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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  February 6, 2016 8:00am-8:30am EST

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latino folks get ready for the
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that is a lot of work . we said erase that they do, the race is 10 stories they do that in mind also that nobody can trace and the walk is 37 stories . we have a.j. colby in the weather center . snowfall this morning on storm fox, it has since dissipated, you can see some returns showing up about four or 5:00 a.m. but nothing, in terms of accumulation it is 26 degrees
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some snowfall near buffalo and then walking snowfall and that's heading towards saginaw michigan . currently, 30 degrees and eastlake and 27 strongsville and 28 around barberton maps in motion showing high pressure in controlg through the weekend as a nexus of approachesas from the northwest likely bring the chance for some rainfall late tomorrow intora monday morning and the changeover to snowfall . today fair skies with sunset at
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uneventful tonight . there are some big changes coming come, if you are not a big fan of colder weather then you may not like it . breaking news out of the eastside . >> one person dead after an early morning fire in cleveland, the fire broke out at home on east 33rd in cleveland, they say it broke out just after 3:30 a.m., fire chief larry gray confirming that one person died .gr so far they're not releasing the identity of that person,e they remain there, seeing no word the word on the cause will continue and will continue to follow the story on here and at fox >> a troubling day for johnny
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t as dallas police confirmed they have reopened their investigation into the browns quarterback. >> das police ey earlier said the case was closed after his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley proved to be be uncooperative but that changed when she reportedly met with the police theb, lou maglio has the latest. >> was which received a 911 call from her neighbor over the weekendwaa then she told police that manziel hit her several ve times since she was worried about his welfare prompting a helicopter search,as manziel told tmz the accusations were false and he was okaymh . on thursday placed in the case was closed and no charges were filed but tonightcs the case is open again as police explainedis in a news release. >> as there are many emotional factors involved it is not uncommon for a victim of ct domestic violence to question or delay reporting an assault, they call this an ongoing
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>> friday was a o troubling day for hims his father told a dallas get him into addiction facility but he refuses to say, his get him help that he likely won't see hisis 24th birthday in december. >> his future in football is now in severe jeopardy, his agent or urquhart says he is cutting ties this is the third to drop him and one-year heathi released a statement that said -- nfl commissioner roger goodell is asked to comment on the manziel >> i said this many times over the last yearan, there is a trace amount of focus from the public
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that is a small part of our personal conduct policy, the policy is to try to prevent these incidents from happening. >> lou maglio fox 8 news. >> his ex-girlfriend has a restraining order preventing him from being within 2 miles of her , h browns owner jimmy haslam was asked about manziel he said the browns reached out and have not heard back.owhe >> three girls charged after a huge fight at an akron girls high school desk looking.ak >> melissa reid tells us they have narrowed down several girls responsible.. >> increase security and friday nights city series boys high school basketball game in akron.y >> after a fire broke out after kenmore high school be north high school
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series championship game . we want to see the award ceremony that should have happened afterwards it should have been a joyous occasiond for those who played their hearts out. >> everything got canceled it t was out-of-control. >> i am at all of the sporting events, but to see it go that far, it just went out of hand. >> after reviewing the footage of the scene, akron police charged 17-year-old north high school basketball player with felony assault and two counts of assault in >> two other girls, were also charged . >> in the meantime police say that more people could face chargestp.
