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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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the salt and pecans and chocolate chips brown sugar and a whole bunch more.alth you get the bananas this is a great thing to do what see if i can go to work chocolate banana nut muffin what you do is see all the stuff of what you are putting in there. here we go. a cup and a half before we will put that in with a half a cup of whole wheat flour in the eye and 2 teaspoons of baking powder and a half a teaspoon of baking soda two different thingsaspoon you got my friends and then an ace of ace o
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if you have it youav don't use it very often covered it for maybe ten years it is a good idea to buy a jar like this and you have this might not make a man is great it. about is how you get it out. it is so fragrant and so good that is the way you do thato g you don't need to do that. it is a pain in the you get the raw and roasted ones th and then i have the dark chocolate here it is a little more healthier for you
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certainly don't forget we had a little bit of baking powderad and soda that way when you make them muffins and am muffin ten, which we are going to dofi at 375 degrees that way they 3 will all baked together and be nice. a you can make them in a greased tin mak or cupcake papers i liked the greased ten. i get the spray can stuff there is that right now it is time that will dissolve we will put brown sugar in there. i have got this new brown sugarr it is organic comes in a resealable bag and it does not turn into a brick if
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the cabino from last thanksgiving that happens a lot as you know. i have one egg lo we put that in there. i have a third of a cup of apple sauce it will give you some moisture in there. that is easy to do. i have got the nola we have to know that we have a teaspoon of vanillawe will really have an effect on the flavor i get that role but the notice of limitation the limitations imitation the invitation seems to have itat the strong one trying to tastetro like the real thing. and now ihe have got tablespoons vegetable oil and there we have
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will make a departure bananas the name of the game you get the over raped ones that are easy to do if you don't have over raped ones, there are ways to handle this problem. i have a bowl and a mixer we will take that right thereer the truth of the matter is if you eat a a lot of bananas, they are not that expensive but organic are so much better than new ones stay riper longer they are firmer that new ones are a harder to peel but the organic ones are fantastic. i highly recommend those. especially if you are going to eat them smash them to make a big differencet i
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it easy. this one is real easy as you can see i do not let that scare me n however if you put them in a brown paper bag with a couple of tomatoes something happensco that makes the bananas ripen faster okay, so now you will smash these., this is not as hard as it looks. i have gotav this little device here for smashed debated potatoes. oes. because if you over smash them they get searching and theyhe don't taste as good. i bought this and saw it sitting on the o counter when i thought about smashing my bananas and thought this was the way to gohi it looks pretty good. it is good news
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now that goes into this. i am strength of this i'm telling you we had a great time and punto kana we've we got the newsn coming up about the next trip. it should be fun.he n we had fun w down there. fresh bananas in the dominican republic yes indeed. take this and fold it in and carefully youold don't want to overmix this because you want it to almost want to see a little bit of the far some are a few overmix it, the muffins will be thick and heavy, and you don't want that. we will keep it a little chunky. not that chunky no caps on gave up a little bit.u i was going to wear all black today and keep the far
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you have all these ingredients it looks hard but it's easy even i did it. and then when it is do this but the oven on 37518 - 20 minutes and then you find out if they are done if the toothpicks are dry, they are so then we move it all over the place, m and then if you want bigd muffins he to fill up your an almost to the topns so they don't stick. this will be about enough batter with a little muffins you get about 12. and there you go. i will pop these in the oven and show you what you get when they come out. natalie will join me. she is our muffin tester she is ane expert on muffins let's put it that way. we will find out
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i think we've got muffins here. boy, natalie - - >> david, i was just saying. >> you are waking up to the fence today. >> you know i am used to eating a lot of great lunch meals and dinner meals but breakfast meals >> i guess that muffin tin when itit spray it to pick them up it is easy with some cool a little but if you look them out too
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come apart.o it is right in the middle it comes out like that. nice. that is good looking. yes. and here is another one i will put this one right here. there is a knife to cut in halft by have something else for you. look out gilly that is. look at that. i will try to be a little
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it tastes cold by the way. that is delicious. >> we are in business? >> yes. you can have a side business if you really wanted to. >> sal he carries the muffins on a big train he has them all on his head walking around like this so you see how easy it is to make you get a whole bunch of patches out of this that is really good.unc do do have a mustache. it looks good. >> of milk. no know it's just himn asked us, natalie. >> i love adding chocolate to it it is delicious. >> okay. we have one for everybody.y. all right, it is the firstig sign of spring with the i ask o center and the garden
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you.b >> we start working on our gardens back injury and we get an idea from the shell of exactly what it will be at will be a celebration with all of our designersbr and what celebration we will evoke. >> i would like to lay that hearing bone pattern and then we have the rustic vineyards we have defined the heart of the vineyard we will have them shipped in from california but the cost is too much with the shipping silly found a vineyard in western new york, and we had one of our managers, out and pick it up perfect timing.
