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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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less, plenty of stop-and-go, it is partly cloudy, earlier today, the roofcam showbiz . occasional snow showers a high of 18 degrees with the wind,re it feels much more like five . that is why i am dressed
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. just use common sense . at least the sunshine is tragic about taking a look atsu forecast details coming up . tonight information about that 40 vehicle crash closing i-90 in lake county yesterday. >> sending 17 to the hospital and some people are calling for change as matt wright is that bob's garage and towing in painesville where some of those vehicles were taken, the spot where everybody was crashing, is notorious for accidents. >> it is a trouble spot this is what is left of want ofa at least 15 supplies involved in the pileup the cab is was completely
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it was . >> of the shutter about how fast it got slippery because it was corrodes and then all of a sudden it was just ice.. >> debris littering i-90 wesner vrooman road a day after the crash, photos from the same show r some of the 40 vehicles involved inof various racks over wrecks over 2 miles, happened during white out conditions yesterday to a total of 17 people hospitalized, most treated and released although thosestst three with serious injuries were taken to metro, the third major wreck here and as many years, the sheriff blames the higher 70 mph speed limit, increased traffic and the location in the snowbelt .no >> account except that list does it'll happen were going to have to invest some effort to bring power and might take technology toi get this darn.
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with odot cam the highway patrol about possible solutions including the warning signs to be in effect during snow events . to try to prevent massive wrecks like this. the sheriff says that it's no so happens that it should not be happening over andover.ha criticism about being insensitive to the family of tamir rice.t to be family after annual services rendered after he'd been shotr by an officer city said thatby the plane cannot have could not have been set as peggy gallek details.
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press conference the family was not built and will be won't be, blair said that the bill was automatically generated and now the claim is close. >> a day after the city filed a claim against the estate of her rights were ambulance costs,he the mayor says that the bill will be withdrawn and. >> and try not to be disrespectful to the family and try not to, even though we have stumbled, that has caused them harm, i am trying to rectify thatcc the best i can. >> a press conference held thursday addressing why the 500-dollar claim was filed. >> they say that it had been automatically generated t after a request submitted by the estate administrator asking the city for the billing statement. >> again, apologizing to the rice family, if in fact this
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>> mayor said the bill was not sent to the family he said that the city absorbed the amount of medical bills not covered by medicaid.f >> at this point, that account is going to be close again and we are withdrawing the >> dreiser shot by the police the member 2014 the absurd thought the that god was a real weapon but it wasn't airsoft pistol.a >> the fact that a claim the claim was filed to strong criticismfcl from attorneys for the family releasing the following statement --
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union, police union president steve loomis, was also critical of the city's actions. >> everything about this is wrong, people and the department or about not roger rabbit of the best to make the best decisions for good reasons. >> the mayor says he wants to make sure thate the system is put ut into place so that something like this does not happen again to checkacng a second teenager in ag custody for the shooting death of a college freshman over the weekend , they call this their highest priority as dave nethers joins us . >> second suspect, 17-year-old from massillon who they say are confident was involved in the crimehet the police were called to ryan's place apartments on sunday, the caller said that three men wearing bandannas came in withth guns drawn demanding
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westlake oppression was shot and killed . believe that he may have been visiting friends . b identified ty kremling is arrested soon after and then on wednesday the arrested were t-square of massillon both ordered the portage county charges including delinquency by aggravated murder. >> better that of the linda city limits were trying to determine any relationshiplt and any motive behind this. >> they say they're making progress and they leave every indication that more arrests are likely,l dave nethers fox 8 news.
