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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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health and safety law. that probably hurt. i didn't know that's what happened to him on thenow t crazy. all right. he was so great in the movie.. really he did a great job.job. look at more kanye west stories. one more to make it. what is he doing right now.ow. thank you.u. tnk yo u good morning. on this fridayida february 12 i'm todd meany. happy friday to you. i'm stefani schaefer. glad you could be with us thisthi friday chilly morning.n i a warning before you go outside go oside why you might want to be carefulcar all weekend long. amen attacks multiple peopleatta with a macheteck at ohio restaurant. bizarre story the latest on what saying. many people use weights to workhts t o out but not extreme hip-hop and
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international headliness and howw you can give them a try we might to we've got a text to lastst night from our producer sayingg bring your sneakers.aker got mine ready to roll.ll. hip-hop exercise.xercse. we know scott is a big fan of hip-hop exercise. that's the regular routine.tin weights and hip-hop exercise.e take a look at a the relativelyelat quiet lake we don't have anyiv action on lake erie breaks ofks o sunshine and make effect that we that w had earlier is pretty muchy much disappeared.sappeared. all right now what will happena winds will shift. increase the cloud cover thisthis afternoon already seeny seen temperatures rising slowly through the lower and middle teens and windchill values areem not as low as what they local temperatures soul and 13 north olmsted 13. same in canton.ant the front which is the arcticrct cold front is now pushing through the upper midwest uppemidwest eventually that will start tot t trigger some snow showers and a right now the snow showersshowers approaching chicago will bell be moving in here at some pointme p
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that will be a generalearly probablyba one or 3 inches of snow hereof probably closer to the oneer to t furtherhe south.ut with the wind and given the strength of this front probably going to see a line of snowsn showers developing as depicted depicted here. once the fight goes east and snow showers movies make effect kicks and but i don't like we're're looking at widespread lakelake effect. some spots thatt see pretty good snow tonight buty it is the coldhe c and windchill is dropping aboutrop 15 below by saturday mornin the eight day coming upg i.n 10in 10 minutes. back to you. that is called.. love it or hate it winter ise here. bone chilling temperatures with dangerously low windchills.hills. jessica joins us now with a s warning doctors are giving us all we are doing our job ofb of passing that on.. we are. good morning. good morning everyone. it may not look bad outside roads seem clear and there's not go tons of sod now but don't let thatt fool you.. s seem ear and f snow t don't the weather today and this weekend can be extremelynd c be ex even if you think you can handle frigid weather you still might
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involves being outdoors. doctors say we may be more susceptible to weather related injuries because we're not usedctors sa to the col d after such a warm winter.suscepti because e notthe co normally it slowly takes six weeks to transform from warm toitansform frowarm cold weather so when the temps t switch this quickly, people don't acclimate.ther so wh swi doctors say dressing in layerss and covering all exposed skin say dressing will be critical to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. the people we're particularlyll be criticaca concerned about the elderly tendhypot particurly to have a lot of disease and impair circulation at risk fork getting frostbite and young children because kids have a a very large surface area comparedmpa to the body size. very susceptible to getting ge hypothermia. if you think you have frostbite or hypothermia you need to get possible. hypothermia isn't as common but for frostbite as soon as you feel your fingers starting to as soon as mon but hurt or feel like wood you needlike wood you need
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don't forget about very young children who can't express what how cold the hands are make suresur e the hands are covered very well.ell can't forget that pets.f orget t let them and let them out. guide you were able to stay w inside as well. thatere awblaseeinsid e on purpose the managersna were thinking about us makingma sure we stay warm to. good call.l. thank you. appreciate it. a machete wielding man is dead, after police shot and killed him. it happened at a strip mall restaurant last night. dead, him.m. fox 8's stacey frey is in the news room with what we know so about this horrifying scene. stacey. good morning. first of all, there's no explanation for why he did this. it happened in columbus. police say the man had been in the restaurant earlier and returned with a machete, hacking at anyone in his path.thation ffhappenedlice sathe man he came through the front door and it started systematically hitting people with a machete.