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furniture as you see the table we had here with part of our wedding table a nice top we have your putting together it was used at one time to make line. >> we have a half days to show up we will do eight and a half dayswill and you will see the most peaceful garden you ever been in. the really big mass of allf that ingersoll whole corner of the garden. >> we need to get the bulk of our work done here it is a matter of putting things together with the finishing touches. we are putting on the metal rods with the scratch coat this will be detailed out in burke then we will brick then we
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and each one of theseth will project water so we put these down to make sure they will work. when you look at the detail just in this corner,wo the entire garden so has this that needs to be construction constructed. >> we will end up cutting the bottles and putting a light inside them. they will be at different heightsd at the wedding table any feature we are adding. this is a log that we have an we add and we can still see some of where it was taken down. we have a great team here in ohio valley. these are fun jobs and silent to do sometimes water teachers is features is one of
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install part doing that isa really difficult it is adding to the busy day just like the holidays and the busy time of the year day. but at the end of the day, it is really fine. and this is a chance to show our creativity and we have us time with it.we >> you can save yourself $3 in doing so. still to come after the break - - we have a question for you - - are you ready to put some hello back into your life?
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will come back to new day. i can feel a little drab and dark so why not add a pop of color will come to one of the best ladies around. it is so good to have you here. it is been so long since i've seen him, and i am so glad to have you back. >> you are so sweet. this is very needs. very different the kind kind of reminds youe when i
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thepl time and say that looks like something i were in the 50s. it is a lot of fun but construction can be a little bitt different people look to see if maybe they can rejuvenate its not exactly it. it is reminiscent you and gold the hon. >> there we go.l they want to add just a little twists. they have been baked it for a while. we also put them and was the net
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itit an element of texture it just looks really pretty always with that pop-up color. it is gorgeouss there is a dress and a jacket that has passed a very ladylike look appeal to it. a lot of women going into an office setting would really lovev something like this. it is comfortable and stretch material and light. sleeveless but for all those who don't want to be without a sleeve you've got asleep you've got your jacket therele or you can throw on a sweater. this is from the 60s and 70sth it is comfortable and wash and wear. it's got a lot of play to it, but you are still a little little sophisticated
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- i love the shirt year it reminds me of something my grandmother would've worn but yet i would want to wear two. it transitions between all ages. and instead of looking dark and black we've put a little bit of a white tank and eight with the brightness for spring where.nd we white pants black-and-white is extremely important that is whate you are seeing so much of an it's just got an appeal with
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little bit of fine. i know you do one of the things already. it is an honor to have her. it is wonderful you could do it dressier not which is wonderful. it has a high level effects in the front the ladies that want to wear a beautiful scandal and show it off there you go. it is comfortable i just hope you all
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pleasure to have you. cap next we are going to the orchid mania. it is all things spring
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how about breakfast in bed for valentines day? we have a french toast. let's see here.av that is the french toast recipe. how about champagne is that more your style? >> yes, i like a good glass of champagne>> no cocktails that would be perfect for valentine's day on monday. not to mile on monday. >> there we were doing something? first we and that is airing on monday, folks. and
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much fun with amazing viewers first-timers w pretty sure they will all be coming back around to hear this is february 16 and at least we can help them. >> a great show. if you are jealous and missed out on this one, coming up for your good news tomorrow morning we will announce our next of your trip all you need to knowun i have a sneak peek and i think you will be thrilled.nk they ran out of seats and all that kind of stuff. >> that tof is for sure. something else that will make you smile - - how about 1,000 new exotic new
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the cleveland botanical garden. >> this year's the same is iconic images sounds and sights and we drew inspiration from that. and those we have in the cafe . h with the feel flavor a real hot place to be it will give you lots of colorful
