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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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let your hair at some clock on the lake-effect watches warnings moms-to-be outcome everybody in .com everybody northeast ohio will seeou winter weather your . right to melissa mack with more. >> it will occur between now and continue till thursday . right now discovered all of tyler county, lake geauga in parts of
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. here in encompassing akron fulton and along 77 into canton . allah voila this active weather weather pattern here low pressure disturbance like bicycle spokes . it will turn into a lake effect tomorrow through midday thursday with what informed snowbelt . highs
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into the twist tomorrow .f most snowfall coming up including valentine's day weekend is ahead . but is not expected to be to be heavy in in the primary snowbelt, odoty is closely monitoring the forecast as they prepare foras heavy curation throughout the area about 80 truckst on the roadways . to do what it takes to keep traffic moving, they are usually far enough ahead of the forecast toa retreat but this time has been a challenge for. >> the storm did not allow for us to do any kind of major pre-treating as we normally do because itas occurred as rainfall first that washed it away, away, immediacy and meatstand and doing some workrk as the chargers
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the ranch bridges and overpasses those freeze first so there was some pre-treating but for most of the major highways do not allow us to do any.g >> will not ask that you exercise patience allow them to do their work in the coming days e and that onto football, ands the giants all suffer from a concussion for the final game or was there something else that caused him to miss that game ? john telich here to shed light on a growing controversy. >> in nfl network michael silver reported that johnny manziel came to therr facility on wednesday december 30 trunk and that thee team in his words, lied and said he was in the concussion protocol . the team disputes that report said that he was diagnosed with a concussionas after he reported that wednesday with concussion symptoms he did not play the final game in according and according to reports took a trip to las vegasd that are missing a
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january 3 . here is more of the tape statement. . silver, in a series of tweet after the story broke said said that at said that if brown say they dob not lie about his diagnosis, i will take them at their word and regret using that term that they lied. >> eight former employees of pilot j flying truckstop facing charges related to a fuel rebate scheme, x.crg pilot president mark hazlewood andpr seven others indicted on mail fraud and also wire fraud he was also indicted onhe witness tampering, jimmy haslam was not among the group
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pled guilty. >> breaking news, of a second case of zika virus confirmed in i ohio the first case a woman in cleveland short time ago a second case conference and stark county is matt wright has more from the department of public health. >> today officials confirming a second local case of zika virus contracted by a 21-year-old stark county man just back from haiti they say unrelated to another case of ack 3-year-old cleaning woman who was is doing work they are returning last week withl symptoms, she was diagnosed and has since fully recovereded, the virus is transmitted, through mosquito bite in nearly all us cases are among those who recently returned from a hotspot has been one case of a man getting a three sacks . they say the primary mosquito that spreads it
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southern us but not in ohio only one out of five infected developed symptoms including fever rash and red eye, it has been confirmed through a blood test your major concern is for pregnant womenm who contract the virus that could impact theirco baby's development that's why experts recommend that they avoid travel to areas where the virus is transmitted. >> they should be concerned that they plan to travel to an area where local transmissions happen such as the americas andn pacific islands. >> the island the problem is for pregnant women and their unborn childrenen for others it is not a problem for. >> they say that there is a type of mosquitoey here that could potentially transmit the virus so they're planning toot increase mosquito spraying once the
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way to avoid getting it is to take precautions such as using insect repellent . matt wright fox 8 news. >> the details and a story on the east side of cleveland started at a shell gas station on carnegie and east 30th around 8:00 p.m. last night they say 31-year-old frederick grair with his his burial custom of vaccine left the keys in the ignition and seconds later the vehicle was stolen, the girl was founds near the intersection of wrong way and walton avenue not long afterwards she was not injured the suvno was recovered and the suspect is still at large. >> happened about 15 seconds the guy got out of his car anden there was someone else jumping in the caron you should never leave your car run especially with a child insideleu it is illegal for a reason ands i was so scared for
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>> frederick grair, the toddler 's cousin had several outstanding warrantsle expect to be charged with child child endangerment in ford a suspended license. >> could see some surprises in new hampshire as in iowa ? go live to thea granite state as voters go to the polls and the
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all eyes on the granite state ,e in new hampshire, releasing surprises as in iowa ? joel waldman joins us from new hampshire with the latest. >> justst checking some of the
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that their shilling forin hoew n aad toji l oidcof pe antops upr anba at en it looks like it could be helping john kasich .. most of them didn't close aboutf 10 minutes ago . some of these places will remain open a little later when of them is in