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fate in court unleashes a verbal barrage on the judge hearing the case, the outburst was caught on video as jack shea joins us. >> it was not a smart move by the judge says it did not affect the outcome of the casert. >> that was how 34-year-old john macko addressed judge eugene lucci before being sentenced on charges of burglary and impersonating a police officer, they say that they their way into a painful apartment to collect and dad, just as jeff says he is accustomed to d outburst but does the rarely hear of the insults as hurled by john macko he says that the judge is trying to murder me with time and becausehehe he is a violent repeat offenders
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for four years in prison.d >> a lot allowed to keep and present as long as i can guess he is a dangerous person . he has proven time and again that he gets what he gets out of prison to commit more crimes and i'm not going going to handle my shoulders that he ends up killing somebody. >> the judge says he believes that his behavior in the courtroom shows he has no remorse,>bor he did not add on any prison time for the insults. >> looking into the case of tuberculosisis at a school, the school, so accounting public health hase confirmed case at north high school in akron the infected patient is said to be a member of the north highed community checking to see if anybody else may have been exposed , the school issued a statement said that is workingol to make sure that people get
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>> three brothers facing charges for a multimillion dollar food stamp fraud add a a store in in cleveland as lou maglio joins us .an >> according to an indictment that is their business to exchange food stamps for cashei for about $4 million . so it out here at the holyland imported goods doron lorain avenue wes leonard west 117, mohammad mohammed and his brothers omar and rashid charged with conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud and unlawful retention, o 2,003 until 2015 by exchanging food stamps for cash or unauthorized items . the cards s and use them at other stores to buyem store inventory. >> the essays another thousand dollars and bank accounts addition to the charges are also
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medina square will be turned into a winter wonderland with the 22nd annual medina ice festival, there will be edi sculptures in the square starting tomorrows and more will be added each day thanks to ice carving competitions all weekend and each night they will also be lit up with colorful lights you can see the ice sculpture's in personal. >> on friday, gives big carving competitions to professionals go head-to-head that in 20 minutes to get a chainsaw and one other
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>> aaron costic, is there another highlight is the ice tower, for more info go to fox if you're traveling south on 77, it was
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brass kitty litter into though many people thought that we had it made in the shade, and then we did get a couple pretty good alaska of pretty good alaska was go south to canton near the akron-canton airport on i-77, a couple of snow showers reducing visibility . it's not a bad day .' let's go port of cleveland towards the 3-mile cribt . you can see the snow showers popping in and out and mostly out with some blue sky . as the drier air works into the state slowly, we
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clouds that are pretty tough to wide openg s and the wind is west-northwest aloft and that and of itself will bring moisture . we had some dry air working until the snow showers limiting the number and intensity of the showers so not as big ah deal but already the next systema is anticipated looking upstream, winter winter storm warnings and advisories and watches . lake effect snow watch or ashtabula county looks like the lake effect events will be northwest area of new york and pa . we may get some here especiallym ashtabula county . why do wide enough of you simply
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leading-edge of t,, absolutely brutally cold air, centered across new york state, new england on sunday morning we will bee along the western flank of that systemng as send a fax places to the east like new york . then on sunday morning, about 25 below zero on the thermometer . tonight a few lingering flurries in the tomorrow 22 degrees with snow fall returning along the leading-edgel . here comes the approach of the front and then snowfallher especially late day and then developing lake effect
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sunday 18 degrees then on monday the clipper that on tuesday, this will be an interesting scenario . the clipper moving mostly south than the energy transfers to the coast and that has been the pattern all winter but if that energy transfer happens quickly it'll take a western route and let us into the action . right now, but is taking a wait-and-see attitude and have a sense of gratitude for monday and tuesday after that it will bend quieting down with 30s and then mid- 40s friday next week so it will be a moderating trend next week. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.
