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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the first confirmed case of zika virus and ohio,rs tell you if your health could be at at risk and suspect steals a car with a child inside we have video as they try to track down track down the suspect in the new hampshire primary is underway, tell you who seems to have the lead. >> it has the oldest of the season along with lake effect snow shoes and
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old man winter is alive and well and we show you you a live look from the roofcam . went going to check in now with aj colby a.j. colby for the first look at the weather .. >> were about to get some snowfall, few flakesa currently following on the radar, we can see the areao over the lake has been moving slowly northwest to southeast . steady snowfall, some lake enhancement that is not lake effect the last time we had temperatures like this was a while ago . look back at those days under 10 degrees,at this winter, and have had only six of
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five, last winter, we had 15 . the coldest was minus 17 and two years ago it was minus 11nu we had 16 of those . 20s you can see on the crib-cam, increased windsyo at the lakefront, . visibility is improving to the west, toledo was earlier one half mile, here 30 degrees akron-canton 29 and the snowfall continues across the buckeye state with a winter storm warningke downstate earlier today . you can see low pressure across theou great lakes and will continue . just about ready to have some arctic airs tell you
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happening coming up.ou ohio has its first case of zika recently returned from haiti, and stacey frey joins us. the woman is from cleveland, 30 years old and recently traveled to haiti, have been 35 cases of sick and diagnosed in a dozen states it is transferred through a mosquito bite no indication that it can spread d person-to-person through casual contact, and there was an alarming connection to babies born with a development tool issues . the mosquito that transmits the virus is foundt in the tropics in southern united
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for places like virgin islands and heating, & the people who have this have no symptoms. >> for most people, it does not cause death or severe problems, they have achy joints and a bit of a rash sometimesh think i'm in favor and usually goes away in about one week . >> it has not been established in ohio, and no cases of their transferred by mosquitoes in the united states this woman returnedhh from haiti by the state department plans too look at this in advance of mosquito season that runs from may until october .. joint pain, rash pain, rash and it affects so many people think they said that so many people don't have any symptoms to say
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people, so you just need to take precautions like a good any other virus . >> oftentimes will have the symptoms we don't even know if we might have it there could be so many unconfirmed cases. >> and again, you're not transferring it to yourur partner or children in its not here in ohio, this woman traveled to haiti and brought it back and was confirmed.r >> in cleveland a carjacking turns intoja a kidnapping as they try i tried to find the person who took the car with a three year old inside of the. >> man who left the car running is facing charges,l jessica dill is at the shell gas station on carnegie avenue with the latest >> talk about that for your little girl.
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world child is safe . police are searching for whoever took off in the vehicle but theyar make an arrest, of the man who left a child in that car, this is video still searching for the chevy equinox and the personhi who stole the car with a three year old inside, forty-year-old fredric carrere lovely girl in the car with a case indignation case indignation would be willing to pay gas is now charged with child endangering and driving under a suspended license, this is suspect took off in the car with hish g 3-year-old relative, they found the girl 10 minutes later on broadway avenue. >> it happened in about 15 seconds the guy got out of the car,ab and then someone else jump into the car, you should never leave your car running special
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against the law for a reason and i was so scared for that little girl.. >> the manager, said that he got into his own car to searchhe after she called 911, the three local police after she was found that th three people got into the car, that's something that they're looking into it, she is doing okay . stow teenager faces a portage county judge today in connection with the shooting death of the kent state student,t, they say that say that if you are a your home invasion will a holiday show visiting a friend off campus, classmates describe the freshman hasom involved in what he did, police arrested 17-year-old ty kremling on suspicion of murder.. >> the driver suspected of
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portage county is under arrest after surrendering to police, todd davis in the second surrendered yesterdayay facing charges of assault and tell you to comply they say thatyo sergeant jeff greene suffered injuries when he he was dragged about 50 feet wednesday man drove away after a traffic stop. >> dallas police reopened a criminal investigation against browns quarterback johnny manziel in connection with a dispute with his ex-girlfriend's .inact >> a judge granted granted colleen crowley aan protective iv order against gonzales week, she says that after that after being out with that after being out with friends he had her so hard that her intro was ruptured the from her for two years , he has not been arrested or charged. >> first primary of the presidential election kicked off after midnight and three new hampshire towns in the number of
