scandal from 2010 -- wooster so lewis will miss out on a chance to play in the ncaa
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the youngest robber you have
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for the we submitted templates . both of the local school and the entire 37 floors that is a big
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they got got the super weekend and also the great big homeland
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it is a son mixed day . but not t producing snowfall today i pressure is building, snow showers to the northwest those will continue moving west to east the next weather system will be alberta clipper tomorrow night and on monday . today temperatures mostly in the 20s . our forecast today is sunshine and decorative clouds and we are just a bit above average by 3
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in the issue . will be pretty thin . the wind may picked up a little bit sunday into monday but really nothingay to right home about tomorrow signed 43 breezy and the winds between 10 and 15 mphw on monday 30s and snowfall tuesday and wednesday want to show you a couple of the maps, high pressure for the weekend heading northeast here is the weather system for sunday night into monday . probably warm enough for some rain showers
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eventually,t looking at the winds aloft . it is a reminder of where we area here in cleveland . and arctic outbreak is on the wayy with temperatures in the t single digits for nighttime lows with highs into the 20s and have a series of clipper systems enemy may be whittling away at the snowfall deficit ofay 31 inches at hopkins airport . . florida police investigating after a convenience store is held up at gunpoint by a -year-old boy,g is captured on
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wearing a motorcycle helmet walked up to the cashier pointing a gun heup swore at the cashier demanding the money, that's when two employees took action. >> all of a sudden i am so en shocked shocked, i don't know if it is real or a fake gun but my party is to take away from him because i don't know i just took it away from him, at that point the other coworker grabbed him. >> investigators say the boy stole the gun from his mother he has been hospitalized for his own well-being . >> she became a viral video sensation when shev pulled over a speeding police officer, but it seems that he has done some investigating of his own, claudia castillo made headlines when she stoppeded and officer in miami last week claiming that he was speeding through traffic without lights or sirens, so she followed hims and decided to let
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dangerously, and he did apologize in the miami-dade police department investigated investigated, the head of the now calling her out for her own behavior, he posted pictures on twitter showing her driving a post with a beer in handdr and also post information about her previous traffic citations. >> anti- browns qb victory and the super bowl, students in a school district there will not beud allowed to celebrate, the school disc has banned his number 18 from the classroom they say that it could be used to show loyalty to a localld 18 th street gang, 107 dimers identifiably the district is having potential game associations they serve more than 21,000 students and have oldlde bronco spirit days they say
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complaints over that peyton manning band, by the way students are allowed to wear the number onene warned by carolinas
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>> a lot of luck at the terminal tower downtown. >> we have got talking about
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south carolina roadside may be predicting the future. >> on a well-traveled road in lincoln countye thursday signed. >> it reads reads edinburgh 12, newton 25. >> let my santa know mika leinen is about to wina go panthers. not it looked a little odd so he kept driving .dd until he saw this . denver seven, newton 20. >> i thought it was a coincidence just a quirky thing. >> that facebook posting swelled
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fans on highway stop to snap it, for him print it is his own h snapshot of fame is in is not quite what they could have predictedwh. >> it is this prediction that he hopes will hold. we had our own road to the super bowl and fox 8r when the browns were doing a little bit better early on in the season, and we had on . tomorrow during the super bowl were going to be naming our winner of our own fox
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