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tried to run or fight him off. police say he then took off inhen toooff in his car from the nazareth mediterranean restaurant onn restat on north hamilton road. they tracked him down about five miles away and when he stoppede stopped he got out with the machete in one hand and a knife in the other.e hand and a k they tased him but it had no impact and when he lunged at himhen he l at h they fired, killing him. police aren't saying who this man is or giving out any details s o of a conversation he had with anr givi employee less than an hour before the attack.mployee witnesses say it appeared to be completely random. i saw him start hitting people, i got up and ran out i kept falling down, but i got away. there were a lot of witnesses you lot of people that the investigatorsl have to interview. two of the four people who were hurt were critically injured. there were about two dozen people in that columbus that lumbus restaurant when this happened last night.e nazareth is a place that has astauappened s reputation for being very a plan f welcoming to all cultures.or being
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small israeli flag and an arabic phrase that translates to you are family, take it easy. and aarabic horrible.le. unbelievable.nbelievable hard to make any sense of howo make s something like thatens can happen.en doesn't make any sense. sens stacey live in the newsroom thank you stacey. the family of tamir rice will l newsr not have to pay a bill for familpay a bi f ambulanceor services, following the 12 year old's shooting deathulance by a cleveland police officer. cleveland mayor frank jackson says it was a mistake. again, i'm apologizing to ther frank ackso rice family if in fact if this has added to any grief or pain that they may have. jackson says the bill was generated automatically and adds the 500 dollar claim is now closed. he labeled the incident as a stumble.nerated auaul attorneys for the rice familyys for call this highly disturbing.icighly stur jacksonbing says the city will tryys the ciill to work out a system, so tryk out ast something like this doesn'tem,thing happen cameras were rolling when a robbery suspect, waiting to learn his punishment unleashed a verbal tirade on the judge.
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nl what a piece you are. you have no heart.ear ytou are heartless individual. 34 year old john macko ripped o into lake county judge eugeneld john mac lucci during his sentencing hearing.g. hea. macko was convicted of aggravated burglary and impersonating a police officer.police offr. police say he and a friend forced their way into an apartment to collect a debt.snd a frien judge lucci says he's used to courtroom outbursts.urtr and because macko is a violentoo repeat offender, the judgem oututandcause sentenced him to 24 years in prison.ntenced he's correct i want to keep him in prison for as long as i can becausae he is a dangerous person. he is proven time and again hen is dangerous when he gets out off prison he commits more crimess more rimes and i'm not going to have it ont my shoulders that the ends up killing somebody. the judge chose not to tack on
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insults.ditiona he could have done that. a westlake police officer iske po cleared of excessive force cl 48 year old robert toth was accused of causing bodily harmaccused of causing bodily harm to a suspect in april of last year.year. investigators then accused him it up. return to the westlake police department. we're following some developing news. oflsi itoth will es check in with wayne dawson for a lookin at what is just an. an this is just in mansfield police polic expected to get more detailsta this morning on thethisng disappearance a ond n death of a 62 -year-old woman.a patty hudson known as the cat cat lady cared for several stay animals. she disappeared after july for argument with two of heerr neighbors about her cats.ats. those two neighbors walter and linda were arrested in tennesseeesse last police said remains believed to be those of hudson were found in several richmond county al ri locationsc on sunday.nd
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newsroom t back to you guys.uys. this story is becoming more and more bizarre since we first fir reported it last week. unbelievable. rep see what police will say a a little later on.n my goodness. thank you wayne. all right. should parents be punished for smoking with a child in the car? hear what one state plans to dodothand parenthat one stpl to help keep kids safe.ans should parents stop tellingts stop teing their kids no? one celebrity tries to never say that word to her kids.celebrit find out what she says, instead. would you try it?t whatatwould yo your comments, next, in thistr morning's download.y r comments, ne i don't know if i could.oul general motors announces another another big recall find out why and if your vehicle is involved we will
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parents of kids with attentionth atttion deficit disorder might do them more good by easing up the based on a new study, negative comments from parents appearedred to be associated with continued adhd symptoms. the goal of the study was to determine why about half of adhd kids see their symptoms drop off in their teens while the other half don't.rmine whf t we noticed that with my oldest.e especially negative comments hements gets stressed and it builds up buil in him. when you back off he tends to do better. it's weird.'s weir you still parry it and you still make those decisions but you try tosio knsee p it more of a positive.sit try not to yell.try that yellingnot to seems to stressms to s them out.tres we have noticed that. t that is interesting. all right.restin singer kelly rowland, ofg.g.