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be kids to come out and parents, people to see the kids whether hearts out to have a good time without worrying about security or fightsi. >> according to the school, the 17-year-old girl who plays for north but goes to another he charter school, has been removed from the team in order to stay off d akron public school property for the rest of the year a. >> she's only 13 and has a tough diagnosis of a brain turn does not stop her from holding out hope. >> election needs help to make her birthdays are specialh as brittany harris explains. >> joe steiner cannot help but get emotional as he reads through all of these cards, many of them are from family and friends, but a couple of them are from strangers, each one
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his daughteril the best of luck in your recovery .be she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last month. >> for not giving us a timeframe because it time frame because it is not considered cancers soive it could be three years or 10 years we don't know andea in my eyes, i would rather have that because that's more time what time i have with >> she's not let the diagnosis can her down, she is still allowed to play basketball at her middle school and massillon, her dad says it is a welcome relief from everything that she's dealing with. >> her 14th birthday is coming up on february 24, and to make it extra special he's hoping thatng more people will send cards to their home, he says the ones that ones that she's gotten so far have really made her feel
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>> she was a bit camera shy but says that she wants to thank everyone for their support , and he wants to also thank everyone., >> everybody at akron children's hospital, saint jude hospital, everybody in my family and friends that have helped, i appreciate everything.hmm >> brittany harris fox 8 newsr. >> if you like to send a card to help her family oute this go to
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on the 71, welcome back to fox 8 news . here's a look at storm fox, a couple of snowflakes in western and sylvania, those have moved off the east . snowfall is very light, some moderate snowfall in
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the dakotas . power mac system comes at us from alberta canada, a clipper system, but not for the weekend . sunday into monday morning find ourselves with precipitation . they start off with rainfall than ay rain snow mix and then all snowfallow, 30 degrees lakefront, it feels like 18 degrees . super bowl weekend, with fairly calm looking outlook . with close to 40 degrees, we are calling for a sunday night towea have a few rain showers change over to the next and then
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still coming next week . there is the cold that begins to circulate monday, tuesday you can see the spotty nature of the snowfall amounts under 1 inch . on the east coast is a storm system that will be watched closelyais even though it is a powerful system looks like most of that staysys over the atlantic . next week, more purple clearly
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from the northwest, decorative clouds mixed with sunshine and a suitable chill . next week overnight lows will drop into the single digits. >> mark your calendars for march 15, that's when apple will unveil its new gadgets expected to unveil a new iphone five
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price as the iphone five s. but with a better camera and curved edges also introducing the ipad air 3 the first update to the ipad air in two years, move comes as i-pads sales are on the decline. soccer star abby wambach is a barbie doll officially, that dog revealed at a conference showcasing exceptional womennc, the first athletic barbie doll produced by mattel .th it is a replica of the famous soccer player, including hert shade of blonde hair and number 20 usa uniform, no word from and tell him intel on when it will be hitting stores. >> remember the five-second-rule four-foot the five-second-rule for food hitting the floor when
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says that leot it is real but depends on a couple of factors . said that when food drops on the ground and stays within the five-second-rule it will pick up tiny amounts of bacteria . but when it is moist and on the ground for more than 30 seconds it collects 10 times more bacteria than dry foodol for god so if it is dry, give it a try for the five-second-rule . you may want to give into your chocolate craving and pregnant, they say that a small piece of chocolate could improve the circulation of your child may also help moms reduce their risk
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maybe the new address, online photo getting lots of attention because people cannot figure outng its run chuan is the mother, she posted this selfie with her twin sister and her mother, social media says it does confuse it looks like a picture of triplets in this post last week and has been re-tweeted 19,000 times withth 30,000 lights and take a closerke look in which closer look and which ones you closer look in which we do think his mother, or want to spoil it, and tell you that she is on the left and the black blazer. want to know what her antiaging regimen is just a and her hairdresser, i totally did not get it.
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. >> the browns delivered a super surprise to a local local penn
8:19 am li >> surprise lifetime for 420 of matt barry of chagrin falls. >> a surprise trip to the ground training round training facility and a surprise visit with owners dee and jimmy haslam.e >> and turned into a special wish come true tuesday afternoon snack so they want to take you to the super bowl with the browns but until we get there, which we thought that she would enjoy to go to the game this weekend . >> is going to go to super bowl francisco thanks to the browns and a special wish foundation. >> i was very shocked, i was just shocked to see them and >> it is a wish fulfilled, a
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battling leukemia. >> early on in the maintenance phase which is technically remission,h i go back to uh each month for treatment. >> according to a special wish cofounder jason bidart, fulfilling the wish well help himj beat his pediatric cancer once and for all. >> he left for super bowl 50 yesterday and, hopefully he will have a safe trip and nobody's going to have a great time. >> it is just a gorgeous setting
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