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implications are huge as scott mclean is in manchester new hampshire with an update to the is underway, but he had three small towns beginning at midnight. >> and the most famous early poll, bernie sanders got all four democratic votese while john kasich b. donald trump three -- two,. sanders won the democratic side in this field, ted cruz won the republican ballot with nine votes,ba clicking on the won the contest were democrats withon two poster bernie sanders one vote, these three towns don't have affirmative votes ahead and the results that have been tallieded and the primary until tuesday when the rest of the results are >> ted cruz, chance that he could, and second-place victory is only three points behind ruby on that would be huge. >> ted cruz was the target of a
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rallied. >> are not allowed to say and i never expect to hear that from you againr and she said i expect to hear from that again. >> hillary clinton scandalize reports that she's going to jake tapper la campaign to counter what looks like a lackluster
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and germany to drink crashed head-on with at least nine dead about for mouse here in munich at left several train
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about 62 in ph, investigators are trying to determine how they could have crashed head-on . emergency crews are using helicopters to take victims to hellas hospitalsls stay with us for the latest. >> for people injured on a royal caribbean crew ship after it ran into a storm this is video of the rough seas near cape hatteras north carolina, camden said that the ship is still seaworthy and is heading back to portn the passengers will get a full refund and half off of a future crews . wisconsin couple accused of letting a 9-year-old girl drive
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were too drunk, got calls from drivers who spotted it swerving, they found it had a public beaufont beaufont she was in drive and rolling river, the debutante inside and put it into park, he says 89-year-old girl was driving and a the baby were strapped in the back, they try to claim that they were teaching her drive, both are facing felony charges of reckless endangerment and child neglect. >> for a man florida man facing charges for tossing an alligator they say that josh james tosti livedr three half foot alligator through the window of a wendy's pictures of inside four, they say that he used a credit card down he is charged with assault andht illegal transport of an was just a prank that he knows someone who works at the
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and was released in a nearby canal. car crashed into a north carolina radio station and about to hear what happened,ol live on the air. the car ran into the studio of them espn 730 in charlotte, as you heard, nobody was injured, investigators are still looking
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welcome back to fox 8 news . . this is tuesday in so far not shown any smoke in the live look from the roof-cam . looking at the cloud cover . by
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is a flat looking sky today . if that holds together it would be a good bursts of snow fall just before evening rush-hourgo but it kicks into high gear . stretching back to northwest ohio, that isis an upper-level disturbance rotating around the main upper-level trough . eventually tomorrow, we will be dealing with quite a bit of snow out east especially . lake effect snow folder is a watch that starts at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning . northeast ohio has that snowfall lock-in from cleveland of east
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.w the snow that is about to fall , the computer models say anywhere from the candy coating up to perhaps insure two or three . if there is some lake enhancement by midnight tonight, that's what the first round of snowfallh, could be lake enhanced i think that most of that, will be tomorrow night into thursday morning . today about 31 degrees with overcast skies, snowfall, on and off . this takes us into thursday morningg the wind windchills or in the teens, it'll feel like 3
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could be minus 10 we have a link gives you an idea of the cold air in the coldestn hezbollah will be on saturday . he could c see the lake effect snow bands continuingng by the time this is done on thursday morning, between six and 12 inches of snowfall in the primary snowbelt be . we have a wide open lake erie, tomorrow 22 and additional accumulations of between four -- 8 inches possible like it's hot that kids are not that this keeps spinning . a very cold war of v arctic air silliness into the deep freeze
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synoptic snow on monday and some models indicate between four and 6 inches of snowfall for everybody, that is the way stone
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getting some disturbing news, that there is amber alert foror three local children, and the stark county area, particularly in canal
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concern because the mother was apparently on some suicide watch . >> they're supposed to be returned on sunday night so, let's are looking for is a gray kiev salt with three boys .. this post they return to returned to their father but were not after a couple of daysh and the report was just filed yesterday .an we will keep you posted right now,, this information is that fox .