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parenting decisions. kelly rowla ca remember her from destiny's rowland says she's trying to use this is filed video of parentsof paren may or may not be saying no to their kids. rowland says she's trying to useys sh other language like that's not a good idea or let's try something else.etha some doctors are backing her upng her saying kids to hear know a lot lo might internalize the idea the the parents think they are bad. i experts say the power of the word no can be diluted if it's over used.. they suggest offering alternatives rather than just saying no.rve it's a tough thing we are livingv in this generation where it seems like kidsr are always told told that they are great and how goodood they are and how everyone gets a trophy and europee taking theking most beautiful in the class and if you're not telling your kids knowi what's going to happen whenen wh the kid is on a date in a girl tells him no or something laterat on in life they will know how to
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i don't know if that such a good idea.. i think from my perspective liketivelike as kids are young like candle isndl to i'm saying know she'se' repeating that back to me when iwhen i asked her to do something she sh says no.ys no. so i think maybe the age starting a little bit later eventer my mom gave me the idea becauseb it started with her like a year agos nell.ll that's what i was. saying don't do that.n o don't do ththis and she is like rent way to say noay to get her not to do something but obviously when they get older you need to tell your kidsur kids know they need to understando underst they're old enough to understand that.and critical thinking skills trying to process things in a different way t may actually be beneficial.efic or just create a look i rememberrem my mom just had a look and that meant know you're in trouble you better run you better hide.u that look.. my i have that look my mom would do
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looking at the pastor likel like no. i snap sometimes at the kids. t kind of they know that they'ret the screwing up.up. you don't have to say no. you are snapping.api i snap at my wife once. and she snapped right back i'm sure.she sn i got into the habit of it with the kids i do that and and itd never happened again. i was just like trying to geto her attention and she was like. did you just snapped at out of me. and i was like snapped a. okay. there is your couch. had some couch time. there is the doghouse.ti it doubles. what did the viewers say.ay. kathryn says it is good it's notnot like she plans on allowing data behavior or whatever using different more productive language.r ve betsy walsh commented on ourou
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generation of spoiledth brats withwit h no respect for others. great. erininno resr others. says if you don't tell themthe know they will catch on it thatt the sky is the limit for gettinggett away with things. michael wright sayst too bad thebad t word know is used in real life. it is true. did she just say no. wait until the little ones get into mom's makeup and close putting knickknacks etc. what happens when teachers sayhers that. you know. they are going to.o. that. mindy my friend just sent me ame text and said we're kind of f creating this world ofs world o entitlement which is a huge problem with kids. andfe doing stuff like this kindi of sets that up. up. we all heard know i heard no. some of us got spanked. so us g i saw that too. i got the ruler. that's another segment we can talk about. we want to kknow whhat you think at you tnk
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children no head over to fox8.comr vote on the web foldersb fold me a comment on facebook page and i have the text found playpl along send me a message. i love this. what is the text phone number.e n 216346um3088. 3088.8. what he and she said.. thanks guys. all right. we will check in with scottscott sabol taking a look at thethe forecast what do you haveve planned for your lovely wife for valentine's day. we. yes. sunday will be the day especially given the fact that will be a littledaiaven warmerer hopefully we can get outside byget outside the wayb it is going no not above 20 degrees after today and telltell maybe middle of next week. check it out with god cloud cover some thinning out of the gone. we have a little bit of a break before that nextt we ha arctic coldld front comes in from the west. er
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values starting to climb back up toti the single digits. madison 16 painesville 16 we had some heavy snow is interestingintere lake effect that we had the lastad the las couple of days we actually had lake effectt on top of lakef lae michigan that's the reason whiteeas areas near medina and akron and and copley in canton northern lane snow. time.e. the la keke effect will be far fa different that will developlop behind this arctic front i willront ill explain in a few moments but in general this clippers know whichch is now developing nearly you seenearlu over chica that will develop andg moveove through here pretty quickly this eveing. that's an all-encompassing snowmpassi