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up for text alerts at fox world-class athletes including lebron jameses do this. >> but it does work for you? >> my own fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m.,, stefani schaefer goes inside a cryogenic chamber to test the feel-good powers that many athletes and celebrities are swearing by,rs tonight on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m.. >> one the most recognizable celebrity couples in the world
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and you know how much you spend on valentine's day? >> will smith with a surprise revelation here isis gabe spiegel what's trending. >> tomorrow, we begin, join us tomorrow for the triumphant return of chef gabe spiegel, on fridays edition of trending, as he shows us how to make one of the most incredible pieces you'll ever see it is super easy . will and jada smith are known as cutting-edge cutting-edge parents cannot cutting-edge
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make their own decisions . recently when asked about histtre m hands off parenting skills on british radio company said that we may have gone too far, that it may have been a mistake .a they have two children, and one from a previous marriage, the start of the karate kid is known to have at little fashion sense he dresses like a girl, and recently named the new face of louis vuitton's womenswear . says that his son is an artist and would do anything that he wants it is apparent that can be scary,y, and he does not care what
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on valentine's day spent more than you do on halloween and mother's day,, you spare no expense for your lover . says the the average cost for valentine's day ise $512, that is $15 with chocolates, diamond earrings during three and $23, dinner for two, $80, roses, champagne totaling more than $500 .
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.a it's very easy . what is her favorite candy bar going she likes butterfinger . >> differed dinner for two, the rotisserie check in at giant eagle . >> how about a beer and burger, that's about what we do after 30 yearser. in a few short months, you will
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you >> are going to be dead and one-week night have a lifelong event, looking at that rose bush that you planted together for just $3 .bu >> didn't get some crappy line for three or $4. lebron james drops a former ohio
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car repair shops are seeing more customers after the storm yesterday as s rennie harris joins us respect lots of racks yesterday, some of them were taken to d&s automotive in mentor.e >> this will be replaced as brand-new with brand-new this will be also as and this is beyond
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>> shows us what kind repairs, d&s automotive is going to make at the driver lost control ont the highway during >> this is it about the front and rear, somebody does not pay attention when they back out because the the window is full of ice ice and they bump into somebody.ce >> have had about 30 cars since the stormut lashes out the mentor location dealer shops also are busy. >> half-dozen at the other location and i think i got a couple phone calls with somea vehicles towed him at the charter location. >> many said that they cannot stop in time that was the case for carla kowalski and tried to but it was just too slipperyed respect the car finally stopped
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car did not listen to me so i slid into him. >> she says the repairs should not take too long implants to drive slower. >> i drive about 20 so now i'm going to go down to 15n. >> he says the best devices to be careful into get your future car inspected, montego i don't know that they tires are balding and also need new brakes. >> they offer free estimates onlinene to send them a photo and they will assess the damage is it's a nice option for people with busy schedules.eo got the snow out of the way now does the cold that we have to deal with. >> the coldest corner of the entire winter,, we're not not even getting the worst of it that will be new york, new
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minus 20 -- minus 30 and that is just on the thermometer .. >> you can see the sheets of sheets of snowfall coming out of the shallow clouds thatl produce why snowfall and not capable of much accumulation . this here is welcomed at peek n' peak, a few snow showers dylan lahr, they are typically the last to see the snowfall handing in a lake effect event that we do have another homecoming now, just showing a smattering
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atat any banding that began about 8:00 p.m. to that will not happen tonighth these clusters will die tonight and indeed partly cloudy witht colder temperatures than last night . yesterday a common temperature was 18 andnd the warmest, on the map is 21 degrees at findlay . upper plains downstate and factor in the wind and it is in
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tomorrow 20 degrees snowfall returning with the next system and i will be that will be ahead of the art last 3030 arctic blast . on sunday, about 10 degrees, things will be improving a little bit,hi and watch the alberta clipper on monday with a chance of light snow, 34, on tuesday, has to yet be determined, it may stay offshore but the jury is still
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the coastal storm on tuesday. the cavaliers held off the lakers last night winning 120 -- in cleveland cleveland for kobe bryant,fi he made 17 points but there was a special moment with lebron james after the game, cavaliers locker room signing hisis game shoes for lebron james, he hasl granted kobe kobe james for being a major influence upon him,, and if that was not enough, something else on the court caught people's attention,l keep
