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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and one particular place for a given amount of time . you can see traffic currently . there is that snow showers that is temporary . currently 20 degrees the temperatures are falling and also the windchill factor . a sickly, it is single digits . lake effect snow warning for geauga county and inland ashtabula . the advisory for lake county is spreading to the eastern component of cuyahoga county,
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afternoon, when it will begin to wind down this is lake effect andl we have a broad forecast but with lake effect snow, the heaviest amounts will be where is persists . as dick goddard says what comes to forecasting lake effect it is like putting socks on a roost or . orro nailing jelly to the wall it is hard to have specifics for every area you have we had to keep it somewhat general .v there will be more to the east and then more coming up. >> yesterday, jennifer jordan is in groundfox on i-90 that were
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they cleared a giant accident out east in the snowbelt. >> we are on vrooman road, i-90, a mobile command area has been set up in the parking loto of a gas station just off the highway , the on-ramp is shut down as a result,p taking a look at the pictures that were sent to us, those in traffic closest to that wreckage on i-90 between vrooman road and i-44 . cars trapped underneath semi trucks and they're trying to free the victims from the wreckage the sheriff says that there are 15 large tracks and multiple vehicles . at least 15 people
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. extent of injuries is still not knownte what the sheriff does say that one person is and very serious condition . one hour ago he said that one person had been ejected from want of the vehicles and pinned underneath a vehicle, but not sure if that is the person who is andndnd serious condition, i-90 westbound is close between state route 520es8 and they sound as close between 44 and vrooman road westbound traffic exiting at 528 eastbound exiting at 44 the sheriff urges people to find alternate routes . the state patrol, sheriff's deputy is here tried to clear the wreckage their waiting on
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up for miles at this point . the on-ramp screaming shut down. >> finally feels like february, snow and cold combining for a one-two punchol as roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> it certainly is changing by b the minute, as the snowfall has slowed down and also traffic is slowing down, over there, just a little bit of sunshine has been snow comes off like this is the second patch of sunshinei we have had . although the snowbands have left people mixed up trying to figure out out a alternate
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to lake effect will hit them. >> snowfall of sexualized, it will cover cars and roadways is nice to look at or you can be stuck on the side of the road after t getting static. >> i was going about 50 and probably not as slow as i should . >> conditions can be bad with blowing snow andi looks like an alaskan landscape where can be relatively cleared by snow plow crews yet to be careful be careful when things looks likely, even four-wheel drive vehicles. >> did you go on the shoreway? >> not at all, the publisher a way because it makes me nervous. >> with winds gusting more than
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conditionsph almost instantly than just a bit down the road and it will be clear conditions. >> that is lake effect, it can be bad in an instant. >> shoreway spin-out was a familiar sighty no matter the location, you have to get out to do things such as going to work or to run some errands but you have to respect it. >> a lecturer, it was really bad , it usually is>. >> this is bad the final standards this winter has been relatively mild, the woman thought on a cold day. >> this has been a great winter, i remember sitting outside in the launcher have been a little brew. >> last week, the temperatures
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s,e what we have now is snowfall and traffic moving very slowly on 271f . wild thing that they pointed out is that they feel as though we have almost beaten the winter with almost just one month ago so hopefully this is the worst that it gets for the rest of this season. matt wright is on 422 near bainbridge township. >> 422 westbound, western geauga county heading towards solon steady snowfall here as you can see the roadways are fairly clear . there is some snowfall on some portions of 422th especially auburn township, so
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the evening commute . the snowfall is very hit or miss some places it is clear and i can change in an instant, look out the window i can see a bit of blue sky that it is snowing here,t that is the latest from the beamish township on 422. >> lou maglio is in the newsroom keeping an eye on the many odot cameras let's give props to hold off for doing a great job they were out last night and all day today , they did a great job of the major thoroughfares, local towns also doing a great job . there's still more snowfall to come, look at some of those odot cams there are over 100 rollover northeast ohio this is 271 near chagrin blvd with traffic moving very slowly in both directions, ,
5:09 pm that is i-271 and now south to thet akron area visitors route 8 near the east glenwood avenue exit a similar situation moving very slowly,a which is not uncommon this time of day, most any day, with no accidents to report . here in northeast ohio, with the exception of the a.m.n accident on i-90 . it's going to be shut down there for at least another hour so far everything else is going okay so we will keep our fingers crossed