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pick up a couple of inches herehes as we will get a well-defined line here of snow shower activity coming from the northwest and that is why we are highlighting the evening commute will be kind of slick as the temperatures remain close to 20 degrees. snow belt gets a little more than that as we fall to four above tonight. windchill advisory goes into effect tonight for all of northern ohio minus 10 to almost 20 below windchill and lake effect snow warning for ashtabula county. localized lake effect with the northwest winds tomorrow some improvement dot temperature wise but not anticipating any additional storm after the noon hour i offf nus lling ent do t armpouernd 10 and developature wi0 a again this is them a little bnitd deve bi different coming more frtom west to east late sunday into mondaynday that's another may be couple ofe cople inches of snow and then by monday may we start to see someo s improvement should crake itak above freezing normal high is 37 degrees we are nowhere nearne that nor will we be for quite a a long time. fox8 news your official schoolch closing station.osing s sot yatou know a little snow likeike this breaks the monotony of anof an otherwise dull winter. or not.o already broke a windshield a win wiper. i was trying to snapdsh it a coupleco of days ago the whole thing flewg fl right off. off. that will do it every time.e
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had to get a new one.n wasn't a good drive it's okay now.okay n got to get some rain action and and of the windchill. isn't that nice. thanks.. which presidential candidate is the better friends to president obama.a. up next hear why that questiononwhich prl candriendso pr took center stage at last night's democratic debate and some of the heated responses. if some students want to make itit in the sixth grade they may soonsoo have a big requirement find out what they will have to write and make it legible. creepy or cooll you can now switch places with someone in i real time.tim we will show you how it works
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welcome back. welcomba at last night's democratic debate, the candidates clashedcandidas clashe over who wdas a better friend to president obama.o take a look. a look i don't think he gets the credititi do he deserves for being an'nk he gets t president who got us out of that put us on firm ground, and has sent us into the future. and it is a the kind of criticism that we've heard from heard from senator sanders about our president i expect frome republicans.sident i do not expect from someoneicans.ect from someon running for the democraticeor the demcrati nomination to succeed president obama. that is. madam secretary, that is a low
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but i think it is really unfair to suggest that i have not been that have not supportive of the president. b i have been a strong ally withpportf him on virtually every issue. do senators have the right tot to disagree with the president? have you ever disagreed with aver di president? w one of us ran against barack obama.f us i was not that candidate. all right. the next democratic contests are nevada's caucus, next saturday and south carolina's primary, a c week later.arolina's p getting a little testy. five people have been indicted accused of causing that massive explosion that leveled three buildings in new york city.sed of causin do you remember this.his. two people died, and dozens more were hurt in the blast last year, in the east village. t, forseeable preventable and five people including thepe building's owner are facing charges. they're accused of setting up a shoddy gas system. just hours before the blast,g's owner arere che accus se utility workers found the found t
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building for inspection.llegal h my goodness. my goodness. all right.. the last four holdouts of that standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon will be arraigned today. they surrendered yesterday after last f ffe refug in spending 41 days at the facility. they've been indicted on a federal conspiracy charge in portland. 12 other occupiers who were ederal c arrested earlier are facing the same charge.same c they took over part of the refuge last month to protest federal land policies. legendary singer barry manilow rotest fe was rushed to an la hospital last night. a [music playing] the 72 year old was having complications, from emergency oral surgery that was done, earlier in the week.72 having from emergency there's no word on his condition on hisition this morning.rning. but several upcoming concerts have been postponed. manilow is nominated for his 15th grammy award but now his management reports he may miss monday's awards show.15th grammyow his that is monday night. students in arizona ready to put the pencil to the paper.the pape
