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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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there is more snowfall stuff although i has old man winter makes up for lost time . we are in for cold and snow . first, snowfall in the mud in the week lots of cold hispanic with the highestee into the teens . some areas that got wanted to thank you with rating . it is still affecting downtown cleveland on 77 through cuyahoga county .
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in twinsburg and along 90 and two . that's the first batch of snowfall .h and have been looking at scattered snow showers continuing overnight but less pronounced and widespread . most of us are between 30 and 35 degreess with the wind it feels colder, and visibility has increased a little bit and area near cleveland . tonight intermittent snowfall continuing tomorrow mostly cloudyo . not expecting much accumulation tomorrow the second shot of cold air opens the door for lake
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through thursday . odot preparing for this winter blast as matt wright is in groundfox looking at current conditions. >> how are the roads? >> you are on the on the eastbound show entering downtown clevelandhe you can hardly see some of the buildings as snow falls, the roads are absolutely fine that has been the case for much of the day as traffic moves okay odot has been out since 19 as rainfall transition to snowfall with 80 crews working
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county, lake and geauga county, they did pre-treating with me focus on bridges and ramps, snowfall began falling here mid-day the recent recent warmer weather may have yout out of practice with winter driving skills so theyutut remind you to speak up in smoke . and avenues in our winter driving skills and this will make the roads slick in some spots so allow extra time . it's not too bad because there has not been too much snowfall but hopefully the freeways are not too bad. >> and they are not, as odot says they're not using calcium chloride since it's not cold
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it is expected to get colder this week. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . we are the only local news show that begins a four-year. tonight, on the sixth fire officers tells the story as peggy gallek has been interviewed. >> it is horrific, i don't want to relive it, i don't want to think about it but it is always going to be embedded in my heart and my mind. >> former cleveland police officer freddy diaz talking to the fox 8 i-team about the november 22 police chase and shooting that left two suspects,2 timothy russell and malissa williams bad.
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pages details a night that spiraled out of control said that she was going to spend the nightid in his hotel te room but wanted to discuss any of the woman, she says that he threw her onto the bed and then will nott let her leave and took her down a back stairway to a car. >> shirai said he got out of the car and threw her back into the
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that she cannot hear out of that era for today's . said that she hated him and then said he was going to draw me off and killed himself. >> on i-30 and dallas said that she tried to call him and then he said shut up or i will kill don't deserve that i would only kill myself, on that he became angry that she was trying tot face time her parents are so . she said that i pulled a knife advancing towards him then but he ran out of the apartment, and a restraining order that he stay
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nicholas massa was visiting friendsds at an attempted robbery at ryan's place apartments the letterap arrested a 17-year-old expected to be arraigned on a charge of delinquency by murder charge tomorrow . search for a a missing massillon woman led to the to the discovered human remains at several locationsd in richland county, and, and stacey juniel pantheons and vanished in july after a dispute with neighbors over cat's neighborste walter rants and linda buckner blehar were arrested after a nationwide search waiting on the remains to be positively identified, police and twinsburg are risking case of nude photos
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media and research what has been served on tumbler, andea after nude selfies possibly involving teenagers from twinsburg are posted they overtook the page down now they're trying to get them to turn over informationn about who is behind. >> the currency will be be here for you
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and red tail golf built by the custom homes $100 each proceeds benefit st jude also a chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall in a hot tub lite-house pools and spas and others go to fox fox for more info. >> all eyes on cleveland this summer for the rnc you could have a front row seat,s needing meeting airport, hotel graders g and transportation host looking for hundreds of volunteers and interns are just looking for people who are passionate about
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information at fox >> could this be the cause of the future they claim that way for you to get your caffeine through a caffeine bracelet supposedly suppose it works like a patch delivering steady imaging equal to a medium cup of coffee every four hours they say the benefit is that it eliminates energy spikes and preciousss. this building has been an issue for most of the day cannot see the skyline from the 5-mile crib . and now the ceiling is il
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had almost completely covered by someone carrying at 96 percent this year only 1 percent coverage . today a high of 46 at midnight then we were in the 30 s for most of the day . 36 is considered normal . some areasinches of snowh but most only a code into 1 inch .a renegade showers will continue throughout the night tomorrow because of the low pressure area . that some snow pockets around and there will be a second shot of reinforcing snowfall tomorrow
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still at 33 lakefront and upstream it is colder, 16 victories minneapolisps and 20s elsewhere . at the end the of the week we will have in the team for highs . this is the second shot brain about steady snowfall tomorrow night into midday thursday mostly in the
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tomorrow low 30s of the averages mid 30s . lake enhanced no tuesday through thursday and then hides pollen into the teens about 20 on friday and then back into the teens it'll be cold enough to make you shiver . >> fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. dynel lane morning show that that begins at 4:00 a.m.. >> white housemoeg asking congress for one . $8 billion in funding
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virgin islands and american samoa guam 30 countries in turquoise or the cdc says actor transmissions take place they say mosquito bites are not caused any of the the cases in the us but that could change the t type of mosquito that carries it is in florida and new mexico. >> mesquite nevada spreads the zika virus is aggressive he lives outside and inside and can be hard to control the.he >> are working on a virus on vaccine, and a trial expected to start at the end of summer but likely take several years for a widely available vexing. >> five years after acquittal of murdering her daughter, casey anthony has a new business, launching a photography business in florida, 29-year-old has not
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has been seen taking photos all over west palm beach she was acquitted in 2011 of murdering her daughter.lm >> super bowl 50 is in the books
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after super bowl 50 it's time to look forward to next year in kennebunk is repeat as champs and what aboutne the browns,, las vegas and set the odds, according according to westgate superbug can vegas three teams
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new england and pittsburgh are eight to one favorites, and also at 10 to one is green bay, arizona and carolina, the browns are dead last, at 200 . the only team given triple digit odds. >> a fixture of late-night tv commercials for decades, and during the sunday super bowl, norton furniture was put on the map.ut taco bell colt marc brown, the owner of norton furniture about six weeks ago part of theen campaign for its new taco,ca the teamed up with another cheesy local commercials and a
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the country,la the norton furniture version was saved throughout northeast ohio, andt he says he is enjoying his super bowl spotlight back it up and on not been on tv for a few years . everybody knew who i was so i took a hiatus . but i got a lot of phone calls today, people who liked the commercial.tod >> the norton furniture commercials have notno been on tv for a few years but he says after the exposure you can see more commercials on cleveland tv
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