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related to snow from yesterday because of that there was some residual traffic problems and that is the largest precinct in the state with over 18,000 2,008 that was the previous record. >> thank you joel waldman, we'll have we will have more to my aunt 10:00 o'clock , stay tuned for more coverage on the new hampshire primary withter more coverage tonight at 10:00 p.m. and also let fox >> in a briefing of worldwide w threats they held a surprise, isis is at the top of the list, spring to africa, namely libya at the same time al qaeda isme
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intelligence committee concernede , the director says or north korea launched a missile is a significant threat.h >> a long-range missile that is capable ofof being a direct threat to the united statesbe although it h has not been flight tested the. about 10 nuclear bombs and believed that number could grow between 20 and 100 by 2020, cyber s. few notches of concern as they see countries like russia and china continue to target the us.heri >> that people dead after two commuter trains crash head-on this morning it on this morning in germany it happened a in the southern part of the country, 150 injured said that they crashed into each other after an automatic safety braking system failed.teb
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proposal to remove the piping from the city water water system to try to fix the toxic water crisis as quickly as possible, the first priority goes toa high-risk households, the governor declined an invitation to testify at a hearing before the house democraticte steering and policy committee, a spokesman says he is to deliver a budget presentation to the state legislature. e >> for people injured on a royal caribbean cruiseship after it ship after it ran into a storm video shot by passengerni near cape hatteras north carolina, the techca pictures of the damage of the and the anthem of essays . passengers get a full refund and have all future crews . parts of the new jersey shore and new york city experienced flooding as winter weather returns salt water overflowing ed and came up through the storm drains
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advisories in effect along long islandt . we have snowfall in and potential of the coldest day of the season this weekend and looking at 271 near mayfield the conditions were pretty good than they were snow-covered and sometimeses . that will be the trance night tomorrow and in the snowbelt through thursday afternoon . looking more closely at the snowfall is general in terms ofs both imported sham summit in medina county andsh trumbull county kidding me few flurries . . the very very
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sidestreets . it is spreading across with support of s upper level energy it has nothing to willoughby eastlake ah typical area of low pressure this month is basically its own entity that's why we have these pulses of energy they had several chances of snowfall . o lake effect snow warnings and watch for lake county in northern ashtabula countych along the lecture tonight until thursday afternoon . 20 degrees cleveland and des moines, iowa
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us are above zero . get ready for windchills this weekend below zero . becomes more enhanced turning into a event tomorrow as the winds finally shipped to the west and southwest . when it is done, the general mount will be . to get up to 1
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oh my low 20 degrees, it turns into lake effect event wednesday on friday, another clipper systemm . saturday, about 11 degrees and zero for the low . closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. family pet vanishing into thin
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eight dognapping epidemic more thanmo 2 million pets have stolen just last year and the number rising, telling the story, and information on how you can reduce the risk . tonight on fox 8 news 10 p.m. . average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is down to $1.70 for the cheapest sense january 2009 at least eight states have prices as low as $1.25, aaa sayss crude oil inventory at the highest level in almost eight decades the gas prices likely to stay low unless there is a major supply disruption sirs announcing today that it will accelerate the closing of at least 50 storese company plans to close them over the next few months but for saleslolo are speeding up the process they expect to learn is
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for the fourth quarter is down from last year's. >> or larger claiming beyonce new song causing a spike in sales with sales up 33 percent on sunday, she released her new song, information that references the restaurantn may be a coincidence but red lobster is giving the credit to be superstar.. >> big celebration in new orleans asg looking at the mardi
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and the big easy, mardi gras is underway, the annual parade started this morning,as it has been a tradition since 1837 and in the first-ever float parade andnd 1857, fat tuesday is the celebration before ash wednesday for christians and the start of the lenten season,rt the mardi gras parades in new orleans are some of the biggest tourist attractions in the country with millions going south for the good time .seaea a shot in arm for the arm for the economy each year results in a $40 million . we get a visit from around the world 's. >> if you're thinking to go there next year, mardi gras is on ye february 28 and 2017 . thousands in denver celebrating the01 broncos super bowl victory,
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park followed by parade featuring players and officials then back to the civic center park for a round of rally the broncos defeated the pantherss in super bowl 50's. >> with five seconds to play he nailed a three-pointer with his younger brother who plays for plays for the team cartoon. >> the entire gymnasium celebrated, students even lifted robert on their shoulders to
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