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how to write in cursive.t in if passed, a senate bill would require schools to teach cursive reading and writing. students will be required to have legible cursive handwritingsh cursive d writin by the end of the fifth grade. with the help of the billthhelp o students should be able to sign a check, a contract or other important document. the measure goes to the house after a final senate vote.f th students s a cr i absolutely love this story i think it's a great idea.e it's not something we use everyer day we put hours to the test. stephanie scott me wayne and kristi all asked to write thet line quick brown fox jumped overd to the lazy dog. can you guess who wrote which line we have some that are small. i will say the first one isst one is scott. i will agree with you on thathat one. i will say the second one is me. i will say wayne did the third t one for sure because i know his handwriting and f definitely thenitel y t
9:27 am very tiny. look at you. is that right. look you ran it like jeopardy.par we all do autographs together. that's right. i know all of your handwriting. that is so funny. fu is that right. that that ris perfect you got it allgot it a right. i think i had a couple out of that. that was good. i know you people.l that's why we love you. i stalk you. which is fine. i all right. coming up on fox eight we have all worked together. r i think handwriting is a lostlos art and i think itt is beautifulbeautif i think weu need to get back toet bacto it. kids won't know how to sign aign name or title to a house were houswere something like that if they don't know how to dong it.t. printing is okay but you need to handwrite. airline worker is assaulted.worker iassau find out who's been arrested for attacking an employee at hopkins ar clothinrg store forever 21 justesed for hopkinss launched a new plus size instagram account, but find out why it's already getting a lot of backlash.t find o
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welcome back to sp1 news in the morning. thank you so much for being with us on this friday. we are reminding you it is a chilly start today. 15 degrees outside so make sure you are cautious of that when you go outside the when your kids are outside ou and especially your pets, to. we are following some major developing news. >> let's check in with wayne to see what's new this morning. it could be another year and a half before there are large scalea trials on zika vaccine. it is transmitted by mosquitoes and symptoms are usually mild with joint pain, fever, rash. two cases have been confirmed
9:32 am
to haiti. those headed to the caribbean, south america should take precautions like using insect repellent with the. back to you guys. >> a long time to not have that. fifty-four -year-old homeless man behind barsif this morning is accused of robbing and assaulting an airline employee. >> a worker for united airlines withdrew money from the atm yesterday on the airports baggage claim level at a man waited for her and followed her into the elevator. please say once inside, the man punched her and she was able too open that door again and yell that is when the traffic controllers all the commotion and chasedwh after the man before i cleveland police officer joined and arrested him. >> i am surprised because airports and traveling by yourself i think is the safest place to be because there are so many people and security all
9:33 am
>> that's really scary. the 54 -year-old suspect has not been charged yet but sp1 found out he had a lengthy criminal assault. the woman that was assaulted is said to be okay this morning. what is scary, terrifying moment for hermo, no doubt. columbia's development group will not as the state to help pay for a browns practice facility. he says the request for $5 million in taxpayer money was misunderstood and will be withdrawn. the brownse plan to keep their 2016 training camp in berea but they are exploring options to move o practices to columbia in the future. that would be nice. there is such a huge browns
9:34 am
wealth a little. >> like the horseshoe. >> senior kelly rowland is catching some flak for one of her parenting decisions. >> singer has vowed not to use the word no with her son. she is going to use other language likeer let's perhaps try something else. some doctors are backing her up same get to hear no a lot might internalize the idea that their parents think they are bad. experts say the power of the word no can be diluted if it's overused. they suggest offering alternatives rather than to say no. >> practicing know in different languages. >> knowing spanish, french. >> what language is that? >> that german?n?
