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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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a shooting near the kent state university campus, jessica dill joins us in just won't. >> the race for white house intensifies, it's time for the new hampshire primary the latest on on the last-minute push for votes.o >> what everybody is talking about after super bowl 50 going to recap the game and the
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thank you for joining us. >> there has been a major a major tip and the temperatures can pay update from aj colby . it is a slushy wet snow out here we've got some wet snowflakes, the ground is having a candy coating, rar, some areas are slick and slick spots on untreated surfaces this will continue to move north and east currently 34 degrees . just above freezing at hopkins
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crib-cam is, zero visibility . from outer space lots of cloud cover with temperatures in the 30s, and ashtabula and youngstown do have 40, on satellite radar composite, do the 3-d weather flight to show you the snowfall, and lots of cold air to the northwest .eal low pressure continues to spiral . another cold air, eventually, by tomorrow night, especially wednesday, some decent lake effect snowfall . perhaps 1 inch or two, grade changeover, look
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stow high school student is charged with the death of a kent state university student .. >> jessica dill joins us in kent with this. here at kent state . anywhere is tragic especially at such young ages .
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8-year-old nicholas massa of less like a shot and killed east main street sunday thehe freshman at kent state university, not his apartment that he was killed in, and he lived on campus,d is a simply don't suspect behind barsi, not releasing his identity because of his age he is aen kent a stow high school student . he fled the scene but with the help of the police they were able to make the arrest a few later, many of our talk are talked about this tragic loss .y at this point our thoughts go out to the familyth and friends this is a
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a young man lost his life and what is the connection ? it is still early in this investigation the police are speaking to the person who lived in that apartment, they cannot release much more information . but but richland county coroner's officean to identify the remains found and we can determine they
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an argument with her neighbors over her cats in mansfield us marshalsitov arrested the neighbors, on thursday in tennessee they have not been charged in this case police officer believes . police are looking for the suspect who robbed a case western researched student at gunpoint sunday it happened 10:00 a.m. at murray hill and ed show roads in little italy victim says that he was standing waiting to cross the street when t two men jumped out of a suv robbing him of his wallet they're warning people to be on alert . police received information about a tumblr pagepo allegedly containing nude photos of teenagers detectives said
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taken down january 207 of some people in twinsburg are disappointed to hear about it, and some say technology comes e with responsibility and that teenagers should be careful about what they post is apha good something thatpo a mistake that that can follow you throughout your years impacting your educational and career goals. >> they're going up way to fast with technology, and they have cell phones and more access exposed to much more than they should be in at such a young ageh . >> minnesota twins berkeley steve says that that when they we get more information fromome tumblr, and they will examine the evidence and interview the teenagers believed involved. >> i want to look for a driver who left a state trooper injured after a traffic stop in atwater townshipfi they see the trooper stopped a car, talk to the driver before he started pp to leave, the trooper tried to stop
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feetet on state route 225 suffering cuts,ou chased the h driver a few miles before stopping the driver could face serious charges including assault andst fleeing and eluding. >> just days away from the first primary in thehe residential race she's inac there trying to get some last-minute votes in new hampshire as scott mclean is in new hampshire with the latest . voters are therefore ron senator bernie sanders according to the latest poll of democratic voters with 50 percent support, 23 ahead of hillary clinton. >> we began the campaign in new hampshire we weree> very pushed down and she was much better known in the state at least one
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much stock in the numbers. >> it is the hardest thing in the world world world to be pulled in, there's no way that a bernie sanders is going to be cut by 30 points i think she's going to come in under 10. >> hillary clinton, not a hamsterry sunday for a meeting in flint, michigan where contentun contaminated water transit i committees held. >> the children of flint, michigan are just as precious as any others in america.a >> is sure to come up in the michigan march primary. >> elena cnn poll shows that about a third of voters backing donald trump, and more than twice ofof marco rubio, and tuesday could be the end of the line for some candidatesc. >> usually what happens in iowa and new hampshire,t you weed out those weaker weaker candidates and you might not why not have a lots ofnd weeding out after
