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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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entire area . it will be more persistent in the snowbelt traced to 3 inches . two about wanting and then the lake driven
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passes elyria treated watching the pavement temperatures . there will be an increase activity as they try to keep
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cedar road save . we are prepared with 80 snow plow saint roch's . we'll will be working 12 hour shifts round-the-clock . we have been very spoiled by this wintery have not had to practice winter driving skills . live i've be a good time to think about how to drive in snowy conditions at this t forecast holds true, . you might have to allow extra time tomorrowow . the johnny manziel miss the landscape of
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more wasy there another reason ? to sort this out were joined by john telich. >> nfl network michael silver reported that johnny manziel came to the facility wednesday december 30 drunk and that the team lied and said that he was in concussion protocol . painesville was diagnosed with a concussion he did not play the final game and according to reports, took a trip to las vegasncnoe the train the team released a statement that says heas did in fact report to the facility with concussion symptoms december 30 and then missed an appointment sunday january 3 withth medical personnel . test tested by an independent neurologistt and entered the league concussion protocol, said that he was in that protocol until january 12 after being
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neurologist. >> in a series of debates after the story broke said that, if the browns say they do not lie about his diagnosis i will take them at their word and regret using that term . the nfl had no comment on the story regarding johnny manziel. >> if they did lie about that, you can expectct repercussions. >> i don't know how you're going to get to the root of the r situation, brown said that they entered him in terms of having a concussion and dealt with it from there . i don't know how you go about proving that this was the case but see what happens. >> 84 employees of jimmy haslam pilot flying j truck stop are
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to a fuel rebate scheme, ex- pilot president mark is a president mark hazlewood and seven others were indicted on a count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and onenere nine counts of wire fraud he was also indicted on a count of witness tampering, and jimmy haslam is not among the group indictedri,, several pilot flying j. employees have been killed in the >> first case of the zika virus in ohio has been confirmed f to say that the woman returned from the caribbean or she got the virus, matt wright is outside of the department of public health. >> i just they just received confirmation of this first ohio case todayst they say that a 30 -year-olda woman was working in haiti and she contracted the virus she returned home with symptoms sought private doctor and has beenva recovered the virus is transmitted mainly through mosquito bites nearly all us cases are among people who recently returned from a zika
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spreading it through sax, the department of health says the primary mosquito that spreads it is found in the the tropics and southern in southern us but not herere, they say that only one in five people infectednl develop mild symptoms including fever rash and zinc zika has been confirmed through aka blood test doctors say the major concern is for you women who contract the virus because it could impactco brain growth and development in the baby cow that's why that's why health experts are recommending pregnant women avoid travel to areas where the at virus is being transmitted.tng >> they share the concern that they plan to travel to an area where local transmission has happened in central south america. >> the problem is for pregnant women and their unborn child people who arere three years old or 30 it's not a probleme even three-week old it is not a problem. >> health officials say that
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found in ohio that could potentially transmit the virus city leaders are looking to boost mosquito spraying once the season starts in may and also recommending you take precautions toayaray wear long clothing clothing and use insect repellent.we >> new details about a carjacking on the side that turned into a kidnapping kidnapping three are affected on his back on back on so tonight reports the latest. >> the stolen vehicle has been recovered, the police are still on the lookout for the person or persons responsible for stealing a wealthy baby girl inside. >> it started at this shell gas station on carnegie and east 30 th street around 8:00 p.m.
