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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  February 7, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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look at that face. >> you have to relax for the pregame. >> you do.r these are our own fox eight puppy ou punters courtesy of voices in the dark animal rescue. look at that. >> they wanted their own space they are. >> coddling right cuddling right upr opace there.. maybe we will see some action from them later. see we're going to talk to voices in the darkoing here. >> puppies are available for adoption. >> if you're falling in love single sing one of these pups this morning, you are insin luck. >> they need a good home. things for joining us this morning.>> >> topping the news this morning, two deadly fires in our to deadly fires in our area.. >> at first let's send things
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aj with a check on our super bowl sunday forecast. how does it look? su >> it looks like a fairly nice day today especially considering in his early february. c we should see highs well into the forties today with no precipitation expected. t a little bit of precipitation showing of up on storm fox this morning well to our northwest. it is not reaching the ground. i checked some of the observations 34 is our current temperature, up 1 degrees from last hour. 27 in canton dover new philly 25 and you can see the extent of theu c snowfall, a wintry mix around des moines otherwise up near milwaukee it is all d snow and our local temperatures 29 24 cuyahoga halls. madison 28 and we've got a 22 at so one this28 morning.
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and here's a look at the weather systeme's as it dives our way. a couple of cold front, the first shots may be bringing in some the secondary front there will transition is over tor snow tomorrow afternoon but today no worries in terms of precipitation. some sun this afternoon as temperatures climate of the upper climb into the upper forties today. cl he grasped if you guys are talking about rolling goingg out maybe that's a good thing to do and enjoy the beautiful weather because what is coming is not so nice. we will detail that coming up. >> we will brace ourselves. topping the news this morning, to deadly fires in less than 24 hours in cleveland. the fire department fought hard to pute out the flames at two it to apartment buildings on saturday. >> sadly for the cruise and for loved ones, of course, not
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may have sparked such tragedy. >> i heard some sirens thatre stopped right in front of the house.e. i went to my front door, looked at what was happening, i saw firefighters pull out some hoses and i said it's time to get out of here rightte now. >> eric is anxious to get back inside of his t house on east 57th in cleveland. he was c told to evacuate after hiscu neighbor's home caught fire sometime around noon on saturday. he says they have not heard much but they do know that a woman passeded mu away. >> its real bad over here. the streets blocked r and the fire keeps going. it won't stop. >> sue lives across the street. she says she raced to call 911 after her son told her about the fire. >> i was coming down the street and i didn't notice every anything. then i come upstairsrs and within five minutes my son is screaming call the firere department because the house across the street was
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so i did and we came downstairs do and it was in engulfed in flames. we near the lady. everybody knows the lady. >> the fire department has not identified the victim and are not sure th if anyone else was inside the home. firefighters tried to lookied around but the situation became too dangerous.on >> there is still some fire volume in the structure and in the topruc part we're going to be fighting that tha but once we get that under control, we will definitely do a walk-through. >> the cause off thehe fire remains under investigation. f that was just one ofne o several house fires in cleveland saturday.eral firefighters started the day trying to saveve a man trapped inside another burning home on east 130 third.da that fire broke out about 3:00 a.m. saturday. the 28 -year-old was rushed to metro and later-ye died from his injuries. investigators are trying to findi out how the fire started and crews say there did not appear
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detectors in the house. b firefighters also battledttl another blaze at a home in home in ohio city.. a fortunately everyone got out safely. crews from fire station 20 were able to contain the s witnesses say it could've beenen much worse. >> cop county authorities have three suspects in custody on a kidnapping of a six-year-old girl. it started at around 7:00 p.m. friday one reina becker got into an altercation with theday girl's mother. police say she grabbeded the little girl and got into a car with two men. twenty-seven no brandon and 37 -year-old jason ramsey. that triggered ann amber alert. the trio fled police for almost two for hours. this morning the girl is back with her mom te and all three faceee felony kidnapping charges this morning.ny ohio wrestling and soccer one of its own. the bodydy
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foundf in lu a creek the 19 note 19 freshman was a foreword for the school soccer team.n they'll play is not suspected. police are investigating and of death. invv in february black historyk h month we all altered up all to often hear the names martin luther king jr. and rosa parks. >> students on cleveland's eastse east side arel learning about other people who were first in their field. jennifer george takes us to hbcus prep school setting trendsnd hbcus prep school setting trendsnd on what and how they teach. >> at hbc you prep prep on shaker boulevard in cleveland,, black history is not only taught duringis february but every single month of the year. however, they are studies go way beyond traditional teachings of
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civil rights pioneer rosa parks. >> unintelligible. >> these third-graders and the entiree school are recognizing those whor were first in their field paving the way for others to follow. they include paul and louis b stokes, the first black mayor of a large ustokes city in the first black congressman elected in ohio frank robinson, the first black managerthe in professional sports. the team? cleveland indians. >> the momentnt we bring black history back into our schools, the teachers testing thatat happens will start to change immediately because these young men are findingane i out first within their own city. >> the principle of hbcus prep,p,
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prepares students for historically black colleges or universitieshi hbcus. these polls were created by african-americans who in the late 18 hundreds and early 19 hundreds could notds attend some of the top schools in the country because of the color of theirrof t skin. these people need to realize the importance of who they are in the rich histories they have within themselves and they have no other choice but to starte accepting that great comes from the lineage of who they are. >> giving the student these students a rich foundation to carrydent on throughout their lifetimes and to also be whatever they aspire to be. >> aren't they great? >> they will be heard. >> those are some great little kids. >> they are.