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ages . all been sought after, as an amber alert is issued looking for a gray covered kia soul . gray colored kia soul. >> starbucks putting out some flavors in time for valentine's day some of their signature drinks are getting a chocolate fusion,gn new ones are the molten the molten chocolate cake and molten hot chocolate and alton chocolate frappuccinos available
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>> we are learning what he hollywood stars expect inside of their swag bag said that oscars each month is worth to $200,000 including a 15 day walking tour of japan and a laser procedure, a 10 day, first-class? >> israel valued at f $55,000 eight to 1 dollar in time for spring patch, a lifetime supply of skin cream or $31,000 a breast lift that uses blood to enhance the appearancel of a woman's cleavage is worth $9,000.6 packs of luxury toilet paper worth $275 . i think in the last fox 8 swag back i got a coffee mug and
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ohio has a the first case of zika virus pick from a woman who returned from
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what we don't.i >> this woman, or your soldiers recently returned from haiti according to the department of health it there have been 35 cases of zikat diagnosed in a dozen states it is transferred primarily through this gigabytes no indication that can spread it can spread person-to-person through casual contact,n it is having aan connection to babies born with abnormally small heads , the mosquitoes found in the tropics and the southern united states they've issued a travel alert to virgin islands and heating, most people infected do not have symptoms of . >> it does not cause death for most people for hospitalization or any severe problems they have achy joints andan a rash and some pink eyea in favor and it goes goes away in about 70s like
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>> it has not been establishedry here this is one woman who returnedt here after a trip to haiti and then diagnosed, cdc and department of health will be looking at whatever indications this may have for us andg more details at fox >> you can have a front row seat to the rncy, the host committee is looking for hundreds of volunteers . volunteers will be responsible for answering questions about cleveland advice on where to go, where to eat and available events. >> the focus of the world will be on us as we get closer to the convention i think both seen and fox conducted a recent survey, asking peoplenk where should you go in 2016 and both surveys y
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. >> the host committee is a nonprofit corporation not affiliated with any political party and their goal is to best represent nort for more info fox >> such excitement surrounding fox a st. jude dream home campaign they want a chance to win the fabulous prizes like and the goal is to raise money for cancer research and treatment, is to keep the shows us that campaign has new meaning. new meaning. find a cure for fox 8 n dream home campaign. >> has been sponsored for the fourth year with assessing but assessing new meaning for you scorn to be able to go to the hospital to see what they are doing it brings a whole new
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giveaway . >> thousands of children all over the world are held by research conducted at st jude and, family receives a bill for treatment received as a place fora comfort and hope. >> did not feel like it is a hospital, and in many cases for these families,n and i do not pretend to speak for them, but the feeling i get is that you feel likeg you are coming home. >> tickets for the st. jude dream home campaign on saleic over 18, besides the dream home could also get. >> what does the winner get. >> excited this year, this year 's version of, we spent a lot of time and it is as brand-new caldera hot tub . it
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server massage this will be seeking six comfortable in. >> what we do is a minor piece of this we are so grateful to the even a minor piece of what is going on,n so if anybody's inspired to donate to buy a ticket becauseii of the car and we also throw in a hot tub, that is fabulous and we'll continue to do our part inn whatever way that we can. >> kristi capel fox 8 news.ara >> tickets for the st. jude dream home go on sale thursday february 18 at 6:00 a.m. to half the half-million dollar home in the avon red tail golf community dubai cleveland custom homes. >> tickets are $100 h. in proceeds benefit st judest also gives you ao great chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall, hot tub from lite-house pools and spas and other prizes other prizes for more info fox
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and besides the prizes you have so many deserving children and their families. >> might want to check your filter for us because it might need to be changed . >> going to be using a pressure, take a look at outside as we check in with aj colby. are going going to be getting into thisin coldest of the season so far and tomorrow dealing with some lake effecta into the morning, this, perhaps lake enhanced ist a mid-level disturbance as it comes through, reducing visibility to perhaps a half a mile that could perhaps impact travel travel, 32 degrees