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tune into fox 8 news tomorrow morning with all of the school closings and delays at 4:00 a.m. you can get that information onlines and on your mobile device is. >> fox fox 8 camera rolling as police chased armed robbers who w held up a young woman at gunpoint as peggy gallek has as peggy gallek as the detailed.y >> they've pursued the vehicle but the suspects got away that would hope that the public can the public and health, the chase began after a woman was robbed at gunpointblse on east 93rd around 1:40 a.m. today the police were pursuing a black kia , they stay back while the try to get the suspect to pull over, they lost sight of the car a few a few times and then spotted it again, they terminated the chase after two cruisers bumped into each other causing minor damage, the car
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snackck we don't want anybody to approach because the suspects mac please look into the were involved in the theft of an suv monday from a gas station with a 3-year-old and thefs car was let out a short distance away and was not injured. a >> lorain police asking for you to look out for a violent predator suspected to be driving and his victim's car, it was was at the park view hotel on west erie avenue in lorain and the manager avenue in lorain with amanda jermakow to sounds of someone in her room at 4:00 a.m. police say thatai she did not give them a detailed description of the suspect who had herer while demanding money he tied up the 70-year-old woman getting away
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looks like this onth. she is lucky to be alive . what kind of kind of cowardice holds a 70-year-old woman . that's what prisons are made for and i'm quite certain that we will do will do over the whatever we can to catch thiswi suspect to be said that he is most likely armed and dangerous so tell you to not approach that person. >> the victim has been treated and released from a nearby hospital toat us marshals asked for a better helpus to find a con artist t who is notorious for impersonating nfl quarterback, te they say a dozen cases in which he has pretended that he was former university of texas and nfl quarterback vince young . they say that he has left a trail of theft and fraud victims
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rape in texas 2,000 night and after moving to cleveland he failed to register with the sheriff's office back those near him do not know his history of what he has donene and what he could do againan and it is a risk and danger that we are worried about. >> the marshals service offering a reward offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of stephone tillman doesse providing tips can be anonymous.
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>> just use common sense, but put on a nice radio station. you can just take your time and adjust accordingly . i was in downtown cleveland earlier today , you cannot see any of the buildings .rl and then i turned around and i can see all of the buildings just fine, so things are just changing quickly. that is better than those single focus bands that produce 2 inches per hour in just one area.e this is the webcam time-lapse from the 5-mile crib courtesy of city of cleveland water division , what i want you to
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falls out of the event back interview . uc snowfall and then gone and then some more and then that is the way most of the day has been .t for some time this sometime this morning we had any nasty dad of the i-90 corridor from painesville to northeast that moved inland as soon as the arctic front came through but the winds at the surface, out to the northwest are southwest aloft . the pattern is jumbled as a result, at least they're not getting those lawn stationary bands . looking at temperatures basically followed
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degrees . mansfield with 17, add pat and the windchill and it feels like about minus 1 degree . tonight 10 degrees with lake effect in the northeast this is the general concept of what we are looking at between eight -- 14 with persisting snow squalls the total yesterday through thursdayhe . although i to ravenna and almost to youngstown . and the temperatures going down there is the warning for geauga county and ashtabula county and
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there will be be some drier air try tried to move into the region been sunshine to the west .e another front, and the arctic plungero, on saturday means that the forecast i could be anywhere from seven -- 11 degrees, that would misread so it is an averages of about 9 degrees and still looking at a cold chunk heading into the region . but a quick recovery or to five days of arctic and then monday it will be easing into the 30s and thent next thursday we could even see some 40s . i think that this is going to be the coldest amount of their that we will see for this winterw . i don't think we'll we will see
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teacher caught up get you caught up on the traffic nightmares . out east on monday justin bennett . there is a new section is coming coming to sports illustrated in the googles driverless car gets the big green light here ist gabe spiegel with trending. those driverless cars could be