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little kids. ki eight oh 8:00 a.m. and still to come, a recall alert outa there. >> airbags are supposed to protect you in the event of an accident, but these accidents may be doing more harm than th good. we will tell you about them. they say yawning isyawni contagious but maybe not so much for us guys. they will let you know what's new research what new research has recovered. >> first, here's a look at one of our fox eight roof cam'so foxes roof cam's this morning.x save your money and yourd day and the day. tickets for the saint jude dream homent go on sale thursday faber fibber's 16th at 6:00 a.m. for 100 bucks t 16 each benefiting children's research hospital. they will also give you ac chance d they are quite fabulous.nd head over to for
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[laughter] super bowl sunday? [laughter] we really should probably lower voices a little s bit although i don't really think anything could wake them up right now.rea our puppy punters are up for adoption. all of the puppies, and voices in the dark animal rescue and of an course, if you go to
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information on adopting those tho cute little puppies this morning.g. and what better way to celebrate super bowlwl sunday then bringing in another member of the family? lets have a look at what is going on right now in northeast ohio storm fox doppler no radard showing a couple of returns, some echoes if you will around ann arbor in detroit, but those are not reaching the ground as either showers or snow showers at thiss point, but there is snow from milwaukee to travers city to u of michigan where they are seeing the most accumulation and rain just off the outer banks of north but those rain showers are associated with a pretty nasty wintere storm that fortunately will go off mainly over the atlantic. cape cod and folks in that direction of newntic. england will be
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weather system. th it could be enough to jump over a half foot of snow over some backyards in new england. 34 degrees right now the lakefront and add hopkins to that list with wind chill readings in the twenties this morning.inread it will be a nice mild day today, not bad. 10 degrees or little bit more above average. after our son this morning we will have some cloud cover working for thee afternoon and a wintry mix to bring in our monday. it will eventually transition to snow and i believe this will this. it's raised up to anaccla inch and some areas more than that and arctic air arctic air withre temperatures nosediving into the twenties for high temperatures.sed there will be several opportunities ifwi that's the rightha word for snow going
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even a secondary ahe shot of reinforcing arctic air coming in late week into the weekend. highs may not make it out of the of teams. we are catching up a bit. sun and mild. clouds on the increase. tonight we're were calling for clouds. it will be dry early tonight so the weather should notdr hamper through tonight but snow possible after we get into the morning rush hourr tomorrow, although the higher 48 degrees like we said trace may be up to an inch or sa two. sandwiched between two weather systems there is the strong winterbeth storm that stays out over the atlantic portion, fortunately. our clipper system is theys primaryt front. the secondary front changes this to allll snow after it comes through. look at the eight day.mes thirties then starting wednesday right on through the weekend calling for highs in the
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low twenties for late in the week.eek you can see everyday sports a chance for somee snow with several across a lake pressure or clipper systems and on the backside there will likely bell some lake enhancement. snow totals on into next weekend with anothers on shot that is reinforcing arctic air blast and highs in the teams.c that is it. of course fox eight is your official school closing station. the massive recall of to contact airbags has expanded to include more recent airbags. the act airbags can explode if they inflate firing air out shards of metal causing serious injuries even death. so far more than 20 million older cars have been recalled. they notified 12 automakers that more recent airbags could also be at home depot is going on a
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the nation's largest home h improvement retailer plans to hireiler more than 80,000 seasonal workers.tha home depot says spring is their christmas and seasonal work becomes permanent for some half of their applicants turned into full-time employees and applications can be submitted online.. vegan ice cream. in keeping with the times, ben and jerry's will often offer a vegan ice cream alternative. the non- nondairy product will be made using an almond milkond base. they willlk offer iconic flavorsc f such as check the chunky monkey and chocolate fudge brownie brownie, but there will be other new vegan flavors like chalky coffee carameleg fudge and peanut butter cookie tiki i will eat any ice cream. >> bring it on. subway will have to changee t its $5 foot-long jingle.
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bumping the price of its 12-inch sub from $5 to six bucks. the $5 foot-long's have been a mainstay on the the menu since 2007.7. the company blames rising costs. will no yawning can be contagious, but a new study says it is more contagious for women than men. mo researchers at vcu university observedrche people yawning for five years. difficult work. they found men and women yawned spontaneously at equal ratesan but women are more likely to you on an reply to another person john. women have more higher levels ofs empathy and are more teams to other than men. i need that job to sit around and watch peoplejo yawn. >> i don't know where they got those results.knows >> do you have no empathy? [laughter] 8:19 a.m. and still to cuddly. >> and they may bear owning. >> they're looking for a they
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that guy is not yawning. he is eating but the other guys are not yawning either. they are out.t next we will tie you how you can make these puppies a part of
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welcome back on this sunday morning, super bowl sunday. >> another sunny >> a nice one.n >> get outside and grill if you want to or stop by a shelter and pick up one ofy a these. >> we hear a lot about puppy
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these are our own fox eight >> perfect. >> prs. courtesy of voices in the dark animal rescue. jaclyn diaz joining us this morning for more on that. >> thankg you for having us back. we're happy to be here. he we have some awesome boxer shepherd mix puppies courtesy of our friends fromx p roughhouseu we work with them and helping savea as many animals as we can in the cleveland area.ny these guys were a huge letter by localrea family and they were we looking for rescue groups that we are happy toin have them here with you guys. >>u you said they are boxerer shepherd's. >> they are boxer shepherd mixes. there's two boys and two girls. we've named th them after cities in mexico while i should say mexico seemed. we have twoexi girls and two boys. the two boys are an combo and corona and the girls are cancun