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-year-old frederick grair had his 3-year-old cousin in the backseat andin left the keys in the car running when he went inside the store to pay for gas video then shows the crime ase he says 30 seconds later the car and his niece, are gone than 10 minutes later a passerby sees the girl wandering near the intersection ofof broadway and morten avenue she was not harmed the suv was recovered today at east 99th in dickens the suspects are still at loose shoes and it happened about 15 secondsit . then someone else was jumping into his car should never leave your car running special with a child inside of it is it's against the law for a reason i was so scared for that little girl .w three or a the trio girl was found safeth and
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in the car doing they time while the policewh continue to search for the carjackers they did arrest frederick grair, the toddler's cousinic who had several outstanding warrants or if he is expected witho child endangering and driving with a suspended license. john kasich admits putting all his eggs in of his eggs in one basket by focusing the campaign on new hampshire today, see if that field paid off he scored a victory in the town of dixville notch . they traditionally count thent ballots first edging donald trump two -- three, although he joked about victory, he believes
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hampshire voters. nobody, not jeb bush or marco rubio or ted cruz had the first notion of what will happen tonight . ir and we saw in iowa, the difference of a couple of hundred votes makes a huge >> stay with us for more coverage of the new hampshire primary atf 4:30 p.m. have a live report from new hampshire to see hown governor kasich is doing . been but stay with us says the results continue throughout the night.h >> most calls to 911 tend to be
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welcome back . here is the view of the skylinet eventually it just disappears into the
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visibility a little bit better secondary shot of cool air, bringing some widespread light snow for everybodydy and lorain county, cuyahoga county and geauga county along 322 . extending through medina and portage and summit county . this is still a big area low pressureis that is not but that is not moving much it is detached from the upper level of the atmosphere it will bring about o snowflakesi . what does it will switch the wind andt kick into high gear lake effect snow fall that we haven lake effect snow watches along the shoreline .
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thursday right around run around the freezing mark with increased awareness .rr for us it feels like it is in the upper teens,, this taps into some lake erie moisture very little if any ice coverage lots of moisture to work withc and deposit it in the snowbelt those with the highest amounts on thursday . tonight let's night light snowfall for everybody . tomorrow we could get some flurries of snow showersw more pronounced in the snowbelt damages lake effects trading wednesday through thursday for tapers off this is in general,s for everybody at this point all away to midday
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the area, lake county, much of jahnke and also ashtabula . tonight about 20 degrees a trace to 3 inches of snow . tomorrow, three to 6 inches in the snowbelt and still be coming down hard tomorrow nightie and again thursday . another systems than on friday . the coldest day of the year baby on saturday . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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one of the most glorified name since finance,,,
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2,008 financial crisis of. >> found in the name back in the form of alcohol,fo james green has probably used to have a new line of whiskey, says it goes perfect with long handles and explosive consequences he is is now taking online orders and hopes to open his own bar when they , barclays bank who bought part of their brothers is is suing him to force them to stop him to stop using the name.or >> fox 8 studios was treated to a american idol performance this this morning. in a recognized tank jackson from the season of american idol ,og he is doing the dance that made him popular with the judges especially jennifer lopezez . he
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his rendition of luther vandross is superstar after years of conditioning he made it to hollywood but was recently cut, he told the news anchors that t the experience has been surreal and each rejection pushes them to try harder. >> i don't get discouraged easily . but before you walk into the audition you have to be sure sure to what she can do before you present thatre to a potential employer because you you're putting in an application if you don't get that joba that job he does not mean that mean that china could just mean that position. >> he says that he never gets discouraged after an auditionon he says that he uses his talents to teach dance and performing locally. >> three weeks hollywood hands ds out the academy awards out the academy award for seven awards
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more mature audience.e >> the movies for grown-ups awards were presented last night in hollywoode the idea is to honor older people in hollywood it was started by the aarp 50 years ago last night's winner for best picture was spotlightl tells the story story story of the newspaper team assigned to investigate allegations of agn priest of molesting boys boys, here is a look atm the others, all of whom have been in business the business for a wild , best actor goes toob bryan cranston for trouble and lilly tomlin for grandma and bridges by his costar mark firelands and diane ladd winds for her was for her supporting role in joy and michael douglas was given a career achievement award, the aarp movies for grown-ups awards, raises funds for its foundation that helpsra older adults across the country who are struggling. >> you could soon be a very big winner.ou >> but you cannot win unless
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the st. jude dream home on sale thursday february 18 at 6:00 a.m., the half-million dollar communityty ben bell bynum cleveland custom homes. >> tickets are $100 come the proceeds benefitet saint jude, jude, this game gives you a chance to win a rent a car from nick abraham auto mall,r from lite-house pools and spas and many other prizes . just go to