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degrees with lots of clouds .s looking at that lake effect a northwest wind over the lake that is mainly eyes free it will be piling up out east east, there will be some spotse, that by thursday night, in friday morning, looking at over 1 foot from eastern cuyahoga county two in geauga county with a watch kicks in at 1:00 a.m. for lake county and jog in ashtabula lake ashtabula and the snowbelt . no that will be impacting travel . the upper level low moving northwest we will be in a very cold flow, the core of the arctic air will be here this weekend and we will be in the deep freeze as temperatures plummet we might nott get out till the single digits for the high temperature on saturday . today overcast with a trace -- 2
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4 incheses, and tomorrow, low 20s and windchills getting close to zero and overnight lows dropping to zero on saturday effect snow . crd on the 8 -day outlook you can see we are building down from the first arctic blast to aom even more potent system friday with a clipper system and saturday lake effect snow fall . that's pretty cool, as you said you will need to fire up your furnace and get ready . >> still ahead is something that we think we are vaccinated
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for diagnosed with whooping coughgh in california 2,006 and two statewide epidemics in that time that won mr. shop offered more protection about one year and that immunity weighed over three years suggest creating more effective vaccines
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>> ana garcia consents the prime suspect in the murder of a teenager in.m >> it was a death that has haunted eight michigan community for many years here is today's crime watch daily. are wrenching tragedy comes to a family's doorstep, 16-year-old erik cross is found dead on the side of the road outside of his home by his fatherid. do not remember ever seeing him cry before that. the crown type matches for the link above for the of who killed himfo in a a most terrific we. >> it was a very torturous painful death. >> when the police cannot find the murderer, the townsfolk startt to whisper and point fingers at those suspected of
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>> the rumors came in. >> and they kept coming for 32 years. >> became an urban legend that was passed on from person-to-person. >> but although they tipsf and tales leading or. >> we've got lots of information about we were just a bit short t of putting it together enough that we can take it to prosecution . >> is mary stays alive and the cases never forgotten things to his sister jackie who started a facebook page for her brother, became a kind of clearinghouse for everybody storiesb our first tips and information about the case. >> looks like her persistence andnd keeping awareness of his murder has paid off, after all this time, thep police say an unexpected break in the school case could lead to the arrest of his killer.
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next crime watch daily. >> you can see crime watch daily here on fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every
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fat tuesday, this is a day to just eat drink and be merry on fat tuesday . if you go to move this weekend you may want to see this . >> jane austen needs bloody violence as david moss sat down with two ofm the stars from pride and prejudice and zombies. >> classic turned into a night of the living dead . they find himself in pride and prejudice and zombies and alsod it is the t
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day. it was a shame, i don't think that my church would be particularly good at it anyway .
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seenth the story, and also king arthur and movies about this group of guys can who they kill things would have seen it with a bunch of girls like this.u >> will witness ginos and say? when i was a young teenager i probably would not have seen pride and prejudice at the cinema but i would have seen pride and prejudice and zombies comep >> hopefully people will see this and then go read the original novel. >> douglas booth and matt smith starring pride and prejudice and zombies, david moss fox news
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touch upon your party hats today is national pizza day, willikers cheat beverly mashour or anchovy pick your favorite topping and.ho >> about 3 billion pizzas are sold in united states each the united states each year, city 2 percent preferta meat toppings like pepperoni and bacon or sausage andnd 30 percent prefer veggies also today is national bagel day formally known as bagels and lox day in. >> bagels get their shame because it is
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makes it soft inside and crispy outside, if you want to celebrate both of those today just get yourselfat a pizza bagel. >> we are celebrating national bagel day with the help from our friends at river's >> latin tune bamberger says 16 locations across northeast ohio, and more than 15 varieties which are made with just five ingredients . . so many paczkis and so little time.
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plowsheno heading out there working 12 hour shifts, especially the side the latest on fox 8 news tonighte starting at 4:00 p.m., we will be here to keep you posted .. it is definitely the coolest of this winter so far and chance of lake effect snow fall increasing tonight and tomorrow, a snow burst that will come through here just before rush hour but should notrh affect it too bad, travel tomorrow may be difficult by the afternoon rush, we will have the latest rn for you and you can like our fox 8 weather page which is a new editionur with lots of fun stuff, nighttime low saturday night, down to 0 degrees and for valentine's day,
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