9:35 am
times. >> that's awesome. you are lying to me on to. >> why she laughing so hard? >> the problem is this is what we doth in the newsroom. i say something and they say really and i say no. they don't believe me . >> you have a shady smile on your face when you say it. >> let's get to some of our comments. kathy writes she obviously only has one child.d. eric says tell her to watch of just aired regarding his parenting style of his kids . >> i didn't see it. >> which is what? >> miles says not my thing but a family member doesn't use the
9:36 am
she has well behaved kids. lisa marie says there are other ways of say no. your little one that's new to language doesn't latch on to the no word and use it for everything. t that's what i was trying to say and it's funny because you read you think they're doing bad things all the time and that's why you say noe. -- you're just trying to director for not doing something as opposed to being punished. >> it's our job as parents to teach our kids and tell them what is right and what is no. you have to say no and all of that. you have to know you are not allowed to do and how are you going to know the meaningn . >> she was in preschool in said
9:37 am
it's so funny to hear them say that. >> will smith said he had a lenient parenting style with his daughter. >> i will read one tech stuff the text phone. i think it's those k to say no but also try words like. you're going to get hurt or don't do that so that way when you ask them to do something they won't be so quick to say no. >> i would say that if the kids were jumping on the bed.. i'm going to tell you why instead of just telling you know. explain why because it's not a good idea and you could get hurt. >> i would say no more monkeys jumping on the bed. >> the question we ask is should
9:38 am
86 percent said no. >> coming up on fox, should parents be punished for smoking >> one state has a new bill and find outas the price adults will pay. oscars. find out what's beene eliminated speech. challenge. upt' next, a local man's workout is creating quite the buzz. phil weeden is live in the studio. find out about his hip-hop routines and how you
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(ugh.) does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes,
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oh my goodness. >> wow commission point. >> this is a workout. you can call it extreme hip-hop with phil is making international news but, you don't have to go far to give it
9:42 am
>> he's here in mayfield. phil weeden, from naturally gifted fitness, in cleveland heights, is helping people picked the winter blues. it's great to see you man. >> yet you too. >> we should have you guys come sing on the show. your family is fantastic's. >> did they all take the class? >> no, none of them do. >> the wheaton family workout. how did you start this? >> i had a guy that was no longer able to do it anymore and as the owner i had to figure out how to do it myself. but the music i was listening to was techno music and i couldn't fully grasp it. so i was home one day listening to pandora and some{{ hip-hop
9:43 am
i thought i could actually incorporate;{{{{{r{{{ hip-hop music with the steps.{{{{my >> i think when{ you are{ working out in an is music you love you don't feelr$r)qr{ you are working{ out. >> yes, that's why figured out to use that{ music to make sure everyone works out{_{ go r)u { >> and this is your classicjdtq" **t+t)q&d? >> yes.{{{{[{ it's filled up all the time. >> that's impressive{{.{ how long haveq{ you been doing it? >> last year in february. >> you have a great dvd out and all they need is one of these right?al >> yes, it comes in all different sizes. >> where do you get them? >> or walmart. >> get one of those and get a dvd and come see an in class. >> i'm on a 50 state to our right now and so far, eight states. i'm booked all the way through
9:44 am
>> sold out classes thr everywhere. >> yes, my manager has me everywhere. >> how long is a class push mark. >> it's usually one hour-90 minutes. >> and it flies via here because you have so much fun.n. >> sometimes when the classes over you don't want to stop. >> what is it related to other workouts. is it more er of a cardio are stretching thing? >> it's more cardio a. >> let's try it out. >> let's go. i'll show you how to do this. we have the{{{{{{{{ ill sr%!{{{{ ill sr%! did jen just say don't get hurt?{r{{ >> here we go. go up left and come down righty{{, turn your knee in, and step
9:45 am
step up, step back, turn{s {{ -- >> now you're going to start going fast. >> one more time. turn it.. that corner knee and step up. knee, knee, leg curl in turn it back. krill it back. >> you can really feel it. >> hands up and touch your toes. one more. bring the lake here and tech here. one more than we have three knees. three, two, one. >> how can they get a hold of you?
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our website on fox 8. >> love it.