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states at less than four years,y ntsb has agreed with google but basic computers can control cars and be be considered a driver of the vehicle, a redefinition of drivero is a big deal, google still hasn't long has a long road ahead before they can have with mr. petals come pedals, the only question isw right at at the back will be enough to stop the car is still being being debated and likely not going to be allowedd, google hopes to sell those cars commercially by 2020 .e the hottest color for the upcoming swimsuit season is silver,
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for all says that throughout all of your previous mutual definitions of sexy . this has comes in all shapes h sizes and ages come . swimsuits were all is running an ad in the next sports illustrated featuring thish 56 real bombshell , nicole griffin, also ashley graham and nigerian model , they say, the concession with youth is a disease, they say that the campaign proves that our melting are melting pot society has a melting pot of sexiness, she started modeling
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old man winter making a comeback with lake effect snowfall this is a live look at 7777ngng near the canton area . traffic there is moving very slowly .c the webcam time-lapse, showing i-271 and mayfield . the same thing here as everywhere else
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. that means no one location gets prolonged snowfall, if you get behind some of these clusters that can cause a very quickff accumulation of snowfall . especially since the temperatures have gone into, the upper teens . . tonight the winds will lineup again and we might see a snowband snow band or two in the primer snowbelt locations,d and that is where the line totals will be occurring . if you lived
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ande if a newcomer you're going to learn that over the next five days . temperatures are losing ground, currently 21 degrees, actually about 19, the high was about midnight and talk about the snowfall deficit . this has been around 30 inches for a couple of days around 32, now this month snowfall is five . three in 14 . one for the season that is still low, but we are and decrease more of it to . lake effect in the usual suspect
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today's the lake effect will brain subtotals higher . the eight -- 14 inches is from yesterday through tomorrow . mike thinks no-fault northeast it may get organized tonight with the overnight low of 10 degrees , tomorrow 18 degrees the lake effect snowfall will take some timeme to taper off but it will eventuallyt be looking at the outlook we outlook would get another arctic front and the clipper on friday and have been cold air saturday with lake effect snowfall . that will collect will be clearing sunday then a clipper on monday . stay up on that because the models are over the place so it might
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the end of the 8 -day outlook, will be temperatures in the 40s next thursday . an eye on a developing situation with a multi- vehicle accidentua in the mentor area as jim jordan joins us in groundfox with the latest. >> we are at vrooman road and i-90 were traffic is exiting at the westbound offramp, sheriffs vehicles are in this area . that the sheriff says that at least 15 people were injured when person in very serious condition after the accident today involving several large trucks and tractor trailers and multiple vehicles . we are on vrooman road we have seen tow
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away wrecked vehicles . a a wideout billy to be the cause of this accident a picture that was sent from viewers who were near the area and you can see cars pinned underneath larger vehicles and they're trying to free victims from the wreckageat, eastbound and westbound lanes are shut down on partsla of i-90, romig road westbound ramp closed in eastbound lanes shut down all the way tobo 615 in mentor can't expect to be shut down until at least 7:00 p.m. tonight drivers are urged to find alternate routes . as we have been here we have seen heart-wrenching exit, as you can see it appears that they've been getting the message to avoid this area. thanks to your photos would get even better snow watch coverage
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has a look at your photos back we have lots of crews out that at we cannot be everywhere and that is where viewers assist us to have sent us thousands of great photos of this snow event affecting everybody overnight and today here are some of the conditions that you shared in this is from . he just right on the time in some vacation ., just a second . and now let's try this .n there it is . and now a round of applause, finally got fed straight .r this is what we need . this is from jack maple in north kingsville, is keeping track of
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foot of snowfall .. >> this is on i-77 and i-490 this afternoon in the cleveland area,ft the car ran into that truck, that was a close call .n this is of truck drivers held having a tough time fromru gainesville area . and a look at another accident at i-271 north, just north of brainard, that has since been cleared,t it has been a bad situation for many people todayb, we will continue to show your photos throughout the evening, and guarantee the next time i
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send your photos to us that fox a fox 8 news tomorrow morning have all of the school closings and delaysys first 4:00 a.m. and also at fox >> when the snow flu mist o positive, shoveling can sometimes bemi no easy task task. >> northeast ohio company has created some toys to help you to manhandle snowfall is dave nethers got a demonstration you got your shovel and sidewalk to clear and the snowfall is coming down as fast as you can keep up