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>> this is wh combo. >> how are you. >> this is the one we had on the set i think a few minutes ago. so sweet.ew they are six weeks old and being that they are boxer shepherd mix, doesn'tox it that gets to a decent sized probably. >> 5060 pounds absolutely. >> it just dependspou which comes out boxer or the >> that's good to remember. a lot of people are very wooed byby puppies because they are sor little and sweet but it in sweet but it is important to remember re maybe walk us through some of those good points that you talk to potential adopters about. >> it is a good thing to a remember puppies although they are adorablel to require a lot of energy in the firste couple off years. they need a lot of exercise. when they're this small they are cute but remember you have to help them know when to go pottye outside and the best thing to remember is the more people theyb meet and the more boundaries
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as p adults. >> and socialization is the key t if you want to have a dog that is not going to be a problem ora dock that doesn't jump on everybody, that kind of stuff. you have to make sure they are socialized. >> that iskey the biggest thing. we have a puppy party every february, valentine's day themed and we talk about how it is not always the breed that is the problem. it is learning to teach them how to correctly behave in public te so don't ban the breed, ban the deed to. >> that is such an important message as well. s are these guys in foster care?e >> they are in foster care.r one of the boys is by himself because the family may want to adopt them but they are not there yet andy then the other two girls and the boy are in foster care. >> you guys rely heavily on foster. >> yes. >> we don't have a physical location so all of our animals are kept in kind people's home
8:22 am
for a period of time. >> so many organizations depends strongly on thatny foster base. you have any big events coming up? >> we have our city party saturday around the corner in lakewood.rday there's $25 presale 35 at the door.sal >> this dog needs a home.e. >> our next big event is in march. we have a birthday party for bette inma davis was our inspiration for founding voices so we celebrate her birthday every month. >> veryh very nice. >> what better way to celebrate than to take home one of these guys. gu >> they are looking for a valentine. so if anyone is looking for a lover, these guys will give you love, lots oftse kisses. >> once again these puppies are all up for adoption.p for information on how to adopt or how to attend one of their upcoming events just had to jackie has always thank you. >> we are going to keep checking che in with the puppies throughout
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if there's anyof th penalties. i think now that they've eaten there little more wake. >> there is food on the field.
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>> of god to love that little phone slip and but it's got all the information youp need when we are notd here you go there or you can stay here. >> we would like that too. thanks for staying with us this morning.liksfo it's a big night, it's a big day and ita will be potentially warm enough to grow? b >> exactly. >> that's what we are hearing. aj is outside right now. >> takeaj your taker dogs outside for a walk ta today, or a new puppy. >> i have no idea what you're talking about.eave if i run to the door it is because the fox fox eight skunk is outb here so don't get nervous. everything is okay, at least for now. oka let's have a look at what is happening across northeast ohio. as of this point storm fox doppler radar.
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skunk?e north and west we have some summer turns up there but that won't bother us through the day today.urnt our esteemed anchor team rose and autumn said you may want to consideramn s grilling if the grilll wasn't in mothballs like it is here at fox wind speeds 10 miles per hour at hopkins at the lakefront no gusts at this point and a look at our timeme lapse showing a lovely sunriseh this morning rising earlier and earlier and setting later and later.arli 37 hopkins and akron canton bound states downstate temperatures in the low twenties guys that are mainly clear allowing temperatures to and rain at the east coast becoming a very powerful storm on the atlantic but were looking for a half a foot of snow inn some areas, especially off cape cod and up through new you can see that making its way
8:26 am
even new york city.nor a couple of clipper systems heading our way. rain will eventually change over to snow and it could accumulate.ually we will have an answer tor perhaps by tuesday morning. sunshine today, high clouds, 47 for the hi cgh today. he's just just scanning and making sure. >> that's a skunk. >> wouldn't that be funny? that would goe viral. >> it would go viral. >> .-dot would be reallybe something to see. maybe that is a sign of spring. maybe they're only out in warmer weather right?on >> i guess anything is possible. >> is just looking for a friend, aj that's all. a turning to news, it is a picture that has gone viral. thousands of views earlier this week ofe a swollen and red babies toe.
8:27 am
his daughter's foot is a warning to othero's fo parents. >> it is called a hair tourniquet and one family agrees it shouldnd not be taken lightly. alison brown tells us the family was at the right place at the rightt time. >> this is little ava hersman, happy and ago,. >> i had never heard of in aa hair tourniquet >> mom always checks her fingers and toes. fussy. they have fevers and the parents can't figure out t why their baby is inconsolable. that's the norm.c with ava' she was completely fine, completely normal. >> but thankfully they were at hillcrest hospital for an appointment already when the discovery waspo made. >> when they the waiter they took off all her close down to the t diaper and we noticed thatat her fourth toe was twice as big as the other one.
8:28 am
just with the size and the string had come wrapped around their. >> wou the same situation shared byar wichita kansase dad earlier in the week. he posted this photo on facebookn f and it has gone viral. thousands of views as a warning for parents..ho the fear is that the hair tourniquet can cut through the scan and cut offto blood flow to give. >> the nurse was very concerned and said wewe need to get the doctor doctrine here right away. they're worried you'ree going to lose a toe. >> thankfully that did not happen>> but doctors t told them they hear may have gotten into the sock to the laundry so they pay more attention now. >> i check ava's socks and sleepers at least seven times ave day. a check every nightmes before she goes to bed. it's terrifying. it's by the grace of god and a o true miracle thatf we were already at one of the best state.e. >> the hers the hersman says it took a while to get the hair off of the toe. eventually they had to use nair, the hair removal cream.