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more snow ice and digit temperatures thanks for stay with us. >> the bottom is about to dropout here>> so how low is it going to go ? it's going to get cold problem the coldest will be this weekend . but for winter lovers, you've been wanting this .w take a look outside, the road
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trucks, working 12 hour shifts, around-the-clock . both conditions are still pretty good .. looking at they bands of snow for coming in . they carried low pressure that is barely moving its stagnant because it is not
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current temperatures near 30 . joe light snowfall for everybody tonightht not much in terms of accumulation except the snowbelt . most of us would get a coating , to 1 inch . best of the if the forecast is coming up.s >> voters are casting ballots in the firstt primary of the campaign. man fre
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2 v . imprshir ro with 0 tcarlastth
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on'tinwillerv g si and only missing six out of 66 years democratic side .ps? is donald trump, up by double digits, the consensus isup it is a fight for second place between ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio and john kasich on the democratic side, bernie sanders is well aheado in some polls by more than 20 points, hillary clinton tried try to close that gap, people say that if she can bring it down to the single digits it would be a sort
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side would contend otherwise. >> asich . putting his excellent basket, eggs in one basket, what is the buzz? >> he seems to be in a great mood today saw a couple interviews they say he is relaxed .ae they say that he is has a tendency to get fairly intense that he is performing very well in the polls can't, what in particular,as athus forang trst site to start off here at midnight last night . he got three of of nine votes within the gop with donald trump
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down fors bernie sanders. they said he does not do well in new hampshire he would exit the race, thank you for your time joel waldman and see what happensns later tonight. >> county man accused of murdering his brother and sister makes a 911 call, warning,> it is graphic as jack shea joins this. >> 42-year-old-year-old dean sims shall emotionally call the police to report that he killed
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at responding to the call from dean sam's, the police found the body of his sister and brother inside of that home that they history of domestic disputes that were is alcohol-related, two hours before dean simms killed his brother and sister, his sisterb called police reported that he was throwing beer bottles at her,cece officers reported that they agreed to separate and then go to sleep in two hours later he made his call to 911 and.e >> what made you do that? >> lifelong headaches. >> anyway that she can walk outside to meet with the officers? >> yess
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>> forgot to put on shoes . i just just couldn't deal with any more.j >> please say that he gave up without a fight he fight he is being held currently in the medina county jail on a bond of $10 million. is a little local news, outrage after a 12-year-old rob sunday walk into a corner store to buy candy, eke out joins us. >> my father in store owner said this is the latest in a string of violence taking place in the neighborhood, the atm robbery happened around midnight december 23 when three men, ran into see jay's on the eastside video shows the three ripping the atm out of the wall before
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outside video shows the 12-year-oldt walk into the business around 215 when a group of teenagers going over if they showed a gun demanded money he gave them his $2. >> some iraqi kid of $2, the brother was here, thank god that d we are behind bulletproof, without that i don't no. >> a 12-year-old boy, felt the effects of iraq for $2 come it just goes to show that we clearly have let thises problem of violence violence get out-of-control. >> the good news is that nobody was injured in those robberies, if you recognize anybody, call the cleveland police. are they think that these are connected? >> taryn asher that's why they're asking for the public's
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if you recognize anything, if so then call the police. cleveland city hall responding responding to an i-team investigation, ems supervisor nearly double your salary doubled her salary with overtime as ed gallek has historic.e >> they say that she earned it, but we uncovered huge amounts of overtime, gwendolyn mccue as one of the most important people at ems,n talk about sergeant gwendolyn mccue in charge of training and recruitment last year base salary of $2,000nd in nearly every work day and
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public safety said scott. >> got to work that was done the benefit of the city was outstanding f, there was nothing relative to any impropriety with with her bathroom where she was supposed to be there's no question there is no question that she worked every minute of the time there's no question or issue with her integrityrspotith. >> we also found the last two years same sergeant made 25,000 and 25,000 dollars in overtime, and see what's coming up next at fox 8 news at 5:00 p.m.. >> you should bundle-up, good advice on cold winter day in the name of a clothing drive for the homeless, cold but your enterprise's collected warm weather clothing and accessories at the tank was nt only located on
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west bank of the flats, the volunteers will go out on the street to deliver the care package to those who need it the idea ist to spread love ad throughout the kennedy. >> despite the negative things that go on in the city at times it is importantin that you display love and permeated throughout the city of cleveland. >> that his mother collected will gather at the tank west village on saturday to pack up the supplies from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to hand them out . >> all this week at fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m. looking at some of the most notorious speed traps,8 which local stretches are the policee police hiding dissuading ? are they trying to enforce the law or is it a money grab ?e we turn the cameras on the police and go in search of answers , this week fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m...