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tragedy for a canadian family at
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the massive canadian park, is that a step in the shadow come the side of a deadly accident the police say it appears to be a park gone on. >> that about a teenagers, into and to the property after hours
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attracts. >> what they do not know is that it branches off into a mooch track and a a large gate separating them, they say a group of them cluttered with that concrete gate . to assist on scene remaining six were transported to various hospitals try to piece together how it happened,d, reviewing footage in helping their neighbors and able to help. >> a few residences of cameras that they sell them for their own protection so maybe they saw something that could aid us in the investigation thing that whether there is adequate security,h company that operates the facility says that it will
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review of the incident. >> a neighbor says he has that is concerned about a kate to a rogue nation road next to the track that is often left open. >> never crossed her mind that might mind that what happened when i don't knowm mind that what happened when i don't know if that really be an open would have made any difference.had >> a runner debt after taking part in a krispy kreme race in north carolina,n and they eat as many as 12 donuts and one hour duringas2 the krispy kreme challenge, the slogan is 2400 calories, 12 donuts, 5 miles and one hour, thousands take part raise money for for for a children's hospital in a complaint of chest pains afterr the first moment taken to a hospital he died because the data still being determined, and krispy kreme says it does not
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>> recovery crews are still working to get a dozen cars that>> fells through the ice ice on a wisconsin lake during a winter fast they were parked parked on bleach even when they started to get out under the weight, andst they sayht that most links have been ice conditions because of the mild winter, and there were notav significant injuries, about 15 cars were at leastju partially
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transition over to snowfallll ripe for noon . not that long ago we had better visibility and rainfall but not so much now . talk about ice carvers this is from a satellite image of the coverage on lake erie . go to the western basin on the northern fringe to see any out there . now dissolve into february 2015 . you can see the difference it was impossible
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between the land this is 96 percent coverage lasts february on the lake . i think wooster was much the same these are ther open areas and there was not much lesser of the coldest february on record . this mess continues to move south to north . it will eventually pick up cold air, we could be dealing with some lake effect tomorrow night . we'll be some lake enhancement, you can see the first batchl twisted off into canada . expecting things to improve .. there could be some accumulation, but right now computer models forecast indicating thursday morning the
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night wednesday and maybe even 6 inches of snowfall outpaced, our deficit is, almost 36 inches below average snowfall . we already have got our high temperature today . it'll be colder tonight . worldwide, and wednesday is the lake erie snow machinene may fire up . another shot of arctic air for the weekend if we could be dealing with the coldest time of the
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a live picture from torontoo, actually does harm . welcome back . every chipotle story today is closed until 3:00 p.m. reviewing food safety standards after an e. coli outbreak last year and 500 people were sickened, and it t appears that the outbreak is
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afternoon . americans hate more than one . 3 billion chicken wings this weekend, according to and that's enough for , everybody to have for each enough to put 600 on every seat and all 32 nfl stadiums . a familiar face on cleveland tv on a super bowl ad. >> taco bell teamed up with the norton furniture guy for the spotto, he started out as a spot for the cleveland furniture store that introduced the new taco shell filled with cheese, they reached out to local
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different cities across america creation. >> it. >> it than the cup of coffee is not enough, in a way to get your caffeine fix, andndh the joule caffeine bracelet claims to give you the caffeine trickling into the bloodstream,ng it is the equivalent of drinking a medium cup of coffee every four hours they say that the benefit is that it eliminates energy spikes in crashes . as the us presidential race heats up a fortune teller make your predictions, using afo mixture of ancient traditions and examination of their face to make the prediction he says the most important feature ishe a long face, hillary clinton's is longer than bernie sanders so
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also factors in their birthdays and says that donald copps luck is better so she is predicting donald trump to win the presidency she says that her predictions are aboutp 80 percent accurate the rest is up to the weather and presentation . >> to become content you watch