8:29 am
get it off, but ava will always will most likely be just a little bit bigger than the ge others but how lucky that they caught that.ers saturday cleveland kicked off its month-long celebration with a symbolic tradition that dates backh to 1972. >> there is our annual flag raising here cleveland city hall. we are one of the first cities to starto this, but we raise the black american bu flag.lag >> we are here to not only celebrate, memory bus commemorate but commemorate ourur ancestors, those people whose shoulders we sat on today. >> representatives from the cleveland city council ands the local branch of the underground railroad of society gathered toat help raise the african american flag.hehe the ceremony marked the 42nd year that flag has flown highn over city hall during the month of february.ver if you live or work in cleveland, you may soon pay more
8:30 am
proposal by the city's leaders. that right tells us this morning why they say the hike is necessary. >> plowing snow, filling potholes,, patrolling city streets. cleveland's mayor says the city needs more moneyela to keep services going next >> we've got a problem and 17, right? a revenueroban issue. >> frank jackson is calling for an increase of ca the city's income taxed them to to t do and a half percent. he says revenue from property cameras is down the city has lost $30 million inill annual state funding while ohio leaders tout a balanced budget. >> we areers t the ones that produce that revenue but we do not see the benefits from it.reven as a result of that, they are ar forcing the decision of tax >> meanwhile, costs are rising in 2016.
8:31 am
$28 million in salary increases and the doj consent decree will cost the city co 11 million. >> you don't want to just get by. we want to be able to do well and do better. >> the proposed half percent income taxr hike would cost c someone making $50,000 a year an extra $ the mayor says it would generate $83 million annually to maintain and expand any services, but could it drive business away. >> dr i'm not concerned about that. >> otherwise cuts will occur, though jackson is not specifying where. o city council must approve any taxx hike. hi >> if not, we will have to have a reduction of services and some possible layoffs. >> minuteses would go before cleveland voters, many of whomy say they are tax weary. >> everything is going up, even the butts bus rates is going up.
8:32 am
in cleveland was 35 years ago. the mayor says november is the earliest and incomeyo tax increasere would be put on the ballot forl cleveland voters. it is 838 almost 8:39 a.m. and still to come. >> drivers and carolina see a road sign forecasting the final score of tonight's super si bowl. spring is not that fara away. we will help you geta ready with the home and garden show going on right garden show going on right now.d how g another warning of blue skies andoth sunshine on this super bowl sunday. we be leiby outside grilling?
8:33 am
>> welcome back on this beautiful super bowl sunday morningg t morning and of course inu celebration of the super bowl we have our own box eight puppy cam.m. >> puppy punters this morning. look at that one. he fell asleep. >> again. this one right here. >> don't you chew on that. >> these puppies are from voices in the dark animal rescue. they are so adorable and they are up for adoption. so if you are interested, go to www.fox8.comd, and find out how you can take one of these sweet pups t home. >> they are all named after resorts in mexico. >> as if you needed a better reason to adopt one. >> in the meantime, the great big home and garden show is
8:34 am
lots of ideas big and small for homeowners out here.ig >> this features three complete model homes that you may want to check out.atuomes >> this is one of three model homes that you guys created this year urban farmhouse if you go down to the cleveland market urban cle living and studies in thein t high tech house as well. >> this is a pretty big house. >> we started this house two
8:35 am
>> everything that you would have a house if you're looking for that come you are looking for that come out this weekend. >> this is a great place forplac people to get ideas of the new up andea coming trends for their homeland for their gardens as well.ld >> fear looking for an outdoorut project even though we are in the month ofject february, we have many options for you. >> and that is for the whole south hall area as well. and for people who have been doing demonstrations you have some people coming inndoi this year. >> we've got two chicks and a hair, beacon bergen beacon voice as well. right here on our stage as well. >> one of the hours this weekend >>houd this weekend we are 10 until nine on saturday, 10 until five onneon sunday.
8:36 am
here home and garden show and we are not two chicks and a hammer, we are to two dudes with a microphone. >> that's right. >> it's going to be a good day to getet outside to get aj take me home. >> it's a good number. they are absolutely adorable. you can find the information information at if you would like to adopt the puppies.n at temperature was got some rain and eastern michigan but it is
8:37 am
spottyachi showers and even a wintry mix. there is a pretty there's a pretty decent stripe of snow moving up michigan. any rain showers tomorrow morning and they wouldw bebe tomorrow morning definitely after midnight tonight of course we will keep you posted, 34 degrees hopkins 33 out at toledo was to raise 29, 27 akron canton. factoring in the wind there is little wind chill out there and to start the c day may be able to lighten up the winter garden thishe afternoon.n winter garden this afternoon.
8:38 am
50 that would be almost 10 degrees warmer than maybe about three or 4:00 o'clock, somewhere ride in there we manageded to tip up close to 40. there is our high temperature and it's dropped nothing too precipitous they areothi in terms of a quick drop off, a drop into d the 47 right now. some computer models have indicated 49 and with was the with the sun out it always feels bright sunshine than increasing cloudshin going through thehe afternoon and tonight as well. then by the three or 4:00 a.m. hour there will be a rain snowh mixedere will be a area and we will eventually transition to all snow. most areas just kind of a candy
8:39 am
melt due towe today. wind south and west 10 south and west 10 to 15 miles per hour. here are a couple of systems to watch it takes a bit more for an east tracka but there is enough cold air and moisture of the atlantic. you want to stay up on the latest tomorrow at noon so if your travel plans take you into new england or perhaps even long island and manhattan, you may want to beware of some snow accumulation that could hamper for us it is just kind of a weak weather system more week weather system more than anything else. they have for the eight day outlook quite a slide as winds aloft for the steering currents that come at and as you see on the eight-day
8:40 am
20 on saturday. that would be a notable change i would say. the overnight lows single digitsle and highs on sunday only in the teens.ghs fox agency or official school closing station of and we may be talking about that this upcoming week.abo a medical mixup inn tennessee, jennifer milton had just given birth to her son nate. she thought he was being taken for a routine physical but whenbu the nurse came back she started talking about a procedure that was performed on nate that was apparently meant for another child. it involved cutting a piece of skinut fromti the babies tongue which is meant for babies born with a restricted tongue but nate was a healthy baby. >> there is no excuse for operating on the wrong wrong baby. none. we don't know if the child will have any eating or health
8:41 am
child was supposed to leave the hospital healthy and instead was harmed by the hospital.l. >> the doctor publicly responded saying that asks for the wrongon infant and likely perform thee procedure on an infant's different than the one intended and i admitted my mistake and apologized. a new photo online iso getting a lot of attention because people can't figure out which one is the f mom. taylor posted the self it with her twin sister anded t mother and social media led up. they said looks more like a picture of triplets that withi but sinceet it has been posted last week it ha was translated 30,000 different times. take a close look. ed who do you think is the mom? we know but i'm going to spoilt it for you. she is someone on the left and in the and the black blazer. o they've got some great genes in thatat family. millions will tune into the super bowl tonight. wil drivers in north carolina say there is a road senses c are sense as artie predictednses the games
8:42 am
prophecy. 20. signgn and of the sign and posted onsig his facebook page and never attention. >> i putch it on my facebook. i thought it was coincidence. >> best prediction of the futurere right air, 45 to win the super >> 24 hours after the picture was posted onft facebook it it received more than 30,000 hits. >> when something like that naturally pops up you never know. >> bead bowl set the eightball said it wass true. still ahead. >> the break from the campaign trail the place in the new
8:43 am
up in flames. we will get you details on some of the
8:44 am
candidates took on the issues on the final debate ahead of the new hampshire primaries.te can't. runners ran ad we have a few clouds movingd into the area rights now it will not last. good sunday morning to you. it is february 7th, super bowl sunday a beautiful day at that. ful it's a beautiful day to get outside and take a walk before you pick out tonight eating wings and indulging in alcoholic beverages. >> allh of the delicious treats you're going toe be enjoying today. >> thanks for joining us. we have aj standing by outside.