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welcome back. my sister-in-law, molly, posted this picture on instream graham and said it was 9:00 and normally they watch cartoons and my nephew says9: i want to play with uncle todd today.i so they watch the 9:00 a.m. show. >> hey buddy. >> hi carolyn. thanks for sending that molly. >> welcome back everyone. weom want to tell you general motors is recalling more than
9:49 am
the 2015- 2016 model chevrolet silverado's, gmc sierra and some models of the sharita hope. the problem is with the break. net and it can loosen and make the prick pedal not work properly. this to be dangerous when trying to stop the vehicle.y. very important stuff here folks. so far no injuries have be,n reported. general motors will be notifying customers who are affected by issue at no charge. >> smoking with a child in a cart will soon come with the w price, at least for those of virginia. thanks to a new bill, if anyone is caught smoking in a car with ak child under the age of eight would have to payh a $100 fine. the bill would apply to cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. you cigarettes are not the list. our more and more young kids forgetting the importance of the number 911?e police arrived on the scene of an accident where an suv ran over a row of parked cars.en
9:50 am
pictures, but nobody call police.s nobody was hurt in the accident but officers say this is a harsh reminder of the day and age we officers say if you see something, say something.g. >> forever 21 is facing major backlash after the launch of the instream account for their plush size clothing line. the clothing line is geared toward those who wear fashion sizes 0x0x twos 3x. however the problem is the models they are using would not wear those sizes. many followers say the models are average size, not plus size. some of the controversy all images have been taken down from the account. forever 21 officials say they are working to ensure all future posts accurately represent the forever 21 plus those are all tiny women. for sure. >> the band okay go is known foe videos. they went to new heights for
9:51 am
don't stop, can't stop. >> that is awesome. they shot this video for this on upside down and inside out in zero gravity. they rode in a special plane that makes sharp climbs in dives to give about 30 seconds of weightlessness . it took 21 flights and the band says there were 58 puke events among the crew.r remember this is the band that did the thing with the treadmills.ers the video is shot in one take like they are known for. but some parts have been removed with some clever editing. how cool r. >> how many six shots? >> puke events they called him 58.y >> the oscars are rolling out the red carpet in a new way to say thank you.
9:52 am
>> every year someone forgets to think someone or the manager when they talk too long. s while, for the first time ever, attacker will run on the bottom of the screenfime listing people each winner once to mention my name. academy awards producers hope this will improve the speechesem and make them more emotional, rather than just a list of names. the 80th annual academy awards will be handed out on sunday, february 28. >> so in a couple of weeks. we were told to turn in our thank you's for our speeches and you will see the ticker at the bottom of the screen. i would like to thank my amazing children. it's so funny because my producer jenn knew i would say thatm. >> i would like to thank you so much for the word and i like to think my lovely t wife joy in my
9:53 am
>> you could say one day when i was in this business ine trying to make it so they want the heartfelt speeches.g >> i think the establishment of voting is a farce and i don't appreciate is. >> this award should go to beyonce . >> listen, i want kanye west to come up in the middle of my speech and run thatat . >> we are going to check in and talk about the weather and i apologize i'm still my workout outfit. >> we are a little bit out of breath to be honest with you w. >> let's check in with scott. >> hey guys. you have two more think used to say. >> this justin, we like to think
9:54 am
we forgot to think our bosses we should probably start with thatin. near chicago. that is the clippers know that will be moving inevinin quick this afternoon and once it gets here while. it will be a good push of snow dropping a couple of inches of climb up into the lower 20s the snow through. behind it temperatures will drop quick. the streets have lake effecterur that will kick in behind it and there is not and lot to work with behind the front but still 1-3 is a good guess with locally higher amounts for tonight. when chill values will start to fall and we will all be under a wind chill advisory tonight and early tomorrow morning. m we will be between ten and 20 below even colder early sunday. the eight day check out on the website
9:55 am
yes. two million, four
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fifty-three grains of sand. exactly two hours, for steak 'n shake's half-price happier hour. we'll never miss half-price, hand-dipped milkshakes again. but master, happier hour is from two to five now. pardon me? they added an hour. ...two mill - great, i've lost count. p happy hour just got happier. p get half-priced winter shakes,r now from two to five.
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nice outside. it's cold, really cold, but not a lot of snow like we had earlier this week. >> it's cold outside, no doubt. welcome back. it's one of the hottest new apps thate let you swap your face with someone else in real-time. it is calledh face swap live and one dutch headed out by swapping faces with his baby. take a look. >> high, .-dot this video has been viewed over 1 million times on youtube. it's bizarre, right? >> here is scott and i.
9:59 am
>> that is wild. >> when you do it, whoever is talking, they still talk of the apps which is the faces of the people. look at you guys. >> a my gosh. >> how crazy is that? >> that is weird. you guys look great though zero that is wild. >> that's the hard thing not to look at each other. you have to look straight ahead. we have stacy and jessica to face swap before we go. this is bazaar. >> it recognizes your face and swaps it.
10:00 am
the weekend happy valentine's day everyone here are scarves and windows. they have a name for themselves quality leather handbags and


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