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the story . he says, hunterdon avenue off of route 36 go straight from 40 -- third to 25 he says that the cops always at the bottom and that stretch of north olmsted, 480 east and west see multiple police there from two different apartments. >> if if you wanted a story by local police ticketing ticketing for revenue, don't complain about independence pulling people over who were speeding inom in the asia 90s talk about northfield who will ticket you
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today is the nots only fat tuesday for mardi gras but. >> today is also national pizza day and are good good friends are helping pizza . everything here, they serve it to you fresh . they put the pizza is
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has been to italy in the pizza making contest and.i >> if you watch never heard it got new day cleveland, and how can she beat although all of them food and stay skinny. there she is, in high heel boots , tearing out said paczki . i think that she was on there
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they can eat a whole pizza and bea good to go. >> this or that you cannot wear heels on the treadmill andnn. >> can still get some exercise. >> she's a doll for the bad news . most of us to want don't want to think about this,u there is snowfall, it is february, is not that crazy to have snowfall here in ohio . 271 is moving smoothly
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some snowfall . it is just bad timing for the evening commute so you need to take it slowly . just exercise patience . a good thing about workingng about working in the evening the campus that evening commute . snowflakes are moving through from northwest to southeast that is the enhanced snowfall but eventually it will be just lake effect . warnings for john greco interior ashtabula tonight through midday thursday and lake county and the shoreline of ashtabula county . watches
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. it is 30, lakefront, the winds colder, upstream the temperatures are in the teens . through valentine's day weekend that will be called . once it spirals through who have some light snowfall that is enhanced and focused in the snowbelt tomorrow evening continuing thursday before it tapers off . this is basically no ice coverage and then on
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snowfall to a partly cloudy sky thursday afternoon then when it is done, eight -- 12 inches in the extreme eastern cuyahoga county, richmond heights, shaker heights, and university heights into southern geauga county and interior lake county and just outside of that in the secondary snow belt . tonight, lake effect kicks in that tomorrow, about 2 inches
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thursday . to the victor go the spoils. >> panuto women sometimes you've got to take your medicine, adding insult to injury for aa
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you probably know the guy knows who talks about his offensive football team even thoughgh we really cares about his teamr's. >> not when he was the loser of his leg, others enjoyed his misery, .e john zarse finished dead last in his fantasy football league will be simple
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champion was crowned and out of the channel to punish the last-place team so hee dressed up in a football onesies on the side of me road in indiana and held up a sign that said i'm the worst at fantasy football. >> it was a tough year i drafted my hearth instead of my brain and i picked up andrew luck and he had a tough year >> he actually won the fantasy football league last year.
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we are on snow watch this is a live look,we the traffic is
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roads are just wet but there is more in the forecast. >> evacuation entre es to go to the window andnd watch the snow as we are on snow watch. >> i am in the middle of it, out here giving company to all ogilvy snowflakes . from here to the east is a lake effect warning starting at 11:00 p.m. tonight the lake effect will probably begin close to midnight . it runs until
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