8:45 am
inside.e bu fox eight diggs it sucks eight dick goddard bobble head doll no precipitation showing up on storm fox of any consequences. mostly sunny partly cloudy at nine 31 akron canton was to new
8:46 am
checks inu at 32 and around the state, temperatures are coming up nicely..sta you can see temperatures going up nicely looks like rain over ove lake michigan right now. wind chills across the state not looking too bad at this point. satellite radar indicated in the vast majority of snowflakes flying and in southern canada rightitit now wrapping back into the arrowhead ofing minnesota. meanwhile some rain moving up the east coast and they willt eventually get into some decent snow out toward cape in cod and up into new england. for us any rain ne and rain mixed with snow will change over to all snow eventually. that will be tomorrow in the morning hours..tha tomorrow 47 bright sunshine and mild. clouds on the increase will be mainly dry incr tonight and then after tonight rain and snow mix will likely occur. we will show you when the bottom
8:47 am
it will, coming up shortly. topping the news this morning, two deadly fires in less than 24 hours. the cleveland city fire department fought hard to put outt to homes on thursday. >> sadly for the cruise and their loved ones, not everyone made it out alive. brittney harris has more on what may have sparked such tragedies.. >> i heard some sirens that stoppedome right in front of the house. i went to my front door and looked at what was happening. i saw some firefighters pull out some hoses and i said wellr it'sl time to get out of here right now.. >> eric is anxious to get backet inside his house in cleveland. he was told to evacuate after his neighbor's home caught firef sometime around noon on saturday. he says they have not heard much, but they do know a woman passed away.a >> its real bad over here it's real bad over here.
8:48 am
the street is blocked off and the fire keeps going. it won't stop. >> sue lives across the street and say she raced to call 911 after her son told her about the fire. >> i was coming down the street. i t didn't notice anything. i came back inside and mice son was screaming call the fire department because the housermi across the street was on fire so i did and we knew the lady. la everybody knows the lady. >> the fire department has not identified the victim and theyey are not sure whether anyone else was inside the home.he firefighters try to look around but the situation became toooo dangerous.ero at one point part of the fire collapsed. >> there was some structure in the top part and we will bell fighting that but once we get this under control we will do a walk-through and make sure we have everything under control.
8:49 am
weekend.d. firefighters started the day trying to save a man trapped inside a burning home on east 130 third street. the fire broke out at 3:00 a.m. saturday.bro investigators are now trying to determine how that fire started.d. crews say they did not appear to bes any working smoke detectors inside the house.rk firefighters also battled another blazehte inside crews from fire station 20 were able to contain those claims. most of the damage occurred on the first floor of the home including several pieces of furniture and windows but neighbors say it obviously could have beeni so much worse. tonight authorities have arrested three suspects and have them in custody in connection with the kidnapping of a six year olddw girl. it started around 6:00 o'clocklo saturday night when 26 you'll bring old rena beckert got into a fight b with the girl's mother. police say becker grabbed the
8:50 am
into the cart with 27 -year-old brandon and debbie samuel 2 jasonson ramsey which triggered an amber alert.igg they were on the run for almost two hours before deputies located the be car and rescued the girl. those folks right there aree facing felony kidnapping charges. ohio's wesleyan university is mourning the loss of onean of their own. the body of luke gabbert was found on the creek saturdayt morning near campus. the 19 -year-old freshman was part of the soccer team. foul play is not suspected.e police not yet released the official cause of death. raising money for the more than 1,000 people attacked
8:51 am
on rona hand to ring the bell. this year that they added a 10dd story climb just for kids. >> 14 years ago we wanted to have a friendly event where everyone could participate andte a it would be a winter activity. sometimes folks in the wi winter one out and we wanted to make sure everyone would come out to do things fun and active. it is nine oh 7:00 a.m. >> gop presidential candidates we will have the full recap next.. >> if you have been under a rock for a while you don't know itow super bowl sunday but we are going to we're going to head out to get your schools ready folks.