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that could make this fannish. >> this is the turbine blower, the family-owned company faye dunaway to take the blood that is used for blowing leaves and clearing places like golf courses to blow it into below it into the next zip code . they can well be mountains of snow from largesn places and launch it into the mix .pl they sell these worldwide it takes all of the work out oft keeping up with a snowstorm and make make it fun and. >> if you can'tin do a lot of work to do or you just want a the newest upcoming month of biggest , baddest snowblower that you can use in your driveway. >> these are a lot of fun, to remove a lot of snow, also they can, remove your backache, dave
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are so much coverage will continue this hour withag more
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a live look of i-90 and lake county . we have school closings, look at the bottom of the screen and we will havelof also tomorrow morning
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this is, elderly man recovering after spentr four days trapped in his outdoor newspaper stand with no food or water they say that the 84-year-old vendor was removed from the structure monday he somehow locked himself insiden while selling newspapers he was trapped inside until someone heard him call the police and they said that he
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temperatures over the weekend minutes are announcing it would deploy hundreds of soldiersun to afghanistan nutritional assist afghan forces to push back taliban insurgents they say that they will not take an active combat role it will be the largestst deployment of american troops outside major bases in afghanistan since 2014. >> a dog in taiwan is a mom earthquake survivors, as it was pulled from a nearly collapsed building overnight at least 30 people have died, 100 are believed to be missing, they say they have rescued at least 170 people .t for starbucks lovers, especially chocolate lovers common, announcing three new chocolate drinks for valentine's dayay until ever 14 you can get the ultimate chocolate wanting the ultimate chocolate frappuccino and the molten hot
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people magazine has named ryan reynolds as this year's sexiest man alive for six years after the publication called him the sexiest man alive, he became a father in december as his wife and he welcomed their daughter but their narrow said that a
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this is a lot from won out they the groundfox chris, i-90 dear vrooman road that has been shut down for hours a multivehicle accident there and at least 15 people have been injured . we still have crews on the scene. >> lots of school closings coming and. >> is going to be a little more organized night when we look at the distribution business in general where they are persisting on the side, when this is done from yesterday into tomorrow afternoon, between eight -- 14 inches, some are getting close to that already . got a facebook message said they got close to 1 foot in madison .
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18 degrees with gradual lake effect diminishing . let's round on friday and saturday coming up at 6:00 o'clock. >> forget about four-wheel-drive or sandbagsrg coming out the the ultimate vehicle for winter
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and she delivers like to boast about their giggles with all-wheelgg drive in the snowfall and that's child's play compared to this misses the nissan winter warrior replaced regular tires withow heavy-duty track system turning it into essentially a snowmobile .t just want all their concept cars at next week's chicago auto show . if that is not enough power, then how about this, thet all-new russian atv, it can crush crush everything inside it can drive over any land or water the two passenger wilderness squash or will take you anywhere you want to go thanks tore self inflating tires the price tag is $65,000, if you
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will be $5,000 more .th what are conditions cause and spin outs and chaos . the the commute and they're still more snowfall become and will there be school tomorrowb as melissa mackrr track forecast. >> state trooper is suspended after lying to get out of a traffic ticketf results of an i-team investigation. >> abused and abandoned, and the local rescue beats out to nurse a note neglected dog back to health.ed beginning tonight with breaking news out of lake county, both directions of i-90 are closed after more than 15 vehicles
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>> ramping up would have been a brutal commute for many people . the first over to melissa mack who has had a busy day in the weather center and those school closings are appearing at the bottom of the screen. >> is no surprise because not only been very called with high high temperatures in the teens the the lake effect snow phone continues tonighttat and not come to a stop until late tomorrow afternoonon, and the snowbelt . it was organized about 3:00 o'clock then became more unorganizeda as a it starts to wind up with the upper level winds could be anymore consistent snowfall overnight tonight and through the first half of tomorrowa . i-271, from 322 over to pepper
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snowfall also along i-90 m into
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