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difference every single year. they use a special color where you see or ages and pinks and blues and they are just gorgeous. wait until you see these. you will see a beach scene w and then you see a lot more diversityh of things things you don't see anywhere.f this is t
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mostly man made what you see here in the show are all man-made humid hybrids here. mr being created every single year. and they are created every year. it makes it different every single year.r. you want to repot it every single year of basically a basically a sunny window with indirect light if it goes back to the base a new
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on march 6. i will be out the before sale or wholesale prices really good deal they also have orchids for sale in the middle of february the 13th and13 14th we have the orchid society you can see them and buy them and take them home. >> that sure is beautiful it is at the botanical center through march 6. it is closed on mondays. check it out. >> almost just as beautiful thing the sometimes are flowers this weekend is valentine's day and then we have a glass of
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name. you have been there. it is so exciting to have you here. >> it is all about valentines that is for sure bobby collins friday, saturday, sunday we have a live vocalist and then we have everything lobster surf and turf artichoke lobster su wherever you turn this fun to have with your loved onet a lot of people have these in the kitchen and think
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to use them again? i can might out make out because now you can make cocktails with it at the same time theyke are mixing their ingredients a. >> what all did you put in there? >> fresh fruit was syrupn and blood. >> this orange. >> this stuff is delicious. bl so s this could be sampled. does it have a name? it will be served in kevin's martini bar. >> that in there just makes it delicious. >> the great thing about that is gin most people would not even note that is ginwo that is rightight you still get the juniper a little bitou s with the peach and raspberry.h t >> it is. it is. they have the
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bentley. this is the tenth and tenth and 11th generation it is delicious with the turkish rose in there.o and what did you put in this one w and then we top it with champagne. this is classic has the sugar romance we will be offering that this weekend as well. an unbelievable isn't that good? >> that is delicious. i would definitely recommend one of those. that is amazing. and then the champagne we're
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and all the the other villages. this is the past, and a rose style thank you so much for being here i would highly suggest being herei that is just the classic thank you very much. >> about champagne for breakfast of valentineses day weekend we are
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don't wait for evening to
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doing a french toast over here. and that will be our sauce. we will turn the heat up a little bit on this hand. u that will be right there. yes. what kind of makes did you make your? this is the french toast we have cinnamon not makehe f and a little a bit of orange zest. it is nice and soft averaging crispy outside. >> and then the inside seems to be a little creamier which i like. i like the difference in
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>> excellence. that is pretty stuff here. where do you work where y do you workout up? >> i work out of the cleveland: culinary kitchen lunch. th >> it is. you definitely just have to shorten it. y you meet a lot of friends who are going y to the same things you are starting up.s helping each other. i love your set appear it is so beautiful i love this little kitchen here. >> these are all the ingredients. the recipe is on the website. >> you have hazelnuts? >> and then here you have a
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thea it is a plan french toast with strawberries and chocolatere. >> that mattel a thing is great. >> it is. it is. coming around here looking good. it is almost like a bread pudding with caramelization on it. >> yes. yes. and this is about that time where you start to play it up. >> this is great stuff in italy you can't go anywhere without seeing this. >> i've never been there but i hear rumors. >> it is italian made with hazelnuts to i think. >> they just complement each other the origins strawberries and we are adding a little bit b of butter to the sauce to thicken it up it will add flavor. >> i will turn this off for you.
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a helpful in the kitchens you are fine. >> you have a bunch of peopleeo there helping each other. so that looks terrific. >> all right. this is normally - - he just put a little bit of strawberry in there. you can use as i base or that as a base or an inker.e >> i always like an inker on my french toast. >> yes. this is a great little recipe for valentines day. a a perfect sunday morning kind of thing. >> okay. it is fire and cash? as what is your website if someone wants youwe?