8:52 am
super bowl later in thehave show. tickets for saint jude dream home go on sale thursday at february 18th february 18th at 6:00 a.m.n proceeds go to saint jude st. jude's research hospital. also take it other you to other
8:53 am
welcome back. it is 9:11 a.m. and what a day sunshine. we're st starting the same. as the sun sinks back there it's getting b more that if you hide clouds if you hide clouds drifting in rightt
8:54 am
michigan.sno these snow showers are pretty much moving west to east. not expecting much precipitation here in cleveland until after mu midnight and toward rush hour. not looking for anything big. we are just calling for some snowflakes to fly. we've got some returns but they are not reaching the ground andou none of that precipitation is reaching the ground is at this point. high-level clouds continued to increase and thicken a bit. h some of the decorative crowd clouds by 9:00 o'clock tonight. a couple offc showers showing up out here to the west but not expected to affect greater cleveland in any way. talk about a snowless winter, almost snowless, eight.4 inches and that is 31.9 inches below average. 31
8:55 am
a snow drought more or less. there is a chance for some snow to fall. ch you see a lot of blue on the map here.a nothing heavy but perhaps some snow that could add to the amount soo far and you see around the great lakes a couple of areas that are showing over half a foot of sh snow, for us around to a mention a half at least in northeastion ohio. it's tough to pinpoint the exact amounts of the new england who perhaps a foot of snow with a winter storm that is promisingis to pull out over the atlantic a ocean and just affect the very fringe of our east coast. clouds very mild temperatures already above average. mi and then we're going to track on another tangent before all is
8:56 am
develop after midnight mixedni with snowgh and it eventually changes to all snow. thirty-eight for the high tomorrow t winter he makes changing to our snow as we said, risking cold or a colder the trays up to ank inchg or two perhaps if anything becomes persistent and lake enhanced with this system. and for us the primary and secondary front could put down some snow. some computer models indicated in a candy coating of mo snow by monday afternoon and perhaps up to two or 3 inches out east.t we will watch that for you. here is the fox eight forecastt calling for highs in the thirties as well than the cold air begins to establish itself and there will be snow snowy periods. ito won't snow the entire time. thursday 22, 22. twelve is the overnight low. twenty-four -
8:57 am
repeat that for myself because we had a little reinforcing shot of arctice r air coming in for next weekend highs. >> just so we wouldn't forget. >>o this is a reminder. highs only in the teens. we could be dealing with some of those.
8:58 am
>> roads and infrastructure pipelines what donald trump did tr was use them in a domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city.lde that is not a good purpose. that is downright wrong. >> do during a campaign season that has often resembled a is often resembled a reality tvt show, the us gop's face-off habits pair of fireworks began proud of my work in the senate and before that in the florida legislature. of the policy comes about electing people of the that in the congress orb senate together the longest we should rally around joe biden.j he's beenoe around for hundreds of years and thousands of years and packed hundreds t of past hundreds of bills and i don't think any of us should p think joe biden should be t president you have not been involved in a consequential decision we've had to c be held accountable.
8:59 am
is when you talk about heads without sanctions act as of the accomplishments, you weren't to vote for it. that is not leadership, that is truancy.uanc >> is waterboarding torture? >> under the law it is not. it is excruciating pain equivalentt to you at losing organs and systems so under the definitionsy of law it is enhanced interrogation, vigorous interrogation but it does not meet the generally recognized definition ofet torture that. >> so now the debate is this, with two days to go it's back to our old manchester was his latest stop. the ohio governor governors mettes with local restaurants to sign baseballs for some visitors. he said he felt his campaignp would do very well in new hampshire and you spend the dayy th talking the volunteers urging
9:00 am
and knock on doors before tuesday's vote. on the democratic side, si party officials reviewing results in the iowa caucuses to make i sure hillary clinton did indeed beat bernie sanders. cl she got 49.9 percent of the vote and several party members have raised concerns about vote totals that certain precincts. we've got a lot coming up for you in the next halfgo hour. >> we do. in addition to our version of the super bowl, we have our own w take on the puppy bowl.e h coming up to at the punters in the puppy punters in the flaxseed studio. we will check in with the
9:01 am
aj gets the same haircut. >> every time. >> it's incredible. smashing every time. welcome back on the super bowl sundayome morning. the time we have been waiting for is finally here.e h these are our official fox eight they are totally disinterested in anythingng football, but notut food related. they are very interested in that. thank you to jackie who is our assistant right now with voices in n the dark, animal rescue. she's the one that brought these puppies were so the cute. >> they are up for adoption anddop here is how we are we're going to do this.. >> we've got the food here we've got a denver and carolina and whichever wins the most puppies go to, that's going to be our prediction. >> be free puppies geek if we g
9:02 am
>> they are not even interested. this one is asleep. >> that one has been asleep the entiret on show. >> here is corona. >> they have no idea what they are doing.g. everyone is depending on this. >> there might be food. >> we've got one for carolina. we've got a carolina. >> they're not interested. these puppies? >> their sixe weeks so they have two more weeks before they can actually go to their forever home. >> there is there's carolina you want to just kind of be out don't you? , woke up. so we've got to for carolina. this is kind of a wishy-washy
9:03 am
>> now they are all oh. >> this is a clear winner. >> sorry cl mom. >> switch sides. a couple of them were in here and they switched sides all of a sudden. >> they were wishy-washy at sl first but now i think their choices prettyut n clear. >> they are pretty adamant for denver. and be free. >> what can we do?cap this is about as official as our fox eight magic eight ball. >> and probably as accurate as i am.nd p >> this puppy is over there. that puppy is rooting for the browns.. >> we have a browns fan. >> the browns fan is >> and these guys are from voices from the dark animal rescue.. if you want more information ono how to adopt one of them had to for more information on
9:04 am