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but in stow high school student is arrested and charged in murder of a ah kent state student. >> the family coming to terms with the fact that he was murdered justst months after starting this year at college.mij >> anywhere is tragic but especially at a young age, but we do know is h. harold nicholas massa westlake was shot inside an off-campus apartmentm sunday
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state universitya not his apartment he lived on campus . they simply don't suspect is arrested not releasing his name he is a stow high school student charge with delinquency by aggravated murder, said that he fled the scene but with the help help of the police statei tracked down his car making an arrest two hours later, many at kent state and the police department talk about thist tragic loss the police have a job to tell the family. >> there were very upset that this is a terrible tragedy t i spoke to the parents last night and again this morning . our hearts go out to them this is a terrible thing.t >> faculty here says that he was the life of a classroom and will be greatly missed .ss the school
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who needs it . tried to find ways to stop racism and offer healing to residents . focus on poverty and the neighborhoods held atty the old stone church yesterday . zack reed in attendance and participating first att institute of knowledge
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said to focus on reducing how many small children are being killedcudu by violent death in the city include. >> gas prices continue to fall here in across the country the average price for 1 dollar a gallon of gas isse 37 cents less than a year ago, at $1.82 . prices could continue to drop if crude oil costs continue to fall, lest you be paid about $2.25. >> you gotten a speeding ticket in one oh thoseed sneaky speed traps. >> fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m. local stretch of highway where the police are> waiting, and are they trying to enforce the law law or is it a money grab ? return the cameras on the cops in search of answers, and caught in a trap,
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p.m... >> after a gorgeous weekend, the temperatures have taking a turn. now with aj colby, this has been turning to snowfall. visibility is less than half while we have a slushy wet mix and certainly an inch, two or three of this process for the next couple hours as we expect beforef it is no doubt will stop looking at radar, here is the situation you can seeh the transition from being rainy blue
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is to snowfall onl storm fox radar and some decent snowfall inx western geauga county . it is some heavy wet snow flakes but enough to reduce visibility and cause slick spots .flfl temperature is just above freezing, things, may not changeut 7:00 o'clock tonight till we get rid ofge this this may be to allow extra travel time tonight and then a secondary front moving through the winds aloft show any pronounced low pressure trough digging into the polar vortex descending on the great lakes . it is a long-lived arctic blast with highs in the 20s by wednesday with lake effect snow
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footco in some areas according to early estimates nighttime lows in the single digits for looking in at some very cold temperatures, perhaps the coldest of the season coming up for the weekendre . went to the broncos broncos have got the panthers did not claim a stronger defense. >> here is p.j. ziegler with monday sports report. >> it is a mall santa that defense win championships and last night the best defensech in the nfl as the broncos are the champions,b it was a super bowl 50 as the broncos had the ha panthers were played by fumbles
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the longest putt return and 51 yardstt and then at 13 to seven lead .t it was a field goal past, carolina makes it then closer came and then deletes to a broncos touchdown and denver getsd the trophy beating carolina. is this the final king of your career and i will take time to reflect a got a couple of priorities to kiss my wife and
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promise you thatt do not let you take care of those things first, and thenof say a prayer to think the thank the man upstairs for this opportunity i'm very grateful. >> the carolina watch party in cleveland as they watched ted ginn junior . he had this nice catch in the second half, followed that with another big catch up the carolina telling the panthers fall short as they manning's second super bowl titleyt with two different teams . he possibly played so that he is indeed painted up he is a
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cleveland snapped a two-game losing streak on saturday at the q.,e on saturday, they put together to finish off the pelicans, adjusting to new a new style of play and >> it is not a huge system, this is the coach wants to run that we did nott in the pass of certain things that he wants us to dohi defensively that we have not done sooner travelers to my at the q. wednesday sacramento kings come two town their st meeting this seasonon cavaliers have won 16 of the last 17 raiders season games they have ha two more games before the all-star break face and the