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bit it looks fantastic. thankth you very much, ashley. don't forget it. natalie? >> it is time to unleash anyone can learn how to sell she is s she's making me to it good to have you here i am so glad too have you here my mom is watching growing up she had costumes injury paris and that sets you name itpa should could do it i it was never able to get into it. >> today we will show you we have a lot of new ones that comeha in and and faxing christmas at christmas people caught a lot of sewing machinespl so it is kind of picking up again. absolutely we got a lot of young people and
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their med degrees coming in for some creative released. >> it is a lot of fine. he will show me how this is done? >> it is very central simple this is our cooks apron it is not just a fashion think it is reversible you have two layers between you and whatever l you are then you can reverse of four serving if you get something on the front to flip it over. >> what is the first step? >> we take out the gray fabric.. >> so they can come and purchase the fabric? >> absolutely fabric and ribbons and pattern>> this is an organic cotton we use today for cloud nine, and this is just thehe pieces. i have got some cutouts and we are using the european
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elegant. i you have the patterns there toou h this is won i designed for a class, so the people want it t we can do that over here i've got one already. i will have you so a pockett let's ago. here is - - we will put this in here. it looks so familiar. we will follow a long and i will take out the pin hours ago? >> correct. where do a keep thee pain? >> that the machine feeds it throughgh so when someone comes in
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>> yes. can i go slow if i need to close hours it better to go fast? >> now if you need to closely you cann you can just slight it. just guide it. tried it. come back here. t >> yes. there you go. >> you say that now but once we see with the side looks like when we are done, thate will be in other story we will pay that year. >> that is not a straight lineha that is okay. and then you just go to the ends.a >> what a man my girlfriends want to come in and mind? >> the funding for adults as we do girls night outn we can't print wine or cheese and crackers andr c we have a fun night and you can complete a complete
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>> how do youpr keep the lines t straight? i'm not doing too well with us. >> with all the winds along here we are in the old schoolhouse in italy o little italy.l >> have a great night out and have a great time. still to come - -dash a quick visit to the state home and garden show. time to continue our sleeping of
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will come back. earlier we visited the ohio valley at the great big home and garden show not as ten to see how that all comes together. h >> right now, we are on day four. it started a monday morning, and as you remember,rt we
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to meet this isn the puzzle we to call out of the shop impacted the way insidee s of what i tell my boss is my trailers. then we put it all back together again then you start to see all the elements come back to gather. we have flat concrete they just give c us a little areas we are allowed to set up in and the size of the show and we startedrt start utilizing a lots of noise in the ironic thing about this is as soon as you tweak one thing eight weeks another for it tweaks another for further out you get,an next time you see as, we will have ail little spring in the error.
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and garden show what you are seeing is it completed. we see if couple of water features one of my specialties we like to do in ohio valley, and you will see a little bubblery, i think last t timehi we were grinding and grinding. now you see it is altogether.g. we added a little moss around it, and it is working perfectly. i will looked really large water feature p that has about nine different cascades coming off the walls, and everything is working >> we had a decorated spectacularly i have been accumulating webbing accessories
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i spent two and a half days i finally had to make myself stop we had to farm tables all the tables were brought in on wednesday and place there, and it was terriblela that was a tighter, smaller scale. we just haven't to leave a little room for error..ha there is the bride and groom card and that it had had to be placedha so all these little areas had to be decorated and bought out. we made the glass bottles and i love how
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>> the team did a fantastic job putting this puzzle pieces back together. it was fun to sit there and watch the commodities it is a lot of work it takes to do it. >> you can check out the great big home and garden show for yourself now through sunday check out their website for hours. we will show you the recipe and find out what happens. you never know. pluspl join us friday for a celebration all things and made from leather pursesl to food and even a pair of lifelong friends making laundry detergent in their
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>> or how about joy it makes mops in and her garages. >> it is a cool show taking you all over northeast ohio and whatnd we have in the midst of the spirit. >> to see you at 4:00 o'clock today? a >> you never know what to do or what is coming up. >> we know that is probably going to be our top story. >> i am going to jump some confectioners sugar on the city
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