>> the browns fan browns fan comes over here with me.ith >> much more fox eight news in the morning coming up in just a little bit. >> we will see you in a little bit. e it might seem like a bizarre injury, but it is more common than you bu think. >> the message flower from aom local family after some very scary moments with her .-dot their daughter. a calm morning in northeasthe ohio but changes are afoot. next, aj has a look at the
9:05 am
welcome back this sunday morning wakingme up to blue skies. if you are headed out and about this morning going to church it's a nice morning. >> a good day to be out and about before super t bowl. >> may be are getting some last-minute snacks. a we were talking earlier about what a great day it might turn out tolkiabout be. >> the message you know it. >> it lets send things out to aj who is going to fill us in on our potential for grilling today. o >> it is time. we i have hours and mothballs here at fox eight, but if you don't
9:06 am
i don't at my house, it would bebe a fine day to do a grill out. temperatures near 50 degrees so the heat won't be taken away by mother natureaw off the grill so if you are celebrating the super bowl, you will have no weather issues today. 36 degrees at the lakefront, 37 at hopkins already, arctic air and speaking of something beingg at a foot, there is much colder air lurking and even wednesday morning there is there ev that is 25 - 30 degrees below zero so there is lots of arctic air to bebe had. windsor locks showing the flow were pulling out of the arctic, and it will be a bit more prolonged than we have seen, at least to beginning on wednesday
9:07 am
weekend.nnsd in fact, next weekend looks mighty cold. next highs might not make it out of the teens. here is our system and you can see thee snow wrapping in and around the clipper system. it is a bit unique in that iti has a couplen of fronts associated with it.t. a primary front comes through and kicks off some rain showers and it will mix with snow and the secondary front will change ch any remaining mixture over to snow. there could be some accumulation with that asbe well and as we go through the rest of the week on and offeringest showers will add towill the accumulation and maybe make up to that snown deficit which is just shy of 32 inches below average.j today's sun sun, high clouds son, high clouds and temperatures on thesun h c climb as they are right now. we will find out when we decide
9:08 am
choice, coming up. it is a picture that has gone viral. thousands of views earlier this week of a swollen and red baby toe.e. a kansas dad shared the photo of his daughter split as a warning to other parents and. >> it is a hair tourniquet.her one family says it should not beou taken lightly.ld alison brown tells us the family was at the right place at the right >> this is little ava hersman happy andttl healthy. but after a scare of three three monthsbut a ago, i never heard of a hair tourniquet before. >> mom always checks her fingers andher toes and. >> a lot of babies are fussy or have fevers and they can't inconsolable.o with ava, she was completelyely fine and completely normal.. >> thankfully they're what the children's hospital for an
9:09 am
made.ade >> when they way the baby of course you take off alll> when the their close on down to the diaper. and we noticed that her fourth toe was twice as big as the other ones a person from candace posted this facebook photo as a warning for the fear is that the hair tourniquet cut through the skin and cut off blood flow.rou >> the nurse was very concerned and said we need to get the doctor in here right away or they were worried that you were going to lose are toe.o >> thankfully that did not happen but because doctors told them they the said the hair may have gotten the sock to the laundry, they pay more attention now. >> i check pa checkeryore socks at least five times a day. i check ti every night before she goes to bed. it's terrifying.
9:10 am
were already at what are the one of the best pediatric hospitals in our state.pedi >> they said it took a while to get the hair off theo babies toe. eventually near hair removal creamn was used and they got it but the baby will always have a little scar there, and her toe will most likely be a little bigger than the others. >> how lucky that they caught it though.> h one of the most extraordinary success stories in the heart of cleveland.. a school that takes families whose average income is $26,000 a year to give the child the bears and education where every single graduate, all 586 so far, have been accepted to college. now it's mission at saint maarten to floor florez and st. clair neighborhood isbo growing thanks to a groundbreaking things to groundbreakingng nk saturday on a new $26 million school building. the building is housed and affiliated with the cleveland
9:11 am
it started in 2004. at the groundbreaking the bishopis thanked all of the corporations anddt individuals who supportedted the dreams and aspirations of so many deservingspir children. >> you all have your own children did you know what you yo want for them. you want the best for those children and you do so much to give them thend best. these are all of our children, and we should want for them what we want for our own.wa that is what family and church are really all about. >> 88 percent of saint martin graduates got emerald s directly there and that's higher than the th national average. about four of every five graduates are the first members of their families to ever attend college.r f just last month northeast ohiost l mourned when kenton can to
9:12 am
k-9 officer jethro was killed in k ai shootout. here's the story from canton. >> i bet that about that toy to go. >> a few steps at ahatout time, both learning to trust each other. >> on these first ones, you've got to let him go a little bit more. >> off officer ryan officer ryan davis and his newi partner on monday began training with cantons had caninend trainer. >> that's mine. i'veh got its. >> learning and bonding, a little tough and emotional for officere davis who lost his former partner jethro's last month. he was killed after being shot several times during a shootout for the suspect.l t >> there will never be a replacement, but it's a new partner. we are moving forward with the training.vning >> at last wednesday he flew to texasesda to meet his new partner. canines for cops in houston donated him to the department's. >>
9:13 am
the next 12 to 14 weeks. when it is completed you will begin his job as cantons newest k-9 officer. >> he will be a full k-9. he gets canine purity gets a certificate. a his badge number will be 62, i believe. >> but davis says jethro will never be>> forgotten and will always have a specialoe place in his heart. >> hopefully seven years from now when he is ready to retire i will be able to walk out the door withe him and say jethro no problem. a lot more is coming your way and it smells very good in here. >> it wayand i does. >> calves look to get back on track.alves we will have highlights of their matchups with the pelican's last night at p the queue. it a pulse board full sports reporters next. p and we will hand out the super bowlnd trophy.