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the pass was off, hitting the lakers rookie where the no man wants to get ahead, he eventually got off the court then made his way back to the
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a close call for a delicious crew and fun at the ballpark during the winter,. >> phil herman joins us with that and more in the update. >> chris conte starting with the armed occupation of the wildlife refuge in oregon is over after four remaining occupiers trended peacefully, no one was injured, those who surrendered were the remainders of the anti- government militants who took over the wildlife refuge headquarters on january 2. >> dozens of people were killed
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died . after a fire broke out, ther fire set by inmates who said that despite reports it was not a prison break. >> video of a coalition that does does not go off as planned, it captures the parking crunch collapsing almost on top of the excavator,t they say that it came to a much faster expected, the excavator operator walked away without a scratch. >> gravitational waves are described as ripples in the fabric of space and time also ti thought to be the holy grail of modern physicsug some of the country's top scientists show pictures showed pictures of what they saysh are clear examples of the prediction purse made byar
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>> fenway park is the oldest still used in the major leagues but it has a new look for a ski and snowboarding event with a 140-foot ramp over the green monster in left field which is 37 feet tallth and will host the event featuring several olympic hopefuls today and tomorrow. the story of the world war ii veteran who found his girlfriend , frome seven years ago online just flew two australia
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a book input field today for bruce springsteen autobiographyhy he began working on that in 2,009g will be called born to run and tell stories of childhood and his track to become a musician will be on store shelves in september . >> a break from classes for students who were movements of moving to the music at the riverside valentine's day danceme, riverside high school posting the dancece for special-needs student from throughout lake county and their mentors the
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at great way to meet new friends. >> enjoy making people smile and having fun. dislike making people smile. >> i get to take pictures with favor girls it's going a way to show off some those. >> they were treated to lunch and other activities,t all donated from local businesses to make this a day to remember.d >> just-in-time for valentine's day, they fell in love during world war ii. >> misunderstanding pull them apart as ivan watson has me lost love story, 70 years later. >> he never thought our stop to think about her, she was a british girl living in london
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paratrooper, then love blossomed . the brief romance was interrupted when thomas was deployed to normandy to fight in world war iiye, afterward she returned to the united states and invited her to join join him that she misunderstoodjo and thought that he was already married so she refused his invitation and they went their separate ways. >> the east got married he eventually became a widower and> she became divorced from last last year when of her sons, thomas online and they reconnected after more than 70
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you broke my heart, what would you do if i could give you a squeeze?tt >> at crowd-funding i crowd-funding campaign raise that money to make that happen, this weekfu ey thomas made the journey from virginia to england . they first met just before d-day and reuniting seven decades later just in time for valentine's dayus. ivan watson, cnn. prius has been crashing the
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tonight at 10:00 o'clock for your chance to win tickets to see and five it became later
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>> tour was exploding their nsuperable especially for fans of doritosos is a giveaway $50,000 to the winners of three different weightst. >> amos windy text-only category -- i'm all packed a bag of doritos with my school lunch everyday in firstari through sixth grade i do the math and $50,000 should cover at. >> she wanted me to eat with the picture category or caption was, during real estate and we. >> the final category was for the short video, and brendan edwards s birthday wish come true
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. this caption read -- when you wish for it to rain readers on your birthday, but ito does not have run away, they say that more than 5,000 people took part
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guilty live look at i-90 near bratenahl distilled slow going after an accident it is clear but still backed up the roads are clear which is better than yesterday. >> get to the first forecast. >> yesterday was a very long commute home, currently 60 degrees akron-canton . so far the coolest was january 18 with a high of 14 degrees it looks
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will be this weekend .oooo lake-effect to shutting off but then things change changed again tomorrow night for now, get rid of the lake-effect weak clipper tomorrow with light snowfall and then turns into another lake effect event differently difference will be the wind direction and ashtabula will in ashtabula revealed accounting under a lamp but it could be


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