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trip to cleveland .wi i think peyton manning maybe analyzers and instead try some great lakes. pour some thirsty dog . he should go to cedar point. has given up on the case of
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. >> book about the number of zika zika case in the us is on the rise, the 14 confirmed cases in florida, and health officials say that none of of the fenton county virus in the united states and none are pregnant. >> is more people travel to other countries in comeback there is a potential of other cases. >> they advise everybody to take o
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mosquito bites, and the symptoms are often mild including a fever , rash and joint pain come there could be a link to a serious birth defect, or thousands ofof babies born with smaller hands. butcher shop given two ward off whooping cough crime watch daily has the he ug extensive interview with the twin sons of, making a murderer 's, steven avery.n correspondent melissa moore. >> you have heard the prosecution case and you have heard from the defense but there is another side to the complicated three decade long story that has never been heard until now.ed >> what you agreed to do this interview? >> because,e, the back story of
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to know what it is like. >> wendy gillespie to your your speak to your father? >> about 20 years agoy y. >> any questions for him? >> that question would be, why did you leave .,. >> he was a 19-year-old in love had just met a young single mother named lori mathiesen, and they started a family of their own.y >> it was clear that he did not d love us or our mom but there's alwaysm two sides to people. >> steven avery was arrested and charged with sexual assault and attempted murder,rr he claimed innocence he was found guilty and sentencedcln 30 years behind bars for. >> was the earliest memory of him??
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him in prison. >> something else that they cannot understand that such a young age is what the world knows is h that her father was completely innocent of the crime for which he was imprisonede . it would be 18 years until. dna evidence exonerated steven avery , 18 years too late to save his family. >> for more on the story watch the next crime watch daily. >> you can watch crime watch daily i fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every weekday .d also featured in this afternoon's episode of crime watch daily is jethro, then late
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. scammers are reaching out on instant messenger munich richard explains in the tech report from la with the latest on that report. >> females are coming in into many people, and they are
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chat looks like it comes from friends but are trying to get something out of us.s >> at first, she was happy to hear from her cousin>. >> i thought that this was kind of awed by them i said, how are you and longtime . >> and he responded immediately he said i'm great and what's going on with your family? >> is response, was a reaction that she would expect and then the conversation turned to monday said that he wantednder $150,000 in a basement cluttering. >> i said, how did you receive that? >> be said that ups dropped off in cash she got suspicious. >> i asked him, are you going on vacation this summer and where are you going in there was no
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uncle and there was no response and that's when i knew that i had been had. >> stump other questions, the chanting stopped. >> was like a person, who customized the account of accountable for friends or family.t >> is a security researcher at symantec he says that they are constantly trying to reach us new waysys this is unique because it feels sois personal. >> you trust your family and friends so ifam someone contacts you on facebook, then you click on the link or two that website you might be more inclined than essay from a stranger. >> it is an old scam prepackaged .an >> she got in touch with her real cousin urging him to change his basement password, and to protect yourself, watch, watch those things that you click and do not give out personal information you can see the screenshots only chat on the
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these are the accounts that are not user often so they're not aware of it.u coming up soon it was and was an all-star halftime collaboration .
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bowl 50 headline halftime show butme a model object .. . bruno mars and beyonce how to lend a hand with the halftime show it was the second show for both of them, andw bruno mars teamed upno with the red hot chili peppers the red hot chili peppers and 2014 at the show in new jersey andwi beyonce was the performer at the show in new orleans in 2013. >> and this morning, talk about how she nearly fell during the performance butalhe queen b was able to quickly recoverue and the rest of the number went off without a hitch in seconds after her
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world tourur . the 40 city tour kicks off in miami at april 27 and while she won't be stopping in cleveland she does have tour dates in both detroit and pittsburgh. carolla has some slushy snow, about one or 2 inches is not out of the question .
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lake effect snow fall tomorrow and wednesday with high spec in the teens
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