9:14 am
be you never know but we will hand this out coming first a live look outside. blue skies and sunshine. another gorgeous sunday morning and a day will have another check the super bowl weather
9:15 am
>> zz top nothing like it. cheap> sunglasses and when you are a star like our next guest, you need the sunglasses to cut down on some of the glare. >> all the lights of the press right?t?> >> as. >>
9:16 am
winner.ave >> we've tried lots of tasty soups l on the road to the super bowl but we fell in love with this lasagna soup.n l we couldn't stop talking about it for i was dreaming about it remember?a >> there back for round two andro we areu crowning them our super bowl champion today.g meciar producer made this very loving trophy for you guys to display in your restaurant. >> thank you. >> lets introduce the whole clan
9:17 am
>> thank you very much. digg if you eat this soup and drink italian wine you can go to the top of the moon. >> that is so true. >> it's such a family place that you youtube fa built.u we talked about that when you guys are on the show.t t >> 47 years. ye >> thank you very much. keeps people coming back. >> iteps is. >> that is absolutely what it is. you brought it again. are you ready? is >> we could not stop talking about this at all.ot and it smells so wonderful. >> andmel the bread i the love the fox ate pizza.
9:18 am
did you see this pizza? they shaped it like shifted like a heart.ey sh that is beautiful. big he it comes from our heart. >> we love it.e thank you. l >> it's magic. >> a lot of people would say you've got to know what you're doing to make good old-fashioned tomatoes and
9:19 am
think a lot of people unintelligible. >> my two daughters made to wife met my two daughters my wife. [all talking at once] >> she's she smacked her hand away?e's >> now you have a wooden spoon. you can just give them a little - -dash that'll come in handy. >> how'll c many years married? >> 62. >> after 62 years she has earnedhas the right to smack you. >> she's my mother, she she's my wife, she's everything for me. >> i think the family atmosphere ii> remain with the feel of could theeel door. >> and you can taste it in the soup. truly.
9:20 am
kitchen to get real quickly, where can people find you? they are going to want this soup. >> merritt merit 711 bevans w road and it's right off of the freeway. come on down and enjoy and bone appetite good appetite bone appetite good appetite. bon appe tit.ite goi >> one more time for our super bowl winners everybody. [cheering] >> and of course if you want to taste somer of the award-winning and click on seen on tv. are, the link they are and of course a link to the menu. thank you sonk te a l much. i like the whole spread. >> wh you can come over here. >> all of a ov sudden i found myself having 10 minutes to do the weatherng now as everyone from the control room bolts out ofs here. all kinds of deliciousness over here. congratulations to the restaurant and the whole staff.
9:21 am
they want to taste.. they've been sleeping all morning. here's a look at storm fox and off to the sa west a couple of her turns out they are not hitting the ground. there is a lot of dry air in place. it will take a while for the moisture to reach the surface but probably not until after midnight tonight.oba a beautiful sunrise out there and some high-level clouds. there are 25,000 feet or more were commercial jets fly otherwise no ice out there on the lake erie.e. you really have to look hard.. to see any eyes. this is a high-resolution satellite. is it that is not ice, that is cloudd cover this is how ice free lake erie ho is let's zoom in on the western basin.
9:22 am
can find i send it is in a very homey section probably less than 1 percent of lake erie is covered in ice right now. these of are the islands out towardth cedar point in vermillion basin. backup top now here we go three-dimensional weather side looking in on these - clouds and snow showers rights here are h eassociated with our weather w system that will bring in some snow, and the snow potential will be with us through the week ahead on andnd off. it won't snow the entire time, but we may make up some of that 32-inch deficit in the snoww bucket in hopkins. the snow measuring stick is ai better way to put it. thirty-seven at hopkins, 31 akron canton 35 at mansfield. our forecast for today 47 degrees bright sunshine, mild thirty-three the nighttime low. not bad at all. rain will mix with snow and
9:23 am
tomorrow, 38 and we could be looking at at accumulations maybe up to aat a couple of inches.. certainly not out of the t question. we will show you the maps as we go through the rest of today into tomorrow and buy the afternoono this winter storm pulls out into the atlantic ocean on the fringe. fr we've got snow coming down in the northeast. if your travels take you in that direction stay up on the latest because that could cause some delays. otherwise for us cold and snowy snow into the week ahead and temperatures in the twenties.ent fox ate his or her official school closings station. >> we almost didn't make it over here because we were eatingidn soup >> we cannot put this soup down. >>th there there's so much of a good food up there also. so many items we didn't get to mention but we will make suree it is on our website so you can see all of the good food up there as well. our puppy punters even punters even watching them all morning. they are not the only ones ready for the super bowl. te stay with pj. >> he's a good puppy and hee has
9:24 am
sunday 15 to sunday sports report. good sunday morning.
9:25 am
ken stabler and fence we are out of sports time. have a greata ou sunday. >> we already are. >> is not as a talk with enough. with a mouthful but i can't help it. it's fantastic. you've got to go. >> they're so goodit's's to us. >> we've got much more to come, still more news to come after we eat. >> believewe it or not, ohio will be represented in the super bowl but we we're not talking about the bangles and certainly not
9:26 am
believe it or not, ohio is responsible for one of the most important pieces of denied super
9:27 am
>> the football desu for the game all made right here in the buckeye state. sporting-goods football factory in ada ohio nears lima. every single ball for every factory. for the game tonight workers made 216 footballs. each team6 gets 108, half or practice and of course the rest for today's when the puppies want to come back out because they want to eatu some of mama katina's food. >> everybody wants k that. >> i have been relegated to. >> for aj only gets an orange. >> i'm really trying to stick to my diet. >> we arerying really try not tock laugh at you right now. >> i know. it's so hard. >> say that again to our winners. >>hat amazing.g. >> plenty of great food all of mama katina's on babbitt road. see you later.
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